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Love Necessitates Itself-(RM)*complete*

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Alright folks got a new concept evolving in my head....i think its break supposed to be doing a document, so iv told someone lolzz...but somehow my mind wandered...*no surprises* LOL

so um gona come back with an intro soon, would do it now, since i have it in my head, but its a float, i dont wana kill the fic at its start for the sheer temptation of haste....anywaz, some random 6-7 hours, il post it on....duno how well il handle considering i have a fic going on....if um a multitasker at all, my domain never was reading or writing more than one...perhaps il leave the teaser n continue until after unleashing...but oh...the concept is here...i really wana not let it pass me by....

that said...i need ur vote on something, um inclined to make it an RM fic...stromngly inclined...leme know wats ur take, um not rigid on the fact but i really wud wish for it to be so, nonetheless its for u readers, i alwaz follow the plot in my head without deviating by demands, i cant possibly wish to disappoint u on the lead protagonist selection as well...if u leme know, il post the intro soon...will go by the majority of the number of replies i get in favor of which couple....Big smile

last...certainly the most important bit....this ones for the december babies, such dear pals of mine....hinu, kat, harika...and a certain someone who made me promise i'd keep it anonymous Wink um keeping my word to u hun much as i feel tempted to say the name here...haha...heres to four of u ladies....




ps: no PM's for revealing the title lolzzzLOL


Intro, Part1- Page1
Part2, 3, 4- Page9
Part5- Page 15

Part6- Page 19
Part 7-Page19
Part 8-Page25
Part9-Page 28

Part13-Page 43
Part14-Page 47

right here we go then , the intro...


"I'm sorry Miss," he gave her a sheepish smile as she looked down her nose considering him.

The magic phrases," she spoke, a smile starting to form on her lips, walking down the aisle slowly towards his desk. Every one of the 22 pairs of eyes around followed her stride, breathing in rhythm with the clicking of her pencil heals, while the 23rd pair looked back into hers, grinning. Pretty hazel eyes she thought. Well not exactly pretty. It was a bad word for boys even if this one was all of seven years old; besides they really were not pretty, captivating almost, inviting a second look certainly, the mischief apparent...yes but definitely not pretty.

"Four of them..." she continued her verbal talking parallel to her in-the-head chat, "...'thank you'...'please'...'I'm sorry'..." She paused standing next to his desk now. He looked back with the same daring mischief, for a second she wondered if the look did not fit exactly with her mum's description of her own childhood, her smile widened, "Never use them."



"My mum..."

"How can..."

She turned around and they were all facing her now. The sudden outburst at her comment stopped. None of them were intimidated. If there were people in the world they had to fear in their lives, their kindergarten class teacher with a smile as beautiful as her name was certainly not one.

She was unlike any of the elders. The little girls dressed in pinks and frills were always drawn to the tinkling key chains of the Disney princesses dangling from her handbag- Aurora, Ariel, Jasmine, Cinderella, even the latest Princess Tiana who was yet to be launched. The best of the mighty young lads in the class would on the other hand challenge her every once a week to beat them at PS3 games, each time the wager would cost one of them a priced possession- a brand new sizzling red toy car, the ninja fighters from Mc Donalds happy meals, the half damaged swiss knife retrieved from the kitchen garbage bin, a helicopter the size of a hand which could on battery fly in the room, a cowboy hat from an uncle in texas (the gun he said only after 18), even a Carlo Franco silk tie discarded by father at home for now being worn out...
the assortment was a wide variety, and it was displayed on the mantle towards the right corner of the room, low enough for the display to be visible to 7 year olds, and high enough for only Miss to be able to reach any of the treasures.

Yes she was a living legend for them, they adored her like she was one of them and admired her for being the best one at that. Now this new boy had messed up with her, and they wondered what to expect back. But her last remark had caught them off guard. She saw the many candid pairs of eyes staring back at her, waiting for her to explain. Didn't Miss have her mum at home to glare at her across the dining table at night if she missed using the magic words?  That was the rule right - if you want something you used the magic words. They were puzzled indeed, they stared on without blinking.

"Never use the magic words," she repeated cheerfully moving back swiftly this time to her own spot in front of the class and once again the pairs of eyes continued to follow her. The boy who had initiated the complication sat casually, the addition of slight interest added to his grin. His age was as innocent as the rest, and yet the mischief in his eyes compelled her to consider once again the rising sense of similarity. He spoke once more, and she noticed this time that his voice stood out just as much as the rest of him, apart from others and unmistakably so. Her laugh did that all the time she mused.

"What's the fourth," he asked casually and she couldn't help but marvel at his observation. While every child in the class had been baffled by the stance she made he had noticed she claimed four and listed three magic words only. She smiled at him in approval, then the slight murmuring brought back her attention to the remaining lot of them getting fidgety and restless now.

"The magic words should not be used because they are words which mean the least and have to express the most." Gaining the attention of each one of them, even him if for nothing then curiosity, she continued, "For example..." walking to the first seat she picked up the yellow Office Max pencil and snapped it into an easy two. The children stared their eyes widening, even he raised an eye brow she noticed. "If i break this pencil you own and say 'I'm sorry', it did you no good. You lost your pencil, and you can't even get mad at me cause I said the magic word." The kids frowned, she noticed him pop a tootsie rool into his mouth. "Instead," she continued, walking back to her seat and taking out an identical yellow pencil from her handbag, then walking back and placing it before the boy who's pencil she had snapped, "I should focus on undoing my mistake in whatever best way I can." She saw a silent moment in the room before they all erupted into loud whispers, mostly she realized sweeping her eyes over the room, in approval to her argument. She smiled.

"You still didn't mention the fourth one?"

His voice floated clear over the discussion din, and as she let her eyes go back to meet his. He did compell you to look back again she concluded. As he met her eye he raised his hand still chewing the candy and she tapped her table lightly with her knuckles. The discussion stopped and they all looked back at her. He spoke without her summon, he didn't need one he thought, and she did not object.

"You're too young to have the fourth one mess your life for now, we'll leave it for another time, lets say a decade from now?"

"Dec..ede?" A girl in front quipped uncertainly, clearly unaware of the word being used.

"Ten years." he said before she could answer the doubt and for once she did have the urge to frown, even if just for a moment. She kept the smile anyways.

"That's right Aditya. A decade means ten years, and thats exactly how long it is before you learn the fourth and final magic phrase," she stated. Pray it be more than a decade not less, she thought inside her head. She loved everyone of the kids in the class, and that was the most she could wish for them. Then lifting her books off the deask as her eyes fell on the clock hanging in the centre of the wall facing her across the room she continued, "Right then fellas pack up time it is. Lets see which line forms at the door first today." And even before the last word left her lips she saw the scramble that was a daily end of class ritual. Just so they would not take a lifetime to pack their bags she had introduced the age old concept of girls vs boys. Both had to gather their belongings and get into their respective line formed at the door, whichever of the two groups won was rewarded with a packet of candies at the start of class next morning. Within minutes, as was routine the lines had formed and she was going to show them the way out when she noticed the new boy was still packing with nothing to hurry him on. A boy next to him tryied to urge him to do it faster or their gang would lose, but he took his own sweet time. She preferred to not say anything for now, he wasn't going to be the usual case she had realized in the last 10 minutes. Atlast the lines were formed with Aditya finally gracing his team who each one without exception were scowling at him while the girls cheered and giggled. And she lead them out.

As the last of them went off with their parents she turned towards the parklot to walk to her own car. She had tried to keep an eye out for the new boy's parents so she could talk to them, but the mother of one of the girls had been rattling of with a reason for which she needed to take her daughter on leave for the next two days and she had missed them. Him, she corrected herself, it was a man she had noticed from the corner of her eye at a distance, and she had all but seen his back as he high fived Aditya, both of them laughed and then he helped the boy get into the back seat and buckle up. What joke could they have shared in a matter of moments she was intrigued, and why had the father not bothered to come up to her and meet her himself even if she had been occupied she mused further. Perhaps defiance runs in the family, she thought, then shaking her head she said out loud, "What about you girl, was it a defiant gene that made you the brat you are?" With a smack on her head she moved to her car twirling the keys on her forefinger. Loading her bag over the heap of miscellaneous crap in the back seat she moved to unlock the driver's door.

"Hey Maddy."

Rolling her eyes she groaned in her head. Sangeet Pal Singh. Damn the Canadian immigration which allowed buffoons like him to immigrate and attach the 'Canada Return' tag to their matrimonial adds. And dam families like her own, who studied the same matrimonials like they were the preachings of Guru Nanak himslef. With no mood to behave civil today she turned around.

"Hey Sissy," she wanted to punch him in the face as he grinned foolishly back. Instead she said, "Its Muskaan by the way, Muskaan Chadha, not Maddy." If only she could wipe off that grin, but it widened.

"Muskaan, I let you call me by the nickname you kept for me when we were kids. Why can't I use the name you had back then? Afterall, we are friends from when we wore diapers and did..."

"Spare me the details. I think I know what kids in diapers are capable of fairly well." She said interrupting the narration she had heard a billion times. "Why are you stalking me...again?" Even as she asked the question she kicked herself mentally. Why couldn't she just slam the door of her car in his face and drive away instead of making this conversation which would as per tradition go no where at all. Her sarcasm, her intolerance, her wisecracks, her direct insults, everything was lost on him, and always so. She tapped her foot impatiently as he stood staring at her, his foolish grin still on.

"Not stalking you at all, I heard the kids gave you trouble today?"

"Did not."

"But that new boy I heard..."

"Did not I said."

"Oh..." he paused and she turned back to the car indiacting the conversation was over as far as she was concerned, but he was not the one to let go, that was the only thing he was an expert at...unfortunately.

"What was the fourth magic phrase?" She twirled around glaring this time.

"You were spying on me?" she bellowed in his face, he nodded with a sheepish grin, then shook his head immediately.

"No I was done with my class, just happened to be passing by Maddy..."


"Muskaan. And I heard handle the kids so well. So the fourth one, you said they were young for it..."

"Yeh they are..."

"Oh I get it..." he quipped and she was forced to raise an eye despite herself. "Would you go to bed with me?" He was lucky she did not punch him this time, she had no idea what kept her from it. He was not just sissy, he was a pervert sissy.

"I love you," she stated like she was making a business introduction.

"Then you absolutely must go to bed with me..." he replied grinning. That grin, someday he would die for it.

"I LOVE YOU..." she repeated again with gritted teeth emphasizing each word, "Thats the fourth one. Now get out of my way." With that she did what she should have the moment she heard his voice. Slamming the door of her car shut after herself she backed out with the tyres screeching and drove away.


~Part 1~

"I'll have a 7 and a 13 please," she said without referring to the menu sprawled over the wall across from her. The boy at the counter facing her seemed like a new hand, she had not seen him before and that was a lot to say. She walked through this particular set of glass doors more times each week then the set of sturdy wooden double doors to her own Hamilton apartment. His back faced the display wall which was a sight all too familiar; her first job at 13 had been the spot that was his right now. She concentrated on the boy again, with no particular intention except habit.

A cute boy she mused- blue eyed, chocolate brown cropped hair, skin tanned half a shade darker than wheat, reasonable built, perhaps an edge over, his smile...a tinge too warm for the fake look of a serving guy, possibly trying to impress in the first few days. Alas!- too young. Her own momentarily intrigued smile from studying his looks faded into a polite one at the latter of all observations. Perhaps the cute boy edition was now available only in such models, limited up to the teens, up and beyond they were not an endangered species; they were most certainly extinct. Instead they were replaced by the likes of Sangeet Pal Singh.

"Will that be all?" She half groaned at herself, some of it was intended at his interruption.

"Yeh I guess." Why was she thinking of that sissy? "Actually add fries. Large. To go." Perfect. Now she was resorting to awfully greasy food to get her head in place. Whoever said it was a healthy diet which fueled the greatest minds. Obviously he had been mistaken, or just perhaps, she wasn't a great mind at all.


"Nah I'm good."

"That's going to be twelve forty seven."

Nodding she fished the cash and handed him a bill of twenty not wanting to bother calculating an exact change with her preoccupied mind. He did it for her, and she passed him a watery smile walking towards the pick up counter as he rattled the customary 'Have a good day!' after her.

"Number 7, 13, large fries."

It was a couple of minutes before she heard the processing girl announce out loud. "Thats me," she mumbled in a jaded voice lifting the bag off the counter with another obligatory smile to the girl who nodded back in recognition as was the custom. Walking out of the door she heard the welcome chime tinkle. The cold air hit her face and she breathed in deep closing her eyes lightly. And she smiled half heartedly. Forget that jerk Maddy, she told herself mentally. Its such a beautiful day, class is over, now the hours are all yours. Like always, she half sighed then smiled lightly again. Besides whatever for the foul mood and that dam sissy, fries with ketchup and the cure is instant, infallible. Ketchup? She smacked her head. Seeing her car a few walking feet away she moved towards it hastily opening the rear lock and dumped the food bag atop the heap, then turned back again towards the Taco Bell. Her momentary mood swings were incorrigible, sometimes it led her to marvel at her own patience to have survived living with herself all her life.

"What is he to you anyways," she muttered trying to reassure herself against the reality which she had been trying to ward off herself over the past six months, "why do you even react to him?" she sighed to shake off the agitation that had persisted from the minutes long conversation with her most likely suitor, then walked faster in an effort for the same even though the door was about five feet away.


She scrunched her eyes making a face at herself to have been, in her haste, aggressive with the door, now the fellow was knocked over. She saw him on the floor with wraps of tacos and quesadillas peeping out of the bag which had fallen out of his grip all about him. He opened his irritated eyes and she saw they were hazel.

"Ouch," she muttered in an undertone as he looked not obviously pleased, and she extended her hand to help him up. He looked at it for seconds, in doubt and reluctance but when she did not withdraw he took it looking back into her eyes, his own softening ever so slightly but the displeasure remained evident. Standing up he brushed his black over coat and she bent to pick up the scattered contents. The many pairs of eyes which had been attracted by the sudden action now resumed their mundane tasks discovering no further streak of interest in the encounter. She handed him his bag with a slight smile. Then not waiting for him to accept it she thrust it into his hands frowning the very next instant as she moved her hand  towards his face. He backed away before she could touch it, or even get close, with a frown of not plain anguish, but streaked with indignation this time. She shrugged and pointed to it lightly from a distance and said,

"It looks like a bruise which will turn blue. You might wana get a doctor to take a look at that nose." With that she made a move to walk past him to the pick up counter again.


It wouldn't have taken a genius to know that was for her. Raising an eyebrow she turned around with a curious smile. He did not return her gesture, and she was not surprised. In her haste and unpredictable mood she had slammed open the door in this man's face; the fact that it was not what she had intended could not possibly be his primary reaction with a bump on his nose to remind him of the consequences.

"Well?" he said waiting for her and she shrugged innocently at his question. He rolled his eyes and she noticed again they were hazel.
Attractive hazel eyes. Wow that was a second in a day. Not that there was a dearth of hazel eyes in Ontario, but Asian hazel eyes, two pairs in a day and both catching her attention- that did need a further thought. Until later that is she told herself as she saw the eyes in question were anything but happy. She groaned inwardly guessing what was coming next and sure enough it did, in his politely curt clipped accent.

Shouldn't you be apologizing?"

"It wouldn't save you the pain and I already saved you the trouble of collecting your stuff." She could see the disbelief etched over his face. It turned furious in a matter of seconds.

"There's still a mere courtesy to be dealt with, you owe me that?"

"I owe no one nothing. And I don't like apologizing to people." Ironically his evident anger did not turn back the heads upon them, it was her low voiced refusal which did.

you literally walked over me like a mat, gave me that nasty bruise and dropped all my food there isn't much of the liking option attached to an apology."

"It wasn't intentional."

"I'll remember to thank the devil for that..."

"Whoaa!" she exclaimed in a sarcastic fear, "Now you're cursing? In front of a lady? So much from one who reminds me of basic courtesies." She flashed him an amiable smile and he grit his teeth at her.

"You are no lady..." he retorted with a sigh at himself.

"And you are proving to be no gentleman sir, if I may so pronounce," she let her smile widen before adding, "If its the food you mourn over or the doctor's bills for the bruise I'm ready to cover charges for both. I hope that would leave behind no grudges?"

He shook his head and his clenched fists did not miss her as he said in the last of his restrained voice, "Think I'm going to pass the lucrative offer, my nose will survive and hopefully I will not die of eating food you touched. What I will not survive is the sight of your face another passing second." With a bow as mocking as he could muster he concluded, "Have a very good day Miss." and he walked out of the door, disposing off the bag of food into the trash on his way out.

She shrugged in an admiring approval. "A second pair of hazel eyes and a second streak of defiance...all in under an hour? That has to be a first." She smiled at herself still facing the door he had walked through a minute ago even though it wasn't what she was really looking at. "Maybe I should have made an effort for a happier aquaintance," pausing with a light shake of her head, "Then again, I wouldn't give it a second of thought if it was anymore civil."

She turned around to walk towards the pick up counter smiling mischievously at the several pairs of eyes looking away sheepishly at being caught guilty of being spectators to the unusual exchange. She chuckled out in glee grabbing the ketchup packs and on her way out heard the door chime tinkle again. It was a merry tune she concluded as she had on countless occasions before on days which had been happy and the tinkle had made her want to hum the tune. She hummed now, following the habit and then wondered what had caused her spirits to peak so suddenly; it was the evocative argument with the hazel eyed stranger. The sight of him sprawled on the floor flashed in her head and she giggled trotting towards her car, her thoughts narrowed to his eyes again. And then another face flashed in the background before a thought could crop up; she frowned realizing it was of the seven year old boy. Somehow her mind captured a striking resemblance between the two visages, beyond the color of their eyes...or maybe it was just in her head. Most likely the latter was it.

"I hope this ain't a dead end, " she whispered to herself
on an impulse, then smirked in a puzzled realization- an end to what? Turning the key into ignition her eyes mechanically checked the road ahead, and then the road behind her in the rear view as she swiveled the car out of its spot. She hoped this particular peculiar encounter, of the many over years, was not going to be simply discarded away forgotten in the pages of her life. It had been a powerful friction she felt not attraction and yet she was tempted to have a go at it again.

"An overdose of Lady Austen and you start contemplating chance in every clash Maddy. Get back to the real world. Arguments here hold no latent romance, and first impressions matter without exception. Lack of civic sense wasn't a retracting charm even in the stone age. Don't bother yourself with frivolities of the handsome. you care?" With that she raised the volume of the radio and let the music fill in the gaps- in her car, in her mind, in her life.

He flinched in pain and groaned in fury gingerly touching his nose. He could feel the rising bump, the tender spot he knew would turn blue very soon, just as she had predicted. Despite the agony and the grumbling of his hungry stomach he snickered in part anger. SHE. She reestablished the disaster women spelled for mankind, literally. He was no male chauvinist, it had just been rare for him to find women to deter that opinion of them. They were mindless creatures seeking fun, or meddlesome ones with too much of a mind, never a third kind. It was usual for him to lose perspective of the real himself in feminine company, but SHE had brought out the worst he had known in himself yet. Gosh, he had almost been willing to smack the woman so she would apologize. Not that he cared for a 'sorry' from her, she who he was never going to meet again. But her sheer defiance of owing him one..."Damn the women..." he cursed in an undertone as he reached his car and got into the driver's seat.

"Where's my food?" quipped a voice which was rather deep for the seven year old he was.

"What are you doing on the front passenger seat? You know it's not legal Adi, get back to your seat in the rear."

"Dad?" Rahul rolled eyes at himself then turned around to face his son with a sigh.

"I don't feel like Tacos today." He said offering the most plausible of all lame excuses he could have thought.

"You had a fight with guy at the counter?" Adi spoke incredulously, and somehow it did not even sound like a question.

"I...what?...Adi get the belt on at least and..." he stopped as Adi his hand forward.

"Ouch...Adi for heavens that hurts." Rahul reeled back in pain the moment Adi's finger brushed upon his nose.

"You did have a fight." The boy concluded in a whisper. Then he broke out grinning and giving his father's arm a cheerful slap he spoke out loud again, "That's fantastic Dad. You are finally becoming a man." Rahul opened his mouth to retort, then clenching his fists he said in a stern voice.

"I was one all along just in case you failed to notice. But you mister don't try to outsmart me at just 7."

"Oh now you remember I am 'just 7'," he started making quotes in the air for emphasis and Rahul made a face turning the ignition on as he continued, "What about all the times I get to do laundry and dishes and vaccuming and what not because I am a grown up young boy?"

"The washer does the laundry, you only load it 3 times a week, as you do with the dishwasher, and you liar, the only thing you ever vaccumed was the insides of your toy car and that all of once. vaccum never worked after you did that." Adi stuck gave a defiant shrug and Rahul added shaking his head, "Dam Adi, how the hell did you become such a brat?"

"As if you don't know," as rahul raised his eyes in question at his grumpy voice he complied, "Mum says I'm just like you."

Rahul looked away from him towards the windscreen pulling the car out of its spot, solemn at the remark. Adi bit his tongue for the words. After looking at his father for several seconds he said in a quiet voice.

"Did the counter guy get a blue nose as well?"


"The one you had a fight with. You better say he lost to you or I'm so going to disown you Dad." Rahul broke in a laugh despite himself then stopped in a second as his nose hurt him again.

"Ouch!" he exclaimed with a half smile, and half frown, "I did not have a fight with the counter boy Adi." He offered gingerly pampering his nose while the other hand steered the car onto the main 8 laned highway. "Let's go for a special meal today. Like downtown. Whatsay?"

"How can I turn that down. Can I also buy the new Madden series? 2009 is out."

"REALLY?" Rahul broke out all excited, then he said lowering his voice, "I mean...Adi you just got Metal Gear 4 last week. No more for this month I told you." Adi grinned widely. For all his age, he knew his father well enough; all could be resisted possibly but games...never!

"Alright then," he feigned in a mock morose voice and Rahul looked at him uneasily from the corner of his eye. This wasn't how he planned it. Adi was supposed to insist and pester him for the game, then he was supposed to give in and buy it for him and then the two of them would spend every night of the week, after completing all tasks to complete the series. Rahul realized he was doing this to gain the upper hand. He kicked himself mentally for another idea to turn the tables.

"Did Matt get it? And Ryan?" Adi nodded his head trying to keep away his snile somehow. He loved his Dad.

"Alright I guess then you can have it." Adi punched the air hard in triumph and Rahul grinned at him then at the road ahead. He loved his son. This was perhaps the only thing for which he forgave her everything else she had put him through. Shaking his head lightly he shoved away thoughts of her.

"Dad you still didn't tell me who won the fight?"

"I still haven't bought you the game in case you forgot."

"Oh come on. Now you resort to threatening?"

"Resort...threatening...good words," he started in mock approval and Adi made a restless face at him, " I did not have a fight Adi I told you."

"Or you just lost and are embarassed to admit." Rahul wondered why he was not willing to describe the encounter to his son. They shared every single truth. That was the rule in the house. Just Adi and him and no secrets. This is not a secret...its just...just a trivial nothing. He doesn't need to know...or maybe I am too embarassed to describe it.

"Someone walked in when I was walking out and the door hit my nose. Satisfied?"

"Someone? Who?"

I forgot to ask for the name. Want me to go back and look for her?"

"Her." Adi observed quietly and Rahul did not like his voice, or his expression in the least.


"Dad?" Rahul shook his head in resignation and looked at the road ahead in irritated focus again.

"Was she good to look at?"

"I lost my vision from the impact of her assault"


"It means an attack." Adi broke into a wide grin.

"So you mean she actually attacked you?"

"That was sarcastic Adi. And why is exciting for you to have her attack me?"

"I don't know. If you tell me that she was good looking I could explain myself better I think."

"Adi!" Rahul exclaimed in finality and it only made the boy grin his widest and cheekiest. "You have to be the world's most insane son, trying to set up your own Dad."

"Na-uh," he responded swiftly and as Rahul gave him an unbelieving look he supplied, "Ryan is always talking about his Dad's new girlfriends, many of them think Ryan is cuter than his Dad." Rahul wanted to pull out his own hair at that.

"That's it. No more NON INDIAN FRIENDS for you. Do you understand me?"

"Yes sir. No MORE non Indian friends for me. Ryan and Matt are carry forwards." Rahul smacked his head. Then suddenly, much to Adi's surprise he broke into a smile.

"You are just like me...incorrigible..." he whispered more to himself, but as Adi heard the words it made him smile just as wide, he made a mental note to ask his dad for the meaning of the last word...later.

She opened the door to her apartment and piled the tons of belongings she had unloaded from the rear seat of her car onto the couch by the door. Barring the condition of this one couch, which was now a qualified mess, the place looked orgnaized and well kept, even stylish...but not much used. It was a single bed-bath condo she had bought all of her own money in downtown. Suburbs villas were still out of her range and she preferred the hustle bustle of where the city actually was unlike those who preferred the quieter homes, even though it meant a grueling ride from home to work and back everyday.

So it had been this, that after refusing a townhouse in the prime of location, luxury and space that her parents had bought for her, in the neighbourhood of Sangeet Pal Singh, claiming it was close to her workplace which was indeed a block away from his house. Did he not invite her for 'coffee' every single chance that he could despite her turning him down everyone of those times? The pluck of that sissy!

She rolled her eyes at herself and thoughts of him again. Walking towards the kitchen she turned on the answering maching let it play the messages from the day out loud. First was her mother, asking if she was eating well, sleeping well, how work was going...and then if she was free for the weekend since they were planning to have guests over. She glared at the phone then cursing in an undertone ignored it. Guests indeed, another prospective groom and that only if they had finally, after some sense unexpected rationing of sense from heaven itself had given up their hope on her marriage with that sissy. Most likely it would be him and his family. She wouldn't have to think too long she knew, he was bound to mention it at school tomorrow.

"Hi Maddy..." she groaned at his voice. Could the man spare her personal space atleast. Maybe it was time for a new number for home. "Mum just called and mentioned about a get together at your place this weekend. She said it was an extra special reason and..." she pressed the tab for next before hearning another word giving herself a mock approval in her head. She had been close to guessing, if not at school he calls her up to mention it, HAH! As the next message played she turned her head towards it in a curious look then a slow smile crept to her face and finally it was a wide grin. An evening out at the mall sounded like a plan alright. Quickly she moved towards her bedroom to decide a new outfit to change into. She had this sudden urge now of dressing and looking good even if it was just the start of the week.

"Whoa Nij! you always know when to make a plan..."

"So how's the new school?"

"Good!" Rahul looked up from the slice of pizza he had been about to bite into at his son, then pulled his slice away from him before he could stuff another bite into the mouth full of food already. Had he heard him right?

"Good?" Adi nodded the amusement showing in his eyes and rahul persisted his querry. "How? Leme guess. Your teacher still hasn't figured you're a brat? Slow one he must be."

"She." Adi replied finiching off the remains of food in his mouth. "Its a she, my teacher. Good looking too!" Rahul gave him a warning look and he spoke before getting a retort. "I think she has the makings of a brat herself."


"Yeh she taught us how to not use the magic phrases today."


"Dad! You stopped understanding English?" Rahul flung his arms in the air at that.

"English? You wish. I am a literature major, even if MBA was forced upon me thereafter."

"Oh well we'll see that when I beat you at scarbble this weekend."

"Earth to you mister. Or do you need directions to get back? No one beats me at scrabble...not even you." Adi shrugged in challenge.

"Maybe not this weekend. Maybe not even the next. But if I can beat you at every single PS3 game, I will beat you at scrabble one day."

"Dream On."

"Don't wish that. You know what will happen if I get to it."

"Alright. Enough of meandering. What's with your teacher?"

"Well she said never use the words 'thank you', 'please' and 'sorry'." Adi stated. In some corner Rahul felt a click. Then he remembered how the lady at Taco had said something similar...about not apologizing. He frowned at the thought of her.

"She said there was another phrase we shouldn't ever use, only she didn't mention it. Said we were too young."



"I think I will have to meet this teacher of your's right away. Maybe this new school isn't quite as good as I was informed."

"But I like it."

"That bothers me even more. You and liking a school, even the teacher." Adi frowned and Rahul looked at him. Then with a sudden softening of expressions he put his hand on the much smaller hand by his side, "I want you to get the best education Adi. It matters a ton, I know how much I cherish mine till date. Why don't you just agree to go to a good boarding? You know my job moves us every year, if not every six months."

"And you know I am not leaving you for anything Dad. Finish up now. I can't wait to get Madden 2009." Rahul looked for a few more seconds into Adi's eyes who looked back with as much assertion.  Resigning he went back to the slice of pizza he left momentarily abandoned.

alright here it is at last part1 to the RM attempt...i plan to genuinely keep this short, not like unleashing promise hehe....specially with the exit of mayank...i duno how many will remember his face soon from now, even as i adored the couple all thru....

quick note...but dam important...this ones urs i said before...n ur in there...because when i searched for a name in that role this just came to may not all of u...the girl with that name...but the name fit so well...n this fic came from our did so much of my update in some strange way...n since ur the only one of the my nut gang left unpampered this week...its to u!...not just for the heck of was meant to be ghavent i long been telling u!!!LOL

cheers folks!


Edited by spln - 15 September 2009 at 9:32pm

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Qwerty123rty Goldie

Joined: 26 June 2007
Posts: 1578

Posted: 18 December 2008 at 1:35pm | IP Logged
Yeyyy!!! a new one coming from you....awesome.
Okay i don't mind if its RM coz its you writing it and i know once u start the fic we are all bound to fall in love with them as no problems at all it RM or AR am game...

Edited by krati.mehra - 18 December 2008 at 1:39pm
pickytg Goldie

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Posted: 18 December 2008 at 1:51pm | IP Logged
wonder fic huh!! ya yaaah tis is wat u been doin!

lukin fwd 2 it...RM nt ma favz..maybe after tdyz epi..luved RaHuL!! its cumin frm u....cnt miss it for ntn!

Naina123 Senior Member

Joined: 14 February 2008
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Posted: 18 December 2008 at 2:58pm | IP Logged
Yo NJ!!!

Its my long lost sister, from another mister!!! lol....Hahah I'm hyper on milk....but guess what?? This time I added sugar in it!!! Heheheh Don't tell anyone...My mummy's not meant to know!! Tongue u said, we both posted on the same day, lol....what are the erm...I read in a book somewhere someone said "The odd are always stacked against us" .....Or was that a movie? lol...either way I'm getting off topic!!!

Back on topic....Oooooo the FF title is intruiging indeed!!! Luurrrvvveee necessitates, haha that's how I read it the first time!! anyways...Sounds Interesting and personally I wudn't mind if it was an RM ff.....Or even if it was just a random pairing that have no relation whatsoever, as long as u wrote it!!! lol...woot!! Go NJ!!! and erm that doesn't mean u get up and leave!!! Tongue

Lotsaaa Luuuuurrrvvee and soppy ishtuff!!
Nainu Bakri Itachi Uchiha!!!

PS: Itachi is my latest crush......*sighhhh* and I do not care if he is an anime character!!!!! He exists in my world.....*more sighhhhing*
spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 18 December 2008 at 3:02pm | IP Logged
dam...u shud so talk to my brother...hes been killing me with his anime stuff...his new found best pal....thankfully not his latest crush lolzzz....bakri...its god dam good to have u back...gosh missed u horribly...

n hinus bday thread i was like if she dint show up um gona be comiting murder...but she told me u u can live...for now :D
Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 October 2005
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Posted: 18 December 2008 at 3:09pm | IP Logged
LOL  teasing with the title!! hehehe .... nice one thou
Awww for the Sagi in Ur life.... hehe... Thank u!!
RM?? FFF...... hmm i guess really it does not matter... what drives the passion is what makes it magical.... so pick which ever... i be here in some form or another
Love Kat
hinz Viewbie

Joined: 13 September 2005
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Posted: 18 December 2008 at 4:36pm | IP Logged
ok me really upset
me cudn't beat nij again
i go out for like a few hours and i get all these surprises?

oh well reserved
anitamalik IF-Stunnerz

Saraswatichandra Banner Contest Winner
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Posted: 18 December 2008 at 5:11pm | IP Logged
I'm so into this...You're writing another one! Your concepts are fab and Im sure you will do justice to this piece as well!!
I don't mind the lead being RM..I love all DMG couples equally!!!
You're gonna rock it!
Love, Anita

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