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~~Harshad Chopda FC~~Prem..The Journey Continues.. (Page 3)

heena_mehta IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 December 2007
Posts: 7813

Posted: 03 December 2008 at 3:15am | IP Logged

yasmin dee awesome n very beautiful workClap
hey guys congrats to all for 37th fc..........

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-Faith- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 13 June 2005
Posts: 16932

Posted: 03 December 2008 at 4:33am | IP Logged

Firstly *pakaring kaan* I m cholly for disappearing and not being able to participate in the previous FC as I wud have liked to... However, needless to say how often or not I may drop by... The connection and bond all of us HC FC-ers share wud never change...

The previous FC began on a very emotional and sentimental note.. I have to admit tho I wanted to keep the essence of the FC intact especially for the sake of Daisy... But still I cudnt help miss her every single moment of the FC.... And my attendance on the previous FC was umm not that great.. as Daisy used to say Guest AppearanceLOL
However a huge Thanks is due to all our new and old members who kept it going ... Shabs, Doc jee, Heena, Nisa and everyone else.....
And all the new members.... I havent gotten to talk to to yet... *waves* belcome to the family everyone..Big smile

And what do I say abt this FC...... Doc jeeeeeeee *HUGGGGGGEEE Jhappi*
You have done such a beautiful job....ClapClapClap
It was such a treat... tho I have to still go thru it minutely...
Going thru the journey of Prem with such apt and breathtaking siggies and pictures... and the write ups... What a trip down Premeer Memories Lane *sigh*
But the best part was the ending part.... how the hope and the news that Prem is back and will be back *yipiee* added that extra brightened hue to the whole FCBig smile

 Awww Doc jeee..... I cant imagine how much u wud have missed Daisy while u constructed this FC....*big hug*
And a bigg huggggg and thankoo for Payal for being the sweet heart she is... For Siddy bachaa....

I m sure Daisy will be proud of u... We all are *proud muh*
The previous FC had its ups and downs.... I m sure now that Prem is coming back *woohoo* All of the veteranLOL and old HC FC-ers will be back in action too...

Congratulations to HC for the nominations.... He and AG wud InshAllah win...Big smile We will make sure of thatLOLBig smile

Keep Rocking All my HC FC family members...Hug
Miss u all... esp Payal, Nandoo, Siddy, Pri, Bhavna, Atop bacha, Alina, Nina, Doc jee, Shabs and every single one of u.... especially my Ru... her message was soooo nicee.... short but sooo shweet.....

Hopefully I will be marking my presence here more often and dropping by as often as I canBig smile

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Iriss IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 August 2005
Posts: 13121

Posted: 03 December 2008 at 6:40am | IP Logged
heyloo everyoneBig smile


so we finally managed 2 finish the slowest FC ever in HCFC records LOL

loved this FC the most after the one dedicated 2 prem cause it has loads and loads of BADMASH PREM we had a treat kyunki GFN lallu was back and accepted his mistake and brought heer and prem backDancing with so many prem and heer scenes and also gayatri- prem  FAB scenesClap we saw a totally new happy and badmash prem cause he got his family and love both back

all the siggy r excellent spl the shadi one where prem accepted heer as his wifeDay Dreaming

went through the first and second page YASMIN THANKUSSSSSSSSSSS FOR GIVING US A NEW HOME dear and its very beautifulHugall the quotes and siggies which i could'nt see thanks 2 my bekhanda netAngry

no need 2 say thanks nandini,misty,yamin jab ghar ke baki sadasya ke exams hote hain toh those r free take teh responsibilty of caring for the home which nina,me,henna,shabnam,priya,yasmin,siddy,payal,vaishu we all didBig smile

now cuming back i see nandini ke exams ke khatam hai i hope u r active now Winkwarna abb se  CLASS LAGEGI LOLsiddy will also join in few days waiting for all the members 2 be active againTongue

missing daisy,bhavana,yoj,nina,atop very muchCry


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-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2005
Posts: 5755

Posted: 03 December 2008 at 8:23am | IP Logged
Alrighties, here i am back, with the analysis bit..... thought it was better to brush up the analytical skills....
Before I start, i am going to observing a few minutes of silence as a mark of respect to those who laid down their lives in the mumbai tragedy, those who had to meet with unforseen death, to the injured and the people of mumbai - may god give you all the strength to overcome all that you have had to go through as a result of this tragegy, To India and to the people of the world, hope humanity prevails and hope through peace and love, we are able to get rid of a menace called terrror!
As I saw watched the tragedy unfold on the screen, some how my thought also went to the bomb blast we saw in kis desh, and i was left hoping that we never have to go through such a scenario in life or then see such a scenario in TV Again...
I remember not being able to  sleep just seeing the images on TV and I was left wondering that may be we have become a little insensitive towards people.... An Insensitvity that is sadly being portrayed in television serials /media too..
Not wanting to reopen wounds, I move on to the analysis....
I have always thought that kis desh has been about the realities of life ......dec 1 and 2 re kindled that faith once again... but I will tell you how it was reality and it was not reality...
Reality in the sense of there being a menace in every family, there being some one with jealousy. some one to create trouble - only in kis desh - its full of negative characters.... i really wonder what exactly are the story writers trying to prove?
Reality being that there are uncles, aunts and other family members in every family but in kis desh they keep disseappearing all the time. i miss dai jaan...
Reality being that friends form an important part of our life.... we have seen friends of prems past in the show.. its hard to imagine that meher is getting married and still there are no signs of her friends.... Surely Meher, Ashlesha & Heer would be having friends in the same town who would want to be a part of their happiness
Destiny being that prem and heer are one and thats why prem is there in every breath, every heart beat of heer.... but what really took me aback was heer being quiet .. and not slap harman
What I didnt like was harman not getting slapped and being literally thrown out of the house just as prem was , what I didnt like was that harman was not beaten by a stick and kicked, what i didnt like was harman not taking gayatri ma's blessing before he left the house...
Belief : umm, I think harman is doing it for the juneja's and to teach maya a lesson,...
Belief ; that prem is alive and is fully aware of the happenning at the juneja's thanks to nihaal, his trusted soldier.... and hence he will come back to stop the wedding in time.. prems words still haunt me- main kisse galat insaan se tumhare shaadi nahin hone doonga
Belief ; that a memory loss, hum shakal, etc etc etc will only spoil the plot and would be totally againsty the essence of kis desh and p-h
I liked the scene between harman and lalit and i liked the way harman explained himself. I didnt feel for that spineless fool and i was left thinking that here is a situality which portrays the realities and the unrealities of life... I liked the contrasting situations show, i liked how harman decided not to get married but i didnt like him running away from the battle... and leaving the mandap. However i loved the way the depicted the scene, of a guy confused in life and then choosing to go after money to lead a better life....brings us so closer to life does not it? Not that its justifying harmans action and not that it teaches lallu a lesson, but it does depict life in a way....
So it was always lalu and his promise - uggh, can this guy ever think beyond himself? Lalu is one selfish guy !!! lalu is one coward and a fool of the biggest order - bet he will the one to tell RR to marry heer - agar heer apne aap bolegee to mera naam badal dena
my heart went out to preet as he tells his father not to worry and he will bring his brother back and I couldnt help but rip my hair apart and wonder why the hell am i watching this crap - just to see preet getting insiulted over and over again... Preet is one character with spine. Along with Prem, his character has maintained a constant graph - thank god and touch wood to that...
I liked the preet and meher interacted and fekt betrayed by the editing!! it left much to be desired and the whole depiction of the scene was spoilt thanks to the editing - felt some scenes were cut - cant say though!!
loved the preet and lalu thereafter and my heart yearned as preet said mujhse naraaz mat hona bauji aur mujhe ghar chodne ke liye mat bolna, main aapko chod kar kahin nahin jayoonga - signs of maturity, signs of a boy turning to be a man...
Cant help but feel for ashlesha and her plight would be something that I guess every woman would identify with.....because her is a womam who has left everything for a man she loved only to get diched...Worse is the scenario and the circumstances in which she will come to know....

nandini27 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 December 2006
Posts: 10253

Posted: 03 December 2008 at 8:24am | IP Logged
edited my post on pg 2 Big smile....
and am so very happy to see the new FC......wow....
brb after the show!!!
luv nans
-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2005
Posts: 5755

Posted: 03 December 2008 at 8:26am | IP Logged

Todays first half is brilliant... Ashlesha rocks and i admire her guts and i truly feel ashlesha is a woman of substance - unlike heer and meher....

Preet rocked and i loved the way he couldnt look at ashlesha in the eye....

Daljeet is back and RR insults prem !!!! that gadha had the nerve to tell heer aaaj puree chandni raat nahin hai aur na hi yahan pe kabootar hai...

Where is my belan????

make that a baseball bat....RR flirting with heer, holding her hand n pata nahin kya kya.... Prem - Kahan ho

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nandini27 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 December 2006
Posts: 10253

Posted: 03 December 2008 at 8:34am | IP Logged
OMGGGGG.......i want prem bak NOW!!!...he shud KILL tht Rishab git.....crap....how dare he touch heer.......seriously....if prem saw this....his blood wud boil worser than mine...i was fuming......omggg...i just cant tolerate this guy..........prem...cum bakkk....plssssss.......
hey misty di...long time naa....hehe..me here for a while....how yu???...and well...ash deserved for wat she did with heer previously...i hav no sympathy.....but tht rr guy...i just cant tolerate him.....he's worser than waste.....damn.......
luv nans
OGX2010 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 June 2005
Posts: 11173

Posted: 03 December 2008 at 8:42am | IP Logged
i just saw the episode...and found 5 mins to spare to come and vent my frustration out on this ashlesha and her GFN mom....AngryDead

his gurll treated meher and heer like dirt when she knew she got take the liberty to do so......forgotten the episode where she derives sadistic pleasure in heer's misery as daljeet beats her......?! and a thousand other times when she would pass those derogatory remarks on em.....I always knew...even when she sided with the Junejas she was doing it coz she LOVED Preet...not out of any sort of good will and voila she proved me right today...she is daljeet's dotte.r after allDead....the moment she finds out that Preet aent her's anymore...she screams of revenge and talks about bringing Junejas on her feet.......da 2 of them have spun such wild emotions in me today..i cant even begin to relayCensored...daljeet was granted bad..but ash today vowing revengDead...how shallow can her definition of love for Preet could be..not a second to spare a thot for him..it looked more like some psychotic obsession today......she shouts out revenge on the Junejas..her first cynical smug to RR the moment he hands her the property papers...and dont the mother-dotter duo have any self respect....how can they claim sovereign rule over something that wasnt even there's to begin with...even if u have the papers..tell me HOW..HOWWW CAN THEY TOK ABOUT LIVING there...isnt there something called self conscience..even enemies have that...!!someone go ask her with what right?..,,she has been wrong from day one..ughh...i will vent the rest out on the forums...i m off...Ouch

Edited by sidrah fariq - 03 December 2008 at 8:54am

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