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Farewell-ff-FINAL PART,13-16,10-12,7-9, 4-6, 1-3 (Page 3)

mabel Goldie

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Posted: 16 December 2008 at 10:21am | IP Logged
u really made me cry with this one...
thanx a lot honey....
luvd ur work!!!!!

farina_m Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2008 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
i my god that was so gd carry on xx
meekni Groupbie

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Posted: 16 December 2008 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
That was sooo good! I really hope they all find out about Aman raping Kakun! And that Kakun's Devi's daughter! Looking forward to the next part!
kdmhfan Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2008 at 4:13pm | IP Logged
Shasha Welcome back. You're certainly back with a bangBig smile. Wow it's so nice to have you back here. Yet again this was so so so superb. Briliiant writing. It's good see that both you and Mabel are back witth new ff's. Can't wait to read the next part.
Btw, I hope that you had a great trip:)
shasha74 Senior Member

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Posted: 16 December 2008 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
OK Guys a present, IVE COMPLETED THE FF!
so part 1-3 here and over the next few days i'll post the rest in chunks, so enjoy! love shahsa.
Part 1:


'DINESH NO!' Devi screamed as she saw her husband fly at Aman and punch him in the face.

'YOU MURDERER! YOU NO GOOD FOR NOTHING MURDERER! KILL MY NAINA! MY BEAUTIFUL NAINA! I'LL KILL YOU!' Dinesh screamed at Aman while punching him and kicking him as he fell to the floor.

'Uncle no, please stop.' Preeti cries out

'Rahul please stop Uncle, please this is not the way.' Kakun turns to Rahul her hand on his arm, looking into his eyes, 'This is not justice for Naina.'

Rahul looks at Kakun worried face and lifts his hand gently and touches the side of her face, he thinks to himself, 'No this isn't justice, not for Naina but especially not for you Kakun and I will see that Aman pays what he did to you my love.'

Rahul walks over to Dinesh and pulls him off, 'Uncle No, enough. Let the law punish him as he should be. He used the law now let the law teach him how it is meant to be used in JUSTICE.' But is unable to help himself and gives Aman a hard kick in the ribs!

Dinesh looks at Rahul fury and murder in his eyes and suddenly he collapses in his arms crying, 'He killed my Naina, my beautiful Naina.'


'Dinesh I know, I know.' D.P takes Dinesh in his arms and walks him across to the sofa, tears in his own eyes, that Naina his best friend daughter, the girl who grew up in his house, who was very much his daughter was murdered by his own son. He closed his eyes at the double pain this knowledge brought him.

'Maa?' Aman whispers out 'Maa?'

Gayo looks at the scene around her; D.P cradling Dinesh in his arms, Devi being comforted by Bebe and Preeti, Naina calling the police, Rahul looking down at Aman with murder and hatred in his eyes and Aman, Aman lying there in a pool of his blood calling out to her, his mother. Her child, the one she loved the most, who felt the most was in pain and needed her. She took a step towards him'.

A slight movement catches her eye; in a dark corner by the door half in the light and half in darkness Kakun stands leaning against the wall. Though she is looking at the scene, her eyes are far far away and it wasn't a happy place. Gayo had never seen such pain, such torment in anyone before and intensity of emotion was only increased by her absolute stillness and silence of Kakun. Gayo could feel the darkness taking over her, the light that was always within Kakun was being smothered until all that remained was the darkness.

Gayo looked down once more to her child, her 1st born, she closed her eyes and took a deep breath, she opened her eyes and looked straight at Kakun, with her in her sights she walked to her, stepping over Aman in the process but not once looking at him or acknowledging him- he was nothing to do with her. The creature lying on the floor was not something she knew or wanted to know about.

'Kakun Beti- it's ok I'm here. Your Maa is here.' Gayo gently calls out to Kakun and takes her hand pulling her out from the shadow. 'NO ONE mere Beti is ever going to hurt you again and this is a vaada from a Maa to her Beti.'

Kakun looks at Gayo in disbelief 'But Aman is your'..'

'Aman is nothing to me. NOTHING! From this day forward all I know is that my Aman died 5 years ago when he left this house.' Gayo looks at Aman lying on the floor still calling out for her, 'That thing lying there has nothing to do with me and this Pariwar. I have no idea who he is or what he is except that he is evil.'

Everyone watches and hears Gayo as she says this, Aman turns and lifts his bloody head from the floor and lifts an arm towards Gayo, 'Please Maa, please''

Gayo turns to Kakun and helps her across the room towards the sofa where Devi is sitting crying.

'Naina how long till the police get here?' Rahul ask

'Any moment now, Rahul'.here they are.' Naina goes forward with Rahul to the Inspector and tells what has happened.

'Thank you Sir-Madam but I need to ask Kakun Punj some questions.' He looks at them everyone turns to look at Kakun.

'Inspector I am Kakun, how can I help?' Kakun voice is quiet and subdued

'Please tell me how you found out the Mr Aman Punj murdered Miss Naina Bhasin and why.'

Kakun loses herself in her memories; flashback to how happy she was with Aman for being such a good son and brother. How much she appreciated him for being her friend, for standing by her, for always supporting her. That day that Rahul came home, though it was painful to have him back for she still loved him, she also realised that her feelings for Aman were changing too.

She knew she could never love anyone as she loved Rahul, he was her 1st love, the one who showed her what love was but he had also brought a lot pain in her life, had destroyed her faith, her trust and as much as she loved him she never felt sure about him, never fully trusted him or his words of love after what he had done to her, but she could also never take him out of her soul or heart he had stolen pieces of both.

She thought that by marrying Aman; both of them been hurt by love and their understanding of each other, their friendship it would be enough, but she realised that day that she cared about Aman and though he could never take Rahul place, there was a place for him in her life and her heart. She wanted to tell him that, tell him that her past was her past but he was her present and future and that was why she had brought him the watch - as a symbol to their new lives together, she new he would understand.

With so many expectations and trust she had set out to his office only to find the real Aman behind the mask he hid behind; the nasty evil person who would stoop to murderer and framing his own brother to get what he wanted. To blackmail his own wife, to use her, abuse her, cause her pain just for his own pleasure. Kakun shudders at the memories, at the living pain that lives within her, never ending, never giving her peace, this was why she wanted to die, this was why she wanted an to end her life; for hers was not a life; there was no happiness, no joy- just pain and agony; her life was darkness there was no light anymore, not from within her. She looked at the Maa statue in the mandir and felt nothing; not the love and belief she used to feel when she looked at her, now their was nothing, just emptiness.

'So you went to Mr Aman Punj office and while trying to hide his gift you found Naina Bhasin mobile and bill. You looked at them and realised that her last call on the night she died was to Aman Punj. At this point Aman Punj came in and told you the truth; that he had murdered Naina Bhasin because she had wanted you and Rahul Punj to marry. Is that right?'

Kakun nods her head still seeing everything in flashback

'Please explain to me Kakun why would Naina Bhasin changed her mind at the last minute and wanted you to marry Rahul Punj? And why you have not come forward till now with the truth until now?' The Inspector asks sternly to Kakun

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shasha74 Senior Member

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Kakun face turns to Devi; fear in her eyes that her Mother's secret was about to be exposed. It couldn't be, it mustn't be! After all her Mother had gone through, so much pain for the truth to come out now all it would do was cause more pain.

Kakun looks at Devi and shakes her head.

'I don't know why she changed her mind but as to why I didn't say anything, I..I..I couldn't.' Kakun looks down at her hands.

'Couldn't? Please explain'

Still looking down at her hands, twisted together in her lap, 'Aman said if I told anyone, if I went to the police as I was going to he would…he would make sure that Rahul would get the blame and would spend the rest of his life in prison or even get the death sentence.' with the last few words Kakun voice peters out to silence.

Bebe gasps and tears roll down her face at the thought that her grandson would frame his own brother for murder. 'Aye what monster had been born into her house.'

'How could he do that?' The Inspector asks

'He had a tape of Rahul threatening Naina with a knife, which would make it look like that it was Rahul who had killed Naina not Aman.' Kakun looks up suddenly straight into the Inspector eyes, 'You have no idea how clever he is. He plans everything in advance, he once said to me that he was the puppet master and we all danced to his tune. I danced to his tune and every time I thought I could defeat him he caught me out and punished me for it.'

Rahul closed his eyes knowing that Kakun words were for the Inspector but they hit him hard; 'how could he been so blind, so stupid as not to see what was going on right under his nose? Had he not told Kakun that he could read her silence, that he could read her eyes? Had he not seen the pain she was in or the terror in them when she was with Aman?

Of course he had but he had put it down to the pain of loving him, of wanting him, how egotistical he was! He saw Aman pain as real and blamed Kakun, had forced her to be with him, the person who had destroyed all her happiness and believes. He had hurt her time and time again thinking that he was looking out for his beloved older brother Aman as he had looked out for him. What a joke that was, Aman had done everything he could to make sure that he felt guilty and would push Kakun to him; Aman was right he was the puppet master and everyone especially him, Rahul Punj had played to his tune!

Oh Lord how much she must love him to go through all that, live through all that just to protect him. And in the end when she thought he was safe, safe from Aman she was willing even to give up her life for him. What did I ever do to deserve you Kakun? How can I ever make it up to you? But I will my love, no matter what I will make it all up to you. For every moment of pain I've given you I will take each one of them back and make each and every moment to come one of pure love and happiness. This is my vaada and no matter what even if I have to fight you I will not break this.'

'I see, thank you Miss Kakun, if we have any further questions we will contact you.'

'Take Aman Punj into custody. Mr Punj if you will like to organise his bail please come to the station.'

'Bail? For that worthless being? No Inspector, he is better off behind bars in fact he is safer there too, for if I knew he was out and free, able to even think about coming near my Pariwar I'd kill him!'

The police officers pick up Aman from the floor and drag him out but just before he leaves he turns and looks at Kakun, 'This will never be the end for you my darling Kakun. No matter how hard you try you'll never be able to forget me. I am apart of you now and for always after…' gives evil smile 'well you know what I mean don't you Kakun Honey!.' He turns and looks at Rahul, 'And as for you my dear Bro, don't think you've won. Don't think that ever! Don't think that Kakun is yours now, for I have..' he turns once again and looks at Kakun up and down with a sneer, 'I know her in a way you haven't, even if it was just that once!' winks at Kakun

'GET-HIM-OUT-OF-HERE-BEFORE-I-RIP-HIS-HEAD-OFF!' Rahul tells the officers through clench teeth, his hands have become fist and his blood boiling.

Aman laughs sardonically as he is dragged out of the building.

Kakun gets up and runs out of the room to the bathroom.

'KAKUN!' Rahul

'Kakun!' Devi

'Kakun!' Gayo

shasha74 Senior Member

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They all get up to go after her.

'Please, please don't go after her. Let me see to her.' Naina voice stops them in their tracks. 'Please let me see to her if I need any of you I'll call.' Something in Naina expression stops them; there is a knowledge in her eyes, an understanding of Aman cryptic message to both Kakun and Rahul.

'Teek hai Naina, but if you need us, call immediately after all Aman has put her through she needs our love and support more then ever.' Gayo tells Naina.

'Tell her I'm out here waiting for her Naina. Tell her I'm waiting to hold her.' Devi tells Naina, tears in her eyes at what her beautiful daughter had been going through without her knowing, without any support from any one least of all her mother. How unlucky her daughter was to have lost the Mother who had loved and cared for her. Who had gone against her own family for she could not bare to see her child in pain and to gain a Mother who was blind to her daughter pain, who had sacrificed one daughter happiness for another. None of these events would of happened if she had been strong, had been a Mother and forced what was right on both her daughters. My mistakes and my daughters have paid the price for them.

Naina nods and walks away from the room, following Kakun footsteps.

'What do I say to her? How do I tell her how sorry I am? Kakun oh Kakun you have showed me what love is, what love is meant to be- but the price you have paid, was it worth it? I don't think I could ever be as strong as you. I could never do what you did day after day. Living with your sister murderer, living in the house with the man you love; so near yet so far. Then to see him turn away from you, unable to tell the truth, protecting him and then to see him with another, to organise his wedding, to dance at his mendhi. Oh Kakun you shame all of us with our selfishness.'

Naina reaches the bathroom door and can hear Kakun being violently sick. Her hand on the door knob, she closes her eyes and with a deep breath opens the door.

Kakun is throwing water on to her face; a face that is deathly white, there is no colour at all, her small frame is shaking, she looks in to the mirror and screams 'NO!' and smashes her fist against the mirror breaking it, cutting her hand at the same time. The red of her blood seems darker and deeper against the white of the sink, against the white of her face as she brings her hands up to cover her face, unable to look at herself, disgusted by what she sees in the mirror- she falls sobbing to the floor.

'Kakun!' Naina cries out, rushing to her. She cradles Kakun body in her arms, rocking her as she hears Kakun sobs, her own tears mingling with the water on Kakun hair.

'Oh Kakun, I'm so sorry, so very sorry. You tried to tell us but we just didn't see the signs. I'm so sorry to what he did to you, so very very sorry.' Naina whispers to Kakun.

Just Kakun sobs can be heard, her cries are piercing; the sound coming from deep within her having been held down for so long and then finally silence.

Kakun lifts her head as though it weights a ton and looks at Naina, Naina flinches at the deadness in Kakun eyes.

'No Kakun don't let him win. Please don't let him win- I know what he did to you, I know the foul thing he did but you can't let him win, you can't!.' Naina tells Kakun desperately for she fears what she sees in Kakun eyes.

'Keep him happy Naina. He has lost so much but your love and patience will win him over. Promise me Naina, promise me that no matter what he does you will make him forget me, you will give him so much happiness that even if ever he should remember me it will be nothing more then an echo of a time long ago. Promise me Naina; promise to love him with all the love you have. Promise to be understanding and patient with him- for he will think that he loves me, wants me and will try and get me, but it is too late for that, much too late. Promise me that you will take care of him. Of him and this Pariwar, they have suffered a terrible loss; love them and take care of them for they have so much love to give to you. Promise me Naina promise me.' Kakun speaks quietly, clearly but from far away.

Naina crying shakes Kakun, 'Don't let him do this to you Kakun. Don't let Aman win, Rahul belongs to you and to you alone. He loves you, wants you, never me I was just a cover for him to hide behind. Listen to me Kakun Rahul only wants you, everything he's done was for you even taking Naina murder was for you, for your happiness! You've both sacrificed so much for each other and none of it was necessary it was all Aman fault! Kakun don't let him win, don't let him take away the love that binds you and Rahul together, don't. Kakun please yours and Rahul love demands a happy ending, you are meant to be together no matter what Aman has done, don't let him win.'

'I have nothing to give Rahul Naina. Whatever was left Aman took it the night you and Rahul married. I so wanted Rahul to marry you, I knew once married to you he would be safe, safe from Aman that you would protect him, for I knew you loved him. I knew you'd make him happy. I was planning to leave Aman that night for I knew with Rahul married to you I would be free, I would finally be free of him! But I can never be free of him Naina, never, he made sure it that night! I have nothing left to give to Rahul not even love; everything that I am Aman has tainted; finding out he killed Naina and he framed Rahul for it he destroyed our friendship, my trust in him, he tainted my mind and heart. But that night…the night you and Rahul married he tainted my body and ripped away my soul!'

'Kakun I know, I know. I understood what he meant with those words to you. He raped you that night and that's why you tried to kill yourself. But it wasn't your fault Kakun, none of it. It doesn't matter, it doesn't; you still love Rahul and he loves you, nothing will change that nothing not even what Aman did.' Naina desperately tries to convince Kakun, she feels she is losing Kakun

'I have nothing to give to Rahul, nothing to give to anyone Naina. Do I love Rahul? I suppose I do but nothing can ever be the same again; I no longer believe in our love; a love that causes nothing but pain can that be love? A love that hurts so many, can it be called love? Even Aman was destroyed by mine and Rahul love and all he did was because of it, because of me.'

'NOTHING YOU DID WAS THE CAUSE OF THIS. NOTHING YOU DID GAVE HIM THE RIGHT TO DO WHAT HE DID, NOTHING!' Naina screams at Kakun shaking her. 'DON'T YOU DARE DEFEND HIM OR WHAT HE DID!' Naina looks Kakun straight in the face, 'The pain caused was because others couldn't see that you 2 were meant to be together. None of them understood that to love is to give not to take, to snatch what was never there's! You and Rahul belong together, your love is right for you both; you both give for each other. Kakun don't let Aman destroy what it right, what should be, don't let him win.'

'Promise me Naina.'

Kakun looks at Naina but her eyes hold no emotion and Naina knows she's losing the battle; she knows that if Kakun does not fight against the darkness that Aman brought into her life she would be destroyed and in her destruction Rahul too would fall! Aman had not just murdered Naina but he was the murderer of Kakun and Rahul too; of their love, of their dreams and hopes. Naina wouldn't allow Aman to get away with this, he had taken too much already from them, especially from Kakun.

'Fight for him Kakun, fight for him as you always have.'

'Promise me Naina.'

Naina stares at Kakun and knows that she will not give up until she says yes. She nods but to herself makes a promise, 'Fine Kakun I'll promise you for I cannot give you anymore pain or trouble and if it eases your mind for even a moment then my lie will be worth it. But I promise you and the love you and Rahul share that I will not be the cause of you 2 being apart.'

'Kakun you 2 have been through so much you cannot abandon Rahul alone. He…'

'Abandon Rahul alone…? What do you mean Naina?' Rahul asked from the door. His eyes come to rest on Kakun and all the love that he had tried so hard to hide from her and everyone shines in his eyes, but slowly he takes in her colourless face, her lifeless eyes and then the blood on her face and hands, 'What the hell happened?' he asked Naina as he quickly comes to Kakun side.

rbb1 IF-Achieverz

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its nice to know that Naina worked out what Aman meant and did to Kakun, hope Rahul and the family find out soon, poor Kakun she dosent kno wat to do, after all that she has been through she still wants to make sure that Rahul will be happy, she loves him so much if their love is not true n then i dont kno wat is. Hope Naina tells Rahul abput what Aman did to Kakun soon. Its nice that Naina wants to unite Rahul and Kakun bcuz she knows their love is real and no-one can come between them. Thank you for the update Shasha, cant wait to read more

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