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Fashion AR ff ~~ part 14 page 27 (Page 5)

tanasha1993 Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2008 at 7:46am | IP Logged

wow i log in and I see 3 updates;D

anyways awesome story so far
and is mr modi married or anything
like the fashion guy? armaan is so cute
he is remembering her day and night
and atul and muski will always be the
same ROFL
do cont soon yea

ashluvdmg Goldie

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Posted: 10 December 2008 at 11:04am | IP Logged
hiya zanny!!
tat ws jst 2 gud...
mann!!2 parts at a time..luvli
armi falling 4 hr [email protected]!
oh no modi savd ridz life!!chay!!i thot it wud b armi!!
yaar i hav a doubt actuali ridz hs done mbbs n armi is doin mbbs nw??
is armi youngr 2 ridz??wich i dnt think so!
hw cn armi n ridz do intrnship 2 gtehr??temme quick kk..i no heap of Questions
bt wat 2 do!!
luvli ff
do cont soon
thx a ton 4 de pm
luv u lts]
crzy ashu

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cutie_mahima IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 December 2008 at 1:46pm | IP Logged
great part!!! lol.....armaan ko abhi se sapne aana shuru hoggaye?!?! haha......plzz cont soon and thanx fr the pm!! <333
Princess.. IF-Dazzler

Joined: 05 June 2008
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Posted: 10 December 2008 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
so that was modi....
cool part..
but itne sare ek saath??
kya baat hai!
armaan fell in love wid her @ first sight!!
so sweet!!
real gud...
thanks 4 the PM
upd8 soon!
hugs & luv
crazy NimishaBig smileBig smile

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~*evil zanny*~ Groupbie
~*evil zanny*~
~*evil zanny*~

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 7:12am | IP Logged

Hey guys… see m super fast lolx!!! Umm guyz therez an important change in the plan and tnx to ashluvdmg I realized it… I had written in my character thing that armaan is in the university doing mbbs but ridz has done it… now the change iz that armaan HAS done mbbs and he and awl the other gang is in Sanjivani wrking as interns and ridz wud cum sum tym l8r… tnx ash luv ya fr this…!!!!! Aur mujhe aj kal koi aur kaam nai hai isliye m writing and updating fast lolx!!!


Part 4:

Modi's house…

Abhimanyu Modi wuz a splendidly rich man… he is a bachelor and he has earned a lot of respect in a very little tym (like the modi in dmg…). He's a kind-hearted man (will play an important role in promoting ridz in the fashion wrld but he'll be the one cuz of whom she'll face a downturn).

Modi is sitting on the breakfast table having his breakfast wen ridhima enters the room.

Ri: good morning sir.

Mm: good morning ms.ridhima.

Ri: sir aapko mera naam kaise maloom?

Mm: well aapko to yaad nai hoga but kal aap ne rotay rotay apna naam bhi bata diya tha.

Ri: oh. (Then remembers last night) Sir, thank you very much for your help last night. Agar aap nai hotay to pata nai kiya ho jata.

Mm: Aray nai ridhima ji mein to wahan se guzar raha tha. I saw you there and thought to help you. (Saying this he holds her hand, which is on the dining table <urgh I so hate him>)

Ridhima felt uncomfortable and removed her hand from his grip.

Ri: Lekin sir ab mujhe lagta hai k mujhe yahan se jana chahiye. I want to go back to my home to my father.

Mm: aap wahan se bhag kar ayein hain na?

Ri: Ji sir aur ab mujhe lag raha hai k mujhe aisa nai karna chahiye tha. Mere papa ne mujjhe bohot pyar se pala hai but I did very wrong with him.

Mm: well that's true. Jo aap ki marzi. Magar ridhima jee mein aap jaisa talent khona nai chahta.

Ri: Sorry sir but I can't get what u want to say.

Mm: Well mujhe lagta hai ke aap fashion ki dunyia mein bohot famous ho sakti hain. If you know what I mean.

Ridhima was shocked at his open offer. She chocked on the glass of water she was drinking nd started coughing really badly. Modi helped her and wen she was balanced…

Ri: sir can u repeat what u said?

Mm: Mein yeh keh raha tha k aap mere naye fashion show mein as a model ana chahein gi??

Ri: yes sir. Ofcourse sir.

Mm: Well then u'll have to abandon ur Chandigurh plan.

Ridhima whispered slowly: Chandigurh…

Mm: kiya huwa koi problem?

Ridhima thought over it. She could not get another golden chance like this. She even did not have any place to live and anything could happen to her if she went away frm the cozy house. But if she stayed she would be safe plus she will get a golden chance to enter the fashion world she often dreamed of. And if she became a successful model, her dad would also be really very happy for her.

Wen she was thinking all of this modi was watching her closely. He explored her sexy curves and her beautifully carved face. If I launch her, I'll earn millions.

Mm: To Ridhima jee aap ne kiya socha?

Ri: Sir, count me in.

Mm: well that's good then. To aap aj raat ko tayyar rahiye ga. We're going to a fashion show.

Ridhima couldn't believe her luck. But then…

But sir mere pass to koi kapre nai hain for this show.

Modi took out a credit card and gave it to her.

Mm: you can shop can't you? The dress code is black.

Ri: su.. Sure sir.

Modi gave her a smile and went away. Ridhima went to her room. A marathon of questions was racing her mind. Why is he acting so generous? Us ne mujhe apna credit card de diya, without a second thought? But she swept all her questions away as she thought abt her upcoming day.


Sanjivani Caf:

Armaan was really tired as he had not slept correctly last night. Weird dreams involving Ridhima had not let him sleep.

Ar to himself: abay yaar, yeh larki to mere dimagh par puri tarha cha gayi hai. Na mujhe us ka naam pata hai na  phoe number na kuch lekin din raat us k baray mein sochta rehta houn.

At the same time a nurse who iz mad for armaan comes to him with a red rose.

Nu: Armaan sir yeh aap ke liye.

Ar: Thankyou Raima lekin mein aapko kitni baar bataoun k mujhe aap mein koi interest nai hai why don't you understand?

Raima gets angry and goes away mumbling. Rahul comes in laughing at her.

Ar: hans lo, hans lo. Tujh ko meri pareshani se kiya.

Ra: Acha bata kiya huwa.

Armaan tells him his whole story.

Ra: kiya?? Tu pagal hai kya? Na tu us larki ko janta hai aur tujhe to us ka naam bhi nai pata aur tu us k sath shadi k sapne bhi dekh chukka hai??

Ar: yaar mein kiya karoun? Mein jahan jata houn jo karta houn us ka chehra mere dimagh par chaya rehta hai. Mein mein kiya karoun?

Ra: abay love guru to tu bana phirta hai. College mein teri hazaroun gf thein mein kiya karoun khud soch.

At the same time theie pager rings and they go away.


Night Time > Modi's House > Ridima's room:

Ridz is standing in front of a life size mirror. She is looking ravishing in a beautiful black slippery gown with a deep back. She is doing the last touches of her makeup as she had got a call from Modi to get ready. Same time modi enters the room and is shocked to see the crying nervous girl so hot. Ridhima sees him and asks "sir is it ok?"

Mm: Ofcourse ridhima. You look as beautiful as ever.

Ri blushes badly and Modi notices this.

Mm: Well if you r redi than shall we?

Ri: Sure.

They go out and Modi helps her in the car. She was going to sit at the back but he opens the front door and she sits there. When they reach the venue a large crowd of media ppl surrounds them. Ridhima gets really nervous but Modi helps her out. He keeps one of his hands on her bare back. She feels a bit uncomfortable but Modi whispers in her ear "just keep smilling and I'll handle it" and she does so. They are bombarded by questions. One of them asks "sir yeh larki aap ke sat kon hai?"

Mm: she is a new upcoming model of our industry "RIDhIMA GUPTA".

Hearing this they start questioning her but they are soon surrounded by guards and they enter inside.


Same Time > Armaan's room:

Armaan was getting really bored so he had called muskaan and atul at his house. Anjali and rahul had night duties cuz of which they were not there.

Mu: armaan yaar apne t.v ka remote to dena aaj barra kool sa fashion show aane wala hai.

Ar: yaar muskaan bore na kar.

Mu: mein bore kar rai houn? Tum aur atul to basket ball khel rahay ho mein faltoo mein bethi houn.

Ar: atul k sath khelne mein maza nai ata. Who to ball hoop mein dalta nai hai faida kiya? Rahul hota to maza ata.

At: armaan tu ne mera dil thor diya DOST DOST NA RAHA, PYAR PYAR nA RAHA.

Mu: atul chup kar aur armaan sharafat se bata remote kahan hai?

Ar: acha who dekh wahan hoga.

Muskaan finds the remote and opens the t.v. she tunes in the channel on which Modi was announcing ridhima's name to the media.

Mu: armaan dekh she is so beautiful.

Armaan turns to retort back but when he sees ridhima on tv he gets lost. At the same time modi announces her name RIDHIMA GUPTA.

Ar: ridhima…

He is lost in her beauty. Us ki ankhoun se abhi bhi sharafat jhalak rahi hai. Oh my god she is so beautiful. Same time Modi holds her back and armaan feels really angry at his touch. Is ki himat kaise huwi meri ridhima ko choone ki? Array wat am I thinking. Who meri kaise ho sakti hai.

Aul calls armaan and with a last look at her he goes and continues his game with him.


Fashion Show:

As they enter the hall they are guide to there seats at the very front row. Ridhima feels really excited and her heat beat rate increases. The the background music starts "Fashion ka jalwa" and the lights dim. Sukriti khandpal comes on the ramp walking confidently. One by one all the models walk out and in the end the designer comes out wid suku.

Ridhima feels happy that she was also going to be a part of this. She imagines her self on suku's place.

The show finishes and she and Modi go to the backstage.

Mm: wow what a show Rohit.

(P.S. rohit iz the same gay guy frm the movie)

Ro: thank you my frnd. (Notices ridhima) well hi darling how are you? I heard abhi announce your name outside. Welcome to the industry. Ao mein tum ko baki sab se milata houn.

They start walking around as Modi goes to meet some one. As they reach sukriti…

Ro: hey sukriti this is ridhima a new model in our industry.

Suku is in a bad state as she takes a lot of drugs and can't be a minute without it.

Ro: ridhima tum baat karo I see a really hansome guy there I'll check him out.

As he goes…

Su: u r a friend of Abhi right?

Ri: umm yeah…

Su: mein bhi thi. Us ne mujh se shadi ka waada kiya aur phir chor diya. Isiliye to mein drugs leti houn. Take care warna tum bhi isi haal pe ajao gi.

Ri: sukriti I think you r really not well tumhain…

Suku cuts in: ye jo fashion ki duniya hai na, bahar se bohot achi lagti hai. Glittering, beautiful, famous, delicate and rich. Lekin andar se yeh utni hi bhayanak aur khaufnaak hai. Unexpected things happen here ridhima. Mein tumhain as a friend warn karti houn ke jitna sambhal sakti ho sambhal lo cuz you can never think yahan kiya ho sakta hai.

Same time modi calls ridhima. Ridz turns to sukriti and she says "mera kaam the warn karna, best of luck"

Saying this she goes away leaving ridhima in a fix. Modi comes and takes ridhima to meet some more ppl but she couldn't sweep away her words frm her brain.

Later wen they are going home ridhima asks modi.

Ri: sir who…

Mm: don't call me sir call me abhi.

Ri: Abhi who…

Mm: who?

Ri: I met sukriti today…

Mm: yeah? Good. Ab to tum ko milna hi hai in sab se.

Ri: nai who keh rahi thi ke…

Mm: han bolo.

Ri: well she was saying that… (Narrates all the conversation to him)

Mm: to tumhain kiya lagta hai k is it true or not?

Ri: mein khud par yakeen karna chahti houn but us ki baatein mujhe sata rahi hain…

Modi stops the car and she sees that they are in front of his house. As she comes out…

Mm: ridhima I see u r reli confused. Aisa karo k jao araam karo. Think about it and we'll talk tomorrow morning about it. Kal hum dono free hain right.

Ridz nods and turns to go.

Mm: ridhima one minute.

Ridhima stops and modi comes to hr. He puts one hand behind her back sending shivers down her spine and brings his mouth close to her ear…

Mm: you were looking very beautiful today. Make sure yeh khubsurti kabhi kam na ho.

Saying this he bends down, kisses her neck and goes away leaving ridhima more confused than ever…


Next Day > Sanjivani :

Dr. keerti had given them their duties and they were in the locker room.

At: array Anjali pata hai kal armaan mujh se basketball mein haar gaya.

An: really atul? Than that's good. But tum armaan se hare that's strange.

Mu: array mujhe pata hai kyun hara. Wo kal mein fashion show dekh rahi thi aur us mein ek nai beautiful si model thi. I had pointed her to armaan. Aisa kiya aur us ke baad armaan haarta gay haarta gaya!!! Usi ka jadoo chala hoga!!!

They all teased armaan and later went out for teir duties. Inside were left rahul and armaan.

Ra: wohi larki thi na?

Ar: tujhe kaise pata?

Ra: array yaar abhi to tu usi k spell mein hai.

Ar: shut up yaar. (Sits on the bench).

Ra: kyun? Why? Tu ne suna na k who ek model hai. Us ko to tera chehra yaad bhi nai hoga. Aur tu us ki yaadoun mei din raat dooba rehta hai. Forget her mere dost warna dr. keerti ki maar parray gi!!!

Ar: han yaar ur ryt. Well I'll try to. Chalein??

They go out armaan not knowing that she was the girl of hr destiny, which was ahead of him…


Modi's place:

Ridhima had thought over night abt her and suku's conversation. Next day modi wuz waiting for her on the breakfast table but she dint turn up. Curious he went to her room to check her out. She was sleeping innocently under the layer of blankets.

Mm: god she is hot.

Modi was also attracted to ridhima but not the way armaan was. For him, girls were disposals to be thrown away wen used.

He bent down and touched her soft face. Then he sat on her bed and bent down so near that he was a breath away from her lips. She woke up and was startled to find him so near to her. Her mind told her to sit up but her heart did not let her respond and slowly their lips met into a hard and passionate kiss, which seemed like would never end. About 20 minutes later they parted and modi left the room. Ridhima was confused about what had happened just now…


Well guys that was the forth part. If u have any queries then u can pm me or post ur questions here. Tnx fr reading and do comment…

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ashluvdmg Goldie

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 7:31am | IP Logged
hiya zanny!!
omg~!!i din no jst bcz of one Question u wud change de plot huh!!
thx huh??nw dnt tel me thx n all...i jst felt like askin u tats it..
cuming 2 ur parts
erggg..i hate dis guy called modi....mann!!i feel like killing him..
n thy kiss 2 ...chay!!poor armi
wn wil she cum 2 no abt tat idiotic a** modi!!
i jst wanna c ridz wid armi nt wid nyone els....
n de wy u hav writn de fashion related parts..its jst commendable dear
lukin 4wd 2 ur othr part
do cont soon
thx a ton 4 de pm
luv u lts
crazy ashu

Edited by ashluvdmg - 13 December 2008 at 11:16pm
rani 19 Senior Member

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 7:50am | IP Logged

If you think this is an error please Contact us.
~*evil zanny*~ Groupbie
~*evil zanny*~
~*evil zanny*~

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Posted: 12 December 2008 at 8:10am | IP Logged
Originally posted by rani 19

hmmm.... interestin part u definately movd the story ahead bt i have a question to which im confused. u mentioned in ur intro or ur first part not sure which one that armaan n gang r at uni n will be joining sanjivani in 2 years time where he will meet ridz however in dis update u mentioned that they already r working in sanjivini. wat am i supose to make of dis unless i missed a part out that im not aware of . anywys back to ur update it was good that sukriti warned her i jus hope she duznt get dragged down too much. n bless armaan he fallen head over heels for ridz cant wait till they have another encounter. do continue soon
luv iram

hey... umm dint u read the note in the beginning of the part that i have made some changes in the story... armaan and all the others are working in sanjivani already, they are not in uni... cuz if they wud then ridhima wud be elder than armaan and i m sure u dunt want that. lolx!!!

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