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~~Harshad Chopda FC~~Prem..The Journey Continues.. (Page 2)

HarshadianNo1 Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2008
Posts: 2475

Posted: 01 December 2008 at 9:02pm | IP Logged

                       Welcome To the 37th Fan Club Of Harshad...Big smile

                   This is The first Fanclub I am ever making....
         Its is made in quite a hurry so It would be having many mistakes....
                                  just let me know bindass.....Tongue
           I Know I cant make It as Beautiful as Our Daisy Did....Confused.
                                             But I tried Confused......
                                I am not satisfied at all...Cry
              Daisy I really Thought Of You each and every moment
                                      I was making This FC....
                  Hats off To you dear for giving us so many beautiful
                                    memorable Fan clubsStar
         This FC took me down the memory lane To all The awesome Prem scenes
                   I  just loved each and every moment of making the FCEmbarrassed
          Let Me tell this first that This FC is not just my effort .....
                Payal has played equally Imp Role in making It....
                She did The max write up...wherevere u see good english its
                          Payal's write up...not meLOL...Mine is literally dabba englishLOL
                             Payal I wont say Thankyou...
           I would just say...I am very Lucky to have a friend Like You...
            Khush nasib hu mein jo tumhari jaisi dost mili Smile
                                You saved me literally....Hug
                     This Fc was Not possible without you Payal
               And thanks to Siddu Too for being my Moral support....
                                       Love you SidduSmile
                             Our Last Fanclub was quite slow...
             I missed all the old members...Payal,Raksha,Siddu,Sarah,Nandu...
            and above all Daisy....Cry....everyone come back soon
But I would Like to Thank All the memers who stuck with the FC...Priya,Vaishu,Misty,Nina,Nisa,Alina,Heena,Chotu Priya,Shabnam...and everyone else...sorry if i forgot any nameTongue
Hey Harshad,
 I hope You are Fine....we all are very happy to see you nominated in the best actor category in ITA....Inshallah You will win....Big smile
Also Looking forward to your dance in NB....You Rock Man!!!
Our Life without Our Prem is just Miserable....plz come back soon....
Do Take care of your self....Get some good sleep...Eat Iron tabs....
Dnt worry be happy...We all are always thinking about you ...Praying for you...
Lots of Love and Respect
YasminBig smile

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OGX2010 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 14 June 2005
Posts: 11173

Posted: 01 December 2008 at 9:04pm | IP Logged

am late as usual and terribly late as per say....A hugge sorry for being so....i will try to be as prompt as possible next time..

 Yasmin di, a huge thanks to you for pulling up this master piece in such a short time. Daisy had volunteered Yoj and so did I want "angelic eyes" to be the bearer of the next FC, albeit to mellow own the impact of Daisy's absence from here. After all we have been so used to, to living under delo/angelic eyes' FCs all this while. Yoj was caught up with work and so was I, I didnt know what to do. I was so hopeless, saw barely anyone onlyn and couldnt figure out who to shoulder this big big responsibility. I wanted the next FC to live up to the standards Daisy set before leaving, if not more than that. My mind was racing through various possibilities, which is when I saw Yasmin di's green light popping on my msn and voila I knew, who to zero down on! I nudged her , asked of her help and as expected she was more than just willing to summon this one up. I had my exams going on then and soooo badly wanted to help her but somehow, no matter how hard I tried to take out time, it just wasnt happening. alass exams are exams, they are mind boggling, the revisions are lengthy and lest we burn the midnight oil, there is no saving grace- the sooner I learn this, the better. No point even tryng, its an endless struggle.

 ThE  FC was up next day only as per di's promise and I was over-whelmed to see the final product. The way she compiled everything, the way she dealt with all the nitty gritties, even the format of the first page itself-it was simply a continuation from where Daisy left, wherein di lived upto her trademark setting. I cant even begin to tell you how elated I was, I was all smiles..."omggg...this doesnt feel like someone else made it"....thats what I kept chanting about it to daisy as well....later "she followed ditto your format"...me loved it!...I loved the borders you choseso beautifully articulated, the fonts , the colors, the videos put ..everything is just sooo apt and soo beautiful...colorful...articulate and neatly designed......this one's sure to be one of the best layouts I have ever come across di

well I must confess, I have been too tied up personally and professionaly to post around and couldnt even find time to send in the message for Prem's entry either let alone edit this reserved post....i dont know what stride time will take me now as i willll get dead busy from now on but like I said I will keep visiting...I hope the FC stays put in the meanwhile..it has beautiful people and I am sure it will! This place will be our permanent come-back town...Harshad will continue rising and so shall the FC....it has too..this is only the beginningCool...we have a longg longgg way to go.....we shall keep meeting for the plx is coz of the people that have made it what it is...I hope Daisy,, Raksh find their way back in here too one fine day  though I do know for now it will be difficult for them...but still it takes nothin to be optimisticBig smileTongue...miss you guys so much...cant even begin to tell...its good in a way i will be dead drowned in
 work...my mind will be off you moronsssss...hahahaLOL.Disapprove...all the best in your lives none-the-lessStar...shall end it here

Take care of yourselves everyone
All the best
God Bless

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nandini27 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 30 December 2006
Posts: 10253

Posted: 02 December 2008 at 3:30am | IP Logged

Congrats On the 37th FC of Harsh Bhayya.....

the first page looks stunning.....yassu....ur hard work put into it just shows up...wen daisy had decided on the leave....i was in thots of who wud b the perfect person for starting new ones...and had yu in mind as an option always...and i was rite...and the expectations i had from it has been crossed....the first pg looks simply stunning......a big round of appluase for ur hard work into it....

and thnx to Payal...who other person can put words beautifully as she does....she is such a gud writer from the day i know her....and her words on pg1 adds up of how much of hard work she has put thru into it....

i thank yassu and payal....whole heartedly for all the efforts on this FC....

and now...my apologies....i was so very inactive in the previous FC except for chini msgs....but then...i was real bzy with college and other stuffs...but making sure i'l b regular from now on.....as i know now...tht my xams r onli in end of jan....woo hoo....

my thnx to shab, yassu, priya, nina....and all other active members in the prev FC....who r the reasons the new one has started...

as a token of thnx and pleasure....i hav made this vm xclusively for all our members here....its onli for yu all and Harsh himself....


Direct Link :  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H01E94VJm5U

msg to harsh : u hav been doing ur best till date...and wil always follow on ur success footsteps.....waiting eagerly to see u onscreen after nearly 2 months...wishes always there with yu for the hapiness yu hav given us thru ur acting and perfection....and congrats on ur nomination for ITA !!!...am sure...u'll succeed in winning these prestigious awards....for all the hard work yu had put thru ur role as Prem!!!

abt prem....from july to oct....how these many months passed by..patha hi nahi chala....as usual..prem had potrayed all kind of roles....a lover, a son...angry, possessive, protective, romantic, funny, responsible...is tht enuff??..i dont think so...LOLLOLLOL

well thts all i wanna say....wil try to be as active as possible from now on...

luv nans


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-funnfrolic- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 23 April 2005
Posts: 5755

Posted: 02 December 2008 at 10:59am | IP Logged

Woah.... So here is FC No 37!!!

Yasmin, Ithis fan club is brilliant and you are surely multi talented... Thank You for contiuing the same...
It means a lot to all of us here who are a part of the Harshad Fan Club... For me, thank you for keeping this a place I Call Home, nurturing it with warmth as seen in the first page.
Delo, Yoj, Swati, Vandu & Vaishu: you are sorely missed and hope you are doing well.
Payal & Siddy : Thank You for being the guiding light to all here in your own little ways...
Rakshoo - have hardly seen you, but hope to see you with a bang soon...
Shabs, Priya.... oops, I am forgetting names here and sorry about that - thank you for visiting by and keeping the place alive.
To Harshad, I am not going to be thanking you, because I simply cant thank you enough for the smiles. That you are loved, adored actually goes without saying. We are looking forward to seeing you back and we know that this is just the beginning of many good and great things that is to come our way... Harshad as an actor or then Harshad as a person - we cant get enough of him. I personally think we shall never get bored of seeing you. Bearing testimonial to this fact is that even the fan club saw a slum in your absence from the show....
July onwards was a new beginning for Prem and Heer... so I guess it is apt when I say - here's to a new beginning - for us all of us ..
A new begininning which will help us in overcoming our fear, show our solidarity.. and re joice
Well I hope with this new fan club.. we get to see everyone back in action here. I know you are all busy but just drop in for a few minutes to let us know that you are safe and sound... Life is short...
So after a slump in life, kis desh - Here's to a New Beginning - Cheers !!!

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-Priya- IF-Addictz

Joined: 23 May 2008
Posts: 92670

Posted: 02 December 2008 at 11:22am | IP Logged

congrats on the 37th FC

hope we have atleast 9120482382562 more Embarrassed yassu di brilliant job with the first page ClapClap 

Edited by KaranShilpa - 03 December 2008 at 10:22am
HarshadianNo1 Goldie

Joined: 17 July 2008
Posts: 2475

Posted: 02 December 2008 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

I am extremely Sorry My freinds for keeping You all waiting one full day.....But now that its done....welcome shelcome ji...LOL

                                         Lets Rock This FC as always....Smile Thanks A lot everyone for your patience....I Love You all for that....Thanks once again

Edited by khanyasmin - 03 December 2008 at 12:16am
-Payal- IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 July 2006
Posts: 7096

Posted: 02 December 2008 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
CONGRATULATIONS, on the 37th HC FC!!!!!!

I don't know where to begin - surprised?  LOL

I guess I shall start where I always do: 

I know I can't thank enough, but I owe my deepest gratitude, to the original four...without whom, this FC would have "faded" long ago...
And, to Daisy...for everything...Daisy, when it came to the 36th and 37th FCs, only then did I truly realize what you have given to this place...no amount of gratitude will ever be enough...words cannot express how thankful I am to you...
As I've always said, you leave me baffled with your dedication when it comes to this place...if only the rest of us could walk in the footprints you've left behind for us...
I know that there were times where you felt let down.  I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to you on my own behalf...
Need I tell you how much we miss you?

Next, I owe my very heartfelt THANK YOU to Yasmin di...di, I know we're beyond "thank you"s, but I truly feel like I just HAVE to say it this time.
Thank you, for sticking around the way you did when the rest of us got busy with other commitments...
Thank you, for keeping me in the loop while I was MIA...
and most of all, THANK YOU, for this beautiful FC...

I have to admit, after Daisy left, the FC was not the same anymore.  I know all of us felt the void...many of us even took a break from the FC for a few days to try to gather up the courage to come back here...
Unfortunately, once I finally made it back, determined to keep the FC running at any cost, academia became too time-consuming, and I couldnt' alot the time I wanted, to the FC.
My apologies, for not being able to manage my time better...for not being able to be here, when the FC needed me the most.

I would like to thank those of you who were here, from the bottom of my heart.  Thank you, for keeping it going, in any way you could. 
I guess, after Daisy left, and a lot of the old members left due to other commitments such as work and academics, it didn't help, that Prem too, was gone...and HC was nowhere to be found...
I know the days were hard...I feel like a coward, in a sense, for leaving the FC at a time like that...
I couldn't help but ask myself - how did the original four manage to carry on the FC last year when HC faced a similar phase?  I do know however, that they were able to do a better job with keeping it going than we were...we failed at the attempt countless times...
But in the end, all that matters is that we are here now...

Thank you, to Viashu, Yasmin di, Priya, Misty, Heena, Neha, Shabs...and everyone else who made it a point to be here every day.
I guess I should admit, though I did stop by the FC many times, I never had the courage to actually make a post.  I just felt lost...

When it came time to make another FC, I remember being panicked, thinking, what if Daisy's worst fear would materialize - what if, indeed, her beloved FC would just "fade"...

Thank you, to Siddy, and Y, for making sure that didn't happen...
I always knew that it was very difficult, to construct these things...Daisy always worked SO hard on them, every time...she would leave us spellbound every time with each consecutive FC, so I knew that she always put her heart and soul into it...
But I didn't fully realize how very hard it was indeed, until I pitched in minutely, to make this one happen.  Yasmin di did everything, readied everything, before asking me to pen some words...all I did was go in and describe a few scenes, but even then, when I saw how hard it was, I found that I appreciated Daisy that much more.
Daisy, you were truly truly missed that day...
But, I am happy to say, we were able to keep your FC going...though it can never be an ounce of what you've done in the past, I hope we have atleast lived up to your expectations.

I booked this post weeks ago, thinking I'd come back and edit soon..every day, I would tell myself I was going to edit it...and every day, I would fail to do so because, quite frankly, I didn't have it in me to even attempt to write this.

Today, we won a battle...and that victory finally gave me the strength I needed to come back and edit this post.
Today, our beloved Prem has returned.
I cannot begin to describe how elated I am, and so, I will not try.  Though I know, that all of you share this sentiment with me today...
Congratulations to you all, on this victory.  The hard work has, at long last, paid off.

So here's to Prem...
to HC...
to this FC...
and, to all of you...

Daisy, Yoj, Vaishu, Swati, Siddy, Yasmin di, Rakshu, Misty, Mehndi, Sarah, Sara, Priya, Nans, Choti Priya, Neha, Nina, Shabs, Reva, Heena, Atop bacha...and everyone else...(forgive me if I've left anyone out...)...THANK YOU, for making this place everything that it is...nothing short, of a second home...


Dear Harshad,

Where to begin?  Its been quite a ride over the past few months, but, as you said, together, we overcame.  I know I can never thank you enough - for everything you have unknowingly given each one of us...but, in your own words, "still trying"...
I know the past few months have been far harder on you, than they have on us, but trust me when I say, we felt your pain...
But, as the sun does always shine again, so it has for you...at long last.
I cannot begin to explain how wonderful it has been to see you all smiles over the past few days - starting with the brilliant NB4 performance, to the numerous SBS interviews...
May that smile remain in your heart and upon your face forever...(touchwood)
I guess this marks another brand new beginning for you...as you continue in your journey as Prem...or, as you set out to find your baliye, I wish you all the best in everything the future holds for you.
You will go far, undoubtedly, Harshad, simply because you are destined to.  Your sincerity, and truth, will lead you over the mountain tops...
Always remain true to yourself...believe in yourself and your own potential...
The journey is just beginning...you have a long way to go...we, will be there with you - every step of the way.  Rest assured as long as your faith in yourself does not falter, no one can stop you from reaching the highest plateau.
We look forward to seeing you there...
As we undoubtedly will, because, as you yourself said - aapke saath "badon ka aashiwad hai, bhagwaan ki dua hai..."
So here's to you...to new beginnings...
May you acheive your every dream.
God Bless You, Now, and Always.



To my Prem Deewani's, We have A LOT to celebrate...see you among the beautiful pages of our lovely home...
Now that final exams are over, I don't doubt that most of the old gang should be back soon, just in time, to...


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lilsasha Goldie

Joined: 06 October 2008
Posts: 2164

Posted: 02 December 2008 at 11:57pm | IP Logged
Congratulations guys, its 37th FC and it is indeed a Lucky one as we are getting all the Good News bout our Champ Harshad. "Aap Aye Bahaar Ayee"
Yasmin, Payal, Sid- Wonderful, Excellent 1st page. Thanks a lot for building us this Home. It's very Welcoming...SmileSmileClap
Yassu - You are getting better and better each day. 1st Siggys then VMs and now FC creator. Not long ago I read you saying you are learning to make VMs with the help of few Members. And your very 1st VM was a WoW. Couldn't say it's a beginners work. I will say the same for this FC's 1st page. You have inspired me to keep learning new things in life everyday. Gaining Knowledge has no Boundry and Age has nothing to do with it. I look up to you Yassu and Harshad both for all the Hardwork which clearly shows in your's work. Hats off to You.Hug
My Message to Harshad (Hershey's):
The rainbow of colors
So merry and bright
Each color has a purpose
Even black and white

The rainbow is so full
Of radiance and gleam
It sparkles and shines
Through every little beam

After a storm
A rainbow you'll see
With all the glaring colors
A rainbow there'll be

Then at the end
Your dream will come true
A pot of gold awaiting
All just for you

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