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DMG 5 years from now #3...UPD Part 66 PG 196

Pebblez Goldie

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 11:11am | IP Logged
Hi guys!!!

Oh. My. God.

Third thread...!!! Never ever thought in my wildest dreams when i started this fic that it would get this far. Thank you, thank you, thank you SO SO much, to everyone of you!!! Really means a lot!!!! Oh and the thing is, i wanted to post the 50th part of the story in a new thread,

And.....OMG 50TH PART!! Never imagined i would get this far without you guys. So thanks a lot for everything. For just, everything: putting up with me, commenting, criticizing, pestering, special request 'pm' new ideas...Just everything that u guys have done, thanks a lot for that...loads of love


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(Thanks a ton to Rukz for the index...luv ya girl!!)

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Pebblez Goldie

BollyCurry Buzzer
Joined: 08 June 2008
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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 11:12am | IP Logged
50th part.

Riddhima smiled to herself and picked up the phone, plopping down on the bed.


Riddhima: Arrmmmaaaannn…(in a sing-song kind of way)


Armaan: arey wah…aj to tum bohat khush lag rahi ho…kia baat hai…?? (lying down on the bed, his head lying on his arm)


Riddhima: guess what…?? Mujhe abhi abhi Muskaan ne bataya ke Rahul ne ussay propose kia hai…isn't that great…??


Armaan: WHAT?? (sits up straight) RAHUL ne MUSKAAN ko propose ker dia hai…???


Riddhima: haan…(frowns) tumhain nahi bataya Rahul ne…??


Armaan: nahi to….(frowns himself) actually, ghalti meri hi hai…who mujhe kuch batana chahta tha..par main Anjali se baat kerne…(bites his tongue, as he had no intention of telling her about the confrontation with Anjali earlier)


Riddhima: kia…? Tumhari Di se baat hui…kab…???


Armaan: nahi…baat nai hui…who sirf….she wanted to talk to me, par maine manna ker dia…(biting is lower lip, as he hated lying to her)


Riddhima: hmmm…acha kiya…warna aik aur larai ho jani thi…(giggles) anyways…Armaan, kitna acha hua na..Muskaan aur Rahul are now engaged…wow…!!! (sighs wistfully)


Armaan: (naughtily) arey tum kyun thandi ahaain bharh rahi ho, tum kehti ho mein bhi kal aik ring le aunga….sabke samne tumhare aggay ghutney taik ker beth jaunga, aur kahunga….Basket, marry me…!! (getting dramatic)


Riddhima: (giggles, blushing) Armaaan…!!!


They keep talking to each other through out the night.




Next morning.


Aditi: (packing her clothes) Riddhima…(frowning, a little sad) mera jannay ka bilkul mann nahi ker raha…


Riddhima: (looks at her, sits down and hugs her from the side) Awww Aditi…I know yaar…main bi tumhain bohat miss kerungi..itne kamm arsay main itni achi dosti ho gai hai humari…


Aditi: yeahh…par I promise kea b main ati jati rahungi….aur apni shadi per to bulao gin a..?? (winks at her and hits her shoulder with hers)


Riddhima: Adiiitttiiii…(glares at her, then laughs) tum baaz ajao…


Aditi: acha acha….arey main to batana hi bhul gai…tum bathroom main thi, peeche se Armaan ka phone aya tha…who keh raha tha, ke koi zaroori baat kerni hai, iss liye tum ussay milne chali jana, when u r done with the packing…


Riddhima: haan okay….


It was the day when all the temporary interns were to leave for their respective home towns again, as the paper had been given and the rotations were over.  It was time for the permanent interns to pack up and leave the hostel too, and move back to their homes. So, everyone was busy in packing and they had the day off.


Riddhima gets up and goes to Armaan's room. She first knocks, but when no one replies she tries the knob. As the door is unlocked, she walks in to find no one in the room. Closing the door behind her, she walks further into the room. His clothes were, as usual, scattered everywhere. All the clothes were dumped on the bed and all his other belongings too, but nothing had been packed.


She sighs, shakes her head and picks up a shirt, folding it properly. As she does so, she turns around and is shocked out of her wits.




Armaan, who had just come out of the bathroom, screams even louder than her.




Riddhima looks at him and her eyes pop out in shock. He had just come out of the shower, and was clad in only a towel, that was covering his lower half of the body. His hair was wet, there were droplets of water clinging to his chest. Never before had she felt the way for him, such strong physical attraction, before this moment. She looks at him, and then embarrassed at her own thoughts, she blushes and looks down.


However, that look of utmost desire and unknown longing n passion had not escaped Armaan. He smiles to himself, and walks slowly towards her. Riddhima looks up at him and blushes. When there is absolutely no distance left in between them, Armaan slowly puts up a hand to her waist and pulls her closer to him. Riddhima's hands land on Armaan's chest and she gasps at the sudden close proximity.


Armaan rubs his nose against her eyebrow, and Riddhima closes her eyes, taking in his strong masculine scent.


Armaan goes near to her ear and whispers slowly.


Armaan: are you like, checking me out…??


Riddhima laughs in spite of herself. He had thrown that Dhoom 2 dialouge at her, the same one she had laughed out loud on when they all ha gone to see the movie together.


Riddhima pushes him away and laughs. Armaan smiles too. The hesitant ice had broken.


Armaan: wese by the way Basket…tumhain sharam nahi ati…meine kapre nahi pehnay hain aur tum esay beysharam larkion ki tarah mere kamre main agai, binna knock kiye…?? (putting his hands on his hips, raising his eyebrows)


Riddhima: Armaaaan…maine knock kia tha…par tumne koi reply nahi kia, to mujhe laga ke tum kamre main nahi ho…main to yeh dekhne ayi thi ke tumne packing ker li ke nahi…??


Armaan: (smirks) hmmmm……tum larki ho na, iss liye advantage hai tumhain…warna main kabhi aya hun kia, tumhare kamre main, jab tumne kapre nahi pehne hote…huh??

Riddhima: haaan haan…aker to dikhao…itni pitaai hogi na ke yaad rakhoge….(laughs) wese Armaan…tumne packing kyun nahi ki…??


Armaan: arey…main to tumhara wait ker raha tha….(hugs her from behind, puts his head on her shoulder)


Riddhima: mera wait.,…?? (frowns) kyun…??


Armaan: kyunki tum araam se mere liye PACKING kerna….aur main araam se PECKING keroonga….(kisses her cheek)


Riddhima turns around in his arms and laughs.


Riddhima: tum bohat shaitan ho gaye ho….(slaps his face lightly) …acha ab choro mujhe…mujhe jannay do…


Armaan: nahi…nahi chorunga…aur tum itni jaldi kahan ja rhai ho…??


Riddhima: Armaan….tumhara darwaza lock bhi nahi hai, aur tumne kapre bhi nahi pehne hain…koi agaya to bohat problem ho jaayegi….


Armaan: areyy Basket…tum kyun darti ho….ab to sab jantay hain, to tum to meri official girlfriend ho…aur mein apni hi girlfriend ke ssaath apne hi kamre main kuch bhi ker sakta hoon…


Riddhima: acha…? (raises her eyebrows) kuch bhi…??


Armaan: haan…kuch bhi…


Riddhima: kuucccchhh bhi…?? (a smile on her face)


Armaan: haan baba…kuch bhi….(winks at her)


Riddhima: really…?? Itna confidence hai tumhain…(starts walking towards him, a determined look on her face)


Armaan: (takes a step back) haan….bohat confidence hai…


Riddhima: realllyyyy…aur agar main…(walks even closer to him, he keeps stepping back) tumara yeh confidence…..torr dun…to…??


Armaan comes to a standstill as he hits the wall behind him. Riddhima puts both her hands on the wall, just like Armaan always does. Armaan gulps.


Armaan: Riddhima…yeh…tum…kia…??

Riddhima: kyun Dr. Mallik….abhi main chahun to MAIN AAP ke saath…kuch bhi…ker sakti hun….na to apke kamre main koi ayega…aur apne to kapre bhi nahi pehne…aur kyunki ap mere official boyfriend hain….to mujhe to pura right hai na….haina??


Armaan: Ridddhimaaa….tum…


Riddhima starts coming closer to him, as if to kiss him. Armaan is shocked and surprised out of his wits to see this side of her. She kisses his cheek…then moves over to his ear, and lightly whispers.


Riddhima: kyun…Armaan…darr gaye…??


Armaan looks at her, and senses the moment she is about to turn away. Riddhima laughs and as soon as she turns, Armaan takes hold of her, pushes her up against the wall, and puts both his hands against the wall. Now, she is the one whose being cornered.


Riddhima: Armaan…kia ker rahay ho…choro mujhe….(trying to budge him)


Armaan: uh-huh….(shakes his head) pehle to tum mujhe seduce kerti ho…aur phir bhagne ki koshish…not fair Basket….(dimpling at her)


Riddhima blushes


Riddhima: Armaan…main mazak ker rahi thi…


Armaan; main bhi….(winks at her)…itni asaani se mein seduce to hota nahi…par nice try…..(smirks)


Riddhima blushes to the core. Armaan comes forward and kisses her forehead, and then nuzzles in her hair. They carry on with their romance.




Hey guys.

Okay, first of all, i know that was a very short part. But believe me, i am very tired right now, and I have to update the other fic too. So sorry for today, tomorrows part will be longer and more eventful.

Secondly, as said before, tomorrows part would be much longer because i wont be updtaing on Sunday. Have an exam on Monday.

Thirdly, hope u guys liked this part. Loads of love.


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Prasanthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 11:13am | IP Logged
Congrats for the third thread and as well for the 50th part... kudos to you.. keep going dear...
cool_pisces IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 11:13am | IP Logged

Hey Kiran

Woohoo, 3rd thread, Man i am not surprised, ur ff totally deserves it
Its awesome
Will comment abt the part after reading
Congrats and keep writing
Love Mini

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aarora IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 11:15am | IP Logged
hey sweety..amazing part as always..luvd it..congrats on 3rd thread..
luv ya..
Ridzigarima Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 11:17am | IP Logged
Congrats ... kiran di ....
for the third thread and 50th part ......
Nice part ..
(its yet to be readed but i know that it will be good as the writer )
Love you
Kiran di .....ur  the best
Prasanthi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 11:19am | IP Logged
it was such a sweet little romantic golden jubilee part.. loved it loads. do continue fast
Pebblez Goldie

BollyCurry Buzzer
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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 11:19am | IP Logged
@ Prasanthi, Mini, Aarora and Garima:

Thanks a hell lot girls...reallly means a you loads!!


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