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AR~Luv Is 4evr,Evrlasting Lik D Sun!pg150 New Link

iTangled_25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Hi name is Steffi and i gt a new idea in mind which was bugging me for quiet a while...
and the bugging idea is below...LOLplz readSmile....n comment or critizise...Smile
SO welcome To My 1st AR FF...Smile
~*Love Is Forever, Everlasting Like The Sun*~

Prologue: pg 1 
Part 1    : pg 2
Part 2    : pg 2
Part 3A : pg 3(character sketch)
Part 3B : pg 4
Part 3C : pg 5
Part 4A : pg 6
Part 4B : pg 6
Part 4C : pg 7
Part 4D : pg 8
Part 4E : pg 9
Promo   : pg 10
Part 5A : pg 11(and promo)
Part 5B : pg 13
Part5C  :pg 18
Part5D  :pg 20(plus promo)
Part5E  :pg 22
Part 5F  :pg 24
Part 5G/6 : pg 28
PG 30: character sketch and IMP Notice...
Part 6A: pg 33(plus promo)
Part 7: pg 37
Part 7A: pg 45(and promo)
Part 7B: pg 54
Part 8: pg 60
Promo Page 60 and surprise(pics)
Part 9: pg 62
Part 10: pg 74
Part11: pg 83
Part 12: pg 90
Part 13: pg 96
Part 14: pg 105
Part 15: pg 113
Promo: Pg 120
Part 16: Pg 123
Part 17: Pg 134
Note: page 141
Part 18: pg 141
Comments update: page 144
All characters are purely fictitious and do not have resemblance to any
real persons live or dead. It may contain material which is inadequate
for person less than 14 Years of Age. Hence readers'
discretion is suggested.

 NOTE: This above rules hold only for the prologue/introduction and not for the rest of the fiction






Armaan: Riddhima? Can I come in?


Riddhima was a little startled to hear Armaan's voice issuing from behind the locked door. It was a ladies changing room, he was not supposed to be here.


Nevertheless she had opened the door the slightest, and peeped out.


Riddhima: Armaan kya hai? You're not supposed to be here.


Armaan: look at this.


That time Riddhima noticed he was not wearing a shirt; instead the shirt was hanging from his neck hooked by the chain obviously stuck or tangled to the hook of it.


Riddhima: (laughing and opening the door wider she hurried him into the room and closed the door) yeh kaun sa naya tarika hai shirt pehne ka?


Armaan simply didn't hear what she said, it was now that he noticed how stunning she looked in the sari, her hair was now tied up into a knot held up by a punch clip and a few locks of hers was falling onto her face and had formed a fringe. Her sari was messily held up on her shoulder, she had been changing, so obviously she had removed the safety pin which was previously clinging to the halter neck blouse.


Riddhima: kya hua?


Armaan: haan? No nothing. Isse nikhalne main madadh karo Na. main nikhaleta, Lekin mujhe dikh bhi nahi raha hai (trying to look at the cause for the tangled thing)


The chain was too short and close to his neck, he would not be able to see it unless he looked into the mirror.


Riddhima: come here.



He walked up to where Riddhima was standing. She stood with her back facing the dressing table, and started working on the tangled chain and shirt. Her hair fell onto her nose distracting her; she tried blowing it away but to no avail. He simply looked at the failed attempts of her trying to blow her hair and simultaneously trying to work on his shirt.


Riddhima: it's tangled to your collar button, wound up into the thread!


He ignored what she said and tugged her hair behind her ear gently. There was something in the way he did it that made her look up at him. Her eyes met his and Armaan's eyes glowed with passion, the utmost desire and with deepest longing only for her. His gaze was so strong that she was left staring at his eyes that was actually mesmerized by her. She didn't back away when he stood closer to her, (also there was no space for to back out, owing that to the dressing table behind her) but she didn't want to go away from him anymore, they were soul mates, she knew it. They were destined to be with each other forever. She trusted him completely.


He came closer to her, the bare parts of her body tingled as his shirtless figure made contact with hers. He then whispered into her ears "bahut sundar lag rahi ho, and you danced really well today, you erotic show stopper". As usual the strawberry scent of her body aroused him more.


"Thank you Armaan" she whispered back into his ears. (Giggling a little)


Armaan: how about if I try something newer? (Still whispering into her ears)


He made no movement to touch her, which confused her a bit.


Riddhima: like what?


Armaan: what if I'd say? you look luscious?.


There was something in the way he said it that made her go weak in the knees, to support herself she spread her palms on the dressing table behind her that made her shoulder slightly hunched, her elbows bend and her back arch a little, he had brought out his desires openly and that's what made her feel happy, a level of comfort arose in their relationship.


He then lightly kissed her ear lobe a place she felt most ticklish. He had urged her and she succumbed. Lightly kissing her shoulder he used one hand to push the silk cloth off her shoulder out of his way making it land of the floor softly and with the other hand he slowly wound his way to her back just below where the blouse line ended and caressed her spine.


She then sensed his kisses on her collar bone slowly making its way to the hollow of her neck towards the base, she arched her neck backwards and slowly deserted her one hand away from the table and wound it into his hair, and he then planted a kiss to the base of her neck lightly at first and then sucked onto it. "Armaan" that single world issued from her lips in the possible softest whisper. But this time it was not pleading him to stop like always, it was urging him to go on. He never had asked her for anything, but today he asked for nothing but her and she wanted to surrender herself to him.


He pulled her closer now making his way up her neck trailing it with kisses that took her breath away his nose tracing her neck. He slowly moved his hand lower towards her spine and ended up caressing her waist at the spot where it curved the slightest. A shaft of pleasure shuddered through her. Their bodies fitted perfectly, his strong muscles around her fragile ones. She felt protected in his arms. The best of it was she knew who she was, where she was, and with whom she was in spite of the breath taking moment.


He took possession of her mouth; she parted her lips and reciprocated with equal amount of zest. Her breath caught in her throat as his tongue rolled over hers licking in the sensations. What had seemed like restless longing deepened into wild desire?!


The desires were pronounced, he loved the way her fingers caressed his hair gently, the way her body stiffened the slightest against his own. She seemed to feel the same sensations he was feeling, she felt his deep longing travel into her body, between her cleavage, and then around her navel, the touch was so pure that she didn't realize it was his fingers making her feel those sensations.


She was playing with fire, and she was going to get burned, but at that moment she couldn't seem to make herself care. Her one hand that was still on the table decided to cup one side of his face letting his strong arm around her waist to support her weak knees. She spread her fingers on his jaw, 3 behind his ear lobe 1 in the front and her thumb caressing his jaw.


He held her hand caressing his face pushed it lower towards the hollow of his neck prompting her to touch him, so she obliged and her nails raked hard on his chest towards his navel and moved back stopping at the small of his back. He was tempted to pull out those 2 knots behind her back that held her sari blouse in its place, but he resisted presuming that she may not approve of it.


At last what seemed like many sunlight days, many moonlit nights, many rain washed dawns, many snow glittering afternoons by the sun, when they broke apart for air, the after effects of the moment still lingered, their breaths were still in each others throats, their lips millimeters from each other, their noses still interlocked and heads slightly tilted, her hand still loosely hanging on his hair, they both were breathing heavily, gasping for breath.

Armaan looked a little worried as if he regretted what happened, not that he didn't want it to happen, yet perplexed, Riddhima seemed to read his thoughts.


Riddhima: what wrong? Why do you look so tensed?


Armaan: Riddhima? I, (he fumbled) this is not what ?umm? don't take it wrong?it's that ?this is ??


Riddhima: this is not lust Armaan, I know that. (Her breathing was still ragged)


Armaan couldn't tell how grateful he was just because she had completed the sentence for him so easily. He couldn't bring himself to say it at all.


Armaan: so? um? you don't regret what happened?


"No Armaan, of course not" her husky voice replied back to him.


He heaved a sigh of relief. He leaned his forehead against hers and simply said
"thank you". She smiled back at him and instead of a welcome she said "I love you".


Instead of responding to her he came forward to kiss her.


She stopped him putting a finger on his lips.


Riddhima: your place or mine?


Armaan: (laughing) mine!


He came again and they shared a slow sensuous small soft kiss, they were just enjoying the moment when a voice came from behind the door.




They broke apart from their kiss and turned to look towards the door.


Armaan and Riddhima: Oh no?

heyy guys...plzz do tell me how u guys liked the prologue....i am hell lot nervous for the comments....i never wrote anythng lik the above before...this above part will come as the story progresses....hope u all liked it....Big smile until den just njoy the red hot romance...heheLOLWink
i enjoyed writing it ..though i had a tuff tym negotiating evrythng.....plzz do comment guys...n loong ones huh...hehe....
this is dedicated to a friend of mine, her names sylvia, she is not in IF ....but if not for her i would never have started this fiction....
love u all....muah... 



Love Steffi...Smile


P.S will come up soon with the next part....Smile

Thanks Anjana...For this PicHug


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iTangled_25 IF-Stunnerz

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My PM List!reema!x**+L.U.S.H+***blossom20*

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zara. Senior Member

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 6:06am | IP Logged
nice one Steffi!!Embarrassed
will be waiting for the story to unfold!!Smile
p.s, dont worry about the will get them gradually as it takes time to grip a readerSmile

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ayshrai Groupbie

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 6:12am | IP Logged
hey..nice intro..
cont soon..Smileand could u plz pm me wen u update?
KaranShilpa:) IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 6:22am | IP Logged

whoa Steefie!!

that was good..I love the way yu begann...
ARIMA..? That name was made by me of Armaan n Ridhma's daughter in YU ME AUR HUM by ME!
Heheee..just kidding, thats ok, I love ARIMA, the name
Gr8 gouing! Cont soon
yachna IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 6:25am | IP Logged
hey wow yaar vryyyy nice ff yaar i would lv 2 read more wow arridz marriage 20yrs passd omg thy r gettingn old heheeheh cnt wait
cont soooooooooon
luv yachna
iTangled_25 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 December 2008 at 6:45am | IP Logged
I am so happy for the comments.....

Thank u so much...u guys made my dayEmbarrassed

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Veronica1504 Senior Member

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i like this concept!! its really nice! so 4 children!! yaay! plz cont soon and plz pm me!

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