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Mini AR - Trace your dreams (completed)

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Posted: 11 November 2008 at 1:57am | IP Logged
Hey guys, I am harikaSmile...i m back with a small first one was "loves me loves me not"....i thought of staying away from writing for few days but i got this idea n couldnt stop myself from writing...besides, its a short one, wont be more than 4-5 parts, doesnt consume much of my time... i've decided to call this first piece as an intro bcoz i realised its not long enough to be called a partLOL it starts on a strange noteTonguebut please read on!!


I am in water...but where?...i donno....hmm...well, the water is blue and i dont see any shore nor any people...could this be a sea? or an ocean? may be..but, hang on...why am i floating..i mean i m not swimming, i am floating..i dont even know how to swim...watever, it feels good to float like this..feels so light...oh no, now i m drowning...why? did i put on weight in the last 2 minutes or wat??how can i float n drown like this...n its so bad, i m still drowning...where the hell am i? how long will i drown like this? i should hit the bottom right? and how can i breathe like this without any problem? am i dreaming? may be...this seems weird enough to be called a dream..and guess wat i m still drowning...O fish!! i dint swear, i really saw a fish now, clown fish i think, could it be nemo? "excuse me, r u nemo?" hmmfff he disappeared...he or she? no i am back on the surface and i m not alone this time, there is someone beside me...its a girl...and she is wearing a school school uniform...and she is...muskaan....right, its her...hey...she is smiling at me..i looked down at myself...oh, even i m in school uniform...aint i 24 yrs old? y am i wearing this...the chances of this being a dream are more now...n y is she crying suddenly? the water is turning red...oh no, stop crying muskaan..the whole thing is red or blood?

I opened my up n sat on my bed...Oh great!! it was only a dream...i thought so...weird dream!! makes no sense, drowning and floating endlessly...well, its a dream na, not a well planned nicely executed script!!... but muskaan? she was in my class in high school...not a very close friend or best friend but we were friends..u know, smile at each other, borrow books, help in exams kind of friends...

i was not in touch with her after school...last time i saw her a shopping mall when we went to shop for ritu's wedding...ritu is my cousin n she got married long 3+1+2=6 years ago...

so strange, i saw muskaan in my dream after such a long time...

i am missing her suddenly, i am getting this sudden urge to see her...i have a soft corner for her...

in school, we were in different gangs, like those rival groups n all crap, sounds so silly now..i was more a neutral kind but sometimes towards anjali's gang bcoz all my friends were with her...n muskaan was in the other one, wat was their leader's name? good, i dont even remember her name now...will tell u once i recollect...

why am i thinking all this in the morning like a lazy bum...still sitting in the bed...bcoz its sundayl!! i can laze around for some more time...hmm...

but wat to do with my dream...i have this crazy habit of meeting people whom i see in my dream..whoever it is, granny or friend or groceries shop owner or coffee day waiter or a far relative or my tailor...even if i dont know them personally...if i see them in my dream, i go n see them the next day or whenever i m free...atleast speak over the phone...i wont be at peace till then...weird, i know...very few things i do are not weird actually...pat my back for being honest...

now, back to the topic, i need to meet muskaan today, moreover she was crying, may be she needs me, she could be in trouble and i can help her..n its sunday need to go to work...wonderful!! so, its decided..i will meet her....

but oh wait, where is she now? her house was two streets away from my school, the big yellow color building...n there was this cute guy who stays next to her house, her neighbour, was our senior actually..i had a crush on him back then...may be i'll see him also would that feel? pchch!! y dont u stop me from drifting away yaar?, thats the only information i have about muskaan, her house...well, thats enough right? will track her down from!!

so, today is dedicated to "Mission: Meet Muskaan"...

oh, by the way my name is riddhima and i work in a news channel...i gotta go now...have to get ready n go to meet muskaan!!

Note: First paragraph is Riddhima's dream and it is the one of those blurred dreams in which you are half awake, you can sense that its a dream and your mind is stil activeErmm...she is dreaming and narrating at the same time, hope i made some senseLOL....dreams is a complicated psychiatric topic, phew!!

The dream part is weird but i think dreams are like that naturally, atleast mine areLOL...i get such weird dreams, ppl either shut their ears or my mouth when i say 'i saw a dream yesterday'LOL thats the intensity of weirdness in my dreams...if anyone wants to know more, pm me...u'll go crazy reading them...100% guarentee...with money back policyLOLLOLLOL


I freshened up and went into kitchen..."mom, coffee!!" shot a glare which i decoded as 'do it yourself'...okayyy, i'll try to make it...i said "try" bcoz cooking is one aspect of life i am weak at...infact very weak...not even tea/coffee...very bad, i logic - i will learn when i really need to cook

i took out the bowl and poured water into it...kept it on stove and started searching for a way to turn it silently took the bowl n emptied almost 2/3rds of it and placed it back on the stove...i bit my tongue..with the realisation of my utter wrong estimate of water needed for just one cup of mom and her futile attempts to teach me cooking, by hook or crook...why doesnt she give up?...she will, eventually...want to know how? watch this!!

"where is the lighter?"..she passed it to me..."how much milk?" i asked..."1/2 cup"..."where's coffee powder?"...she pointed to the second shelf...i took a long route around her and took it..."how many spoons?"..."one"..."big or small?"..."GET OUT!! i'll bring the coffee!!"...BINGO!!! it worked!! i just knew it!!...who wouldnt get irritated if the same set of questions are asked narrowed her eyes and smiled looking at my triumphant face...job done!!

i went out n sat on the couch beside my dad who was watching news....NEWS!!....the whole week i read, write, eat, drink and breathe news...not on weekend too!!...i frowned.."dad, change the channel na" gave a naughty smile...i know wat it means...he is in a mood to irritate me...time for role-reversal...i m in the role my mom was playing a minute ago...grrrr...

"dad please!!"...nope, appeal didnt work...a threat will..."i m going" i said getting up..."ok ok, watch watever u want" dad gave the remote control...i won!!...i flipped to a music channel...

sipping my coffee i told them "i m going to meet muskaan"..."muskaan?? who's she?" dad asked..."my school friend" nodded..."i dont remember her, how does she look?" mom asked..."she used to be slim, fair with curly brown hair, donno how she looks now...lost touch since many years"...."you must have seen her in dream, right?" mom said looking at me confidently...she knows me so well...i gave a sheepish smile..."will u be back by lunch time?"..."most probably..will call u if its otherwise"...

i switched on the computer and checked my mails and messengers...offline message from atul..."will call tonight, inform mom dad"...okayy, then i can tell anji about muskaan also...'anji' stands for 'anjali'....yeah, the same anjali who is my school friend...well, she was a friend but she is my bhabhi now...she and my brother atul got married 6 months ago...they both can be used as a very good example to explain the idiom "chalk and cheese"...totally different...anji is the loud boastful type and atul is the calm reserved type...after our school, anji joined college as his junior and being the hot-headed girl she is, used to jump into fights with everyone possible in the campus...becoz she is my friend, atul used to bail her out everytime with the help of his friends...amidst all those fights and settlements, the trouble-maker and the peace-maker fell in love...a typical case of opposites attract...they r working in UK now...

i passed on atul's message about the call to mom...

i took a shower and came out to make what i call the toughest decision of the day...not just today, everyday...and that is "what to wear?"... well, i look good in everything... i wont go into a detailed description about my figure and features but many people say i am pretty...which even i think i am...anyways, i m just going to meet muskaan, what big deal, anything will do...with this deciding factor, i took jeans and a blue kurta and wore them...

I wrapped my hair in the scarf, wore my helmet and drove off on my honda activa towards my school...i swam through the traffic and reached there after approximately 20mins...

its nice to be here after so many days...many things changed...the bakery, those small shops which sell different candies, the book stall, ice cream parlour, the cafe ...some are renovated...some look the same...

looking at cycle repairing shop infront of the school, i am remembering an day, anji n nikita...oh right, her name is nikita...who her? the girl i told u about today morning yaar...anji's rival and muskaan's friend...yeah, she is nikita...once she and anji had a fight fight i mean real fight... in 8th standard i think...nikita's cycle was punctured and anjali had to get the handle straightened...they were fighting on whose cycle should be repaired first...the repairer left them to decide...wat started as an arguement turned into fight and we had to actually pull them away from each other to stop their hitting session...and in the end, anji kicked nikita's cycle hard making it fall and pedalled away on her cycle whose handle was still crooked and was inclining to the left..gosh!! anji was such a rowdy!!

i still remember nikita's fuming big eyes when she looked at anji and then at us who were in splits by then...i wonder how would they both react if they met now...i guess they would be happy to see each other...may be even laugh at themselves for those foolish fights...howmuch ever we hate people in those days, we end up loving all of them after the school is over...i smiled, feeling nostalgic...

i wonder what nikita must be doing now...will ask muskaan...Oh muskaan, i am here to meet her right...pchch!! i drifted away again, you guys better get used to it now,...i m not sorry this time, hehe...feels good to remember those happy-go-lucky days, carefree and cheerful...

now, back to Mission: Meet Muskaan, M3 for short...i need to search for her house...from here, straight and 2nd left, thats wat i remember...lets see...i entered the street and driving slowly i stopped at a house...i think this is the one...i parked my bike outside the gate and went in...

the door is old man is sitting in the chair reading newspaper...i knocked the door to get his attention...he came towards me..i never met her, i asked hesitantly "is this muskaan's house?"...his face suddenly turned straight...a woman came from inside..he told her "she came for muskaan" she also turned serious..and probably sad also...huh?!! whats going on here? is this her house or not in the first place?...they r not saying anything, so i spoke "i am riddhima, me n muskaan were friends in school, i wanted to meet her"...the lady gave a painful smile and said "please come in"...okayy, so i am in the right house...

i went in n sat on the sofa...after drinking some water, i asked "where is muskaan?"...with tears in her eyes, she said "she is not here anymore"...wat does that mean now? and why is this lady so sad? something happened to muskaan or what? my dream is flashing in my eyes...she was crying and then the red colored water...was that an indication of a bad news? was she sick or met with accident or is she just not here?...i am an impatient soul...plz someone speak up...this silence is torturous...i carefully framed a positive sentence out of all the negative thoughts bombarding in my head and asked "u mean she doesnt stay here now?"..."she left us and this house and went away for a guy" the man said angrily...UHH!! thats it na...O God! these people scared me..."oh ok" i smiled in, muskaan is alive...good...i should get over this stupid habit of jumping into conclusions...but y r they looking at me angrily...oh shit!! now i realise, they were telling something serious, they were sad and i was smiling, infact i am still smiling...i quickly chopped the smile off my face...wat to do now? shall i ask them her phone number? no, i better leave now...will try to get her details from my classmates...i quickly got up and said "ok...thank you"...i came out of the house...

shit!! they must be so annoyed...she went against their wish, they must be so hurt and i rekindled their emotions...this parents-children conflict about love na...bollywood's most exploited theme...hmmm...but wat can we say to lovers...muskaan was a nice girl, she probably couldnt imagine her life without that guy...thats y she might have left...

as i approached the gate, i saw someone walking in...did i see her somewhere? she is also looking at me with the same confusion...we both slowed down..."u are?" she said slowly..."i m ridhima, muskaan's friend"..."oh right! u remember me? i m sapna, her sister"..."oh yes, how r u?"...she was our senior in school..."i m fine"...after a few seconds of silence she spoke "did anyone tell u abt her? she went away one month ago"..i nodded...i think i can ask her, siblings are a better choice than parents "do u have her phone number?"... "ya, but i think she's not using it anymore" i dialled the number as she told..."switched off" i shrugged...."she called me a week ago n asked me to come n meet her in shanti apartments, u know the new one near tv tower...she said she and her husband are staying there...she told flat 403 but it was locked when i went dad was angry that i went to meet her, so i dint check again"...."oh ok, its been a long time, i just wanted to meet her" i said disappointedly..."if u contact her, can you tell her to call me?"..."ya sure" she said...i gave her my number and bid bye...

hmmmm....M3 unaccomplished...i generally dont leave any task half way...but there are bound to be exceptions na...this is one such case, i tried atleast...i sighed and started driving back to my home...

on my way...waiting for the traffic signal to turn green, an idea hit me...she said shanti apartments right? its near this place i m in right now...may be i can just check at the address she told...yes yes, i can do that!!...brilliant idea!! i m so intelligent!! with new roll of enthusiasm, i drove towards tv tower...

shanti apartments: i parked the bike in the basement...pressed 4 in the lift...u must be thinking i am crazy!! trying to track down muskaan with all the clues i have, just because i saw her in some weird dream...but i genuinely want to meet muskaan, she will be definitely surprised to see!! this is so exciting!!...i am feeling like a detective.. with james bond music playing in my head, i came out n walked towards flat 403...

door name plate...i hit the door sound...its either not installed or not working...i knocked the anyone in or not?!! hmmm, may be i should ask neighbours...i turned to leave, its then i saw a window...not open but not closed too..u know the ones which r drawn close but not clasped from inside...on an impulse, i opened it..."is anybody in?" i said in high volume...i waited for response...and peeped inside...

tucking my hair behind the left ear i noticed that someone is standing beside me...around 3feet away...i cringed...Oh no!! one more entry into the list of 'embarrassing moments of my life' my peripheral vision, i can see the person still standing there...shit!! wat day man!! i cant escape now, lets just face it!!

i braced myself and see...a guy...incredibly features...hands crossed against his chest...his grey eyes quickly scanned me from head to toe and came back to my eyes...staring into them...and i stared more crazy habit of mine, when someone stares at me, i stare at them...wat started in my teen years as a way to retaliate those uncomfortable gazes guys pass, soon became a habit...bcoz they wouldnt hold on my angry stare for a long time and would those 'who blinks first' kind of unspoken friends used to warn me that this staring sessions may lead to romantic feelings...i used to trash their warnings...'rubbish!!' was my think...for the first time in my life...i kinda agree with them...bcoz...this guy standing infront of arousing some strange feelings inside a winamp player in shuffle mode, james bond music stopped and some romantic music started playing in my knees are going weak..some weird sensation is filling my stomach...heart is beating fast....wats happening to me?!!... someone tell me wats going on here....its not that i've never seen a handsome guy...infact i saw filmstars, models, celebrities walking into my office and passing by my cubicle...for interviews or events at our channel...but this guy is wait, actually its the way he is looking at me...his gaze is intense, infact more intense than anyone's i've ever seen...phew!! i cant bear it anymore...i give up...i looked away...i lost!! i wonder if its just the blinking bet i lost or anything more precious...

i spoke up "uhmm...i...i was searching for my friend"...."in the window?" he chuckled...O my my, he is making fun of me!!...gosh!! his voice is so sexy...and those dimples...someone hold me!!

okay, time to get a grip and do something for my dare he mocks me!! if he caught a theif..."no one was answering the knock and the window was open...sooo"i said justifying myself...."ohh! it was open?...whom do u want to meet?" he asked crossing by me to other he her neigbour? i said "muskaan".... "ooo muskaan!! and you are?"...he knows her?!! who is he?!! "riddhima"..."riddhima?!! she never mentioned you"...who is he...i have to know...and know fast..."we were in same class in school" i said..."oh ok...she must be on the way...please come in"...he said taking out the key and moving towards the door... OH NO!! HE IS MUSKAAN'S HUSBAND!!! the romantic music in my head stopped abruptly with the sound of a breaking glass...i think the sound actually came from my heart...something inside it broke...


He unlocked the door...I followed him silently looking down...disappointment is not an apt word to describe my feeling right now...i feel so so...i donno, have to search thesaurus for the right word...i felt something so unusual for a guy for the first time in my life and he turned out to be my friend's husband...hey, wait wait...he never told me that he is...may be i m just assuming...why would he live in the same house if he wasnt? i need a confirmation and i need it badly...

i asked "who are you?" he suddenly turned around...and i almost bumped into him...he moved back.."sorry, did u say something?"he asked...i think i did say, didnt i?? or was i just speaking to myself? or was the pitch too low to be heard?...i never thought i could be so confused in my life abt such a small thing...i mean, look at me...i am not sure of wat I did a few seconds ago...this guy is definitely doing something to me...he is exceptional...i was mumbling all this in my head when i realised he is still staring at me, keenly...oh yeah, he is waiting for my answer...i composed myself and said a safe "no"...he pointed to a chair...i sat and looked around...the house is neatly set...

"would u like to have something? tea coffe coke?"..."no, thanks" i smiled...and he smiled back... aww, that smile!! wait, i need to pause drooling until i know who he is..."who are you?" i made sure i said it this time, loud and clear..."i am armaan"...armaan!! wow!! wat a name!! but armaan what? muskaan's friend, muskaan's husband, muskaan's what? 'i am armaan' it seems, as if he is the prime minister of India..."armaan-?.." i left it to hang in the air for him to complete... "armaan malik"...arghhh!! i dint mean your full name stupid!! i want to know wat is your relationship with muskaan!! i want to know why you are in this house!! i want to know wat you are doing to me from the past 5mins!! i want to know why i am so restless!!...i want to yell all this at him...he gave a naughty smile...why?? can he read my mind or wat?

"i will check with muskaan where she is now" he said taking his phone from his pocket and dialled..."hey muskaan, where r u?..ok...i am at home...someone came here looking for you" then he looked at me sharply and said "a beautiful girl"...that one sent a shiver down my spine..."with green eyes, black hair, lovely smile"!! is he flirting with me or his wife?...WIFE!!... that word made all his nice words suddenly sound nasty..."just tell her Ridhima Gupta from St.Josephs" i spat angrily...he chuckled and said "okay, she says Ridhima Gupta from St.Josephs"...then he handed over the phone..."hello muskaan?"..."ridz, is it you?"..."yes, its me"..."O My God!! i cant believe this!! how are you?" muskaan was yelling...i smiled and moved the phone away a bit to save my eardrum from tearing...this is what i wanted to do, surprise her..."i am fine, and u?"..."i m good yaar, how did u know the address?".."i went to ur home, didi told"..."oh ok...i'll be there in 10mins ok...wait for me hun"..."ya sure" i hung up with a was nice to hear her after long time...

i gave the phone back to slipped...both of us tried to grab it resulting in this - phone in my hand and my hand in his hand... he took away his hand very slowly, looking into my eyes...a low voltage current passed through my body erasing my anger and the same strange feelings i experienced when i first saw him are returning to me...he reminds me that i am a girl...i dont want to give up...i want to give this a chance...

"are you muskaan's husband?" i rattled off suddenly giving his phone back...i am worried that he is and i am hoping that he is not...he looked at me wrinkling his eyebrows and then gave a smile which i could not categorize..."you want to hear a yes or no?"....huh?!!! wat a stupid question?!! cant he answer straight?!!...but now I dont want to answer straight...i exclaimed "how does that matter?".."it may"..."did anyone tell u thar u r weird?" i frowned.. he said "yes" and winked..."fine!!" i shrugged ...he is such a complicated creature!! is he like this with everyone?!!..but i have to admit he looked hot when he no, i have to control my silly soul until i talk to muskaan...i wont ask armaan...he talks in riddles n i hate ppl who talk in riddles...but...i cant hate him...besides, i dont want to sound desperate... i sighed and looked away...

a photo frame caught my attention..i got up n walked to it...i can recognise muskaan in that...with two guys on either sides, one is armaan...who is the other guy?.."who is he?" i asked.. "rahul"...who rahul? now if i ask him, he will probably say rahul's surname...i rolled my eyes...i better save all the questions for muskaan..."u dont want to ask anything about him?" he asked curiously..."i'll ask muskaan" i said haughtily...he smiled mischievously...strangely, i m very comfortable with him as if i know him from years...really strange!!

we came back n sat on couch... "so, u n muskaan were friends in school".."yeah...dint meet her after school years"..."hmm...did u come to invite her to ur marriage?"...huh?!!! where did that come from?!!..."nooo"..."thats wat people generally do right, you'll remember everyone when it comes to marriage..even if u forgot their faces" be honest, he has a point.."yeah, but thats not my reason for being here"..."are you working somewhere or studying?"..."i work in NDTV"..."interesting!! as what?"...i smiled thankfully for not assuming that i am a reporter or an anchor...people do that very often..."i studied journalism but i am not on the field...i monitor the ticker...i mean the flash news that scroll at the bottom and some other tasks"..."and you?" i asked..."i work in citibank, as a manager"

"RIDDHIMAA!!! wat a surprise!!" muskaan shouted getting into the house...i went n hugged her... i m so happy to meet her, especially after that weird dream...she dint change much... infact looking better now...we were just looking at each other lovingly when someone's voice interrupted us...."school re-union?"..he is the guy who was in that pic...rahul..."hey, he is my husband rahul...rahul, this is riddhima" muskaan introduced...i smiled n said hi to him, they look cute together...i told u right, i have a soft corner for heart warmed up looking at them...

we turned back hearing armaan's crazy laughter...he came to us...muskaan n rahul looked at us confused..."who exactly is he?" i asked pointing to armaan..."our friend!! this is his house" she said..."actually we were in same college"...i gave armaan an angry i-knew-it look...suddenly his face softened and he gave a sweet smile..a sudden rush of happiness and relief rouse in my heart...

we sat n started talking...armaan n rahul went in...

"after many years na, how come suddenly?" she asked..."actually, i saw u in my dream yesterday was kinda scary, so i just felt like meeting you".."awww, u r such a sweetheart" i smiled "if i m reminded of someone bcoz of a dream..i meet them...has become a habit now"..."strange habit"... "i know" i giggled..."so, if u see hrithik roshan in ur dream, u go n meet him?", its not muskaan who said this, its armaan who was standing behind us..."oye, y r u listening to our girl talks?" muskaan demanded..."i found it, u meet every one of them?" he asked again...wat do i say now? i've never given a thought to this...if i had to meet all of them, i would have to spend my entire life arranging appointments with them...brad pitt, george bush, aamir khan, princess diana, albert einstein, john abraham..."celebrities are excluded" i shot habits, my wish..i'll set the rules and change them whenever i want...i smiled smugly

"guys, i m starving...lets go out for lunch" rahul said coming towards us..."ya ridz, lets go..we'll talk over lunch"..."ridz??!!!" armaan said with disbelief making my name sound utterly absurd..."ya, it was her nickname in school"..."why? everyone wanted to get rid of her??" he giggled..."no" i fumed..wats with this guy? doesnt leave a chance to make fun of me...rahul showed some genuine interest..."did muskaan have a name too?"..."yeah, muski"...."muski?!! as in trouble? just an 'L' missing" rahul laughed...uff, he is not better wonder they r friends..."chup kar!! nalayak!!" muskaan hit him..."thats wat you are right? mushkil TROUBLE!!" rahul said...."i agree" armaan certified..."why did u marry me then?" muskaan pouted angrily..."i was optimistic...HOPE, u see"...muskaan hit him again n then turned to armaan "and you, u agree with him is it?"..he spoke between his attempts to block her "facts...are... bitter...muskaan"...i was smiling all the while looking at three of them...they are cute!! and he...hmm...cutest!!!

i informed mom not to wait for me at lunch...armaan drove to the restaurant...stealing glances at me from the rear-view mirror...i know that bcoz i am doing the same...i can see only his eyes, the most hypnotic ones i've ever i falling for this guy? may be...

in the restaurant, we looked for a table for four...rahul and armaan sat opposite to muskaan and me...after placing our order i said "so guys, tell me your lovestory" looking at muskaan and rahul..."love story is very normal ridhima, we were friends in college..then we fell in love...but, i think u'll find our marriage story interesting" rahul said...armaan chuckled...that intrigued me more..."oh, is it? tell na"..."u want to listen muskaan's version or rahul's version?" armaan interfered..."both...if possible" i said...this sounds interesting...

"me first!!" rahul said, like he doesnt want to give a chance to muskaan...i think he is talkative...

"she called me one day suddenly when I was in a meeting, i was in US then...i think she called some twenty i had to answer...she asked me to come back soon...i was really tensed...she said her parents want her to marry off to some guy...i was like ok, this is an emergency, so i booked my tickets for the next flight available and came to India...i dint even inform my parents that i m coming, wanted to sort this out first...i landed in India...wats the first thing i hear from her in airport..'go back to US'..i was like huh!! i was knocked out of wits...she said the problem is solved, i can go back to my work...i dint know if i had to laugh or cry" muskaan laughed her trademark laughter...nonstop, like a train...well, thats how she was and is... always cheerful...people from adjacent tables turned to see her...these two guys seem unaffected...probably used to it...

"then?"..."i booked my return ticket and went to stay with armaan...the flight was after 2 days...i couldnt even tell my family that i m in india...they would be disappointed to have me for less than a day...anyway i was supposed to return after 2 weeks...and guess what she did on the day of my travel?"..."what?!!"...i m so curious!!..

"i was packing my bag when she called up and said 'lets get married, right now'..can u believe that?"...i laughed.."wat made u do that muski?"..."no no wait, i m not done yet" rahul said..."ok, so there was one more proposal...i said 'look, we can set all this properly, lets talk to ur parents'...she was like 'no, they wont listen'...i said ok...then she called after 10mins and said she cant leave her family n asked me to go back to US...then she called again and said she is coming...this went on for 2 hrs, she would call every 10-15mins n change her decision...and all the while, its she who calls n speaks, doesnt listen to us nor answer our you know why i call her trouble?"..i smiled n nodded...muskaan gave an angry look..."ok sweet trouble, happy?" rahul bargained...muskaan nodded happily...he continued "we were so lost, should we cancel my ticket or not...should we make arrangements for marriage or not...then when the last known decision of hers is to get married, we had set a time-out of 1hr...if she doesnt call within one hour, we'll go ahead n make arrangements" i was laughing all through his narration, once i chanced upon armaan's face and saw his eyes fixed on me...i looked into his eyes for a moment n looked at rahul again..."we were waiting for her call and she suddenly barged into armaan's house with a bag...and was inturn scolding us for not being ready...she's one born confused!!"...i wondered if muskaan was like this back in school i already told u, we werent close, i have no idea

muskaan started "shut up rahul!!...u donno how difficult it is for a girl to make such a decision... first my parents wanted me to marry some sangeet pal singh yaar....he was really funny ok...there was no way i could have said yes to him even if i dint love dad was keen abt this...and from my childhood, i never went against his wishes..i was an obedient, when this was being talked, i thought i cant handle it and called rahul...but, when i told my mom i dint like that guy, she told dad and he was ok with it...but rahul had already started by, in the airport i told him to go back...wat i dint know was my parents had a plan B ready with mom told abt another guy, he was quite good looking, nice job, nice family blah blah tension, i blurted out rahul's was angry, she said dad wouldnt like such things...i was equally angry that they not even giving me a chance, so i called n told rahul that we'll get married...but after i cooled down, i felt its wrong...then there was this discussion going on in the house...n i was getting more n more confused listening to it...when dad finally said he is going to call the guy's family n fix for a meeting...i couldnt take it anymore and came out...but... i m not happy now" muskaan voice changed at the end as she slowly dropped the spoon in her plate..."ridz, how r they? u went to my home na" she asked with tears in her eyes...

Ohh!! wat do i say now? i looked at rahul n armaan...they nodded assuringly...

"they..they r fine muskaan...just upset i guess"...muskaan's tears didnt stop...rahul came to her...i went n sat beside armaan to allow rahul sit beside muskaan...

"muskaan, its ok...calm down...shall we go n meet them?"..."no" muskaan said instantly..."may be u'll feel better" he said patting her head..."dad told me not to show my face again" muskaan choked on her words..rahul hugged her and consoled.."he was just angry muskaan"...

i felt idiotic..i turned towards armaan "may be i shouldnt have come to meet n my stupid dream...i disturbed her" i sighed... "dont worry, she'll be fine...and do u really think u shouldnt have met us today?"...i looked up at him...his gaze piercing through me as if searching for an answer...i went numb...i can feel only one thing...armaan's presence...


i donno how long i could have stared into those soulful eyes if muskaan's words hadnt brought my senses back..."sorry guys, i m being a spoilsport today" ..."ha?!! ya..err..i mean, no muskaan, i should be the one saying that..i asked u guys to tell wat happpened and brought all those things back...i m sorry"..."hey riddhima, we never forgot them for u to remind...its alright" rahul comforted...they took a hasty decision and are regretting now...

"we decided on an impulse, if we look back, we feel bad for hurting them...this could have been done in a much better way...but, damage is already done" rahul sighed... "ridz, plz tell me na, r they ok? did didi tell u anything?" muskaan asked..i think she forgot that i am not that close to her family...well, she is quite disturbed now...

i looked at her silently..."i promise i wont cry" she smiled..."i was there for 2mins or so far as i could see, ur dad was angry n ur mom was sad...i think rahul is right, u should go n meet them...its just my opinion ok"..."and didi?"..."i met her on the way yaar, she said she came to meet u, but the house was locked"..."really??!!" muskaan was excited..."she was also angry that day, i thought she wouldnt come to meet me, but she came!!" she said looking at all of us with wide eyes... now i realise that i am being a messenger today...hmm, unexpected benefits of M3..."thanks ridz, i wouldnt have known if u dint tell me...i missed her so much,will call her today...i wish i was at home when she came, she could have left a message with the neighbours na"..."or atleast peeped through the window n shouted ur name" armaan said looking at muskaan...i stopped chewing..."window?!!" rahul asked obviously confused.."arre yaar, our bell is not working na, people wouldnt know even if we are in" he said shooting a side glance at me... arghhhh!! i feel like pulling his hair out, how many times will he ridicule me for that..."anyone can get confused right?" he said n turned towards me with an innocent face...ya ya only i know how innocent u are... he raised his eyebrows questioningly....i want to beat him, kick him, scratch him, bite him and and....then he suddenly gave a sarcastic villianous smile...THATS IT!!...i pinched his leg under the table..."aahhhh!!" he cried out..."kya hua?" muskaan was worried.."nothing,nothing..i bit my tongue instead of food" he covered up...but looked at me with so much warmth in his anger evaporated into thin air...i smiled...i am amazed at the mix of these contrasting feelings this man is stirring in me so fast...

i looked away...and asked rahul "so, will you be staying in India or going back to US?"..."have to go back, just waiting for our marriage registration and visa formalities for muskaan..should be done in another 2-3 weeks"...oh thats y they r staying with armaan, finally got my answer.."oh ok, so u got married in a temple"..."yeah, even my parents were angry for few days, but now they r fine"..."her parents will also be fine, u first make an attempt to pacify them" armaan said..."u know na my dad is very strict i am afraid he will lash out" muskaan said with a worried face..."its their right muskaan... when u know u r at fault, get ready to face them" armaan said..."anyway u r leaving soon na, i dont think they will be angry after knowing that" i said..."hmmm" rahul n muskaan said thinking... the rest of the lunch went in general talks...muskaan was pleasantly surprised to hear abt anji n atul...i came to know few things about these three...armaan and rahul are very close friends and were muskaan's seniors...armaan played a big role in getting rahul n muskaan together...muskaan considers him her best friend...rahul's family is in punjab and armaan's in Delhi...after graduation, rahul went to US for masters and armaan did MBA here in IIM...that explains becoming a manager at such a young age... hmm, impressive!!

We finished our lunch...i was busy catching glimpses of armaan while driving back to his house...and also thinking about the quickly growing comfort between us... his presence has introduced me to some feelings i never experienced something bustling in my heart, some consciousness, some awareness of being a girl!! i've had a few crushes in school and college but this one is still different!! very different!!

we went back to his phone buzzed interrupting my thoughts...home said "ridhi, when r u coming?"...."why?" i asked with a tint of irritation, i dont want to go home, i want to be with them, especially him..."i knew u'll forget it, my appointment with doctor" mom said...oh ya, i had to take her to hospital for check-up..."when is it?"..."4.30".."ok, will reach in 1/2 hr"...pchch, have to leave now..."i need to go yaar".."stay till evening na" muskaan said...ahh!! i wish i could stay..."no yaar, have to take mom to hospital"..."why?!!" armaan asked immediately..i m surprised at the concern in his voice..."just routine check-up, nothing serious" i smiled... i am liking this guy...

i took muskaan's number, gave her mine promising that i will meet her again before they leave India...i bid bye to them taking a long look at armaan, when will i see him again?... going by the way he is reverting my look, i feel he is also thinking the same...shall i ask for his number? what will he think if do so? i mean, he is just my friend's friend...and i met him just today...wont that be too desperate to ask for his number without a reason?...i racked my brain for a plausible reason..wat can i say? come on, think think...ahh!! no idea is popping...wats wrong with my brain today?...i wish i was a very social person, i never tried to make friends, boys or girls.. they just became...and this is no professional meeting...i m not used to this situation...wats worse, if he asks me y do i want his number? oh no!! i'll end up making a fool out of myself...ok, i cant stand like this here after saying bye...looks really silly...move move...anyway i have muskaan's number, i can call her n ask later when i come across some reason worth saying...i gave a smile and left...

i entered lift and pressed 1...wat a strange day!! started with a dream and a habit of mine... tracking muskaan and then meeting armaan...armaan!! his eyes, his gaze, his smile, his riddles, his laughter, his taunt abt the window...haha, i pinched him...i still donno wat gave me that sudden confidence to do so, but then he dint say anything, just smiled at me...i wonder wat he thinks abt me... if he wants to meet me again, y dint he ask for my number?...M3 left me with very strange feelings, i sighed deeply...

i reached the parking lot and just before i started my bike, i heard a shout "riddhima!!"..its armaan coming out of the lift...his voice makes my name sound beautiful...i smiled inwards...he probably wants to take my contact details...i knew it!!

"dont u think u r forgetting something?" he, thats definitely not wat i expected to hear ...but, wat did i forget in his house..i checked my belongings..nope, i havent left anything behind....i looked at him confusedly...."u forgot to take my number, you will need it tomorrow morning"...huh?!! tomorrow morning?!!.."why?!!" i asked..."bcoz you are going to dream about me tonight!!" he said with a smug overconfident!! he could be right about the dream thing going by the impact he has on me till now but y should i accept it...and if he wants to meet me again cant he give his number directly...riddles again!! ughh!!.. "i am just trying to help you" he said shrugging...oh really?!! trying to make his interest sound as mine... implementing his MBA techniques on me, make the customer think that 'he' needs us rather than we need him...nonsense!! "i dont need ur help!!" i said angrily...he smiled...i hate it when someone smiles at my angry face..i know i dont look fierce but he doesnt have to make it explicit by taking it so lightly..."i know u r going to call up muskaan and ask"..."no, i wont ask her" i said immediately...this is one more crazy habit of mine, if someone predicts my actions, i wont do them even if i had wanted to do...if someone says i will say yes, i have to say no...if they say i will say no, i just have to say yes...i m weird, i know...i already told u in the beginning that very few things i do r not weird... "hmm, then you'll probably come here directly"...arghh!! before he eliminates the chances leftover for our second meeting, i need to go...i said "bye"...he gave a longing look and smiled "bye"..i couldnt resist that gorgeous smile and smiled back...

the rest of the day went normally with meeting mom's doctor, dinner, talking to anji n atul...i told anji abt my sudden meeting with muskaan...we spoke abt our school days for a while...she asked about nikita...i said i'll ask muskaan when i meet next time...obviously, i cant call up muskaan just to ask about nikita...if it was about armaan, thats a different thing....armaan, a smile forms on my lips whenever i remember him...i wonder if his prediction about my dream will come true...experts say that we dream about things that are in our subconscious mind...i donno about subconsious but my conscious mind is definitely filled with him right now!!

i am going on my bike...driving on some unknown road...the road is actually quite strange, there are lots of turns and i can see only the road...i mean, if i turn to the sides its i am in a video game, road comes up only as i keep driving...i m not wearing my breeze is flowing through my hair...i just kept driving for a long time until i suddenly reached a crossroad..."take left" a voice came from the back...i turned to see armaan sitting in the back seat and smiling ...i thought i was driving alone..."you?!!"..."yeah me, now take left... i know u want to do the same"..."no i wont" i said and turned my bike towards right..."wat r doing here on my bike?"...."just following you"..."why?"..."u know the reason"..."i know?!!"...."yup"...a wall sprang up suddenly on the way..i stopped the bike with a screecihng sound...we reached a dead end ..."i told you to take left" he whispered huskily in my right ear..

I shuddered and opened my eyes...its still night...i probed for my mobile and looked at the time, right hand felt prickly...i touched it in the dark and felt the goosebumps...he spoke in my right ear, thats why...O My God!! if a dream can have this effect on me, wat will i do if it happens really...i drank some water calming myself and closed my eyes...rolled on the bed for a long time trying to go back to sleep and finally dozed off..

I got up in the morning...i remember the dream clearly...i saw this coming but thats not the main point...the biggest question is my habit, should i meet him?!!


If I call him or meet him, he will know that I dreamt abt him. He will think he won, ofcourse he won but y should I let him know that. He said I will meet him, so I wont meet him. but then wat abt my habit. if I meet wat abt my other habit. ughh!! this guy challenges me on every step. either way I am a loser. its better to be a loser to myself than letting him know that I am actually one. ok decided then, I break my habit.. I wont meet him...i m such a cheater...haha...But..actually..i want to meet him..."r u on leave today?" my mom said standing at the entrance of my room..oh ya, its monday...i looked at watch... 7.30am...OMG!! I need to rush!!

Now I introduce you to a different person in me. The professional Riddhima Gupta. I leave the crazy riddhima at the entrance of my office when I swipe the ID card and get in. All the weird habits I told u abt me till now dont apply there. If I have to say yes, I say yes, not no. I dont mess with my job.

I reached office and went to my desk, armaan on my mind all the while...i started my work...flashes of the dream kept coming once in a while...but I pushed them off every time and concentrated on my job requires me to be alert all the time...u'll find me busy most of the was almost lunch time...i sent a high priority mail and laid back on my chair stretching my legs and looked up....i closed my eyes to relax for a soon as I closed my eyes what do I see, armaan ofcourse...he refuses to leave my mind...O God!! its not even half day n looks like I m going to have a hard time sticking to my no, I can, I can...

Neetu, my teammate is on leave for one week, we go for lunch together I went into the cafetaria alone, can join someone in lunch there...i scanned the menu board once twice thrice..."new items dont pop up on the menu if u see it again and again" I turned my head and saw abhi grinning...abhi is abhimanyu, he is one of the few friends I made at work...i smiled "ya, I know"..."sam's kitchen??" he said..."okay, lets go" I agreed....sam's kitchen is the cafe plus restaurant kind of thing a few buildings away from my office..we go there when we are bored with cafetaria and when we can afford a long lunch...

while walking I asked "ur shift changed? it was in evening right?"..."changed from today" he said..."oh ok"...we reached the place talking abt some office matters...settled on a table after paying for the food and waiting to serve..i sipped my is the norm from morning, my idle mind drifted towards if he is standing at the entrance of my mind and waiting for a chance to jump in...i want to talk to him, y am I thinking so much when I can make a simple call...this is so unlike, y cant he call? its a simple call for him also..."y are u staring into space and shaking ur head" abhi said....huh?!! wat?!! I looked at him confused..."i saw u doing that in office also " he said...was I really staring into space? n shaking my head also? may be..i might have done that everytime I tried to get my wandering mind back to work..."so, wats eating ur brain?"...armaan..."nothing" I said...i dont open up so easily...and now its even less probable when I myself donno wats happening to me...ofcourse I am attracted to armaan...but I donno why I feel this is more than just mere attraction...more it love? no, not so fast...its too early to say that word..."see u did it again" abhi said..."what?!!"..."shaking ur head"...did I?...yes..i just nodded..cant deny after being caught red-handed..."any problem?" he asked..."no, I m just confused abt something...thats it"..."hmm, need help?"..."no...i can handle"..."dont think twice to call me if u need help" he said.. I smiled... had lunch talking about other stuff and came back...

The rest of the day passed the same way and while coming back home I couldnt stop wondering how was armaan's day...did he remember me even once? shall I just call muskaan n ask for his number? the way I was remembering him the whole day..its just so strange...well, if I could survive one day I think I can continue this... may be its just a passing cloud and I will forget him in sometime...lets see!!

But...I was wrong...that dream was only a starter...for the next four days, he occupied my every dream and a desert or a mountain or some temple or a haunted house or my house...he is in all of them...most of the dreams didnt make sense but he was a permanent member in every one of them...some I couldnt recollect fully in morning, just remembered some bits... but he was there... smiling at me, looking at me or sometimes just by my side...and I kept resisting the urge to call muskaan n ask about him....a few times, I would dial and cut the call before it starts ringing...its not about the habit anymore, its about my unceasing attraction towards him...if this is really love I want to see it coming out naturally...i know I will meet him, sooner or later..

I am in my nani's the village...sitting under the huge neem tree in the backyard...armaan is sitting beside me...we were just staring at the plants.."u know i love this place" i said..."ya, its very peaceful"...then suddenly we r near the small pond in the middle of rice fields..."and this?" i asked enthusiasticaly..."its nice" he said smiling as if I am a 4yr old showing my first painting..."now i'll take u to a place" he said and the next moment we were in a beach...exotic.. breathtaking view...i forgot to breath...the sea with various shades of blue...white sand...small islands with trees and rocks...i looked at us, we both are wearing hair is curled..I am in a perfect beach attire with knee length dress and yellow flower tucked behind my can i see myself so clearly without a mirror?.."where are we?" i asked.."bali" he said...we stood on the shore for sometime and then started playing in water...suddenly armaan stopped and pulled me closer...and closer...with wet hair and face, he is looking amazing ...he stared into my eyes...and then at my heartbeat is getting irregular...he brushed the hair away from my face and held them at the back of my neck...his hand buried in my hair...he leaned forward and...

I jolted up...what was that?!! i m breathing heavily...heart racing...I sat numb on my bed for a few minutes holding my knees, just recollecting the dream...i thought it was just attraction that might fade away but my mind and heart seem to be having bigger plans...and was that romantic?!! it was hell romantic!! after a long time, my heartbeat and breathrate returned to normal...and sleep flew out of my closed window...dont ask me how, ask my sleep...which came back to me somewhere early in the morning...

I woke up in the morning, i am in a strange mood today...disturbed like hell...his face stuck in my head blocking my vision for any other usual can someone effect a person so much in just one meeting...

The day at work also looks hard but I have to manage...i cant mess my work...after lunch hour, I glanced at the ticker as a part of the monitoring I do daily... 'Business: Anil Ambani released the Q1 results of the year 2018 of Reliance Communications'....huh?!! 2018?? typing error!! this new guy vicky na...ufff!! he joined my team last week and gives me such shocks now n then...he should have proofread before sending into the stream....anyways, I quickly typed the sentence correctly and just before I clicked 'Send' something caught my attention...'Armaan Ambani'...i blinked my eyes at the screen to make sure I read it right...yes, thats wat I wrote...O MY GOD!! whats this?!! Did I have it so bad??!!...first, I corrected the name n sent it...but I couldnt relax...vicky atleast predicted the company's 2018's business but I completely renamed the owner?!!! wah wah!! wonderful!! wat did u to me armaan? this is not me, definitely not...armaan, get out of my head!! I m warning you!!...his crazy laughter flashed in my eyes and resounded in ears...I closed my eyes and shut my ears with my hands..i wish God had provided the some similar facility for mind shut your mind n stop thinking whenever u want...alas!! Now, I have to meet him...i donno when n where n how but I just have to...

I lifted my head brushing my hair with fingers..muskaan's name is flashing on my phone..its in silent mode..i grabbed it swiftly and answered.."hello"..."hey ridz"..."hi muskaan"..."r u busy?".."ya slightly, tell me"..."i need a help yaar... we had come to register our marriage n we need one more friend had some unexpected work, so she couldnt come...can u come down to the registration office?"..."now?!!"..."ya, like in an hour"..."umm, where is it?"..."not very far i think, hai na armaan?" she said...aaha!! armaan!! "must be like 7-8kms away" I heard his voice in the background... i smiled..."ok, I will call u back in 5mins"...she said "ok"..i hung the phone n rushed to my boss keerti's ask for permission for 2 hrs...i hope she agrees...i dont want to miss this chance of a 'co-incidental' meeting with armaan...he has like held my mind and heart as hostage...wonder wat are his demands to release me...or may be he doesnt ever want to release...oh my my, I m blushing now...i need to take it easy, take it slowly...

keerti gave me the permission but remined me about the meeting i have at 4, i need to comeback by then...its an important meeting, i cant miss it...i said ok and left her cabin...called muskaan and asked her the exact location...while going in the cab an obvious thought came in mind..did muskaan or rahul or armaan dint know any other person? why did they call me? i m not even very close to muskaan...i mean i m not a very obvious choice for signing as a far as i know the only requirement is that person should be a major... was that armaan's idea?i wish it is... well, i m happy to get a chance to see armaan involuntarily, esp after today's dream...i m getting desperate to reach the place n catch a glimpse of that face which is pasted in my head from past 5 days...

I reached the place and called muskaan again to tell the exact room..i followed her instructions and went eyes madly searching for armaan among the crowd...ahh!! there he is!! my object of affection!!


I walked towards him...he smiled warmly with a twinkle in his eyes and I m sure I have one in my eyes too..."hi" I said waving my hand..."hmm hi" he spoke after a 2-3 seconds.."muskaan n rahul have gone to another department, will be here soon"..."oh ok" I smiled..."so y dint u call me?" he asked...oh!! welcome back armaan!!..."why should i?" I asked raising my jaw arrogantly n looking away...y cant he let me look at the face I was dying to see? no, he has to annoy me n force me to see in other, I m pretending as if I m looking for someone in the crowd... muskaan can be stated as a good excuse...y isnt he saying anything? I waited for a while and when I couldnt take the silence any longer...i looked at him...he is staring at me with something in his eyes..can I call it as disappointment? wow!! my cheating worked!! yes yes yes!! but y m I feeling bad seeing him like this...ok fine, will confess abt my dreams later when we grow close...done!! got rid of my sin..not to worry!!

"hey ridhima" rahul said coming towards us...i greeted them..."lets go, we were just waiting for you" muskaan said..then I asked the question thats bugging me.."umm, y dint u call anyone from your house? not that u r troubling me, I m asking generally"..."yaar, rahul's family isnt here n didi is out of station..gone to her in-laws house in pune..thats y" muskaan said...."oh ok" I gave an embarrassed smile...but I had to know na..."we have other friends but armaan said ur office is near, so we thought of asking u" she clarified..ohoo, armaan said!! I shot a side glance at him, he gave a lopsided smile

while walking towards the room muskaan spoke again "ridz, I spoke to didi...she asked us to come home tomorrow after she comes back to mumbai, she said amit jiju will also be with her and we can talk to my parents" she beamed at the chance of getting things back to normal..."thats nice!!" I said..i hope everything goes fine

we went to the room where we need to sign...the man wearing thick glasses looked at me suspiciously and said "apna koi age proof dikhayiye"...armaan chuckled..i shot him an angry glare and looked at the man...woah!! he thinks I am a minor?!!..."formality hain madam, dekhna padta hain" he said with a fake smile...i showed him my driving license and we finished the registration formalities... I congratulated them "so guys when is the treat?" armaan asked..."wat for?" they were surprised...i feel like teaming up with armaan now..."for ur marriage!!" I stated as a matter-of-fact..."o come on, thats over one month ago" rahul said..."but government of India recognised it only today" armaan said..."exactly" I added...muskaan rolled her eyes "fine fine!! we anyway wanted to get together before leaving abt dinner today?"... oh no, I have a deadline to meet.."not today, I have work to finish..have to stay late in office" I said..."ok tomorrow?" rahul said.."fine" everyone agreed..."we will receive the certificate by evening...we have some more things to take care of here..u guys go ahead...thanks for the help riddhima" rahul said...nah!! I should be thanking u guys...for introducing armaan..."my pleasure rahul" I said...okay,so we decided to call again later n choose the place for dinner and left them

armaan n me came out..."i'll drop u" he said..."ok"...i dint object...y should I say no and be formal when its true that I want to be with him for some more time...i dont want to act anymore... my dreams have given me enough insight of wat my heart wants

we started to my office and he suddenly asked "is this a way to dress up for a marriage?"..i looked at him confusedly...i m in formals, obviously I came here from office na..."huh?!! marriage?!!"..ok I got it.."excuse me, that was just a registration..not a traditional wedding to attend in a saree" I retorted... "well, do u think dinner is a reason enough to wear a saree?" he asked curiously..and probably hopefully too...aaha!! so u want to see me in a saree...fine!! but I said "lets see!!" n smiled teasingly....i know the attraction is mutual..."by the way, r u sure u dint dream about me?" he asked...i rolled my eyes..."u know sometimes u dont remember them in morning" he said shrugging..."really?!!!" I said pretending ignorance..."yeah" he grinned..i sniffed n turned my head...uff, this guy na...i m telling u, he is such a..such a...watever!! always tries to know wats going on in my side, never reveals his!!

we stopped at the traffic signal...i picked my mobile from bag to check for any calls...1 sms...i opened inbox n read it...some promotional message abt 20% discount blah blah..i donno wat made me look at him suddenly but when I turned my head I saw his eyes basking my face with a light smile fixed on his eyes locked with his... wats so special in this eyes, in this face, in this man...i forgot my surroundings... his gaze does that to me everytime...horn blows from the back drew our attention back towards the road...i blushed and from the corner of my eye I can see him doing the same...hmm..wats going on?!!

we reached my office...i dont want to go in...but have meeting is at 4...i looked at my watch..5 minutes left...OMG!! hurry hurry!!..i said thanks n took a quick look of that adorable face...tomorrow's meeting is making this less disheartening now...i opened the car door..."riddhima" he called out...i turned n looked at him impatiently... "i have a meeting now...umm..ok shoot!!" I said ..."did u really not.." he trailed off uncertainly...but then resumed "ok forget it, see u tomorrow....bye"..i said a confused "bye" n left..wat did he wanted to ask?..that did I dream? or did I wanted to call?

I went into the meeting room...seeing him today has left me somewhat peaceful...or is it because of the dinner plan tomorrow...watever!! I m happy to be sane again

the meeting started...that was a discussion about the concept for a new program..i am giving my ideas and hearing others'...i looked at my watch...its been an hour since the discussion started... next I need to go n finish the compilation for that early morning show and then I can go, tomorrow is sunday..i can get up late...n then the dinner at night...i will wear a saree...which one? I think the simple pink one will be will he react?...i can imagine his sharp gaze..."riddhima".."riddhima"...a voice called me in the someone talking to me?..i snapped out and looked around, not sure whom to look at...everyone is looking at me...oh no, its not background its in the the meeting room..."yeah" I said getting alert..."r u ok?" keerti asked..."yup..i am...plz continue" I said...she turned towards abhi n asked him something...abhi gave me a confused look n continued the discussion...apparently, they were calling out my name and I was busy blushing... I sighed...shame on me, I was day dreaming in the middle of a important discussion...chi chi...i focused on the meeting till the end.

coming out of the room...abhi called me out...shit!! I knew this will happen..."wats wrong?" he asked..."nothing"..."u still dint getover the confusion of that day? or is it a different thing now?" he asked seriously...i didnt speak..."y r u so lost...tell me" he probed further..."hmm, I donno abhi...when r u leaving?"...."why?" he was confused..."i have some work right now...will tell u abt this later..ok?"..."u sure?"..."yup"..."ok, meet me at dinner...i m working late too".."ok" I said

when we sat for dinner, abhi said "spill now!!"...i told him abt armaan and the after-effects of meeting him..."hmmm love at first sight" he smiled..."nah!! thats crap..i dont believe in it" I said..."wat else do u call this then?"..."donno, may be just a crush" I shrugged..."ya possible".."i think its too early for love"..."how long do u think it takes to fall in love?" he asked..."it depends..may be years may be seconds..there is no standard"..."exactly, early or late can be abt realising not abt falling"..he is right..i nodded thoughtfully.."wat type of a person is he?"..."i donno much but I feel he is a nice guy"..."know him more then"..."hmm"...right, wat if he is a selfish or a mean person? no no he cant be like that...why? ppl who look good may not be actualy good right? ya, but my heart says he is good...i am debating with myself... "i think only love can have this effect" abhi said..."hmm?"..."i mean the way u cant get him out of your system..well, take ur time..dont rush!!"...i nodded..."so u r very excited abt meeting him tomorrow eh?"..."ya" I smiled..."can see it on ur face"..i looked that so evident?

the next day afternoon, muskaan called me n we decided the place...i said i'll come on my own

that evening, my mom got the shock of her life when I told her I want to wear a, draping a saree, folding my clothes, setting the bed...there are somethings like this which I always avoid...reason - sheer laziness...i mean the saree is so long, draping it is so complicated...jeans is best, chudidar is ok but ya once in a while saree is also fine...especially when people say you look gorgeous in that...and not to forget armaan's I giving him too much importance?...he'll feel 'value add' to himself when he sees me today...but its ok..its worth the look I want to see in his eyes..i wore the saree, some simple jewelry and light makeup...overall pleasant looking!!

I reached the place..went in and sat at the table reserved for one is in yet....and...I was right...the moment he saw me he stopped...i lowered my he came closer n closer...the other night's dream flashed in my heartbeat is getting erratic... he sat beside me and whispered "beautiful!!"...i blushed... "y did u wear this?" he asked...i looked up...there is mischief in his eyes...he is back to his usual indirect self...n I m back to my haughty self..."its my wish, u have any problem?" I asked pointing my finger...he caught my finger and then slowly and gently held my hand...he said "no" looking deep into my eyes...i stared back into those mesmerising eyes...i want the time to stop right here right now...with my hand in his and the beautiful feeling his touch is evoking in me this moment...with a steady heart and mind...i know...i am in love with him...and tonight, I want to leave all the logic, all the ego, all the questions, all the insecurities...and each moment

muskaan and rahul came in and sat infront of us...muskaan's face was radiating...she told that everyone in her family accepted their good na

we started having phone rang flashing no name...must be atul...his usual weekend call..."hey bhai" I said.."hi ridz, are u at home?"..."no, came out with friends, having dinner" I said..."oh ok, will call later then..after n hour or so" he said...i said ok n cut the call..."my brother" I said smiling..."ridz, anjali abhi bhi sabko sataati hain kya?" muskaan asked...."no yaar, she was just childish in school...she grew up long ago"..."nikita n she used fight for every single thing na" she said.."ya, that reminds me, anji was asking abt nikita...where is she now? wat is she doing?" I asked...muskaan chuckled looking at armaan and said "ask him..she is his girlfriend now"...armaan choked on his drink and I had to drink mine to make the food stuck in my throat to go in


He looked at me coughing...fright written all over his face...i stared at him blankly, its as if my mind doesnt want to process the information it just received..."u alrite?" rahul asked armaan...he nodded swiftly and faced muskaan..."eyy, I already told you she is not my girlfriend"..."and I already told you I dont believe you" muskaan said leaning back in the chair and crossing her hands against chest...he groaned "muskaan!!"...she reverted in the same tone "armaan!!"..."its such a waste to explain to u"..."then dont"..."oh!! so that you can continue to presume things"... "presume? really?!! stop fooling me armaan"..."i dont have to do that seperately, you already are"..."see, this is wat you do everytime, divert the topic"..."both of you stop now!!" rahul interfered..."continue ur fight at home ok...let us have dinner in peace" he said smiling at me apologetically...i smiled back with utmost difficulty and looked at my plate...thats the only object in my surroundings I can trust to not read my expressions right now...and eating is the only activity I can rely buy some clear my understand wat the hell is happening here...and I have no idea if he is looking at me

What did I just hear? armaan has a girlfriend? or doesnt have? y wud muskaan argue so strongly then? but he argued back equally..."by the way no one answered ridhima's question" rahul said breaking the silence...hearing my name, I lifted my eyes from the plate..."abt nikita" rahul clarified..."oh ya, she is an air hostess ridz...she must be in Austraila now" muskaan said..."no, she will be on return flight from NewZealand" armaan said...muskaan gave a 'see-i-caught-you' look..."umm...i..i just remember what she told us when we met last week" he said looking at me hopefully...i continued the neutral expression, still in shock..."why dont I remember then, she is my friend too..infact first mine n then urs" muskaan demanded.."wat can I do if my memory is good n yours is bad?" armaan said smiling at me confusedly...before I could react muskaan said "u r so intelligent armaan!!"..."i know" armaan shrugged her sarcasm...i looked at my plate again...

O God!! does anyone here bother to tell me the truth?!! I do exist here right? that too with an agitated mind...ughh!! I feel like strangling this man sitting beside me until he spills the facts...ok cool down...relax...relax...answers, yes I need answers...whom to ask? armaan?...muskaan?...just then muskaan got up saying "i will be back in 2mins".."where r you going?" I asked.."washroom" she said...ok done, i'll ask her..."wait, I m coming too" I said..."y do you have to go together?!!" armaan asked with a frown..."wats your problem?" muskaan asked stressing on 'your'...he looked at me n sighed "nothing, go!!"...rahul chuckled "girls!!"..we went away ignoring both the men

How do I ask her? I should sound natural...think think..."muski, can you give me nikita's number, anji wants it"...."ya sure, but most of the times she doesnt answer the calls, if she is at work..tell her to try a few times"..."ok"...after a pause I asked "umm, r armaan n nikita really going around?"..."donno yaar, he denies and she accepts...armaan is generally very straightforward but when it comes to nikita, he doesnt answer straight....u've seen na how he avoids her topic"..."hmm" I said...ok two points here, one - he is generally straightforward?!! nah!! I disagree, he always riddles with me...and two - he is not frank abt nikita, that somewhat puts her on the same pedal as me...or higher?..."i introduced her 1yr ago in didi's marriage n they hit it off instantly...he is a born flirt but this time I really hope he is serious abt her...u know, she is ready to even leave her job to settle down with him...i think armaan is just a bit unsure, I m eagerly waiting for them to make the announcement..i would love to see my bestfriends getting married" muskaan said excitedly

My heart is sinking...its getting heavier with each fraction of second passing...tears are brimming in my eyes...i quickly went into the washroom and locked the door...y did he behave like a single? why armaan? I closed my eyes and tears rolled down my cheeks....this is ridiculous!! I m crying for a guy I barely know...this is just the third time I am meeting him...but he made me feel all those beautiful emotions I never felt before...from the moment we met, I am a new person...i hate this change in me...i hate him for changing me... I wish I met him before nikita, I wish muskaan introduced me before her, I wish I was close to muskaan, I wish I was I touch with her all these years, I wish I dreamt abt her earlier...i wish I could erase the past week from my, I dont want to erase, I dont want to forget him, his eyes, his intense gaze, his dimples, his touch, his concern, his mischief...i ran my fingers through my hair..."ridz" muskaan called from outside..."ha?! umm..muski, you go first" I said...she said ok and left

Wat shall I do now? ask armaan directly? ask wat? abt nikita or abt me? why will he tell me when he dint tell muskaan, his close friend? I mean I have no right to ask him abt his relationship with nikita... even if I ask, am I ready to hear the truth? I cant hear him saying he loves nikita...this is reminding me of those days when we used to get exam results and I used to stay away from the notice board...i used to send my friends to know my result if I am scared that i'll fail in any subject...biology in school, electronics in college, armaan in love...but this is heart is at stake now...i want and also dont want to know the facts... arghhh!! this is so messy... I feel so lost...why did this nikita enter into my life now? you know wat, I was wrong...i take back those words I said in the starting while going to muskaan's house...strike off the sentence that how much ever we hate people in school, we'll love everyone after that... I dont love her, I hate her...for making me so helpless...for making me not wanting to get out of this washroom...for making me afraid to face him...for making me scared to know the truth... ok ok, I know she is not responsible for all this...may be armaan is also not was all attraction and imagination from my side....may be he will be happy with her, its clear that she loves him....i sighed...ok, i cant stay here forever...i came out of the washroom and looked at myself....mascara smudged all over my cheeks...i washed my face and made myself look normal...atleast look!! then I realised I am wearing a saree, my heart winced again....i wore it for armaan...i feel so dejected, I cant believe I was the same girl arguing with abhi yesterday that this is just a crush...a crush which crushed my heart!!

I came out and sat beside armaan...we stared at each other...the concern in his eyes, I couldnt have mistaken...may be he knows wat I am feeling right now...this cant get worse!!...i looked away and remained calm for the rest of the dinner...except nods and smiles, I dint interact much with anyone...i could sense that armaan is keeping an eye on me...i am scared to look at him...after the dinner, we came out...armaan went to get the car from parking lot...i want to leave before he comes...he reminds me of the notice board...isnt it strange that an impatient person like me is avoiding the confrontation...wats new in that, he has challenged and changed all my habits...

"ok guys, I will leave now" I said to muskaan and rahul..."we had a nice time in touch ok...all the best" muskaan said..."good luck ridhima, take care" rahul said...i wished them luck.. "hey you asked for niki's number right? take it" she said..i saved it in my mobile and got into a cab...leaving the place, I feel like I m leaving my life behind me

may be I should have waited for armaan...i donno when i'll see him again...but I prefer to be left alone when I am upset...otherwise i'll end up getting furious on whoever I see...tears r coming silly!! I never thought M3 would leave my heart in such a pathetic state...all this is so strange!! phone rang...i dont want to talk to anyone kept riniging, after 4th time I answered... "hello"... "riddhima"...its hands are trembling, I closed my eyes leaning back in the seat and remained silent...why did u call me now armaan? wat do u want to say now?..."riddhima, stop the cab"..."huh?!!"...."i m right behind u, please come out"...i looked back to see his car following mine..."armaan!!"..."please!!" he said earnestly...i stopped the cab, paid the fare n came out

I went towards his car that was stopped on side of the road...he opened the door from inside...i looked at him...the same passionate gaze that has been enchanting me from one week...i sat in silently and looked down..."i couldnt continue to keep hoping and waiting for a concidental meeting riddhima" he said soulfully


I looked up to see his intense gaze penetrating through me...i found myself drowning again in his magnetic grey eyes...i suddenly jolted out remembering nikita and turned my head away..."look at me riddhima" he said in his deep voice...i didnt budge...he brought his hand up to my face and placing it on my cheek turned my face towards him...i shuddered..."ask me all that you want to know...abt me, abt my relationship with nikita"..."do I need to know armaan?" I said looking into his eyes...wat do I mean to him? I have to know that first..."yes and you need to know that and much more, you deserve to know everything abt me riddhima...becoz its not just you who was dreaming from the past one week...even I couldnt get you out of my mind"...."and heart" he added softly rubbing his thumb on my cheek...i shivered, more bcoz of his words..."but nikita?" I expressed my hesitation

he sighed and sat straight.."lets go somewhere first, cant stop the car here for a long time" he said...i nodded..."wat abt muskaan and rahul?" I asked..."they will go home in a cab" he said..."do they know you came for me?"..."no, I just told them to go...they will be having lot of questions for me when I reach home" he chuckled..."how did you know my number?" I asked..."i had it from the day you came to meet muskaan at my house" no point asking why didnt he call, we were waging an ego war na..."oh, you took it? what did you tell her?" I asked curiously...."i didnt take, I memorised it when you were giving to muskaan"...i looked at him with wide eyes.."woah!! what big deal? just 10 digits!!" he brushed away my surprise..hmmppfff, as if I donno its only 10 digits

we went to a coffee shop near by, he stopped the car and started typing an sms...he was giving mischievous smiles in between the typing...i got curious and peeped in to see wats so entertaining...he quickly kissed my cheek and started laughing...OMG!! wats that?!! I looked at him with dropped jaw...i want to say something, atleast pretend to be angry but nah!! unable to...not after seeing that cute kiddo laugh...i smiled defeatedly...he knows my pulse, he really knows how to melt me

once we are settled there he switched off the phone and said "done!! now we can talk without any disturbance" I smiled and waved my phone "not really, what abt this?"..."simple" he said grabbing it.."like this like this and done!!" he gave my switched off phone back..."what?!! hey no, my parents will be worried" I said switching it on...waiter came to take the order...armaan asked "whenz the closing time?"..."we are open 24hrs sir" waiter said with a formal smile..."thats great!!" he beamed

after we placed the order armaan started to tell..."nikita is a dear friend riddhima and unfortunately in love with me...but...i dont love her and she is aware of it...we share a strange relationship...we dont lie to each other nor to others...she tells me she loves me and I told her I dont...but she is a very nice person and I like her a lot...may be I would have married her...may be...if I hadnt met u"..." but we met just one week ago armaan" I donno why I am suddenly speaking against my own feelings, may be to hear his..."strange na!!" he gave a confused but genuine smile..."i met many girls till now riddhima but none has captivated me as much as you did...the day we met, I knew that it was just a beginning... I felt some strange connection...a feeling I never felt for anyone before, though I didnt know that I would be saying all this to you just after a week...i might have told you after a few days but believe me riddhima, you didnt spare me a minute of peace all these days...its like you have held me as a hostage..i was dying to see u, hear u, talk to u"...i smiled remembering my state

"are we just attracted to each other?" I need to know what he thinks..."no" he said nodding his head negatively...."u dont even know me properly!" I exclaimed..."i know...i know you"..."wat do you know abt me?" I asked in a demanding tone...things have lightened up completely now that I know abt his relation with nikita... "i know that you are a very nice person...u care about everyone around you"...i interrupted "dont list out some random good qualtites and assign them to me"...woah!! someone is praising me and I m trying to stop!! me and humble?!! this is a miracle!!..he smiled "i have my reasons"..."okay" I said.."u cant see anyone even remotely hurt becoz of u...u are sensitive....u are stubborn...u are childish..u have weird habits which I actually find cute...u jump into conclusions very fast..u are short-tempered..u are mischievous...u are impulsive" I listened staring at him...he is telling me things only my close friends and family know...he stopped and then said "now, the reasons"..i became know how this cop worked undercover..."the way you came to meet muskaan just bcoz you saw her in ur dream, that speaks volumes abt what kind of person you are riddhima...u meet people bcoz you are concerned abt them...u want to make sure they are fine...u get a kind of relief when you see them in real"...OMG!! I never thought abt it like this..."r you a psychiatrist?" I asked...he laughed and said "its just observation"..."hmm"..."and I dont take much time to guess a person's character"..."but I donno much abt you armaan" I expressed my concern...i have to give some value to the little corner of my nagging brain also na, after all its a part of me..."and muskaan told you are generally frank, then why were you always talking indirectly?"...he smiled deeply showing his dimples "thats bcoz you are special"..i blushed

hours passed by and we were talking and talking...abt things I thought I didnt know I remembered until I started telling him...childish talks, career aspirations, dream jobs, teenage crushes, friends, family, movies, inhibitions of all sorts are fading away...he was indeed an open book ... not just abt nikita, he was frank abt everything in his life...he is smart, talented and fun to be with ...we laughed until tears spilled and jaws ached...there was a break when my phone rang flashing 'home calling'..."o no!! what do I say now? call from home" I panicked..."say you are knowing ur boyfriend more" he gave a wicked smile...whattt? boyfriend?!!....ok later later, first I need to find a reason..."armaan plz...gimme an excuse fast fast!!"..."hmmm, tell them you are with muskaan"...ring stopped...i breathed in relief..."okay I got a better one, tell you are going to stay at muskaan's place, we can talk till morning" he raised his eyebrows smugly..."u think you deserve an appreciation for this?" I asked with a straight face..."yes" he said confidently..."shut up!!" I said angrily... by the way, idea is good...even I dont want to leave him and go...but I have office wat? forget it, this day wont come again and anyway I promised myself to live each moment tonight...even if I go home and sleep I will dream abt him only, y cant I live my dream? not bad armaan malik!!.."but you wont admit thats its a good idea" he said smiling cheekily..."r you really sure that you are not a psychiatrist?" I asked.."u have a very expressive face riddhima, your eyes give away ur thoughts"...i smiled..."did I tell you I love ur eyes" he said..i flushed and asked innocently "only eyes?"..."no, all of u"...did he just tell me he loves me?!! he said?!! O MY GOD!! yeah, he said!! yes yes yes!! well, not exactly...cant he say it completely...i mean properly, those three magical words...cha!!.. fine, i'll wait..he kept smiling at me and looking intensely..i called up my home and asked if I can stay at muskaan's was taken aback but agreed...i know she must be thinking why this sudden interest in old friend...little does she know abt my new found interest, well not just interest, more than found friend...nah!! not just a friend...boyfriend?!! that reminds me..."hey, y did you call urself my boyfriend?" I questioned him suddenly out of the blue..he jerked and said "woah!! what else am I then?"...shit!! I m tricked..."hmm...u...u r..umm"i am searching for right word..."ok fine, lets save the naming for now" he said bailing me out...

we talked till early morning...drank all coffees on the was about 5am when we stepped out of the cafe...feeling like a new just one day, we knew each other like we have known from ages...he drove me to my house...he stopped the car outside the gate...i cant get enough of this guy....i gave a longing look...he did the same...both of us know we have fallen head over heals for each other...but reality strikes...i need to go..."bye armaan" I said..."bye" he said...

that day was just a start of the beautiful bond that was only growing between us with each passing day...we met every 2-3 days whenever we had time...and every time I was about to meet him, my heart fluttered like it did the first time...

3months passed and we both knew wats in the our hearts but i wanted to hear him say...and i was particular abt that...then it happened one was one of our casual evening meetings...somehow i could sense it coming...his looks were more passionate than usual, his behavior a bit confused, a bit was about 11 in the night when he dropped me back home...just when i dismissed my intuition about that day being special and opened the car door...he caught my wrist ...he leaned over and placed his lips on mine...a sweet sensation flooded my body...the kiss was sweet, soft, passionate and everything I wanted my first kiss to be...then he whispered on my lips "i love you riddhima"

finally hearing what I wanted to hear, I kissed him and said "i love you armaan"...we came out of the car...i stepped towards the house but turned back and on a spur hugged him...he hugged me back and that moment in his tight embrace, I knew this is where I belong...he is the man I want to be with for the rest of my life...the one I want to get married...with whom I want to have kids, grow old, live and die...he completes me...we had our differences and our share of fights..small and big, silly and serious...but we patched up soon...okay, sometimes not so soon

muskaan and rahul left to US... they were clearly surprised to know about, actually muskaan was shocked but she recovered soon and was genuinely happy for us...afterall, her best friend's heart was with me, she has to accept me melodrama from either families too, everyone was happy with our pair...the only person we all were concerned abt was nikita...she was his close friend and I could understand her situation, if I felt so bad for just those few hours, how could she be feeling...but to our surprise, she coped up well....she was happy that armaan was happy and said may be God had better plans for her

we got married after 10 months, it was more like a school re-union...with anji, nikita, muskaan and all other school friends...and guess where we went for our honeymoon, bali!! when I told armaan abt my dream, he said 'cool, lets go there for honeymoon' wasnt exactly like wat i saw in my dream but it was very beautiful...speaking of dreams, there is one more incident worth day, sorry one night... I saw the registration office man in my dream, yeah the same guy who suspected my day I told armaan abt it....he laughed and when I didnt say anything more he suddenly exclaimed "dont tell me you want to go and meet him"..."yes armaan, I want to do exactly that"..."man!! you are really weird"..."someone told me that my weird habits are cute" I pouted..."yeah but" he frowned.."fine, i'll go alone" I said angrily..i know how to get things done with him..."ok baba, teekh hain...chalenge"

we went there next day...bcoz its the same working hours as ours, we both had to take permission from our offices to go there...but he didnt complain...i rubbed some of my craziness on him too...we both were laughing crazily sitting in the car after we came out...we had just went in, that guy wasnt in his seat, we waited for him, asked the person sitting next to him when he'll be back and when he came we just saw him and smiled...the next guy told him we were waiting for him, he asked "jee boliye"...we said "kuch nahi" and we came out...gosh, that man's face was worth watching..he looked so, that was one more incident of me tracing my dreams...dreams! a beauty of human brain! unleashes ur imagination and sometimes brings out what ur subconsious mind is dwelling into...i still continue that crazy habit of meeting or atleast talking to people I see in my dreams...people I know will be happy with my surprise visits or calls..strangers dont know what I m doing but I know right? who cares what they think...and armaan was right, I get some kind of satisfaction doing that, especially if they are nightmares...and how can I forget that it was one such dream that made me meet armaan, my soulmate!!

nikita and abhi met in our marriage and they liked each other instantly...they got married an year after our marriage...

armaan is a gem of a person, i found myself growing more fond of him with each day...after 2 years of our marriage came our first bundle of joy "shriya" and after 3 years followed another bundle of joy+mischeif "shaurya" completing our family picture...armaan still didnt forget abt the window peeping thing that I did on the day I met him...he often teams up with my kids and teases me...but I m not to be less blamed ok, bcoz till date I peep in through it and shout instead of knocking the door...we have a door bell, but I dont care to use it...i prefer the window which gave me access to all these nice things in life...oh ya, we live in the same house - 403, shanti apartments

so, thats my M3 - mission meet muskaan lead to another M, M4 - meeting, add one more M...M5 - meeting armaan and marriage...sorry add one more, M6 - making me mrs from miss...OMG, there were so many M's there, how many 1,2,3,4...ok so no wait, one last one hun, promise pakka no more additions...M11 - changed riddhima gupta to riddhima armaan malik and increased her madness, there you go!! one more M!! I think I should try my hand at poetry...

Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile thats me grinning like Ravan with ten is it? not the grin yaar, hows the part? i njoyed writing itBig smile

Thanks a lot for reading!! thank you for supporting me in this crazy concept n sticking thru it all along. I started it on an impulse but i had tough time to write the parts between my work schedule which got hectic unexpectedly and i had to keep up my sunday writer tagLOL I am not a fast writer, so had to stay up late sometimes on saturdays but no regrets, its all worth it if this could bring a smile on your faces..i njoyed writing this fic...plz leave ur comments(i m greedy abt themWink) or 'thank you' clicksSmile

luv u


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this is an example of the bad estimates i am good at Big smile

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heyyyyyyy.......its really very very cool.....a nice n unique intro.....n ua very uncommon title too.......plzzzzz do cont soon.....
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Posted: 11 November 2008 at 3:14am | IP Logged

Hey Harika, I think you should definitely continue with this ff, infact i'll pester you with pms and comments to do so if you think it'll help Wink LOL . Two reasons:

  1. this is a truly unique not to mention interesting concept Star and
  2. as a former reader of "loves, me, loves me not" I can attest to the fact that you're a fantastic writer and can make a success out of any concept Big smile
spln IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 November 2008 at 4:43am | IP Logged
oh wow harika i just happened to cme acoss this its a stunner concept havent heard anything like it u just abs hav eto continue...n i also want to say its not just the conept n story, omething abt ur writing its suddenly a whole levelm igher...u w alwaz good, but this is better tust me  i loved the flow in thepart...hope u update soon....dont forget the PM um hooked alreday!!!
saridena Goldie

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Posted: 11 November 2008 at 5:24am | IP Logged
hi harika
started another ff
thks dear
i didnot understand the concept
but when u update more part i might understand
update soooooooooooooooooon
if possible do pm me plzzzzzzzzzzz
lov soumya
-harika- Goldie

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Posted: 11 November 2008 at 5:46am | IP Logged
Originally posted by madhsar

heyyyyyyy.......its really very very cool.....a nice n unique intro.....n ua very uncommon title too.......plzzzzz do cont soon.....
tons of love

thanks madhurima, will continueSmile
-harika- Goldie

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Posted: 11 November 2008 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sea_nyx

Hey Harika, I think you should definitely continue with this ff, infact i'll pester you with pms and comments to do so if you think it'll help Wink LOL . Two reasons:

  1. this is a truly unique not to mention interesting concept Star and
  2. as a former reader of 'loves, me, loves me not' I can attest to the fact that you're a fantastic writer and can make a success out of any concept Big smile

hey arati, thanks yaar...hehe, i would love to be pestered that wayBig smile i thought this was a crazy way to start an ff, but i was really in a crazy mood when i wrote it...thats how dreams r right? lacking logic..n i guess i should continue the craziness...ooh la la...i'm loving itSmile thanks for ur confidence dear

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