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~Betrayed by fate~ pt 12 uptd 27/04

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hey everyone,
I know I have 3 other pending ffs that I 'm hoping to update soon, 
 this story came to my mind a few months ago and I had been impatiently waiting to post,now that Jia mentioned that she'd like to read a serious story from me,I could'nt resist anymore and here I am with an intense love story....
Thanks nj for your love and appreciation and nij for the encouragement!
p.s: bheegi ,u unknowingly made me believe in this story
love all you lovely people,
thanks for your love

"betrayed..... ???" Muskaan took a deep sigh guaging his anguish through his present state of dementia...
puzzled to see Muskaan unusually sad Anjali prepared to query the reason ....
"It must be his undying love for her that keeps him going ...." Muskaan continued in a muse
Anjali's curiosity turned into worry "Muski??? do you care to tell me what and who you're talking about??? coz as far as I can think,this has nothing to do with've only just met him briefly at a couple of parties with me..."
"Anjie....I just can't stop thinking about him ...his eventful merry past seems to have no absolute link to his desolate present...did she not love him enough???..." she frowned in disbelief
"Muskaan!!!... " Anjali yelled breaking her chain of thoughts...
Muskaan ignoring Anjali's annoyance asked "Can you please ask your dad about his story Anjie? I know your dad is treating him..."
"Muskaan ,you must be crazy to be asking me to do this,you know my dad would never agree to divulge any infomation about his patients.....besides that its violation of the data protection act,I cannot break into the patients confidential records just coz you find the story interesting? know the first pledge we take is to avoid getting involved with the history and treatment of any patient ..." retorted Anjali leaving Muskaan dejected ...
"Anjie ! we dont know him personally and we havent broken any rules at all,its just his story that makes me wonder if true love does exist... and if everthing happens for a reason,what could have been the reason for him to end up in an isolated room at a rehab unit of the mental health department?..."
"Muski hun,can we please drop this topic right here? better finish your pasty now and lets head back to work...we've only got 10 mins left and I despise taking stretched lunches ..."

" Wow! congratulations honey ..." exclaimed Anjali in response to the news her hubby shared...
"Anjali! I'm so glad I got the job..." he sounded relieved ...
"of course Atul ,you must be proud of had been working so hard for this and I was sure it wudn't go unnoticed..."
"Hmmm...Anjali,it isnt just the promotion I'm happy about... ,I'm happy coz I will soon move to another office and I wouldn't have to see that empty desk everyday... I wish I hadn't invited them  ...I wish he had said 'no'... "
"Atul,I know how you feel and I'm helpless with you not sharing his story...I know its painful to recollect disasters but if you do feel you need to share, I'm always there..."
"Thanks Anjali, love you ..."

Anjali replaced the reciever to its cradle and slipped into deep thought about this myterious friend Atul wasn't comfortable talking about....she looked out of the window adjacent to her desk and said a little prayer for the him. Muskaan finds her facing the window with hands folded in plea..."Anjie ,are you ok???..."
"Muskaan...!" she turns around to see a thick folder placed on her desk
"here ,have a look ...I' 'll be waiting for your reaction..." said Muskaan and walked back to her desk while Anjali's eyes read

Hopital no.: 102331
Name: Armaan Malik
DOB: 9 Dec 1977
Consultant:Dr.Shashank Gupta
Location :Lilacs ward...Room 17
Tolworth Hospital ,Surrey.. UK



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Part One:

Turning the ignition off after parking his car securely in the restricted parking bay ,Atul looked up at the sign directing towards 'Lilacs ward' ..letting out a grieving sigh and collecting his strength he fished for change to feed the parking meter... his phone vibrated indicating an incoming call,looking at the screen flashing the callers name he smiled ironically... "hey Atul congratulations!" said the excited voice at the other end ...
a blunt "thanks" was his reply..."we just found out from Rahul,its great news! when are you treating us ?..any plans of visiting Oxford soon? " the distress in the sombre atmosphere around him wiped away the reason to celebrate ... " Ritu, I appreciate your wishes and efforts, but I'm sorry I just can't be happy this moment...." after a short intentional pause hearing nothing from the other end,Atul asked..." How is she?...any signs of progress? " the question sounded a mere formality... "she's the same Atul...the same dormant soul in a mechanically functional body..." Ritu's frustration was apparent through her tone " she'll be fine ,don't worry! ...she's just popped out to fetch Aaron from playschool,atleast he keeps her busy somehow...." she sounded hopeful for a short second...
"yeh ,I'm sure he does,he is probably the only one she's comfortable with...coz their bond is unconditional..."
his tone spelled remorse in every word he spoke ...knowing not what to say further he tried to wrap it up
"Ritu,I better go now ,thanks for calling and say hi to Chirag from me...bye!"


"Can you plz get that Muski?...." shouted Anjali from the bathroom...
Anjali and Atul had bought a two bedroom house in a quiet cul de sac on the outskirts of Surrey ...Atul being a true nature lover preferred the countryside to the hustle and bustle of city life...they were happily married for almost a year...
"yeh sure Anjie,are you expecting someone?..." Muskaan rushed to answer the door...
" Hi Muskaan!...what a pleasant surprise..." he greeted cheerfully...
" Hi....Hi Rahul...come on in " she stuttered as he barged in conveniently ...Muskaan was somehow not very pleased to see him this time...
" I hadn't expected to meet you again in the same week Muskaan..., its turning out to be a great day so far...Atul got the job and now I get to see you ...where's Anjie babi? ..." he rattled away ...
"uh...Anjie's just in the shower ...she'll be out soon , make yourself comfortable Rahul.....and I'm sorry I have to leave..." not intending to be rude she thought of making a quick exit before he gets into a happy conversation which she was in no mood of ...
"Muskaan ,am I that boring ? and don't sound too happy,whats wrong?...." he frowned in confusion while Muskaan annoyed with her easily readable expressions pretended to have not heard his last question...

"Hey Rahul!..." Anjali greeted him with a quick hug and turned to Muskaan ..."sorry about her pathetic mood Rahul..she's been like it all day...I even took her shopping ,thinking retail therapy would work best but I was wrong" shaking her head in despair Anjali almost yelled at her bemused look... "I don't seem to understand how a certain case can bother her to this extent?..." Muskaan shot glares at Anjali but she remained heedless...confused with Muskaan's strange cold behavior and Anjali's unclear explanation ,Rahul asked  "I've never seen Muskaan this quiet ,what is the matter babi? what case is this? and how is it related to Muskaan?"
Rahul and Muskaan had first met each other at Atuls' birthday party a few months ago,they enjoyed each others company and would always look forward to meeting up again,apart form this once instance....
"I dont know why and how Rahul, I just think she's overeacting to it all..." after her inaffective attempts to stop Anjali ,Muskaan decided to leave ..."Anjie,I think the bus would be here any moment,I better make a move ...I certainly don't plan to freeze myself waiting for the next one ,the buses are not very regular at this time in you area..." she quipped
"I can drop you if you like..." Rahul took his chances
"Its fine Rahul I'll be ok,I'm used to it ...its not very far anyway..." Muskaan gathered her shopping bags and gave Anjali a parting hug...
"Muskaan please ,I insist ,its no trouble at all ,infact I was actually here to see Atul but he just called me when I was almost parked up in the driveway to say he got caught up with something and would be late , so since I was here anyway I thought I might as well say a quick hello to babi and I think I'm done and ready to leave ..."
Rahul was an excessive talker ,he could speak endless without making a clear point in the conversation...
"thanks Rahul ,are you sure you don't want to wait for Atul? I'm sure he 'll be here soon,why dont you both stay, we can all have dinner together..." Anjali tried to ease the pressure in the air...
"sorry Anjie,I have to go,mum will be calling soon ,I havent spoken to her all week..." Anjali  couldn't stop her anymore "ok Muski I wont force you if its mum...see you tomorrow and take care hun..."
Anjali and Muskaan had been close friends ever since they rented a flat together .Muskaan's mum had retired and decided to spend the rest of her life in India ...Anjali loved her independance and had moved out of her parents home when she started university ....
"shall we leave Muskaan?" Rahul's anxiety was obvious in the way he spoke...
"Thanks for popping in Rahul,see you soon..." Anjali waved at Muskaan while Rahul was busy placing her shopping bags in the boot ...Muskaan gave her a forced smile as Rahul reversed the car out of the tricky driveway
" see ya babi ,bye!..."
Rahul was half Indian,his mum was English and dad a punjabi, who had married his mum only to attain rights to live in the UK .Rahul had had a bitter childhood ,his mum couldn't cope with being single and his grandparents adopted him to ease her misery.He possesed an Indian streak to his character despite being raised in an English household.


"Mr Joshi ,if you'd like to wait in the visitors lobby please,its the second room on your right, Mr Malik will join you shortly..." said the courteous receptionist...she must have been new to not recognise a regular visitor known to most staff around there ...
"Thank you " said Atul and walked down the wide empty corridor.The place was clean ,well furnished and highly maintained ...lacked nothing but life.....the walls reflected sorrow and a depressing stench lingered in the air ...
As he passed through the dreary passage to the visitors room ,something caught his attention in the room was the patients recreation area rather a gloomy haunted room with an astrayed pool table in a corner and little kitchen on the other ,a few chairs scattered around a huge round table with various activities mounted on top...what intrigued him most was a young girl seated near the single window looking out to the mini garden, gazing at the void sky...she must have been in her early twenties,if not late teens ...a frail ,petite sweet dimpled face shimmered in the dim lit ambience ...Atul decided to approach her as the wait got long and tiresome...
"Hi ,can I join you?..." she jerked out of her absorbed act and replied chirpily
"oh hi!..yeh sure my guest you enjoy watching the emptiness ? " an intinctive smile curved his face with the warm welcome and the spontaneous question...
"yes I do surprisingly... hi, I'm Atul Joshi..."
" I'm Minnie ...just Minnie..."she stammered...
"Hello Minnie, sweet name are you ?" ...Atul cursed himself mentally to have assumed her to be a patient...
" aha! might wanna rephrase that question Mr Joshi ,if I knew how well I was I wouldn't be here gazing at the nothingness ..."
"I'm sorry,I didn't mean it that way....." he was both glad and unhappy simultaneously on learning she was indeed a patient there...
" Its ok Mr.Joshi, I can be funny at times, no wonder I'm here ...the fragile world outside couldn't handle a crazy me so here I am.... well lets forget me for now... who are you here to see?...I'm sure you're not a new entrant to this nut house ,and if you are ,you seem a little overdressed for rehab....,haha I'm sorry for being such a nuisance,you must be a visitor right?..." Atul couldn't keep a straight face at her remark on his appearance...
"yes I am Minnie...I'm here to see my friend Ammy....Armaan Malik ??? do you know him? "
"Oh Armaan, yeh I know him,...infact he's now a good friend of mine...we hit it off well ,since the day I was thrown in here....he gives me good competition at star gazing ,but I always beat him somehow..."
"yes I think he's lost a lot in life recently..." he murmered but loud and clear enough to be heard...
"Atul,I dont know what consequences made him land up in a hell like this but what I do know is he doesnt deserve to be here....." ...'she must know him well' he thought
"I know Minnie...he is now everything he never wanted to be...a complete opposite of what he was before...I cannot bear to see him in this state and especially when he isnt at fault..." Atul couldn't help blurt out his fury,somehow he could spill it out this once....Atul had always resricted his feelings when it came to Ammy's incident...he felt nobody could understand what he went through...not even Anjali...
Rahul had always been a good friend enough to share this dreadful reality,but he was mostly unavailable at times of need due to his personal commitments to his family...
"Minnie! will you help me pull him out of his self inflicted suffering ?...Atul couldn't think what made him find that friend in Minnie ,he could somehow confide and share his helplessness with her,may be because she knew how it felt and could relate to Armaan's situation in some way...
" I will champ..." she squeezed his hand gently to reassure .Atul looked at her curiously ...
"what ? you are 'champ' right? Ammy always talks about you and by the way I call him Ammy too..." she grinned
"Great!,so we a team?" Atul couldn't control his delighted emotions initially but looking at Minnie a sudden sorrow hit him " l'm sorry Minnie ,I mean I dont know why you're here but I do sincerely wish to see you out of here soon..." she chuckled at him with unintended sarcasm...
"dont worry champ,I'm in no hurry...I'm happy being here..." she smiled to express her satisfaction...
she was such a mystery Atul thought but his task to get Ammy out was his priority and he gave her peculiar statements a miss...
"thanks Minnie...I better go,Ammy should be here any minute..." he hurried excitedly to see his friend...
"yeh ,go ahead and we'll work something out soon ok ..." she replied promisingly as he paced back to the visitors lobby ...just as he reached the corridor separating the two rooms,he turned around on an instict to ask 
" does Ammy ever talk of Riddhima???......"

hey everyone
thanks very much for all the lovely comments and excitement for this part
hope its made a few tings clearer than before
would wait anxiously for your comments
thanks in advance
lots of love
sorry about the extra dose of sorrow,I just cudn't cut down on it somehow
hoping to add a happy feel to the next part if this one is liked
Part Two:

the name was a life saving drug for him but unfortunately carried side-effects lethal and life wrecking....
Armaan's eyes beamed with delight as he repeated the name subconsciously ,a sweet persistent smile groomed his pale face at the mention of the one person who meant the world to him...Riddhima was indeed the sole reason he lived for,despite all that happened between them ,his faith in her remained resolute and unshaken...
Atul watched Armaan sink deeper in her thoughts ,his disoriented mind and lethargic body were in desperate need of that one ray of hope...his eyes moistened looking at the state of his once full of life friend...Minnie consoled him while walking out leaving the two to catch up...she tapped Atul's back and did a little 'have faith ' nod on her way out...Atul smiled back at her and requested her to stay while Armaan dragged himself into the room and slumped onto the couch nearby ...struggling with his emotions happy and painful he shut his eyes to put his mind to rest ...
"Minnie,did Armaan ever tell you about the fun we used to have at our workplace? Armaan remember that one night at Leicester square...................."


sohniye dil nai lagda tere bina...
dil nai lagda tere binaaaaaaa.........

blared the Bhangra beats by Aman Hayer,as Rahul upped the volume on his car stereo hoping it might just cheer her up...Muskaan almost gulped her anger at his absurd attempt.Rahul's hand travelled to the volume control once again,this time to lower it..."I'm sorry Muskaan,I didn't mean to get you vexed,actually this is my mate Ammy's favourite tune and now I think I like it too,so thought u mite???......" his pressured small smile faded away with her perplexed expressions making him all the more impatient to know about the daunting case...."ok since you're not ready to share this big 'case secret' with me and I just played Ammy's song coincidently enough,let me tell you a story,it might make you feel better..." she was already annoyed with his 'not so funny' jokes and now to add to the misery was a story coming up,she knew she had to stop him before its too late,the journey was almost half done and knowing Rahul's 'getting carried away' nature she said  "may be another time Rahul,I'm not really up for it today..." Rahul had expected that reply ..."Muskaan ,I don't really know what the case involves but I'm sure its something to do with love,trust me the tale I want to tell is all about it..." Muskaan felt an instant interest rising in her,as Rahul started the narration...
"this was around three years ago ,us three started work at Ernst and Young heard of them?" Muskaan nodded a quick and deliberate NO to make it clear she wasn't  bothered about the minute details,she wanted to get to the core right away as if she had to prepare a report for the next day,may be she took her job a bit too serious...
Muskaan Chadda was a senior statistics and data analyst whose job consisted of making reports and analysing the level of treatment and care proposed by social workers like Anjali for mentally ill patients.she had dealt with numerous cases involving drugs,depression and death but betrayal was something she had never come across before...


"Dr.Riddhima ji,oji aapka patient aapse kuch baat karna chahta hai jee..."
said the bubbly sister Lovely peeking into Sanjeevani's senior surgeon Dr.Riddhima Malik's cabin...Riddhima jumped in her chair as she realised her break time was almost was a daily routined exercise for her to drift into the 'missing Armaan' state during her break,she had been doing this for over a year now...Padma was apprehensive of its consequences on her daughters life and future...
Riddhima ,her strong and ambitious little girl was now an aimless,feeble and disillusioned woman...Although she progressed steady in her career,her life was nothing but a reckless bundle of misfortune...
Riddhima was born and raised in Delhi ...she had never seen her dad's face and never did her mum mention him...they lived in the staff quarters provided by Sanjeevani,the hospital where her mum worked as a nurse all her life...Riddhima's life was restricted to Sanjeevani and its surroundings...Padma feared the ruthless  world would question Riddhima of her father's existence,hence she avoided any contact with the outsiders ,apart from the Sanjeevani family who respected Padma and never queried her personal life ever...
Riddhima Shashank Gupta was a bright child ,sweet and innocent,her smile would lighten up patients faces when she secretly visited the wards.She worked hard at school and always made her mum proud...she dreamed of being a doctor someday to serve the hospital she believed she owed her life to... and when she finally achieved her life long ambition she felt complete.She commenced her practice as an intern at Sanjeevani and as time passed and she gained experience,the new authorities at Sanjeevani took an important decision on her internship ...

"Lovely jee,mai bas 5 minute me ayi" Riddhima grabbed her lab coat neatly hung on the headrest of her chair and wiped the lone tear stuck in her eye...letting out a distressing sigh she cleared the crease on her kameez,brushing her hair lightly with her fingers she walked out of her cabin trying to recharge the energy her profession demanded...she wished she could rid herself of his haunting memories,every part of the hospital had a story related to him ...the walls, the corridors and the fire escape...

please scroll down to the post below to watch the video
this box doesn't let me post the direct link,thanks for watching if u do!


sorry for the late update guys,have been unwell over the weekend,hope the part makes up for atleast a bit of the delay
please leave your comments ,i need them especially on this fic,coz it has not much romance as yet
Thanks and love all you people for the lovely comments on the first part,
hoping u like this part too,pms tomorrow
315 nij and nj

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Part three:

"Ammy u've gotto be kidding dude ,we've been in this job only a few months ,I don't think we can risk it yet" Atul was always a worry bug ,a pure workaholic,he loved his work and hardly had a social life..we used to hang out at the local pub for a few drinks after work to destress .
"Atul come on man,it aint like u taking up all your annual leave,I'm sure u can be sick for a week around christmas and I've booked your tickets already, dont offer much of a refund mate" Armaan winked victoriously leaving Atul in serious thought ...
I had booked my time off well in was my dream to visit India and I was so excited to see it coming true...
"Rahul ?" Muskaan gave him a nudge annoyed with the sudden pause in the story
" I'm sorry Muskaan,I was just trying to recollect all the details of their story..."
"its ok Rahul...tell me more about your friend Ammy,I mean what kind of person was he?...."Muskaan's tone changed to a softer one as the story progressed and as Rahul revealed Armaan's character...


"oh wow u guys sound cool! trip to India must have been such great fun...."
exclaimed Minnie as Atul intentionally steered the topic to the journey that made it all happen....
"time up u two! ...Ammy, let go off her ! we're only away for a week mate,whats wrong with you ?...." nagged Rahul watching the two cuddle  for what seemed like forever.... Armaan broke from the hug but continued chatting  with his arms lightly hung around her neck ..." I'm gonna miss u loads Ammy !" she hit her head gently on his chest...
"wish u could come as well..." he sighed with regret ...
"ahhh I know ..." she lifted her head off him "ok u better go now ..." and showed him the way to the departures where Rahul and I waited with the luggage
"have fun and call me yeh?" she did a fone sign with her hands and gave Ammy a flying kiss..
"love u ....." he kissed her back in the air
"cya guys,have safe flight!" waved Chirag
"cheers mate !" and off we were to Mumbai.....
Armaan and Nikki had been dating for nearly two years ...they initially met a mutual friends party and since then they grew to be close friends and partners later.Nikki was proud to be dating Armaan,one of the most talked of eligible bachelor in the punjabi community of Hounslow and Southall where almost everyone knew everyone else
The auntyjis envied her when the two were spotted together at social gatherings ,she never ceased to wind them up ,she tagged along with him everywhere and he used her as a repellant to keep himself trouble free...
"so when did Riddhima come into the picture champ?..." Minnie was impatient to know the twist in the sugar coated story
"wait for it Minnie,the real fun is yet to come..."


"Dr Gupta,u are indeed one of the best surgeons we have and we're proud to have such a hard working and dedicated doctor on our team..."  spoke the chairperson sitting in his  huge chair of authority
"unfortunately our Mumbai branch is falling apart,they are in desperate need of good doctors,hence as a management body we have hired a few new doctors and would appreciate if you could share your knowledge and experience in Mumbai,we'd like you to lead them ...."
Riddhima sat in the vacant conference room recollecting the day she was adviced of the decision that changed her life...


"cheers boys !" Armaan held his glass high ...
"hey Ammy go easy dude,u've had too much to drink,Nikki wudn't have liked this..."
"oh plz Rahul,Nikki is not my boss..."
"but she's your girlfriend..."
"yeh girlfriend ...she can't rule my life..."
"Ammy,chill ! noone's ruling u yar we're just asking u to ease up on the drinks...we're not even there yet..."
"ok dude,I quit awrite? now lets get some sleep before we land"
"we've still got a few hours..."
it didnt take very long for Armaan to lose his sanity... a couple of drinks were enough to do the damage.

"ma plz dont worry,I'll be fine,I know this is the first time I'm gonna be away from u and I know I'm gona miss u lots,but I think its time to face the world and u have to believe in me ma,remember your daughter is never going to disappoint u,and then I have Ritu didi to help me out there..."
Riddhima tried her very best to convince Padma.It was hard for the both of them ,Riddhima posed to be very strong and happy from the outside but both knew she was extremely nervous and frightened to move to a city that was known to change people ...
" Riddhi, why are u leaving a week early beta?..."
"ma u know I dont like to rush things ,I'd rather reach there before time and get well acquainted with the people and the new city..."
"as u wish Riddhi...plz call me once u reach Ritu's...."
"yes ma I will,now take care and give me a smile...."
Padma smiled wide and let go of her hand as the train swiftly caught pace making her image go thinner as the distance grew longer...that was the last time she saw Padma ,that moment of parting at the railway platform,she cherished forever......


"chalo bag scan karao" said the weary airport worker
"Huh, why? we dont have anything to declare ..." retorted Rahul as the luggage got  loaded onto the scanner
"u got any new electrical goods sir? asked the guy sitting behind  the screen
"no,we're just on holiday,we dont do any illegal stuff,u're mistaken officer..." Rahul had his first time with everything...
"sir ji ,hum holiday par aye hai, itne paise nai hai ke customs me jaye...acha aapke paas ek cigarrette hogi?"
Armaan could be so amazingly embaraasing
"pata nahi kaha se ajate hai ..." the officer pushed us and our trolley towards the way out...
"man Ammy u're so experienced..."
"yeh been there done that u gotto talk to them in thier own lingo yar..."
"and yeh 'yar' is the new thing aite?
"yeh yar cool"
"come on now,lets get to the hotel and we gotto go meet bhabi later....."


"namaste uncle ji!..." Riddhima greeted Ritu's elderly dad
"arey Riddhima beta ,come in and feel at home,Ritu should be back soon...." he ushered her inside to the guest room...
"sorry to be such a bother uncle,I hope to move out as soon as I get given my room at Sanjeevani's staff residence,may be in a day or two max..." she said putting her luggage aside
"beta Padma ji is our old friend and well wisher u can live with us for as long as u like..."
"thanks uncle!"
"actually I have a very important errand to run beta,I'll have to leave now...Ritu should be here any moment,will u be ok on your own till then?..." she didnt have much of a choice but to be left alone in a house she knew nothing about...
"yeh uncle no problem,I'll be fine..." she convinced him well
"we've got guests from London coming for dinner tonight,they're Chirag's friends, Ritu might have gone to pick them up,I dont know what she has done for dinner,I'll leave you her number,call her if you need anything ok?..."
"sure uncle,I'll help Ritu di with the dinner...."


"Hi bhabi ji ! how are u ? Chirag 's always talking about u...oh sorry forgot the intros...
I'm Atul(grinning wide).....
this is Rahul  (waving hi)
and this one's Ammy ...Nikki's soon would be..." Armaan came up front and revealed his attractive fac finally...

"Hi!..." she quipped

"can we come in?..." asked Rahul tempted by the delicious aroma from inside the house.....

"oh yeh ...plz come in...Ritu should be here any moment..."
she ran off the kitchen leaving the three in complete shock...

"Ammy whats so funny ? ..." Atul and Minnie noticed a quick silent short chuckle,determined to bring back his life,they hoped he said something...

"Champ,do u mind me taking over from here?....."

Hey guys
a hurried part of course but I had to update today as promised
please leave your sincere comments ,would love to know what u thot of this not very emotional part and do lemme know if there's anything u didn't like
thanks a lot for all the comments on part two,i know it was short,hope this one was long enuf to make up for it

have a great Eid !
and love u all
315 nj n nij


Part four:

A lone tear trickled down his dimpled cheek as he retrieved his memories of their very first meeting,he staggered away to a corner towards the window and looked out to the empty sky projecting the scene ever so clear...his expressions were as contradicting as his life ...

"that evening when I met her...." Armaan's narration started with a flavour of its own kind ...

"what?"  she isn't babi?... Rahul's shock overpowered his embarassment and to make it worse he added
"man ! they got some great maids in India ,she looked cool u know..."
"hush!!! " Atul shut his mouth and mumbled "she aint no maid dam u! ...she must be like a friend or a cousin or keep mum ...."
"so why didn't she say she wasn't babi?" Rahul forced his mouth open again
"coz we never let her..." Armaan gave him a 'duhhh !' look
"champ was just so excited to do the intros,he never bothered asking who she was and why did u have to tell her about Nikki? as if she's a part of my identity ..." Armaan shot lethal warning looks at them
"well,she is Chirag's sister so ..." Atul explained his silly reason of associating him with Nikki
"oh whatever champ! now lets try not make a fool of ourselves anymore...lets try and keep our mouths shut till the real bhabi arrives..." Rahul and Atul quietly seated themselves on the comfy sofas in the living room while Armaan traced the faint murmur from the kitchen...he stopped at the door to the kitchen on hearing ."oh my chapati!!!....."Riddhima had a habit of talking to herself,owing partially to her seclusion from the outside world and part of it was coz she believed she herself was her best friend and critic....
"I'm Atul,he's Rahul ...and Armmmaan???" she mimicked sarcastically  "urrghhh I dont care if it was Armaan or whatever all I care for is my chapati,which is unfortunately now burnt ,arrrghhhh I hate it when someone disturbs my flow of work...why did they have to come right when I slapped the chapati on the pan,couldn't they come a little later? and couldnt they save the intros for the right person,like I care what and who they are,I wouldn't care even if they were the main men sent by the queen of England! why do I get this nasty vibe about this place,its only my first day here and I'm left alone in a house new to me ,all by myself to welcome three idiots from London and my chapati's burnt too! ... wish I could come back to Delhi right now,miss u mum !..." she spilled out her plight...Armaan watched her moan over the burnt chapati and heard every single word she spoke in her innocent rage...He refrained from disturbing her again ,or he might end up being knocked down by the hot pan...he preferred admiring her sweet anger and loved every bit of her cute frustration...there was something about her that intrigued him... may be it was her stunningly beautiful face...or it may well have been her simple and naive outburst he witnessed moments ago...there certainly was something special he knew for sure...

"hey sorry! I was just a little busy in the kitchen..." Riddhima wiped her hands with the towel hung by the peg on the kitchen door indicating she was done with the cooking and dinner was ready to be served... Armaan sighed gladly to have made a move from there before she could subject him to her verbal and possibly physical violence...he was almost surprised to see her change into a humble host after the 'I don't care who they are ' attitude..."would u like to have dinner right away or wait for Ritu ? she should be here soon..." this girl is so efficient at changing moods and behaviour thought Armaan,she very easily opposed every speculation he had made until was impossible to suspect the anger under that sugar coated smile...fascinated by her abilities he just couldnt help staring at her helplessly but luckily Atul broke his trance saying "yeh we'll wait for Ritu bhabi...."
Rahul was famished after the long adventurous day and wished Ritu came home soon...trying to kill time he attempted to familiarise himself despite being advised to keep mute "by the way can u tell us who U are?"

"Dr.Riddhima Gupta...." travelled a voice mixed with the sound of clinking keys
"hey Ritu !!!..." Riddhima ran excitedly to greet her childhood friend. Ritu and her had been close friends ever since they had moved into the same neighbourhood ... Ritu was a little older than Riddhima and they had always shared a sweet sisterly bond ,Ritu's mum had passed away when Ritu was just 3 yrs old, Padma had cared for Ritu like her own child she was the only good friend Riddhima ever had .Ritus dad's transfer of work to Mumbai a few years back sure had affected them but they still remained friends and communicated often...
"hi guys!" Ritu approached her foreigner guests after the short reunion hug with Riddhima...
 "u must be Atul right?" she seemed confident with her assumptions
"yeh" replied Atul in surprise
"Rahul?" she moved to the English looking Indian and knew she was right again
"yep!" came the expected reply
"and of course ...u are Armaan!" she paused her steps and gave him a thorough observation
"aha! and why are u checking me out like that,may I ask?"
"arent u married to Chirag already? he is quite a handsome guy still..." Armaan could'nt keep his mischievious and flirty self hidden for too long...
"oh plz Armaan,save yourself the trouble to self praise ,u know why I was scrutinising u ...just wanted to convince myself on my sister in law's choice..." Armaan almost choked with embarassment,he hadn't expected her to be so strongly outspoken
"shame thats the only reason! coz neither Chirag is nor am I that insecure  ....." she winked lightly in a cheeky girly way. Armaan's new experience with women during this visit to India was quite different from the previous ones he concluded,somehow his image of a standard Indian girl was disrupted...and he was surprisingly amused with the realization..."good for you ...haha! " he laughed it off in an attempt to show his uneasiness to continue any further...Ritu kicked herself mentally to have pounced at him so early,she dreaded Nikki's reaction on knowing the little unintended reality check she gave Armaan...

Riddhima reappeared holding a tray of chicken which she placed in the middle of the symmetrically set dinner table...she hadn't paid heed to any of the conversation Ritu had with the boys ,for her they didnt matter much but she still couldn't rid herself of the hate factor she developed for no big reason....
"oh by the way guys,this is Riddhima my sister like friend" Riddhima flashed her sweet smile yet again "and she is going to be working in Mumbai soon,so is here with us for a few days till her accomodation gets sorted..."
Riddhima was little unhappy with Ritu giving out extra information to strangers she would never meet again...she pacified herself thinking its a one off encounter and she didnt care much of what they thought of her...
Riddhima's isolated life had never offered her the opportunity to explore the variety in human characteristics and nature,she was restricted to a few countable emotions and bonds...She was asked not to interact much at school and college and her acquaintances remained few and sparce...Padma unwillingly imposed these rules on her coz she feared her evident breakdown if she was to be told the harsh truth of her identity and existence...Riddhima's limited knowledge of people affected her behaviour immensely,she would sometimes react in an unpleasant fashion when she couldn't make sense of the level and reason of interaction,she was mostly mistaken with her attitude and came across rather snobbish and prejudiced....

Ritu hugged and thanked Riddhima for the delicious dinner she prepared in the short time ,Riddhima accepted the appreciation whole heartedly coz she knew she very well deserved it ...Armaan watched her again ,only this time he wore a visible frown ,he wondered how much she loved herself to be enjoying her thanks,he agreed she had earned  it ,but to be accepting it and behaving the way she did seemed improper ...he was now doubtful of how she survived her time at med school and internship if she took appreciation this serious...her profession would always contain an element of gratitude as doctors were believed to be the only people after god to save and grant lives,she must give herself a token of appreciation everytime she saved a life ... her behaviour irked him and he was compelled to think more of her unwantedly...or may be???

"so have u guys planned your sightseeing visits? ...anything exciting for new years? "asked Ritu relishing the cold scrumptious dessert
"yeh we're planning to go Goa,we've got a package deal booked ,will be flying on the 30th dec" Atul read out the itinerary...
"I was actually planning to go Delhi and spend some time with my family there,but since Chirag insisted and Rahul as well was more inclined towards Mumbai for some strange reason,we opted for the bollywood city of dreams and ended up coming here" Armaan verbally conversed with Ritu,but his eyes wandered to Riddhima who sat across the opposite side of the dinner table ,she looked unusually happy and excited 
"u from delhi?" she asked on a sudden impulse ,that was the first time she spoke to him.....

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Part five:
Recalling the scene of their first conversation, she chuckled a little and then  her eyes met the picture frame sitting on top of her desk ...staring at the picture for a while she lowered her gaze, his infectious smile made her flush ...bringing the frame close to her heart with a modest smile on her face she dipped into the soothing memories of the past...
"yeah I am ,I mean my parents are from Delhi!" Armaan was proud of himself to have played his cards right,she was now eager to interact and Delhi seemed to have done the trick

"thats great,I'm from Delhi too ,I've lived there all my life...." she spoke with a new zeal in her tone and Armaan was impressed with her 'changing attitude in a moment' skills....
"this is the first time I'm away from Delhi, I miss the place so much..." pouting innocently with a heavy sigh of regret she twirled the spoon in the dessert ,her expressions and actions truly entertaining thought Armaan
"Ridzie ! u've only been away for a day and u missing the place already? I'm sure u'll be fine soon...Mumbai makes u forget everything, u'll start loving this place in no time, dont worry ! "  empathised Ritu watching Riddhima sulk.....
in her missing Delhi mode she disagreed with Ritu mentally but anyway gave a fake nod of assurance ...
Armaan amused again with her confused look ,smiled to himself...

"and since u've got some time to spare before you join work why don't u accompany these guys on their tourism visits Ridzie? I'm sure they wouldn't mind,would u guys?..." Ritu asked confidently expected a 'no' from the boys... Riddhima startled with the unexpected offer shot Ritu a 'what was that???' look


" hahaha, this is funny ! I bet u loved Ritu for this Ammy...." Minnie thoroughly enjoyed the fun filled story and just couldn't wait for the romance to begin...Atul and Armaan joined her and laughed out loud when they thought of the way Armaan had reacted then ,leaving both him and Rahul surprised and lost for words...
Armaan appeared a new person .....talking of her left him rejuvenated ....a comforting solace took over him ....the wasted muscles of his jaw line that had forgotten the exercise of smiling , were now refreshed as his hearty smile shined through leaving the gloom fade away momentarily taking him back to the day it all began ...


"No !not at all !..." Armaan pounced at the opportunity to spend time with the mysterious girl...
Ritu, Rahul and Atul glared at Armaan surprisingly... caught in an off guard moment he tried to dodge their glares  "I meant ,why would WE mind...would we guys? ..." he shot the guys a diverse look meaning lots and nothing ...he couldn't believe himself  ,it was the second time in a single evening that he was embarrassed, what was wrong ? was it her presence that made him lose this natural flair?...
Riddhima fumed with rage thinking how could Ritu expect her to tag along with complete strangers ? her furious expression made Armaan and Ritu worry...Atul and Rahul felt lost between the conversation and looked at each other for help...
"of course we wouldn't Ridzi ,oops erm ... Ridima ,u can sure come along..." Atul agreed with Rahul and smiled at Riddhima to say "yeah we'd love u to come with us..."  Riddhima now seeked their real motive behind the sudden befriending...according to her friendship was a slow process of knowing and liking ,and neither of the two fit this instance...
still in deep thought she kept silent and inconclusive on her expressions.....

" Armaan tell me more about Nikita and yourself " Ritu changed topic to give Riddhima a chance to work it all out...Armaan a little miffed with the repeated mention of Nikki's name looked at Riddhima who seemed unaware and least affected by Ritu's question...she was busy thinking about the tourism offer...

"umm bhabi ,sorry but I think its getting a little late now ,can we not talk of it some other time?" glancing at his watch Armaan gave the guys a concerned look ...
"yeh bhabi ,I think we could do with some rest for today " said Atul after giving Rahul a close look, Rahul looked troubled and uneasy, he wondered why?

"yeh sure ,I know u guys must be jet lagged ..." said Ritu  raising to clear off the dishes from the table , Riddhima still engaged in her thoughts didn't offer help

"no not at all ,men dont suffer with jet lag ,its a female specific idea of seeking attention " Armaan spoke aloud with a cheeky smirk  assuming this might just bring Riddhima out of her trance

"oh yeh? and what makes u think that,may I ask?" yes!!!! Armaan did the victory dance in his head
"although I've never traveled across time zones, I can bet there is not much difference between the fatigue level of men and women,so I guess your assumption is wrong Ar ma an!"  with a fierce look she syllabled his name implying her  irritation , was she at war already ???

"Ridzie!!!" Ritu pressed her hand gently and requested her to drop the issue
"huh?" Riddhima was surprised again
"Ritu di,how could u bear to listen to such false assumptions,I didnt ask to argue..." her protest was strong
"I dont think this argument stands a chance" Armaan was loving her fury and didnt mind risking it again
"oh no Armaan, dont get me started ..." she retorted as expected

"guys I think we should leave this debate for another time " jumped in Ritu to save the day
"come on boys ,let me drop u to the hotel " Atul looked totally wasted and Rahul a little queasy
"u sure u'll be alright to drive back later ? I mean wouldn't it be unsafe for a ladyyyy........" intentionally he left the sentence mid air and rolled his eyes to see her go red
"there we go again! " Riddhima as expected got worked up with his intended sarcasm...

"come on Ridz" Ritu grabbed her car keys and followed the three stooges who for some reason were comforting Rahul....
"no Ritu di,I think I should stay back..." Riddhima had a lot to think of and wanted to be left alone for a while
"Ridzie yar, I'll be bored on my way back home and the least I can do between my busy schedule is show u a few streets of Mumbai " Ritu had lots to do before she left for London ... Chirag and her were married 3 months now....after applying for her visa to the UK  she got busy wrapping up her small business and organising amenities for her dad in the future  ... her dad was physically fit and still very able to look after himself but Ritu felt obliged to settle him well without her around...
" fine,lets go then!"  left with no choice Riddhima accepted the offer for the ride round the city...


" what were u guys arguing about Rahul?" Muskaan unwillingly had to let Rahul take a breather ,he was so deeply engrossed in the narration that he had forgotten all else..."Muskaan, is it getting late ? I can continue the story some other time if u like..."  Rahul gave her a quick glance and the look she wore suggested her craving to know more...
"No! " she almost screamed " I mean no,its fine by me.....hope u are ok with it?"
she knew she couldn't handle curiosity even in the lowest of  levels and this story had definitely fascinated her to a great extent...knowing the core essentials of the love plot was what  she wished for next....
"Do u want to continue with a cup of coffee? " asked Muskaan making sure he doesn't change minds ....the incentive was tempting as intended , Rahul accepted the lucrative offer and off they went into the house to brew some coffee and togetherness over a story that contained the right ingredients for the situation...


Steering the wheels around the manic streets of the city that never slept, Ritu pointed out a few landmarks that could be of help to Riddhima in the future while the three boys in the back seat muffled over something ...after a lot of fuss Armaan bent forward to ask
"bhabi ,is there a chemist on the way? actually Rahul 's having trouble after the spicy food, I think he needs some medicine for indigestion..." Atul chuckled as Armaan winked looking at Rahul's painful state...Riddhima on an impulse turned around to check Rahul , but with Armaan obstructing her view ,she gave up on the idea and retained her composure...A slight twinge he felt within when she saw him in the eye,her eyes were mesmerizing......

"ok Armaan,there's one on our way but u gotto be quick ,its a very busy road..." instructed  Ritu as they approached the chemist...
"ok I wont be long..." pushing away the strange effect of her eyes, Armaan prepared to hop out of car ...
"Ridz can u plz go along with Armaan,he wouldnt know what to get "  raising his eyebrows with mischief, Armaan whistled a funny tune softly thanking his lucky stars,Ritu certainly seemed one of them...
"Ritu di,the chemist would know what to give ,Rahul doesn't need a prescription for this minor ailment ..." Riddhima had her answer ready in response to the provoking gesture of Armaan
"Ridzie ,whats the harm in going with him ,u might be of help yar..." requested Ritu and Rahul added saying his complaint may be minor but he sure needed help ASAP...
"ok fine! " narrowing her eyes in annoyance Riddhima stepped out of the car and walked along with Armaan who was absolutely loving every moment of her vexation....


"hello bhabi?..." Armaan called Ritu's mobile when they found her car missing from the drop off point
"sorry Armaan I had to move away from there,the traffic police was on patrol..." said Ritu apologetically
"ok ,we'll then wait here while u come back to fetch us ? " Riddhima looked at him inquisitively and wished he wasn't plotting a something new to annoy her
"actually Armaan ,the rear tyre got punctured when I skid the car around the bend on the one way system ,luckily we're just a street away from the hotel and I know a walkable shortcut from here ...I'll have to leave the car  and get it fixed tomorrow...will you be ok to get a taxi to the hotel?" Ritu wasn't too happy with the turn out of events
"yeh ok bhabi, ummm  is it too far for us to walk?" Armaan felt an urge to prolong the time spent with her
"hmm yes it probably is, getting a taxi would be a better option,coz u wouldnt be able to work out the walking shortcut ..." worth a try thought Armaan
"oh by the way,its better to get the taxi from the other side of the road"  she hung up after the instruction leaving a delightful expression on his sure was turning out to be one adventuruous evening ...he strangely felt drawn to her ...her enchanting eyes,the super gorgeous face, her strongly intriguing attitude and of course the sweet and sour expressions ...

"come with me Riddhima..." he grabbed her arm and pulled her closer to himself
"where?..." shocked by his sudden act she frowned deep
"come on Riddhima, I'm not gonna abduct u ok?  bhabi's car has broken down and since they are close to the hotel, they are going to walk it and she's asked us to get a taxi and oh she's also advised to get it from the other side of the road, now is that enough to explain my proposition?..." he grinned from inside but pretended with an opposite sober and wrongly accused expression to irk her further
....she felt as though her day was jinxed, so much had occurred already and now this travel adventure with an irritating stranger .... arghhhh! she screamed inwardly .... wishing  for her peace of mind and patience to keep her calm, she looked on either side of the busy road to cross

"Riddhima!!!!" he grabbed her close in his arms and yelled with fright...


She could still feel his strong arms holding onto her closely, his face flashing a tormented frown of concern, his breath heaving high with anxiety....
the first time she felt a connection...

*knock knock*
"Can I come in  Dr Riddhima ?"
jumping out of her reverie she answered
"yes Dr Abhimanyu,do come in"


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Part Six:

"What do u think u're doing ?" he screamed out loud in anger,the yell audible despite of the noisy honks and screechy brakes on the busy road...
she watched him in silence and allowed him to take complete control of the situation... giving in to his concern , she felt a sudden spasm of guilt hit her from within....

When finding a vacant spot on the other side after crossing the road safely, he swung her arm around and questioned her insane act "what were you thinking Riddhima? crossing the road even after noticing a huge truck driving speedily in our direction ? was it your way to prove your confidence ? if yes then let me tell u ,that proved nothing but your insanity..." she strangely agreed to his assumption and waited for his rant to end ...
 he continued after a short pause in a softer tone than before " listen lady, there are plenty other ways of anger management and risking your life is not on that list I'm afraid,I just can't believe what u did there,what even made u think of it? this isn't Delhi you know,you've got to learn to be vigilant if u wanna survive in a city like Mumbai..."
Riddhima had readily accepted her fault a few minutes ago,but his redundant charges on a still to say stranger ? irked her and she couldn't resist speaking up in self defense
"Mr Armaan, dont u think I know the difference between the two cities???" shooting constant glares at him she added
"fine! I agree,I should have been careful and I guess I'm thankful to you for saving my life, but that doesnt mean u accuse me of all that comes to your head..." she started to walk off briskly straight after that...
"huh? " initially surprised,he wondered who was really wrong here ? then dodging the cluster of people and vendors on the pavement ,he followed her through to the taxi station
" I was only advising u Riddhima..." his tone slightly apologetic
"well,I'd rather have you keep your precious advice to yourself Armaan!...I'm sure there's plenty seeking it,but I'm afraid I dont happen to be on your list " her sarcasm expressed loud and clear, but again it amused him to a great extent...

Scrubbing her arm as if to wipe off the marks of his grip ,she gave him a fierce look as he walked past her
"God! so much for saving you from getting hurt !!!" he taunted and saw her prepare for a rude reply
" oh,so u want me to thank you every minute of the hour ? Thanks!" her eyes popped out with rage and tone dripped of sarcasm
"sorry? didnt hear that very well" he enjoyed teasing her
"well then Tough! I dont like repeating myself " stamping her foot hard she started to walk away only to be stopped and pulled back
"Get into the taxi Riddhima" he ordered
" no thanks,I 'd rather catch another cab back to Ritu's coz I'd much prefer that to an unbearable journey with u"
"Riddhima stop acting stubborn and get into the taxi" he bent her head and pushed her into the cab ...

" hello Mr.Joshi, Mr Malik and I see Miss Grewal is here too... " the three looked up with disappointment when adressed by the person standing at the door...
" I'm extremely sorry to disturb your conversation this way ,but unfortunately visiting time is over  ,could u continue another time may be? ..." politely requested nurse Michael ,one of the most efficient and friendly nurses on the ward. He had been closely monitoring Armaan's health and behaviour since he was admitted to the rehab unit .
Atul being a regular visitor ,had interacted with Mike (as he preferred to be called) on a number of occasions to seek updates on Armaan's progress...
Minnie wasn't particularly fond of him for no real reason ,he was too nice to be genuine ,she thought...
She loved playing pranks on him and never paid attention to his medication instructions...

Despite of her childish and sometimes rude behaviour ,Mike still cared for her...
Minnie had once during her self abusive attacks confessed to him the reason to her pretense of insanity ...
she had cried her heart out and spilled all the painful secrets of her life in that horrifying bout ... ever since then Mike pledged to bring Minnie out of her misery and not let her waste her life in induced depression...

"Give me two minutes and I'll see u at the exit Mike" Atul rose from the couch and gave Armaan and Minnie a regretful look " Wish u could stay longer champ,the romance was just getting started ..." Minnie sank into the couch and pouted to see Atul wear his jacket and prepare to leave ... Atul's face beamed with a sense of achievement... after repeated attempts in the past year,this happened to be the only time Armaan responded positively...Atul believed it to be an uphill track as from now,he could see his prayers and wishes accepted...
" I wish I could Minnie , but hey u have the master narrator on board,why dont u let him continue? "Atul winked and gave Armaan a cheeky nudge ,it was almost like the good old days had returned,Armaan seemed full of energy and enthusiasm as if nothing wrong had occured ever ...
Riddhima seemed to be the treatment to all his ailments and he looked so sick in love.......
Giving Armaan a moment to decide on the continuation ,Minnie gave Atul a happy thumbs up on their tiny victory ....  " I would have loved to hear the story for the umpteenth time Minnie but time restraints don't permit me on this particular occasion,may be another time eh? " Atul blended a mix of tease in his loud statement to bring Armaan's attention back ...Armaan smiled at his intended sarcasm, but since Atul was right about the infinite number of forceful narrations ,he couldn't retort like he always did before...

" Its no fun without u champ, remember how I used to torture guys?..."Armaan flashed a wicked smile that left Minnie pleasantly surprised... He loved talking of Riddhima ,anything about her made him smile,ever since they had met ,
'The Riddhima talk' had been on the top menu of all meetings...his friends were bored of the repeated narrations and a few had even started avoiding him for this reason...Atul and Rahul were the prime victims ,since the two had witnessed it all anyway and to hear it all over again was initially sweet but got tedious as time passed...

Atul tried to contain himself of the relief from the hope Armaan showed, he thanked God for sending down the angels to make his friend return to life and Minnie probably was an angel in disguise he assumed...

Mike knocked again moments later to see Armaan smile and hug Atul ,it was quite a rare sight , so he left the two for another few minutes of friendly gestures...

"take care guys and see u again soon..." Minnie and Armaan walked out with Atul and waved at him as he walked  through the highly secured glass doors that transitioned him to the outside world,the world that was now alien to the two of them .
They watched him swerve the car around and whizz away into the darkness,the speed of the car correlating to the happiness in his heart...

Sighing gleefully,Armaan and Minnie looked at each other and before they could start a conversation Mike interrupted  "Hmmm!!! Miss Grewal,did u happen to know Mr Joshi ? " he found it amusing to see Minnie gel  well with an outsider ... "Yes I know him,now do u have a problem with that Mr.Head Nurse??? .... or are u gonna put me on some new drugs for it ? I bet u will...U love poisoning me dont u? why do I even bother asking ,go on then, bring me the heap of pills and intoxicate me!!!" Mike was left speechless as always
"and u know what,I dont really mind having those bitter drugs today,just coz I'm happy and I'm hoping to catch some real sleep tonight,not the kinds u induce into me, now get going Mike ,the offer wont wait forever...."
Armaan giggled and watched Minnie ramble away constantly without giving Mike a chance to speak ,not that he had much to say to opposing her strong thoughts...
Mike smiled and surprisingly liked this side of Minnie,the real chirpy side that she always tends to hide with ease.....
"Please make your way to your room Miss Grewal,I'll be there in a few minutes with your dinner and medicines"
Minnie gave him a cocky smirk and turned to Armaan to wish him good night,but before she could do so,Mike moved forward and said "Same goes for u Mr.Malik ,I'm assuming u had a great time with your friend around and why wouldn't u? Mr.Joshi is a great guy,its nice to see u smile Mr.Malik, do it more often, suits u! "
Minnie pretended to have unheard their talk ,but deep in her heart she was touched by Mike's sweet words of advice and appreciation...
she had developed a certain kind of respect for Mike since the day of her outburst...Mike was unaware of the fact that Minnie was completely sane at that time,he assumed that she was under the effect of the strong anti-depressants and didnt remember that eventful evening...
For selfish reasons he remained quiet about it and refrained from passing on the information to the doctors...coz  he felt Minnie was perhaps safer in confinement
Although close in age ,the two differed greatly in thinking their patterns...
Watching her in a daze as she discussed Mike in her head ,Armaan tapped on Minnie's shoulder to bring her out of it
"Oh sorry ! I mean goodnight Ammy! see u tomorrow and sorry we couldn't finish your story tonight, hoping u could continue sometime soon..." she jumped her eyebrows in excitement
"Goodnight Minnie! hope u catch up on your beauty sleep tonight and about the story,yes we will continue soon" Armaan smiled in eagerness and then the two retired to their rooms.....

" Atul !!! care to share the joke ? " Anjali was intruigued by Atul's persistent smile
Atul rested his head on the back rest of the bed and stared at the slide show of pictures that played on his laptop. Anjali hadn't seen him smile with such content in along time, the last being their wedding day and the time that followed their union...She cheekily tucked herself under the sheets and snuggled upto him
"love you... " he whispered and pulled her close to place a gentle kiss on her forehead...
"Anjie,I am so happy today..." he exclaimed cheerfully and wrapped his arm around her
" yeh,I can see that ,but whats the reason to it honey? it can't be the new job,coz u sounded low even after finding out the good news..." he smiled a little more looking the picture on the screen,the person standing in between Rahul and him was unknown to Anjali..."who is that Atul? " Anjali assumed for him to be close friend,guaging with their comfort in the photograph...
"This is Ammy ,my brother like friend that I've never talked to u about..." a slight resentment took over his face as he pointed towards Armaan laughing whole heartedly in the picture...
" is this the friend that worked with you? the one u always worry about?..." Anjali was unable to believe the fact that Atul spoke about his friend finally
"yeah,thats him" Atul 's smirk expressed a sense of regret
" u guys look so cute together, where is he now ,India??? " Anjali noticed the famous Gateway of India in the background
"hmm..." he pondered for a few moments and  jumped out of the bed leaving Anjali startled
"Atul,where are u going?
"to fetch some icecream Anjali!  " he stopped to pinch her cheeks and then merrily hopped to the kitchen
"what?" Anjali couldnt believe what she saw,Atul behaved like a happy kid who got gifted a great present on his birthday ...
within moments he returned with a tub of mint chocolate chip icecream...
"wanna hear a romantic tale with icecream ?"
"huh?" she looked at him astoundedly
snuggling back into bed, he fed her a big dollop of her favourite icecream
"ok,lets start from the day in this picture ,shall we?" smiling at the new picture displayed on the screen ,Atul began the story
" why does Rahul look red in here? ......"


" how long did u have to wait for relief Rahul?"
Muskaan giggled as she imagined the scene in her head...Rahul had tried his best to take a detour in the story to keep the embarrassing facts unsaid,but since it was an important and essential part ,he could'nt miss the reason for Armaan and Riddhima's first real encounter...
" another coffee? " she asked hoping he'd say yes and continue with new energy
" well I woudn't mind, but dont u think its getting late? " although Rahul wished to never leave her company,he couldn't ignore that it was almost midnight...Muskaan looked upset and let down to leave the story  when the real fun had just begun
"Muskaan I know ,its an interesting story, but I guess we'll have to continue another time,may be tomorrow? after work ? I'll pick u up and we can have dinner ,I havent had a curry in a ages..."
"hehehe!" Muskaan laughed instantly at the probable consequences of a spicy curry ...Rahul was right,it was too late and strangely she had fogotten all about the case that kept her dazed all day...
" Muskaan!!! stop it ,I CAN take it now, its not the same anymore ,I love spicy Indian food ..."
Rahul smiled at her sheepishly and walked to the door before he's tempted to stay back
" See u tomorrow! " Muskaan couldn't resist giving him a quick hug
" Thanks Rahul..." whispering gently she tried to avoid his teasing gaze after the display of affection
" See ya !..." smiling shyly ,she watched him gallop away to his car...


Thrusting down a few pills together with a single gulp, Armaan impatiently prepared to slumber the night away
His true reason to sleep was the hope to dream of her and their beautiful times together and also a wish to see the future ,when their souls unite forever in eternity...
Shutting his eyes forcefully ,only to reopen them within a moment,he reached for the switch to the bedside lamp...
he hadn't dared in ages to sleep in the dark ,but after regaining his inner strength today,he felt powerful within, powerful enough to overcome the haunting memories of the incident that changed his life...
He wished to wipe all his fears away and start anew,even though it could be just her memories he'd have to live with,he vowed to be happy for her...
Riddhima ,his wife,the love of his life ...


Stepping out of the cold shower ,she felt numb and lifeless ...this was the effect she desired for herself to pass through the painful lonely nights...sleep being a rare and sparce commodity ,she spent her nights watching the busy streets from the high balcony of the apartment she had bought in joint names with Armaan,her husband...
They had decided to visit India atleast once a year and relive their sweet memories together...
The irony of time made her eyes water and she felt tiny goosebumps cover her limbs  ...
Passing through the curtains ,the strong noisy wind hit the wall size picture frame ,knocking it down to the floor...
Hearing the huge thud ,she turned around to see the glass frame shattered into tiny pieces
Crying out loud ,she ran to gather the broken pieces of glass and perhaps the jumbled and scattered pieces of her agonizing life  ...


Plz do watch the vm,its relevant to the story
thanks Komal for an awesome mix
Kahin to from jaane tu ya jaane na

Halfway through his anticipated sound sleep, Armaan sobbed to see her cry in his dream
She looked heartbroken and tired ,the painful tears and the hopeful smile wrenched his heart ...
As the dream progressed with the night,he saw the events of their life together,
their coincidental and intended meetings,
their memorable confession,
the sweet romance,
the dramatic wedding
and .....
and the fatal crash......................................

hey all
here i am with the next part and i think its long on my scale LOL
I had fun writing this part,although it got sad towards the end
cudn't keep u guys waiting ,so now that u know a huge part of the reason to his illness,could u predict a few possibilities of what could have happened before and after the crash?
looking forward to your replies on this one
i know i havent replied to your sweet comments on part 4 and 5,but have read each and ever single one with great interest,do keep them coming in
hope u liked the part,will try and update the next part sometime next week
coz I'm planning to wrap up'the girl next door' within the coming week
thanks for all the encouragement and interest
love u guys
315 nutterz


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Part Seven:

" Riddhima!!!!.............." 
his inflamed shrill echoed through the empty dark corridors  followed by a loud huge thud that caught Mike's attention as he sat at the nurse station ,completing the pending notes on the cases under his supervision.
The job of a nurse at the rehabilitation centre was challenging , required lots of courage and demanded determination... to care for patients from different walks of life ,almost all with a painful history somewhere ...
Mike's parents had met at one such rehab centres,where his dad was treated for depression and his mum was his dad's nurse and later his wife...
When offered the choice of a career,Mike opted to be a nurse and specialized in the treatment and care for mental illnesses as a tribute to his beloved mum who passed away a few days after he turned 19...
Unlike other teenagers Mike was a dedicated child to his parents,his priorities well in place...what intrigued him about Minnie was her past ,a complete opposite of his own...

The scream Mike assumed was heard from the direction of Armaan's room, he hurriedly checked the other patients on the way , one of them was Minnie....
He saw her fast asleep with a faint frown arching her eyebrows,tempted to free her face from the disturbing frown he moved towards her bed, but the next moment he realized the urgency of situation ,he needed to be somewhere,to help help someone in need...
Discreetly shutting Minnie's door,he made a swift exit from her room and ran towards Armaan's room just a few steps away...

Hoping for it to be a minor,negligible accident,he unlocked the slightly creaky door
Panicked by the terrifying sight,Mike rushed to help Armaan lying on the floor,curled up in a pool of tears and fears...


"Armaan!!!..." she shrieked out of her teary sleep ...raising her head from the edge of the bed where she had fallen asleep with pieces of glass around her...
Feeling the sting in her swollen dry eyes, she gave herself a mocking smile to congratulate herself on succesfully passing through another night of agony ...
Again her eyes poured out with bitter sweet tears as she looked at the photograph underneath the broken frame
A picture that witnessed their marriage, a union not conventional in any way, nevertheless it held the true essence of matrimony, a partnership for life.....
Blurred with the brimming tears she saw the hazy sunshine penetrate through the darkness in the room
Shutting her eyes tight ,she wished for a ray of hope to shimmer the dark gloom in her life...


" Mr Joshi?... sorry to bother u at this early hour,its nurse Johnson,Michael Johnson! " giving a brief professional introduction of himself ,he waited for Atul to grasp the information...
" Mike???..." Atul's hand trembled as he held the mobile phone and prayed for his friends well being
" Yes,its Mike from the Lilac ward of Tolworth Hospital's Rehab unit " not sure how to break the news to Atul, Mike stuttered a little...
" whats wrong Mike? is Armaan ok???"
Disturbed with Atul's alarming tone and the mention of Armaan,Anjali opened her weary eyes,untangled her arm from Atul's and listened carefully ,wishing all was well .
They had spent the night talking of the trip to India,Atul shared stories of all the fun they had ,and without realizing they dozed off into dreams of the sweet memories only to be woken up by the early morning call ...

"Well,since your name appears against the next of kin column of Mr Malik's records,I needed to inform u of the unfortunate incident that occured last night..." Mike prolonged the conversation without revealing relevant facts,hoping for a milder effect of the news that he'd called in regards to... contrary to his expectations Atul reacted agitatedly
" Mike can you plz tell me what happened ? " Mike felt the sensitivity of the situation  and replied
" Mr.Joshi, there's certainly no urgent need to rush in ,we have moved Mr.Malik to the high dependancy unit ,he is stable and  well looked after there " confused with Mike's vague information,Atul sighed in relief for the partly reassuring good news
" Thanks Mike! " 
" its part of my duty Mr .Joshi, also can I request u to meet me tonight? I need to discuss a few important issues regarding Mr.Malilk's sudden accident ,although we've managed to stabilize him with tranquilizers,the consulting doctors have requested for some information that might help with his treament I am on the night shift again, hope its not inconvenient for u?"
" not at all Mike,thanks for the call "
"see u later tonight Mr.Joshi..." Atul cursed himself for his limited understanding of Armaan's cause of illness as  Mike's words echoed in his ears and frustrating him even more....

"Atul? who was it? is Armaan ok?..." Anjali fired her set of questions to an already baffled Atul
"I'm sorry Anjali,I dont have much to say for now,just hope and pray for the best for Armaan....."
saying that Atul stepped out of bed ,grabbing the towel from the rail,he went in for a shower...

Oblivious to the facts of the phone call that returned Atul to his serious,worried attitude,Anjali sat in bed retracing the story so far...what could have possibly happened to Armaan for Atul to be so deeply concerned?
From the tale Atul narrated last night ,she couldn't suspect any hints of sorrow ,it was a happy funny romantic tale so far,and sadly the romance was yet to begin when they fell asleep owing to the busy day they'd had at work and after...
where was Armaan now? with Riddhima in India? or here in London? London Armaan?????
the name and its connection with London rang alarming bells in her head,only to find Atul's first alarm ringing on his stop the annoying noise of the alarm,she stretched her arm to reach the mobile from the other side of the bed,clicking on the 'Stop' tab,she had an idea pop in her confused head...on an impulse she retrieved the last callers number on the list of recieved calls...


Grabbing the steaming cup of hot chocolate from the counter of the coffee shop on the way home, Mike walked along the edge of the pavement,not to disturb the passers by in his dazed state... continuous images of the accident from last night flashed in his memory as he prepared a list of questions in his head for Atul ...

"Was it not possible to bring Riddhima back into his life?...the name 'Riddhima' that he chants all day may well be the reason to it his deteriorating state of health... the questions were  personal but held importance in the treatment ...only yesterday he had smiled wholeheartedly, could it be coz of her ? but then what caused the fit later last night???.....


Stuffing the lightly buttered toast in her mouth ,Anjali watched Atul stirring the spoon in his cereal bowl...
Sighing inwardly with regret she wondered if his behaviour of last night was true at all?
Shocked with her findings of a familiar number on Atul's callers list ,she couldn't wait to meet Muskaan to tell her that the Armaan Malik case that bothered her all day ,might be a case closely related to them ....
'perhaps Rahul could confirm it' she thought excitedly and finished her glass of orange juice ...

"Goodbye honey!" she gave him a quick peck on his cheek and rushed to the door without a reply
"Bye!..." replied Atul still in grieving thoughts of Armaan and Riddhima...
Moments later as he forced in the breakfast ,he heard a ring on his mobile bringing him out of his daze
" Hey Chirag! " he greeted with  dim joy
" Goodmorning Mr Atul Joshi,u dont sound too happy,despite the promotion ,whats up bro?..."  the voive on the other end was fresh and full of hope unlike his own
" Its Armaan......."  he gasped and then a long pause in the convo could only mean their helplessness in the matter...
" Atul,I know how much u care for him,we all do ...what occured with Armaan, Ridhima was Nikki is irreversible...
Life has treated them with the worst ever...
Nikki now living a life astray, Armaan in rehab and Riddhima hmmmm
oh by the way I think Ritu's found some information on her whereabouts finally, she's in India,Mumbai......

hey guys
surprise update i know

specially for nj,on her special request to make her already special day even more special haha  23rd jan it is ,despite my constant warnings,threats and requests u didnt rest Cry still cross about it

for nij,coz she is nij

for Kratz,as a token of appreaciation for the smashing update she bestowed upon us today

and for Lubbi lolz cz she wudn't stop chucking the toys out of her play pen

and of course all my lovely readers
replies to part 6 with this
i know the part is short,but hopefully clears a few more doubts
i'll do a lighter part next
no fun cryingLOL

315 nutterz
love u all




Part Eight:

"hey Rahul! "
"Hi Atul!!! is all ok bro ? how's Ammy ? " disturbed with Atul's bleak tone Rahul's thoughts steered to the most obvious reason ...
Although the three friends shared a strong bond amongst each other ,Atul's relation with Armaan was beyond compare ... Rahul always joked about his bias for Armaan when it came to  forming a neutral opinion, Atul would meekly smile his guilt away whereas Armaan would boast shamelessly with his claim on favouritisim...Rahul would pretend to be disheartened but never did he envy their bond...
"Rahul,can we meet this evening?"
"Yeah sure Atul,but is there something wrong?..." an eerie silence filled the gap in speech making Rahul impatient ...
"Well !... Armaan sadly suffered a sudden lapse in his condition last night ..."
"what ??? how???" Rahul yelled his despair out loud
"I don't know mate !!! I wish I knew why any of this happened to him...why he ended up in this state ? why he's living a life of hell ....I wish I knew Rahul...I so wish I knew..." Atul's trembling voice and helpless outrage made Rahul
guilty .....trying to compose himself after the unaimed outburst Atul continued in a persistent whimpering pitch "Armaan's nurse has asked me to meet up to discuss a few important issues ,I wondered if u could come along,together we might be able to give a better and clear picture of his past...of all we know ,I doubt of any underlying facts we're unaware of... Armaan shared almost everything with us until..."
"until he got married to Riddhima ,she took him away from us ! ... I hate to say, but Riddhima was Armaan's worst mistake ...." thinking of their fun times before Armaan married Riddhima, Rahul couldn't resist speaking his frustration...
"Riddhima is his life Rahul ,its the only thing thats kept him going ...and I have a strong intuition she wasn't responsible for any of this, infact I feel she is yet another victim of fate like Armaan and Nikki...which reminds me ,Chirag called this morning to inform that Ritu's found an address for Riddhima,may be we could track her down?"

sighing in contempt Rahul added to his remorse  "I dont know how that could help Atul, but yeah if its meant to bring life back to Armaan,I dont have a problem trying.....anyways what time in the evening?
"around 7? come around to mine and we can leave together ? I'll let Anjali know that I wont be home for dinner..."
'Dinner???' that reminded Rahul of the dinner date he had planned with Muskaan.... for Armaan he was more than he reshuffled his priorities placing Armaan on the top and thought of calling Muskaan right away ...She sure would be annoyed to postpone the storytelling , but for the moment the main character of the tale needed help to weave the story further...

With no reponse from Rahul's end ,Atul asked "Rahul is there a problem? u don't have to come if u're busy..."
"No Atul ,its no trouble,I'll see u in the evening ..."


"Hey Muskaan !"  greeting her friend with an affectionate bear hug ,Anjali called for a few glares at the busy entrance to the work premises...the bags under their eyes showed a striking resemblance of their sleep deprived state but both were oblivious to the similarity in the reason to it...
" Muskaan, u wont believe this, guess what ??? " pulling Muskaan to a quieter area,Anjali shared the reason for her excitement 
"u know the Armaan Malik case that u were intrigued with ?
"yeh what about it? actually I've stopped stressing about it now ...u were right,its just another patient and we shouldn't involve ourselves personally ..." unable to reciprocate the enthusiasm, Muskaan replied in a weary pitch expressing her deviation of interest ...
"what? ??? how did u change your mind overnight??? hmmm Rahul??? " Anjali could help grin ,irking Muskaan slightly
"well yes Rahul in a way, coz he shared a story of this friend that made me forget everything else,it's so cool Anjie,I'll have tell u someday,when he's done narrating to it me ..." faintly blushing at the thought she continued " I'm meeting him for dinner tonight and he promised he'll continue the story then..." confused with the s'milarity of events Anjali ,pondered over the situation and said
"thats so strange Muskaan,even Atul narrated a story last night...about his friend Armaan or 'Ammy'  he called him" "Anjie! this is such a bizarre coincidence, the friend in Rahul 's story is also called Ammy " passing back the loose end of the chain of coincidence ,Muskaan tried to link everything while Anjali quipped
"really? ...and guess what Muskaan ,I suspect or perhaps I'm sure this Ammy is the Armaan Malik of the case that kept u gloomy yesterday ..."
"what????? how? it can't be Anjie,why would Ammy be in rehab ??? the story so far was happy at my end..."
"same here Muskaan,till Atul had a phone call this morning to inform of some sort of accident Armaan had.." impatient with the vague details they retained,they wished hadn't left the story incomplete...

"this can't be right Anjie,what could have made him end up in rehab? and the girl Riddhima,where is she????"
"I dont know much detail Muski,all I know is that they met when Armaan,Atul and Rahul had visited India a few yrs ago..." unable to decide on how to feel about the irony of time ,Muskaan feared to know the reason to ammy's illness...
"Anjie,I sense something eerie ,how could we be talking of the same story at the same time? now I can't wait for Rahul to finish the story...I don't see a happy end anymore ...I had so wished for one somehow"
"Well u know what they say,everything is alright in the end,if its not alright,then its not the end lets stay positive... and I guess we shoudl get to work now ,we'll discuss this over lunch ok?"
"yeh ! ... I really hope Ammy is fine..."


"I'm extremely sorry Dr.Abhimanyu, I dont think I'll be able to make it tonight,I have lots on and I'm also working the night shift " Riddhima sat in her huge Head Surgeon chair and expressed her regret to turn down the offer for the umpteenth time...
" No,thats a lie, I've just checked the latest list on the board and your name doesnt appear on there at all,
come on Riddhima,u've always refused to accept my repeated offers, plz would u oblige me with your esteemed oresence on this one evening? u know I havent enjoyed my dinner ever since I've returned to India, plz just this once...for my sake say yes? ... he pleaded with his eyes shut and fingers crossed
giving in to his silly antics Riddhima replied "Ok Yes..."
"great then,I'll pick u up after work?" he jumped out of the chair in triumph
"ok!" giving him a hesitant half hearted smile she returned to the case history of her patient as he made his way to the door
"by the way did I mention the dress code ? " he peeped back in
"huh?" annoyed with the disturbance again, she looked up with a 'be quick' look
"sorry I must have forgotten to mention..." he walked back in
"what? dont tell me u have invited other guests too? "
"will that be a bother?"
caught off guard she muttered "no,not at all but ..."
"but what? ok fine,u can rest assured ,there's no other guests on the list ...just u and me!
Riddhima felt uneasy with the sound of that and as he sensed it ,he seeked help from the silly side of character,it always helped him get out of tricky situations he landed himself in..
"aha,but doctor ,the dress code still applies! "
"what??? " tearing away from her awkward thoughts ,she shot him a threatening glare ...
smiling back in reply he said
"yeah,the dress code I must say is quite simple and inexpensive for some ..."
tapering her eyes ,she gave the riddle a serious try...
"I'm sure u would have guessed by evening but I wouldn't  dare waste your precious time,the answer is simple ,
just wear your beautiful smile ....."

Breaking into a full fledged ear to ear wide smile,Riddhima thanked Abhimanyu for his undying efforts
Ever since he returned from London after completing his internship,he tried to make a difference to her bland ,demotivated life...He was with her through her  best and worst phases of life, a true companion she could always count on,a friend for life .....


"Hi Atul,honey u looked so worried and lost this morning after the phone call,is everything alright?"
Atul preferred to leave that unanswered
"Anjali,I wont be home for dinner tonight,I'm going out with Rahul,we need to visit someone tonight..."
frustrated to find Atul return to his shelled  up state,Anjali expressed her concern
"yeh sure Atul thats no trouble,but are u sure u ok?
"yeh I'm ok sweetheart" he replied to rest her worry
"is Armaan ok? " unexpected to hear his name from her,he reacted silent
"sorry honey ,but I think I know theres something regarding Armaan thats bothering u..."
"yeh it is and I will fill u in sometime soon, gotto go now,bye!"
"see u honey,take care!"
holding the mobile to her ear long after he hung up ,Anjali stared at nothing and worked her head on the possibilites  of Armaan's condition...Moments later a feminine figure disrupted her stare

"Muskaan ? what is it ? why do u look so upset ?"
"Anjie,Rahul's cancelled the dinner,said he needs to be somewhere tonight ...I  so wanted to know the story ahead..." slumping into the chair opposite Anjali ,Muskaan sulked and cursed Rahul for the abrupt change in plan...
sorry to see Muskaan annoyed Anjali came up with an idea
"u know what Muski? I think I know where that somewhere is ...
I have a plan ,why dont u come home for dinner? Atul's gonna be out too,we can cook dinner and watch a bolly movie???
initially against the plan,Muskaan later agreed to spend the night at Anjali's when she proposed to talk of the Armaan Riddhima epic.....


"Dr.Abhimanyu,plz thats enough,I've had too much already..." she swallowed the last bite forcefully and rinsed it down with a large sip of water
"Riddhima can't we leave our professional tags for the hospital? I'm just Abhimanyu if not Abhi....." watching her perfectly shaped and coloured lips through the thick glass of the tumbler she drank from,Abhi went back in time to retrieve a similar image... miffed with the constant gaze, Riddhima cleared her throat to break the awkward silence , embarrassed to be caught red handed in an involuntary act Abhi pretended innocent and joined the conversation where he had left...
"and....  I mean we're not in a formal meeting Riddhima,we're here to have a nice and pleasant meal ...
and since I'm your host tonight,I'd like the lady of honour to make her way to the living room where dessert will be served shortly after it arrives ...sorry! forgot to order that with the main course hehe..." flashing a cheeky smile,he winkedto complete the act...
"Abhi plz!,u didn't need to do any of this..." helping him clear the table she  wished he hadn't ordered the dessert...she could 'nt bear to be happy , it was almost like a forbidden feeling ,as though she had no right to redeem the happiness she might have earned during her happy days,perhaps she had no means to claim it...

Stung with the thoughts of her few days of true happiness,she mechanically transported the dishes to the kitchen
"Riddhima!!!" he yelled when her pain got unbearale to watch
Jerked  with the loud scream she dropped the plate from her hand and watched the glass hit the floor and spread all around the kitchen floor ...
shaking her vigorously,Abhi provoked her to break the shield she'd built around herself,
falling onto her knees,she broke into incessant sobs ..... moving her to a glass free area ,just outside the kitchen Abhi ran to grab the first aid kit to dress her bleeding wounds...

"Riddhima,I've seen u kill yourself for too long ,I know who u are grieving for,but dont know the reason why?
tired of weeping aloud,she switched to silent tears flowing out in abundance...
"Ridzie,I dont want to know the sad part of your story,coz I know that 'll hurt u more...
"but can u not tell me how u and Armaan met? and how love happened? " he knew this might be the worst of his efforts , but to make her open up to him he had to put her through this minor misery compared to the major hell she tortured herself with ... and to his surprise a bright smile shined through the pool of tears ...
Armaan ,the magic word that cast the spell of  love all over again....


"Mike,I hate to seek your help ,but u are the only one who would know about Armaan,what happened ???" geniune with her heartfelt expressions,Minnie requested for the information.....touched with her concern ,Mike couldn't resist answering her,officially breaking the rules
"Hmm Miss Grewal,I m afraid I cannot disclose many details,all I can suggest is u keep yourself away from his case,
its too complicated for u to understand..." hoping the advice to work ,Mike started to leave from Minnie's room after handing over her medicines,which she swallowed without protest,only to prove her seriousness ...
"but Mike,Ammy is my friend and he told us his story yesterday and now I find him missing from his room,what does that mean ???" he turned around to see her push herself into bed proving her obedience...
"yes Miss.Grewal ,Mr Malik has been moved to more suitable room with appropriate care facilities after the accident last night..."
"what accident?" she sat up again
"well,I found him fallen onto the floor last night,he suffered a severe fit Minnie..." he rated the severity with the look on his face...
"but he was so happy yesterday!" she gasped in despair
"yes I know...unfortunately it didn't last very long" tucking her back into bed he prepared to leave the second time
"did u inform champ? I mean Atul, Mr Joshi?"  shutting her eyes ,she waited for his answer
"yes I have and I'm going to meet him in a short while, I can pass your 'hello' if you like ?"
"yeah thanks! ...thanks Mike and look after Armaan ...!" she smiled at him sweetly as he switched the lamp off
"I will Minnie,you look after yourself now ..." she smiled back in the dark ...
"did u just call me Minnie?............" he pretended to have not heard that at all........................

hey guys
part eight her,and I have to say it might win the longest update prize
I 've covered  every character ,in little bits,hope u liked it
I was supposed to update girl next door,but coz i wrote this part a few days ago,posted this,will do the other one soon,sorry of anyone's disapointed,will send pms soon
and no real cliffhangers this timeLOL

this update is for nij,coz she a different kind of nutWink
and for Kratz coz she conquered the exam battle finallyClap
and for nj coz she 's still fighting her annoying cold Angry

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loved all of them and i'm so happy to see ne readers join in
cheers guys
love all u sweet peopleEmbarrassed


Part Nine:

"let me fetch the rest of the bags Anjie " Muskaan hopped back to the car while Anjali rushed into the house to switch the central heating on...
Straight after work the two had popped into the local grocery store to buy ingredients for Lasagna and Banoffee pie, not a regular combination perhaps even a contrast in origin ... but since Anjali loved Italian and Muskaan possessed a sweet tooth ,they decided on a special menu for their abandoned friday night, hoping for it to perk up their low spirits...

Placing the shopping bags onto the kitchen worktop Anjali spotted a sticky note hanging off the key peg next to the door...

sorry wifey :(
be back soon!
love you

creasing into an instant smile,later a huge grin she whispered
"love u too honey!"


"Hi Mike,hope we're not too late" Atul quickly ruffled his hair and brushed off the snow settled in the  thick weaves of his jacket...
"Don't worry Mr Joshi,u are right on time and ? ..." raising his eyebrows in curiosity Mike shook Rahul's hand
"oh this is Rahul,another close friend of Armaan...I thought he'd be of help so brought him along..."
hoping  to answer all the questions Mike had for them, Atul mentally arranged the facts chronologically and gave Rahul a good luck look ...
"sure! thanks for joining in Mr Rahul ???"
"Kidwell!" replied Rahul instantly
"Ah Mr Kidwell, I'm nurse Johnson...plz make yourself comfortable "
"errrmm how's Armaan???"  Rahul couldn't resist any longer
"well he's stable now but there are a few issues that the doctors are particularly worried about ...issues that need to be looked into quite soon, but before we get into a deep conversation , can I get u some coffee or ???"
"No its fine ,can we plz get started with the questionaire now ? "
Mike smirked watching Rahul snap in desperation...only if patients could be treated with the completion of a 'questionaire' as Rahul had termed it ,his job would have been much easier... Atul glared at Rahul for his strange behaviour ...
"yeh sure Mr Kidwell,I shall get started right away..." he took no offense believing Rahul's earnest intentions were to help his friend in every possible way and as soon as he could...

Placing a thick pile of papers on the coffee table Mike bent ahead to scribble his notes while Atul and Rahul sat on the couch opposite him
"Well ,to begin with I need to briefly explain the plan of action the doctors have designed for Mr Malik,and since in cases like these ,the treatment is passive, where the patient is the least involved ,we require a great amount of input from other sources ..."  after a  pause to take a light sip of his coffee Mike continued 
"We gradually managed to bring Mr.Malik to a stable state ...although there were no signs of a significant pattern of progress , his condition showed no indication of deterioration either, which accounts for his transfer to rehab from the hospital ... and Mr Malik had been responding well to the prescribed medication until last night ..."

Rahul, impatient to know the possible reason to the sudden dip in Ammy's condition hated Mike's prolonged description of things that seemed irrelevant to him at this point of time .... Atul 's immediate thoughts were of the change he'd seen in Armaan  just the previous evening... he had looked so close to normal again... how could their conversation possibly trigger the decline in progress just when he had hoped and assumed  it to be an uphill journey from now??? ...

Thinking of their obvious concerns Mike thought of putting their minds to rest before he divulged any further details  "Well, the consultant who visits Mr.Malik twice a week ,was fortunately here this morning post the incident and she has suggested an alternate drug regime which seems to have worked and Mr Malik should be back to the ward soon"  their agitated  minds calmed a little on eventually getting an answer to their prime query....

Sparing them a few moments to enjoy their temporary relief ,Mike separated a few sheets of paper from the rest of the pile,and finished his coffee before initiating the real discussion
"Mr.Joshi, we don't seem to hold any details of Mr.Malik's family and we think they might be essential to chalk out a few reasons to his illness ...
so could we start with a brief family history ? " turning the sheet overleaf he added " we do know that he was married to a certain Riddhima ???"
"Yes he was and still is married to her..." Atul answered promptly while Rahul sniffed with sarcasm ...
"but isnt she ???....." before concluding his query ,Mike quickly flipped through the other pages of patient history to confirm his doubts....


Her smile lasted for the longest he had ever known, 'how lucky is Armaan to rule her head despite the lifelong suffering he left her with?' exasperated with the bitter truth of her life he envied Armaan for what he meant to her ,for still being the most essential part of her life...if not physically present ,mentally he consumed every thought and action of hers ...
"Riddhima! just relax and tell me all u want to share and havent coz u couldn't " giving him small wry smile, she laid her head onto the slightly low head rest of the settee and shut her eyes to soothe the burning sensation ...

Frustrated with his defeated attempts to penetrate the imaginary wall she had created around herself, Abhi aimed to provoke her one last time...
"please Riddhima...if u believe in me and trust my friendhsip at all, then share your happy times atleast! ...its been ages since I've read a good book or watched a fun movie and as far as I know ,your story could be a top seller if published or reproduced on cinema, what would be better than a first hand narration eh?, tell me all Riddhima....."


"ahem ahem! sorry to invade your moment but can we leave the blushing for later? " ignoring Muskaan's tease, she continued smiling with content...
Amused with Anjie's bright new smile Muskaan decided to give her the privacy to relish her contentment on the secret love message she held between her fingers making it impossible to read .....
She adored the bond Atul and Anjali shared,the silent understanding they had of each other, no public display and none of the usual sleazy romance ...they were quite an unconventional couple in the most conventional way , Anjali being the total extrovert falling for Atul ,a complete opposite of herself  which made Muskaan think and derive that love could happen between anyone, there could never be a list of set rules .....

Stimulated by the love analysis her thoughts lead to the one person who closely associated with the emotion  Rahul ! was he falling in love with her? or was it the other way round ?
shaking off the silly whim she yelled from the living room
"Anjie,I'm famished ! lets get on with the cooking now ..."
"Muski ,hun can u come and help me with these sheets, I'm not very good with  symmetry!" yelled back Anjali.....
Walking into the kitchen she smiled with delight
"hey u've started already??? awesome!..." licking her lips , she jumped her eyebrows at the sight of food although raw.....


"Armaan is an only child of his parents ...  primary heir to the huge extended family here in London and back home in India, but Armaan preferred his friends , the family he chose for himself...
He absolutely despised the deceptive modern facade of his family ,when there were plenty of ill treated issues that needed attention...Inspite of his strong opposing thoughts against the family, he visited India often to see his grandma, who sadly passed away last year...
Armaan refrained from any involvement in family matters which ticked many off  in close relations... and to mark his detachment from the disliked family ,he got engaged to Nikki , a total outsider to his caste and hereditary faith ... "

Allowing Mike plenty of time to jot down the information, Atul gulped to wet his parched throat ...
Rahul offered him a glass of water and decided to take over ... turning slightly towards Rahul as he resumed the details ,Mike observed him with interest... he bore a striking resemblance to someone he knew but couldn't decide who...

"Nikki is Chirag's sister...Chirag another good friend of ours, was appointed the team supervisor soon after me ,Armaan and Atul joined the firm ....Nikki met Armaan at Chirag's promotion party and they hit it off well ,right from the very beginning ..... " confused with Mike's constant stare,Rahul took a short pause

"Armaan was the less devoted partner in their relation, which Nikki didnt object to strangely.....
Armaan described  their bond as yet another regular stage of life when one meets the other and they get and married and have later have a family... He was never the romantic guy, didnt believe much in the 'falling in love business'..."


"he never believed in love, neither did I  " ignoring all constraints she whispered  then settled  for a long pause ....
Irked with her vague statement he said "Riddhima I know what happened was a betrayal of fate but I do think u should consider going back ,dont u think he needs u ?..." hoping to have not crossed the line , Abhi  impatiently waited for her reply
"hmph !!! I don't know Abhi....I think we're better apart , I can live with the good memories he's left me with ..."  she sighed with contempt ...
"but why do u need to ? why are u punishing yourself Riddhima?" he couldnt see her bear the brunt of self pity.....retorting back immediately she grumped " I didnt choose to live this way Abhi ,  if Armaan really  needs me , he knows where I am..."


Grating cheese while lost in her thoughts Muskaan  chipped her nail and a tiny bit of her finger
"Muskaan,whats wrong with u hun? I thought u were over your intrigue? ..." running water over her blood stained finger Muskaan smiled at Anjali's concern...
"Sorry Anjie! I was lost in their story again ... I so wish Rahul could continue it soon..." pouting sadly , she jumped the very next moment  " oh did Atul tell u about Rahul's indigestion? hehehe"
"yeh well what do u expect ? he's a gora,  just coz he has an Indian name doesnt make him Indian really ..." quipped  Anjali then on a serious note she added
"sad to know about his mum though...."
"yeh , I would 've never known if you hadn't told me..." Muskaan respected Rahul's dedication and care for his mum,he managed it all single handedly ever since his grandparents were shifted to an old age home,when he was just 14 years old
" we had  this random discussion about parenthood one evening, Rahul  broke down and said he hates the man who gave his mum the hurt of a lifetime...."


"where is this Nikki person now?" asked Mike ,baffled with his strange findings
"She lives in Oxford with her brother and his family..." Atul replied with his recent conversation with Ritu in mind
"do u believe Nikki could have been the reason???" Mike tried to rule out the possibilities
"No it cant be her , Nikki accepted Riddhima very well, she was heartbroken of course,but to the best of my knowledge she never caused any trouble in their relationship " defended Atul
"infact she even moved on in her life to ease the probable guilt in Armaan ...
she met Abhimanyu through a mutual friend and they were engaged to be married soon..."
"was? did they not marry then?"
"No! sadly Nikki broke her engagement with him , sometime after Armaan's accident..." a slight sense of doubt bothered Atul at this moment
"hmm! correct me if i'm wrong Mr Joshi, but dont u think there has to be a connection somewhere? does Nikki blame herself in anyway?" Mike confirmed his doubts
"we don't know ,she hasn 't talked to anyone ever since
..." replied Rahul  bluntly,again making Mike think of the unknown resemblance to another character of a similar type

" Riddhima ,I know how hard it is to accept this treacherous fact,but u have to give youself another chance ...u cannot spend your entire life in regret, u dont deserve this !!! " touched by his sincere worry, Riddhima thought of the misery he was put through, they were both victims of deception
"Abhi u know how it feels .... dont u miss Nikki the same?"  she redirected the isue to him...
"lets not digress Riddhima ,we're not discussing me and Nikki here and even if we are,let me tell u that Nikki and me are done with each other and there's nothing left to discuss , she never loved me ....." thinking of the obvious contradiction in his advice Abhi felt like he lost his protest already..
" but u and Armaan are different, u have and always will love him ,no matter where life takes you
smiling incoherently she gave  an understanding look to cheer him


Scanning through the sheets for the umpteenth time,Mike  gave the two friends an unbelievable look
"what is it Mike? is the information no good? " Atul couldn't make any sense of his incredulaous expressions
" No Mr.Joshi,the matter is something else " unable to disclose the grave fact stated in the notes Mike choked on his words
" ermmm accordin to Mr.Malik's admission notes,his wife Riddhima is dead ....."


"Riddhima ....why did u leave me all alone ?.........."

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Part Ten:

" Muskaan! "
yelled Anjali looking at her staring at the cold food ...since the mention of Rahul and his awful past she could barely focus on anything ,even the food that she desperately craved a little while ago didnt seem to interest her no more .....
"let me re heat that for u " said Anjali picking up Muskaan's untouched plate...

Watching Muskaan in a daze she regretted talking of Rahul... Anjali had sensed the sparks between the two and Muskaan's growing interest and concern for Rahul confirmed her liking for him....

Muskaan' s thoughts on a reflex steered back to the story Rahul narrated last night ,the tale of Ammy and Riddhima.....
Wishing he completes the narration soon Muskaan pulled herself out of her thoughts when Anjali placed the heated plate in front of her... " I wonder how love must have happened  between  Armaan and Riddhima? " swallowing hard she broke the awkward silence
" I wonder the same " replied  Anjali immediately to keep the conversation going " the two sound like such different characters ,but then love just happens ....."


Switching the lights off behind him,Abhi quietly shut the door to the sitting room where Riddhima had crashed after the silent incessant sobs she'd put herself through the night ..... her swollen eyes shut after she tired herself of the constant tears ...there sure were a few pleasant breaks in between when her eyes brimmed with tears of joy...that was when she shared her fun memories on his request.She told him about their first meeting ,laughed whole heartedly about their initial squabble  over trivial matters and how the constant bickering transformed into love withing days.....

Abhi was sceptical about her stay over but later passed the doubt thinking he had none to answer but Riddhima... and her recent state of mind was highly incapable of making sensible decisions...

Breathing out a heavy sigh he crept into bed before the first rays of sun peek through the light linen over the windows... Forcing shut his eyelids he feared the darkness reminded him of the pain and anguish Nikki left him with and the life Riddhima was living....the two stories were mis linked somewhere and assuming of not much hope for himself he wished and planned to mend Riddhima's untimely broken relationship ... " Ritu ? " the name bridged his hopes to belief .....making a mental note to contact her at a decent hour he gave himself a small smile of achievement before slipping into his much needed sleep...


Plucking out the saline drip injected in the back of his hand ,Armaan shook up in his bed swamped with tears and perspiration....the abrupt horrifying end to his tedious dream jerked him out of the induced sedation,bringing him back to the harsh truth of life... without her.........
 Juggling between his haunting past and the gruesome present he screamed out loud when the pain reached an unbearable high.....

"Mr Malik? " Mike rushed into the room to find Armaan missing from his bed .....

Mike's meeting with Rahul and Atul revealed facts he'd never imagined to be possible or true
Riddhima's existence gave the story a whole new perspective ,a hope for a quick recovery ...unfortunately also carried a new set of doubts regarding the miscommunication of information at the time of admission to the department of mental health... He failed to admit the possibility of an administrative error in the notes ...Armaan's case was assigned to Dr Shashank Gupta ,one of the leading consultants ...
Dr.Gupta and his team of experts strived to diagnose and treat Armaan when he was re admitted to the hospital with symptoms non related to his previous injuries from the accident ...

"Why did u leave me Riddhima??? " a faint teary voice echoed from behind him ...
Mike spotted Armaan curled up in a corner adjacent to the door ...He looked pale and lifeless ...
Gently lifting him off the floor Mike dragged him back to the bed and injected a jab of tranquiliser to take him through the night...


" do u think Ammy is in rehab cause of Riddhima?"
Muskaan thought out loud

" yes he is ! "
a new voice answered Muskaan

" Rahul??? "
Surprised to see him ,Muskaan's heart fluttered a million times...her  joy made Anjali smile...
Not very pleased with Rahul's stern reply Atul felt a certain discomfort discussing Armaan and making any sort of remarks on Riddhima...he strongly believed that Riddhima and Armaan both were victims of ill fate and after learning the alarming fact from Mike ,he knew his belief wasn't illogical...
He knew Rahul possessed a good heart but the bitter truth of his own life made him think irrational at times...

" Dinner? " proposed Anjali when she sensed Atul's uneasiness...Atul's expression were easy to read especially for her, she knew not to probe him in such situations and instead give him the time he needed to sort things out within himself ...She swiftly changed topic and served dinner to lighten the pressured air...
They talked of random matters about work,events and weather over the meal Atul seemed eased and back to his normal self until Muskaan flagged the issue again .....The continuation of the intriguing story lingered in their minds

"Lets take turns and finish the story tonight " said Rahul looking at a confused Atul ...although they had talked of Anjali and Muskaan's reaction  when they shared the Armidz story with them ,Atul hadn't expected to have a oint narration... He as quite amazed at the coincidence of their timing ...Letting go off his inhibitions he grabbed the comfy seat next to Anjali presuming it would be an all nighter... Muskaan grinned with delight to see her wish come alive ,she  discreetly shifted closer to Rahul making him feel the obvious....

" whereabouts in the story are u Atul? "
" the night u suffered with bad indigestion hahaha...."


" I love you Armaan....." she gasped in her semi conscious state...
Unable to sleep after the room was lit with bright sunlight, Abhi tossed in bed for a while...later giving up on the idea he thought of checking up on Riddhima..... Her blissful chanting of his name and her love for Armaan made him smile and motivated his quest to bring her life back to her.....

Securing the door close he walked out to the lawn to breathe in the mild afternoon breeze....'It still was early to call on a satuday morning in Oxford ' he checked the time in his wrist watch and decided to call in an hours time....


" Mike! " called Minnie when she saw him passing by the corridor ,perhaps ready to leave for home after his night shift...
" Yes Ms .Grewal! how can I help this you this morning? " aware of her concerns of Armaan ,Mike prepared to answer her blunt queries...
" Howz Armaan? " she avoided meeting his eye and looked down to conceal the soft side of herself,the side that Mike was aware of without her knowing...she posed a tough and rude front owing to her bitter past and present...
" very well Ms Grewal ,he's fine! ..." Mike masked the truth with his smile but feared she could see through it ,the game they played with each other decided no winners...
"by the way have you had your breakfast ?"
Minnie gave him a look of disbelief making him smile...not coz he was caught as expected but coz he now knew the similarity in expressions...'Mr Kidwell!' he exclaimed inwardly ...he observed her features keenly making her wonder and intruigued..
"Mike please can u tell me the real truth?" she grumped
" Well Miss Grewal ,like I've advised u before and will do again ,he is doing fine and will be returning to the ward later today..."
" I hope thats true..."
" I hope the same too..."


 " What took you so long Ammy???"
Rahul snatched the tablets and gulped them down right away while me and Ritu asked them about their delay

" the taxi guys weren't ready to drive us here..." said Armaan making Ritu doubt him
Riddhima confused with his lame reason gave him a ' no thank you! " look
" I was nearly run over by a truck Ritu di and Armaan the great saved my life !....."

The room filled with giggles as Atul continued the incomplete narration.............


" Ritu? hi ! its me Abhimanyu, is it possible to talk? ..."  whispered Abhi from one end of the call

" Hi Abhi, yes go ahead I'm  by myself...." Ritu peeped around to confirm Nikki wasn't anywhere close.....


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Part Eleven a:

Trailing through the silence around, she followed the faint murmur from the lawn where Abhi paced back and forth deeply engaged in a conversation over the phone...he looked distressed.....

"I know what u mean and I'm gonna be doing all I can ...." pausing to hear from the other end ,he held his head is dismay

"lets hope for the best Rrrrr.....Riddhima hi !!! ?" turning around to find her standing right behind, he stuttered and fumbled with the phone to end the call...

" u ok ? " arching his eyebrows he asked with the deepest concern despite knowing how redundant and worthless the phrase sounded...

Pondering over the events of the previous night,she let out a big heavy sigh partly expressing her annoyance and partly the regret, though the latter seemed more appropriate ...

" I'm sorry Abhimanyu !"  her wet and guitly tone added to his anxiety .....'had she heard all that he spoke over the phone?' the thought bothered him greatly...not that he wasn't prepared to bear her chagrin over his unwelcomed interest in the mire of life she lived but coz he feared losing a dear friend at the expense of finding her own lost interest in life?... he knew he had to bear a loss either way ...

"what and who are you sorry for Riddhima?... for the fact that u shared your story with me ? or for the self inflicted misery u never cease to punish yourself with  ? " letting go of  his fears he spoke his heart once and for all ... with what he learned from the much needed conversation with Ritu, he could barely think apart from putting things right between the misfortunate two...they deserved to be together ...and soon.....

" I dont know Abhi ,I dont know what or who I'm sorry for... but what I do know is that I need to be alone ..."  quitting the discussion at where it started, she turned around to leave

"fine! I wouldn't insist ...but let me drop u home ?..." he knew she wasn't going to agree and  hearing a 'no' from her had now become a ritual but he never gave up hope ...

"its ok Abhi ! I 'll be fine !.....and ...sorry about last night ! ......."
collecting her bag and cars keys from the shelf  she dashed out to the car leaving Abhi perplexed and unfit to react...

Wearily she slid the key in to start up the engine and checked the mirror to reverse ...horrified to see her wrecked state  when she caught a quick glimpse of herself in the mirror she hit the brakes and turned the ignition off the next instant...her eyes appeared as dark and void as was her life.....breaking down with a loud cry she hit her head on the steering wheel and closed her eyes to hear an echo...

'I fell in love with those big green eyes, the eyes that spoke volumes ,the eyes that are a reflection of life ...' 


She felt like an intruder listening to their conversation ... but  Abhi's panic  gave her an opportunity to hear Riddhima ...after ages and perhaps not in a good time but it still felt a relief ... the unfortunate contrast in her tone made her think of the chirpy Riddhima she knew ...the one who hated  being or saying sorry which reminded  her of the time when...

She had been remained silent throughout the drive back home, didn't seem interested in any information I gave of the city,lost in thoughts definitely not  pleasant ,I suspected considering the confused look on her face ... perhaps she missed being home...I left her to tackle the new feeling on her own, knowing she 'll have to deal with a lot more soon..the loner Riddhima had involuntarily turned into ,could cause her trouble living in a city as huge and busy as Mumbai ...I feared her vulnerable attitude and  wished  she would adapt herself to confront the real world...

Tired from the long eventful evening I decided to hit bed early and catch up with her the next day but Riddhima thought otherwise...

within a few minutes of shutting my eyes ,I heard a mumble...a grumpy one...

"why would I say sorry? not once but  on demand? ..I never did no wrong as it is , how was it my fault if the truck decided to catch speed unexpectedly? and even if I were injured, I could fix myself  ...I'm a doctor  ! sorry ...hmph!"

"Ridzie,who are u talking to? " was it me or she was actually talking?

"Huh one di, I was just..." watching her slide the phtograph under the pillow, my doubts were confirmed

"missing mum Ridzie? " but why was she sorry to miss her I was sure I heard her saying sorry

" Yeh di, I am and lots, wish she could be here with me"  

" I'm sure she's missing u too Ridz, call her tomorrow morning " hoping she gets he idea to quit her ramble,I turned around to face my back to her

" Yeh  di,I will...lets get some rest now" she seemed to get the gist finally....

Not long before she started a milder mumble again

"Ridz are u sure it was just that, u seem disturbed "

"Ummm ,di am I ungrateful? u think I need to thank someone like a million times for saving my life?"

"Huh?" I knew what could have possibly made her think of that...Armaan,for the charmer he was according to Nikki...seemed to have worked his spell on her already...

"Nevermind di, u go to sleep we' ll talk later...goodnight!" thats how naive she was ...easy to offend ,but easier to please...

"Goodnight Ridzie..." 


The next morning saw a new Riddhima ,fresh and less less confused 

She looked forward to her visit to the hospital and also the accommodation they had arranged for her...
Chanting the mantras she'd heard her mum sing every morning , she made a bright  start to the day leaving behind all the confusion from last least she thought she rid herself of it ...

The ambience of the house had changed in a day ,her presence made us reminisce those good old days of Delhi..

" Riddhima why, dont u live with us  here beta ? Ritu shall be leaving in a few weeks time after her visa is processed and I 'll be all alone..."
" I would love to uncle, but..."
"but what Ridzie? dad's right, dunno why I never thought of this before..."
"but di, the hospital ? "
"the hospital isn't far from here Ridzie and I'll speak to aunty regarding this,i'm sure she'll approve of the idea straight away"
"by the way have u spoken to her since u've arrived in Mumbai?"
"I did call her from the station yesterday..."
"ok now get ready and I'll drop u at the hotel and then get to my broken car..."
  watching her puzzled reaction I  knew she would have an excuse ready
" Ridzie dont u remember u promised to spend the day with the Londoners touring Mumbai ?"
"umm yes I do but I was planning to visit the hospital today..."

"u still have a week before u start work offcially,so the visit can wait ..."

"but di"

" Riddhima,I aint taking no ifs and buts anymore Ridzie , my mechanic will be there in an hour and I have to get to the car before he does,so stop whinging and get ready quick ... " she knew what I meant when I said her name in full...

Seeing Armaan would bring back the 'sorry' issue she tried to forget and forgive but with me forcing her into it, she had no choice but to accept it with a smile...

We hailed a cab and she was reluctant to get into it ,may be coz it reminded her of him , of the sorry she owed him

did she really?..."

 Smiling in ignorance Ritu had momentarily forgotten the depressing change in things had flipped the bitter way round...coz now  'sorry'  is all Riddhima said and felt for herself ...

With the present grief stealing the smile away from her, she frowned and wondered  what could have possibly happened the night before?  'Riddhima sounded teary , hope she didn't try to harm herself again'...wished Ritu...Abhi's concern for Riddhima was genuine but his underlying concern for Nikki couldn't be missed no matter how strongly he denied...

Chalking out a plan on Abhi's  request ,she debated whether she should pay a visit to see Armaan afterall, ;would it really make a difference ?' she weighed the odds  ...' and most importantly would Chirag approve of the idea?  maybe not... perhaps  coz it is in the best interest of both Armaan and Nikki 'Speculating over the planned approach, she closed her eyes to reopen them the next moment to see a reflection on the blank black screen of the television ...

"how are they doing? " she asked with earnest concern

"who?"  panicked Ritu

"Abhi and Riddhima?"  it was too late to pretend misheard

"wish I knew Nikki, infact I was just talking to dad about her ,he said he hasn't heard from her in ages ,hope she's doing fine ,well dad called to check on  Aaron after the viral infection he had last week,u know how grandparents are ,they get worried sick over minor ailments and  a cold is so common in this weather .."  hoping that would be enough to make a quick escape she observed Nikki's  face to see the effect ... her solemn look caused her to worry... continuing her banter, she left Nikki no chance to return to the forbidden  topic...

"have u had breakfast? Aaron should be up any minute ...Chirag's been on a call for the past 3 hours, I couldn't get any sleep so I thought of watching some breakfast tv and now  I know how much morning tele sucks....well I'm making some tea for myself ,u want some?


"coffee? " offered Mike

"sure ..." she instantly agreed for her selfish reasons...

Sipping onto the coffee, he talked of Atul 's visit without revealing any confidential details.....she knew he was bound by rules but also knew how to bend them...

while she worked her plan ,he  constantly gazed at her till she objected

"Mike???" she yelled .....

caught off guard ,he quickly uttered a faint sorry

" whats so interesting in my face that u've been staring at it for a whole few minutes?" she spelled out her complain embarrassing him further...

"well I wudnt say interesting but there's something I 'm trying to draw from it"
"huh? you're one weird nurse ... hmmm tell me when will I be able to see Ammy ?...once he's on the ward?" she got to her real motive eventually

"I'll see what I can do Miss Grewal ..." he shrugged
" but isnt it  your day off  ?"
"well yeh it is and I'm pleasantly surprised to know u keep a track of my shifts..."  pausing to see the change in the colour of her cheeks he continued

" but I can always make special provisions for special people ermmm ,well I can work extra hours, overtime helps anyday...and also coz I care for Mr.Malik and ..."
"and for the someone who cares for him..."

her peculiar ways made him think more of the resemblance she bore with Rahul.... her blunt attitude,his naive behavior, their expressive blue eyes..


his eyes spoke all that she wished to hear ..setting the alarm to a new time, Muskaan snuggled up in bed and hugged the pillow tight ...Rahul's intended glances between the story made her blush , his  funny narration made her laugh ... she could reach out to the real person Rahul was, masking his soft sensitive side with the strong self he pretended to be ... She felt  drawn to him and the regret in his eyes when she bid goodbye ,confirmed his feelings... there sure was something more than just friendship she felt for him , may be love  she couldn't tell  ,but possibly so'and that made her thoughts shift to Armaan and Riddhima ... she could somehow relate to them in some way' smiling wide she replayed the story as a lullaby  '

None of three could sleep that night, courtesy Rahul's incorrect hotel booking which the management promised to correct when they returned  that night ,but sadly the receptionist who they'd complained to had to leave in an emergency leaving them to choice but to share a double room between the three ' it didnt seem much of a problem  coz Armaan stayed up till late  ...but since Rahul suffered a slight bout of fever he kept tossing and turning which Atul awake '


*beep beep*

searching for the phone with his eyes closed,  Armaan wished it wasn't Nikki

"Hi Armaan! " the voice sounded familiar

"who is it ???" he yelled between a yawn

" Armaan ,its me Ritu? ..."

" Ritu?   oh sh** , bhabhi hi, goodmorning !" scared  out of his wits,he sat up in bed pushing Atul off himself 

" Armaan are u ok ?  u sound tired ... were you still sleeping?" she queried

" yeh ! I mean no... but yes ... well yes I was sleeping before but now I'm awake,wide awake ...and totally ready to tour Mumbai.."  making his enthusiasm sound clear,he shook Rahul to wake him up

" r u sure Armaan, u do sound like u've just woken up..."

oh dam! " well  bhabi the thing is that  I always sound  sleepy on the phone ...anytime of the day ... I mean even if u call me in the evening , I'd sound the same" how silly Armaan,he cursed himself

"ok fine ,I believe u... and like u guys had asked me to I'm going to drop Riddhima at the hotel , what time are u  planning to leave?" yes!!! he jumped with excitement to hear that

"we're ready bhabi, we'll leave as soon as Riddhima gets the way ,how far are u now?"

"we'll be there in 10 minutes Armaan "

"10 mins ? " he cried for help  " great ! yeh 10 mins is awesome....we'll see Riddhima at the reception then? " 

"Ok , but plz don't make her wait...and call me if u need any help with anything... and have fun !"

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Part Eleven b:

Ending the call,she turned to face a grumpy Riddhima

"di,I'm sure they aren't ready...and why do I have to tour the city with them when I can  in my own time? ... I'm here to stay di, and I'll have plenty other occasions in the near future..."

"I know Ridzie,but why not now when  u 've got time off from work ? once u get busy it wouldn't be as easy as u think  and who would give u company?  I'm gonna leave soon remember?"  more than just visiting places,Ritu thought of it as an opportunity for Riddhima to explore the city ,meet new people and adapt the busy lifestyle...she hoped to see her settled well before she left her on her own to deal with the new world she was unknown to...

"di,but I don't even know them and that  Armaan !..."  her strong dislike for him was quite apparent with the way she took his name ..."  I can't bear to have him around di , he 's just so annoying !!!...."

"Oh come on Ridzie, he isn't as bad as u think ... just a little self-centred

"a little?

"alright then ,may be a little more than a little ,now can u forget all that happened last night and start anew?..."

unhappy with her futile protests Riddhima  planned her attitude for the day ...'I wont let  him have him way today ...he'll know not to mess with me again ...'

"Ridzie, just a little advice or call it a request "

" di? "

" try and stay with the group at all times,I know the place is new for the lot of u but I'd say it would  help to stay together "

the thought itself gave her the creeps

and here 's my cell no. and the  other ones Armaan's keep it safe and enjoy the day ...."

"So she did get to spend the day with him!" quipped Anjali

" Hmmm yeh, just him ...!" 

" Just him ?"  Atul ??? " he couldn't keep his eyes open anymore...

"Anjali, can we get some rest now? I'm tired and so are you..I dont want your dad to think ill of me...he'd worry to see the bags under your eyes ,he might think I dont care for u and  ..."

" Atul ? how did dad come into the picture ?"oops! how would she know

"well Anjie, I sort of  forgot to tell u that your dad's coming home for dinner tonight...


Getting off the cab ,she waved Ritu goodbye and wished she could do a runner to avoid the wreck of a day she expected...

"Rahul !!!! Atul ???  " screamed Armaan, jumping out of bed

" Ammy, dude we're on holiday ,did u kinda forget? " stuffing his face  in the pillow Atul tried to relink with his interrupted dream ...

" well arent u guys kinda forgetting that u invited madam Riddhima to spend the day with us? "

"  yeah .. we did ...and ? " asked Atul casually

" and she 's gonna be here any moment !..."

"tell her we'll pick her up on the way  , like a little later? "

"champ its too late for that ... Ritu bhabi just called to say, they're on their way now and will be here any moment ...
guys,wake up !!! NOW!!!"


Grunting to see the clock tick away , Riddhima picked another boring magazine to kill time...


"wonder how long he's gonna be" checking the time with every passing second Armaan impatiently  paced back and forth for his turn to shower...
His behaviour was ununsual... being the laziest out of the three,he could never keep up with time and always was late and it never bothered him ...but today was different Armaan panicking about time keeping?...

"tell me something Ammy ...what kept u up last night?  ... was it her?

" champ! we dont have time for this and why would I think of Riddhima ?

" Ammy I meant Nikki  ... and now that u've mentioned Riddhima...let me tell you I 've noticed your attraction towards her ...but..

"but what champ? "

"she's a nice girl Ammy...dont....."

"Guys ,I don't feel  well, I need a doctor..."

Grinning wide,Rahul recollected the funny but painful tummy bug episode that bought Armaan and Riddhima close...


part b posted

please do leave your comments

will post the next part soon




Part Twelve:

"I would advice plenty of  fluids and rest ..."

scribbling down a rehydration prescription she gently nodded her head in reassurance to ease  their  wrinkled brows ...

Armaan had forgotten all about his excitement and was devastated when Rahul almost collapsed outside the bathroom ...he helped Rahul to the bed and asked Atul to fetch Riddhima from the reception right away ... She was initially apprehensive to come up to the room,but when she thought of her obligation as a doctor , she  reserved all  doubts and  rushed to visit her ailing patient ... As expected Rahul had taken ill after the excessive food intake ,probably grabbed some junk off the  street vendors earlier in the day and now he'd have to repent a little too early on his much anticipated trip .....

She decided to stay with them for a few extra minutes while they waited for the hotel attendant to return with the medicines from the chemist ...

Involuntarily she observed the room out of boredom, it was quite stuffy and the air felt weird ... 'the boys shared a room and a bed ?' she didnt quite know what to make of that ... there was all sorts of rubbish thrown across the room,socks flung over the dressing ,shoes on the table and much more .....As she walked around to the balcony , she  found an ashtray full of cigarette stubs  and characteristically assumed Armaan to be the smoker amongst them, the other two didnt seem the type ...

Dismissing the thought she held on to the railing at the end of the terrace and enjoyed the mild breeze that gently played with her silky hair ... although polluted ,the air felt pure and refreshing ... A hearty smile creased her face when she thought of the failed plan of the day ... she did feel sorry for Rahul but also was grateful to him for falling sick at the right time  ... Drawing in another quick whiff of air ,she turned around with excitement to collide into a wide frame barring her view ...

"Ouch" she cried  and felt she'd hit a cushioned  iron wall

"I'm sorry, I dint mean to... !"  repelling her attractive face off his chest he firmly held  it  in his palms to observe the damage... her nose had turned  a bright red and eyes were watery ...

Through the hazy view she saw his genuine concern as he scrutinized the injury from various angles ..he looked absolutely petrified when a tiny tear drop trickled down her cheeks ... softly running his thumb on her smooth skin,he flicked the tear away and pouted in dismay ...

She wasn't able to recognize the emotions that flooded her heart and mind ,the feeling was new and engaging ..... steadily she looked up with fluttering eyelashes and a pouncing heartbeat to meet his eye and he on an impulse withdrew his hands off her face and uttered a second sorry ...

Lightly sniffing , she rubbed her nose and whispered "its ok  ..."  she then gave him an intriguing look and mumbled " I better get going !"  and leaving him agape she rushed to the door...

" hang on Riddhima..." he yelled and  ran after her... 

"  Armaan its fine! it wasn't  your fault  and...  " collecting her bag from the chair next to Atul she said "I know u guys wont be able to go on the tour anymore , I see no point in me staying here any longer..."

Armaan was baffled with her explanation , Atul joined them and apologized  " we'll have to stay with Rahul ,he 's new to everything here and not really in a state to be on his own ..."  she breathed a sigh of relief  ...

chalking out a plan in his head Atul suggested "Armaan why dont u go with Riddhima? "Armaan was  too confused to answer

"what? no its really ok , we can go some other day" she replied to stop him give it a thought

" I insist Ridima..." said Rahul raising wearily from the bed

"yeh Ridz, I 've been here before and seen everything not very long ago ,so why dont u two go ahead and meet us for lunch?" added Atul

"I dont think lunch would be good for Rahul... " she muttered under her breath

"umm  and besides I had planned to visit  the hospital today..."

"aww  so the day went to waste?" asked  Anjali felt sorry for Armaan

Atul grinned thinking of Armaan's super quick shower that day and his haphazard expressions when she had agreed to take him along moment he was argumentative and the next   submissive,he was going though a major revamp of emotions...

"Dad should be here soon..." she said glancing at the kitchen clock

" honey do u want to talk to him about Armaan? "


A long mutual silence played between them ,there was lots to hear but none to say

The traffic gave them an opportunity to suss out the rapid change they were going through ... Armaan watched her from the corner of his eye staring at the strangers passing by , she looked slightly miffed over something,or it could well be the sore nose he thought ...

"Is the pain any better ?" he asked in a hopeful tone

giving him an honest look she said "Yes ,thanks!" and looked away abruptly making him wonder again ' what was so intriguing about her ? yes she was very beautiful but that wasn't enough for  Armaan to feel the way he did ,there was some strange force that pulled him towards her, perhaps  her rawness and the neither-impressed-nor interested   attitude did the  trick...


Another spell of lull took over the journey until

"I'm sure u 'd blame the lack of hygiene in India" she said surprisingly initiating a conversation this time

"huh? No! .. definitely not Miss ...I mean Dr.Gupta...what makes u think that ? " she was a lot more than strange he thought and delved his head to find a word between strange and insane...

"well its not the poor sanitation here,its the feeble  British  immune system that can't resist playing up... why do u guys even come to India? "  glaring at him she spilled the reason to her irk...

'weird ,odd ,unusual ,abnormal, freaky? 'he was spoilt for choice to term her character.... "hey hang on lady, that is such illogical accusation and I love India... never mind the hygeine, I just love the people here..." he retorted ...

That wasn't the turn she 'd expected the debate to take and  felt short of reasons to support herself, and that happened rare...


They shortly arrived at the hospital  and Riddhima approached the driver to pay for the ride... Armaan intentionally  pushed her aside and stepped forward to pay instead  but when she blabbered a whole long explanation of why she 's entitled to pay he waved his hands in consent and grabbed the money from her  to hand it to the cabby ... she was quite surpised with his attitude, perhaps she preferred the combative Armaan to the simple easy going one...he smirked sensing her muse and sweared to treat her soon ...

"Do u mind  waiting here while I get my work done?"

"Sure" he said and made himself comfortable on the couch at the reception

'another strange change!' why is he not revolting back as usual ? why wouldnt he insist to accompany  ? do u want him to ? arrghh !'  shrugging away the presumed trivial thoughts ,she asked directions to the dean's cabin while he popped out to grab a snack from the mini mart to compensate for a missed breakfast...


Committing to report back in a week's time she asked to take his leave ...the dean was impressed with her past achievements in Delhi and and hoped she could do the same in her new job,he wished her the best in the new place and ushered her out the exit ...she had informed him of the change in plans with the accommodation and assured to not let that hinder her  time keeping ,he appreciated  her professional attitude  ...and on that note he proposed a tour of the hospital and she accepted excitedly...Calling upon Dr.Keerti  ,he excused himself and left he two to get acquainted..


Resting his head on the armrest of the large couch, he merrily munched on a chocolate bar ... the corridors were mostly vacant  with  staff occasionally passing through...

A light a tap on the shoulder caught his attention but he ignored thinking it was nothing and then came a  tap again a little harder this time... lifting his head off the couch he noticed a little boy around 5 years old staring at him

" yes? " he asked cocking his eyebrows

without saying much the boy pointed to the half eaten chocolate he held ...

"ummm" he was sure that patients weren't allowed any snacks ,but didnt want to disappoint the child either ... so he lifted the boy and said " I have a better idea,why dont we get some fruits for u and u can make them taste like chocolate?"

the little boy glared at him and fret over his worthless try coz this man looked  in no mood or intention to part with his chocolate bar...


Walking through the corridors Dr.Keerti casually talked of the way things worked in the hospital ,the system she thought wasn't much different from Delhi but had its own peculiarities...  As they neared the paediatric ward ,they heard loud giggles and cheers  ...

Dr.Keerti swiflty moved into the direction from where the laughs could be heard and Riddhima followed her obediently...

"and this ones for the sweet little Priya, yayyy!  "he hurrahed sticking in a slice of apple in the little girl's mouth

" Excuse me? " asked Dr.Keerti demanding an explanation...the room reached complete silence and the kids got into their beds immediately

"Armaan??? what are u doing here?"

"Dr.Riddhima u know him?"

"yes... Dr.Keerti, he's Armaan..."

"Armaan who?"

"Armaan Malik?"

"thanks for the complete name Dr.Riddhima but  I meant how u know him?  how is he related to u?

"ermm ....he's a friend....."

A simple yet rewarding smile played on Armaan's lips as he gradually opened his eyes to find himself  back in his room...Minnie was right by his side with Mike next to her waiting for him to come around...

"feeling better  Mr.Malik?" asked Mike cheerfully ...He did look better and composed and he faintly nodded his head  to confirm...

"  great ! let me get u some supper then... "  turning the light to brighter end Mike gestured Minnie to have quick a word... he instructed her not to ask him anything out of the norm but obedience wasn't her virtue...

Clicking the door close he left her with him

"what made u smile Ammy?"


hey guys
part 12 finally here
again not very long but there's a reason to that ,as always i have  most of the next part done ,will post that very soon
hope u like this one,plz do let me know ,it helps a great deal
thanks Suvi,Praz,Haru ,Suv and of course nij for that sweet verse
love u guys


p.s: extra love for my sore left eye,the gud shahrukh of duplicate aka KSG ...
confused? - all inquiries r dealt at the nutty ziz counter ,plz report asap!
315 nutterz  alwayz.....

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will you guys please stop reserving and comment? Armaan has just gone into a nut house and you two are just being reserved with your opinions??? Confused
can someone please explain why Armaan is mad... and what's with Muski be sad about it... apparently doesn't know him... can humanity seriously make someone feel this bad? Confused
nice start hina, i just want to know what Ridz (pls make her the lead here and not the new meethi lady) did to drive him insane
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lolzzz lubi u nutter....but for once i been  telling hinu um tempted to drug her on truth pills so she spills the story on the gtalk....but oh well...she writes well, id rather read it hehe!!!
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lol nj, as long she updates the next part erm in say the next 10 minutes i wont try to drug her hehe and let her carry on the story... so hina... whats it to be? update now or bare the torture i'll cause you if you don't?
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