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Posted: 09 May 2009 at 1:23am | IP Logged
New Tapasya-Ichcha on Uttaran

Tapasya and Ichcha are growing up on Uttaran. The show is poised to take a leap post IPL (which ends later this month) and the two little girls on the show, Tapasya and Ichcha, are slated to become teenagers.

Rashmi Desai will play teen Tapasya on Uttaran. She went in to audition for the role of Ichcha, who is the daughter of Damini the maid. But Rashmi says she got the other role instead "because I have rich and royal looks." She added that "my attitude is very arrogant. That's why they picked me to play the role of Tapasya instead."
Desai has had a bit of TV experience before and played the lead in Pari Hoon Main on Star One. Uttaran airs on Colors.

She said that she liked the show and regularly followed it. "I also met Ishita and Sparsh (who currently play the roles of Tapasya and Ichcha)" she said. "My inspiration for taking up the role is that, through this character, I will play many shades."

Rashmi added that the role would be daunting because the girls were very popular with viewers and keeping the interest in the serial going would be a big responsibility on the new girls.

Speaking of similarities she had with the character, she said, "I am the only girl in my family and I'm very pampered just like Tapasya. The only difference between me and the character is that Tapasya shares her things with Ichcha. I could never do that!"

Uttaran is about the Thakur family, whose daughter is friends with the maid's daughter. Jogi Thakur (Ayub Khan) accidentally kills the maid's husband and then takes it upon himself to raise the child.

Srijita De is slated to play the role of Ichcha. Srijita played Annu in Annu Ki Ho Gai Wah Bhai Wah, on Star One.

Srijita and Rashmi will begin shooting for the serial from the May 11.


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Posted: 21 May 2009 at 4:39am | IP Logged
Growing pains: Ishita sad to leave Uttaran

Uttaran (Colors) is heading towards a leap which means that child actors Sparsh Manchandani (Ichcha) and Ishita Panchal (Tapasya) will soon make way for their adult versions played by Srijita De and Rashmi Desai respectively. However, unfazed by being replaced on the show, 11-year-old Ishita is only worried about missing her friend Sparsh.

She says, "Sparsh is a very dear friend of mine and I'll miss her terribly. I met her for the first time during the auditions but we didn't get to know each other then. After shooting began, we became very good friends. In fact, now we are like sisters. We hope that both of us get an opportunity to work together again."
The young star is determined to keep in touch with Sparsh, saying, "We will both continue to meet on the sets. I'll go to her place and she will also visit me. Just because we aren't shooting for Uttaran, it doesn't mean that we won't meet each other."

As for her experience on Uttaran, Ishita feels blessed. She adds, "Uttaran has given me everything. It feels great to have gotten to play Tapasya and showcase my talent. I am very thankful to God that I got the opportunity to work here; it is one of the best shows on TV."

Ishita is also going to miss being pampered on the sets. "Everyone here gives us whatever we ask for. We even have our own kitchen sets that we play with when we are not shooting. I will miss everyone and all the masti we do here" she quips.

Both Ishita and Sparsh are still shooting for the show and have no idea when the leap will take place. Even so, they've both decided to have a blast on their last day. "We decided that we are going to cut a huge cake on the sets and spray fake snow on everybody. We will have lots of fun," she says.

As for other projects, little Ishita says she has no time to even think about more work. "There is nothing else as of now. Now toh we are busy shooting for Uttaran," she signs off.

Uttaran airs every Monday to Thursday at 10pm on Colors.


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Posted: 27 May 2009 at 1:59am | IP Logged
All work and no play for Ayub

It's been quite a while since Ayub Khan's cricket team, Actorletics has been seen on the field. This is mainly due to his busy shooting schedule that's not allowing the actor to take time out for his cricket team.

Ayub tells us, "Our team is very enthusiastic and very lively but the problem is that I am doing Uttaran, which is a daily. The schedule has been really hectic and I've not had any time to spare. However, we are planning to get back on the field very soon."
He adds that it has become increasing difficult to play because the matches are held outside the city. He says, "That becomes a major hurdle, but hopefully we'll soon be playing an international match in London."

Talking about the team's journey, he says, "Till now, we've played 40 matches which include three tournaments. Out of that, we've even won one. It's going great. The team has been really supportive and very enthusiastic."

Ayub tells us that despite shooting for his daily, he manages to practice for his team. He adds, "When we have matches, I've to take just three to four days to practice and that is not very difficult. Even during practice, playing a match is not that difficult. We reach for the practice at around seven in the morning, practice for four hours and then leave for our shooting."

But he also agrees that organising matches takes a lot of commitment. "Basically, there are three of us who handle the organisation: Faisal Khan, Rizvi and I. We've organised two sets of outfits, one (coloured) for day and one (white) for night. For every match, we have to provide the entire team with everything. Arranging this itself takes a lot of energy. But we have a great time and as soon as we all get time, we will get back on the field," he signs off.


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Posted: 04 June 2009 at 5:38am | IP Logged
Srijita De out of Uttaran

According to sources, Srijita De, who was finalised to portray the role of teen Ichcha after the leap in Uttaran (Colors), will now be replaced on the channel's insistence.

According to their contract, the new cast was not supposed to reveal details about their characters or the show before its official launch. But Srijita could not abide by the rules. The source says, "Srijita gave interviews to the media right after she came to know that she had been finalised. Surprisingly, even the production house is unaware of the entire situation. But at the end of the day, it is the channel's call."

The source adds, "Srijita was finalised as the new 'Ichcha' in the show. Though she didn't start shooting, she shot for the promos with Rashmi Desai, who will be seen portraying the role of Tapasya after the show takes a leap."

When contacted, a curt Srijita De refused to comment, just saying, "I am not aware of this."

Producer Pintoo Guha was also surprised and said, "Is it? I really don't know anything about this. I need to confirm it with the channel."


  • Vandana Shukla/ Hill Road Media
  • Thursday, June 04, 2009

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    Sreejita De out of Uttaran?

    If the buzz is to be believed, Sreejita De who was to play Ichcha in the post leap story of COLORS' Uttaran is no longer ...

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    Posted: 09 June 2009 at 6:42am | IP Logged
    Ishita finalized for Anandi?

    Ishita Panchal who has now become very popular as Tapasya of Uttaran (Colors) says she was finalised to portray the role of Anandi in Balika Vadhu. Surprisingly, she is not at all regretful for this fact.

    Ishita PanchalOn screen Tapasya says, "I was finalized for Balika but I couldn't do it for certain reasons. But I am okay with that. If I was playing Anandi in Balika, I wouldn't have got to play Tapasya in Uttaran. So basically I am very happy playing Tapasya and have no regrets at all."

    "I also gave auditions and was even selected. But at that time, I was doing Rama, The Saviour with Tanushree Dutta and Saahil Khan. Since I was busy shooting for that movie, I couldn't say 'yes' to Balika."

    Rama, the Saviour which was released last year was directed by Hadi Ali Abrar and produced by Abdul Aziz Baroodgar. Apart from Tanushree Dutta and Saahil Khan, WWE wrestler Khali was also a part of the film.

    The eleven year old Ishita tells us that though she might have missed being known as Balika Vadhu of the small screen, that doesn't stop her from being an ardent fan of the show. She tells us, "I love watching Balika Vadhu and I watch it when ever I have time. Avika who plays Anandi is very sweet. I simply love her innocence and the way she fights with Jagdish is so cute."

    Had this little gal been in the picture, we would have seen her as Anandi in Balika Vadhu fooling around with Jagdish.


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    Posted: 15 June 2009 at 12:15am | IP Logged

    My friends call me babyji: Ishita

    13 Jun 2009, 0049 hrs IST, TNN

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    Stars for a moment and then back to being little girls – meet Sparsh and Ishita, the child
    actors from the show, Uttaran. The girls have
    Li'l stars: Ishita and Sparsh
    mastered it all – stardom, striking a balance between studies and shooting, handling the media and the 'fans' as well.

    When the girls arrived at Seelampur in the city recently, more than a thousand kids from the area gathered, hoping to catch a glimpse of them. They jostled for space just so that they could wave at them or shake hands with them. And while the crowd swelled, Sparsh and Ishita, kept their calm.

    "I had a small role in the show, Mera Sasural and also in a movie
    , Red Alert. I even did a video album some time back," says Sparsh, adding, "But Uttaran made me famous." Agrees Ishita, "Though I had won two nominations in a telly awards function before Uttaran, still nobody knew me. But today, people recognise me." So, do they enjoy the attention? "I have to look good each time I step out," says Ishita. "I don't dress up at all. Yeh Ichcha ka fashion hai," chuckles Sparsh as she points to her dress and ribbons.

    And the girls understand their craft well. "We know what our characters are all about," says Sparsh. Adds Ishita, "I know the exact number of shades in our characters. Also, I hope the audience appreciates my work when my character develops a negative angle."
    And have more offers flowed in post-Uttaran? "Mujhe kya pata? Voh toh mummy ko pata hai. Main toh shooting se waapas aati hoon aur so jati hoon," says Sparsh. Adds Ishita, "Humara kaam hai acting karna." And in between their silly fights Sparsh says, "We're not friends, we're sisters."

    And now that they're stars, has life at school changed? Sparsh and Ishita are students of Class IV and Class VI, respectively. "My friends say – Arre, meri friend toh TV pe aa gayi yaar," smiles Sparsh. Adds Ishita, "My friends jokingly say, Babyji apko kya chahiye? Aapko milk shake chahiye? And I reply, mujhe milk shake nahin, chocolate milk shake chahiye."
    But being a part of a daily soap, ain't easy. "We finish our homework in between shootings. At times we do half of it at home," says Ishita. Chips in Sparsh, "It is hectic and kabhi kabhi toh school miss karna hi padta hai.

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    Posted: 16 June 2009 at 6:55am | IP Logged
    Tina Dutta replaces Srijita De in Uttaran

    The hunt for the teen Ichcha of Uttaran (Colors) has finally got over as Tina Dutta will now be seen portraying this role. She has replaced Srijita De who was initially finalised to play the teen Ichcha.

    A source informs, "Tina Dutta, who was seen in the second series of Koi Aane Ko Hai Paromita will now be seen portraying the role of Ichcha after the show takes a leap. She has already shot for the new promos with Rashmi Desai who will be seen playing teen Tapasya in the show two days back."

    Initially, Srijita was finalized as the new Ichcha in the show. Though she didn't start shooting but she already shot for the promos with Rashmi Desai. But the channel decided to replace her because she gave interviews to the media before the official launch. But soon after this news, we got to know Srijita will very much be a part of the show as she was again informed that she will not be replaced but will be shooting for the fresh promos all over again.

    Before Koi Aane Ko Hai, Tina Dutta was seen as the little Lolita in the movie Parineeta. In Koi Aane Ko Hai, the story revolved around a traditional north Kolkata family and the life of Monimoy Mukherjee, yesteryear's super star is a renowned producer of popular Bengali cinema. Tina played Paromita the daughter-in-law of Mukherjee.

    Though the news of the show taking a leap has been out for quite some time now, but the viewers have been waiting for this interesting twist to happen in reality.

    With all these uncertainties, Indya wishes the new Ichcha and the show all the very best!

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