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~~Tangled Love~~...pt3/pg1...22/04

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 1:59pm | IP Logged
hey everyone...i have been requested a ff by Kat...the concept is by her, so don't credit me for it...and secondly Jia is helping hand for me in this ff...i mean Kat and Jia should be credited for the ff also...thanks Kat and Jia for trusting me for this ff, i feel honored  HugI hope I don't disappoint u both...ok enough of my talks or else you guys will doze off is the intro

~~Tangled Love~~

I know you like me (I know you like me)
I know you do (I know you do)
Thats why whenever I come around shes all over you
And I know you want it (I know you want it)
It's easy to see (it's easy to see)
And in the back of your mind
I know you should be home with me

She hummed as she further nudged the gas pedal of her red sports car asking it to grab further speed

The song was one of her favorites as it suited her so much

No was no one in this world was there who wouldn't wish he had her in his arms after all she is the best...hottest and the sexy babe of her collage

I know I'm on your mind
I know we'll have a good time
I'm your friend
I'm fun
And I'm fine
I aint lying
Look at me, you aint blind [2x]

As she marveled herself seeing her reflection she pursed her lips after applying a shiny gloss on her pink lipstick or rather added a second skin to make her lips more attractive

Moving her eyes away from her lips which was colored by hazel color contract lenses she looked if her eyes needs a touch up too but seeing it looked perfect she signed...the smoky effect, mascara, kohl was still shining she wicked at her reflection admiringly putting up her Dior shades

As she glanced at her hair next she smiled...she had done curls at the end of her hair which gave her stylish look

Dont cha wish your girlfriend was hot like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was a freak like me
Dont cha, dont cha
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was raw like me
Dont cha wish your girlfriend was fun like me
Dont cha, dont cha

Hearing cars from behind pressing their horn harder she signed as her car wasn't moving even after the light turned to green

But this isn't her fault, she was too lost within her mirror as she needed to look not just good but perfect and yes also better than everyone else today because it is a important day for him

Since the day holds great value for him, it is important day for her too after all he is too close to her heart

As she thought about him a dreamy smile formed on her lips while she rose the speed of the car knowing she had to be on time

Yes Ridhima Gupta for a change wants to be on time as she wants to be the first one to wish him luck before the match starts, No one should beat her in this she vowed to herself


After wishing him luck she walked towards the spot reserved for her with a broad smile looking stunning in her pink top and white skirt holding the pompous

Standing at her spot she looked at her team mates with attitude and making i-am-the-BEST look filled eyes which goes well with her as she is the head cheerleader

As the match went on she cheered or rather shouted at top of her lungs
"We're here to cheer our winning team,
come on, everybody scream!
Feel the spirit movin' in
Cause tonight we're gonna win!
Say it proud, Say it loud, E-S-H!
One more E-S-H!"

"He looks so sexy in white" hearing nikky ridhima glared at her furiously giving her 'he is mine, back off babes' look walking towards the refreshment counter as the break was called out...they were pretty thirsty n exhausted from yelling and needed to provide something good to their tried throat

"Babes dream on as that's all you can do" Ridhima sighed delightfully knowing how much more popular she is compare to Nikita, who is just a dupty cheerleader while she is the head

"Oh yea? What makes you think he will be all yours?" seeing Nikita giving her a cold stare at the end of the question she chucked to herself confidently remembering his words "now that i have seen such a pretty face, i don't think our team will loose this match"...he had said winking at her when she had gone to wish him luck

"Trust me babes no one rejects Ridhima Gupta, see he is coming towards me" saying in a arrogant tone she stared at him flashing a welcoming smile...He was the most popular guy and she is most popular girl of this university, together they would be a hit couple plus they compliment each other completely

"I am too standing here" as she heard Niki's reminder she struggled her shoulder showing she is nothing in front of a ant is nothing in front of an elephant

"Lets see whom Abhimanyu greets first Dupty cheerleader" declaring she looked at her from the corner of her eyes nodding in affirmation with a look of disgust

****i guess that's it, i hope you guys liked it...i will be waiting for your honest views

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~~Part 1~~

"Hey Gorgeous girls" hearing Abhimanyu she grinned feeling his arms around her as he hugged her before Nikita which was exactly she wanted or rather knew after all she was the better than her...better than anyone right?

Feeling his arms around her she smiled widely as this is where she wanted to be forever...and yes this is what she will achieve sooner or later

His black eyes,  perfectly shaped up body, six pack, tattooed strong arms, tall stature, tanned look because of practice, stylish hair and yes the way he always carries himself was something Ridhima loved...he was like the guy a girl dreams of...Ridhima dreams of

Looking over his shoulder she glanced at Nikita fuming...boiling in anger

Chucking at her expression she parted from the hug unwillingly with a winning smile stuck to her shining glossy lips...ohh she soo loved seeing Nikita losing to her

"Hey Niks" saying as he hugged her too Ridhima smiled evilly while giving Nikita her' i-am-better-than-you' look once again...its a look which Ridhima Gupta always gives or may be carries it most of her time

"You guys are invited for the party at Enigma tonight, I am throwing the party for celebrating the match YOU WON TODAY" saying as she looked at Nikita who frowned at the knowledge of the party she smiled moving her eyes towards Abhimanyu who looked quite excited regarding the whole party

"But Abhi the match isn't over yet right?" Seeing how absentmindedly Nikita snapped back she smiled to herself knowing how unpleasant stuff she just said which ofcourse wouldn't have gone well with Abhimanyu or with his male ego

"Every guy loves his male ego the most" as she mumbled to herself she looked at Nikita looking apologetically towards him

"Oh I am sure your going win this match too Abhi after all your born star" saying Ridhima smiled as she knew she pressed the right button on the right time...exactly when Nikita sour words made him angry or frown she made him happy and showered him how much she was sure that he is a star, a real star

"Thanks babes" saying he winked at her while coolly showing Nikita's words didn't effect Nikita gritted her teeth angrily because now she started hating Ridhima even more than before

As days were passing her hate rate for Ridhima was touching new height she mentally noted down


Getting down he looked around at the bike parked beside as he adjusted his green color one sided shoulder bag on his shoulder more appropriately, holding two books and few sheets in his another free hand

Noticing few eyes were on him as he walked towards the university he signed, this wasn't new to him right

"wasn't I used to this long back?" as his questioned rang for him he nodded in agreement...there were something which happens with him daily, like someone or the other eying him

Shaking his head,  ignoring all the stares he started mentally forming his today's timetable, wondering what all he needs to first do and what can wait for a while...which chapters needs immediate attention and which can wait for a while

"CHAMPU CHAMPU" hearing a familiar voice calling out he turned around

"Muskaaan??" smiling at her he looked at her running towards him in her too fast speed like always

"Good to see you Muskaan in collage after two days" as he noticed she was catching her breath he looked at the notes which he was holding

"Hmmm" she replied standing properly now feeling better as she took one last long breath for calming her cells

"You missed eight lectures in all, which means you need to catch up a lot" saying he signed loudly...missing one lecture was also a big thing as in today's world studies are important, one can achieve a healthy career if one invests his present in studies

"Oye champu, when your here I don't need to fear" hearing her he smiled at her...she is one of the few people he speaks to from his huge university which has thousands of students anyway one should come to university to study, become a better person rather than just chill around with so called friends he always believed

"Here are your notes, they will help you to catch up with the missed lectures" grinning at his sweet gesture Muskaan ran her hand through his hair, messing it or rather ruffling it gently

Seeing she frowned looking at her oily hand he combed his oily hair with his hands still showing his dimpled smile

"Anyway where are you heading?" questioning him she wiped her oily hand while looking at him removing his round thick specs wiping them and placing them again

"Ah library" as he answered her question he looked around...there were still few people giggling or maybe laughing at him, whispering to each other, calling him funny names or rather in short making fun

"Saale Kutte, today I will make their face rotten forever today" she muttered to her herself but loud enough for him to hear as she saw how they were having a ball at his cost

Turning around in another second she frowned seeing he was holding her wrist to stop her, but she couldn't stop the boiling anger building up in her...he was like her best friend and here he was ill treated for no reason

"Don't" his calm voice made her suck her anger as she did not wanted to upset him, upsetting her friends was something she never liked...specially upsetting him was like a big NO as he was one of good guy she had ever meet...most decent and well mannered guy, one which is rare to find

"So tell me what else going on?" saying he hoped Muskaan gets distracted by next set of chat as ignoring those people was the best thing according to him...fighting and violence was something he was always against as in the end it brings nothing except ewe and blood

Walking towards the library Armaan glanced behind at his cycle just to make sure it is parked appropriately at the bike parking lot


"I'M ON, i don't need to rethink at all" glancing at her friends Ridhima mentally prepared herself for the challenge

Standing next to one of her university friend Anjali Ridhima looked in the red light of the disc at Nikita who was standing just opposite to her

There were around ten other friends encircling them as they cheered for either of them as she and Nikita stared at each other

As she shifted her eyes, she looked at Abhimanyu rubbing his hands with excitement which made her she smile dreamily...he looked sexy in her eyes tonight in his black plane t-shirt, brown stylish jacket and blue jeans

"Bring it on" ordering the bar tender Nikita looked at her smugly...she needed to win the bet she just placed with Ridhima specially after losing the morning bet regarding whom Abhimanyu greets first, for her everything now depended on this bet...on the current bet

"Too much was at stake, a dance with Abhi...a dance with him is everything I needed to conquer him" Ridhima mumbled to herself as she stood besides Nikita at the mini bar of the posh deck

Hearing Abhimanyu wishing both of them luck unknown to the fact that dance with him was the prize money, she looked at the five glass of tequilas placed in front of her and Nikita

The bet was who could have the maximum shots of tequilas and then too could be in full sense

placing the salt on near her knuckle she took one last sharp intake of breath

"Three two one go" hearing she placed the salt to her tongue before gulping the bitter drink as Nikita did the same...

"It isn't that hard" she mumbled to herself as she took shot after shot

As Ridhima looked around her she found the sight a little blur as she felt the shots taking a toll on her...on her head

She had lost the counts of shots she took minutes back, it was definitely more than five was all she remembered as she gave Nikita tough competition

Who would win was something no one knew as they both had religiously ordered drink after drink if was only when Anjali stopped them they had called off the cold war

Anjali had reminded them they came to celebrate the match their university won, not for such a challenge where in the end one of them would either be vomiting or unconscious, this was something no one was looking forward, the night had just started and all they hoped was to enjoy, have a blast so unwantingly Ridhima and Nikita had called off the bet

"I'm fine guys" she heard Nikita mumbling looking high on drinks just like her

"Me too" grinning sheepishly she glanced at everyone around her who were staring at her and Nikita trying to judge to what extent they are drunk and how much support they would need in the coming minutes


Listening to the bursting music played by the DJ she swing her body in her slightly drunken situation dancing with Abhimanyu unknown to the fact that he was dancing with Nikita too or he was dancing with two at a time

It was like a golden opportunity for him to dance with both the sexy girls

In their half drunken situation they both saw nothing except him...the only thing they both wanted to conqeru

And all they were dreaming in their current situation was a future with him

Feeling the dance floor getting filled more she felt her body rubbing against his and his arm wrapped around her

As his closeness took a toll on her she felt her head spinning slightly and she wondered was it his effect or the drinks

Concluding it was his effect she smiled dreamily wrapping her one arm around him feeling wonderful as she felt his one arm around her caressing her soft skin

But also known to the fact that his another arm was around Nikita who was standing on the other side of him


Shaking her head with disbelief she stared at Nikita

"You really think he likes you not me? I mean stop dreaming babes as reality will hit you hard soon" as she spoke arrogantly yet again she looked at Nikita glaring at her as if the next second she will pounce on her

It was a bright new morning and here they were sitting on her car's bonat arguing in the collage parking lot

"I think its high time Ridhima you accept the fact that he just treats you royally because your head cheerleader, if you wouldn't have been the head he wouldn't look at you also" as her eyes widened she looked at Nikita folding her arms cross her chest while a smirk makes a way to her lips

"I can wrap ANY GUY around my finger even Abhi with or without the head cheerleader position" snapping back she pointed finger at her to make her point more of the few things she was sure in her life was no guy could say no to her, there was no guy existing in this planet only who would refuse Ridhima Gupta

"Any guy?? fine than I will choose a guy for you, all you have to do is bring him as your boyfriend at the next gang party which is at my place" seeing Nikita paused she cocked hers eye brows up asking her to continue...knowing Nikita from long time she knew something big was coming on her way and she was always ready for challenges

"If you do that I will back off from Abhi, you can have him all by yourself" hearing the tempting offer she looked at Nikita with disbelief as she was dead sure this bet also she is going to win because she will make sure she doesn't leave any stone unturned

"And you will wash off your cheerleader uniform and be my slave for the next term" adding Ridhima looked at Nikita waiting to hear a yes from her as she is not used to hearing a NO from anyone

"And if you loose Ridhima your backing off from Abhi...think properly, or else you will regret it later on" stating the rest Nikita looked at Ridhima hands coming forward to seal the deal...seal the biggest deal they ever had between them

"Oh that we'll see, you will regret or I Nikita" saying she felt Nikita hands gripping hers


Standing in front of one of the rooms Ridhima looked around coolly knowing no guy can turn her down as Nikita darted her eyes around looking for one guy who was perfect for the role she had in her mind

"There you go, he is your target" Pointing towards a guy Nikita smiled as Ridhima followed her gaze

Glancing at the guy from head to toe she mentally studied him...His oily hair made her feel a bit weird but she made sure her perfect smile was intact to her she did not wanted Nikita to guess what her reaction is regarding the guy she chosen for her

As he removed his thick glasses wiping them and placing it again she giggled assuring herself that this wouldn't be hard at all

As she finally noted his clothes, white and grey checks shirt and grey trousers, in short simple clothes she glanced at Nikita grinning from ear to ear

"Get ready to loose Nikita Malhotra" saying she looked at her target as she mentally smiled thinking what she will achieve soon

~~Part 2~~

Still grinning with a victorious smile she took each step towards him feeling more and more all she believed was one could turn down her was a golden opportunity for her to conquer her dream man Abhimanyu


And golden opportunity for her target to be with Ridhima walk besides be able to talk to her also...or rather to be related, associated to her


One can't get lucky more than this she thought chucking at the own statement


As she saw him opening another huge enormous book, busy making his notes she thought how luck favored easy her target is and how conveniently she would win this bet too


Plus as far as she could see, she saw within days he would accept her proposal as there wasn't any reason he would dare to even think to say no


Hanging her dior purse on her shoulder she adjusted her long hair slightly more perfectly and as she took one last step towards him she found herself mentally making map called as 'step one of her plan'...plan to have target Armaan so that soon she has Abhimanyu, her only dream man


"Excuse me??" she asked noting how immensely he was lost in making his notes


'Seems like studious and BORING guy' she muttered to herself as she glanced him and his pile of books once again


His whole personality wasn't appealing to her eyes at all...and just a thought of making him her boy friend looked more than pathetic to her but she did knew to have Abhimanyu she had to do this...unwantingly, half-heartedly too


Seeing his gaze shifted on her now she stared at him back and found her eyes trapped by his gaze...his grey spell bounding eyes were well plastered with the specs but somehow she could notice them clearly


As few movements passed feeling her Iphone vibrating in my pocket she looked around realizing what she is here for and then looking at him again she felt that his glance held some kind of unmet expression


"Hey" hearing her Armaan looked at her with a surprised look or rather unbelievable look...her angel green eyes were looking wonderful with a green colour kajal...her texture of hair looked more beautiful from just less distance...her green  sleeveless top and blue jeans complimented her glowing skin...everything about her was perfect he thought...whether it was her flawless face or her figure which had right curves at right place...she was like one perfect person god the way she carried herself was commentable


"Hello" replying he looked at her filling the vacant seat beside him


First thing she needed to know was his name...his target's name


"I am Ridh" saying she held out her hand for implement a small part of step one


"Ridhima, I know" smilingly he shook her soft hand still with a surprised look...surprised firstly because he was seeing Ridhima Gupta in library and secondly as she just approached him...approached him but why?


"Oh yes who wouldn't know me, after all I am the Ridhima Gupta" smiling proudly with a tint of attitude she looked at him waiting to know what his target s name is


"I am Armaan Malik"


"'Armaan' means desire...oh yes he is my desire...a desire who would get me my love, Abhimanyu...who would help me to teach Nikita a lesson for her whole life" mumbling to herself she looked at him removing his thick specs wiping it slightly and putting them back within seconds


"You must be wondering what am I doing here or what work I have from you right?"


Before he could say a thing she continued impatiently or rather excitedly knowing soon Abhimanyu would be all hers "actually Armaan it s just that exams are coming in the following week and I need your help in studies...ah I will do everything you say just help me to pass this semester" grinning sheepishly she looked for a 'yes' in his expression


"Please" she added to make it look a polite request as she needed his YES so badly for her future course of plan


"Ah sure" listening to him she patted her back mentally mumbling 'Not bad Ridz'






Walking inside with her best friend's house she grinned...this place was like a second home to her, she knew she can hang out here all her day without thinking twice and in the end when she would walk out she would be smiling with happiness...with contentment


"Aunty I missed you" exclaiming loudly she grinned at the middle aged lady which looked pretty young had been quite a few days since she had meet her favourite aunty and seeing her today she couldn't help but grin


"Same here beta...keep coming...its good seeing you" smiling at each other they walked inside the small simple and sweet house


"Scholar Kaha hai?"


"Study table studying" saying almost together they laughed as there is only one place where they would find him mostly






" ARMAAN"  shouting in his ear Muskaan shook her head...She and Aunty has been calling him out again and again but he didn't respond...lost in his world all he was doing was clicking his pen again and again


" Muskaan when did you come?" questioning her he looked at his mom and Muskaan giving him dirty looks


"Where were you lost? I and aunty were have been calling you out from when" saying she sat next to him waiting for him to answer her


"Ah me? No where just"


"Which girl had occupied you soo badly?...haan tell me?...tell me?" interrupting him in between she folded her arms across her chest...enjoying the little teasing session she was having with him


"When that day will come I will be glad seeing my son thinking about something more than only studies" joining hands with Muskaan his mom grinned...Armaan had always been a perfect son...son who did everything told by his parents...making his parents feel proud on him always


As a mother all she wanted now was to see his son falling for see his son enjoy his life too


Noticing like always he didn't reply back...didn't say he has more things to do like stand upon his legs, make a successful career for himself Muskaan looked at looking if for a change he really was lost in some chic's thoughts...but who? She couldn't help but think


Seeing Aunty leaving the room shaking his head she looked at Armaan for confirming her doubt


"Champu what's going on? Something happened which I don't know right?" impatient leaked through her voice which he felt within her each word...each expression


"Huh nothing...common let's start" passing a deliberate smile at her he opened his syllabus books and asked her to do the same


"Pretty please" hearing Muskaan requesting him again and again or rather for seventh or eighth time to open up he signed...he did long to pour out everything to her but he was kind of sacred...or feared how she would react


"MUSKAAN concentrate" saying he looked in his notes again to make himself lost in his books plus to ignore Muskaan's more requests because refusing or lying to her was so unlike him...since she was one of the close person he always had


"So now you will hide things from me too?" pouting her lips she pulled the sheets of notes from him and made him face her...refusing to let the whole matter side tracked by him


Closing his eyes he signed...he couldn't hide a small thing from her too, how could he forget that?


Narrating everything to her from start to end he looked at her looking lost in her thoughts...and in between when he was narrating everything to her she frowned too...never he had seen such a deep thoughtful expression on her face


"Armaan you know she is self centred, there would more to the whole help she needs from you for exams...stay alert and don't do something which wouldn't be fruitful for you in the future" her words triggered a funny sudden ache in his chest






As he laid on his bed thousands of thoughts stormed in his mind with only one common thread joining all of them, Ridhima Gupta


In the past two minutes after Muskaan left his mind and his heart became a whirlpool of thoughts regarding ONLY HER and no one else


He still remembered how he has been noticing her from months...noticing her from the movement he laid his eyes on her pretty face...She had made him feel like no one did...and soon deep down he felt feeling forming for her...feeling which were true


As he decided how best he could handle a situation like this he felt his breathing became ragged


Should he act like he doesn't know she is nothing more than stranger to her or should help her and talk to her if she approaches him tomorrow


Wouldn't it be rude if he doesn't help her if he is asked too?...being rude to anyone wasn't in his nature


"I should act normal and stick to the point only, no extra inning from my side" mumbling to him he hoped such a situation doesn't occur only...because in the end that one movement gives birth to many hopes


Hopes which wouldn't ever get fulfilled as they are is different...way of seeing things...nature...everything is different


There live in opposite which wouldn't mix which are poles apart






Getting down from his Bicycle he looked around like always just to check if her car is there too...just to check is she in the collage too because her presence was also more than enough for him somewhere down the line always


Plus it was now his routine to check upon her car everyday to know would he be lucky enough to see her or not


As his eyes finally landed on her car a smile formed on his lips just with the hope of seeing her around today too


Shaking his head with a faint smile stuck to his lips he walked towards the premise mentally trying not to hope much as he doesn't want to taste the bitter truth


As he entered the premises he heard her laughter sitting with her gang members...seeing her smiling, laughing always left him contend and today too the case was similar


Sneaking a look at her just for a fraction of seconds he smiled at her without caring that she hadn't noticed his presence still and was busy having a ball with Abhimanyu, Nikita, Anjali, etc people which wasn't new at all


Closing his eyes he tried to remove the unwanted hopes as he walked further inside the premise making a point not concentrate on her much or rather not to concentrate at all


But before passing Ridhima his eyes unknowingly glanced again at her and found her eyes at that movement laid on him too


Stopping dead in his tracks he passed his dimpled smile at her which in return brought a vague smile...not a full moon smile from her looked shallow


Feeling the sharp intake of pain inside him he walked towards the stairs wondering what a fool he made of himself just now


"Just because I helped her out yesterday, doesn't mean she would run and come to me leaving her friends behind" justifying her actions to himself he frowned as Muskaan's words replayed inside him making him understand not to build a mount hole out of nothing because the fact is down the line he means nothing to her


It was this piece of information that he had or believed was completely wrong as the fact was in today's time HE was the most important person to her...her goals, desires, wishes would be fulfilled through him only...he alone had the power to change her life completely


Unknown to all the powers he was holding he mumbled a wish...a old saying hoping it gets sanctioned by God "People around you Ridhima are like crayons, they colour your lives, I may not be your favourite colour Ridhima but I hope you will need me somewhere to complete your picture or rather life"


As he walked passed her Ridhima looked at Nikita with a smirk showing how her charms have worked and he passed a smile at was a achievement for her she very well knew and certainly was proud of it But she wasn't known to the fact that this wasn't a new achievement for her as Armaan always passed a smile at was just that she never noticed it until now  while a warning for Nikita in her eyes that she is going to lose Abhi to her for sure


But she wasn't known to the fact that this wasn't a new achievement for her as Armaan always passed a smile at was just that she never noticed it until now


Leaning towards Ridhima Nikita coldly whispered  "Just because he smiled at you, doesn't mean he is your boy friend or you won babes" which made Ridhima pass a 'wait and watch' look at her as she still owns few cards which will be enough for her to win this battle


Seeing flashes of the changes her future cards will bring inside her evil brain she smiled mumbling to herself "this is how it has to be!!"


Soon she would be holding the strings of Armaan's life she thought unknown to fact that the strings of her life is also in someone's else hands






As he walked out of his class he reminded himself that he has to wait for Muskaan, she would be here as soon as her lecture winds up...they had decided to go together to library for issuing some books after the class


Glancing around he searched for Muskaan but seeing Ridhima coming he looked away...looked at the opposite side because he did not wanted to show any reorganization towards her...not wanted to pass a smile at her...or rather wanted to show any sort of acknowledgment towards her


This was the best he assumed for her...for him...for them plus Muskaan words rang inside him.


"I should catch up Muskaan on the way" mumbling he mentally concluded Muskaan would be on her way towards his class and tracking her wouldn't be hard at all


"ARMAAN" hearing her voice calling him out he stopped dead in his tracks wondering did she really call out him or is it his imagination because from morning he was craving to talk to her just like yesterday...hear his name from her voice...spent a movement with her...see her closely...just wanted her to *sigh*


"May be all this craving is making me mad and imagine these fantasies" he thought as he closed his eyes to compose him


Feeling her hand on his shoulder now he realized it wasn't his dream and she did call him out


As the truth sank in he glanced side way only to feel her presence more strongly...her 212 sexy perfume fragrance was enough for confirming she is right behind him


"Hey" hearing her once again he looked at her fingers and long nails which were painted today in hot pink colour


Closing his eyes for a movement he collected himself while feeling she slowly removed her hand from his shoulder


"I shouldn't be rude, it would be wrong" he thought as he turned around to face her opening his eyes slowly only to look in her Green eyes, sparking face, hair let loose,


"So we are Partner from now on" announcing she grinned because everything was happening in her favour and she knew herself well that she will make sure everything stays in her favour in the future too


As she saw the lines of confusion on his face she passed a smile before throwing light to the half information she just threw at him


"We are lab partners, I just saw the notice board where the partners list has been put up" a feeling of pure bliss entered him as he heard the news she just laid for was something he never dreamt of but it is always welcomed...spending time with her was always welcomed


"I was in class so didn't see the list" smiling in the end he felt her words still ringing inside him..."am I getting better with my luck that she would be my lab partner" he thought still showing his dimples


Sometime one gets more than we expect or ever more than we can imagine getting...Similar thing just happened with Armaan


"I didn't see you in the canteen during the break" saying she blew a small bubble munching the chewing gum...She had done her home work properly, known what all he does, who is his friends and lastly his routine of collage


"She did notice such a small thing?" questioning himself he looked at her with a surprised look while she settled herself on the  parapet of the balcony crossing her legs.


"Ah i was busy" saying he thought it was right for him not to give much information...keeping things short and to the point was his mantra right? Which he had decided the night before


*Beep Beep* hearing the mobile buzzing she looked at the Iphone screen flashing one of her gang member's name


"Got to go...see you later" saying she rushed towards the common place her gang sits signing happily...happy to get away from her target...from Armaan


"See you later" repeating her last words with a thoughtful expression he looked at her figure getting lost in the crowd


"She does want to see me again? That s what it means by see you later?" as the questions formed he looked at Muskaan running towards him


Listening to Armaan Muskaan looked at him thoughtfully...he told her everything what happened in the morning and few minutes away...something was not right but what she wouldn't pin seemed to her that everything is laid right under her nose but she can't find the link which would help her to find what s wrong


"Armaan" calling him out Muskaan looked at him thinking should she really say her mind out...they were best of friends and therefore there is always transparent honesty in their relationship...they mostly never hidden anything from each other


Seeing he was waiting with a go ahead smile she couldn't help but chuck realizing he understood her hesitant by her expressions only


"Don't you think she speaks to you when her friends aren't around? When they are around she treats you nothing less than a stranger" hearing her he frowned as he thought more about it...somewhere she was right he concluded because yesterday in the library and today afternoon her friends weren't around her while in the morning she did behave like she didn't recognize him, behaved like he is stranger


"Yes Muskaan is could Muskaan pass a wrong judgement for him, hadn't she been with him forever?...they have guided each other always right?" concluding his lips puckered in disappointment at the transparent truth Muskaan laid for him...laid for his benefit






"Bye Abhi" hugging him she looked at Armaan walking towards his bicycle


'Get ready for part two Malik' mumbling more to herself she grinned as the bet is seeming to be interesting to her somewhere


Bidding good bye to all her mates and seeing their car taking off the parking alot she smiled as now it was time for action...time when she should start working on her bet...time for showing her charms


Walking towards him she looked at him hanging his bag on his bicycle


"Hey" calling him out Ridhima looked at him displaying her charming smile


"So tomorrow at 9 we have lab right?" questioning him she saw him nodding at her while his eyes flickered around


"Are you waiting for someone?" asking him she looked as his eyes flickered to her again..."when I am here how could he look around for someone else" she thought as there isn't anyone like her...isn't she best?


"Ah no I am in a hurry, got to reach home soon and I am already running late" hearing him her lips curved up at the edge with a new found plan


"Do you want a ride? I will drop you?" saying she pointed towards her car waiting to hear only she isn't used to hearing no from anyone

~~Part 3~~

RECAP: "Do you want a ride? I will drop you?" saying Ridhima pointed towards her car waiting to hear only she isn't used to hearing no from anyone

Noticing the thoughtful look on his face she frowned because mostly everyone would do as she asks them to do...or rather acted as she desired them to do without thinking twice...without wasting a second also


World always seemed to evolve according to her wishes...she always had the deciding power...and mostly everyone or rather everyone just went with the flow


"Ah...Ridhima I don't think it's a good idea" saying as calmly he could he paused...sighing under his breath he wondered why the heck everything is so complicated around him


"Impossible" she thought as his words rushed into her head and instantly all her hopes died...hope to get him soon...rejection washed through her each vein because this reaction from him didn't fit the scenario she had been constructing in her head


Bewild by his rejection she suck air seeing his blue eyes flicking to his black simple round dial watch briefly...noting the time


"THIS guy has audacity to say NO to me" saying to herself her eyes looked into his watchful shining eyes


"Your house and my house is in opposite direction and I don't"


"FINE" cutting him in between she muttered angrily thinking how much attitude he has...she surely had judged him wrongly, he definitely has tons of attitude lying inside him she concluded


"I should then make a move" saying with a sour look she rocked back on her heels and walked towards her posh sports car thinking how his attitude will get crushed once she dumps him


"Surely he would learn his lesson that day" mumbling she grinned as the thought of the future day crossed her mind


The day that would be wonderful for her as she would set scores with two people altogether ie Nikita and Armaan plus will get Abhimanyu


As her perfect figure sat in her car Armaan sighed making her angry wasn't his agenda at all instead he did not wanted to bother her...trouble her


He knew he could manage plus didn't he promise he wouldn't interact with her much and that he would keep a low profile with the queen of his university because this was best for them


Or rather this was best for them ACCORDING TO HIM






Holding the dryer in one hand while her another hand combed her long silky hair she looked at her reflection in the mirror


She somehow couldn't understand how and why Armaan refused her would be a good chance for her to get closer...more intimate with him if he had said yes


Knowing she lost a big opportunity which would have help her to win the bet sooner twisted every nerve of her slim and sleek body


And the fact that she couldn't come up with any explanations for his refusing her was more it was definitely was doing nothing good but only making her angrier


Twisting her hair strand around her finger she looked at her mobile buzzing...filling the silent room


Somehow she was so lost that she didn't realize her hair had dried by was the buzz of the phone which brought her to life


Picking her Iphone she looked at the screen flashing the caller's name...a name which made her angry


Had she expected his call? She wondered...or did she want him to call her?


Certainly yes she somehow knew sooner or later she would receive his call or he would approach her for what he did to her


Smirking at him she pressed the green button still feeling the anger in her blood...still feeling how upset the whole situation has made her


"Hello" hearing his voice she sighed how could a guy like him out smart her...reject her


"Anyway what does he want now? Hadn't he insulted me enough for the day?" mumbling to herself she closed her eyes, tried to compose her anger because anger was the last thing she needed for her mission...for winning the bet


"Ridhima you there?" hearing him she opened her green eyes and looked at her reflection in the mirror concluding that she needed him more than he needed her so being good or rather friendly to him is important


"Yea...yea I'm there" sensing the politeness in her tone he smiled...she had a sweet voice he always thought but now he believed the voice of the queen bee of his university is actually more than just sweet


"Are you mad at me?" hearing him she sighed, how much she wished to say YES ofcourse she is...on second thoughts she thought how stupid the question looked as she had every right to be mad at him because of what he did to her


Seeing she was quiet and wasn't replying he understood he did offend her unintentionally...but then asking her to drop him wasn't right too


"I'm sorry if you felt offended but I did not wanted to bother you" hearing him she sighed in the end as he paused only to hear silence from her side


"Ridhima just because I'm helping you with studies doesn't mean you got to drop me or do anything to please me"


'Please me' mumbling his last words she wondered if he knows anything about her plans...but then this wasn't possible AT ALL...stressing on her mind she concluded he meant she doesn't need to be sweet to gain his help for studies


"You're listening right?" the silence which had grew made him question her which indeed swept her back to reality


"Yes I'm and I guess we should drop the topic here only rather than drag it" smiling wickedly she planned to talk to him for a little while more just to get a little more close to winning this bet...showing her charms every time was important and...


...And Ridhima gupta was not ready to let go of any opportunity to show cast her charms


"Sure" mumbling to her Armaan sighed thinking she isn't that bad as people try to project her...she does has a heart, that too a big one


"So what are you going to do now?" drawing a deep sigh she tried to be sweet to him and change the whole conversation


"Ah...nothing much just studying" replying Armaan thought how much his studies means to him and his parents...he wants to work so hard that one day his parents would feel proud of him like never before...he wants to hear proud in their tone when people would mention his name, wants to give them everything possible


"Studying?? Wow that's interesting" Er that is not at all Interesting she thought while wondering how his social life is...and has he ever been a disc, has ever enjoyed his life to the fullest


'Why do you care?' a inner voice of her spoke up, struggling her shoulder she brushed her mascara onto her think long eyelashes as she has more important work than studying, along with her university group she had a evening planned


"So tomorrow I guess it would be nice doing lab with youuu" stressing on the last word extra sweetly...spoke a little more sweetly than what was needed


"Same see you tomorrow...I should hung up now...bye"


It was decided by him to keep a distance from her...not to merge much with her


The self promise he had made to himself has to be kept by him, he needs to be by her side but at the same time at a distance from her


"You should? Or you want?" hearing her Armaan flinched at the thought of what he should say...what would be appropriate and wouldn't upset her too...the last thing he wanted right now was hearing her upset voice


"There isn't much difference between them, our conversation ends in both the ways right?" saying he thought this was a perfect answer, it wouldn't sound rude too plus not too pleasing


"But we can talk for a little while it necessary to keep the phone down?"  She spoke in a soft sexy drawl'she made sure her tone was indeed sexy


"Actually I...maa is calling me so...bye" saying he felt a twinge of unease as he wasn't good at lying at all... Muskaan and his mom always said he was a bad liar so crossing his finger he hoped Ridhima buys his lie


"Hmmm'mom? Ok see you in lab tomorrow then"...tossing her long hair back Ridhima sighed happily as now that she would keep the phone down, she could easily concentrate on herself... get ready for yet another evening...she has to look better than Nikita like always


"Yea see you"...Armaan couldn't help but feel a flicker of pleasure inside, knowing he would be seeing her yet again would be good day he thought as he sat on his study table's wooden chair






Seeing the lift door opened he stepped unlike others day would be special...something he never expected yet always wanted was happening


Today a desire of his would get fulfilled...smiling to himself holding the bunch of books he walked further


Will his other unexpected desires also get fulfilled? A question arises to him


"No" he mumbled as he caught his reflection in the small mirror hanging in the corridor


He stared at the simple and not so good looking guy in the mirror


His hair like always were oiled properly...because of which no one likes to even see, touching it is out of question


Clothes were too simple for this hip-hop university...everyone here dressed according to latest fashion every single day even Ridhima... but he always was dressed in his simple shirt and pants


Everyone around him wore contact lens if needed plus had different styles or colors of shades but he wore the cheap round think glasses


In short compare to others he was way too simple and regular guy who paid all his attention to his studies rather than to his appearance


"Champu" mumbling the name his outer appearance has given him he concluded a girl like Ridhima wouldn't like to go around with him...infact she would any day prefer a cool dude, muscular and rich guy like Abhimanyu Modi rather than him


Anyway just because she needs help they were speaking and when exams would end they would once again be strangers...or will be just mere acquaintance


But then this reflection was HIM...he was happy with what he was


Smiling to himself he looked around walking towards the lab as whatever he was he knew he was happy plus in the end more than outer beauty inner beauty matters






As the lab session started Armaan looked at her staring at the microscope and slides with a bored look


"Err...Why don't you go first partner?" saying she passed a sugar coated smile...lab was something she never could do alone so instead of showing Armaan how bad she is at this and spoiling her impression she pushed the microscope towards him and thought maybe he would be impressed by her gesture...gesture of allowing him to take the lead of the session


"Sure" mumbling he pushed the slide under the microscope and very well understood she wasn't much fond in doing lab but then wasn't this a known factor to him from the this is exactly from where his work starts, he has to help her so that she could pass...pass in everything and doesn't get sacred doing lab alone too


As she stood and looked at him looking at the slide through the microscope she thought how dedicated he is...she never has ever come crossed a person like him...he truly with all his heart paid all his time in studying unlike she and her group mates who always study when exams are announced and they are stuck in a soup


Noting the fine details mentally after studying the slide he signaled her to give the slide a shot too...seeing she raised a half smile and took a half a step forward towards him and the microscope he was sure he would tutor her well from today only


After awhile studying the last slide she looked around at everyone...few more groups had finished while some were struggling still with the slides...she would always be with the latter till few days back when she was paired with Abhimanyu...since they both weren't that good at lab they always ended up struggling


Leaning by the desk she smiled as in last half an hour she surely did a wonderful job, with Armaan's help she emerged to do anything little work unlike others days


They would have completed the task long back if Armaan would do it himself alone and wouldn't invest his time in tutoring her after placing each new slide


"Here are some notes I have prepared for you" hearing him she looked at him bringing forward a bundle of notes for her


"Oh" exclaiming with a surprised look she looked at she never thought he would take her request to help so seriously...she thought he would with time just forget like others that he agreed to help her out


"'s really sweet of you to make them...for me" she responded smoothly adding a smile to her gorgeous shining face


"You're welcome Ridhima" hearing him saying he looked at her eyes lingering at the set of notes...and her expression saying as if she is analyzing something but what? He thought


"You are a very organized, smart and intelligent person right Armaan?" still looking at the sheet she pushed her hair back off her face...long back just for passing the time she had read a little about to analyze one's writing


"Your writing says that...writing says alot about people" pointing the facts she looked up finally at him only to find him starring at her with a surprised look while a tiny smile danced at his lips which was showing his dimples slightly only


As she looked back at him she noticed behind the thick black round glasses there was a pair of beautiful shining deep blue eyes with thick eye lashes and herself felt drawl towards the warmth the eyes had


While Armaan felt as if he could just stand there forever, mesmerized by the magnetic force of her presence


The soft warm blue eyes somehow had filled her every thought with a stunning force of his presence, washing the surrounding


Hearing the professor calling the class to order Armaan broke the heated eye lock and soon found himself looking away or rather paying attention to the professor


"Do you want to know what more your writing says?" listening herself saying to him she walked out of the lab with him...from the corner of her eyes she noticed Nikita looking at them curiously, trying to judge what conversation is happening between her and Armaan


"Sure, if you don't mind" smiling at the new news he just got he looked at her still somewhere surprised look...never he thought Ridhima must be knowing this even roughly


As she analyzed and spoke up she made sure she was saying things which would impress him only...somewhere down the line she always thought everyone likes hearing good things about himself


But she was wrong in his case as he was loving the fact that she was with him...besides was her company which he was loving not the compliments he was receiving


Entering the corridor with Armaan she looked at Abhimanyu hugging Nikita...her lips plucked in disappointment at the way Nikita was using her non-benefit


Glancing a look at Armaan she mumbled a impatient good bye and ran towards the canteen where she saw Abhimanyu and Nikita going because one thing was sure she couldn't let Nikita misuse her non-presence


Looking at her confusedly and wondering what happened to her suddenly...concluding she must have remembered some urgent work he shook his head and headed towards the library...with a slight smile remembering the time he spent with her






Armaan scanned the room as the professor nodded at him...he was late by ten minutes which by far had happened first time...he was busy teaching Ridhima some theory in the library because of which he was late


"Champu late?...WOW, today we have to celebrate" Muskaan whispered to him in a dramatically as Armaan filled the vacant seat besides Muskaan


Shaking his head Armaan looked at Muskaan giggling and raising her eye brows with a questionably look


"Later" mumbling he opened his books still wondering how he didn't realize the time in the library and ended up being late


Last eight-ten days had been so surprise full that sometime it felt not more than just a dream to him


He had labs and then sometime combine studying with Ridhima in the library...he helped her whenever he could and however he could


While she has been sweet and good to him always...and in this short span of time he was sure they have become atleast friends


"Friends" word sounded so good but then was this only the end? Would it change and be something better? This was something time would tell as time alone had this power


Seeing Ridhima passing his class waving at him he smiled at her


He could feel things were getting better and better as days had went and today he was more comfortable around her...and could easily say so was she


Smiling with contentment he started noting down the notes which the professor was now saying for them


"So where are you treating me?" still grinning foolishly Muskaan faced Armaan seeing the class getting empty as seconds passed


 "Ok atleast give me a chocolate the way Mr why were you late?" passing a sweet smile she spoke up after noting he stared at her as if saying he didn't find what was the big deal


"Hmmm" hearing the short reply from Muskaan Armaan sighed...just the name of Ridhima also makes Muskaan's been days since he is tutoring Ridhima but still all she says she can't point what it is isn't right but there is some missing link for sure


All he told her he was with Ridhima explaining her some theory and that was it, she frowned


"She isn't that bad, she is projected as spoilt brat'she is nice, pretty good" Armaan almost mumbled to her...he couldn't be rude to Muskaan as she was always for him...but then he just did not wanted to hear anything inappropriate about Ridhima too


"I don't know Armaan but" stopping herself to speak something which he wouldn't like to hear Muskaan looked at him with a hope...hope he would understand what she wanted to say


It was difficult to say things which your best friend wouldn't like to hear and they were facing the same situation...both did not wanted anything to sour their friendship plus hurting each other was something they did not wanted to do


"I think the less discussed about the matter the better off we'll both be right Armaan?" smiling at him she saw him nodding at was their this understanding and maturity which always helped their friendship to overcome every issue which was kind of threat for their friendship






Sipping her strawberry ice tea Ridhima looked at Abhimanyu, Nikita, Anjali and her other group mates talking about exams and how screw up they are like always


This time she wasn't among them all because of Armaan or rather because of the bet she has been studying...Ah just to impress Armaan and showing him that she is good at a all rounder


"Ridhima I guess you wouldn't be tensed and all this time right?" hearing Anjali she looked at everyone around her staring at her and Anjali with known-it smile


"As it I would be before" saying with an air of confidence...and conviction in her tone she smiled wicked...nothing could scare or tense Ridhima Gupta...she had always managed to pass with not flying colors but atleast averagely


"But this time you are prepared fully right?" hearing the further question Ridhima rolled her eyes at her


"Hey what's going on?" Nikita barged into their conversation projecting her as a innocent girl who knew nothing but only after glancing at Abhimanyu who was quietly listening to their conversation


"Don't you know the hot and happening news Ridhima found a tutor...guess who?" Anjali giggled glancing at Ridhima who boxed Anjali while joining her with a bunch of wide giggle


As she looked at Nikita back and found a questionary look plastered on her face she smiled


"CHAMPU" saying loudly Anjali found Ridhima giving her a hi-five and laughing with her


Feeling Anjali elbowing her she followed her gaze and found Armaan standing just before her near the food stall with Muskaan

***************Please leave your honest comment only, i would be glad reading it...i hope you all liked the pt and the way the story is shaping up


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OMG OMG OMG...... what a start.... seriously this is Brill!! ROLF....Clap#
You know Tangled love had ur name written all over it when me and Jia discussed itThumbs Up
Cant wait for the upcoming partsBig smile
OMG loving how u described Ridz.... it was even better then what i imagined!ShockedLOL.....Stoppin traffic lol
BTW..... i just gave u the simple idea u writting the whole thing.... so please take the credit!! ClapEmbarrassed
Love Kat

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Originally posted by Catwoman

OMG OMG OMG...... what a start.... seriously this is Brill!! ROLF....Clap#
You know Tangled love had ur name written all over it when me and Jia discussed itThumbs Up
Cant wait for the upcoming part....
OMG loving how u described Ridz.... it was even better then what i imagined!ShockedLOL
Love Kat

Thank you Kat
Hug...i was scared thinking what would be your reaction...i ate jia's brain lolz, she read the intro three times n questioned her like 20 times, howz it...anyway im super glad u liked it....thanks a tonnn 4 everything Hug

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Originally posted by dmg_sonia

Thank you Kat
Hug...i was scared thinking what would be your reaction...i ate jia's brain lolz, she read the intro three times n questioned her like 20 times, howz it...anyway im super glad u liked it....thanks a tonnn 4 everything Hug

OMG Jia normally eats my bheja glad someone eating hers LOL.... poor girls not well!Ouch
No seriously its Fab! i just knew u be able to do this concept with your flare of writting and i never did anything but discuss this with JiaSmile... and we like Sonu ??!!....would like do justice to the whole thing!! hehe...
OMG ur writting this whole thing so please take the credit for it!!
Thank you so much for writting for me HugHug
Love Kat
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Originally posted by Catwoman

OMG Jia normally eats my bheja glad someone eating hers LOL.... poor girls not well!Ouch
No seriously its Fab! i just knew u be able to do this concept with your flare of writting and i never did anything but discuss this with JiaSmile... and we like Sonu ??!!....would like do justice to the whole thing!! hehe...
OMG ur writting this whole thing so please take the credit for it!!
Thank you so much for writting for me HugHug
Love Kat

lolz ya i am taking revenge from your side hehe...just kidding...yea she is very tired still...i guess she will be fine by tomorrow night...resting properly will help her

yea she told me about the whole conversation u guys had...i was in a middle of a movie when she had called lolz...later when talked about it, i was shocked

coming to the credit thing, i am taking the credit of writing but not for the concept, it was yours n u should only be credited...your welcome kat, i had to write this as the concept is gr8 plus it was a request by u and jia, i just couldnt refuse


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Ridhima likes abhi huh
well written intro

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