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Posted: 03 May 2010 at 7:45am | IP Logged
I haven't found the right girl yet: Nandish Sandhu
Monday, 03 May 2010 18:59


Nandish Sandhu, a.k.a Veer of Uttaran fame, is not just a popular actor but he's also one of the most eligible bachelors in the industry. Time and again, he's linked with some actress or the other.

Clearing things once and for all, he says, "There have been all sorts of rumours about my alleged affair(s) with this or that actress. Since the last three years, my parents have been after me to get married, but I'm still very much single as I haven't found the right girl yet. In fact, I've not even given a thought to marriage. I haven't come across the right individual yet. I'm too occupied with my work."

While he's revered for his performance in Uttaran, Veer has literally acquired a reputation of 'Tragedy King'. However, all this rona-dhona will come to an end soon.

"I agree that the sobbing has gone on for a while. It's not just the four protagonists, but even other members in the house faced some stress or the other. The period of gloom will lift as Veer will return to being the strong and confident character he once was. He will once again take control of all matters of the family," Sandhu sighed.

What about Tapasya, will Veer accept her as his wife?

Right from day one, I've maintained that Veer will never like Tapsya. That simply cannot happen. At the moment, he's only pleasing her so to prove to Vansh that he's got over his equation with Ichcha," he replied.

- Mayur Lookhar / TellyCafe.com


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Posted: 04 May 2010 at 1:26am | IP Logged
Nandish Sandhu bags Newsmakers Achievers' Award
Monday, 03 May 2010 19:15



Many regard him as the best actor on television today, but Nandish Sandhu's efforts went unrecognized at the popular TV awards. Sandhu, a.k.a Veer of Uttaran, finally had his moment of reckoning when he chosen as small screen's best actor at the Newsmakers Achievers' Awards held in Mumbai on May 1st, 2010.

"Saturday night was a memorable one as I was awarded the Best Actor's Award at the Newsmakers Achievers' Awards. I'd like to thank my fans for all your love and support. I vow to entertain you further." said an elated Sandhu.

Adding further he says, "Frankly speaking, I didn't have much idea about these awards. I got a call from then that I've been nominated. I surfed on the net, and that's when I realized the pedigree of these awards. The best thing about Achievers' awards is that it rewards people from all walks of life."

When asked whether he was disappointed at not being rewarded at the popular TV awards, Sandhu sighed, "Apparently, I didn't fulfil the criteria then which required an actor to be part of a show for more than six month. Hopefully, these accolades will follow this year."

Child prodigy Saloni Daini won the best stand-up comedian award (female) while Naveen Prabhakar took the honours amongst the males.

Among other big achievers' were Amitabh Bachchan (Man of the Masses) and surprisingly, controversial MNS leader Raj Thackeray was chosen as the 'Heartthrob of Maharashtra'.

-Mayur Lookhar / TellyCafe.com

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Posted: 04 May 2010 at 3:35am | IP Logged
Nandish Sandhu wins the Newsmakers Achievers' Awards

Nandish Sandhu thanks his fans for choosing him as the Best Actor at the Newsmakers Achievers' ...

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Veer's problems not solved yet.
Buzz up!

Uttaran is steaming towards a new twist. The problems in Iccha's life never seem to end and Tapasya just seems to be deriving sadistic pleasure by ruining Iccha's as well as her own married life.

Discuss here

Our sources tell us that the latest track will be about how Vansh is convinced of a relationship between Iccha and Veer.

Vansh has deluded himself into believing that they have gone so far as to have a physical relationship. He is thoroughly troubled and poor Iccha has to suffer the brunt of his anger. His torture on Iccha increases. Nasty Tapasya is ever ready to add fuel to the fire. She tells Vansh that Veer is still in love with Iccha and does not care for her, his own wife.

We spoke to Nandish Sandhu (Veer) and asked for his comments to which he said, "Well the problems are definitely increasing, the show is taking an interesting course."

Veer on the other hand is distressed by all of this. He tries telling Vansh that this is all a misunderstanding, there is nothing going on between him and Iccha. He also tells him that Vansh has nothing to worry about since he has moved on and Iccha is committed to Vansh alone. But the poison of doubt has already spread too far and Vansh refuses to believe Veer. No matter how hard Veer tries to resolve the problems, they just keep on increasing.

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L'il Masters rocks; Chak.. booms, Nachke.. doomed?
Wednesday, 05 May 2010 17:51



Size doesn't matter. The smaller; the better. This has been amply proved by unheralded little kids from Dance India Dance L'il Masters (Zee TV) and Chak Dhoom Dhoom (Colors) who have put their erstwhile TV stars of Zara Nachke Dikha to shame.

The three dance reality shows made their debut last week, and all of them air at prime time on their respective channels. Zee TV's DID L'il Masters has emerged as the clear winner clocking a TVR of 6.7 for its inaugural episode. This not only makes it the top show (fiction and non-fiction) for the TAM week 18 (April 25 to May 1), but it's the biggest opening for any show in the last three years. Interestingly, the preceding Dance India Dance finale could only muster a rating of 5.

Colors' Chak Dhoom Dhoom drew a TVR of 4.4 while, Star Plus' celebrity reality show Zara Nachke Dikha could only muster a TVR of 2.4. (Though, it must be noted that Zara.. airs on Saturday and Sunday whereas its two competing shows air on Friday and Saturday)

While it will be too early to write off Zara Nacke Dikha, the success of the two juvenile shows clearly indicate that the viewers are longer warming to the celebrity dance reality shows, where talent often takes second place to controversy and other theatrics. We've already seen the first casualty when Mohit Sehgal and Sanaya Irani were found wanting as hosts, and subsequently replaced by Jennifer Winget and RJ Mantra.

Rakhi Sawant proudly claimed that she'll create history at Zara Nachke Dikha. The out-of-favour drama queen should now pray that the show picks up in the coming weeks or else, she'll be confined to history.

Meanwhile, the final of Indian Premier League 3 between Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings clocked a staggering TVR of 10.5 (All India market).

The top ten shows across Hindi GECS is as follows –

L'il Masters - 6.7, Pavitra Rishta 6.0, Uttaran 5.9, Na Aana Is Des Laado 4.9, Jhansi Ki Rani 4.8, Pratigya 4.7, Bidaai 4.7, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 4.5, Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo 4.4, Chak Dhoom Dhoom 4.4

Colors has regained the number spot with 288 GRPs, Star Plus is just two GRPs less, while Zee TV drops to third spot with 279 GRPs.

-- Mayur Lookhar / TellyCafe.com

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Posted: 06 May 2010 at 4:46am | IP Logged
[03 May 2010]



Opposites may attract, but that does not necessarily mean they will sustain. Nothing and no one can guarantee the longevity of any relationship. A perfect example of this is couple Ayub and Niharika Khan. If sources close to them are to be believed, Ayub and Niharika have parted ways and are even living separately at present.    

Ayub Khan, as many would popularly remember is the thespian Dilip Kumar's nephew. After having been unsuccessful on the big screen, Ayub became a household name with serials like Piya Bina and the very recent Uttaran. His marriage to Niharika too was nothing short of a fairytale romance.

Their love story started way back, when the two were in college. Yet it was only after a series of many twists and turns that they finally got together. After college, Niharika went to the US and found it difficult to continue a long distance relationship with Ayub back in India. So, both of them broke up and got married to their respective significant others. But as luck would have it, both their marriages did not last long and they rekindled their love after 11 long years of separation, when they bumped into each other at a salon accidentally.

If this wasn't enough to warm the cockles of your heart, their consequent engagement and marriage too was quite filmi to say the least – what with him giving her five dozens of roses at the time he proposed to her.

That they were definitely brought together by destiny was evident to all. One would frequently see the two having a ball on the party circuit. While Ayub seemed the more reticent and quieter of the two, Niharika's flamboyant ways were always the life of a party. The couple even has two beautiful daughters together.

Alas! Their seemingly perfect camaraderie (a relationship that lasted almost two decades) was not meant to be. The reason for their separation is still not clear, but sources close to the two vouch for the fact that it is because of their different personalities that they parted ways. Our informer explains, "The two are like chalk and cheese. While Ayub is the conservative kinds, Niharika is more gregarious. Every couple does have arguments, but in the past couple of years their problems rose to another level altogether. For example, Ayub never took very lightly to Niharika's atheist ways."

Even their lengthy courtship and strong foundation of love and trust couldn't help in saving their marriage. "Things got pretty messy after a point. Fighting everyday had just become like a norm for the two. Niharika's modern views were getting too much for Ayub to handle," adds our source.

But their differences of opinions were not the only thing that rocked their sailing boat. It seems that it is Ayub's ongoing affair with another woman (who he is even living-in with currently) that became the breaking point in their marriage. An informant reveals, "Which woman would tolerate her husband with another woman? All this while, people thought that Niharika was the bold and outgoing one, but Ayub's decision to let go of their marriage has shocked all their close friends."

The most surprising part is that up till now, not many people (except close friends and family) know about their estranged relationship, as they haven't filed for divorce. One of the main reasons for this is that they are worried about the future of their two daughters, who are living with Niharika at the moment. In fact, Ayub ended up staying in this marriage for so long only because of his children. "Given a chance, he would have definitely parted ways earlier. But he stayed put and took this decision simply because things had gotten out of hand."

In spite of all this, however, a common friend of the two doesn't rule out the possibility of reconciliation. He says on the condition of anonymity, "Their differences may have escalated to great heights, but come on, they have been together for years. Ayub is with someone else, who is not even from the industry and things are difficult. Let's see. If they can change things from here on, hats off to them."

We tried to get in touch with Ayub Khan, but to no avail. Niharika also remained unavailable for comment. Well, it's pretty obvious that there is something amiss between the two. Only time will tell whether they'll be able to reconcile their differences or not.

*By Raedita Tandan

-- k k rai

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[10 May 2010]

"Finding Someone Is Not On My To Do List"

Uttaran's Pragati Mehra At Her Candid Best!

As the proud sethani of the Thakur household in one of the leading shows on Colors, the multi-faceted Uttaran, Pragati Mehra feels she's finally made a lasting impression. Since she's been around for eight years or so, we have no choice but to agree. The show has given her a lot and the character of Divya Thakur has made Pragati a recognizable name and face.

Off the screen, as is mostly the case, Pragati is nothing like the conservative Marwari housewife she's projected to be. She's fun-loving, enjoys partying and is quite unapologetic about it and is crazy about her friends. What makes work especially pleasurable for her is the great atmosphere on the sets of Uttaran. In fact, when I ask her about all the controversies surrounding the show, she laughs out loud and dismisses the thought completely.

 "I really don't know what controversies you are talking about because we all get along so well." What about reports about tensions between Tina Datta and Rashmi Desai, the lead actresses in the show? They're apparently always fighting over Nandish Sandhu, who plays Rashmi's husband. "That's all in the show. I've never seen them fighting for the boy on the sets ya. Why just them? Ayub (Khan), Nani, Vaishali (Thakkar), we all get along really well. It's actually a task to get us to give a shot. We even party beyond work. I'm having quite the blast, I must tell you."

She goes on to dismiss the idea that there are any sorts of camps on the sets. "There are absolutely no camps. Honestly, I've never heard of these controversies. At least, I don't see any of this happening on the sets. Personally, I wouldn't know. But I don't think people are such good actors also that they would pretend to get along. It's true that the younger generation does not hang out that much with us, but that doesn't mean there are camps."

On a personal level, we'd heard that Pragati is quite the party animal. She very saucily retorts to that, "I don't make it a profession to party. In fact, I'm a non-smoker and a non-drinker. People ask me what you do then at a party. But that's not all that one does at a party, right? I just love hanging out and having fun." She claims to have reduced the partying to a large extent now. "I have cut down from the past. There was a time I'd party some four-five times a week, and this after long hours of shooting. I'd party till four in the morning and then report for shooting at ten the next morning. But I think I'm taking a break from all that now," she laughs. "I have a vast friend circle, some from within the industry, but mostly those from outside the industry. I try catching up with everyone."

Pragati is very much single but doesn't seem to be in a terrible rush to get hooked or anything. "I won't say I'm consciously staying single, but then I doubt people consciously get into a relationship," she says, a smile on her face. "Sometimes you meet somebody, you go out for a while, and at that time you feel he's the right person for you. Then when it doesn't work out, it really hurts, and you get a little bitter. But I prefer to just let things go and move on to a better place," she honestly states. Is she looking out for that special someone then? "I won't say I'm looking out. If I find the right person then it's great, but the other person also has to find me, right?" She takes a long breath before adding, "I won't say finding someone is on my to do list, if it happens, then it's cool."

Besides Uttaran, Pragati has a long-standing commitment on television that she continues to honour. She's been anchoring Ye Hai Bollywood on ETV URDU ever since she came to Mumbai eight years ago. "I think it's more about the loyalty factor with this show for me. I've already shot for some 670 odd episodes till date. I also do television commercials on the side."

Does she have any favourites in the industry? "As far as actors are concerned, I won't say I follow or admire anyone. It's just their acting and performance that impresses me. Like in films, I've always admired Sridevi for her comic timing. As far as TV is concerned, it's all about the character, not the actor. If anyone else would've played Divya Thakur, they would have got the same appreciation and success. I've played so many characters in the past eight years, but none stood out the way Divya Thakur has. Whatever I have got is only because of this show and this character."

It may have taken long but this is just the beginning for Pragati Mehra. We're sure greater success awaits this actress who likes to tell it like it is!

**Sneha Kamat

-- k k rai

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Rashami Desai, who plays the negative character in Uttaran, says evil traits are only for tele soaps and not for real life, "I am not at all like my tele character, Tapasya. I am a girl next door, who believes in 'live and let live'."

Okay, if not that, then her interest in co-star Nandish Sandhu must be for real, right? "Well, there have been rumours about Nandish and me, but I wouldn't like to comment on it. We are just very, very good friends. We eat together, party together, go for award nights together. Such friendships are bound to happen if one gets to spend so much time with someone," she said.

So if not Nandish, then what kind of a man she is looking for? "Mmm... I think my man should be like Nandish only. He is a perfect partner for me as we have same beliefs about life, like 'work hard and party harder,'" she said. While talking to us she shared that she has another name too. "People in Bhojpuri cinema still know me as Divya. A long time back, someone told my mom that my name should be changed from Divya to Rashami, as this will be good for my career," she said. So did this experiment help? "Yes, it did! After all, I am one of the most popular faces on television today," Rashami said.


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