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Farewell-ff-FINAL PART,13-16,10-12,7-9, 4-6, 1-3 (Page 11)

rmrocks Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2008 at 10:55am | IP Logged
shasha awsom pt agen
yor briliant babes
conti soon

nikki786 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2008 at 11:39am | IP Logged
hiya just read the chapters and it amazing
youve spolit us too much that we keep asking for more lol
reali loved it and cant wait for the next part
kep it up  lyk always
nikki786 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2008 at 11:42am | IP Logged
hia just read the chapters and they were amazing and brilliant
youve spoilt us too much that we keep and asking for more lol
cant wait to read next part
keep it up as always  

shasha74 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2008 at 11:47am | IP Logged

PART 16:


They watch silently; both beyond contentment; for the 1st time both of their souls and hearts were as one, were at peace having finally found each other and had joined; the 2 halves of the whole had come together, fitted and were now complete.

'I told you didn't I that chandani raaton mein aksar karichmay hote hain.' Rahul murmurs in Kakun ear.

Rahul cuddles Kakun, there was something about this night that was special; a beauty, a stillness, a peace, that filled the air like the scent of the jasmine that grew on the balcony.

'I can't believe were finally together.' Rahul says hugging Kakun tighter to his chest; he wondered if the fear of losing Kakun would ever leave him, 'yeah maybe in 40 years or so!'

'I know my love, I know. To have you so close to me and knowing that I have nothing to fear, that I do not need to hide my love from you that I can do this…' Kakun turns and kisses Rahul on his cheek, 'it eases my heart.'

Rahul laughs 'well ease away if it means I am rewarded with your kisses!'

Both are silent again, they feel no need to talk wrapped up in their love, comforted by the joy of being in each other arms, the rightness of the moment.

'Kakun no delays- I want us married asap and a simple wedding; just us and our families. But I want a long honeymoon, so no complaints from you about coming back home because your missing Bebe or that Mum needs you or Pretti Bhabhi pregnancy! This is our turn, in fact forget that this is my turn and your only duty and thoughts will be about how to please me, understood?!'

'Not even married yet and already dictating terms to me! What if I said no, then what are you going to do?' Kakun teases.

'Simple I'm just going kidnap you, lock the 2 of us away in some remote area, have my wicked way with you and then you'll have to marry me, otherwise what would the children say!' Rahul replies teasingly scandalous.

'Rahul! And just how many children do you think we are having?' Kakun ask

' Well I was hoping for a basket ball team….'


'But I realised then that I'd have to share you with the little brats; I know you with all those kids you'd never have time for me! So I decided I want 3- 3 beautiful loving girls, so that I can be king of my castle with my lovely ladies surrounding me, spoiling me.' Rahul says smiling at Kakun

'3 girls?! Are you sure? What about a boy, a son?' Kakun asked slightly confused most Indian men wanted boys so to continue on the name.

'Kakun I would be happy with anything we had, girl, boy, green with pink dots! As long as they were ours. But my love, girls are just as good as boys; they roshan their parents name, their father's name both professionally and personally. They achieve brilliantly in their studies, in the work place and I know any daughters of ours would do that. But most importantly they roshan their parents name when they go to their susral and become, wife, daughter in-law and mother. This I've seen but I understood from you; that no matter how hard it had been for you, everyone against you, you put this pariwar 1st, the izaat of this pariwar 1st. Thank you my love, thank you and this is why I want daughters as I know with you as their mother they will be just like that, so what more could I ask for?'

Tears fall from Kakun eyes at the beauty of Rahul words; that he had understood her, he understood the importance offamily, the importance of compromise and sometimes of sacrifice for ones pariwar.

Rahul wipes her tears, 'hush no more tears Kakun, you've had more then your share and you heard what Dad said if I made 1 tear drop he'd beat me up, so can you imagine what he'd do to me if he saw all these!'

Kakun smile, 'Rahul tears are apart of life; it'd be like telling the sun not to rise. Each tears means that we feel and in feeling it means that we are alive, that we have emotion and without emotion we would be just alive corpses. If we feel no pain then we feel no joy for every emotion is interlinked. How can we have life if we do not have death. How can we understand what happiness is if we do not have pain?'

Rahul looks at Kakun, she had always surprised him that being so young she had an understanding of the world, of human nature that was beyond compare. And even knowing that sometimes pain would be the only outcome she still followed her own path no matter what, even if filled with thorns. 'Ah my love, you frighten me with your believes. It was your belief of duties of an older sister that kept us apart, to walk that path by yourself, with no support, it scares me, scares me to think how alone you were. How alone I was, I couldn't go through that again, never again.' Rahul tells Kakun seriously.

'Rahul I can't change who I am or the believes I hold onto, I will compromise but you can't ask me to go against my own believes. You loved me but for so long you loved Naina, if I hadn't come to Amritsa you and Naina would've been married, in my eyes I was righting a mistake I had caused. I was alone but Rahul I had been alone for a long time, since Mami threw me out the house, when you refused to acknowledge me, marring Aman, I had made my aloneness my companion. However I am so very sorry that I made you feel alone I never wanted that, I have always wanted you to be happy. I promise you will never be alone again, never again.' Kakun replies as she hold Rahul face, convincing him that her promise was real.

Rahul crushes Kakun to him, holding her tightly, 'forget 40 years it would take an entire lifetime to make him believe that Kakun was his and his alone.'

'Help! Need to breath.'

Rahul laughs, 'Sorry. So back to our children; I want 3 girls and you…?'

'1 of each and a surprise. But I'm telling you our son will be called Anurag.'

'Anurag! Oh no will you never let me forget my mistake?'

'How can you call coming to Kolkatta a mistake? How can you say Anurag was a mistake? It was Anurag that I fell in love with, it was Anurag who brought me here, brought me to you and it was Anurag who gave me my mother. The name Anurag is so precious to me that I want our son to have it to remind me forever how lucky I am being with you and our family.'

'Damn it Kakun, don't make me cry.' Rahul voice is husky with unshed tears, Kakun had taught him so much about giving that he sort he learnt it all but he was wrong there was so much more he had to learn and he knew with Kakun at his side he would learn and grow into a better person.

'Well really Rahul here you brought me up, we have this beautiful night, romantic setting, me in yours arms and all you can say is 'damn it Kakun don't make me cry!' Talk about the last of the romantics! I might as well sleep with Maa and…… Rahul!' Kakun screams.

Before Kakun finished her sentence Rahul had twisted so that he was on top of Kakun; he had her hands up by the side of her face, each one a prisoner in his. He looks at her with a naughty innocent look, lifts an eyebrow, 'you were saying something? Complaining I believe that I wasn't being romantic enough maybe?' he drops a kiss on her cheek, 'Complaining that I wasn't paying any attention to you, maybe?' he drops another kiss on her nose, 'and on top of all that threatening me that you would go to Devi Aunty! Well let me show you what happens to you when you threaten me!' Rahul head comes down and his lips capture Kakun.

Silence for several minutes!

'Kakun. Kakun are you ok?' Rahul concerned

'Hmmmmm perfectly alright. In fact I feel wonderful! You know something Rahul if I could bottle your kisses I'd make a fortune!.'

'I'm offended! You would want to sell my kisses to millions of women instead of keeping them for yourself. I feel so used.' Rahul turns his back on Kakun

'Oh Rahul just think with all that money I could buy you so many bling-bling things!' Kakun puts a hand on Rahul shoulder, playing along with him, it reminded her of Kolkatta and how Anurag used to tease her. Rahul shrugs her hand off, he is smiling.

'I still feel so used by you.' pretending to be hurt still.

'Oh baby I'll make it up to you,' Kakun leans over and whispers in his air, 'Come on honey cakes give me a smile.' Rahul suddenly twist so that Kakun is lying on top of him his arms hold her prisoner.

'Make it up to me then.' He says, his voice husky and deep, 'you know what I want.'

Kakun looked at Rahul and knew she had to prove something to herself, to Rahul that Aman had not destroyed her, that she could take the incentive with Rahul physically, 'For you anything.' She lowers her head and kisses Rahul like he had taught her and once again fireworks go off.

'You can make me cross anytime if this is how your going to make it up to me.' Rahul says a few minutes later. Kakun just nods still dazed by the combustion that happens when she and Rahul come together.

Kakun yawns.

'Am I boring you?' Rahul teases

'No of course not' Kakun yawns again 'it's just..'

'Your sleepy humm?'

'Yes.' Kakun says softly the stress of the day having taken its toll on her.

'Sleep Kakun.'

'Don't want to, want to be with you, just you.' Kakun mumbles, her eyes shutting against her will.

'Shh, don't worry I'm here. I'm not going anywhere ever again, not without having you at my side.' Rahul says softly


'Promise Kakun. Now sleep.'

Rahul adjust himself so he lying down but still with Kakun in his arms. Kakun curls herself around Rahul so that her head rest on his chest, her ear against his heart beat. She wanted to listen to it forever, for as long as she heard it she knew she was loved and safe. Rahul would never let pain into her life again, she believed his promises to her, there was nothing that could separate them again, the nightmare was finally over.

Rahul strokes her hair as slowly Kakun body relaxes and her breath deepens; Rahul knows she is asleep and this is the best thing for her. He kisses the top of her head, Kakun snuggles closer, Rahul groans as having her so close was effecting other parts of his body. 'Control. Control. Breath in, breath out….Kakun doesn't need this now. You have to be in control Rahul, she's been hurt by one brutal man without you getting all hot and heavy.' Slowly Rahul relaxes, he watches their chand; the memories flood back of being in Kolkatta; he smiles 'I will bring that Kakun back; my happy, stubborn Kakun. A long honeymoon and definitely a trip to Kolkatta, otherwise a place where it can be just the 2 of us; no distractions or disturbances, just us.' He adjust himself so that Kakun is lying on top of him, her head on his chest, his arms surround her, hold her, his most precious love, nothing would ever separate them again, nothing.' Rahul falls asleep, both are watched over by their chand, giving them this night of love and beauty.

shasha74 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2008 at 12:08pm | IP Logged
OK Guys the next part is the last part and it is really long!
So be prepared especially emotionally as i intend to make you cry buckets!CryWink
nikki786 Senior Member

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Posted: 23 December 2008 at 12:43pm | IP Logged
awwwwwwwwww that was so beautiful
i loved it it was so cute
u are a brilliant writer shasha
 it was wikid
aww no i dnt want it to end noooooo!!!!

Edited by nikki786 - 23 December 2008 at 12:47pm
Lesca Groupbie

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Posted: 23 December 2008 at 3:42pm | IP Logged
i absolutely loved it!!! luving the Rakun scenesSmile....nd don't worrie cuz i got my tissues readyLOL
meekni Groupbie

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Posted: 23 December 2008 at 6:49pm | IP Logged
Awwwhhhh that was so beautiful! I can't wait to read your next update hun, i can't believe it's the last one! I can't wait to cry buckets, i've got my tissues waiting =]. Thankyouuuuuu!

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