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-('v)-Hatred 2 Love(AK,AR&NP)LastPrt:Pg 53

Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 22 December 2008 at 12:05pm | IP Logged
 -('v)-Hatred 2 Love -('v)-
When there is a clash of different worldviews and lifestyles, sparks fly. But for once are these sparks of love or hatred? 
How are these couples going to change thier hatred to love?
Thts my concept guyz!! Hope y'all liked it!! Plz tell me if u do!! Im doing the character sketch right now, so plz bear with me 4 abt 10 minz. If any1 wants a pm plz write it in BLACK. Thankz 4 ur patience. Urs only Harji.
Legend for INDEX: Black for parts and brown for promos.
Blue for the "so far" or ending.
Character sketch: pg1
Part 1: Pg 1
Part 2: Pg 4
Part 3: Pg 6
 Part 4: Pg 8
Part 5: Pg 9
Part 6: Pg 10
Promo: Pg 12
Part 7: Pg 12
Part 8: Pg 13
Part 9: pg 14
Part 10: Pg 16
Promo: Pg 16
Part 11: Pg 17
Part 12: Pg 18
Promo: Pg 20
Part 13: Pg 20
Promo: Pg 21
Part 14-Pg 22
Promo: Pg 23
Part 15-pg 23
Promo: Pg 24
Part 16: Pg 26
Part 17 [5 yrs Later]- Pg 28
Part 18- Pg 30
Part 19- Pg 32
Part 20: Pg 34
Part 21: Pg 36
Part 22: Pg 39
Part 23: Pg 41
Part 24: Pg 43
Part 25: Pg 47
Promo: Pg 48
Part 26: Pg 50
Promo: Pg 51
Part 27: Pg 52
END: PG 53
 Pm List
..sukhi.. [old: Mimi_Rani] 
Anam Ali

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Posted: 22 December 2008 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
lol awesome intro harj hun!!
looking forward to reading more....
im really intrigued to see how love erupts like a passion between all of them!!!
as always
sukhi :)
Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 22 December 2008 at 12:32pm | IP Logged
Hello evry1!! This is my character sketch. Hope u all like it!!
Dilip Khanna is a very nice father. He luvz his only son Angad and luvz his wife Naina az well. Best friendz with Dev Kapoor. Luvz Dev's both daughterz and dreamz of getting Angad married 2 one of them. His goal is 2 stay a gud business man like he is now.
Naina Khanna is an excellent mother. Angad is the apple of her eyes. She lovez her husband and her son. She stayz home to take of the house and Angad. Best freindz with Pooja Kapoor. Considers Kripa nd Prachi to be her daughterz az well.
Angad Khanna is a spoiled brat since he getz evrything he wantz. Doesnt believe in love. Luvz to have fun. Hatez the word "no". Wantz his way no matter wat, but can be caring 4 the people he luvz. Short-tempered and aggressive. Luvz to sing.
Dev Kapoor luvz his wife nd his daughterz 2 death. Great father and alwayz givez his daughterz whatever they want. Best frenz with Dilip Khanna and also partnerz with him in the KKM(Khanna, Kapoor& Malik enterprises).  Luvz Angad az his own son. A very well known businessman.
Pooja Kapoor luvz her husband and both her daughterz a lot. She cant live without her family. Stayz home and takes care of the house and Kripa and Prachi. An ovrprotective mother but letz them have fun. Best frenz with Naina Khanna and Priya Malik. Luvz to go out with them.
Prachi Kapoor, is an obiedient child. Luvz her younger sis and her parentz a lot. Believes in love. Getz peer pressured really easy but very stubborn when needed. Luvz to have fun and enjoy.
Luvz her parents and her sis a lot. Youngest in the family and the apple of her mom's eye. Luvz to do prnkz. Doesnt believe in love. Luvz to have fun and hates to have people cum in her way. A determind girl. Wantz to be a rockstar and luvz to sing. Wantz evrything her way. Spoiled rotten.
A great father which is wat only Neev and his mom understand, unlike of Armaan. Yash is best frenz with Dilip and Dev. Luvz Angad, Kripa and Prachi as his own kidz.
A great mother and luvz her kidz. Neev is the apple of her eyes. Stayz home and takes care of the house and the kidz. Best frenz with Naina and Pooja.
Very stubborn, best friendz with Angad. Luvz to have fun. Doesnt believ in love. Luvz his family a lot. Wantz his way evrytime. Same atitude as Angad's. Luvz Angad more than Neev but still luvz Neev.
Wantz to be a doctor.
Very stubborn(wonder y) Doesnt believe in love. Luvz to have fun and luvz his bro and his parents. Luvz to make girlz jealous but is a very soft hearted person. Wantz to be a journalist.
Kripz's bff. Luvz to have fun. NOT an obeiedint daughter. Hatez to have sum1 cum in her way. Same as Kripa. Luvz Kripz and Kapoor family considerz her as thier daughter.
Not very important in the begining but will be later. A little physco. Determined. Believes in love. Luvz to have fun. Obeidient son. Only child. Very spoiled.

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sweet honey Goldie
sweet honey
sweet honey

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Posted: 22 December 2008 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
heyyy gr8 concepptt cntt sooner....plz pm mi....
*F^a^i^z^a* Goldie

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Posted: 22 December 2008 at 2:14pm | IP Logged
i like it so far; keep it up harji
Iqbal Neha1 IF-Dazzler
Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 22 December 2008 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
amazing intro
great charachter sketch
sounds really intresting
Angel-Jot. IF-Veteran Member

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Posted: 22 December 2008 at 2:43pm | IP Logged

Hi evry1!! Okay now here is the 1st part of my new ff!! NOTE: I will only continue if i have enough commentz. SETTING: CALGARY CANADA
U see people running around in a huge house.
Person: Arre Prachi joa aur princess ko utha kai laya o.
Prachi: Ji mama
Prachi walked off annoyed as ever. This is getting very annoying!
She turns around and u see her face.
Prachi walked into "princess's" room and saw her sleeping peacefully.
Prachi smirked. Time to get her back she thought. She walked into the bathroom and returned with a bucket full of ice cold water and dupped it all on the girl tht was sleeping. The girl woke up with a jerk and u see her face, it was Kripa.
Kripa whined.
Kripa: Diii!!
Prachi: Revenge is sweet sweety.
Kripa: Oh yeah?Evil Smile.....actually u win this time di.
Prachi: Thtz wat i thought u'd say.
After Prachi left Kripa walked into the shower and came out wearing a white T-shirt and a white skirt. She stood in front of the mirrior and combed her hair and smiled. After that she sneaked into Prachi's room and grabbed her water jug, filled it up with water and ice and then sneaked into her parents room. Her dad was taking a bath and singing. He was horrible at singing she thought. She giggled and placed the jug right in front of the bathroom door. She quietly walked down the stairz making sure know one saw her. Kripa sat down at the breakfast table. Prachi looked at her and Kripa looked back at her smiling innocently.Hug Prachi sensed right-away tht sumthing was wrong. Just then they heard thier father yell and then a "THUMPH!" They all got up frm the breakfast table and as soon as they walked in they saw Dev fell back on his back. Kripa tried hard not to laugh. Dev got up and picked up the jug tht was there.
Dev: Prachi isnt this urs?
Prachi: Shocked Yes
Dev: Is this how responsible u r?
Prachi: But dad, it ws in my room.
Kripa: Oh so it just flew out of ur room di?
Dev: Kripa....
Kripa: Sorry daddy.
Dev: back cud have broken
Prachi: It wont happen again dad.
Dev: It better not.
Pooja: Ok enough and cum eat now.
Pooja and Dev left the room, Kripa was abt to when she turned around and winked at her sister.Wink
Kripa: Dont mess di.
With that she left. Prachi was really angry and embarressed.
Breakfast Table
Dev: R u girls ready 2 go?
Kripa&Prachi: Yes dad/daddy.
Pooja: Make a gud impression girls. Its ur first day to college today.
K&P: Yeah mom.
Kripa and Prachi walked down the stairs and got in to the car. The driver drove away. Prachi looked at Kripa and gave her a deadly stare.Dead
To Prachi's surprise Kripa started laughing.
Kripa: Di u shudnt get anry. U look terrible with anger on ur face.
Prachi: Oh shut-up!
Kripa: LOL Ok ok. Chill
Kripa and Prachi got out of thier car and entered thier school. Kripa walked right away unlike Prachi tht hesitated at first.
Prachi: Kripa r u sure tht Ridimma is cuming here as well?
Kripa: Wacko Yessss! Now shut-up!
Prachi: Angry
Kripa: WOAH! I think i see steam cuming out of ur ears!LOL
Prachi: Angry Enough!
Kripa: OkBig smile
They sat down at a bench. Prachi started reading while Kripa sat there looking bored as ever. Just then a guy came and started talking to her. Prachi was to busy reading to notice.
Guy: Hi.
Kripa: Hey(bored)
Guy: Im Angad...Angad Khanna.
Kripa: Do i care?!
Kripa got up and started walking away but Angad followed her.
Angad: U shud
Kripa: (stopped& looked at him) Hmmm(she moved his face first right then left) Not bad.
Angad: LOL Nice joke. Not bad? U mean hot.
Kripa: haha very funny. U hot......NOT.
Angad: Aww dont be so hard on urself. I'll give u a chance with me.
Kripa: Angry I dont need a chance with a jerk like u! Got it?!
Angad: Hey hey!
Kripa: Angry NOW WHT?!
Angad: Watz ur name?
Kripa: U dont need to know!
Angad: But.......
Teacher: Alright class im Robin. Plz take a seat, so i can start.
Every1 sat down. Kripa and Prachi sat beside eachother. They sat in the middle while Angad sat at the bak so they cudnt see eachother.
Robin: Rob
Robin: Josh Alderman
A: Here
Rob: Jessica Beatrice
Be: Yup
Rob: Cassidy Curry
Cur: Yeah
Rob: Ryan Damine
Rob: Heather Haines
Hea: Here
Rob: Kripa Kapoor
Krip: Present
Angad: hmm(thinkin)Kripa Kapoor...nice name.
Rob: Prachi Kapoor
Prachi: Yes ma'am.
Rob: Robby Thakur
Robb: Here
Rob: Angad Khanna
Ang: Present
Kripa looked back and shot him a glare.
Rob: Ridimma Gupta
Ridz: Here
Rob: Armaan Malik
Rob: Alri-
Som: Srry im late
Rob: I dont like late people!
Some: Srry. Wont happen again.
Rob: Better not. Watz ur name?
Some: Armaan Malik
Rob: Plz be seated Armaan.
Kripa walked out of class as Prachi had found a friend alraedy: Kussum.
Angad walked out of class as well and caught Kripa in time.
Angad: Hey Kripz! Wait up!
Kripa: Now watz ur problem?
Angad: Y r u so angry all the time?
Kripa: I am not!
Angad: Yes u r
Kripa: No
Angad: (sighs) Fine u win. Friendz?
Kripa: Sure
Angad: See u at lunch.
With that he walked off.
Angad was drinking choco milk and Armaan was walking frm the other direction while he was listening to music. Armaan kept walking when he bumped right into Angad making choco milk spill all over Angad's shirt. Angad looked up at him and started yelling at Armaan.
Angad: Watch where ur going!
Can u seee? R u blind?! Can u even hear me?! Can u talk atleast?1
Armaan stood staring at Angad. Armaan cud see Angad's lipz move but cudnt hear wat he was saying since he ws listening to msic.
Armaan: (thinkinh) must be sum crazy person. Armaan run b4 he kills u.
Armaan walked away leaving a confused Angad.
Angad: Abay Oye! GOD! people these dayz!
As Armaan was runnning he bumped into Ridhimma. Almost making her fall.
Feel free to comment, criticize,or advise but plz comment.
Urs only Harji.
Size: 6

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Iqbal Neha1
Iqbal Neha1

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Posted: 22 December 2008 at 2:54pm | IP Logged
amazing part
i really liked the girls intro
angad and kripa scenes were really good.

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