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RM "Obsession" 1-shot story/My collction

-De.De- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2008 at 12:56pm | IP Logged

Hey guys! Finally MY RM one-shot/one-Parter Story "OBSESSION" is here.
Plus from now on, my all RM one-shot scenes/stories will be posted in THIS Topic. This will be later called "MY COLLECTION OF RM ONE-SHOT SCENES/STORIES". So no seperate topics for my RM one-parters. Whenever I'll add new one-shot I'll add page number here on page 1.

REMEMBER guys! THIS IS NOT A FANFICTION or A LONG STORY/ON-GOING STORY. It will be only ONE PARTER, only ONE-SHOT which can't be continued as a story or fanfiction.

So here's my lastest RM one-shot.


Rahul has brought Muskaan to very deserted place, which is on a mountain. Rahul is standing on the edge of the mountain, very edge. Underneath there's a dangerous valley, known as Death Valley. Muskaan looks around and is bewildered, she knows that today there's no escape from Rahul's clutches. She's trapped! Rahul looks at her; she was scared it can be clearly seen from her face.

Muskaan: Rahul...where are we? Why are...we here?

Rahul: It's not 'WE' today Muskaan. It's either 'you' or 'me' today.

Muskaan is shocked.

Muskaan: What...what you mean?

Rahul gives her sinister smile.

Rahul: You love to play games, don't you? All this time you've been playing games with me. So..let's play a game today. Shall we?

Muskaan is not getting what is playing on Rahul's mind but she does know that something unimaginable is going to take place today.

Rahul holds her tightly from both of her arms, squeezing them tightly her twirls her around and Muskaan with a single swift Muskaan comes on Rahul's place, on the edge of mountain. Now Rahul is standing where Muskaan was earlier. It all happened so fast, Muskaan didn't got time to react, Muskaan looks at Rahul and sees totally different Rahul. This Rahul is more dangerous, he can do anything today, go to any extent.

Rahul: Look down Muski Sweetheart, look down.

Muskaan don't want to, but looks down and gets frightened a lot.

Rahul: You know it's called Death Valley, beautiful isn't it?

Muskaan: Rah..

Rahul: SHUT UP

Rahul's voice roar all around them. Muskaan doesn't dare to say a word. Rahul moves her around and now he's on the edge now.

Rahul: I TRUSTED YOU AND YOU DECIVIED ME. I LOVED YOU & YOU MADE MOCERY OF MY LOVE. I considered you my friend and you betrayed me like no enemy would ever do.

Muskaan: Rahul... trust me, I've not betrayed you. It's all wrong.

Rahul: You ARE LYING!!

Saying this he twirls her around again and almost she missed the edge and was about to fall when Rahul holds her more tightly.

Rahul: Not so soon sweetie.

Muskaan is in tears now.

Muskaan: Rahul..Please..leave me... I don't...

Rahul completes for her.

Rahul: Don't want to die. No no, it's not decided who is going to die. It's either you or me today.

Muskaan tries to protest against Rahul, she shakes him hard.

Muskaan: Wake up Rahul, see what you've become Rahul. Your obsession is killing you and me and our love.

Rahul gets shocked by this, he looks at her with fiery eyes.

Rahul: What did you said? What did you just said? Our love? OUR LOVE? Since when did you love me? WHEN? You never loved me didn't you? You only came to deceive me, you only betrayed me.

Muskaan is struggling hard to free but is failed against his strength, Muskaan's arms are swelling now but this doesn't give Rahul a damn. Muskaan knew today no one can stop him as obsession has overpowered him, he cant see or think anything but his obsession has taken this ability from him. Until his obsession doesn't wear off, he'll not understand what he's doing.  

Rahul turns her around and now he's on the edge, he moves slightly back causing him slightly loose balance. Muskaan quickly pulls Rahul towards her and he lands up in her arms. Muskaan's heart was beating so fast as what happened just now, the fear of losing Rahul made her miss her heart beat. Rahul looks at her, he feels somewhere in his heart that love, that passion he feels for Muskaan but it was quickly wiped off by Rahul's obsession.

Rahul: Why shedding these crocodile tears Muski babe? I'm not going to die soon, not until...

Muskaan couldn't take his taunting anymore.


Camera twirl around both of them like a storm, time freezes there. Both of them look at each other, eye-lock session. Camera stops at Rahul's face, his expression changes. Muskaan takes the centre stage now.

Muskaan: I LOVE YOU! I only loved you Rahul, only you.

Muskaan breaks down in tears.

Muskaan: I've not betrayed you or your trust Rahul. You & I are victim of conspiracy which is done by your dear friend cum your business partner Vikram. Rahul it was his entire plan, he since day one he wanted to separate us, wanted to kill you, ruin you. When I came to know about it, I tried to tell you but you didn't listen to me as he brained wash your mind against me and you became obsessive. Vikram's poison made you so obsessive that you couldn't see the truth in front of your eyes instead you believed him blindly and you accused me. So I made a plan to expose him and for that I joined hands with him in plan to ruin you so I can gather proofs against him, but he used me against you. He used me as a weapon to destroy your mind and he did it. He made you obsessive.

Rahul looks at shockingly, still thinking whether to trust her or not.

Muskaan pleadingly: Rahul.. please trust me, I'm telling truth, please Rahul trust me.

Rahul: But why Vikram wanted to ruin me? Why would he? He's my friend.


Rahul gets stunned.

Muskaan: Yes.. Rahul trust me. I'm telling truth. I love you a lot Rahul, I only loved you Rahul.

Rahul is so shocked he doesn't know what to do or say. He looks In Muskaan's eyes and knew she was telling truth. He couldn't believe that he couldn't see truth which was in front of his eyes all this time; he became so obsessive towards Muskaan that he distrusted her, his love turned into obsession and he couldn't do anything. Rahul ruined everything, himself and the most beautiful relation he ever had. Rahul in his thoughts slightly lets go off Muskaan's arms which were bleeding slightly. He takes 1 step behind and loses his balance, as there was no edge. Rahul's other foot slips and he almost falls from mountain, when in this process he holds Muskaan's right foot, which makes Muskaan too lose balance and Muskaan too falls with him.

Rahul has luckily held the branch from the mountain edge and from other hand he holds Muskaan who was about to fall completely if Rahul didn't held her hand. Rahul from one hands manages to bring Muskaan upto his level and holds her from her waist, as if hugging her. Muskaan too holds Rahul from his back tightly.

Rahul (breathless): Muskaan.. Muskaan.. I wouldn't be able to hold branch for long, it will break. You climb up the mountain. QUICK!

Muskaan: No I wouldn't.

Rahul is shocked.

Rahul: Are you gone Mad? Muskaan Hurry Up.

Muskaan: No Rahul, I wouldn't. Rahul, if we can't live together, lets die together. Please.

Rahul looks at her, how sincere her eyes were, she was not kidding she was serious. Rahul feels his eyes filling up with tears.

Rahul: Don't do this Muskaan please. I'm sorry, I'm truly sorry. I never wanted the end of this deadly game to be this frightening. I became so angry, so aggressive, so obsessive that I didn't saw think the consequences for this. I'm truly sorry Muskaan.

Muskaan: No Rahul, I'm sorry. I'm sorry for not confessing before, I'm sorry for everything. But Rahul, before we die.....Rahul... I really love you.

Rahul looks at her tears were flowing from both of their eyes.

Rahul: Muskaan, please you still have time, please go back, don't give yourself punishment for my sins, it's price for my obsession you have nothing to do with it. Please GO!

Muskaan: No Rahul, I want to die with you, in your arms only.

Rahul could feel branch breaking.

Rahul: I love you Muskaan.

Rahul could sense they've only 20 seconds.

Muskaan: I love you too.

Rahul brings his face to hers and slightly kiss her lips one last time. Muskaan kisses him back.






Branch breaks, both of them fall in the deadly Valley, but they had no regrets of dying that moment. But somewhere, somewhere Rahul really wished that it was not the ending. But same time he knew it was price for his obsession which he had to pay it and Muski chose to pay it with him because she truly loved him.

The End

I know you guys will kill me for this endingLOL but trust me there was no other ending for this. It HAD to be this, there's no ther end for this but this. Rahul was so obsessive that his obsession made him lose everything, his life too.

Love doesn't always had, cute, romantic, passionate, light side or sad side too it. But love has another side to it aswell, the dangerous side, which is called OBSESSION. When love turns into Obsession it can ruin everythying and that's what I tried to show there. Also love doesn't mean just to love together but to die together aswell.Embarrassed

I know it is nothing something usually happens in RM stories or in RM world , I tired to potray things and people differently. So please please please do comment and do critisize it .

And guys Merry Christmas Hug


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-De.De- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2008 at 12:56pm | IP Logged
||My RM Collection Book||
All RM scenes/one-shot/one-parter Stories written by Me.

>>Page Index<<
> Obsession - Pg 1
> Silent Confession - Pg 1

More Will be updated as will go ahead.

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-De.De- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2008 at 12:57pm | IP Logged
MY very first RM one-shot/Scene. Most Of you'll read it before anyways.Embarrassed


Muskaan: Oye Rahul! Tu Agaya?!

Muskaan gets so happy seeing Rahul in front of her, she really glad to have him right there in front of her.

Muskaan: Mujhe pata that u ayega zaroor. Ab wahan kya kar raha hai aa na mere pass.

Rahul just smiles and nods his head in 'no' leaving Muskaan utterly surprised, to evne more surprise Rahul starts to backwards.

Muskaan: arre kidhar ja raha hai? Oye Rahul ruk na...

A suddenly thick fog covers all around Muskaan due to which she couldn't see anything. But as the fog clears Muskaan finds she's all alone. No trace of Rahul, Muskaan's heartbeat stops.

Muskaan (shouts): RAHULLLL!!!!

Suddenly all perspiring she finds herself sitting on bed, Muskaan takes good look around room and realises that it was her dream. Muskaan hurriedly get up from bed and looks on the floor hoping to find Rahul, she'll not rest in peace now until she has seen Rahul. Rahul is not there Muskaan panics.

Muskaan: haiyo babaji, Rahul kit oh ajj night duty hai.

Muskaan runs towards the phone and dials his number but Rahul's mobile is switched off, Muskaan is getting even more panicky almost bursting into tears. Muskaan calls Sanjivini where nurse informs her Rahul has left Sanjivini an hour ago. Phone falls from her hands dream keeps flashing around her eyes. Muskaan goes to window to see if Rahul had come, she opens the window and see a clear sky, very calm night. No storm, no rain, nothing. A quiet and calm night, peaceful; but this peace is making Muskaan very much restless.

Muskaan runs out from room and goes to small mandir which was in far at the end of living room.

Muskaan (crying): please babaji, us Rahul ko mere pass bhaij do. Please uski raksha karo. Mere Rahul ko kuch na ho.

She's crying but silently now, she can't think anything else but Rahul's safety, she don't know what she's saying or doing but she only wants Rahul to come back home safe. Muskaan closes her eyes and just keep repeating for Rahul to come home.

Muskaan: please Rahul ghar aja aik bar aja. Main tumjhse kabhi ladai nahi karongi, kabhi tang nahi karongi, kabhi gussa bhi nahi karongi, teri har bat manongi par tu aik bar ghar aja. Babaji mera woh sapna sahc mat hone dena, mera Rahul ajaye ghar sahi salamat, mujhse dor na jaye woh.

Voice: Muskaan??

Muskaan suddenly stops as smile comes across her face she has recognised the voice. Muskaan turns around and sees Rahul standing there. Rahul is surprised to see that she's still awake as its 2.30 am and more shocked to see her state. Muskaan without delaying runs towards Rahul while running she dashes with sofa.

Rahul: Muskaan..Sambhal....

Before he could complete his words Muskaan hugs him tightly and starts to weep. Rahul is shocked.

Rahul: Muski...Mus..Kya howa? Tu roh kyun rahi hai?

Muskaan starts to cry even more, she tightens her grips on him even more; Rahul feels the pain but doesn't say anything. Rahul hands reaches on her back as he also hugs her tightly but not too much tight. Rahul lets her cry he just stands there.

After a while Muskaan calms a little she looks up and finds Rahul standing still there.

Muskaan: Rah..ul..

Rahul takes her to nearby sofa and makes her sit there. Muskaan is still shaking from the fear which she experienced after that dream. Rahul makes her relax a bit.

Rahul: Muskaan..kya hogaya tha tujhe? Kya howa? Kyun itna roh rahi hai tu?

Muskaan just looks at him.

Muskaan: dekh Rahul, tu mujhe kabhi mat chodh ke jana, warna main... main..

She starts to say but feels a lump in her throat.

Rahul: Arre.. main...main tujhe chod ke kahan jane wala hon? Main toh yahin hon tere pass.

Saying this Rahul starts to come close to her, Muskaan starts to move back when she falls on sofa, making Rahul fall on top of her. Rahul has grin on his face which is clearly can be seen. Muskaan is still upset, Rahul wants to know what happened.

Rahul: Ae, bata na kya howa, kyun itni pareshaan hai?

Muskaan (angrily): tera phone kyun off tha? On kyun nahi rakha, pata hai main kitni pareshaan thi, kaise kaise khayal arahe thay maan mein..  

Rahul: Arre Muskaan woh..woh battery dead hogayi thi, woh ajj.. mobile charge karna bhool gaya tha.

Muskaan: Tu car mein charger nahi rakh sakta tha? Aur.. aur.. itni dair kyun laga di, maine Sanjivini phone kya toh nurse boli toh 1 hour pehle nikal gaya.. toh itni dair kahan tha?

Saying this Muskaan holds his both collars of shirt tightly and looks at him with fiery eyes.

Rahul: Arre woh main road ke pass accident howa tha es liye raste block thay toh late hogaya na baba.

Hearing about accident that dream flashes in Muski's eyes she becomes more fearful now.

Muskaan: Tujhe kya zarooraat thi wahan se anay ki? Aur aur.. agar tujhe kuch hojata toh?

Rahul (confusingly): Muskaan mujhe...

Muskaan: Chup...

Fresh tears roll from her eyes; she leaves his collars and crawl her hands towards his face. With her both hands she holds his face, Rahul confusingly but happy from inside looks at her.

Muskaan (lovingly and fearfully): Rahul... agar tujhe kuch hogaya na... Toh main.. Toh main...

Rahul coming slightly closer: Toh kya Muskaan?

Muskaan feels this closeness, as her heart starts to beat faster.

Muskaan: Main jee nahi paongi Rahul...

Rahul is shocked, he looks at her in utter shock, Muskaan too looks at him. *eye lock* Moment freezes there, time stops. After few minutes, Rahul comes more closer, his face almost touches her face.

Rahul (wisphers): Muskaan!!!

His hot breaths hit Muskaan's face; she feels her cheeks are burning. She could feel current flowing through her entire body. Rahul moves his lips to her cheeks and very gently kisses her tears off, another current in her body making her shiver but in pleasant way. In this process her lips shiver, Rahul's eyes fall onto her lips. As he sees them shiver he skips his heart beat. Rahul without warning presses his lips against hers and kisses her passionately. To his surprise Muskaan doesn't protest but kisses him back with same passion. Muskaan's hands starts to move from his face to back of his back and makes their way into his thick black hairs and starts to play with them. Rahul too starts to move his hands from her back into her curly long hairs, he strangles his fingers into her curly hairs. This makes Muskaan wince in pain in kiss. Both then slowly break away from kiss and have a good look at each, but Rahul has something else on his mind. Rahul moves his lips on her neck and traces her delicate neck with his lips making Muskaan feeling current flowing through her body, she feels so shy, yet so safe in his arms. As Rahul plants a kiss on her neck Muskaan tightens her grip on his back and digs her nails into his back. Rahul does 'Ah' in pain but Muskaan doesn't hear it.

Rahul's lips traces back to her face, he then looks up to her and finds she has her eyes closed still, he realises she had closed her eyes since the kiss. Muskaan slowly open her eyes and finds Rahul staring at her very lovingly. Muskaan's heart melts away and she gives him million dollar smile for which Rahul die for.

Rahul: app toh tujhe bharosa hai na ke main tujhe chod kar nahi jaonga?

Muskaan nods her head and smiles.

Rahul sees in her eyes and knows that she's really tired now, she need to get some sleep.

Rahul goes to her ear and wisphers: So ja meri rani, thodi dair ke liye araam karle, main yahin hon.

Saying this he kisses her ear, and then her shoulder, making Muskaan blush. Muskaan nods, she moves her one hand from back and keeps on his cheek, she plants a small kiss on his forehead. She holds him tightly in her arms and closes her eyes to get some sleep. Rahul also tightens his grip on her waist, holds her very close to him and his heart, with a satisfying smile he too goes to sleep.


It's morning now, sun is shining high above. Outside morning is beautiful as ever, as sun's rays fall on Muskaan she opens her eyes. It takes a minute for her to realise where she was and what happened last night. First thing comes into her mind, "did something else happened last night?" Rahul was sleeping on top of her, but as soon she sees the face of Rahul, the most angelic, the most innocent face, Muskaan's heart melts. She knows one thing for sure no matter what the situation was or could be Rahul would never take advantage of her.

For the first time is her life, she was not confused about her feelings, she knew very much she is in love with Rahul alot! That dream last night made her realise the importance of Rahul in her life, before she couldn't accept it but last night that dream made her admit it. That fear of losing Rahul for sometime made her so crazy; she would've died if Rahul would go away from her life. But now she wouldn't left her false ego or anything come in between her and Rahul. She starts to crease his hairs which make Rahul too wake up. Rahul opens his eyes and finds his princess in front of his eyes, now he's sure his day will be perfect that ever. Rahul smiles at her.

Muskaan: Rahul... woh.. kal raat...

Muskaan couldn't finish her sentence, she feels shy and somewhat embarrassed. Rahul realises this so before she could say anything Rahul speaks.

Rahul: Musk... Kal raat humare beech aisa kuch nahi howa jissay tujh par aur mere pyaar par koi daag lagay.

Muskaan hearing his statement is dumbstruck, she knew in her heart that Rahul wouldn't do anything wrong with her and she knew Rahul loves her alot, but hearing this from him just was like a dream. Rahul as if he's reading her thoughts.

Rahul: Muskaan, itni shock kyun hai? Tujhe pata hai na main kabhi tere saath kuch galat nahi kar sakta.

Muskaan: Tu...tu..woh...

Rahul looks at her confusingly.


Rahul looks her somewhat blushing.

Muskaan: Kabhi...kabhi...kaha kyun nahi?

Rahul with one hand starts to crease her face, making Muskaan blush, she could feel butterflies in her tummy once again.   

Rahul: Kabhi kehne ki zarooraat thi kya Muskaan?

Muskaan looks at him trying to know what he's saying.

Rahul: Bol na.

Muskaan don't know what to say.

Rahul: Nahi! Muskaan har baat lafzon mein toh nahi kahi jati na. Tere mere beech jo howa, horaha tha kya uske baad bhi mujhe apne pyaar ke liye lafzon ka sahara lena zaroori tha kya?

Muskaan starts to get his point.

Rahul: tu aur main kitna aik dosre se ladte jhagate hain, behaas karte, gussa karte. Lekin tune kabhi notice kiya ke jab hum dono khamosh hotein hain tab humari khomoshi aik dosre se baatein karti hai. Aur ussi khamoshi mein hum dono ne aik dosre se pyaar ka izhaar kiya.

Muskaan gets shocked at his last sentence.

Rahul (Smiling): Main janta tha bohut pehle se tu mujhse pyaar karti hai Muskaan, teir khmoshi ne kaha mujhse. Par maine es liye kuch nahi kaha kyunki maine dekha tu khush confuse thi, es liye main chahta tha pehle tu khudko samajh le.

Rahul finally stops speaking at looks at her waiting for her response, but Muskaan doesn't utter a word both keep staring at each other lovingly. Muskaan holds his face in her both hands and slowly kisses his beautiful eyes. Rahul is totally taken aback with her action but he couldn't help to feel happy. Muskaan then kisses his nose, then his both cheeks. She comes to his lips and stops, Rahul looks at her but he's little disappointed, Muskaan knows this. She with her thumb traces outline of his lips and slowly, gently kisses his lips. It was not passionate kiss but a small thankyou kiss. Both of them look at each other and smile.

The End.

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desigrl05 IF-Sizzlerz

I-F Crazy Creatives
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Posted: 24 December 2008 at 2:07pm | IP Logged
whoa..awesome first part, it scared me how rahul was holding muski near that cliff...continue soon!
-simi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2008 at 2:12pm | IP Logged
wow truely killer just like the promos Wink
loved both shots!
u should def. write more!!
-simi- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2008 at 2:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by desigrl05

whoa..awesome first part, it scared me how rahul was holding muski near that cliff...continue soon!
desigrl, its a one part story LOL they're dead, so she cant continue LOLLOL
-bhootni- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 December 2008 at 2:22pm | IP Logged
wow i love the obsession one it was really well written!!!
dmg123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 24 December 2008 at 2:46pm | IP Logged

loved both of them....they are very well written......good job....!

cant wait to read more of ur work! pls update another one soon

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