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'Your married Rahul, remember Naina your wife?' D.P says sternly

'Uncle it's ok.' Naina

walks forward and stands by Rahul, 'How can I stay married to Rahul when I know he loves someone else? How can I be the one to stand in the way of the love they hold for each other? A love that nothing compares too! I won't be selfish and cause more pain, and it gives me greater happiness in knowing that Rahul and Kakun will be together as they should be.'

'Naina….what to say? If this is what you all want then I'm not going to stand in your way.' D.P says, turns to Rahul, 'I'm so disgusted with you I have no words to express my shame and disappointment. You don't deserve Kakun, but since no doubt she loves you enough to take you back, I'm warning you that if you ever hurt her, if for one instant you make her unhappy or even one tear drops from her eye you will have me to answer to! Do you understand Rahul- you are no longer my son but Kakun is my daughter and has all the rights that go with it, including beating her husband if the need arises!'

Rahul looks at his Dad and knows he means every word. Joy blooms inside of him hearing what his dad had said; it meant that his Dad had taken Kakun into his heart and he would do everything to protect her.

'Well what a night.' Pretti acclaims 'anymore secrets to come out? I think we can handle anything now!' Everyone laughs at her comment, it breaks the tension.


'Sorry Devi Aunty did you say something?' Pretti turns to Devi

'I said yes there is another secret. The secret which had it come out along time ago the result would be something different. This pain, this despair, this destruction of so many lives would never of happened!' Devi replies

shasha74 Senior Member

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Kakun looks horrified and tries to grab Devi arm but Devi gets up and walks towards Dinesh. She stands in front of him,

'I'm sorry Dinesh this is not the place I would've chosen to tell you this but so much pain has been caused because of secrets and enough is enough.'

'No don't tell, don't do it.' Kakun whispers her face in distress.

Devi turns and looks at Kakun and smiles, 'Mama knows best Beti.' she turns back to Dinesh, 'when we married you'd come upon in deep thought and sadness and ask what was the matter, I never told you, but I know you've always wondered. Wondered why I was so cool and detached with you when we 1st married. Why I was adamant in the beginning that I didn't want children. You never questioned or pressurised me, you just let me be and with your love and attention I changed and became the Devi you see today. However I know you've puzzled over my behaviour especially every 12th January when I need to be alone, even after the girls were born. The reason is the on that date 24 years ago I gave birth to my 1st child, my daughter, Kakun.'

Silence, everyone is shocked.

Kakun weeps for she never wanted this secret out, she never wanted to cause more heart ache to her mother, she had tried so hard to make things right; giving up Rahul for Naina, making Maa keep her secret. How unlucky she was that the ones she loved the most suffered all because of her.

Rahul walks over to Kakun and takes her in his arms, she stiffens but then falls into them, she has no more strength left; not physical not mental she feels battered from the storm of the last few months. She watches her Mother from the shelter of Rahul arms, her anchor.

'I don't understand?' Dinesh say his eyes on Devi then turns to look at Kakun, 'you and Kakun, mother and daughter? But you disliked her so much, you hated her for putting Naina through so much pain, I just don't understand.'

'Dinesh..' Devi puts her hand on his arms he turns to look at her, 'I didn't know who she was. I thought she had died.' Dinesh looks more puzzled, everyone is listening intently, 'let me explain………..' Devi tells her story about being an unwed mother, having Kakun, her mother giving her to Ghosh Pariwar, telling her the baby had died, she told the whole story, even the reason why Kakun gave up Rahul; she did it for her sister happiness.

'I don't know…..I…..Kakun Naina sisters?!' Dinesh lost for words

'Please Uncle none of it was Maa fault. She shouldn't of told you, she promised. Please don't take it out on her, I promise I'll never mention it to anyone, besides us no one need ever know. I'll go away, you won't have even have to see me ever again.' Kakun calls desperately breaking out of Rahul hold to stand before Dinesh.

Dinesh looks from Kakun to Devi trying to see the truth, searching their faces for familiarity. 'Can he of heard right? Every time the sadness surrounded Devi it was because of this? Her lost child? The child she had out of wedlock?' Dinesh shook his head trying to understand.

'Oh please Uncle, Maa didn't know she thought I was dead. Please don't blame her, please!' Kakun pleads

'Naina knew.' Rahul says quietly

'What?! What did you mean Naina knew?' Dinesh demands turning to Rahul, standing behind Kakun, Devi turns too surprised at what she's hearing.

'I told Naina the truth, she knew that Kakun was her sister and that the reason I was marrying her was because I had made a promise to Kakun.'

'You knew? You told her?' Dinesh questions Rahul, Rahul nods, 'that's why Aman killed Naina, she wanted to stop our shaadi, she didn't want to take her sister pyaar away from her. She came to Aman to help stop the wedding and the rest you know.'

Dinesh looks lost, to be hit by so many truths all at once, but to know that his beautiful Naina was willing to sacrifice her love for her sister, for the sister she had just found, the sister who was her enemy, it made him so proud, so very, very proud of his Naina. Tears run his face.

'Dinesh no!' Devi exclaims coming to his side, wiping his tears, 'please no don't cry. If you need to be angry with anyone then it's me for I kept you in the dark, not Kakun she is the innocent one in all this.'

Dinesh turns to Devi and holds her tightly, he whispers, 'she did good in the end, our Naina righted her wrongs, didn't she?' Devi hugs him tightly, 'yes she did, your daughter right till the end.'

They come apart, Dinesh turns to Kakun who is looking anxious, Rahul stands behind, her protector no one would be allowed to hurt her again, his body says.

Dinesh lifts his hand and strokes Kakun hair, 'you are Devi daughter and Naina sister, so you are my Beti now.' He pulls her into a hug and then with his other arm pulls Devi into the hug.

'Oh my its just too beautiful.' Pretti cries out tears running down her face. 'Oh I so love happy endings!' Everyone turns to her and smiles, 'but I'm starving now!' everyone laughs.

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'Actually I'm hungry too.' D.P say, 'Yeah me too' Dinesh replies.

'Oh wow a midnight feast, yummy.' Pretti says 'I could eat 10 aloo parathas!'

'So aloo parathas all around?' Gayo says smile on her face, everyone nods, 'Perfect, relax and I'll be right back.'

'No Maa you sit and I'll make them, I know exactly how Pretti and Dad likes them.' Kakun replies

'No you sit, you've had a…..emotional time, you take it easy.' Devi replies, 'Gayo and I will make the parathas.

'No Maa I really want to make them and everyone loves mine.' Kakun insists.

'Will SOMEONE make them, please before we all collapse in hunger!' Rahul demands

'Well you can go and make you own. You deserve stale bread and water for what you've done!' Gayo tells Rahul

'All this talk about parathas has made me hungry, please make them please. In fact the 3 of you make them no more arguments that way and WE GET TO EAT!' D.P says

Everyone laughs, 'ok Baba you win we 3 will make them, happy.' Gayo says.

She and Devi walk towards the kitchen, Kakun behind them, 'Maas I want to change and I'll be down.'

'Sure Kakun, you go.'

Kakun goes upstairs, Rahul watches her makes a remark to Bebe and leaves behind her, Naina watches, an outsider-'so near to everything that I have always wanted, dreamed off but still out of reach.'

Kakun stands outside Aman bedroom, unable to go in, unable to face the memories of that room. Her body shakes and tears roll down her face. 'Aman why, why did you have to destroy me?!'

She shrieks as a hand touches her shoulder and turns her back against the wall clutching it, fear in her eyes, her body tense ready to run, to hide.

'Kakun, Kakun it's me Rahul. It's ok it's all over Aman is not here. He'll never come back to hurt you again. I'm here Kakun, Rahul, it's ok.' Rahul continues to softly repeat his words as gently as he can and slowly Kakun hears his words and comes out of her nightmare.

'Oh Rahul I thought….' she collapses in tears in Rahul arms.

'Shh my love. I'm never going to let anyone ever harm you again. Your safe, you'll always be safe in my arms, shh.'

'I just wanted to shower and change but I couldn't……., I just couldn't go into that room.'

'Come on.' Rahul leads Kakun to his bedroom.

'But this is yours and Naina bedroom?'

'No. I changed rooms before Naina came. This room held my memories of you and I couldn't let someone else live in it if it wasn't you.'

He opens the door and leads her in; the memories flood both of them, of the anger when Kakun 1st came, the pain of leaving, the wonderment of love, of the despair of ever gaining it again.

'You shower I'll get some clothes for you, ok?'

Kakun nods giving a small smile

Rahul kisses he cheek, 'that's my girl' he winks and leaves.

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Oh Shasha. I'm all teary now. Words fall short to describe your talent. Once again what an execellent writing. So now the entire truth is finally out. Everyone knows everything now. It's great how D.P is looking out for Kaakon and seeing her as his daughter. Same goes with Dinesh, he has accepted her as well. Thank God that Naina is not going to come in between Rahul and Kaakon, although I do feel a bit sorry for as well. Love the way how Rahul has handled the situation with Kaakon, making her feel as lovely and pure as before and always there to protect her and watches over every step that she takes. Loved the fact that he switched room after marrying Naina. I could go on and on and on. In other words, I ABSOLUTLEY LOVED EVERY SINGLE PART OF IT. Hats of to you.Thumbs Up
rbb1 IF-Achieverz

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Posted: 18 December 2008 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
thank you Shasha, its was great as always, wow finally all the secrects are out really happy bout that, awww Dinesh is so sweet its nice that he took Kakun as his daughter, it was funny how Kakun, Devi n Gayo were fighting to make the food. its really nice to see Preeti being funny n loving. I love what Gayo said to Rahul hahaha. Naina is nice letting Rahul and Kakun be together, poor Kakun hope she gets better soon, I kno it will take time, love the last part between Rahul n Kakun, thank you
Lesca Groupbie

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Posted: 18 December 2008 at 3:27pm | IP Logged
FINALLY.....u r too talented hunnyTongue.....i cried throughout the was just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!i luv u foh doing thisSmile
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Awh that was so beautiful! I had tears in my eyes. Everyone's finally being nice to Kakun and they all know the truth about everything. It's so  nice Dinesh accepted her. I really can't wait to read more, it was so beautiful.
-alimabi- IF-Sizzlerz

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that was fantasic,brilliant,mindblwing.genuis,beautiful,sad,exqusit and well all o the words in the dictionary that is good lo. tash i loved it soooooooooooooooooooo much yu are an amazin writer and a fantastic author. great great work mwah xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx luv yu girl

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