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Pati, patni and woes

Jaane Kya Baat Hui
Mon - Thu, 10.30pm, Colors

Another new offering by the channel, this one is a take on infidelity on what is right for the goose may not be so for the gender…

Shweta Tiwari's big ticket soap after her innumerable 'dance' appearances. Produced by Cinevistaas, this is about the rich industrialist Sareen family (looks perfect from outside but scrap it a bit and it's a dysfunctional one) of an old couple, their three sons, the two daughters-in-law out of which the eldest one is on the wheelchair and is perpetually embittered and the second one, Aradhana (Shweta) is the heart and soul who keeps the kitchen and the family together, the kids of the eldest son and no domestic help (considering it's Aradhana who does all the cooking, dusting, serving etc).

With the father (Shishir Sharma), who seems to have a past, which rankles the mother (Mulay) and the eldest son practically doing nothing at home, it's left to the debonair second son, Shailendra (Sanjeet) to get his business up and going. While his wife observes karva chauth for his long life, the cad spends half the night with his marketing manager. Aradhana is yet to discover her husband's lies and deceit but from the look of it, when she would, she will have her progressive mother-in-law as her ally and of course a guitar-strumming suitor who right now makes an appearance only in the title track (nice one, written by Nida Fazli and sung by Raju Singh, reminded us of the Jagjit Singh title-track of the TV soap Sailaab).

The subject seems to be in good hands as there is none of the usual saas bahu gimmickry you associate with other shows. While it's nice to see Shweta and Sanjeet paired together (Sanjeet plays the part perfectly but that isn't saying much as most often than not, he's always played the grey roles), something seems to be jaded about the show.

The pace is languid but we are not complaining. So far so good, though we can't wait for Aradhana to catch him red-handed.

Verdict:A good start, hope it only gets better.

'Extra-marital affairs are an off-shoot of weakness'

You have kept away from soap-operas for a long now. Why?
After Kasauti Zindagi Ki, I was not willing to do roles that required me to do the same things - whine, scream and take care of kids. In fact, I was so put off by the very idea of playing similar characters again that I was even willing to take up a negative role. However, it was only with Jaane Kya Baat Hui that I found an interesting script and role for myself.

How is Jaane Kya Baat Hui different from other soap operas?
If you notice, the focus is certainly not only dramatical costumes or scheming revenge acts. This show highlights a social issue prevalent across classes in India - while a married man's social circle is much beyond his family, it is irresponsible on a woman's part to socialise outside, especially with male friends. Even though my character Aradhana, a housewife, diverts all her efforts towards her family, a few minutes of friendly chat with a man in the neighbourhood invites raised eyebrows.

If this is a universal issue in India, why restrict it to housewives? Don't you think working women are equally dedicated to their families?
There is no doubt that working women are equally dedicated to their families. According to me, this story is the biography of every second woman in India. I think even unmarried women will relate to the social bias highlighted. However, what differentiates them from housewives is that they have a social circle in the form of their colleagues and are more likely to find a friendly shoulder to lean on. But for a lot of housewives, the only people they interact with over the day are their in-laws, husband and children.

If the show is about gender bias affecting a woman's social circle, why does it end with an extra-marital affair?
To understand the answer, you will have to follow the show. But what I can tell you is that we are not here to promote extra-marital affairs. However, you cannot deny that the society has conditioned us to think that men and women, especially if married, cannot be close friends. Now in a situation where the woman is emotionally weak, it is but natural for her to rely on her close friends. And when this friend ends up being a male, the woman herself begins to question whether she has a taken just a 'liking' or is it 'love'. Thus is born the possibility of an affair.

What is about Aradhana's family life that makes her so emotionally vulnerable?
Just like every other homemaker, Aradhana's day starts and ends with looking after the needs of her family. In fact, she chose not to have her own children since she is happy nurturing the other kids in the family. However, her husband Shailendra (played by Sanjit Bedi) has little time or respect for her efforts. He belongs to the category of men who think their duty is just to provide the comforts of life to their family. He loves her at his own convenience and has a host of flings. While Aradhana is unaware of this, social struggle knocks at her door when she befriends a stranger who goes on to become the 'second man' in her life.

When and how do you think these social double-standards will cease to exist?
The only solution is to not bow down in front of the social conditioning. Not just the woman in question, but when the women around her, that from her own family understand her emotional needs, there can be a paradigm shift. In fact, in Jaane Kya Baat Hui, Aradhana's mother-in-law stands by her in the face of controversies. It is only then that men will be compelled to take notice of a woman's wants even if she is a homemaker.

What according to you defines a modern woman?
A modern woman is not someone who wears revealing clothes or opens herself up to several men. She is someone who knows what she wants and commands her own social standing. She is attached to her family and friends but does not wither away in the case of a rift with them.

Apart from Jaane Kya Baat Hui, which you felt compelled to sign due to its social relevance, what other shows are you looking at?
I am looking at shows that allow me to do something fresh. You will never again see me in the shoes of a character like Prerna. In fact, I am in no hurry to sign soap operas since most of them have the same whining tones. Till the time I come across more interesting scripts, I'd rather opt for reality shows. After all, I get to play myself there.

'My character isn't that bad'

Sanjit Bedi's glad that Jaane Kya Baat Hui defies the rules of a usual soap

Are you shooting for your new show Jaane Kya Baat Hui in this turmoil?
Yes, despite the fact that the mood on the sets is very grim. It feels sad, but we have no choice since the industry has already suffered tremendously due to the strike. We were shooting that day when we heard the news; we abandoned everything and sat in front of the TV set to watch the news.

What is the storyline?
The story is that of a married couple, played by Shweta Tiwari and me. It addresses issues pertaining to marital relationships that the society must raise-the difference in societal rules for the husband and the wife. The show has a feel-good look to it and the production standards are also better than what we have been seeing all this while. In fact, the producers have made an effort to keep at bay every element that viewers complain about in soaps.

And your character?
I play the husband whom I think people might hate. But the character isn't as bad; he does love his wife. In fact, I am really excited about the role for it is very different from whatever I have done till now. The best part is that no one plays the lead in Jaane; it's an ensemble cast and the focus is on everyone.

None of your shows after Sanjeevani did as well.
Saathiya was a great show but was lost since it was on Sahara channel. I think people liked me in Thodi Zameen Aur Thoda Asmaan but it had to wrap up. But Vivaah right now is doing well. Maybe people were not able to look at me beyond Sanjeevani's Omi, which is why they didn't like me in intense roles.

Do you miss playing Omi?
Omi was so much fun. In fact, that character is what I aspire to be in real life. However, I don't miss playing Omi because that phase is over for me and I have moved on. I left Sanjeevani because somewhere it veered away from the main plot and became run of the mill. And I returned when the plot became better.

What do you think of Dill Mil Gaye?
Dill Mil Gaye is a great sequel to Sanjeevani. Though I haven't seen much of it, I am happy that Karan (Singh Grover) a part of it, is a dear friend. I am happy it's doing as well and I often get nostalgic when I hear the Sanjeevani tune.

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Shweta rubbishes Raja's claims

Shweta Tiwari

Raja Chaudhary has been making news recently for all the wrong reasons. After coming out of the Big Boss he's been involved in quite a few drunken brawls. It's is hard to decode what this man's thinking is up to. And the person who obviously seems quite affected by all this is his ex-wife Shweta Tiwari.

A few days ago we got in touch with Shweta who agreed to meet us at a suburban cafeteria. To break the ice, the conversation went on to different things, but one thing that was noticeable was that she was not at her chirpy best.

After a little while when we were discussing about her production house, Raja's name popped up. Needless to say, we had to mention that he has been accusing her not letting him to meet his daughter Palak. "Really? But he met his daughter after coming out of the house," she says. We tried to ask her many more questions, but she went on to become silent. After a pause, "Anyway, I don't wish to say anything on this," she says.

Shweta is currently busy with Jaane Kya Baat Hui (Colors) where she is playing a character trapped in loveless marriage. A unit member says, "Shweta has always have been very professional on the sets. She keeps to herself while working. Most of the time, she remains silent. And with the kind of news Raja is making nowadays, one can imagine what she's going through."

Shweta is trying her best to keep Palak away from all the gossip. "Her world revolves around Palak. She is always with her daughter as she thinks this is the time when she needs to be with her the most," says a friend.

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What Do the Stars say for the Brightest Stars on TV?

Today is the first day of the New Year and we hope it will bring happiness and peace in our life. We take a look at what 2009 holds for the top 12 television personalities, courtesy the predictions for 2009 by well known Meerut based astrologer Pankaj Gupta.

Shweta Tiwari
The month of January is going to be stressful, work wise it will go smooth till March. In her personal life, there are chances that her self respect will get beaten this year and health wise to she needs to be careful and avoid long term traveling. There is also a possibility that she will get into unnecessary fights. By the end of the year her planetary position will improve and she will get new work and money too.
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Shweta Tiwari gets back to Naaginn..

Shweta Tiwari who played the arrogant Queen Surmaya in Naaginn is back to avenge Amrita...

The talented Shweta Tiwari is high on demand, as the actress who is now doing COLORS' Jaane Kya Baat Hui, after being roped in to host Sony's Jhalak Dikhhla Jaa Season 3 is now getting back to Zee's Naaginn.

Shweta earlier played the role of the arrogant Queen Surmaya of Trikund Lok who loses a dance competition to Amrita aka Shayantani Ghosh.

"But now, Surmaya is brought back by Triveni (Aroona Irani) to kill Amrita", informs our source.

Confirming this news is Shweta Tiwari, "Yes, I am getting back to the show after one year. I had earlier lost the dance competition to Amrita, but now I am back to take revenge. And Triveni brings me to kill Amrita".

"My character will be a cameo which will not last long", concludes the actress.

Well, the New Year is really turning out to be great for Shweta!!

Reporter and Author: Ranjini Nair

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Shweta Tiwari's a shade darker

Mumbai: Shweta Tiwari will now be seen plotting, conspiring and making faces at the camera as she returns to play the character of a villain in the soap Naaginn on Zee TV.

She did a cameo in Naaginn last year, which boosted the TRPs. However, due to problems with the dates, Shweta was unable to continue to be on the serial. Now, the producers have brought her back to the show again. She will be seen plotting the murder of the heroine Amrita (Sayantani Ghosh).

"I am quite excited because this is a negative role. I have always been associated with positive roles in family dramas and this role is a welcome change for me," she says.

But the show is not one of the most popular ones.

"It's not always about TRPs. The role matters. And when I am enjoying doing the role, it hardly makes any difference. We all are hoping that the show's TRPs will rise again."

So, what if this negative role in Naaginn backfires?

"Initially when I did the cameo, I was acting in Kasautii Zindagi Kay as well. I do think people can decipher the difference between what is reel and what is real. I am currently doing a positive role in Jaane Kya Baat Hui and I am confident that people will appreciate my effort," she adds.

After Kasautii... went off air, she hasn't done any Balaji show. Is there any show in the pipeline?

"Kasautii has made me whatever I am and I am really thankful to them. I have worked with them for a long time, but there's nothing new as of now. If I am doing something with them, I will definitely let the world know," she ends.

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Telly's Yummy Mummies!

You wouldn't believe it with their drop dead gorgeous figures, but many of our small screen actresses are mothers. We take a glance at the five actresses who, despite being mummys, look simply stunning and sexy.

Sexy mummy no.1: Shweta Tiwari

Beautiful hair, glowing skin, sexy figure, outstanding personality. This woman has the complete package. Despite being the mother of 7-year-old Palak, she simply amazes us with her maintained body.

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The new politicians - TV stars!

With Raju Srivastav set to contest the elections, we pick telly stars who we would like to see join politics.

After Smriti Irani contested in the Loksabha election last year in Delhi, Raju Srivastav will be contesting in the upcoming Loksabha election in Allahabad this year. So with telly actors turning politicians, we take a look at few stars who we would like to see contesting in the elections soon.
Shweta Tiwari

Apart from her slim and trim figure and her innocent beauty that will lure men into voting for her, Shweta's well-publicised issues with her husband Raja Chaudhary too will get her sympathy from the junta. The actress is intelligent and demands attention with her mere presence. In addition to this, she would also have a good amount of support from her Bhojpuri film fans.

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