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fanfic (pyaar to hona hi tha)Updated Part 29/pg 99 (Page 3)

bubblygurl IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 December 2008 at 6:51am | IP Logged
hey amazing ff....i just got hooked to it,,,,

do update soon..!!!!

miss.sonia Senior Member

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Posted: 07 December 2008 at 11:22am | IP Logged
i know who it is but i wanred to read future Angry kya yaaritna acha khasa chal raha tha Cry beech me hi cut kiyaAngry

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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Finally , Time is come presenting

Part 3

Ms Aha's class

Aha – Guys and girls this is Karan, Karan Singh……

Gasps were heard all around the class and the girls started swooning over him. In the midst of all this Samrat couldn't seem to get his eyes of Gunjan and her shocked expression. He saw the guy this Karan he was handsome but no one could beat Samrat. He saw Karan's eyes searching the classroom and finally rest on Gunjan. Under his intense stare gunjan lowered her head. Samrat felt something strange he wanted to hurt Karan for making Gunjan so uncomfortable.

Aha – Ok were will you sit. Let's see….

Karan – I can sit next to Gunjan if you don't mind

This time the whole class gasped. Every one had the same thing in mind He is such a cool, handsome dude why does he want to sit with this Morena behenji. (Well none of the idiots thought that how does he know Gunjan's name but our hero isn't stupid)

Samrat - How does he know chashmish's name. No wonder he was staring at her intently (Guyz when a char is thinking it'll be in italics)

Aha – Gunjan, of course you can sit with her. But tumhe uska naam kaise pata.

Gunjan – Voh mam…

Karan – Voh bahut lambe…. Samay se meri dost hai. Lets say childhood friend.

Another round of gasps were heard.

Aha – Oh! Lovely acha toh why not we have an introduction session of the new student in a different manner.

Dia – different manner….

Aha – well yes since Gunjan is Karan's childhood friend toh we'll call her here and I'm sure yahan ki saari ladkiyon ko karan se kuch savaal, personal savaal poochne honge toh woh gunjan se pooch sakte hai aur apna javab le sakte ho. Ao gunjan

Gunjan – Jee mam.

(Gunjan goes and stands next to Ms Aha but Ms Aha pushes her next to Karan and goes and sits where Gunjan was sitting.)

Aha – Ok class start.

A girl raised her hand

Girl 1 – Karan ka favourite color kya hai aur kyun

Gunjan – Karan ko red pasand hai, well uska reason bahut silly hai. Voh bachpan main chahta tha ki woh next Michael Schumacher ban jaye aur kyunki who red kapde pehanta tha.

( The whole class started laughing.)

Girl 2 – Tumhe kaunsi car pasand hai

Gunjan – Karan ko carz nahi bikes pasand hai.

Girl 3 – What would you prefer a girl in mini's, girl in jeans, or a girl in a frock/gown.

The whole girl population wanted to know this answer.

Gunjan – None of them

Girls – WHAT

Gunjan – Karan ko salvar kamees, sari , sharaara, chaniya choli anything Indian pasand hai

Dia – But that's so old fashioned.

Gunjan – Nah…

Karan – You asked her a question and she answered it if u don't like the ans its not my fault I like such types only. Is there any problem, anyways continue Gunjan.

Girl 4 – What's your favourite sport and have you won anything in it

Gunjan – Basketball…

Samrat – BASKETBALL. Toh yeh basketball khelta hai hmm but Samrat is still better maine toh Mumbai main saare colleges ko haraya hai.

Gunjan – Haan SAMRAT woh Basketball khelta hai aur National Champion bhi reh chukka hai twice and I'm sure ki who is bar bhi jeetega.

On the words National Champion sab shocked reh gaye. Everyone started seeing Karan as the next Dude. Girls started thinking winning over Karan would be a good thing as he was a national champion unlike Samrat who was a city champion. Even Annie was thinking in the same way.

Annie – Dia can have Samrat. I'll have Karan who is better than Samrat.

But unknown to Annie Dia was also thinking the same thing.

Dia – Yeh toh Sammy se bhi acha hai. Should I think about him. Yea maybe. 

(So the conclusion here is that Dia is always unhappy and will always be after Gunjan pehle Sam and ab Karan. Uff this girl is mad. No offence)

Karan – Gunjan ko itne gusse main kisi se baat karte hue nahi dekha hai. Lagta hai ki us ladke ne Gunjan ko hurt kiya hai. Use toh main baad main dekhta hoon.

Girl 5 – This is really personal. Who is your biggest support, friend, helper and why. And how would u like your wife or girlfriend to be like

Karan – This I would like to answer. My best friend is standing right next to me. She is my biggest strength and support. She has been with me from thick to thin. That's why I feel my girlfriend or wife should be like Gunjan if not better.

Samrat – Kya yeh Gunjan ko indirectly apna girlfriend bana chukka hai. How can he? Aur Gunjan ne kuch kaha bhi nahi

Aha – Very good that's enough for now ab lets sit and continue class. Do u have any rules for the girls betting for u

Karan – A special hint to all the girls who are after me follow the 2 golden rules

1] Never say anything to Gunjan

2] If u want any info about me or want to talk to me ask Gunjan.

Aha – You really are very close to each other. If I didn't know that you are friends then I would have thought you were lovers.

Karan – No problem mam many people have thought on the same basis.

All throughout the class the girls were staring at Karan and Karan was staring at Gunjan. Somehow this angered Samrat.

Samrat - Yeh kya sochta hai dekho kaise Gunjan ka haath pakad raha hai. Why isn't Gunjan telling him anything? Gunjan is smiling at him hm par mujhe kya hai. I hate this guy.

Aha – Ok class tum sab ko ek proj de rahi hoon. Yahan list padh rahi hoon. Aditi and mohit Group 1, Dia and Samrat Group 2, Benji and Annie Group 3………Gunjan and Karan Group 12.

Samrat – yeh Karan chashmish ke group main bhi

Aha – Proj yeh hai ki har group ko ek location di ja rahi hai for e.g. Group 1 ko Hill station toh they will have to spend a whole day in a certain hill station and find out the attitude of people in that place. How is it different from here? Why do tourists go there and how do they find relaxation. Yeh saare points ka ek 20 pgs ka proj chahiye by next Tuesday. Ab the locations.

1 – Hill station, 2 – Night Club, 3 – Hospital ……4 – Beach.

Benji – Mam hospital…..

Aha – Kyun Benji hospital main bhi bahut saare cheeze hoti hai but if you are uncomfortable choose another topic.

Annie – Beach.

Dia signals a thumbs up to Annie which Karan sees.

Aha – But woh to Gunjan aur Kara….

Karan – No probs mam hum hospital kar lenge.

The bell rings.

 Aha – Ok class you can leave. Remember proj next Tuesday

She leaves the class and every one crowds around Karan. Gunjan waits for him at the back and smiles at him when he comes.

Gunjan – Abhi bhi Mr Popular.

Karan – Tumhare liye sirf Karan.

Dia – Aur hamare liye…… Hi I'm Dia, Gunjan ki cousin aur yeh hai Dodo.

Karan – Aaj kal kafi ajeeb naam rakte hain Dodo… tumhe kya lagta hai Gunjan.

Gunjan – Nahi, nahi yeh Uday bhaiya hai, Dia unhe Pyaar se Dodo kehti hai.

Karan – Pyaar se…. ya right

Annie – I'm Annie

Chako – I'm Chako

Bennji – I'm Benji

Dia – Yeh sab mere close friends hai.

Karan – More like a alphabetical order A, B, C, D square. Tumhe kya lagta hai Gunjan. Aur yeh kaun hai, yeh tumhara close friend nahi hai kya.

(Those of u who didn't understand its Annie, Benji, Chako, Dia and Dodo)

 Samrat – Dekho kaise har baat pe tumhe kya lagta hai gunjan karta hai. I'm Samrat aur main aur Candy close friends hai.

Dia – Uff yeh Samrat ko bhi kya abhi attitude dikhana tha kya ab woh mujhe dekhega bhi nahi. Hmm kuch aur try karna padega. Gunjan se help lena padega Oh! GOD

Karan – Break in the alpha series D ke baad definetly S nahin aata. Hmm anyways nice to meet you all chalein gunjan bhai hamara Cafeteria main wait kar raha hoga.

Gunjan – Raj… Raj bhi aaya.

Karan – obviously, voh Nupur ke class main hai.

Dia – Yeh Raj kaun hai

Gunjan – Rajveer Singh, Karan ka bada bhai hai aur di ke best friend….

Karan – Jaise Gunjan MERI (stressing on the word meri to see Samrat's expression)

Samrat – what does he mean by meri use kya haq banta hai gunjan ko uski kehne ka 

  (Looks like he didn't notice what Gunjan said earlier, well Pyaar main aisa hota hi hai)

Karan – Ok chal tujhe pata hai na bhai doesn't like waiting….

Gunjan – pata hai pata hai….

They left the classroom unaware of Samrat's stare.


The same time when Karan was introduced Raj was also introduced at Deodar's class

Principal - Bachon yeh hai Rajveer, Rajveer Singh.

Nupur – Raj….

Was barely a whisper but C.J and Mayank heard it. Mayank was a bit uncomfortable with Nupur knowing the cool, dashing guy ahead.

C.J – Tum use jaanti ho Nupur.

As if hearing the name Nupur. Rajveer turned his head and gave Nupur a killer smile. Mayank seeing this almost wanted to kill him. But the rest of the girls didn't mind and almost fainted. Not liking this reaction Deodar questioned him.

(Guyz Rajveer will be written as Raj.)

Deodar – You are a month late in college. There is no one left to be your partner and I can't give you marks without a report.

Principal - He is intelligent…

Deodar – Intelligent Yahan sab hai but the proj…

Raj – I know sir, that's why I have completed a topic and here it is.

Taking the file and reading it Deodar smiled.

Deodar – Excellent work, Hmm I think you will work ok.

Princi leaves and Deodar tells Raj to sit next to Nupur.

Raj – Hey, Nupur kaisi ho kaafi time ho gaya tumse milke.

Nupur – Tum yahan kaise, kab, kyun….

Raj – abhi tak vaise hi ho, bolti rahti ho chalo it suits you….

Deodar – Ok class ab jab aap sab ne apne reports de diye including Rajveer toh ab hum project ke part 2 pe jaate hain. Is main you have to make a video on your project.

A lot of Oo's and a lot of Boo's were heard mostly from Uday.

Deodar – Silence, yeh mujhe ek hafte ke andar chahiye. Now since Rajveer naya hai and doesn't have a partner he will be merged in a group…..

 Mayank started having a silent prayer that he shouldn't be in there group anyone else would do.

Deodar – Kyunki iski proj bahut achi hai isliye he will go to Mayank and Nupur's group jinki knowledge aur proj dono bahut achi hai jisse uske efforts waste na jaye.

Mayank started cursing the day he started reading. He had more than ten years to fail and not study But NO.. He had to study and look what is the result that Raj, rajveer was in their group with Nupur.

Raj – Wow, Nupur tum padhne lag gayi ho. I'm impressed.

Mayank – Nupur nahi padhti thi, maine use padhaya, kyun kiya aise, why is he impressed?

Nupur – Tumse hi seekha hai.

Mayank – WHAT, Hello maine tumhe padaya isse itna bhav mat do.

Deodar – Agar tumne proj ka titles social movies liya hai to you can make a video on clipping of some social scenes and messaging. Add notes on it and produce in a form of a documentary.

Yeh documentary thirty minutes ki honi chahiye and shoul be submitted two weeks from now

The bell rings and Deodar leaves.

Here also the same thing happens everyone crowds around Raj but instead of sitting behind like gunjan, Nupur stands next to him and tells about and introduces him to the other students. C.J comes to meet them the last

Nupur – Raj yeh hai C.J class bunk marne main ace par yeh sala bahut acha deti hai…

C.J – Hi Rajveer.

Raj – Hi and don't go with the whole name sirf Raj bulao sab mujhe wohi bulate hain.

C.J – Ok Hi Raj, ab mujhe jaana chahiye varna koi aur pakad lega.

She leaves Mayank staring at Raj. Nupur then drags him to Mayank

Nupur – aur Raj yeh hai Mayank, Mera nahin, nahi…..humara project partner.

Mayank – Rajveer.

Raj - Raj bulao sab mujhe wohi bulate hain. And Hi

Mayank – Hi I'm Mayank sab mujhe Mayank bulate hai.

Nupur shaam ko aana hume proj discuss karna hai.

Nupur – Haan! Tum bhi aao na Raj after all tum bhi to proj ka hissa ho.

Raj – par iska ghar….

Nupur – tum mujhe pick karlo hum ek saath jayenge.

Raj – Ok chalo ab canteen chalte hain maine Karan ko Gunjan ko lekar vahi aane ke liye kaha hai.

Mayank – Karan…

Nupur – Haan woh Karan Raj ka chota bhai hai aur Gunjan ka best friend.

Mayank – Oh! Ab main chalta hoon.

Nupur – Ok bye.

Mayank was leaving but paused on the door when he heard Raj saying something

Raj – yeh ajeeb hai.

Nupur – Ha ajeeb toh hai. Thoda sadu hai par dil ka itna bura bhi nahi hai. Infact bahut hi acha hai tumhe bhi pata chal jayega. Or uski Mom By God. Mom ho toh Mayank ki mom jaisi.

Mayank smiled at this comment but frowned on the next

Raj – Well tumhe bachpan se logon ki pehchan nahi anyways lets go

Actually Raj had seen Mayank stopping at the door and smiling at Nupur's comment so he wanted to see what Mayank's reaction would be. Then another thought struck him.

Raj – Nupur tumne aaj baal khule rakhe. Great! Tumhe pehle se pata tha ki main aane waala hoon kya. Coz I know ki tumhe pata hai ki mujhe tum khule baalon main kitni achi lagti ho.

Nupur – Are Raj tum bhi na vaise mujhe laga kuch acha hone vala hai aaj par itna acha… bas baal khule rakhne ka man kiya.

Mayank – Yeh Nupur ke saath kaise flirt kar raha hai. Aur Nupur bhi kaise yes yes kar rahi hai.

Raj – Tumhe abhi bhi naachne ka shauk hai kya.

Nupur – Bilkul hai na, Infact Talent parade main maine Mayank ke saath Salsa bhi kiya.

Raj – What.

Nupur – Ha bahut acha naachta hai By god, usi ke vajah se main salsa seekhi hoon.

Mayank – Ha dekha tum kitna bhi keh lo Nupur toh mera hi side legi. Tumhe laga ki tum Nupur ko mujhse dur kar sakte ho. Nope tumne bas Mayank main ek enemy ko dhoond liya hai aur Mayank hamesha jeeta hai.

Raj – Chalo Nupur

Hearing this Mayank left.


Chalo bhai characters ka intro ho gaya. Bada hi long…. Update tha.

Thodi jealousy dikhi thodi dosti dikhi aur logon ke rang badal gaye.Agle part main dekhte hain ki jab char purane dost milte hain to kya hota hai.

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 January 2008
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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 2:10pm | IP Logged
tht was amazingg part reallyy samrat jeoluse of karan manyank jeoluse of raj
iqbals4ever IF-Dazzler

Joined: 03 August 2005
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Posted: 08 December 2008 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
amazing part cont soon plz!!!!Clap
bubblygurl IF-Rockerz

Joined: 14 July 2007
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Posted: 09 December 2008 at 3:54am | IP Logged
awesum..>!!!!!!!!!!!...luved it ..!!> update soon...waiting eagerly
anwaya IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 15 April 2008
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Posted: 09 December 2008 at 7:01am | IP Logged
All the lines scene were cute!

n sammy n mayu jalofy!


like that mujhe mayank hi bulate hai line!
miss.sonia Senior Member

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Posted: 10 December 2008 at 8:50am | IP Logged
thank god you did update !
it was awesome exacly how imagend it

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