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Michi FF: Puppy Love [Completed] (27/12)

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Hey guys' I had this idea for a fanfic, since I have already 3-4 fanfics going on at present and another 3 fanfics in my inbox I decided to make this one as a three parts fanfic.. I really hope you all like this' This fanfic's title is dedicated to one of my favorite character from the fanfic world- Sweety from Pyar Kya Hota Hai. And I dedicate this part to Sia for reading the half baked story I wrote and encouraging me to write the rest. and Merry Christmas, guysBig smile


Puppy Love Part 1


Lawrence School, 1996


Prachi walks into the isolated girl's restroom in her hostel. Noticing the free stall, she got inside and went on taking care of her business as she thought of her first day in her new school. This is the first time she was staying away from home and the previous night was a nightmare for her as she had to stay with a bunch of strangers, that too without her father by her side to take care of her. Everyone around here knew everyone else and she felt so lonely that she had cried herself to sleep. Even in class, though the teachers and students were sweet to her, she had felt lonely. She wanted to go back home so badly but then she was never a quitter, her father had taught her better, so she was determined to stay here and enjoy hostel life as much as possible. Suddenly she heard someone from the adjoining bathroom singing breaking her train of thoughts.

Are Re Are Yeh Kya Hua, Maine Na Yeh Jaana

Are Re Are Ban Jaaye Na''.

Are Re Are Ban Jaaye Na'..


Are Re Are Yeh Kya Hua, Maine Na Yeh Jaana

Are Re Are Ban Jaaye Na'..

Prachi realizing that person was trying to remember the lines she sings softly

Kahin Koi Afsaana

"Yeah!" and the girl sing "Kahin Koi Afsaana"

Are Re Are Yeh Kya Hua, Maine Na Yeh Jaana

Are Re Are Ban Jaaye Na, Kahin Koi Afsaana

"Thanx." The girl said. "No probs." Prachi replied. "By the way, who are you?" "I am Prachi Shah. And you?" "Oh the new girl! I am Sukriti Mishra. I am in your class only." "Really? That's great." Prachi said. "You fine now?" Sukriti asked  "Yeah" Prachi replied. "Is this you first time in hostel?" "Yeah.. and yours too?" Prachi asked. "No.. I have been staying in hostel since 4thstd. so this is my 3rd year in hostel." "Wow!" Prachi said amazed. Sukriti giggles "My brother has been staying in hostel since he was in 2nd std. Now he is in 12th here." "10 years??" Prachi asked shocked. Sukriti laughs "He likes hostel more than home. He says he has more freedom here." "Are your parents very strict?" Prachi asks. "No! But my brother is kind of a rebel." Sukriti says. "Your brother sounds scary." Prachi said without thinking. "Oops. I am sorry. I didn't mean it like that." Prachi immediately says after realizing what she had just said. "Ha ha ha no worries. Actually my brother is a sweetheart." "Even I have a brother. He is also a sweetheart." Prachi said, not knowing what else to say. "Is he in our school?" "Yeah. He is in 10th." "Hmmm okay."  "Do you have many friends here, Sukriti?" Prachi asks hesitantly. "I don't know." Sukriti muses. "You don't know? How is that?" Prachi asks confused. "It's difficult to explain. Why did you ask?" Sukriti asks her. "Because, I don't have any friends here." Prachi said after a lot of hesitation. "Oh that's it? From now on I am your friend!" Sukriti declared. "Thank you." Prachi replies gratefully. "What is the need to say 'thank you' and all?" Sukriti asks. "hehehe I don't know." Prachi replied. Prachi starts laughing. "Why are you laughing?" Sukriti asks. "This is the first time I made a friend in bathroom and that too with someone I have never seen but only heard voice of." Prachi said. "Me too! But then I have seen you. Yesterday in dorm and today in class." Sukriti says. "Yeah! Maybe even I have seen you, but don't know who you are." Prachi guesses. "Yeah possible." Sukriti agrees.


That night, Prachi and Sukriti were sitting on Prachi's bed as they talked. They had become fast friends and as they talked they realized that both of them were from Bombay, they liked Sharukh khan and  the same author and also that Prachi's cousin sister, Kasturi was dating Sukriti's family friend's son Robbie which made the bond all the more stronger. "Hey Sukriti!" a girl greeted Sukriti as she walked past by. Sukriti replies a "Hi!" without much interest. "You seem to be so famous here. Everybody is so friendly with you." Prachi says amazed. "I am not famous. My brother is!" Sukriti replied. "What?" Prachi asks confused.  Sukriti shrugs "You leave that. Tell me this, what did Robbie do when you caught him and Kasturi di kissing?" Sukriti asks all interested and Prachi starts giggling as she recounted the tale.


Prachi was making her bed in the morning when Sukriti came to her with a confused expression. "Have you got chicken pox before?" she asks. "Yeah. Why? What happened?" Prachi asks. "I have a pimple, and I think it is chicken pox." "Where? Let me see." Prachi says. Sukriti puts her hand out and shows it to Prachi and Prachi examines it. "It looks like chicken pox. I think we should show it to our house master." Prachi suggested. Sukriti nods and they both go towards the house master who immediately took Sukriti to the School hospital. Later, their house master informed Prachi that Sukriti has chicken pox and she has to stay in the hospital till she recovers.


Days passed by, and Prachi was missing her friend a lot but she was not allowed to visit Sukriti as chicken pox was contagious. That day was Prachi's birthday. As she hadn't wanted to celebrate it without her father she hadn't told anyone that it was her birthday. But then her father had come to surprise her and she was ecstatic when she found her father sitting in the visitor's room. She and her brother took leave from school that day and had gone out with her father.


Prachi was walking towards the hostel kitchen with a box filled with chocolate cake. She wanted to keep it in the freezer so when Sukriti returned next week she could give it to her. She was walking with the box in her hand in front of the mess hall when a senior guy came from the opposite side. He walked passed her, stopped noticing the box and turns back and calls her "HEY!" Prachi turns to see who it was and whether he was calling her. Noticing the guy looking at her, she looks at him confused "Did you call me?" "Yeah! Is it your birthday?" he asked. "Yes." Prachi replied. The guy smiles and comes towards her "Happy Birthday." "Thank you." Prachi smiles back and was about to go when he says again "Happy Birthday." "Thank you." Prachi replied. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" he says again. "Thank you." Prachi says not understanding what was wrong with him. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" He repeats. "Thanx." Prachi says getting a little irritated. "Oh God!!! Ha-ppy Bir-th-day" he says putting his palm out in front of her face. And that's when she realized that he wanted her cake and wished her for it only. "Oh!" she opens the box and offers him the cake, and he immediately takes one and tastes it and when she was about to close the box he stops her "Wait!" and he takes one more piece "Thanx." He says holding one-one piece in each hand as he flashed her, the sexiest smile she had ever seen in her life. And he runs off while she stood there watching him.


After that incident she couldn't take that guy out of her mind. Everywhere she went, every time, she looked around for him whether it was for assembly, in mess or during recess she looked for him. One friday, Prachi was walking around the corridor when she found him standing with his group of friends and talking. She stood there watching him, when suddenly he turned to look at her sensing someone watching him. When he sees her, she panics and starts blushing, seeing her blush he breaks out of his gang and takes a few steps towards her though still far away from her and he very gallantly bows down at her. Prachi gaped at him as he did that, then she breaks out into a big smile, seeing her smile he chuckles. Suddenly, the bell rings and Prachi runs off to her class blushing profusely as she realized that she has fallen in love.


Prachi wanted to share her big news with her father and Sukriti so badly. When her father phoned her, she told him about it very excitedly while her father wanted to laugh out loudly when his 12 yrs old daughter claimed that she was in love but not wanting to hurt her feelings he didn't do that. He just told her that he trusts her a lot, and she should never break his trust and not to let her "love" affect her studies. Prachi had immediately promised him that she would never do anything wrong and she would study well. After she talked to her father, she wanted to tell Sukrit the news but then she was not allowed to visit Sukriti, and she thought of a way to meet Sukriti especially since she found out that her chocolate boy was in 12th, Sukriti's brother's batch.


"Sukriti!!!" Prachi excitedly whispered as she sneaked into Sukriti's hospital room. "PRACHI!!!" Sukriti exclaims loudly. "shhhh" Prachi says as she keeps her index finger on her lips. "What are you doing here?" Sukriti asked. "I came to meet you. But if someone finds out then I will be dead." Prachi says. "So sweet." Sukriti says. "Malika has fever; I came to visit her so I can meet you." Prachi says excitedly. "Ewwwe Malika? Did you meet her?" Sukriti asks. "Yeah I did. She was looking at me like I was some fly in her food when I told her that I came to meet her. She is rude" Prachi said. "She is a snob. She is in my brother's class. And he hates her while she is always drooling over him." Sukriti says disgusted. Hearing about Sukriti's brother Prachi remembers her chocolate boy and starts blushing "Sukriti, can you do me a favor?" Seeing Prachi blush Sukriti looks at her confused "Sure' what is it?" "Well, can you ask your brother for a guy's name? He is in 12th." "oooooooo!!! Which guy?" Sukriti teases. "This guy." Prachi blushes. "Which guy?" "I don't know his name. I have seen him many times, he is so dreamy Sukriti." Prachi says all dreamy herself. "I bet." Sukriti grins. Prachi tells Sukriti what had happened and how she fell in love with her chocolate boy. "Chocolate boy? That's not manly." Sukriti says disappointed. "No, it is not that. The cake was chocolate flavor. That's why. He is very manly" Prachi blushes. "Okay.. okay! Will ask my brother, though I doubt he will tell me." "oh!" Prachi says disappointed. "Don't worry. I am there na? If he is an old student then I would surely know him." Sukriti tried to cheer up Prachi. "I hope you know him. I just want to know his name." Prachi said. "That's all? Nothing else? You are not going to propose him?" Sukriti asks shocked. "NO!! I am just too scared." Prachi says. "But.." Sukriti tries to convince her "No, Sukriti. I don't know whether I should tell him about my feelings now. I will do it later. Right now I just want to know his name." "If that's what you want." Sukriti allows. "You should have come a little earlier; my brother had come to see me. I would have introduced you to him." Sukriti says disappointedly. "It's okay; I will meet him after you are fine. Then I will introduce you to my brother also." "Great!" Sukriti says. "By the way, how did your brother come to see you? House master said that no1 was allowed to visit you." Prachi asks. "Well he is my brother and I got my chicken pox from him. So there was no risk of him getting it." Sukriti says. "Oh!" Prachi says. "Here I got you some books, so you don't get bored." Prachi gives her books. "Thanks. I always ask my brother to get me books, but he always forgets." Sukriti says gratefully. "No probs. Now you rest, I am going. If that Malika is here tomorrow also, I will come again. Okay?" Prachi said and quickly bid her good bye and sneaked out.


Four days later Sukriti had completely recovered and she was back at the hostel. Prachi and Sukriti were walking outside as Prachi talked non-stop about her chocolate boy when she spotted him coming from the opposite side. Seeing her, he smiles at her and he notices Sukriti next to her and immediately stops smiling and looks her up and down seriously as he walked pass her while Sukriti rolled her eyes. As he walked away Prachi sighs dramatically "He is so handsome." Sukriti suddenly turns and looks at Prachi in shock and asks "You have a crush on him?" "I am in love with him." Prachi corrects her as she watched him walk away. Sukriti keeps staring at Prachi for a while as Prachi stood there drooling over her chocolate boy. Making up her mind, Sukriti turned immediately and screamed "MILIND!" Prachi looks at Sukriti in shock when he suddenly turns back to look at her. "Is that his name? Do you know him? Why are you calling him?" Prachi asks shocked. "WHAT?" He screamed back. Ignoring Prachi, Sukriti screamed "COME HERE!" Glaring at her he screamed back "YOU COME HERE!" "Moron!" Sukriti mutters. "Come Prachi." Holding her hand, Sukriti runs towards him. "Sukriti, what are you doing? I am not coming." Prachi said suddenly tensing up. "Just shut up and come with me." With Sukriti dragging her, Prachi had no option but to run along with her.  

"What?" he asked her grumpily, then he turned to Prachi and smiles at her. Prachi immediately smiles back shyly. "This is my best friend, Prachi." Sukriti introduced. "What? Birthday girl is your best friend?" Milind asks shocked. "Birthday girl?" Sukriti asks confused. "It's a long story." Milind brushes her off as he smiles at Prachi "Hey Prachi! I never thought you were her best friend. I really pity you; you look like a sweet girl, you should have found a better friend." Prachi immediately gets defensive of her best friend and says "She is the best friend one can get." Milind makes a face hearing that then he starts grinning while Sukriti gloats "HA on your face, Milind!" then she turns to Prachi, "Prachi, this is Milind, my brother." Prachi's mouth drop opens as she looked at Sukriti and then at Milind in shock. While Sukriti grins at her Milind looks at her curiously, finally Prachi asks "Your brother? He is your brother?" "Yeah!" Sukriti grins. "I know why you are shocked," Milind says "how did such a great guy like me get such a stupid sister, right?" Suddenly Milind goes pale "I will see you guys later. That Malika is coming this way. By God! She is clingy. Nice meeting you Prachi." And he ran for his life. "Milind stop! Milind!" Malika screamed as she came running. But Milind didn't stop while Sukriti and Prachi watched Malika scream on top of her voice. Noticing Sukriti she stops next to her as she tried catching her breath. "Hello Sukriti." She says ignoring Prachi. "Hi!" Sukriti replies still grinning remembering how her brother had ran off and also remembering Prachi's face when she found out that Milind is her brother. "How are you feeling now? Really missed you." Malika says. "I am fine." Sukriti replies "You know Prachi right?" Sukriti asks her. Malika looks Prachi up and down disgustedly and says "Have seen her around." "She is my best friend." Sukriti says. "Best friend?" Malika looks shocked. "Why are you friends with these kind?" Prachi goes red at the insult while Sukriti loses her temper hearing Malika insult Prachi like that "Because, she doesn't talk to me 'coz I am Milind Mishra's sister unlike some bimbos out here." Sukriti angrily says while Malika stood there glaring at her because she knew Sukriti had meant her when she said that and also that Sukriti realized her reasons for talking to her. "Now, get lost!" Sukriti said. Malika without saying anything just stomps off as you don't mess with Milind Mishra's sister especially when you are vying for his attention.

"Why did you do that Sukriti? She is our senior; she could get you in trouble." Prachi said getting scared for her friend. "Naah! She would never dream of doing anything against me, my brother would kill her." Sukriti said confidently. They start walking suddenly Prachi says "I am sorry, Sukriti. I am really sorry. Please trust me I didn't know he was your brother. If I knew I would have never fell in love with him. And I promise I will try my best to get over him and I will never talk to him ever again. Please don't be angry with me or stop being my friend." Prachi begged as tears filled her eyes as she had betrayed her friend even though it was done unknowingly. Sukriti turns to her and smiles "Do you have any idea how many girls try to be my friend so my brother will notice them or I will introduce them to my brother or like Malika, to get into his good books?" "I didn't become your friend for that, I didn't even know he is your brother, I became your friend because I wanted to be your friend." Prachi said. "Will you listen to me?" Sukriti asks irritatedly "Yeah sure!" Prachi hastily agrees. Sukriti chuckles and says "I never introduced any of them to my brother, Prachi." Prachi looks at her in shock trying to understand what Sukriti was saying, seeing Prachi's expression Sukriti grins "I, Sukriti Mishra hereby give you permission to drool over my brother." Prachi watches her in shock then starts blushing and hugs Sukriti "You really have no problem?" Prachi asked. "No. after all, you are my best friend." Sukriti said.


Prachi was hopelessly in love with Milind but never had the courage to tell him and never let Sukriti also tell him. Milind was always sweet to Prachi whenever he met her. Every time their parents's took Milind and Sukriti out, Prachi also went with them just like how Sukriti accompanies her when her father takes out Alaap and her whenever he comes to visit them.  


Prachi and Sukriti were sitting in the games room with two other classmates playing caroms when suddenly Milind came there. "Prachi, get up!" Milind said urgently. "Why?" Sukriti asked as she looked at her brother in suspicion. "Prachi, just get up." Milind repeated ignoring Sukriti. Prachi gets up with a smile as she looked at his handsome face. The moment Prachi gets up Milind immediately pulls the chair she was sitting on "Thanx. I need this chair." And he walks off with the chair as Prachi stood their gapping at him. "MILIND YOU MORON! Give back the chair." Sukriti immediately ordered as she ran behind him and caught him. "Why?" Milind asks her. "Because this is Prachi's chair." "Prachi, you don't mind if I take this chair, do you?" Milind asks her cutely. "No." Prachi replies with a smile. "I always knew you were a sweetheart!" Milind says as he ruffles her hair and walks off, not before smirking at Sukriti victoriously. "Sukriti, did you hear that? He called me 'sweetheart'!" Prachi says all dreamy eyed while Sukriti glares at her. "And he ruffled my hair. You know, he actually touched me. Right here!" she said touching the spot he had just touched.. "You have lost it, Prachi Shah!" Sukriti declared pissed and walks off while Prachi stood there drooling over Milind who was busy playing chess with his classmate.


"You sure?" Malika asked. "Yeah! I saw her going to Sukriti's room that day with the books after she went from your room. But why are you so bothered?" Tanushree asks. "So, she came to see me that day to meet Sukriti.. huh?" "I guess." "Hmmmm." "What do you have so much against her?" Tanushree asks. "She is behind my Milind. Have you seen the way she drools all over him and the way he smiles at her all the time?" "OMG!! Malika have you gone crazy? She is in 7th! Milind treats her like a kid! She is his sister's best friend." Tanushee tried to drive some sense into Malika. "I don't care! I just hate that ***** and that Sukriti insulted me because of her." she said.


Prachi and Sukriti were in class when they were both called to the Principal's room. They walked in to find their housemaster with their Principal. "Prachi Shah, we found out that you had gone to visit Sukriti in the hospital in spite of me stopping you from going there." house master said. Sukriti and Prachi go pale hearing that. "No' she didn't visit me." Sukriti immediately answers. "But someone saw her entering your room." He said. "Who?" Sukriti asked. "That is not any of your concern, Miss Mishra." Principal said. "There is a reason for us stopping you from visiting your friend, Miss Shah. You might not be at a risk of catching chicken pox but you could have been a carrier and while you interact with other's they could get chicken pox from you. Mr. Mishra was allowed because he was her brother and he was asked to take a shower right after he visited with his sister. Even though it happened months back and nothing unfortunate happened we can't let you go off scot-free, Ms Shah." "But she didn't visit me. The person who said that could be lying." Sukriti insisted. "Three books which Prachi Shah had borrowed from the school library while you were in the hospital was returned by one of the hospital nurses who said that you had given it to her to return it to the library." Housemaster told Sukriti. Sukriti mentally smacks herself for her stupidity and what it has caused her best friend. She didn't know how she was going to save Prachi and that's when she got an idea "Those books were given to me by my brother. I had asked him to get me some books and he asked Prachi to get some books of my favorite author and she had borrowed it from the library and gave it to him, and he gave it to me when he came to visit me." Sukriti said. Soon Milind was summoned.


Milind walked in wondering why he was called to the office all of a sudden and when he spotted Sukriti and Prachi in the office he started getting worried for them. Prachi looked so pale even the ever fearless Sukriti looked a little scared. "Mr. Mishra, did Prachi Shah ever give you any books to give to your sister while she was in the hospital?" Principal asks Milind. Milind remembers how Sukriti had told him that her best friend Prachi had sneaked in to meet her the day before and brought books for her to read when he had gone to visit her one day. And he immediately realized that, they were caught for that but why after all this while? "Yes, she did." Milind lies. Prachi looks at him in shock while Sukriti smiles, she knew her brother would save them. "Do you remember how many books were there?" Principal asks suspiciously. "It happened so many months back, but if I remember correctly then it was three books." Milind replied. Their school library let's one person borrow a maximum of three books and as far as he has come to know Prachi, she would have taken all three books for his sister thinking she would need all three as she would be bored in the hospital all alone.

Sukriti and Prachi heaved a sigh of relief when they were let off after two minutes along with Milind. "Thanx Milind." Sukriti says as she hugged her brother. Milind smiles as he hugged her back and looks at Prachi "You got scared, Prachi?" he asks her with a cute smile. Prachi nods her head in agreement. "Awwww" Milind ruffles her hair as he asks her "Why do you get scared? I am here right?" Sukriti looks at Prachi and winks at her when Milind asked her that, Prachi immediately looks down blushing. Suddenly, the door opens and their housemaster comes out and he walks off, Milind runs behind him and stops him a little further away as he asked him something.


After talking to him, Milind walks off angrily while Sukriti and Prachi watched on. "He looks so angry, Sukriti." Prachi says getting tensed "I know. Let's go see what happened." And they start running behind Milind, calling out his name asking him to stop but he just ignored them as he marched off. Milind walked into his class and since the bell for that hour had just rung, the teacher hadn't reached. He spots Tanushree sitting with Malika and he marches towards her. "Why did you complaint against Prachi?" Milind asked her in an angry whisper. Tanushree went stark white seeing the anger on Milind's face. Malika looks on in shock wondering how Milind had found out about it while Prachi and Sukriti stood behind him gaping at the scene unfolding in front of them. "Damn it Tanushree! I asked you something!" Milind said angrily. "She told me to do it." Tanushree immediately answers pointing at Malika. Malika goes pale when Milind turns his gaze towards her "Why?" he asks her. Gathering up her courage she stammers "She..she bro'broke the rule." "As if you have never broken the rule!" Milind angrily screams. "Milind stop it." Prachi suddenly holds his hand and pulls him back. Milind angrily looks at her. "Please Milind, I don't want to create another issue. Please." Prachi begged. Seeing Prachi's face, Milind decides let it go for this time, he turned to Malika and warned her "One more time, you try getting Prachi in trouble I will kill you, Malika. I swear to God, I will kill you." And that was the moment Prachi realized that she would love him till she breathed her last.


Part 2

Mumbai, 2007


"Why can't you get married, Sukriti?" Prachi moaned as she looked at the ceiling lying on Sukriti's bed. "Why do you want me to get married suddenly?" turning to look at Prachi lying next to her, Sukriti asked confused. "Well' Maa said that only after your marriage will she consider about Milind's marriage. And only when your mother starts considering about Milind's marriage will I be able to get married." Prachi said turning to look at Sukriti. "You should tell him how you feel about him." Sukriti said for the billionth time. "No' I am just too scared and shy." Prachi said. "I could tell him." Sukriti suggested for the millionth time. "No! And I think he kinda knows." Prachi said "You just get married, and then Papa will talk to Maa and Baba about Milind's and my marriage." Prachi continued shyly. "I want to get married after Milind and you are married. I want to stay with you for some days here. My bhabhi and I driving my brother crazy is my long time dream." Sukriti said, "As if we don't do that now." Prachi says. "But you as my bhabhi would be more fun." Sukriti says. "Hmmm yeah! But it is not possible." Prachi said sadly. "Unless you trick my brother into eloping with you." Sukriti said with a sly grin. "Maybe I should!" Prachi said. "Yeah, you should. Then we will be sisters-in-law!" Sukriti said excitedly. Both the friends lay on the bed as they thought of how good it would be if Prachi and Milind were to get married.

All of a sudden, Prachi sits up excitedly "You know what?" "What?" Sukriti asks excitedly seeing Prachi's excitement. "You should marry Alaap. So then we will be sisters-in-law." "WHAT?? Have you gone out of your mind?" Sukriti asks shocked. Of all the people Alaap!!! Every time they meet, they fight. He is always rude to her though he is extra sweet to the rest of the world. "Why? What is wrong with my brother?" Prachi asks offended. "We are always fighting." Sukriti tries to remind her best friend. "So?" Prachi asks. "So???" Sukriti asks shocked. "You guys have this love-hate relation going on. You both are sweet to everyone except each other. Haven't you seen in movies and read in books? When a guy likes a girl, he is rude to that girl. Alaap is that type of a guy." "Yeah right!" Sukriti says sarcastically. "Do you mind marrying my brother?" Prachi asks. Sukriti thinks for a while, "He is okay. Good looking, intelligent, stable in life and sweet to others." Sukriti allows. "THAT'S IT!!!" Prachi says excitedly and immediately picks up her cell and calls someone. "Who are you calling?" Sukriti asks but Prachi just grins.

"Alaap! Do you have a girlfriend?"

"WHAT??" Sukriti and Alaap say at the same time. Prachi covers her cell for a second and asks Sukriti to shut up then "Do you have a girlfriend?" she asks Alaap again.

"Why do you want to know?" he asked back. "Well I want to know" when he remains silent she cutely begs "please" "No." Alaap replies. "okay.. do you have a crush on anyone?" Prachi asked. "What the hell is your problem, Prachi? Just because you have nothing better to do, don't think everyone else is like you." Alaap says irritated. "Please Alaap, I need to know. It is very important." "Why is it so important?" he asks her. "That, I will tell you later." "Then I will tell you this later." Alaap says pissed. "I will keep irritating you, till you answer me, Alaap." Prachi warned. "You are a pain, Prachi!!! And no.. I don't have a crush on anyone." Alaap says in an angry tone. "Great! So that means you don't mind getting married to Sukriti, right?" Prachi asks. "WHAT???" Sukriti and Alaap ask shocked. "Keep the phone down, Prachi." Sukriti says in a warning tone. "Is it that Sukriti's new idea to get into my nerves?" Alaap asks pissed. "No, we are very serious and I am going to hang up now. Papa will call you in a while to talk to you about when we can come and officially ask for Sukriti's hand." And Prachi hangs up before Alaap can say anything while Sukriti glares at her. "I will kill you." Sukriti said in an angry tone. "No, bhabhi." Prachi teases as she dials her father. "Papa, call up Alaap." When she notices Sukriti was going to snatch the phone from her, she pushes her off and runs out of the room laughing still talking on the phone. "And ask him when he is free to come to Mishra house to ask for Sukriti's hand." "I don't get the joke, Prachi" Inder says confused. "I am not joking, Papa. I am serious. Sukriti doesn't mind marrying Alaap." Prachi said slyly when she saw Sukriti coming to her. "I gotta go Papa. Will come home in a while." Prachi said as she hung up the phone then ran towards the kitchen laughing.


"Maa!!!" Prachi screamed as she ran towards Sukriti's mother (okie.. I am christening her as Gayathri.. as most K-soap mothers are Gayathri hehehe) who was busy cooking with Milind sitting on the counter and eating the hot-hot paratas she passed on to him. "Oh Satan and her side kick is here." Milind declared grinning, of course Sukriti being Satan and Prachi her side kick. Prachi pokes her tongue out to him while Sukriti ignored him as she tried to pull Prachi away from there. Milind thinking Prachi was there to talk about Sukriti's latest embarrassing story, easily pulls Prachi towards him and stand between Sukriti and her while Prachi goes all dreamy eyed when he touched her. "Tell me" Milind says excitedly "What did she do? Did she break any of Maa's antiques?" he asks excitedly. "DID SHE???" Gayathri asked glaring at Sukriti. "No, she didn't." Prachi immediately says. "Oh!" Milind says disappointed, he was hoping that she broke those antiques as he loved to see her in trouble and also he hated those antiques. "Then what did she do?" "I didn't do anything. She has gone crazy." Sukriti says. "She was always crazy after all she is your friend." Milind teases. Prachi hits him angrily on his chest and turns to Gayathri "I found the perfect guy for Surkriti. ALAAP!!!" Prachi declares excitedly. Gayathri looks at Prachi in shock while Sukriti screams "NO! I don't like him." "She is lying. She told me a while back that she wouldn't mind being married to Alaap and even Alaap has no issues I asked him." Prachi says jumping up and down excitedly. "But she is just a kid." Milind says outraged. "KID????" All three women turn to him in shock. "What? She is!" Milind says. "She is 23yrs old." Gayathri said. "If she shouldn't get married now, when should she? When she is 32?" Prachi asks gaping at him. "She is 23?" Milind asks shocked. "Of course! I am! How old did you think I am?" Sukriti asks shocked. "I don't know. I never thought of your age." Milind says a little amazed. " 23!!!" he repeats shocked.  "You have lost it, Milind Mishra!" Prachi declared. "I didn't know she is 23." Milind says amazed shaking his head he walks out while Sukriti and Prachi watch him with a weird expression on their face while Gayathri smiles understanding Milind's shock "However old you become, for him you will always be his little sister." Gayathri said fondly while Sikriti shrugs and Prachi smiles thinking of Milind. "And what were you talking about Alaap, Prachi?" Gayathri asks Prachi. Prachi excitedly talks about getting Sukriti and Alaap married and when Gayathri realized that Sukriti was not against the proposal she promised Prachi that when her husband returns in the evening she would definitely talk to him about it.


Inder talked to Alaap about Sukriti and when he said that he didn't have any issues against Sukriti, it was decided that, that Sunday they would go to Mishra house and talk about it further. Within two weeks Sukriti and Alaap's wedding were fixed. Prachi was ecstatic because Sukriti was going to be her sister-in-law and also now Milind and she can get married.

Sukriti and Alaap engagement was a grand ceremony held at Mishra house. Milind and Prachi had been busy taking care of the function while Sukriti and Alaap had done their part by calling each other up all the time and going on dates, shocking everyone in their sudden change in attitude towards each other. On more than one occasion Prachi and Milind teased them about being secretly in love with each other while both denied it out rightly saying that both had never seen each other in that light till Prachi put the idea into their head, and once that picture had set in, it was impossible for either to change it.  After the function, Shah-s were going to leave when Inder had asked to talk to Mishraji and his wife for a few minutes in private. While Sukriti and Alaap romanced with each other, Prachi stood with Milind blushing knowing full well what their parents were talking and Milind who was oblivious to what is going on watched on confused. "Any idea what they are talking about?" Milind asked Prachi as he poked his elbow into her ribs slightly. "No." Prachi replies not knowing how to tell him that her father was talking about her marriage to him. "WOW there is still things in this world that Miss James Bond doesn't know... huh?" Milind asks her as he puts his hand on her shoulder and pulls her closer as she giggles and says "I am not Miss James Bond." "Yeah right! You know where I am going even before I know. And how you used to always sneak into my room with Sukriti and go through my things." Milind smiles as he remembered how mischievous Sukriti and Prachi had been. "You used to scream at us for that." "But that didn't stop you from doing it again, did it?" Milind asks. "No, because you would always forgive us for doing it." "What to do? I have a kind heart." Milind says dramatically. Prachi laughs hearing that, suddenly Milind's cell rings and he takes his hands off her and take his cell out and the caller ID was flashing 'Priya'. Prachi immediately frowns seeing the name. Who the hell was this Priya to call my Milind? Prachi immediately snatches the phone from him and picks it up "Hello?" while Milind stood there watching her in shock. "Hello, who is this?" a slutty voice from the other end asked. "Who is this?" Prachi asked her again. "This is Milind's number, right?"  "Yeah this is. Who are you?" Prachi asked irritatedly. "I am Priya. Who are you?" "I am Prachi Milind Mishra. Milind's wife." Prachi said. Milind hearing that rolls his eyes with a big smile on his face. "WIFE?? MILIND IS MARRIED?" "Of course, to me!" Prachi replied "Now, what is it that you want to do with my husband?" without saying anything Priya slammed down the phone angrily. "Well, good riddance to her!" Prachi says as she gives back Milind's cell to him. "What was that?" Milind asks her faking anger. "You are welcome, Mishra!" Prachi replied as she put her hands around his shoulder and pulled him closer. Milind chuckles "She is after my life." "Awww don't worry. I am here, right? I would always protect you from other girls!" Prachi said. "And who would protect me from you?" Milind asks her. "Why do you need protection from me?" Prachi asks offended. "Well you are Miss James Bond to start off with, then you are Satan's side kick and to top it all off you are my wife, girl friend and fiance!" Milind says remembering how Prachi had claimed to be one of these in more than one occasion when any girl called him up, but this was the first time she did it in his presences. Prachi blushes hearing that, whenever she was around at Mishra house and any girl called up her man, she did set them straight on who he belonged to, and the way Milind always laughed it off had just encouraged her to do it more though she didn't think that she would have stopped doing it if he had screamed at her because screaming at her had never stopped her from ransacking his room with Sukriti. "Your Papa is coming." Milind informed her as he saw Inder coming towards them with his parents. They all were smiling which made him all the more curious to find out what they were talking about. Noticing their parents coming their way, Prachi shyly takes off her hand from Milind's shoulder. "I guess we are going now. Alaap, come let's go." "You are going?" Milind asks her disappointedly. "Yeah.. why?" Prachi asked. "I was thinking of taking you and Sukriti out for dinner tonight." Milind says. Prachi never wanted to leave Mishra house when Milind was there, but today she had to go as she knew that Maa and Baba would be talking to Milind about their marriage today if their smiles were any indication and if she stays here, then that talk would be postponed and she didn't want that to happen. "Stay here tonight." Milind said with a cute smile. "No, Milind. I have to go." Prachi said disappointedly. "We will just go for dinner. Sukriti and I will drop you home after that." Milind promised. Suddenly Alaap and Sukriti come towards them "What's happening here?" Alaap asked. "I was asking her to come with Sukriti and me for dinner." Milind informed. Alaap accusingly turns to Sukriti "You didn't tell me that you were going for dinner. I would have come with you." "Even I didn't know." Sukriti says. "Okay. Why don't you also join us?" Milind suggested to Alaap. "Sure!" Alaap agreed immediately smiling at Sukriti. "That settles it then?" Milind asks Prachi. "Yes!" Prachi replies excitedly. Inder left after Alaap and Prachi informed him about their dinner plans. Rest of the evening all four spent time with each other though in reality Sukriti and Alaap were in their own world, discussing about their marriage and life after that while Milind and Prachi talked and pulled each other's leg. Even at dinner they continued to be like that, having the time of their life.


Two days later, Sukriti called up Prachi to inform her that Milind and their parents were coming over to her place to ask for her hand in marriage and she was not allowed to come as it was considered inauspicious for the bride to enter her sasural before marriage, the same reason why Prachi had stopped visiting Sukriti in the last two days. Prachi was on cloud nine when she realized that her dreams were finally turning true. She excitedly started preparing for the next day, calling Sukriti countless times asking her what to wear, how to do her make-up and all.


Finally Milind along with his family came to ask for Prachi's hand in marriage. Inder and Alaap welcomed them home while Prachi got ready in her room. Alaap kept pulling Milind's leg while Milind remained silent through out. Milind kept looking around for Prachi to come which didn't go unnoticed by anyone. "She will take forever to get ready. Why don't you go see her in her room?" Alaap asked him with a sly grin. Milind gets embarrassed hearing that but he liked the idea of talking to Prachi alone and looks at Inder for permission who immediately grants him permission. Milind slowly gets up and walks towards Prachi's room. He had come here more than a few times to pick up Sukriti, so he knew where her bedroom was and walked towards her room. 


Prachi hearing Alaap suggest that Milind come up to talk to her was suddenly nervous and excited. She was just too happy that finally she could tell Milind what she felt for him though she always felt that he knew what she felt for him and a little nervous about how they were going to talk about it. In her numerous dreams of they confessing their love for each other, it had always been very romantic and a gallant gesture by Milind never something so simple and natural but then she knew, as long as it was Milind it would always be magical.


"Prachi." Milind gently called her name. Hearing his voice she was suddenly over come with shyness and ran towards the window without looking at him. She blushes even more when she heard him close the door gently. "I know what you are thinking, Prachi." The moment she heard him, she stopped smiling. Milind sounded angry. "Even I was so shocked when Maa told me about you and me. I mean how can they even think of us getting married. This is just atrocious. You and me? What were they thinking?" Milind said in an angry whisper as he paced the room. "I don't understand how they even got such a notion in their head. I tried stopping them and as much as I could, I explained to them that we both have never considered each other like that. But they won't listen to me. And in the end they were saying how they feared that your father would call off Alaap and Sukriti's marriage if we don't get married. I don't know, Prachi. I can't seem to drive any sense into them. Please you talk to them and tell them that we are not suited for each other. My hands are tied up, I can't refuse this marriage because of Sukriti but you can, right?" Milind pleaded. When Prachi remained silent he walked towards her and kept his hand on her shoulder gently "Why are you silent, Prachi? Is your Papa also forcing you for this marriage?" Milind asked her concerned. Milind slowly shook her when she remained silent again; suddenly Prachi turned around and hugged Milind as she burst out crying. Milind was immediately concerned. "Prachi, what happened? Please tell me, what is it?" Milind begged as she clung to him crying her heart out. Milind pushes Prachi a little backward so he could see her face and seeing her tear strained face broke his heart. He cared for Prachi a lot. "Please Prachi tell me, what is it? Please don't cry like this." Milind pleaded as he wiped her tears away. Prachi looked Milind pleading her not to cry. He looked desperate and hurt and seeing him like that broke her heart even more. She could bear her pain but never his. Trying to compose herself, she fakes a smile with a lot of difficulty "Actually, when Papa told me about our marriage, I was scared all this while about how I am going to reject you. And I was scared how our family will take it and whether it would affect Alaap and Sukriti's relation. So when you told me the same thing what I wanted to tell you, I was just so relieved." Prachi says. Milind visibly relaxes hearing that. "You scared me for a minute. I was wondering why you were crying so much when I told you that you don't have to marry me." Milind says. "I was such a stupid fool. Don't know what all I had thought and imagined all this time. And now when I realize it would never happen, I just couldn't hold my tears." Prachi said, not able to keep up her facade she hugs him as she shut her eyes to hold back her tears. "I know tears of joy." Milind chuckles. "I am a bloody fool. So silly I am." Prachi said. "I know." Milind agrees with a sweet smile "And that's why I love you so much." When she hears him say that, she hugs him tighter. "But Prachi, even if it is of joy I hate seeing tears in your eyes. It hurts me to see tears in your eyes. Please never cry again." Prachi moves back to look at him and knew he meant every word he said but she had never expected anything else from him, she smiles at him and says "Okay."

After a while, when Prachi got hold off herself, they decided to go down and tell everyone about their decision. As Milind stood nearby watching, Prachi corrected her make up and made herself presentable again. "Do I look like I cried?" Prachi asked him. Milind scrutinizes her for a while and declares "No." Prachi nods and gets up from the stool and looks at him "Let's go?" Milind nods and they both walk out.


Inder and Alaap were talking to Milind's parents excitedly about conducting both the marriages together when Milind and Prachi walked in together. "We don't want to get married." Prachi informed everyone as she had told Milind that she wanted to do the talking and Milind who was fed up with all the talking he had done at home agreed. "Is this some joke, Prachi?" Inder asked her angrily as he walked towards her. "No, Papa. It is not. I can never see Milind in that way." Prachi said. Inder looked at her in shock "What are you saying, Prachi?" he asked her, as he had known about her love for Milind ever since she was 12. What had started as a crush had turned to true love over the years. "It's true, Papa. I never consider Milind like that, just like how Milind had never considered me in that way." She added knowing too well what was going through her father's head. Inder looked at Prachi in pain understanding what had happened and realizing the heart ache she was going through. He immediately hugs her as he apologized "I am sorry, Prachi. I shouldn't have rushed everything like this. I am sorry, baby." "It's not your fault that Milind and I don't see each other like that." she slowly broke out of the hug and turned towards Milind's parents "Please don't let this come between Sukriti and Alaap." She begged as she folded her hands in front of her. Gayathri looks at her husband and then walks towards Prachi "No, Prachi. If you both think that you are not made for each other, then what can we do? We wanted you to be our daughter-in-law. That's why we had forced Milind, but some things are never meant to be." "Yes, something's are never meant to be." Prachi agrees as she looks at Milind who looked relieved. Mishras left soon after not wanting to create more awkwardness there.


Milind happily walked into his house with his parents who were still gloomy over what had happened. "So when is the wedding? I have been trying to call Prachi all this while and that idiot has turned off her cell." Sukriti asked excitedly as she ran towards them. "There is no wedding." Milind informed her cheerfully. "What?" Sukriti looks at him confused. "Yeah. Prachi and I can't see each other like that. So we decided not to get married." Milind said. "I am not going to fall for such stupid jokes." Sukriti informed him. "It's true. Ask Maa." Milind told her wondering why she was behaving like this. Sukriti looks at her mother and asks her to tell her the truth. Gayathri goes on to explain to her what had happened there. Hearing everything Sukriti turns to Milind in anger as she asked him "WHAT DID YOU TELL HER THAT SHE REFUSED TO MARRY YOU?" "What do you mean, what did I tell her? Sukriti, we don't see each other in that way, being her best friend you should know that." Milind angrily informed her. "Being her best friend, I know that she has been in love with you ever since she was 12 yrs old. Being her best friend I know that she was so happy that you two were going to get married that she didn't sleep the whole night in excitement thinking about what is going to happen today, wondering what she should wear, what she should tell you, how she should tell you how much she loves you. Being her best friend I know that you broke her heart and I will never forgive you for that." saying so, Sukriti angrily walked off her house.

Milind stood there in shock as he tried to understand what Sukriti had told him. Prachi was in love with him? Ever since they have met? Then how come he never realized it? How come he never understood that what she had felt for him was more than friendship? Suddenly, her tears, every word, every gesture she had made today were making more sense to him.


Sukriti walked into Prachi's room to see her lying on her father's lap as she cried her heart out. "Prachi'" Sukriti softly called her name as she walked towards her best friend trying to control her tears. Sukriti slowly sits next to Prachi as she slowly runs her hands through Prachi's hair. Prachi immediately turns to her friend and hugs her. Inder seeing the friends together leaves them alone so they could talk more freely.

An hour later, Sukriti softly closed Prachi's bedroom door as she came out. She spotted Inder sitting alone and she immediately walked towards him. "How is she?" Inder asks her. "She is sleeping now." Sukriti informed her. "Sukriti?" Alaap suddenly comes there looking confused. "What are you doing here?" "I came to see, Prachi." "But, I thought you were not supposed to come here before marriage." Alaap said. "Yeah I know. I am leaving." Sukriti says. "Wait! What is happening here? Papa why are you upset? Why was Prachi crying?" Alaap asks trying to make sense of the bizarre incidents of the day. "Nothing, Alaap. Prachi and I had a disagreement, that's why." Inder lied, Alaap and Prachi may not be close but they cared for each other a lot, especially Alaap who was very protective of his sister. "What disagreement?" Alaap asks not believing what Inder said. "You leave it. It is all sorted out." Inder tells him. "Sukriti?" Alaap turns to Sukriti for an explanation. "She was in love with Milind but he doesn't love her. And he refused to marry her." Sukriti informs him. "WHAT?? Prachi said that she doesn't love Milind!" Alaap said. "Milind doesn't love her, and she lied for him." Sukriti tells him. "How can Milind refuse my sister?" Alaap asks shocked. "I don't know Alaap." Sukriti says sadly and she leaves.


Next day, Milind was about to get out of his house as it was becoming unbearable for him to stay there. Sukriti refused to talk to him, and his parents were silent as they kept talking among themselves and the fact that he had hurt Prachi was killing him. Since he didn't have work that day, he couldn't go for work also. So he decided to go out for a while and was about to get on his bike when Alaap walked in through the gate. "Alaap? What a surprise? You might be here to meet Sukriti right? She is there inside." Milind says wondering how he should ask him about Prachi. He had tried calling Prachi many times the previous day but didn't know what to tell her so didn't do it. "I want to talk to you also." Alaap told Milind. "Yeah sure. What is it?" Milind asked. "With your family." Alaap told him. Milind nods and invites him inside, sensing that it was no good news because Alaap looked really serious and also because of the previous day's event. Milind informed every1 of Alaap's arrival and they all gathered in the living room. Once everyone was there, Alaap looks at Sukriti and said "I can never marry a girl from a family that doesn't want my sister. I am sorry, Sukriti. I can't marry you." "I know and that's why I can't marry you, Alaap." Sukriti softly said with tears in her eyes while the rest of the family stood there in shock. Soon after, Alaap left without listening to anyone. Milind had tried his best to convince him, but Sukriti and Alaap stood their ground and in the end Milind gave up.


Prachi was sitting in her room hugging the teddy bear Milind had gifted her on her last birthday as she thought of him. Suddenly her cell starts ringing and it was an unknown number, she picks it up. "Hello." She says but the person on the other end remained silent. "Hello?" Prachi repeats again, but the other end remains silent. Somehow she knew who it was, she softly whispered "Milind?" and she hears him gasp softly and then he stammers "How.. how did you know?" "I just knew." She whispers. Milind was silent for a while then he says "I never knew, Prachi." "I know, Milind." "I am sorry." "It's not your fault." "Then why do I feel so?" he asked her desperately. "Because you are a nice man. Because you care for others." She said in tears. "Then why did I end up hurting everyone? Why is everyone in pain because of me?" "It's not because of you, Milind. It is because of me. They love me, that's why." Prachi says. "Even I love you, Prachi." Milind said. "I know, Milind. Just not the way we wanted." Prachi said sadly. Milind doesn't say anything to that, so Prachi asks him "Whose number is this?" "Booth. I was not sure whether you would want to talk to me after what I did." "You didn't do anything, Milind. Please stop blaming urself." Prachi begged. "I just don't know, Prachi. I don't know what to do, what to think, what to say, anymore." "Just forget all that had happened in the last two days and you concentrate on Sukriti's and Alaap's wedding. Even I am going to get busy with the preparations." Prachi told. "Nobody told you?" Milind asks her shocked. "Tell me what?" Prachi asks confused. "Alaap called off the wedding." Milind says after a lot of contemplation. "WHAT??" Prachi asks shocked.


Few hours later, Prachi barges into Mishra house screaming out for Sukriti. The way she was creating a racket there, the whole Mishra clan was standing next to her in less than a minute asking her why she was screaming. "What do you think you are doing, Sukriti?" Prachi angrily asked her. "Prachi, keep out of this." Sukriti says knowing very well what she was asking her about. "When you made your decision did you keep me out of it? No, right? Then why should I stay out of it now?" Prachi angrily asked her. "Prachi.." Prachi cuts her off "Why are you ruining your life for me? Milind doesn't love me and that was the end of it. Why do you have to create unnecessary problems with that? Was this your love? If all this had happened after your marriage, what would you two do? Get divorced? No right? Milind and I should never come between you and Alaap." "But, Prachi.." "I don't want to hear anything, Sukriti. Just go out and talk to Alaap. He is there waiting for you." Prachi told her. Sukriti looks at her surprised and then she runs out.


Alaap and Sukriti talked out everything and decided to get married. Prachi helped in clearing out Alaap and Milind issues and also, Milind and Sukriti issues though she rarely spoke to Milind after their phone conversation. It was either they were busy or that it was just too awkward for them to talk. Months flew by and it was Alaap's and Sukriti's wedding reception. Prachi and Milind were really excited and happy for their sibling. Milind was walking around talking to the guests when he spotted Prachi standing alone. He decided to talk to her today. He really missed talking to her. She was an important part of his life and without her, it felt hollow. He started walking towards her when he spotted a waiter walking around with soft drinks, picking up two glasses he continued towards her.

Prachi looks up to see a glass filled with orange drink thrust towards her. She sees Milind standing there with a smile on his face she takes the glass from him with a smile "Thank you." "When did you get formal with me?" he asked her. "I always says 'thank you'." She said confused. "I know." Milind grins. "Starting trouble?" Prachi asks him with a smile. Milind nods his head with an embarrassed smile. "Why? Aren't we the same?" she asked him sadly. "No." Milind replied quietly as he leaned on the wall next to her. "You just grew up suddenly." Milind said. "WHAT?" "I don't know, Prachi. All this while, you were just a kid to me. You were my little sister's best friend. And Sukriti never grew up for me, because of that even you never grew up for me. You were always that 12 yr old birthday girl who kept gaping at me all the time for slyly wishing her to get her chocolate cake." "That's what you thought I was doing? You thought it was for the cake?" Prachi asks him shocked. "Yeah!" Milind says and looks at her. Seeing her expression he looks at her in shock "OHMIGOD!" "No wonder you never realized. Ever since you started knowing me I was in love with you, so you might have thought that was the way I was." "I guess I did." Milind says embarrassed. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" he asked her after a short pause. "Never had the courage to tell you and when I was going to do that, there was no need for it." Prachi said looking away. "I am sorry, Prachi." Milind said regretfully. "Stop it, Milind. It's not your fault that you never loved me. The fault is in me that I was not good enough for you. I didn't have that magic that you wanted." Prachi said with tears. "Oh God! Prachi is that what you think? That I didn't marry you because of that?" Milind asks her shocked. "I don't know." Prachi says. "Prachi, that was not the reason. The reason is that I felt that I was too old for you. The problem was you never grew up for me. You were always a kid in my mind just like how Sukriti is." Milind said. "You are just five years elder to me." Prachi says shocked.  "Yeah I know, but then that time it felt so big. I considered you as a kid and you used to tease me saying that in two years I am going to be thirty, so I thought I was too old for you." Milind said. "And you ask me why I never told you about my feelings?" she says exasperated "Anyways if I did it in school what would you have done?" she asked him. "I would have laughed it off and avoided you like the plague." Milind said without thinking. "I should have done that, then." Prachi said. Milind looks at her questioningly and she explains "Then I might have got over you that time." "I am glad you didn't." Milind said and he answers her questioning look "If you did, then I would have avoided you and I would have missed out on knowing you." Prachi smiles and squeezes his hand. "If someone asks me to name five people I love the most in the world, you come fourth." Milind told her. "Yeah right!" Prachi laughs. "Seriously." Milind grins "You come before Sania." "Sania is just a bike." "Well Ali comes after Sania." Milind informed her. Prachi starts laughing pitying Ali, Milind's best friend who lost out to Milind's bike. Seeing, Prachi laugh Milind smiles. He had missed her laughter, the rare occasions now she came to his house she was a little reserved. Prachi quiets down a little later and then asks sadly "Can we ever be like how we were before?" "I don't know." Milind says "I don't think I can ever be. You used to be a small kid for me and now you are like a lady." "If you call me a kid one more time, I swear I will kick you." Milind grins "Well, you used to behave like a naughty kid always going through my stuff and then remember how you used to tell all my female friends that you were my wif' OHMIGOD!" Milind stops shocked. Prachi blushes slightly and Milind says in a shocked tone "All this while I had thought Sukriti as the Satan and you as her side kick, and when you lied to all those girls I thought you were behaving like a naughty girl, now I realize that you were Lucifer personified marking her territory." Prachi continues to blush, and then to change the topic says "I guess that's why I never grew up for you." "I guess." Milind agrees. "Then how did I grow up?" Prachi asks him curiously. Milind chuckles hearing her question "The way you sorted out Sukriti and Alaap problems and their problems with me. You seemed so matured then. Suddenly I realized that you are no longer that birthday girl. Now also, you feel like a new person to me." Milind kept looking at Prachi as he said the last line. He wanted to tell her something more, but couldn't make up his mind whether he wanted to tell her or not. Suddenly, someone called Prachi and she was about to go towards that person when Milind suddenly informed her "I am going away for 6 months." Prachi immediately turns to him in shock "What?" "A training in U.K. I asked for it." Milind told her. "Is it because of me?" she asked him sadly. "No. I needed a change. There are some things I need to sort out. And I can't do it here with....... everyone around me. I need to be away from all this." He says. Prachi looks at him for a while and then says "I guess it is for the best. Without you around I would be able to get over my 'puppy love' sooner." "Puppy love?" Milind asks her, not liking her feelings for him being referred to as 'puppy love'. "Yeah! You know the way you try running behind a puppy to catch it, similarly you run behind someone to catch him." Prachi grins. "I thought, it was called that because you run behind someone like a love sick puppy." Milind says a little irritated. Prachi shrugs and then says a little seriously "I will miss you, Milind." "Not as much as I miss you, Prachi." he whispers.


Part 3


Mumbai, 2008


Prachi sat there watching Sukriti talk on the phone excitedly. She was talking to Milind, it was his birthday. Ever since he had left, neither had he called her nor she, him. She tried her best to move on in life though it was very difficult to forget someone like Milind Mishra. Her father wanted her to get married and she had met a few men though so far nothing had worked out as none could match up to Milind. This week also, she was meeting a guy, some engineer from Delhi and the way her father was talking about him, he looked very impressed and happy with the proposal. Prachi wondered how this meeting would be. "Prachi." Sukriti called her, breaking her out of her thoughts. Prachi looked up and saw her offering her the phone. Prachi immediately gets up and walks towards Sukriti and takes the phone from her. "Hel'.. Hello?" "Prachi?" Milind says from the other end happily and Prachi stops breathing for a second, hearing his voice after a long time. "Hello? Prachi?" "Happy birthday." Prachi wishes him. "Thank you." Milind replies. Then they remained silent for a while waiting for the other to speak. "So.. Say something." Milind tells her. "er'er' how are you?" she asks him, he laughs and says "I am fine and you?" "Good.. what plans for your birthday?"  "I haven't told anyone it is my birthday, so no plans. By the way I am coming home." Milind says happily. "Really? When?" Prachi asks him excited. "In four weeks." Milind informed her. "We will meet right?" he asked her. "We will'." Prachi replied.


Four weeks later, Prachi was at a boutique checking out dress materials when her cell started ringing. It was from Mishra house. "Yeah Sukriti?" Prachi said picking up the phone. "Hey, Prachi." Milind replies. "Milind?" Prachi asks shocked. "Yup!" "You reached home?" Prachi asked as she tried to control her raising heart. He was home. "No, I am still in the plane. Of course I reached home. Listen, I want to meet you." Milind declared. "Meet me?" Prachi asked shocked. "Yeah. And that too now." Milind told her. "But Milind, I am a little busy, now." Prachi said hesitantly. "I don't care. You are meeting me and that's it." "Milind.." Milind cuts her off "You get ready. I will come home and pick you up now." "I am not home." "Then?" "I am at the Mall." Prachi said "Which mall? I will come there." Milind said excitedly.


45 mins later, Prachi was sitting at the coffee shop watching Milind look at his coffee intently. Milind had been quiet when she met him. He looked tensed though he was smiling happily at her. Finally to break the ice, Prachi said "If you just wanted someone to watch you studying your coffee, you should have asked someone who is as jobless as you." Milind looks up at her and smiles seeing her smile. "Sorry." He says a little embarrassed. "It's okay. Then, tell me.." Prachi said. "You are looking great." Milind said. Prachi gets a little conscious, this was the first time he had complemented her on her looks. "Thanx." Milind just keeps smiling as he looked at her, Prachi finally asks him "Why did you want to see me?" "That... Prachi' actually.. Prachi.." Milind starts getting tensed again. Taking a deep breath he takes her hand in his and softly asks her "Do you still have feelings for me?" Prachi goes pale hearing him ask that and tries to take her hand away from his but he holds on tight.  "I know I have hurt you. But you know I never intended to hurt you." "I know, Milind. It happen long back, why do you want to talk about it now?" she asked him trying to ignore the familiar pain in her heart. "Because I love you." Milind said. Prachi looks at him in shock as tears whether of joy or pain she didn't know filled her eyes. "Is this some joke?" she asked him. "You know, I would never joke about these things. I really love you Prachi." Milind said sincerely. When Prachi remained silent staring at him, he said laughing nervously "I know what you are thinking, why so suddenly right? No, Prachi. Ever since we talked on the phone that day, remember I called you from the booth, when I told you about Alaap and Sukriti, I don't know I had all these feelings that even I didn't understand. And when you came home and cleared all those misunderstandings and convinced Sukriti and Alaap, I realized I was falling in love with you. But then, I was scared that what I was feeling for you might be out of guilt and not love, and you deserved nothing less than love. So I decided to stay away for a while and understand what was in my heart. You might not have been there, but I saw you everywhere, felt you everywhere, every heart beat you were there with me. And I realized that I was truly, madly and deeply in love with my birthday girl. I love you, Prachi." Milind said with tears in his eyes.

Tears were rolling down Prachi's eyes as she listened to Milind. He had told her what she had always wanted to hear from him but she was no longer that Prachi who wanted to hear it. "Prachi?" Milind called her expectantly. Slowly removing her hand from his and this time he let her, she said "I am getting married. Tomorrow is my marriage. I came for the some last minute alteration." Prachi informed him. Milind kept staring at Prachi trying to register what she had just told him, my Prachi going to marry someone else? "His name is Neev. He is a Delhi based engineer. There was something wrong with my kundali so I have to get married this week itself, else for the next two years I can't marry so everyone wants the marriage to happen soon." Prachi said not knowing what to say. "Do.. do you.. do you love him?" Milind finally managed to ask in a soft whisper. Prachi immediately looks away "He is very understanding. I told him about you. Even he was in love with a girl, some Ayesha something, but they broke up. He is a nice guy." "I asked whether you love him." "I am sure I will be happy with him." Prachi replied. Milind holds her chin and makes her look at him "Do you love him, Prachi?" Milind asked again. With no other option, Prachi looks at Milind and says "If you think that I would call off the wedding, no I won't. Papa and I gave our word to Neev and his family. And Neev was hurt once, I won't hurt him again." "So, you will just marry him?" Milind asks her in anger and pain. "It's too late, Milind." Prachi said helplessly. "I know, Prachi. I took forever to tell you what I felt for you. But please don't give me such a big punishment for this. Please don't do this, Prachi. I can't live without you." Milind begged. "Please don't do this to me, Milind." Prachi told him.  "I will do whatever you say, Prachi. Please just give me one chance." "Let me go, Milind." Prachi said holding back a sob. Milind looks at her in shock "We were never meant to be." saying so she quickly left while Milind sat there as his world came crumpling down.


Prachi fell on her bed crying as she thought about what had happened that day. Milind was back and he loved her. But she couldn't accept him now, when she was pledged to someone else. "Prachi?" Sukriti rushed into the room concerned. She had seen Prachi running to her room crying. Seeing Sukriti Prachi asked her with tear stained face "Why didn't you tell Milind that my marriage was fixed?" "Didn't Maa tell him? Why? What happened?" Sukriti asks her confused. "No one told him!!!" Prachi loudly accused no one in particular. Sukriti sits down next to Prachi and gently asks her "What happened, Prachi? Did you meet Milind?" even without Prachi answering, Sukriti knew that Prachi had met her brother. Right after he reached home from airport Milind had went out promising them a surprise later in the evening. But what was that surprise and what had happened between Prachi and Milind? "He loves me." Prachi cried. "What?" Sukriti asks shocked. Prachi hugs her and tells her what had happened.

"Have you gone out of your mind, Prachi?" Sukriti angrily asked her. "I can't call off the wedding at the last minute, Sukriti." "Of course, you can." Sukriti said angrily. "No, Sukriti. I can't. Our izzat. Papa, Alaap, you, Neev and his family. And how can I do this to Neev? The day before I call off the wedding?" Prachi asked. "Prachi if you don't do it, then it will ruin all your life." Sukriti warned. "I will make this marriage work." Prachi vowed. "You won't, Prachi. Because you can never love anyone other than my brother." "You are the one who told me that love will happen after marriage." Prachi reminded Sukriti. "That was when I thought Milind didn't love you and you were going to ruin your life living alone." Sukriti said irritated. "Whatever you say, Sukriti my mind is made up." Prachi said stubbornly. "You go to hell, Prachi Shah." Sukriti angrily said and walked off.


Sukriti opens the door and the room was filled with darkness. She stumble a little as she walked towards the side feeling the wall for the switch. She turned on the lights. As the room filled with light, she found Milind slouched on the floor in the corner. "Milind." Sukriti called his name as she walked towards him. Hearing her he opened his eyes and looked at her with bloodshot eyes. Sukriti rushes towards him in concern while Milind just kept looking at her. Sukriti kneels down next to him and as she took his face in her hands she softly called him out again "Milind?" Milind kept staring at Sukriti. "Please say something." Sukriti begged. "Why didn't you tell me, Sukriti?" Milind accused Sukriti. "What?" she asked confused. "That my Prachi was marrying someone else." Milind angrily explained. "I thought Maa told you. And I didn't know how to tell you." Sukriti explains. Milind snorts "Maa thought you told me. My Prachi was thinking of marrying someone else and no one told me." Milind said angrily. "I never thought you cared, Milind." Sukriti said in tears. Milind immediately stands up as he glared at her "I CARE SUKRITI! I ****ING CARE!!! Ever since she was 12, she was mine! How could you all force her into marrying someone else?" Milind asked. "Milind.." Sukriti says confused. Milind cuts her off "Prachi would have never thought of anyone else other than me. She can never think of someone else, she can never give my place to anyone else. I know that." "What did you want? That she wait for you to make up your mind and take your sweet time deciding what you want in life and come back. Did you think that we would have let her do that? We care for her too much to let her ruin her life like that." Sukriti angrily says as she stood up glaring at him. Milind looks at her then falls on his knees as he broke down "I thought she would wait for me, like she had been doing all her life." Milind said in guilt. "I took her for granted. Why did I do that, Sukriti? Why?" Milind asked her desperately. Sukriti was angry at her brother for what he did, but she still loved him and could never stand his tears. She kneels down next to him and hugged him as he cried, repenting his mistakes. "If I had known that you all were thinking of her marriage, I would have come back. I love her a lot, Sukriti." Milind said in between his sobs.


Alaap and Sukriti had tried talking to Prachi to reconsider but Prachi stood her ground not wanting to hurt her family or Neev's. Even when Sukriti was dressing her up, she had tried talking Prachi into changing her mind. But there was no use, when they were almost done, there was a knock at the door. Sukriti turned back to see who it was while Prachi looked at the mirror in front of her to see the person behind her and gasped when she found Milind standing at the door. Without asking for permission he walked in looking at Prachi in the mirror his eyes filled with admiration. "Milind, what are you doing here?" Sukriti asked. "Wait outside, Sukriti." Milind instructed her. Sukriti knew there was no use fighting, so she quietly walked out after closing the door.

Noticing Prachi's face, Milind knew she was panicking. "Don't worry, Prachi. I didn't come here to trouble you. I just wanted to see you. After today, I will never see you again. I can never see you as somebody else's wife." Milind gently told her as he walked towards her and stood next to her looking at her through the mirror. Not able to hold on to his tear filled gaze Prachi looks away. Milind kneels down next to her and faces her as he took her hand in his. She tries to pull her hand away but he holds on to it.  "You always looked beautiful in your bridal dress, but never this beautiful." Milind slowly says "I have always imagined in you in a bridal dress, as my bride then as my wife but never as someone else's, never thought that you would be somebody else's one day. In the last six months whenever I thought of you, I thought of you as mine. And it will be always like that for me." He says as he kissed her hand slowly. Prachi closes her eyes savoring his kiss as a tear fell down from her close eye lids. Suddenly she felt his lips on her cheeks as he sucked her tear. She opened her eyes to look at him and he leans back and slowly shakes his head asking her not to cry. "You cried for me enough, Prachi. Not anymore. I don't deserve your tears." A sob breaks out of her "Shhh.. don't cry, Prachi. You asked me to let you go and I am letting you go." Milind tells her while she looks at him confused "You can marry Neev, but in return I want you to do two things for me." Prachi looks at him scared to ask him what he wanted. "First one, I want your permission to think of you and love you. You lived your life loving me and thinking of me and now I want to live my life loving you and thinking of you. One day, my life will be over but never my love for you." Prachi hugs him as she starts sobbing. "Please don't cry, Prachi." Milind begged as he pushed her a little away from him and wipes off her tears and once she calms down he continues "The other thing I want from you is I want you to be happy."  When Prachi looked at him desperately he continues "not for you, but for me because my very life resides in you, Prachi. When you cry, I cry and when you smile, I smile." Prachi remained silent as she kept looking at him, "I am going, Prachi. We will never see again because I don't want to see you ever again knowing that you are not mine, and never will be. Bye Miss James Bond." Milind says with a sad smile and was about to walk off when he stops and turns to her "From now on whenever I think of you, I will always think of you as a bride. The most beautiful bride I have ever seen in my life," he looks away and whispers sadly "who was never mine."


As soon as Milind walked out Sukriti walked "They are calling you down." Sukriti informed her. Prachi keeps staring at the door through which Milind walked out just moments ago. Seeing Prachi staring at the door, Sukriti asked "What are you thinking?" Prachi turned to Sukriti "Neev." she said urgently "I need to talk to him." Sukriti starts smiling and then running out of the room she screams "ALAAAAAAAAAAP!"


Havoc was created when the bride requested to talk to the groom minutes before the wedding. While Alaap and Sukriti told Inder of what had happened, Prachi was talking to Neev about her decision. After listening to what Prachi had to say, Neev had smiled and thanked Prachi for not ruining his life by marrying him and asked her to go get her man. Another major havoc was created when the bride was spotted running out of her room while the groom stood happily watching on.


Meanwhile Milind got out of his car sick and tired of waiting for the guards to make way for his car. He regretted not coming with Sania, she would have never caused all this trouble unlike Michael. He angrily kicked Michael's tyre as he cursed loudly for all that had happened in his life. His life was a big mess since the day before, since the moment he lost Prachi. Nothing was right, nothing was meaningful, and nothing was worth it. He decided to walk away and later ask someone to pick up his car. He was about to walk towards the gate when he heard her. "MILIND!" he turned back in shock and saw her running towards him screaming his name. Milind closed his eyes tightly and opened again thinking the mirage would vanish, but she was still running towards him. As he ogled on in shock she came and hugged him so forcefully that he staggered a little for his balance. "Is that really you, Prachi?" he asked her in a whisper fearing that if he raised his voice she might disappear on him. Prachi moves back and smiles at him "I love you, Milind." Milind looks on in shock and then he finally manages to say or rather ask "Neev?" "You want me to be happy right, Milind? I can never be happy if I marry him. My happiness lies in you, Milind." Milind didn't know whether he should be smiling or crying, in the ended up doing both, then he hugged her tight. After a while coming to her senses Prachi told him "We have to get married today, else we won't be able to get married for 2 years." "Marriage?" "Yeah, we are getting married." Prachi told him angrily, Milind smiles and says "I guess for my sister I have to do it, after all you are her best friend." "You have no choice, mister. I ran out of my wedding, and hugged you with all those people watching us. I am ruined. You have to set it strait now." Prachi says in an arrogant tone. "In which world do you live, woman?" Milind asked with a sly grin "No body gets ruined by hugging. And since you want to be ruined to trap me in marriage, lets get you properly ruined." As the guests (who had come out to find out the reason for the erratic behavior of the bride), watched on Milind leaned down and took her lips in his and kissed the bride claiming her as his.



Okay.. the last part was stupid and silly.. cudn't come up with anything elseConfused and was a little lazy to thinkBlushing...pls comment guys..good or bad


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book.worm IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2008 at 1:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by (**sia**)

me first :P

So shocking!!! LMAO!!! congratsBig smileBig smileBig smile
Delena-cious IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2008 at 2:10am | IP Logged
hey kukuHug...thank god u'd start bringin out ur fics from ur inbox.LOL..i thought i wud be walkin around with my grandmummy's stick by the time u have everythin outWink *phew* wat a reliefLOL

really,as i said  i really luv the titleHug...'puppy luv' LMAO...when u first mention abt this, i really thought that it will be Milind who wil b followin her like a luv sick yahaan to sab kuch ulta hogayaLOL...nt that m complainin...luv it thoughLOL

wow so realistic, milind being the hottie in school to whom any girl wud fall for and prachi bein one of them who drools over him...*sigh* u reminded me of my school daysDay DreamingLOL...LMAO

suki and prachi's relationship is just too cute...they met in the thats very uniqueROFL...hmm...prachi singin...i wud like milind to hear her sing too..nt in the bathroom ofcourseLOL
anyways..suki and prachi's relationship seeems like more of a sisterly one than bestfrendsBig smile

michi michi michi....their first meetin had me in splitsROFL...i mean...can milind get anymore cuter than that...hehe...wat a stud he is...askin for cake with his repeated HAPPY BIRTHDAY wishes...well thats a very good way to eat cake, which is free of wonder he's so famous among the school pplROFL

hmm...mallika and tanushree..typical snobsAngry...and luvd the way suki had given it bak to her...mallika sure need some reality chek with that
and suki gave prachi open permision to drool over her bro? why thats sooo cute...she mustv died of happiness with that...i wish every hot guy has a sister like thatWinkLOL

Milind treats her like a kid...not goodDisapproveLOL, wel, everyone wud think so at that age...he really has no idea that she is the one for him does he? wel, duffer doesnt even see beyond her as his sisters bestfriend...cant blame him alsoBig smile
Big smilewel, atleast he is showin out some of his possessiveness towards prachi from his side,Big smile unlike prachi who drools over him behind his bakOuch...i hope sukriti tells him how much prachi likes him

continue soon hunHug...its really good...and i ddn knw that u were inspired by sweety.TongueLOL..lolz...such a cute dog that is and such a sweet and innocent ficHug..

brilliant work kukuApprove..and continue soon hunHug...cant wait for the nextBig smile
KaneBC Goldie

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Posted: 25 December 2008 at 2:35am | IP Logged
So, a 12 year old Prachi and I'm guessing a 17 year old Milind. How utterly adorable and original. Aww, I guess in 20 years they will be married with kids at the same school. Seriously, very well written and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Looking forward to the next part. Smile
jyothi_cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 25 December 2008 at 5:49am | IP Logged
wow kuku this is really cute loved this part gr8 job cont soon
GoGreen IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2008 at 6:52am | IP Logged
Kuku really some jaadu in ur writing skills.
u r a such good writer i am in love with u.Doostana....i mean it.
So 7 grade Prachi and 12 Grade Milind falling for grade Prachi in love....totally in love.
But really loved the way the story is bulding up in their school days.
Mallika asusual....we cant expect more from her...
Alaap is he having any major role.....or just accompanying his fateh for outing along with sukruti and prachi he going to fall for Sukruti..10 glass ka baacha i can expect him to fall....Will everyone will be fast as his 7 grade sister.
I think Milind still dint fall for Prachi..but he cares for her...
Kuku betetr u update soon.
wande IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2008 at 8:26am | IP Logged
wonderful start jaanu.
Shabz. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 25 December 2008 at 8:32am | IP Logged
nice start kuku, so prachi is in love with a much older old are they now, im not familiar with grades.

looking forward to the next part

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