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Hi everybody… u might think that Wow Shikdumgal is back w/ more Updates!LOL But hold on….i'd time to post an update today so I did. Just remember that I can't assure u that I'll post updates regularly. I'm going to write quickly today as I have to wake up early tommrow, but don't worry I'll make sure that my Reth watchers don't miss any single details!Approve If there is any wordin mistakes, plz….forgive me!Tongue


Jan. 17th, 2005

Gyanji= GP


The episode starts in Puja room at Pandey's house-

We recall that Jia stands up quickly and starts to get out of the puja room, just then she stops at doorway looking side to side to Neth who smiles evilly. Savi looks at both of them and gets happy to see Jia angry. Jia then have this cold stare at SP n' he looks down.


Puja Room to Living Room-

We see GP talking ecstatically to Sam, n' Manu about how he's turning from dad to Grandpa, and then they all laugh. They see Jia rushing out from puja room like tufaan, she's still crying and wiping her tears.  Just then she sees them and soon she ignores and starts going upstairs, which leaves GP surprised. In puja room, RK is confused about these suspicious looks on Jia and SP and why they both and Neth keeps staring for while. She is surprised to see Jia getting up from puja suddenly and askin Anuji that wat happened to her, to which Anuji replies that she'll go and see. While outside of puja room, GP is seen behind Sam n' Manu talking, he overhears their talk but doesn't say anything in the end:

Manu (to Sam)- There is something going on… and Aunty also went up suddenly.

Sam (desperate)- Its all b/c of Nethra came. I forgot to tell her not to come.


Jia's Bedroom-

She is standing alone near bed and crying. She is shaking back n' forth as if she is trying to control tears, which she isn't able to. Anuji sees Jia in this condition and tells her to control herself.

Jia (crying heavily)- Ma, how can I control myself after all this Neth came! I attended puja on ur behest only and this Neth….

Suddenly RK comes, and Jia turns backward as if she doesn't want to be seen crying.

RK (startled & confused)- Jia, are u alrite? (jia doesn't say anything bc she's controlling her tears, and Anuji watches them for while) Priest told to offer ur hand to SP and sacrifice, n' all of sudden u left? Jia, its inappropriate to leave puja by urself. Puja is attended by both wife n' husband n' they sit down together and get up together.

Anuji doesn't seem to stand firm anymore and tries to make see sense to RK.

Anuji (annoyed to RK)- so tell me all about ur house rules, doesn't daught-in-law have any rules in ur family?

RK (surprised & confused)- wat makes u say that anuji? What did I say wrong…?

Anuji- You shud always first doubt on ur daught-in-law for honor & prestige of the family?

RK (more surprised)- wats the matter? tell me clearly..

As soon Anuji tries to explain, Jia stops her not to go on, but Anuji refuses.

Anuji (bit annoying)- Y did Nethra came?

RK- Wats wrong in it? She's SP's dost.

Anuji- Their relation is not right. (RK is surprised) Between Neth & SP….(looks in RK's eyes as tryin to tell that there is something bad in it)


Puja Room- (guyz, in dis scene I never seen SP this much angry b4…so beware!)

The room seems empty as there are no guests in there bc of family problems, except Neth n' SP, n' of course, wicked Savi standin near doorway overhears:

SP (in rage shouts)- Neth, y did u come?

Neth (shocked to see SP angry toward her n' sees that SP is not liking this)- What…?!

SP (in rage)- I know y have u come here! (means that to annoy Jia and ruin their relationship) (Neth has some tears in her eyes n' b4 she says anything…) You don't need to say! How dare you come at this moment in puja??

Neth (her voice gets low as if she's scared of SP's behavior n' sad)- I came to congratulate you…. Sam invited me.

SP (furious n' shouting)- to congratulate me? You r lieing yourself to me! I knw y u have come here!

Neth has some tears in her eyes and feel really bad.


Jia's Bedroom-

RK is still confused abt wats goin on.

RK (shocked)- Wat u saying….. My son won't do anything like that. (she thinks that its some kind of affair or something)

Anuji (bit annoyed)- You ask Jia for that. (They both watch her from back) How can she sit in puja when this Neth dare to come in spite of knowing everything? (RK watches Jia closely from back as to y isn't she sayin something) If you don't get it then ask Jia. She  has been enduring the truth.

RK goes toward Jia and put her hands on Jia's arm to turn to her side and take a look at her. Jia is seen crying so heavily. RK keeps looking in her eyes and seems sad. Jia then have this strong cry from her mouth as if she has been tryin to control for long and still is not able to say anything. She then puts both her hands on her face and then fall on RK's arm crying. By seeing this, RK feels sad and shocked and she seems to knw wat she is trying to say. (abt SP's sleeping, I guess)


In Puja Room-

Neth is talking to herself and unaware of Savi standin behind her. She is telling herself that she made a big mistake coming to Pandey house, and shud have listened to Dadi. Savi then comes from behind and asks her that y is she talking to herself, and that she shudn't feel bad abt coming here, bc it was Sam who invited her. She explains to Neth that now coming of her, everybody have seen that you and SP have something w/ eachother and wat u mean to them now. Neth seems to get happy hearing this. Neth tells Savi that then y did SP got angry and didn't like coming me here? Savi then keeps lying her that… You know sometimes in love, someone gets angry unnecessarily, and some things are just expressed not told and everyone has come to know abt you. Neth gathers confidence in her and feels glad by hearing this.


Living Room-

RK is out of Jia's room and Daboo and Aru come to asks that y does she look restless and wat happened to Jia n' wat abt the after party? RK instructs Aru to leave the house w/ Harsh b/c Jia's condition is not good and we r not having party n' will have someday. When RK leaves just then Priya(Jia's sister) comes and asks if puja is over b4 she came and hwz jia. RK says that yes…Puja has just got over and Jia n' ur mom is in ur room, I'll be right back. RK leaves, Priya and Aru are puzzled to see RK worried and say that she's hiding something from them.


In other side of Living Room-

Gyanji is anxious and asks SP that was puja prepared perfectly? SP doesn't say anything. Gyanji then involves in talk w/ other guest then SP goes toward Sam n' Manu, and Manu asks SP that y did Jia leave like this and is the misunderstanding still there b/w u? He advises SP that to go talk to Jia and clear misunderstanding and tell her that there is nothing going on b/w u and her n' wat can be more than that? Sam tells Manu that some things don't come to end so easily and SP looks at him panicked. Just then RK is seen watching them all, especially at SP who stays quiet for long and doesn't answer anything to wat ppl asks him, and then she keeps staring at SP coldly from behind. She then approaches in the group by saying irritably, "excuse me", and she is breathing heavily bc she's feeling bad about wats going on. Gyanji hears this and come back to the group and asks RK tht wats going on there r guests in our house. RK doesn't seem to care n' in her angry mood, she orders Gyanji and Sam and SP to come inside bc there is some urgent work. They all calmly leave the place and…then she tells Manu to request guests to leave bc there is not going to be party at house bc Jia is not feeling well today. Manu is surprised to hear that RK might haven't heard abt the secret. He just listen to her and do wat she says.


In Puja Room-

Neth and Savi are seen smiling. Savi still informs Neth that don't worry, now everyone knows abt u and him. Neth feels thankful to Savi and says that I don't understand anyone here, but at least you understand me. Savi then smiles evily. Right then RK comes w/ her upset mood and tries to warn Neth.

RK- don't u have shame afterall coming over here? (Neth acts like..woah?) Don't pretend, you knw it well wat u did.

Savi (confused & surprised)- Why r u talking like that? She's our guest.

RK (gives mean look at Savi)- If guest comes to our house, and enters in our lives, then this is hw I wud react. Look, I have never insulted my guest like this b4. And..I don't want to make this mistake again. So please b4 I lose control over myself, please leave! Forget entering my house ever again. Never look in this house again! I said leave!

Neth feels insulted and horrified of RK's behavior and leaves, which leaves Savi, of course, smiling.


In Gyanji's room-

We see that all have come inside the room which RK requested. Gyanji is upset and worried.

Gyanji (upset toward Sam n' SP)- wats going on? Wats happening? For the first time, I saw RK angry like this and why do I feel that there is ur reason behind this? Is Jia alrite? (SP says nothing) I'm asking you, SP. Wats going on? If there is any problem b/w u n' her, then tell me. (Sam n' SP r still quiet and nervous) We'll find the solution together by talking. (no one says anything)


Jia's Bedroom-

Priya is upset on hearing that SP cheated on Jia and she still can't believe it that y wud bro-in-law wud do soemthin like this? She tells Anuji n' Jia that she'll go and talk to him. Anuji stops her and says that its not right time to talk bc there r guests in our house and our sorrow will become their scene. Priya is still upset and tells that hw long shud we feel embarrassed by SP's mistake? She then comes to the end point and demands Jia to come back to their house right now. Jia stops crying and thinks over on wat Priya just said abt moving back to home.


Savi's bedroom-

She's really enjoyin this tamasha and moves her face gleefully while eating sweets as if she likes how things are going and talks to herself jovially, "there shud be a blast in the house whether there is celebration or no." Then Daboo comes and sit on bed beside Savi w/ worried face. She asks Savi that y everyone seems sad and called off puja? She then asks Savi that I guess its bc of ur whole plan rt? Things are alwaz  messing up in this house and I guess u r not involved in it this time! Savi replies back that "all of them are worried then why u? You shud just watch wats goin on. If u need to do anything, just ask me and do wat I tell u to" Daboo then says that you are in involved in this right? Savi says, "I m not involved. Its ur bro-in-law's mistakes. Ask him"


In Gyanji's bedroom-

While GP is still questioning Sam n' SP, RK comes.

GP (confused)- RK y did u come halfway and told us to go inside when there were guests in living room?

RK doesn't reply, then she stares at SP. She then goes near him and stares coldly again.

RK (upset n' shoting)- SP, is it true? Did u cheat on Jia? …….What relation u have w/ Neth? Answer me!

SP seems so nervous and keeps looking down.

GP (angrily toward SP)- Speak! What is she asking!

SP- I made a mistake.

Just after hearing this, RK gave a tight slap to SP. And then..she slapped him another 3 times on left n' right cheeks continuously. She then broke down into tears and cries.

RK (crying heavily)- How cud u make a big mistake?…How did u make a mistake?….

RK is still crying n' she goes toward GP who's standin right beside SP. She cries on GP's arm and says-

RK- He cheated Jia…..(crying)… he broke trust….he didn't care abt Jia's honor to samve our family honor!…he deceived her…I don't know how will we face to that gal(Jia)…(crying heavily)….I don't want to see his face again….please….take me away from here…

GP is shattered and has tears in his eyes. He feels dishonored and walks away speechless and quietly w/ RK in his arm. Sam feels sad and SP has tears in his eyes. Freeze.


(Guyz….. really awful scenes rt? I felt like crying when I saw Jia shaking back n' forth in her bedroom.ConfusedCry You know when I see her, I feel its me crying and feeling cheated. To me, Jia is my own self and its really a coincidence that I found a character like Jia after long time on TV!Big smile)

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