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New York NitesAR updatd part 4&5 page 17/19..19.01

xarmaanx Senior Member

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Posted: 20 November 2008 at 6:57am | IP Logged

Hi! Here's my new story New York Nights! It's about KASH OR KASU you imgine (of course). armaan is the captain of the basketball-team Knicks in New York. riddihma is a young and poor bartender at the bar New York Nights. One night they meet, but will it change anything?

Important facs: ridz is about 23 years old and is best friends with angie. armaanis about 25 years old and is friends with atul  and rahul  (that plays in Knicks). rahul is dating muskaan.

Please review :)

New York Nights

Chapter 1 ' Goodbye Mr Stalker

Ridz's point of view

"Hey Sandra!" I screamed through the loud music that was filling the club. The blonde girl in front of me looked up. "Can you fetch me that bottle?" I added shouting and pointed at a bottle half-full with Bacardi Razz. Sandra picked it up and through it to me. If I hadn't been working at this place six days a week for a whole year I would never have catched it. Lucky me I was one hell of a bartender.

"Nice catch, hottie!" I heard someone say close to me. I saw a man smile at me. He looked very familiar but I couldn't place him anywhere. I raised my eyebrows - hottie?

"Thank you" I answered sarcastic. "So you want anything to drink?" I added absent when I saw the empty place in front of him.

"Sure. I'll have a beer" He said and continued to smile. "How about you guys?" I heard him say just as I was about to get him a beer. I turned around and noticed the four guys behind him.

"Beer for me too" One of them said. He had a big curly afro, that was the first thing I noticed. He was familiar aswell. Maybe they had been here some night before. I really didn't care about it much..

"Yeah, same here" Another said and took a seat next to his curly friend.

"Me too" A third said and smiled seducitive. I sighed to myself. It always had to be some drunk assholes here every damn night.

"And why would I break the trend?" The last one said. He had dark skin and he smiled at me too. I sure do know all of these guys from somewhere! Even though I was certain I knew them - I didn't like them.

"So, five beers coming right up" I said in a sweet voice and smiled falsly. As soon as I turned my face away from them I rolled my eyes and started to fill five glasses with beer.

"That'll be twentyfive bucks" I said when I carried the glasses to them. One of them picked up his wallet and started to count his dollars. It was the guy who had talked to me first.

"So sweetheart, what are you doing later?" He asked in a charming tone. I laughed falsly and crossed my arms.

"Let's see, when I quit working here around four a clock I have to throw out a few waisted guys ' very alike you - before I can walk home and pick up my one year old kid from her babysitter. And when I get home I am very lucky if I can get some sleep before she wakes up and I have to take care of her. After that I get back here like I do six days a week, all year long, and work all night" I told him in a very tired tone. The thing with the kid always made the guys stop hitting on me. He laughed a little and handed me a houndred dollar bill.

"Keep the change, sweetcheeks" He said and smiled. My jaw dropped.

"Are you freakin' kidding me?" I asked shocked.

"Nope" He answered simple.

"You're not going to get this back now, you know that? Right?" I said and took the bill and stuffed it down my back-pocket.

"Don't want it back" He said and grinned. "I'm Armaan malik" He added and reached out his hand to me. Armaan malik The famous basketball-star armaan malik? I knew I had seen him before!

"I know" I said simple and observed him, without taking his hand. He laughed self-confident.

"So, are you going to tell me your name?" He asked when I didn't say anything.

"No" I said and shrugged. Was I supposed to love him and be friendly to him all because he was famous? I say not. He was really getting on my nerves.

"Well then sweetcheeks, how about you give me your phone-number and maybe we can do something that day when you are free?" He said and smiled cocky. Sweetcheeks most be the most annoying thing I have ever been called! And I have been called a lot of things' I disliked him even more and more. Didn't the kid-thing scare him away?

"Sure!" I said falsly and he looked very glad. "Let me just grab a pen" I said and kneeled down to look inside my purse. I took out a black ink pen and raised to be face to face with him. I grapped his chin and started to write on his forehead.

"Hey, what are you doing?" He asked a little scared.

"Giving you my phone-number?" I twittred and continued to write. I backed a few steps and looked at my master-piece. 'I am a asshole was written with large letter over his forehead  . All of his friends started to laugh and I looked at him with a big smile.

"I have a feeling this is not your phone-number?" He almost whispered and smiled uncomfortable. I grinned victoriously.

"You have, haven't you?" I laughed out falsly. "Bye now" I added laughing and waved one hand at him before he walked away. Thank God he left me alone now.

"Can you believe this guy?" I said to my blonde friend Sandra who was the one I was closest to of all the people who worked here. She laughed at me.

"What about him?" She said while she was mixing two drinks to an odler couple.

"He thinks just because he is famous and is worth like billions of dollars I'll be all over him" I said and snorted. I leaned against the bar and looked at her.

"I would have been" She said and smiled dreamingly.

"Oh please! He is just so full of himself!" I shouted in protest.

"Come on ridz, he is very hot, very rich and he seemed to want you pretty bad" She explained mockingly.

"You watched us?" I exclaimed. I didn't care if he was rich and hot, I didn't want any guy-trouble in my life right now. I had had too much of that already. Besides, I would never ever even consider to date a guy like him.

"Of course I watched you! Helluu? It's armaan!" She laughed out and I felt a knock on my shoulder.

"Aren't you supposed to work, riddihma ?" Rick. My boss. Oh shit! I turned around and smiled a little.

"Yes, I'm just about to.." I started to say while I took one step to get away from him. He really scared me.

"Not so fast, missy!" He took a grip of my shoulder and looked at me sternly. This really reminded me about school, when a teacher caught you doing something you wasn't aloud to do.

"I've got complains.." He began to say and looked at me angry. I swallowed. "..from a certain armaan malik " He finished and put his hands on his hip. How could a complain have gotten to him that fast?

"Really? What about?" I tried to pretend I didn't know what he was talking about.

"Did you write 'I am asshole' on his forehead!?" He shouted furious. I laughed nervous.

"ridz He yelled. "If he never shows up here again you'll get fired!" He added and I sighed of terror. I couldn't lose this job! Although, when I thought about it, he had threathend to fire me tons of times before.

"You can't fire me just because he doesn't like your bar!" I protested offended.

"No, but I can fire you for scaring him away!" He defended himself.

"He was harassing me!" I said grumpy.

"Honey, if armaan malik wants to harass you, he's aloud to harass you" He said taunting. Well thank you very much! Jerk.

"I thought you were a Lakers-fan, not a Knicks-fan?" I wondered, trying to make him a little less angry at me.

"I am" He answered simple.

"Then why do you want armaan malik in your bar? See, I did you a favour when I 'scared' him away!" I exclaimed and smiled at him.

"I don't want armaan malik in my bar, I want as many people as possible in my bar and if armaan is here ' don't you think lots of people will be running here every night to see if he comes back? I only care about the money, sweetheart" He said and scoffed. I snorted. He was such a pig.

"So you see, if any other famous person wants to hit on you ' let's just say that if you don't hit back it will come out on your paycheck" He said and pinshed my cheek before walking away.

"Oh I'll hit them alright" I mumbled to myself before getting back to work.

The nights went by - Rick kept giving me these angry looks when I was sloppy at work, drunk guys kept being assholes and so on. No famous came to the bar though, so I didn't have to have another argument with Rick. It took a few nights without any armaan showing up. I don't know why but I hung myself up on that all the time. He just got on my nerves so badly! I really didn't understand. There was times when other guys were even worse. He was nothing compared to some of them. I was glad he didn't show up, Rick was the difference. Of course, every dream has it ending. Mine ended too fast.

"Oh shit!" I mumbled to myself before kneeling down. I crawled up and sat myself with my back to inside of the bar, not wanting anyone on the other side of it to see me. "Shit, shit, shit" I mumbled. Why did I react like this? Jeez, I wasn't a baby!

"Talking to yourself?" Sandra bent down and looked at me teasingly.

"armaan and his companions are back" I hissed helpless to her. "Can you take them for me?" I begged.

"Nu-huh. They're sitting at your corner. I have full hands over here" She said and laughed.

"I thought you would be all over him if you got your chance?" I asked confused. "Here's your chance woman!"

"Duh? I have a boyfriend, remember?" She said and rolled her eyes.

"You are weird" I mumbled grumpy.

"Hey, I'm not the one hiding from the costumers!" She defended herself and got back up on her feet. I sighed loudly and got up me too. I saw how he looked at me and I rolled my eyes.

"What can I do for you?" I asked coldly and picked up five glasses when I walked unwillingly up to them. It was the same gang that had been here the night before.

"Why hello sweetcheeks!" armaan exclaimed and I rolled my eyes. That sweetcheeks thing really started to tick me off..

"What you can do for me? Hmm, let's see' You can do a lot of things, do you want me to say them all?" He said flirtatiously and the others laughed. I raised my eyebrows and looked at him.

"I see you got the ink away from your face, that's so good for you!" I exclaimed sarcastic and smiled falsly.

"Yeah, it took time though" He said just as sarcastic and rubbed his forehead with one of his hands.

"What can I get you?" I said in a non-interested tone.

"I'll have a Pears Garden" I heard the curly-headed say. I couldn't remember his name though.

"Me too!" Another said and a third agreed.

"I'll just have a Gin and Tonic" The fourth said and I looked at armaan who was the last to order.

"And I'll have Sex on the Beach" He said and smiled seducitive. I rolled my eyes and started mixing the drinks.

"So are you never going to tell me your name?" I heard him ask me and I looked up.

"Nope" I answered simple and smiled. Why would I tell him my name? He was like world-famous, he could get almost any girl he wanted. Why my name?

"You are tricky, you know that sweetcheeks? But I don't give up so easy" He answered and smiled back.

"I have noticed" I mumbled to myself and gave them their drinks.

"Fiftytwo dollars and fifty cents" I said and watched how they all paid for themselves.

"I'll see you around" armaan mumbled to me before they disappeard to the dancefloor.

"I hope not" I sighed and closed my eyes hard.

The night went on, some drunk guys began to fight and I was the one who had to stop them. On top of it all, one of them spilled all their beer all over me, making me disgusting. Really what I needed, on a night like this. There were houndreds of people in the bar and it was warm and loud. I never got a break since people were ordering all the time. My hair was a mess, my clothes was all dirty and I was exhausted when I finally got to quit. Sandra walked with me out of the bars backdoor where a taxi was waiting on her to get her home. I walked. I only lived five minutes away from here so it was no problem with walking.

"Bye sweetie, take care!" She screamed before jumping in to the cab.

"Bye!" I answered and waved at her. When the car drove off, I started to walk down the empty street.

"I tought you'd never show up" I heard a voice behind me and I quickly turned around, with my heart raised.

"Jesus Christ! You scared the living shit out of me!" I screamed when I saw armaan walk out from the darkness. I don't know why, but I wasn't afraid of him. If it would have been any other guy I would have.

"You look good" He said after inspecting my body from top to toe.

"You need glasses" I said and started to walk away from him.

"Are you going to walk around all alone in the middle of the night?" He asked and I heard his footsteps behind me wich only meant one thing ' he was following me.

"Yep" I said when he walked up besides me.

"Then I have to walk with you, make sure nothing happens to you" He said and smiled.

"Thanks, but it's OK" I said and turned right. He followed me like a little dog.

"What if someone jumps on you? Rape you?" He said dramatic.

"Yeah right" I mumbled and rolled my eyes. I always walked home, I had walked every night since I started this job. If nothing had happened to me by now, it never would.

"See, those could possibly have raped you if you were alone. Now when they saw me walking next to you they are afraid to try" He said and pointed at a gang with teenage-boys.

"They are like thirteen! They should be in bed by now" I exclaimed and shoke my head.

"Well, you never now with the kids these days!" He said defending. "Hey, what about those!?" He added and pointed at two people walking our way. "Don't they look like rapers?"

"They are two old ladies!" I hissed at him and sighed. "Besides, maybe it's you I should be worried about. What if you are the one who's going to rape me?" I added sarcastic. He started to think for himself.

"No, I'm not really in the raping-mood today" He said on joke and I shoke my head at him.

"I thought people were stalking you, not the other way around?" I exclaimed when he wouldn't leave me alone. He just laughed at me. "You're seriously going to stalk me home?" I added hesitant and he nodded. "You don't even know my name" I finished and snorted.

"But I would if you told me it" He pointed out wisely.

"Fine. Riddihma gupta" I said unwillingly and he smiled really big.

"That's like india , right?" He said and I looked at him weird.

"Yeah?" I said questionly.

"Haha! atul owes me fifty bucks! He thought you were Italian, I thought you were indian! I won!" He exclaimed and I still looked at him weirdly. They had a bet on me?

"You had a bet on me?" I said out loud.

"Well, if that's how you see it" He said and shrugged his shoulders. He noticed I stopped in front of an apartment street door and he stopped too.

"So, it's here you live?" He asked and looked up and the big apartment house.

"No, here's where the babysitter lives. I have to run up and get my daughter" I said and smiled. His jaw kind of dropped a little, even though he didn't want to show it.

"I thought you were kidding about that kid-thing?" He said when I entered the code to get inside. Hah! He thought I lied about it! I didn't..

"Nope" I said simple and opened the door. Before I could shut it in his face he had slinked inside and gave me a proud smile. "Seriously, you are stalking me!" I added in a lower voice. I didn't want to wake up the people living there. I walked up one stair, with him following me. I stopped outside the first door up the stairs and knocked lightly. Just seconds later it opened.

"Hi Lucy" I whispered to the old lady in the doorway.

"Hello riddihma" She said and smiled at me. "Who is this young man?" She added right after she noticed armaan.

"No one important" I mumbled quick and cold before he could answer.

"Well, I'm gonna get her. She's sleeping like a little angel" Lucy said and disappeard inside the apartment. Just a few seconds later she came out with my beautiful little daughter. Sixteen months old. I felt terrible leaving her all the nights, but I had to do something to pay the rent.

"Thank you so much once again! Here" I said and handed her twenty dollars.

"You know how much I like her, it's no problem" She said and handed her to me. I grabbed the bag that was standing inside the door with her toys, diapers and other stuff.

"Bye!" I whispered and started walking down the stairs.

"Goodbye riddihma" I heard her say before shutting the door. I had almost forgot armaan being there too.

"She's cute, what's her name?" He said and rubbed her head.

"God! She's a baby not a dog!" I exclaimed when I noticed how carless he was.

"Sorry" He mumbled regrettable. "I' not good with children" He explained while he held out the door for me.

"I've noticed" I mumbled.

"Here, let me take that" He said and took the bag away from me. "So, what's her name then?" He added and looked at me while we continued walking down the dark and empty streets.

"Amy gupta" I said and saw how she slowly opened her eyes. "Hi baby girl! Mommy is taking us home" I said in a sweet voice to her and stroke her back. "Now go back to sleep again" I whispered and kissed her forehead.

"How old is she?" He asked after a while of silence.

"Sixteen months. Almost seventeen" I answered and looked up at him. Seriously, why was he walking me home? I still didn't get it.

"And why isn't it her dad who's taking care of her at the nights?" He asked interested.

"Because he never stuck around long enough to even meet her" I answered and looked away. "Well, here's where I live" I said and stopped outside another apartment-house. It was only a block away from where Lucy lived. Very close to the bar too.

"Are you going to give me your number now? For real?" He asked and smiled a little.

"No" I said and giggled.

"Then are you going to invite me in?" He changed and looked at me with an interested look.

"No" I said again and smiled big. I entered the code and opened the door. "Thank you, though, for making sure I didn't get raped" I added sarcastic and he gave me my bag.

"I know where you live now, you know that don't you?" He said and grinned.

"Yeah, that's what's bothers me" I answered and laughed. "Now I have to move" I said on joke and looked at him.

"I see you soon" He almost whispered when I walked inside.

"Goodbye Mr Stalker" I said teasingly before the door was shut. I swallowed hard when I walked up the many stairs with Amy on my hip to get to my door. Is armaan malik really interested in me or am I just having I really weird dream?

So, what do you think  it? Remember to review so I know if someone reads it or plz press thank you botton :)

Part 1 page 1
part 2 page 8
Part 3 page 12/13
Part 4 page 17
Part5 page 19

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*reserved* will come back my dear and comment

Soniya that was an awesome update, I really like this story, it's weird though that Armi's is following her like that, guess he must really be interested. Poor Ridz I feel bad for her raising her kid on her own; what's the story though, where's the father?

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hey another one,
wow sounds gr8,
continue soon
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Originally posted by rajeev_crazy

hey another one,
wow sounds gr8,
continue soon
hey thanks glen for a wonderfull comment i will only cont this ff
if i get a gud response
luv sonia
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wow sounds awesome sonia ..another great ff

i'm booked
plz pm me
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awesum part!!! and awesumm ff!! thanx for the pm and pm me again Smile
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WOW now this one is really amazing

just simply loved it i actually wanted to read more...................but u ended it but its not ur fault afterall u have

very nice i had great time reading

it so so good yaar


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