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fanfic (pyaar to hona hi tha)Updated Part 29/pg 99


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Posted: 02 December 2008 at 5:21am | IP Logged

I've read a lot of fanfics and thought of starting one myself


Samrat Sehgal

The cool dude of the college. Every girls eyes or on this basketball captain but unknowingly his eyes are on a certain cousin of Dia's. His best friend Benji was the one who is always with him sort of a younger brother.



Gunjan Bhushan

                                    The sweet calm girl. Has a lovely singing talent but always used to hide it. Dia's cousin who has come from Morena with her sister Nupur. Doesn't have that many friends bcoz of her shyness.

  Nupur bhushan

                        The cute 'moofat' girl. Is Dia's cousin and also comes from Morena. She was always popular in Morena but somehow doesn't get that popularity here due to being traditional

 Mayank Sharma

                            The cool guy of the college. Girls swoon over him for his simpleness and intelligence. He is very dedicated to his work and a faithful son. Somewhere down the lane he starts liking nupur with the trademark smile he wins everyone's heart.

 Dia Bhushan

  The hot brat of Excel. Cousin of Gunjan and Nupur. Guys go 'fida' on her but she is after Samrat and doesn't like Samrat giving Gunjan her attention. With her 2 sidekicks Annie and Chako she tries to create havoc in the Morena sisters life.

Navina Bole

Uday Bhushan

                            Dia's younger brother and sort of a dodo. He hardly makes anyone laugh with his dumwit jokes. Though not bad at heart but doesn't like to be tortured by his Di 


 Rajveer Singh

                        Nupur and Gunjan's childhood friend. He is mostly close to Nupur and acts as a protective brother towards Gunjan. He is the son of a business tycoon of Bombay and has just joint Excel college. He has been the ace in any debate, quiz, dance. He iswhat people call an allrounder.

 Karan Singh

          Nupur and Gunjan's childhood friend. He is mostly close to Gunjan. He is the only one in front of who Gunjan behaves just like a normal outgoing girl. He loves potography and his favourite model is "GUNJAN". People considered them made for each other. He is Rajveer's younger brother. He also is a basketball pro.


Our story starts after the talent parade. Mayank has accepted Nupur's apology. Gunjan has finally got the confidence to sing. Now Dia is highly upset with Samrat and he is trying to woo her in the way he ignores Gunjan and people tell her she was just being used. Nupur still has to gain Mayank's total confidence. By the entry of 2 new characters some more spice will get added to the already spicy Excel college.


This is the basic start and characters of my story hope u guyz like it. If I get reviews I may write more

INDEX                                       PM List

CHAP 1 - PG1                           kashfan4ever, Miss sonia, _Monu_, bharathi aram, ruchimayur,

CHAP 2 - PG 2                          anwaya, sherizzz, Shafoo, debby, Arvanu, The Jazzgal.s, ananya_s

CHAP 3 - PG 3                          angel.ridz, cutie pooja, sweetshab, tina_doll, xhollisterx, kiran 1018,

CHAP 4 - PG 4                          dhrishti_sajan, poori1993, komal793, sajan_monaya, Sajan_mayur4eve 

CHAP 5 - PG 5                          khushali16, shrishtigupta, Ammy Luvs Ridz, I Luv Arjun, angelwingz04,

CHAP 6 - PG 7                          cuppycake990, hema_sajan, khushali16, kinnari2295, MJHT_ROX123,

CHAP 7 - PG 8                          ranbirleka, sweetvidisha, ynaiita, raveenamc, saba18, mayank-nupur fan,

CHAP 8 - PG 9                           jusrockingon, shinella,              

CHAP 9 - PG 11

CHAP 10 - PG 13

CHAP 11 - PG 15

CHAP 12 - PG 17

CHAP 13 - PG 19

CHAP 14 - PG 22

CHAP 15 - PG 26

CHAP 16 - PG 28

CHAP 17 - PG 31

CHAP 18 - PG 36

CHAP 19 - PG 40 

CHAP 20 - PG 44

CHAP 21 - PG 48

CHAP 22 - PG 52

CHAP 23 - PG 59

CHAP 24 - PG 64

CHAP 25 - PG 71

CHAP 26 - PG 78

CHAP 27 - PG 84

CHAP 28 - PG 91

CHAP 29 - PG 99

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tanyaaaa26 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 December 2008 at 6:38am | IP Logged

sounds intresting pls do cont soon i will be waiting

debby IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 December 2008 at 6:48am | IP Logged
Sounds interesting..esp with the new go on. Big smile
_Monu_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 02 December 2008 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Great start!
please continue soon!
Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 02 December 2008 at 12:21pm | IP Logged
wowwowowow coolllllllll i love your  ff plzz contuied soon your part cant wait  to read
ruky786 IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 02 December 2008 at 12:34pm | IP Logged
i love it please continue

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Posted: 04 December 2008 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Hey guys thank u sooo much for ur views here is the 1st part do readWink
Part 1


Day after Talent parade.


Nupur - By God, Gunjan aaj toh hum baal baal bach gaye. Mayank ek dum sahi time pe aa gaya varna pure Excel ke samne meri bezati ho jati. Aur teri bhi toh program main problem ho jaati. Vaise Samrat ne bhi teri bahut madad ki.


Gunjan - Haan Di aaj Samrat ke vajah se hi main gaa payi hun. Main soch  rahi thi use jake kal shukriya karu. Kya karu Di use shukriya karu ki nahi.


Nupur – Yeh bhi koi puchne vali baat hai. By God Gunjan tu bhi na chal ab sote hain kal tuje aur mujhe dono ko kisi na kisi ko shukriya kehna hai.




Samrat's house


Samrat – Yeh Candy phone kyun nahi utha rahi. Lagta hai kuch zyada hi ho gaya. Voh mujhse bahut upset hai. Uday ko try karta hun woh mujhe zarur batayga kya hua.


Dials Uday.


Uday – bnzbahdz njhvghhjfv


Samrat – Uday yeh kya bol raha hai kuch samajh nahi aa raha.


Uday – Are bolne ke state main hota tab na bol pata. Maine kaha tha tujhse surprise plan

Kar, plan kar par nahi tujhe mere cousin ke saath rehna tha ab di ne mujhe cool dude se blue dude bana diya.


Samrat – Blue dude. Whats that. Anyways Candy kahan hai voh phone nahi utha rahi.


Uday – Haan candy na who for the time being fridge main hai.


Samrat – WHAT


Uday – Haan main wohi khane jaa raha tha ki Di ne meri yeh halat kardi.   


Samrat – Idiot main teri behan ki baat kar raha tha.


Uday – Oh Di toh aisa bolo na woh tumse bahut upset hai is liye tumhara call receive nahi kar rahi woh abhi dad ke saath bahar gayi hai. Mujhe bhi jaana tha par tumhare vajah se main nahi ja paya.


Samrat – Acha hi hua tum nahi ja paye mujhe tumhari madad chahiye. Tum mujhe thik half an hour main tumhare ghar ke neeche milna.  


Uday – What tu phir Gunjan ke kamre main enter karega pichle baar ka yaad nahi.


Samrat – Mission Gunjan do din pehle khatam ho gaya ab hai mission Candy tu neeche aa main sab batata hun. 


After half an hour.


Uday – Wow Sam yeh sab kya hai. Tu ghar ko burn karne wala hai kya.


Samrat - No yaar yeh Candy ka surprise hai aur tu sirf apna kaam kar baaki sab main dekh loonga ok.


Uday – Thik hai Sam par agar kuch gadbad hua toh mujhe maar nahi padhni chahiye.


Samrat – Don't worry yaar tu blue dude hi acha lagta hai tujhe black dude banane ka koi irada nahi hai.


Uday – Thik hai yaar. Chal jaldi jaa Di 5 min main pahunch rahi hai.


Samrat set his plan into action after entering Dia's room and finished it in five minutes flat. He sat on her bed waiting for his Candy to arrive. He didn't have to wait long as he could hear footsteps loud and clear because of her 3 inch heels. He placed himself in the right spot and waited for her entry.


Dia – Wow, yeh kitna beautiful hai kisne kiya yeh sab.


Coming out of his hiding place


Samrat – Mere alava aur kaun ho sakta hai


Dia – Sammy…..Samrat tum yahan kya kar rahe ho. Ab mujhe mana kar kya fayda jaona isi ghar main tumhare morena ki sweetheart rehti hain.


Samrat – Oho Candy voh toh sirf bet ke vajah se tha. Aur maine tumhare liye yehi surprise socha tha talent parade vale din main, par tum aise hi chali gayi aur maine uday ko dekha bichare ka kya haal bana diya tumne.


Dia – Toh yeh tumhara surprise tha aur main ruki bhi nahi tumhari baat sunne ke liye. I'm so sorry. Yeh sab Annie aur Chako ki vajah se unho ne hi kaha ki tum mujhe cheat kar rahe ho. Bechara Uday toh sahi keh raha tha maine use bhi maara.


Samrat – It's okay Candy aur Uday se baad main maafi maangna chalo aaj ek romantic date tumhare ghar pe manate hai.


Dia - Par Samrat light toh on karte hain in candles se kya kaam. Chahe inki smell kitni hi achi kyun na ho


Samrat had decorated the room with candles some were with aroma's some were without.       


Samrat – Candy aaj apne Sammy ke saath ek candlelight date nahi spend karna chahogi. Maine specially apne Candy ke liye candles laye hain.


 He put on some light music to match with the surrounding and then bent in front of Dia


Samrat – Can I have a dance with u.


Dia - Ofcourse.


They swayed on the music for some time and after seeing that Dia was getting tired he closed the music and made her sit on the bed.


Samrat – Tumne last time game kab khela tha


Dia – Game. Uhm pata nahi


Samrat – Toh chalo abhi khelte hain


Dia – Abhi, par


Samrat – Haan abhi aur par var kuch nahi. Ok chalo tumhe pata hai yahan pe kuch aroma candles hai aur kuch plain.


Dia – Haan par….


Samrat – No par. Acha jo bhi candles main aroma nahi hain unko blow out kar do.


Dia – Ok fine tumhare liye yeh game bhi khel lete hain.


Dia goes around smelling and blowing she finds it weird and highly unromantic but she knows Sammy always was the best so she doesn't question.


Dia – Lo all done.


Samrat – done great.


Getting up from the bed he makes Dia turn around and shows her the remaining candles.


Dia – Oh my God yeh toh…..


Samrat had placed the candles in such a way that the aroma candles made a heart shape. Dia thought that this was Samrat's way of proposing.


Dia – Oh Sammy I love u too.


Saying this she hugged Sammy.


Samrat's mind (love u too but when did I say I loved her oh maybe she meant a friendly love u. Anyways atleast she will talk to me that's more than enough for me. Better stay away from chashmish varna Dia won't forgive me again.)


Dia's mind (Oh! Thank u God this is my best day aaj Samrat finally proposed. Mujhe Uday ko sorry bolna chahiye. I'm so stupid maine sammy ko galat samjha voh aur us behenji ko ek saath dekhna impossible.)


Samrat – Ok babes mujhe chalna chahiye


Dia – abhi


Samrat – babes its 1'o clock kal college nahi jana kya.


Dia – oh haan ok bye.


Samrat – bye candy.


Dia – (after Samrat leaves) I think kal announce karna chahiye. No Sammy jab karne ke liye ready hoga tabi karenga ya right. Kal ka din bahut sare logon ko thank you bolna hai after all everyones responsible for this day.



Mayank's house.


MM(Mayank's mom) – Mayu, tum itna kyun soch rahe ho. Tumne jo kiya sahi kiya aur beta galti kisse nahi hoti Nupur se bhi ho gayi.


Mayank – Par ma usne mujhe bataya kyun nahi.


MM – Nahi bataya ya tumne use bataane ka mauka nahi diya.


Mayank – Haan…




Day of talent parade


C.J – Hey Mayank tayaar ho Nupur ke saath dance karne ko.


Mayank – Please C.J us dhokebaaz ki baat bhi mat karo.


C.J – Oo dhokebaaz quite a big word kyun kya hua lagta boxing kuch zyaada ho gaya.


Mayank – Nahi C.J tum sunogi na toh tum bhi baat nahi karogi usse.


(He tells her all about the project.)


C.J – Toh isme itna chidne ki kya baat hai tum kabhi kabhi akdoo ho jate ho toh us time tumhe neeche laane ka koi raasta nahi hota. Maana Nupur ne wrong choice liya par itna bhi wrong nahi tha ki tum overreact karo.


Mayank – Chodho na C.J tum nahi samjhogi.


Saying that he turned but someone crashed into him thus making Mayank's notes and book's to fall

(Some what like gunjan's when Mayank found Nupur's project report with her. I know guys its sort of filmy but hey who cares)


Mayank – Tum dekh ke nahi chal sakte


Person – sorry dude didn't see you


C.J found the book in which Nupur had put the note addressed to Mayank. While picking up she found the note.


C.J – Ooo love letter kisne likha let me read.


C.J started reading the letter aloud.


C.J – ……… and I am really sorry. From Nupur.

Dekha Mayank she's sorry ab jao aur use maaf karo.




MM – Dekha Mayu bechari maafi maangi bhi tujhse par tu use maaf kyun nahi karta.

Mayank – Pata nahi ma maaf karna chahta hun par kar nahi pa raha.


MM – well teri marzee.


Going outside his room she turned for one second.


MM – Pata hai Mayu tu Angry nahi hai tu Hurt hai.


Mayank – Hurt matlab…..


MM – Shayad tu abhi nahi samjhega par jab koi apna jisse tu Pyaar karta ho tumhe dhokha deta hai to hurt hota hai na ki gussa aata hai.


Mayank – Pyaar… main Nupur se….


MM – haan tum Nupur se ab so jaao


Saying that she closed the door.


Mayank – MAIN NUPUR SE PYAAR NAHIN KARTA NAHIN KARTA MAIN NUPUR SE PYAAR……… nahin karta, karta hoon kya, haan shayad. Nahi, NAHI KARTA. Yeh ma bhi kuch bhi kehti hai.


Sitting on his bed he had only one thought about Nupur and his denied love.


Mayank's mind – Kal C.J ko thank you bolna padega uske bina main Nupur se thik se baat bhi nahi kar pata.



So after this long day of discussion, romance and screaming hamare excel ke bache gehri neend main hai sab ko kissi na kissi ko shukriya ya thanks kehna hai par kal main kya chupa hai kuch hi logon ko pata hai. Excel ka pehla din of college after talent parade main khushiyan, dukh aur romance chupa ye hum aapko guarantee dete hain



Somewhere 2 people r talking.


Person1 – Kal excel main humara pehla din hai bada interesting hoga hamare liye aur excel vaalon ke liye.


Person2 – Main toh kissi khaas se milne ka wait kar raha hoon.


Person1 – Ha main bhi………….



  Here is a long update for the beginning I'll continue later with the surprise characters in the next episode and I hope u guys won't be upset with the Samrat X Dia pairing as its just for this part.

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debby IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 December 2008 at 3:08am | IP Logged
Superb update. I loved reading it..m glad Mayank's beginning to feel something for Nupur..more than just platonic friendship..luking fwd to the new entrants as well.
Great going! Continue soon. Smile

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