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~Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi ( AR) Part 9-Pg 32

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<p align="center"><font color="#ff3399">Rab
Ne Bana Di Jodi ~ (AR)
</font></p><div align="center">
</div><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399"></font></p><div align="center">
</div><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399">"Every
ordinary Jodi has an extra ordinary tale to tell"
</font></p><div align="center">
</div><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399"></font></p><div align="center">
</div><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399">Armaan
and Riddhima were two totally different people. Nothing about them was common.
Armaan was the cool stud, the cool dude, the Mr. Perfectionist, the man whom
every girl craved to be with and then there was Riddhima, loud, vibrant and
intelligent. For Riddhima, her life
revolved around her family and taking care of them. Riddhima loved music, dance
and loved to read books while Armaan loved horse riding, bumper cars, bungee
jumping and high speed racing. Their worlds were different, their lives were
different but one day, they were bounded by a relationship which prompted them
to be with each other and that relation changed their lives forever.
</font></p><div align="center">
</div><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399"></font></p><div align="center">
</div><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399">Note
' RBDJ (AR) is nothing like the movie. So there should be no violation of plagiarism
or anything because I haven't seen the movie so I have no clued what it is
</font></p><div align="center">
</div><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399"></font></p><div align="center">
</div><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399">My
other stories:
</font></p><div align="center">
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still the one ' Active
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(On Hold)
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Stories ' Terminated due to lack of audience</font>
</p><p align="center"><font color="#ff3399">Lifeless without you (KaSh)

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Part 1


"Riddhima, come fast. Hurry, the photo is about to be taken"

"I am coming di, hold your horses"

The girl finally slid down, dressed in a blue Punjabi, she made her way to the front of living room where her cousins and family had gathered. "I am here" she flashed her 100 watt smile. All her family smiled at her.

"Finally you are here Moti, it was time"

"Arjun, you called me Moti again?"

"Riddhima, you have grown fat, no one will marry you"

"Yeah right Arjun. Watch a prince charming will come for me in a nice white horse and will take me way"

"We will see Riddhima"

"Okay, stop fighting you guys. Let's take the picture."

Riddhima centered herself between Arjun and Anjali ' her di and smiled. Just then Shashank came in and stopped the photo.

"Hey, what about me"

"Papa, screamed the girls"

Shashank made his way through his family. His wife Smriti, His sister in law Padma, His mother , His daughters, Arjun, Krish, Aman and the rest of the family smiled on. He was happy to see his daughters so happy but he worried at Arjun and Riddhima's relationship. Arjun was not Riddhima's real cousin. He was adopted and Shashank worried as to what the outcome would be to their relationship. Would it remain friendship or would it turn into something else?

The picture was over and everyone went back into their rooms. Shashank stood there by the window when Smriti placed a hand on his shoulder.

" Shashank, is all okay?"

" I am worried about Arjun and Riddhima's relationship"

" Shashank, we have known Arjun since childhood and we know he is a good kid so what is the problem?"

" Problem is Sanjivani Smriti"

" Sanjivani? What happened to Sanjivani?"

" It has been going through financial problems lately and Smriti, I had to take outside help and therefore My Good friend Abhimanyu Modi is helping us but he has a condition Smriti and that condition has left me belwidered"

" What is it Shashanak?"

" He wants'. He wants Riddhima to marry his only son. Armaan Modi"

" What?"

" Haan. He wants Riddhima's hand in marriage to his son Armaan. I don't know what to do. Abhimanyu does not want me to return the money. He wants Riddhima and Armaan to get married. I don't know why he wants that. "

" We haven't seen Armaan since he was send to boarding school."

" I know Smirti, but what can I do?"

" Tell him no Shashak, Riddhima is just a kid plus Riddhima and Arjun. Shashank, Arjun loves Riddhima, you know that"

" I know Smrtii, but if I don't take help from him, that Sanjivani will be closed Smriti. It's not about jobs but it's about the people there"

" Shashank, for our own sake, we cannot put Riddhima's life at colosoal. This won't work Shashak, I won't allow it"

" I know Smriti, but''"

" What happened"

Shashank pointed behind Smiriti. Smirti turned around and was shocked to see Riddhima there with tears down her eyes. Anjali was standing besides her.

" Riddhima, don't worry beta, we will find a solution to this" placing her hand on Riddhima's shoulder.

Riddhima turned around slowly and left..

" Dad, what is this? Who is this Armaan Modi"

" He is Abhimanyu Modi's son."

" Abhi uncle's son? That one that was in boarding school?"

" Hmmm"

" But why Riddhima, what is the motive of Riddhima and Armaan;s marriage?"

" Anjali beta, why do you always think like a spy?"

" Cause I am one dad"

" Beta, go take care of Riddhima for us please"

Anjali turned around and waked away.

Riddhima and Anjali were sisters, but Anjali was not only hr big sister but her mother too because she was there when Shashank and Smirit were not there due to hospital problems. That is what was always going on and Riddhima was so used to it by now. She stood at window letting the cold wind go through her face. She felt a hand on her shoulder and smiled. " Di"

She turned around to see Anjali looking at her.

" Riddhima, I am not here to say get married to that guy. I am here to be with you in all your decisions"

" Di, if my marriage to this guy means saving our home, I am ready di"

" What Riddhima?"

" Haan Di. Remember what you said a long time ago about mine and Arjun's relationship ' that some relationships we make ourselves and some are just destined for us di. I guess Armaan was in my destiny therefore I will get married to him."

" But Riddhima"

" Di. Can you use your spyness to find out more about this guy"

" Haan"

Anjali opened her laptop and typed in Armaan Modi.

There came an entire biodata of Armaan Modi. Anjali read aloud.

" Armaan Modi, industarlist and financer Abhimanyu's Modi son is back from London after receiving his MBA from Oxford University. Armaan Modi is a perfectionist by nature and is on the hit list of every girl as they swoon over him and want to be his bride. His hobbies are bungee jumping, bike racing and car driving. Armaan looks for in his soul mate ' the same qualities that he has. He wants life to be fun and exiciting and not boring.

" Wow di, looks like we are gonna have  a major clash here because Armaan is too much of an attitude junkie to me"

" Riddhima, I know. He wants the girl to have the same qualities so maybe he might refuse you."

" I know di. He may do that since there is nothing common about us, when is he coming over?"

" Well, you are gonna have to tell Dad, that you are ready for marriage with Armaan, but you want to meet this guy"

" Okay, let's go"

" Are you sure Riddhima"

" I am positive di" replied Riddhima with a determined look on her face.

**~PART 2~**



Recap:  Introduction to the Guptas. Riddhima has to marry Armaan to save Sanjivani and she agrees.




After Riddhima told everyone that she wished to marry Armaan, there was a sigh of relief and a sigh of guilt written on Shashank and Smirti's face. But Riddhima told them that she would only marry Armaan if she could get to meet him first so Abhimanyu Modi agreeded to this condition. Armaan would be arriving to Mumbai from London and would Riddhima at first go.

 Armaan finally arrived at the Gupta's house. He was surprised to see a small house. He figured that since Dr. Shashank was a doctor, it would be a large house. Nevrtherless he entered the house. His secretary had told him everything about Riddhima there was to know but he was confused as to why she wanted to meet him.  

Armaan entered the house and the servant greeted him. He told him to sit down. He looked around to see the pictures staring at him. There was a picture of a happy family who looked happy. He saw the pictures of two girls and thought himself, "Wow, they are gorgeous" but he wondered which one was Riddhima? He felt the one on the left would be Riddhima. It just seemed like her.

Armaan was snapped out of his thoughts when Shashank greeted him. " Hello Armaan, I presume?" He smiled and said. Armaan nodded his head. Shashank Gupta was a good friend of Dad and He felt a bit warm in meeting him. Three ladies entered. One was dressed in a pink saree, the other one in a yellow saree and third one in an off white saree. He knew that none of them were Riddhima. He was greeted by the three ladies and they were introduced as Smriiti, Padma and Nani. Armaan got up and took blessings of all three and Shashank. They all smiled at him and blessed him.

Upstairs, the scene was something else. Anjali and Riddhima saw the entire thing upstairs and they were upset.

" I can't believe that they like him Riddhima"

" I know di, but now wait and watch and see what I do?"

" What are you gonna do Riddhima?"

" Just a minute di"

Riddhima changed her clothes in a western oulfit. She wore a red hot saucy dress. She knew that though Armaan was from London, He had Indian Values and this would make him see her in a different light and he would refuse right away. She also applied some loud makeup. Anjali was shocked to see her.

" Riddhima?"

" Di, He is gonna say no now so watch out, let's go"

Armaan was talking with the elders just then a man entered. " Arre Arjun, come quick"

Armaan and Arjun shook hands. " Hi, I am Armaan" " Nice to meet you Armaan"

Armaan and Arjun chatted while the girls made their entry. Armaan and Arjun got up. Anjali was dressed in a pink Punjabi looking like an Angel and then Riddhima made her entry. Everyone was shocked.

Arjun was stunned and Armaan was amused.

" Sorry Armaan, I am not the typical girl who cares chai and stuff. You can help yourself if you wish"

" Thanks" Armaan murmered.

Everyone stared at Riddhima and her antics. Armaan was amused. He could see her so uncomfortable fidging with that dress so nothing could be shown.

" Uncle, I like to talk to Riddhima alone if it is possible"

Everyone was shocked but Shashank allowed it.

" Riddhima, tell me your hobbies"

" I like to trap boys, rich boys you see" replied Riddhima with a smirk on her face.

" Do this Rich boys have to fat or be good looking?"

" Well, it's the money factor, looks are secondary" replied Riddhima.

" What about age"

" Age?"

" Would you marry a 70 year man just because he has money?"

" Ummm" Riddhima was confused. He was challenging her and she did not like one bit. She thought to herself. This Armaan is impossible.

Armaan was amused. No one could beat him. He looked at her stammering and changed the subject.

" How important are values to you?"

" Values, is that old stuff? I am modern girl. I believe in being who I am" replied Riddhima.

Armaan stared at her and smiled.

" Alright, I got the answers I needed." And Armaan got up and left.

Riddhima smiled to herself. " Mission Accomplished"

Armaan walked out of the room to encounter the Guptas who stared at him. " Sir, I like Riddhima. I agree to this proposal he said" Anjali was shocked.

Riddhima came out and heard the news. Shashank turned around and stared at her in anger. " Riddhima, Armaan wants to marry you, what is your decision?"

Armaan stared at her and smirked. He knew that values were important to her and he knew that she would do anything to save her family. " I am ready to marry Armaan Papa" Riddhima replied. Everyone was shocked.. Armaan and Riddhima smirked at each other.

Later that night..

Armaan was in his room with his dad. " So she agreeded to marry you?" " Yeah Dad. Riddhima is interesting and a challenege and I love challeneges dad" " Yeah I know, but this might not be a good idea. You guys are poles apart. " " Don't worry Dad, I'll straighten her out and plus it was your idea for me to marry her. I am only marrying her because she wants to save her family and I like challeneges Dad.. Good night Dad"

Armaan left while his father pondered. " Armaan, you will never understand why I am getting you married to Riddhima. It's not to save Sanjivani but for something else " his father thought.


@ the Gupta's house.

" Riddhima, why would you do this? Why agree to marry Armaan?"

" Di, because I want to save our home. I want to save Sanjivani. As far as Armaan is concerned, I'll make his life hell that He'll regret the day he said yes to me" replied Riddhima with a determined face.

Armaan on the other side stared at an old photograph of a boy and girl. " Riddhima, it's been long but never thought you would forget about us this easy honey and Honey, once Armaan wants something, he gets it, just wait and watch"

Preview ' Armaan and Riddhima's marriage

**~PART 3~**

Recap: Armaan and Riddhima meet and agree to marry each other.

The wedding was in just few days as the Guptas got everything ready. Dr. Modi wanted Riddhima to come into their house as soon as possible. Dr. Modi had given Shashank the money he needed to keep Sanjivani safe. Shashank felt bad that he had to give up his daughter in order to secure Sanjivani but Riddhima told him not to worry about it.

The mendhi rasam was on in full swings. The girl was applying Mendhi to Riddhima's hands. A beautiful girl was painting Riddhima's hands with mendhi. The pattern was finally done and Riddhima stared at her hand to see Armaan written all over it.

A tear fell down her eye but before it could on her mendhi Arjun grabbed it.
" Hey buddy, Why are you crying?"
" Just thinking about fate Arjun. I never thought my life would whirl around like this. I am getting married to someone whom I don't even know."
" Riddhima, I agree that you don't know Armaan, but maybe this is what God wanted"
" You are saying this Arjun?"
" Haan Riddhima. I have realized that maybe I was not supposed to be part of your destiny. Plus Moti, I would never marry you. You moti"
" Arjun, you called me Moti again?"
" Duh"replied Arjun

A smile curved up on Riddhima's face and she nudged Arjun. Anjali saw this and had tears down her eyes. She knew Arjun from childhood.  Arjun had always loved Riddhima from childhood despite the fact she always looked at him as a friend. When Riddhima's marriage was announced to Armaan, Arjun beared it all because he felt that Armaan would keep her happy. Arjun saw Armaan in a light that no one else saw. Arjun felt that Armaan was Riddhima's prince charming but the rest of them failed to see this.

Smriti came to Riddhima and looked at her mendhi and blessed her. She moved towards Arjun and Anjali who were sitting there.
" Beta, you didn't apply Mendhi?"
" Umm Mom, I was going to"
Smriti smiled and called a girl over. The girl applied Menhdi on Anjali's hands. The mendhi seemed incomplete the girl thought to herself. As the girl was in the process of making a design, someone pushed the girl and in turn Anjali's mendhi turned around like this:

The A made Anjali think. Who would the A stand for?

Padma insited that Smirit sing a song for Riddhima today so Smriti begin..


(Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai) - 2
O hariyali banno
Le jaana tujhko guiyyaan aane waale hai saiyyaan
Thaamenge aake baiyyaan, goonjegi shehnaayi
Angnaayi, angnaayi
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

Gaaye maiya aur mausi, gaaye behna aur bhabhi
Ke mehndi khil jaaye, rang laaye hariyaali banni
Gaaye phoofi aur chaachi, gaaye naani aur daadi
Ke mehndi mann bhaaye, saj jaaye hariyaali banni
Mehndi roop sanwaare, o mehndi rang nikhaare, ho
Hariyaali banni ke aanchal mein utrenge taarein
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

Gaaje, baaje, baraati, ghoda, gaadi aur haathi ko
Laayenge saajan tere aangan, hariyaali banni
Teri mehndi woh dekhenge
To apna dil rakhdenge woh
Pairon mein tere chupke se, hariyaali banni
Mehndi roop sanwaare, o mehndi rang nikhaare, ho
Hariyaali banni ke aanchal mein utrenge taarein
Mehndi hai rachnewaali, haathon mein gehri laali
Kahe sakhiyaan, ab kaliyaan
Haathon mein khilnewaali hain
Tere mann ko, jeevan ko
Nayi khushiyaan milnewaali hai

Riddhima stared at all happiness around her but she was not happy. For her,
it was a comprise. A comprise that would end quickly Riddhima thought to herself

On the other side, Armaan and his house was decorated with large and large boquets and lights

" Hey Armaan, this is only for you!"

" Armaan turned around to see his best frend Rahul standing there
with the dhol baje dhol."

" Rahul!" he smiled and they hugged each other. Rahul started his song..

Dholak mein taal hai, paayal mein chhan chhan
Hoye, dholak mein taal hai, paayal mein chhan chhan
Ghoonghat mein gori hai, sehre mein saajan
Jahan bhi yeh jaaye bahaarein hi chhaaye
Yeh khushiyaan hi paaye mere dil ne dua di hai
Mere yaar ki shaadi hai, mere yaar ki shaadi hai
Dholak mein taal hai, paayal mein chhan chhan
Ghoonghat mein gori hai, sehre mein saajan
Jahan bhi yeh jaaye bahaarein hi chhaaye
Yeh khushiyaan hi paaye mere dil ne dua di hai
Mere yaar ki shaadi hai, mere yaar ki shaadi hai - 2
(Pyaar mila, preet mili mere yaar ko
Badi pyaari jeet mili mere yaar ko) - 2
Khush hai jo dil, maine mehfil
Ho, khush hai jo dil, maine mehfil geeton se saja di hai
Mere yaar ki shaadi hai, mere yaar ki shaadi hai - 2

Rahul and Armaan sweered to the dancing tunes of the song. " The entire Modi residence was on fire with the entire marriage celebrations.


The sangeet was on in the next day. Armaan was dressed in a black sherwani and was looking smart and hot. Rahul was dressed in a brown kurta and they made their way towards the Gupta's residence which was waiting to greet them. By this time, Armaan was likeable by all except Anjali and Riddhima in the family. Anjali brought Riddhima who was dressed in a blue saree looking ravishing as Armaan could not stop staring at her.


The Sangeet finally began. Boys on one side and girls on the other side.


Shasnak started the first song:

Eh Meri Zohra-jabeen, Tujhe Maalum Nahi
Tu Abhi Tak Hai Haseen Aur Main Jawaan
Tujhpe Qurbaan Meri Jaan Meri Jaan
Eh Meri Zohra-jabeen'

Smirti smiled at this and blushed. She begin the next song:

(Kismat Se Tum Humko Mile Ho
Kaise Chhodenge, Yeh Haath Hum Na Chhodenge) - 2
Phir Se Banti Taqdeeron Ko
Armaanon Ki Zanjeeron Ko
Jaanam Ab Na Todenge


The entire sangeet went on like this until it Was Armaan's time. Everyone started at him. Riddhima looked right through him. He begin..


" Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam, teri hogaya hai hum, teri kasam" His song shocked Riddhima completely. There were many oos and aas that took place. Everyone stared at Riddhima for a reply. Riddhima gave him a hatered look. She thought to herself, how would she get out of this one. " She begin slowly.. "Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Mere Khwaabon Mein Jo Aaye
Aake Mujhe Chhed Jaaye
Us Se Kahoon Kabhi Saamne To Aaye" she smirked at him as she sang this song. A small hurt came up on his face which she noticed. She wondered why it bothered her so much that he felt hurt. The sangeet was finally over and all went to their houses.


The marriage was set for tommrrow Riddhima thought to herself and as much as she wanted to hurt Armaan, she couldn't. She noticed his hurt look today and it pierced through her heart. Was she already falling for him? No, she couldn't fall for him. She was not in love with him and would never be in love with him. She was only in love with the prince of her dreams. How she wished he would come and take her away. But tommrrow she would no longer be Riddhima Gupta. She would be Riddhima Armaan Modi and the sound of it made her numb. She looked around at her room, so many memories and so many things to leave behind. Would she able to do this? A picture caught her eye. It was her, Anjali, Arjun and this other guy? She remembered him. They were best friends when they were little and she felt secured when she was with him, but now he didn't exist. She never knew what happened to him. She decided she had to wake up early tommrrow so she might as well go to sleep now.


On the other side, Armaan stared at the picture of a boy and girl,  " Riddhima, you may have forgotten me, but I'll never forget you and I'll remind you Riddhima, what love is" " I know that you are going to do everything in your power not to fall in love with me, but Riddhima's it's my promise, I'll make you fall in love with me. It's Armaan's modi's promise" said Armaan with a determined look on his face.




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waohThumbs Up jenny sound interestingStar plz continue it soonSmileWink

"A gentle brush of his fingers,
Sending shivers down my spine.
In the love I see in his eyes,
Is a love that equals mine.
He greets me with a smile,
And leaves me with a kiss.
If he were to ever leave me,
I couldn't imagine what I'd miss.
Maybe it's his touch,
Or the way he makes me feel.
But whatever it is,
I'm head over heels." For Ridhima to Armaan

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hey dear... sounds interesting... its like opposite poles attract....waiting to see the story getting unfolded... continue soon and plz add me 2 ur PM list....

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Awww i totally love the intro!
Con't soon!
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Cool intro... nice concept.. Luved the first part... Very excited abt the following parts.. Plzz continue asap.. n plzz do add me onto ur PM list........Smile
jia.. IF-Rockerz

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Wohooooo how come i missed this intro??? Jens the intro was just brilliant i have to say!! ok reading the name of the fic itself i was like so totally drawn into it!!! And the intro, just amazing, it sounds so vey awesome already, count me hooked jens!!Hug

Now coming to part one, well girl i knew you would excel just brilliantly in penning down this one, but u certainly amazed me yet again!! It as way beyond my expectations!! If the intro as fab, part1 as tunnng, um bowled over....

I completely loved the way u described Ridz, her assoiation with her family, infact the Ridz charm u created with the start itself is so highly cmendable!! I already adore her character!!

so we have Abhi forcing his deal of marriage between AR??? Just brilliant, and Ridz agreeing to atleast meet up with him?? Thats the best part u know Jens, the sensible, sweet girl, it adds that natural element to her character!!

Armaan, well theres no surprise that i already seem to have developed a liking for Mr perfectionist, though u only introuced him!!! Haha, Jens um so loving this!! Loooove u loads for starting this one!! Pls do continue it!!!

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