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AR: Tere Bina....PG 60 -Final 6/17/09

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Hey everyone! Just want to do a short FF of AR, that has been roaming in my head for endless days and gosh I feel soo much love spreading in the Fanfiction Forum that I feel the holiday spirit here! I just wanted to dedicate this to all the Imaginative, Creative, Wild December Babies!  Big smile

Tere Bina.....

Ripping her pallu off, as it exposed her bikini blouse to him, pulling his collar, close to his shirt was ripped open

"You think you advances you keep making daily, would make me fall in love with you?", pressing her body against his

Exasperated, as he was, "Riddihma? "

"You know, from the day we got married, as Mrs. Malik, you know I was fooled in this marriage, then why do you think I would let you come close, when I told you clearly to stay away, since you never even looked at me at the office....., why do you think this marriage will work?.........this relation is baseless from the beginning" as her breath flew over his lips

"But Riddhima, ... jaan, you know that is not true and that......" putting his hands over her grip on his collar, to he saw her red eyes in tears, in her drunken state.

Pushing him away, as he stumbled back......

"Let get this over once and for all....." Seeing her starting to untie the knot behind her neck....

"Riddhima NO!"  Pulling her arms at the side, as he pulled her into a hug, firmly holding her arms at her sides, in his hug.......feeling her lips moving up from his chest ending behind his ear, as he felt the tears brimming in his eyes....Jaan....I love you...he thought...

As she stomped his foot, to make him respond to her, leading him to tumble on the bed, on his back, as she landed with him, on top....

Feeling her hand moving up his chest, he hugged her harder to blocked any movement from her, as he dug his face into her neck,  as  he lost his consciousness for a moment, wishing she stopped, knowing  that she will  regret after.....

After minutes pasted.....not feeling any movement from her.......loosening his grip as he now knew that she is asleep from the intoxication from the Vodka.......lifting his face from her neck, he felt her stirring from movements, afraid, he went back into her neck, as he felt her arm sliding up his back, as her head reach on his side neck, snuggling for warmth.....

Natasha Embarrassed

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Part 1

As the chimes played it's rhyme from the balcony.......opening her heavy she felt her head throbbing from pain......moving to hand to reach her forehead, realising being stuck........ moments after the facts of the previous night flashed upon her, her eyes widen, lifting her head from his chest, as her eyes locked with his blue eyes staring with fondness into her green eyes

Kuch Khaas hai,
Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,
Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,

Moving slowly, while averting his gaze, as she lifted her weight from his body, realising what she was wearing, as she felt the cloth of blouse sliding off, she shot her head down to see the string falling off, from her neck, knowing if she moved anymore..........she looked up to his eyes again, which were locked on her face.......

Kehna hi kya, mera dhakal naa koi,
Dil ko dikha, dil ki shakal ka koi,
Dil se thi meri ek shart yeh aisi,

Seeing her face fill with despair and regret, his heart broke, once he looked into her eyes.......seeing her so vulnerable.....he moved his arms resting around her, which were on top on the he kept his eye locked with he gathered the blanket around her pulling it up to neck, putting into her hands......

Lage jeet si mujhko, yeh haar hai kaisi,
Bukhaar hai, kyu beqraar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad,

          Seeing him closed his eyes, as he brought his face forward, she shutted her eyes, gripping the blanket.......feeling his lips on her forehead.......she was left stunned, again as she watched him enter the washroom.....

Jadoo sawar hai, naa ifteaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Pyaar hai shayad'


"Minnie... I SAID CLEAN THIS UP NOW!" seeing two frighten eyes scrambled to the floor, with a cloth, cleaning the spill of the orange juice on the floor, and saw her foster-father, Vivek Malik, nodding his head in disgust, while twisting the juice into the bucket, as her foster-Mother, Maya Malik did the touch up of her makeup.......

She wonder why didn't the officials, from the Adoption Agency, didn't see their true faces, as she remembers when she met Maya Aunty and Vivek Uncle for the first time, as they showered her so much love in the first few weeks..........but as soon the Official stopped coming, they have treated her nothing like a servant in the house...............she had thought of running away before.....but her glum were once diminished as she thought of Riddhima Aunty and Armaan Uncle, that were married for 2 weeks now........seeing them descend the staircase, they filled the sense of void of her life and made her changed her mind of running away from home.....but sense there was something amissed between them, seeing them coming towards the breakfast table, she stood up instantly.....

"Maya Bhabi!?, What are you making her do?!" grabbing the cloth out of Minnie's hands, leading to the breakfast table.

"What are you looking at me?, she's in this house and she has to do her part." As she rolled her eyes, drinking her tea.

"She's only a child!", as she caressed her cheeks, seeing her eyes brimming with water, she nodded her head to Minnie and made her eat the rest of the food. Such ignorant parents, I sense your pain....yet I only had one to deal with, but she has two.... "Eat quickly Minnie, you'll get late for school", stroked her head....

Turning to pick up the jug of orange juice, her skin began to fluster as she realised Vivek was giving his lustful stares at her, as she looked to Armaan, who was lost in thought as he ate, while Maya Bhabi, on the phone, busy planning her kitty party for the morning..........Armaan?.....

His lost thoughts were once broken, as he saw her covering herself as she was sitting uncomfortable .....Did she did she call me?........Breaking his mind rattling thoughts from last night...."Vivek Bhai, did you get the meeting with the Fordes for our next business deal?"

Coughing, almost being caught from his younger brother at staring at his beautiful wife, "Yes I did, and about that we should leave in a now to reach on time for the meeting"  getting himself up, as he gave a peck on Maya's cheeks, giving a wink at Riddhima as he turned his head away.....leaving a furious Riddhima for his infidelity  acts.

"Errr Riddhima ...... I sorta forgot my wallet in our room, could you please get it for me?" hearing Minnie giggling at Armaan's childish voice...

Giving him a sarcastic smile, "Sure one moment."

Hai...Jaan that smile is going to kill me one day as he said it under his a wink to Minnie as she continued to giggle.

Good for nothing!, MEN! Why do they even exist!...They all think the same, women are taken care of their husbands and are incapable of nothing else, as she thought, while searching through the closet to find his wallet......After finding the wallet, picking it,..just before she was to turn, she notice a paper tucked in between in the folds of the leather. As curiosity kicked in.....she pulled the paper her was a cut out picture of her smiling to her patients as a child gave a kiss on her cheek, as a thank you.......

Feeling warm air on her ear, he whispered.... "I've always kept my eyes on you....but that smile just kept me mesmerized in my office everyday....." feeling his arms just about to capture her....

She turned quickly as she pressed her back against the clothing, hanged in the closet, to create a she gave his wallet, signalling him to stay away.....but her heart soon panic as he held hand, with both of them holding his wallet, seeing him stepping in closer, she placed her other hand over his heart, making him stop him coming any closer.....but failed as he held her hand, over his heart as well.....

"Armaan Chodo!, I'm going to be late for the hospital!"

Rolling his tongue in his mouth..... "Not until I get my goodbye from you...."

Shooting her eyes with dagger, at him....."Let go.", firmly she said. Seeing his mischievous mood, he isn't gonna give up, as she turned her face to the side as he move in closer, gripping her hands harder.........feeling his lips on her cheek.

Hearing her gasped, he grinned, rubbed the tip of his nose on her ear, "I left you something on the dressing table.......I will see you tonight's dinner" giving a wink.

Seeing him leave the room, as her cheeks felt the imprints of his lips, whereas her eye darted to the dressing table, where lay an envelope......She found a debit card, with a card, addressing "To my wife.  Since we have bonded with our names, I have created a one  bank shared account with both of our names, buy what you heart desires, Love, Armaan. "

Looking at the card with disgust, she chucked the card in the draws of the dresser, knowing that she'll never use 'his' money.....what does he think, flashing his money to me would make him 'bigger' than me, I don't need such money, I'll buy what I can afford from my own paycheque, I'm not dependent on him.....

Part 2

Reliving a sigh, as she sat down from a non-stop working gruelling shift in the OP ward, it was mid-afternoon, in her break, the cafe had few customers leading to a peaceful silence in the air.....

As she consumed her coffee, her thoughts lead her to her situations.....laughing to herself sarcastically as she remembered her father's words......

"Woman are nothing......and need to be married off and nothing else, as they are fit for this purpose only for life."

Shrugging off her grudges for her father.....Shushank Gupta, the billionaire of the EmC Private Corporation, as his life seems to see money as his first priority, being the only child, she had strived to be the best, thinking in the end her father would accept her of her money power she will get through her doctor degree as she brought her degree at home that night.......

*Knock Knock*

"Come in"

Walking into his home office, as he faced the screen of his monitor, as he had several paper scattered on his desk.

"Papa, I've finally completed my doctor's degree" as she gleamed with anticipation for his congratulations and his acceptance....

His eyes moved from the screen, seeing her present her degree in a frame, as it was stamped from Oxford University, as he saw her gave a smile, for his response. He move his eyes from her, as he reached out to his draw and pulled out two envelopes and handed to her.

Confused.. "Papa?....What this?" as she took the envelopes from his hands.

"I've have received two proposal for you, have a look at the pictures and tell me your decision tomorrow morning.....and I expect you to choose the bigger number that listed on their profile" as he resumed back to typing to his keyboard.

"But Papa, I don't want to get married right now...."

Dropping his glasses on the desk, as he faced her, as his hands folded into each other "You are done with you education, and the next step for a girl is to get married and attend their husband's needs, not to work understood?"

"Then why you think I did my degree?......Just for the heck of it?", feeling her blood boil, as she gripped her frame harder.

Shrugging his shoulder, "I didn't tell you to do it, you did it for you own satisfaction I suppose and also about your education, those fees you owe me, you will have to be paying me, oh my correction your husband will be paying me back, as he will be your responsibility....."


Lifting his hands, as she was silenced from his her blood boiled for his such low thoughts, she slams the envelops on his desk, "You choose, and 'I' will pay whatever I owe you.....understood?" seeing his father lifted his brow up, as he saw her leave the office, "Psh, women.." nodding his head, as he went back to the screen of the monitor.

As she was adorned with extravagant jewels, in her white, adorn with  blue/sliver embroidery, as she stared at her hands and she spotted the 'A' in the mendi as her father told her later that evening that Abhi Modi will be standing with her in the altar as his paycheque was over 7 figures, in a year, as she chuckled to herself, as she remembered his round nose, and dark small eyes, fair skin of thick black hair from his picture.


Shocked to see her father's reflection in the mirror, as she was ready as a sight mesmerized by anyone.

Realising she was alone with her father, she teared her eyes away, and asked coldy  "What is it?"

"There is a sudden change in plan for the wedding....." as he stood blank.

Her heart thumped, Will he realise..........

"Instead of Abhi Modi, you will be marrying Armaan Malik, as he came to me for a proposal of 10% share in my name from his WARP Corporation." as he stood gleaming beside her....

Feeling her inside become numb, as her brain has lost transition, as it only chanted... Abandoned, Deserted, Solitary.....


Curling her toes as soon she heard the door knob clicked closed, as she sat on the bed adorn with white rose petals around her, while the anxiety of nervous developed higher....He can't touch me....

She held her breath as she felt the weight moved on the bed, as her face hid behind her veil, as her heart raced each second as she felt his weight stay the weight of her veil lifted, her eyes darted up to be catch of the blue eye beholder, as she saw his outline of his face to his dimples, as it gave a lovingly smile.

Feeling his fingers on her cheeks creeping up to her ears, as he pulled off her earrings, gently. Numb to the fact that her 'husband' was switched in a moment, that everything was simulated from the beginning and realise this man was just in for the lust enjoyment, as her faced turned to the side as she felt his lips moving up, as she was push gently down on the bed, automatically her arms crossed her chest, as her muscles tensed to an unwanted touch, as his body was covering hers, shutting her eyes firmly as he placed a kiss on her forehead, to her surprise he got off her and laid on her side, pulling to her in, as he snuggle into her neck, as she felt his frame shelter over her back while the time had frozen under the stars........As she remain still for the past half hour, realising he had fallen asleep, she had slowly lifted his arms, getting away from him, she saw him gripped her duptta as his lips played a smile as he slept. Closing the washroom the door, as leaned on the door as her mind was lost in thought as tear dropped as she landed on the floor realising that she was really was alone in the world and no one really she dug her face in her knees as she poured her tears through the night.


Snapping out of her daze, from the coffee machine motor noise, looking at her hand as her coffee had become lukewarm, she sipped, looking at the sun setting......

Part 3

Waking up after his 1st blissful sleep of being newly wedded, reaching out his his mind became alarmed once he touched the bed sheet, and not her waist. He lifted his head at once to see her not there....worried....his eyes searched their room frantically as his eyes landed on the washroom light that creeped out of the small gap of air, of the ajar door.

Walking towards the source of the light as his lip played a curious smile....while his heart beat was producing a havoc of seeing her for the first time...

Stunned as he saw her laying on the floor curled on the floor, as she hugged herself in her unadorned blouse as her dress' sequence shimmer from the sunlight....... while the white buds flowers huddle from her hair as it's end rested on her cheek.

Placing her on the bed gently, as she shifted to comfort in the bed, as he sat at the side of the bed....realising her state from the washroom had answered his question for her opinion for this marriage.....

Sighing as he was lying on the bed in his sleeveless white top and pyjamas as this incident from their wedding morning kept ringing each thought each time Riddhima avoids him, as he looks at the clock showing 2:30 am, knowing she probably picked the night shift to avoid him. But he so knew it was love at first sight once he saw her standing in her pink with black sequence sari at the  EmC special listed party, knowing he just attended the party just formalities purposes, yet he never knew he was gonna lose count of his heartbeats that night for such perfection.  

Throughout the party, his eyes searched for those deep emerald eyes between the social mini crowds, as his wine was running in circles form him turning the wine glass in circles. His eyes started to twinkle as he heard her sweet laugher, as she caressed a young boy's he heard him to ask her for a dance.  As he enquired more information about her, from the waitresses, he was stunned that Shusank Gupta.....the obnoxious business man in the industry has a daughter, whose beauty had moved him within minutes he laid his eyes on her. He was first hesitant, thinking she'll be the same as her father, arrogant, discourteous... but it was all washed away once he saw he with that young boy with as she dance with him on the dance his heart warmed...

          After several weeks of stalking her, he found she was single *phew* as she was in her final year of her doctor degree and rumours spilled that her father was looking for rishtas for her....which he immediately asked her father for her hand.  Thinking it'll be so easy road to reach his love......but found out that he had competition from a former rival, from college, Abhi Modi, asking for her hand as well, and knowing his interest would just be the money being added to his bank account since he was in-love with the actress Nikta Sharma, therefore he'd presume the best for her daughter!

          Remembering that morning, on the breakfast table as he heard the Saas Bhau Saazish gossip stating that Abhi was to marry Riddhima Gupta  in the next three days and left a question about Nikki and Abhi's relationship out in the his spoon splattered in the plate, shocked at his his step-brother, Vivek raise his brow, as a questioning face... as he continue to eat his breakfast....

          All he could he remember, those days were his worse...and nothing but her face roamed his mind through the office.....

          Being jerk by a slam from the desk, he looked up to see Viviek frustrated.....

          "ARMAAN! I've been talking to you for the last ten minutes, and you haven't listened to one word I have said, what is wrong with you, I've been noticing from the past two days, you are not giving your full attention towards the business!"

          Rubbing face......"Sorry bhai....."

          Seeing him sitting up on the chair, as he picked up the contract papers......but his eyes were lost somewhere else......

          Rolling his eyes....."Is that girl isn't it?"

          His eyes shot up, surprised..... "How'd you know?"

          As his mind worked his ways....... "If you really want her....err I meant love her......and you know Guptas works for only for money.....go offer him 10% of my shares in his name for her daughter..."

          "No Bhai!......your business has started to move up and...."

          "Armaan" as putted his arm on his shoulder "Just take it from me as a loan and when I want my kind of form 10% back, I will let you know" as he gave his foul smile as he sees him so oblivious in his thoughts of her....

          As his hand rubbed his thought of her..... "Man....she drives my mind wild....if she could understand" as he turned to his side, on the bed "Sorry probably hate me for my guts......but I promise you the next two weeks, that I have taken off, you will fall in love....."


           Shutting his eyes, as he heard the door open.......She's home! he hugged himself on the bed.......

          I'm sick of this! Sick of Maya Bhabi thinking low thoughts of my home coming late, heck! Why does she even think I could be seeing other men! When myself think there is no such thing as true men in the worl.......she saw him lying in his side, as his back faced her as she saw his built figure outline in the dim light......hugging himself ......would he be under the list of true men?.....shaking her head, remembering how she was 'bought' from this 'man'.....and will never let him have his way.......or is it I'm scared of someone entering my heart.....releasing those emotion that he seems to capture myself in.......sighing at her own fate....knowing better to stick with the plan of not getting a her body died to getting into a relaxing shower....... before entering the washroom, she looked back to his her mind was doubting his sleep on his face.......Is he awake?...moving towards him.....she studied his face for any sign of movement or flinch as she was face to face with up after several minutes, washing her doubts, as he was in a deep she dropped her pallu walking towards the washroom......

          Don't move.....Not an inch!........but her Versace perfume is driving my mind he felt his veins rush with a high pulse, as he 'slept'....Is she breathing on me?.......Meaning her lips are so close.....Opening his eyes, once he stopped feeling her warmth his eyes focused.....he was once breathless as he saw her curves being outline as she was undressed, as she dropped the sari on the floor, and was left with blouse and she grab her night gown...seeing her closed the door of the washroom...he grabbed the pillow...he dug his face as he hugged it tight..... reliving himself from high desire of tension running through his ready.....  

Part 4 below...

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Part 4

"Bhot hoya syapa! Ae munda kithe? main tennu dassaan... ARMAANNNN, koi bandeyaan wargi gal haigi ke nahi..." as Shenaz Bi stormed into the entrance of the house, as she slammed her suitcase on the floor. 

Glaring at the hump in the curtains.....walking towards him......

"OWwWW!.......BI!!, I was gonna tell you on the phone" as he was being pulled from his ear

"When!?......When I'm in my grave?!" she twisted his ear more....

"Bi!".......just about to tell his 'reasons'....they were distracted of giggling sounds behind the he looked back to Bi's she raise her brow in curiosity.......

"BI!" as she hugged her Nani-like with full of love as she felt secure in her soft embrace....

"This is "MY" child" as she stroked her head affectionately as Armaan pouted like a child, nudging them both seeking their attention, as Maya rolled her eyes, of such interface as she looked through her magazine.

"Abe haat!, if she never call me to inform that you've got married, god knows when you'd break the news.....when I become a Nani to you kids?!"

Feeling the crimson red coming up to his cheek of the very thought of it........ "Man Bi!!" tugging at her dupptta..... "It just happened so fast that it was just me and Viviek Bhai and Maya Bhabi attended the wedding, then I just got busying in business that...."

"Enough with the excuses!, Now move! And let me find my choti bhau" as she pushed Armaan aside, as he stumbled on the sofa....

"She's not home." As Minnie nod her head, hands in her hips


"She's at the hospital, she told me she'll be done at 2:30" Armaan discovered this fact as well.....

*Bring Bring*

As Minnie reached the phone, out racing Armaan's steps,

"Hi Ridy Aunty!"

"What!......really?.....Umm......Oh.......okay I will do that. Miss you! Byes"

As she hanged up the phone, as she face Armaan curious face...

"Ridy Aunty car broke down and ask me to send the driver to pick her from Sanjeevni Hospital."

"Oh..." as his mind work its magic..."Don't worry Minnie, I'll go tell, just go help Bi in the kitchen, before you mum begins to freak out from Bi's cooking inspection."

Seeing her run towards the kitchen.....walking toward the he grabbed his keys.


"OMG, did you see those....."

"I  KNOW......"

"Heck it was so fine lookin.....I swear I'd..."

As Riddhima looked to up from her notes, on the counter, towards a small crowds of pink-suit nurses gathered in the window wall of the entrance, as they were left so mesmerised at an action occurring outside, as she nodded her head.

"Hey Ridz!, were you not done your shift 15 minutes ago?"

"Oh hey Muskaan.....I was finishing some notes, as I wait for my ride", as she looked at her blue eyes, knowing each other as they became close from their internship days.

Sighing, "Your crazy Riddhima!, If I were you, I'd leave this place, after the minute my shift is over...." as she turn, as her back leaned on the counter, as she crossed her arms over her chest as she face the eccentric nurses talking to each other..... "What's sup with them?"

Following her gaze, shrugging her shoulders... "There is an object out there that making them fantasize in themselves".... "Muskaan!!...Are you serious?!" as she was being pulled from her arm, from Muskaan, towards the nurses, to figure out what they are all eyeing up on.

As her eyes recognized the 'object'.......Armaan?....

"He's pretty fine.....heck only if Rahul could get that chest of his...." as his white dress shirt was open a few buttons, as it was paired with a beige cargo he was sitting on the hood of the car of his grey Honda civic car, swirling his cell in his hands.

After snapping her neck to her face, as she saw the grin on her face, as she was checking her husband out......

As one of the nurse shrieked, looking at him coming to the entrance....her mind befallen a frozen state, as she heard in the background.... "Man he's gonna notice me first.......No way, he's going to ask me out once he lays his eyes on me....."

Her pulse rose as she saw his side profile, as he stepped through the entrance, as his face frowned...trying to figure what to do next....

As her heart felt it's beating against her she saw him starting to turned to her side.....her breath once she saw the flicker of recognition in his eyes, as began to walk towards a circle of woman, as he she heard whispers..... OmG!......His eyes are soo like Mccdreamy's!! ....Damn....

Feeling her waist to pulled from his arms, as his lips pressed on her she stood her body was signalling to hug him her mind said no.

"Hi Jaan." As he released her form his embrace as his arm rested on her waist as they faced a washed-out-pale faces of nurses.....

"So......the ring does have a significant value", Muskaan had her arms crossed over her chest, while she tapped her foot, showing her disappointed face.


Being pushed away from Armaan, "Hi, I'm Muskaan Chadda" as she putted her hand out for a hand shake.


"Since we just met, would love to know more about you, and how you guys got wedded unseen, by coming to my engagement party,  together as a couple please...."

Seeing them walking up ahead....heck wait I'm I not supposed to be the special one!? she realised she had a stampede of fuming women behind her, ready to stomp her.......Yikes! she ran up catching up with them.   

Turning to his side, as he saw her catch her breath, as she just caught up with them, grabbing her hand, as he held it, bringing it to his chest, as his arm locks hers underneath.... "It was love at first sight!"....

Seeing his face beam with such shine just made her heart skipped a beat......averting her eyes from his intense gaze....she found herself looking at Muskaan ready to give her chutney wrath.....

Pulling her hand out of his grip, "Umm Armaan, can we go home?" hesitantly pushing her loose strands from her face, as they stood next to the car.

After several moment, from departing from the hospital and Muskaan's threat of bringing him too her wedding.....sighing, looking at the object speeding out of her vision through the window, in thought of today's latest event as her stomach filled with butterflies......

Haule haule se hawa lagti hai
Haule Haule se dawa lagti hai
Haule Haule se dua lagti hai
Haiii' Haule Haule se chanda badtha hai
Haule Haule ghoonghat utha hai
Haule Haule se nasha chadtha hai

Stealing glances at her, as he drove....

Tu sabra to kar mere yaar
Zara saans to le dildaar
Chal phikr nu goli maar yaar
Hai din zindadi de char
Haule Haule ho jayega pyar chaleya
Haule haule ho jayaga pyar
Haule Haule ho jayega pyar chaleya
Haule haule ho jayaga pyar

This is only the beginning.....jaan , in his thoughts

Rab da hi tab koi hona
Kare koi yun jadoo tona
Maan jaye maan jaye haii mera sona
Rab de sahare chal de
Nahe kinare chal de
Doori hai na kahare chal de
Kya kehke gaya tha shaayar woh siyaana
Aag ka dariyan doob ke jaana

Turning into the drive way...

Tu sabra to kar mere yaar
Zara saans to le dildaar
Chal fikr nu goli maar yaar
Hai din zindadi de char
Haule Haule ho jayega pyar chaleya
Haule haule ho jayaga pyar
Haule Haule ho jayega pyar chaleya
Haule haule ho jayaga pyar

Part 5

Slamming the car door shut, as her steps traced faster to the door, avoiding the Armaan....

"Jaan, WAIT!", after pressing the break of her feets.....Why the heck he calls me that!....It create such a fuzzy feeling in myself each time he calls me 'jaan' turning to tell him NOT to call her that thing he calls her.....startled at being right behind her, as their face was barley inches apart.....stepping back....pointing at him...."Stop it!"

"Stop what?", giving his confused look

"That thing you say!"

"What?".....working his mind..

"What you said a moment earlier" saying it firmly...

" mean wait?" seeing her roll her eyes, as she held her hips, "After"

After a moment...."Ohhhhhhh, why not jaan?"

Seeing him moving closer to her, as she read the naughtiness in his eyes.....He's never ever going to change?.....turning to make a run for it, but startled at an elder woman at the entrance with a gold pooja plate.

"Riddhima Beti?"

Another fake rasam? ..... as she began to walk forward but shook at the sudden grip on her waist, as she turned to glare at his face.

"Hi Bi!, here is your choti bhau and my wife" as they reached the doorsteps...

"Kisi ki nazar nahi lagjaya" as Bi place a tikka behind her ear, as both reached down to touch her feet....feeling his lips on her ear, before touching her feet, as they got up, before completely standing up, she nudged him in the chest.....

Holding her cheek.... "Chandi jasie hai, meri bhau!", as she saw Riddhima smile, seeing Armaan rubbing his chest behind Riddhima, as he smiled to her comment...

"Ridzy Chaci!!", Minnie hugging at her waist, looking up "Let's play cricket!"

Looking down at her beady eyes, as she held her face, "Tomorrow, not today, I'm too tired, promise!" as she caressed her head, "Go play with Armaan Chacu" heck anything to keep him from sticking on me!

Seeing Armaan pulled by Minnie into the garden, as they began to assemble themselves.

"Riddima Beti. Chal I'll show you the latest recipe I saw on the cooking show, it does look temping, I have a feeling Armaan will love it!" as she pulled her by the shoulder, into the house.

*After three hours had past*

As she held her forehead, as her elbows rested on the dining table...Yessh....she's Terminator 5,as she remembered how she chopped the carrot as she stirred the saalan,..ahhh this headache is killing me.....

"Beti?....Are you okay?", as she touches her head

Looking up to see such motherly concern....she was taken back too see such mother concern in her eyes, made herself wonder the last time she was touched in such way...

Reading her eyes, she realise her head was hurting, as she saw her pressed her head to relief her pain, as she stood there listening to her, in the kitchen.....even Maya doesn't even do that....

"Riddhima, go up to you room, and I'll bring the oil to massage your shoulder and neck to relief your neck"

Shocked. Never did anyone took effort for her, "Er no Bi it's okay, I'll just take a pill, to relief it and..."

"How can let my children go through pain, and I watch?", holding her arm..

Seeing her looking at her, with such motherly affection, made her agree instantly, "Okay" walking towards the stairs..

Shortly after, giggling as she felt her cold finger trying massage her shoulder, as she scrunched in her shoulders, as she felt ticklish rather than soothing.... "Bi!!, your fingers are soo cold", giggling.

"Hmm, wait lemme try warming my hands", as she got off the bed, leaving Riddhima sitting on the floor.

Pressing her temple as her head rest back on the edge of the mattress... "Argh, I can so feel my head is going to explode!"

Feeling a tap in her shoulder, she lifted herself up, as her eyes were still closed due to the pain, as she shifted ahead to let Bi to sit on the bed, but ended up sitting on the floor, behind her.

Feeling the fingers swoon her escape from the throbbing pain, as she just felt the finger pressing on her neck, behind her ears, up to her side of her temple continuously....  

As she indulged in the savour of the soothing massage, while her frame leaned back, as she lost her back support to a relaxing sensation, as she fell back, as her face was next to her's......

"Bi..." as she whispered her name under a whisper

"I so love you for this....."

"I love you too...." as she heard a deep sensuous voice boom into her ears, as she felt his hand massaging down her shoulders, making her pallu dropped in the process..

Frozen, as her eye blearily tried to open, as she felt her frame lean into his chest, as his hands worked up her arms, as she felt weaken with each press, as her arms didn't wanted to move.......but he won't do anything.... while her heart pulse rose as he worked with his fingers, while his cheek was resting on her ear......

Trying to move away from him, in such intoxication of relaxation.....her eyes closed.....feeling him stop, as his arms wrapped around her.....

In his arms........her being in his arms......that's all he he felt her heart beat......

*Knock Knock*

Realising her position, she got up in an instant, as she fumbled with her pallu, as she placed it back into position, as she left a half dozed Armaan on the floor, as he rubbed his blearily eyes...

Opening the locked door, "Ma'am, dinner is ready"

Nodding her head, as she look back to see him walking up to her....her face couldn't make a frown or a she realised she was taken to such a soothing dream....that she kept a straight face, as their eyes were locked for a moment, being the 1st to end their eye lock as she left for Armaan followed behind her....

Kuch paas hai,
Kuch ajnabi ehsaas hai,
Kuch duriyan, nazdikiyan,
Kuch hass padi tanhaiyaan,
Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,

   As she silently ate her dinner, as she watched Bi scold Minnie for not eating her broccolis...knowing she's being watch from his watchful eyes, as he ate......for some unknown  reason she didn't mind it.....but it's comfort was once washed over, once she felt Vivek eyes on her..... as Maya wasn't at the dinner yet.......

As Vivek cleared his throat..... "Bi, I'm going for a medical seminar for the next two days"

"Okay, did you pack your bags beta?"

Nodding his head in agreement, "And was wondering, if Riddhima was interested in coming along, due the similar subject that we will be looking at.... " as he slapped a grin...

Feeling herself panic, as she gripped the spoon in fear, as her eyes were staring at the food, as soon she heard way....anywhere with him......, as she looked up, as her eyes looked up at Armaan's, as he was confused at such emotion....fear?....

"Go where?", as Maya Bhabi sat down, pulling her chair in.

 "Oh, no where..." with disappointment said, as Vivek resumed to his food, as he missed such an awesome chance.....

"BI!!, where did he say?!" as she stomped her foot under the table...

"Arree, Maya Vivek offered Riddhima to come along with his business trip, that all"

Giving a glare to Riddhima, as she slipped her arm in his arm.. "Vivek, you'd never asked me before, shall I come?" as she teased his shirt....

Crap.....what have I got myself into.... "Sure, just have your bags ready for tomorrow" seeing her resume to her food in victory.....seriously not what I had in he drank his water in disappointment.....


Turning to his side of the bed, as his thoughts hovered over her feared eyes.....what did I do?.....but as he remembered their moment can't be......confused as turned to lay on his back, as these thoughts couldn't make him sleep......once his head moved to his side..... his eyes looked at her back, on the other side of the bed as she hugged herself.....all of his thoughts were he stared at her outline of her, in the night....

Knowing she'll awaken if he touches her, he shifted closer to her, as he was just an inch apart behind her, as he hugged himself, as he smelled her freshly washed hair...leading him to a soothing sleep for the night...


"Riddhima Beti!, come here please!"

Leaving from the kitchen, she face three elderly woman...

"Riddhima, meet my girlfriends!, Hina, Harika and Kat!"

After taking their blessing, "Must say Shenaz, your choti bhau is a gem!" Hina exclaimed, as she warded of the evil eye.

"Man......check out the sari!" as Harika checked out her black with gold embroidery in her sari....

"Haii Rabba!, your Armaan is such a romantic!!, exclaimed Kat, as she read the blush on her face, figuring it was from him...

"Yes, yes, my Armaan chooses the best" stated proudly from Shenaz.

Overwhelmed by such attention from the three ladies, she notice several children screaming and running with Minne, outside the garden.

"Umm Bi....whose are those kids?"

"Oh you see three tall, lean boys, Raj, Angad, Ram, those are Kat's grandchildren, and the smallest girl with the frill dress, Angali and the boy with glasses is Harsh, are Harika's grandchildren and those three curly hair girls, Kripa, Amrita, Amjer are Hina's grand children, and I have invited them for lunch, now beti could you cook something zesty for the kids?"

Seeing her eyes gleam with such an honest request, as her heart couldn't refuse.., "Sure Bi, just have a seat outside on the porch and I'll be out there with sandwich as starters" as she gave her honest smile.

"That's my beti" as she caressed her cheek.

*Moments Later....*

"Arre, Bacho!! Come here and eat you lunch!" as Bi called towards the kids in the living room, due to sudden rain....

Seeing her frustrated and just about to get up, resting her hand in her shoulder, "Bi, I'll go call them, you catch up with your girlfriends", as she gave a wink, before walking off......Armaan you really did chose the right person......

Crashing into someone bigger, as she quickly hugged the person, as she quickly removed her blindfold, she looked up to see Ridzy Chaci smiling down at her.

"CHACI!! Your 'IT'!" exclaimed Minnie

As she heard the chanting and loudness from the children laughing and saying, 'your turn, your turn',

"But the table as set, and it's lunch time!"

"Nooooooooo" as she heard the chant of disappointment, feeling  tug at her sari's end, she looked down to see Angali... "Aunty please play with us, then after this, will go eat lunch, promise!" Coming down to her level... "Promise?" as they pinky swear each other.

As her eyes were covered from the blind fold, as Minnie stood on the sofa behind her, as she tied the knot, jumping off the cushion, she was lead by Minnie, as she was held by her hand.

Feeling her blacken sight go dizzy as she was spun around from Minnie, "Okay Chaci! Catch us!" as she heard the giggles, and the screams of kids around, made herself smile at such amusing game....


"Over here!", missing her


"Here!"....dang missed him too!


"Hereee!"... missed again!


"Ji?"....argh, I really need to step up my game

As she walked firmly on the floor, as her hands were in the air searching, as her mind and ears turned sharp at any noise, knowing she'll jump right at it........


As her arms grab hold of it neck, as she hugged it tight, and squealed!, "You lost!, you lost!"

"Jaan, I've already lost the day I saw you.." as Armaan whispered into her ear, as she felt his arms slide on her waist, as he hugged her.

Shocked, she lifted her faced away, as she removed her blindfold, realising she came into his study room, as her eyes were lock into his, as their face was inches apart.

Seeing her fumbling to say something, he pulled her in closer, as she was leaning on him...... "You missed me that much?"

Once she heard his question, she snapped back to reality, as she lifted her arms around his neck, as she brought it back to herself as she tried to cross her arms over her chest, in his embrace.... "Lunch is ready" as she said firmly, as she tried to break the embrace, by pushing herself away by her elbows, as he held on stubbornly......

"Hai Rabba!, sooo romantic!" exclaimed Kat, as her hand held her breath.

"I know, must say this Munda is real man" as Hina pinched his red cheeks, as he was looking down....

"But must say, he's real cheeky, as Shenaz says!" as Harika clapped her hands.

Being beetroot red, fumbling at his words, "Ladies, shall we eat lunch?".....

Seeing him run out of the room as the three ladies trailed after him, asking him for advice to give to their sons.

Giggling at his state, she nodded her she pushed the chair back into the desk, she notice her name on a mail envelope, as the it was already open.

Questioning herself, as she took out the paper, and read.....

Oxford University Account Balance : $67,000.

Balance Due: $2,300.00

Due Date:  September 26, 2008

PAYMENT-THANK YOU-  $67,000 from account 00894539-Armaan Malik  

Part 6

Sitting upright on the bed, as he held his phone, in his night attire.......Seeing her at their closet cursing under her breath, as her temper was vivid, as she thrust the fallen clothes back into the shelves,

Wanting to know why she upset..... "Jaan?", as he got up....

Seeing her temper rise, as she slammed the closet door shut, as she ignored him, as she saw him trying to approach her, as she walked towards the washroom, as she held her night clothes in her fist, feeling his hand on her shoulder.....

"DON'T TOUCH me", as she pushed his hands off vigorously, as she faced him.

Taken aback, "Riddhima?!, What is wrong?, you were looking distressed since our lunch meal....."

"It's none of you business!" as her anger resulted in tightening her hands, as she felt her nails digging into her palms, as she turned towards the washroom....

Feeling her being grabbed from the shoulders, as she was turned and soon she was face to face to him......

"Talk to me....." as she felt his breath on her face, as she saw his eyes ached distress of her ignorance of him......

"You always shove me off, like I'm nothing....It hurts you crushes my heart....I'm your husband for god sakes!" as he shook her lightly while tightening his grip on her shoulders....

Facing to her right not wanting to look at his face as she tried to not listen him, "Let me GO" as she tried to use her arms to push out of his grip.....

Sighing, as he regain his composure, as he let her go, he saw her turning to run to washroom, he quickly jumped in front of her, moving his arms right, left, blocking her way, as he saw her cross her arms over her chest, as she gave him a glare...

"I said move!"

Seeing him nod his head, no, as she figured he was determined to get to the bottom of this.....walking towards the closet, as she move for defeat, she threw the envelop at him, as he fumble catching it.

"What is this!?", she asked  harshly

Seeing his confused face, once he finished reading..... "What you mean what is it?, I just paid off the rest of the bill....."

"You WEREN'T supposed to pay it!"


"Which haq you paid this bill?!"

"Riddhima it just a bill?........."

"NO it's NOT!, it because you 'men' think you can do any wonders with such power, that you'll try to flaunt in front of me?!, and place me an object of use?!....never again I shall e..v..e " shit these tears now....she quickly turned away from him, as she tried to control for the better of her emotions...

Shocked at such outburst, tears? he heard her sniff as he faced her back, before he could say something, he heard her quiet rash voice "You've ruined everything...."

Reaching out his hand to touch her shoulder for comfort, but immediately reflex it right back, knowing it wasn't the right move...... "Riddhima?"

She was standing still, in front of him, with no reply, with his voice full of dedication of love.. " are my wife and you are better half and for the worse, and we both made promises to each other on, our wedding day, as we circled the 7 pheres, as we are each other's responsibility for sickness, wealth"

Pausing....for her to respond.... sighing

"Riddhima, I'm your you are my responsibility, as I am yours, and it was my duty to pay your bills, since there is no mine or yours as everything is yours.....Riddhima..."

"Then why do I feel like a whore?"

Aghast at her reply, feeling the outraged...

This was going to or never.... as she dread this confrontation of reality...feeling herself being jerked around......shocked to see his red eyes, as his brows creased.....

  "Pardon?" replying harshly

"How could you thi..."

"Let's cut the chase Armaan, I know I ended marrying you cause you offered my greedy father 10% of your business, knowing that...." as she stopped, as she felt him tighten his grip, she looked up, as her wrist rested on her shoulders, to see  him nod his head no... "It was never meant to be that way...", whispering

"The damage is already done....knowing that through every day, I'm being paid from you to my father for, it you know how it feels!?.....worse than a mat.....knowing I'm just a business transaction for him and for you I'..m.un...."

Seeing her choke on her words, as the tears started to brim her eyes, his finger reached for the fallen tears as he wiped it away, as he held her cheeks....feeling his lips on her forehead, as compelled her inner self to feel such secure, respect, honour.....loved...... as the last word hitted her, she opened her eyes to see him looking at her with such tenderness, as he still held her by her cheeks.

Seeing her retreating, as she moved out of his hands, and saw her running towards the balcony, hearing the door slide shut...sighing, turning to see her back, as she swung on bench swing, as she made herself comfortable, as she hugged herself, as she leaned on the ledge of the bench......   

 "I never bought you Riddhima......I just fell in love with you...." as his look at her swinging, as his fingers reached out to her, as he touched the window glass door..........

Koi arzoo ne hai angdayi li pyaari,
Kya yeh khumaar hai, kya aitbaar hai,
Shayad yeh pyaar hai,
Haan hai shayad..


Hitting himself on the head, Argh!!, so much for wooing her..., as he sat frustrated on the sofa, being midday with nothing to do, as Minnie was at school, where Bi was at a nearby temple...if only she didn't saw that bil......only if..., as he remembered walking up, to see her gone, as her blanket and pillow were left folded on the sofa....I duno anymore....


*Ding ' Dong*


Opening the door, assuming Bi has come back.... "Shusank papa!?"


"Hi Armaan", as he was seated by him


"Where's Riddhima?, and everyone else?" as scanned the room


"She at the hospital  and wil..." stopped as he heard his sniggering, raising his brows, questioning...


"Will that girl ever give up?" as he nodded his head, as he saw Armaan clueless face, "Armaan, beta, as a man to man talk, you should keep women under control, or else they'll leave you, if you give them too much space" Laughing to himself,


"But, Riddhima won't leave me, I trust her..."


"Trust?!?!?, they all say they'll never leave you, and be by your side for a lifetime.....hence they all go back on their words.... " sighing "For instant, look mine....", nodding his dissatisfaction...... "Women...give them everything, and they are never satisfied......."


"Probably........they just want to be loved?......" after a moment, he saw Shusank papa stood up, as he cleared his throat, "It was never that easy...." as he whispered under his voice......coming out of his daze.... "Anyhow, coming to the purpose of this visit, I just wanted to thank you for the payement received, as I knew it was impossible for her pay it all could she even think so....."


"What you mean?!....." as Armaan was confused with the constant criticism that he placed on her......


"Oh she never told you?......"



Seeing her place her night gown on the bed, as she was fixing the hem of the dress, as she was intently ignoring his presence, as he remembered from the afternoon with Shusank papa, and how the deal was form between the two, when she came home, he saw how cold she was with her father as she didn't even gave an indication of recognition of her father, as she head straight for the stairs, as she ignored his presence...... did I really ruin everything?,  as a form of guilt began to form, as he head towards washroom....


Hearing himself lock inside the washroom, instantly slipping on her gown, taking a seat on the bed, as she felt herself trembling, as she remembered her father's face from the afternoon, assuming he was celebrating his victory with Armaan......hugging herself for comfort.....why does it has to be this way, why did he even she felt nothing but useless.....where her goal to prove herself to her father was her eyes were feeling blazing of the tears, as she felt the lowest, as she spent the whole day in the library, as today was her day off, lost in her thoughts, and thought it would be....




Hearing his deep husky voice broke her thoughts, as she instantly stood up, not turning to face him, as she went straight to pick her pillow.....




Both surprised to see Minnie standing at the door way, as she held her teddy bear as her side.....


"Is everything okay Minnie?" as she caressed her soon she reached her...


"Can I sleep with you tonight?, I'm having bad nightmares....and Maya momi isn't here, and Bi is mediating..." before she finished, she realised, she was being lead into the room by Ridzy Chaci, as she notice something was odd silent in the she saw Armaan turned towards his study office.......


"So it's like I was eaten up by a mango at the end of the dream!", as she hugged her teddy bear in fear, as she laid down beside Riddhima, as she was on her side up, as she face Minnie, giggling at her dream, "That's it?!"


"Chaacci, it was like I pushed into that swishy thing of  it's yellow mush, it was like....Chaaaciii stop laughing" as she pouted her lips, as she crossed her arms.....


"Okay okay", kissing her forehead, as she pulled her in, as hugged her, "No mango will eat you, since you are in my arms, are protecting you, as you sleep, okay?, now go to sleep, you have school in the morning", as she closed her eyes.


Feeling her shifting under her chin, as her small back was cuddled up to her chest........ "Chaci?"


"Hmm?" as she slowly falling to sleep through her closed eyes....


"Where's Chacu?, as he'll protect you in your arms as well...."


Opening her eyes in an instant....There isn't anyone there now.......



Entering the room, as he found them both asleep, as Minnie as cuddled up to Riddhima.....wishing if he could get a chance to explain everything......Riddhima.....please......give me a chance..... as he tucked her hair away from her face, as he brushed his knuckles  ever so gently on her cheeks, as he looked at her features up close, as he was yet mesmerised again.....getting into the covers, as he stayed on his side, looking at her, as he remembered Shusank's conversation earlier.......Please don't ever leave me jaan......



As she was cornered, as the temperature rose from the blazing fire that surrounded her, as she tried to escape the untamed fire, that kept pushing her back, as her heart pumped with each pulsating fear of the end of hope of escape, as she scream for help, she staggered back against the wall behind, as she saw everything burning in the sight of her, knowing that it'll be the same fate for her any time soon, falling down on the floor as she hugged her legs, knowing that it was soon over, and no one was there to rescue here, as her eyes shone the fire...breathing her last moments, as she was loosing air to breath.....




Turning to seeing a dark figure trying to fight through the fire, to reach her, in a moment time the figure made through, as her hope for survival had encourage with herself, seeing the figure remove it's helmet.......she immediately hugged him tight as she shrieked Armaan!


Opening her eyes in a jerk, to such a nightmare, as she breathed in and out, as it calmed her nerves....yet still shock to see Armaan in her dream....what does it mean?....but sudden distracted and stunned to see Armaan embraced her arm in his arms, as she was laying on her back, where Minnie was sleeping soundlessly above her bosom.....feeling tickled on her neck of his she tried to squirm her arm out of his embrace, but felt him grip on her arm harder as he snuggled in closer to her she didn't have any strength left, she feel back asleep...unconsciously she dropped her head on his they slept peacefully all together.........



Being disturb from the glare of the shinning sun, opening her eyes slowly as her senses were awaken one by one, moving to stretch, she realised Minnie was gone, and looked down to see the heavy weight that rested on her waist......realising she was sleeping within Armaan's arms, as he was leaning on her, from her back.......why does he she tried to break from his hold....Jaan....don't leave me as Armaan whispered thorough his sleep, as she felt pulled from behind ...stunned and confused....she turned herself around, in his arms, as she face him sleeping soundlessly...


Seeing his black hair in a mess....smiling, at his innocent slumber as his lips were pouted swollen....thinking how soft it'll feel now as she imagine him to kiss on her the butterflies rose in her at the thought of it....his beard had rough she felt the prickles of his she caressed his cheeks, she notice a gap deepening at his end corner of his cheek, snapping to realisation that he was awake all this time.... becoming self-conscious, as she took her hands back, as she felt his eyes on her.... "Why are you doing this?" asking stiffly....feeling his fingers on her cheeks, as it tuck back her hair, as her eyes fluttered at such touch, she saw the sincerity in his eyes and hear him say..... "Baby, whatever it is....we are in together..." After moment, he saw a flicker of acceptance in her eyes....made his heart swell with such happiness that it made him lean closer to just kiss her passionately that was waiting to be released......


"CHAACIIIII!!!!! I'M LATE!!!!!" snapping out his spell bounding their lips were inches apart....instantly getting up bed to leave the room to help Minnie to get ready for school....stopping at the door way, she looked back to see him finally smiling like himself once again......    




"Yea, I will tell everyone Vivek Bhai, I hope you and Maya are enjoying your selves...bye", hanging up the phone and he rested back on the chair, in his study room........ thinking Bhai and Bhabi go out a lot and away as well....  and himself got an award function in Dubai to go to in a week's time.... but if he asks her.....she'll definite refuse him, as he knew she was still upset of the bill and all.......but just how to get her to go with him?........


"Looow Ji, your over here!?, I've been looking for you everywhere!, where's Riddhima?, Minnie hasn't come back and.......Armaan  are you okay?" as she saw his face creased with a distressing look....touching his head affectionately....


Coming out of his thoughts, "Uh.....nothing, Riddhima is still at work, will be coming at 2:30 in the morning, as she is working late again...."


"Rabba......You guys are working so much!, Why don't you both go away, like Maya and Vivek?", seeing his instant brighten smile vanished to a sulk...


"She'll not agree, as she is dedicated to her work and all...."


"Nonsense!, I'll make her understand, as she is a good girl, and will listen to me, you will both go to your honeymoon, as my gift to you both, as you are both are young, need to make wonderful moment, that'll you'll cherish forever..." sniff... "Unlike you, I do care about you ever thought of me...." seeing her cover her mouth of the end the end of her dupptta, as she turn to leave.....


"Bi!, I'm so sorry, I know I was wrong, I should have informed you right the way when I was to get married, Please don't cry..." as he enfold Bi in his hug...


Part 7 below


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Part 7


Seeing the view below of the bedazzling of Dubai, from the seat of their private jet.....remembering the past two days of Bi's persuading, as she tried not to break her heart, for her to go on their honeymoon, within the past 48 hours, first her thoughts surrounded of herself going alone with him to a foreign land.... made her hands sweat, as she felt scared and nervous for something will happen.. but as soon Bi soothed her fears, saying "Armaan won't hurt a fly, beti, please go....", after hear such earnest request, her confident was up again...knowing through Bi's trust was true......but from the incident that happened from the previous night, as she felt she exposed herself to him, a bit too she was embarrassed  to face him, knowing she felt vulnerable as he could read her easily had given her the shivers to such thoughts.......but thinking how the he gave her own space since from their fight, yet she felt secure knowing he was still wandering around her.....laughing to herself as she imagine his childish face, as he tried to approach her, but each timed failed....nodding her head relieving her thoughts....


"No No No"


Looking down at her lap, where Armaan's head rested, as he slept, earlier, when he came from picking up Minnie from school, once he heard yes from Bi, he quickly ran into their room, once he found her, he grabbed her, placed kiss on her cheeks with such passion it left her heart pounding, as she stumbled back holding on the wall to hold her up, as she saw him grab the suitcase, packing their belongings for the late night flight......due to such exhaustion of excitement, poor soul went to sleep in her lap, as she was sleeping up on her chair....seeing his face frowned in tension, as a reflex, her hands reached his forehead, as she caressed his hair as it soothed his frown, as a smile played on his lips, admiring his face as her fingers played with his smooth hair......I don't know how to give you my heart, as I was taught everything but you could you shower me with such affection of such encounter of ours?....Do you even love me? Or is it just lust.....


Breaking her cannot be lust..... as she remembered the differences between Armaan and Vivek.....there has been many chances for him.....but in the end he didn't......   


Sighing, as she rest her head back, as her fingers continued to play with his hair,  and these feeling he creates in me.....what is it that he does to make me it in the name of love? her cheeks became crimson at the thought of being his black knight that always flew by her, in her dreams.....


Sighing out of confusion, as she faced the window of the lights of Dubai......I don't know anymore....




Standing in front of the mirror, brushing her hair, as she was dressed in a white sari, with silver embroidery, was given by Armaan, as soon she was surprised with their suite filled with flowers, as she was informed that he needed to be present at an award function in later in the evening, and wished for her to go with him......seeing such sincerity his eyes, for and honest request, her heart couldn't refused, remembering herself,  lowering her eyes, as she took the sari from his hands, and walked towards the washroom.......


Clipping the last earring, as she felt satisfied with her look, turning, disturbed of almost crashing into his chest, flustered, stepping back to look at his face, but once breathless as she saw his damp hair to side, as the Ralph polo cologne made her knees week, as his white dress shirt was undone from the top.....I've been resisting 'this' for so long!?.....snapping out of her thought, turning around, but soon stopped, as his hand held hers', facing him to see him indicating the tie in his hands....


Feeling her fingers around his neck, as he was mesmerized at the sight of beauty he had captured, made his heart skip every time ....he stared intently at her eyes avoiding his, as she button up his buttons, seeing her bite her lips, knowing she was nervous, as he felt the light touches and brushes of her fingers, on his chest made him shiver of thrills, as he felt the tie tighten around his neck....not wanting the moment to end.....


Turning away from him...phew....I can finally breath..... she thought, but once again stopped again, turning to face him, as he held her hand....


"What?..." she whispered...


"There's something missing.."


Looking straight at the mirror, as she rechecked herself, finding nothing..... "What you mean?" as she faced him confused....


Feeling herself being faced the mirror, with his hands on her shoulder, seeing the refection of herself, as he stood behind her....seeing him point at her face, at the reflection of the mirror ... "There"...


As her brow creased in confusion..... "Do I need more makeup?"......




Feeling his lip on her cheek, as she saw her cheeks formed a rose colour, feeling him hug her from behind, as his cheek was next to hers...... "Perfect" he whispered, as they stood there....


As she felt her heart skipped a beat, while her eyes averted his stare...




"Yes Jaan?", as his voice became huskily deep, where she felt herself being tighten in his hold, as he began to nuzzle, as her heart beat began to lose control...


Feeling weaken from each brush, as her breath became standstill......


" are going to get l..a..te......."


*Beep Beep*


Grunting in anger in disturbance, as he let her go unwillingly , furiously pressed the intercom button..




"Sir your transport is waiting for you and Mrs. Mailk to escort you both to the Dubai International Award."


"We will be there in 10 minutes, Thank you" letting go of the button, just about to turn, wanting to resume back to what he was doing....but once blinded by his jacket, hearing her payal chimes run out the door, as he felt whoospe of air blew passed him, before the jacket fell off his face.....


Sigh, "You've escaped now..... but not tonight...Jaan...." where a sly grin played on his lips, knowing his intention were near it's mark.



Being surrounded of shouts, music and flashes of various cameras around them as Riddhima and Armaan gave their smiles to various flashes in front of them, and they stood next to each other... throughout the ramp....


Consuming her such fate, as she saw his perfect shape face features......wondered was this all possible.... 


"MALIKS! Over here!, Here!, Look Here!" shouted a photographer


As they both turned to the photographer's call, she felt his hand creep up at the side of her waist, under her pallu, being pulled in close, looking straight up his face, seeing a streak of mischievous on his smile, as he held her firmly.....


"I've been dying to get my hands on you...." whispered under his breath....


Giggling, as she remembered earlier in the limo as she saw his face dropped to a solemn look, once he entered the limo to find, his co-partner, Amit Sharma waiting for him, where she sat with his wife Sapna Sharma on the other of the limo....




"Armaan choro!" she hissed back...feeling his hands tightening, confirming not to give into so she was pulled to walk forward, with his arm around her waist......


Reaching the entrance to the auditorium of the award hall, while still struggling to get out of his hold, without getting to much attention from the press, as they walked up forward as, once it became less press surrounding them where there more of the listed people invited to the awards, entering the auditorium.  when she realised there are no on-lookers staring at them, she dropped her arm that held the sari, to cover her obvious intention, underneath, she tried to pulled one of each his finger to let her go, as she looked around to see if anyone notice her doing, so determined to wiggle herself out her hold, she felt his lip on her cheeks, dazed for a moment, realising her hand were now captured over his tight grip, as it resume to her waist...


Argh! "What is wrong with you!" staring back furiously, from the defeat.


Seeing him smile, as she felt being pulled in closer.... she felt his breath on her ear and heard him in a soft voice, sing....


"Pehla yeh pehla pyaar tera mera soni

Pehli yeh mulaaqaat hai,

Jo keh rahi hain aankhen, voh keh rahi hain baatein

Jaagi tu bhi saari raat hai

Dil pe chala na jab zor koi, tu mere paas aa gayi
Haai, main tere paas aa gaya
Pyaasi hain teri saansein, pyaasi hain meri saansein
Us pe yeh barsaat hai,
Pehla, haai pehla tera mera pyaar......"
 Feeling her cheeks flushed pink, as her heart beated erratically, as she stood frozen , where his deep voice that vibrated through her body, making her knees weak.....he loves me? she felt the whole world became a void of chit chatter, her vision roamed endlessly, as she was led by Armaan to their seats, as the award ceremony began..........  
Holding his trophy for best business man of the year, standing in front of many microphones, from the press, beside her, she saw how he conducted himself with self confident, as he held her close...."So you claim that your wife is the reason for you success" a reporter asked...."Yes....she is my.. everything", looking at her blushing, as she looked down, remembering earlier, from the stage, where he saw her stunned expression, as he mention her in his speech....Hearing him clearing his throat......"Now will you will excuse me, as I need to offer my wife a dance" feeling his grip on her hand as she lead to the dance floor of the after party..... "Sorry!" after he bumped into a shaded figure, while heading to eh dance floor, as its face became in out in the light... "TUM?!"  
Hey Guy! I noe I noe, It's like suuupper delayed!! Sorry for keeping you all! Also I just wanted to clarify that this 'Shanky' isn't up to any, as he just told Armaan the deal b/w Ridz and himself , thats all I promise! Btw...I noe it's short, I couldn't keep you all waiting >.<
Do comment or press the "thank you" buttonEmbarrassed  Natasha

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haha first i am...another for the december babies...its must be an auspicious moment to start FF's i gather :D


reda n um back...whoa...wat a start...erm...kick start i meant LOL

bring it on natty, kudos!

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LAMFO! I dnno, I guess ppl are strucked with the light blubs from x-mas,
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sound intrestingWink plz continue it soonSmileWink

"Aankho me armaan liye baithe hain,
palko me sapne liye baithe hain,
aapse door hone ka gum hai magar,
aaj b aapke naam pe ye shaam liye baithe hain."

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Originally posted by kvn1983

sound intrestingWink plz continue it soonSmileWink

"Aankho me armaan liye baithe hain,
palko me sapne liye baithe hain,
aapse door hone ka gum hai magar,
aaj b aapke naam pe ye shaam liye baithe hain."

Whoa ur poem totally suited my FF!! loved it darling!

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