Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 18/01/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2005 at 10:57am | IP Logged
Hi.. Smile

Armaan & Raj are still outside Gulmohur discussing "The Car". Raj is wondering how Jassi got hold of such an expensive car Armaan says that it belongs to that 'fatichar' Nandu. Raj comments that Nandu does not even have a house worth living, how come he could afford the car? Armaan agrees that he too is thinking of the same thing. Raj makes a comment of how rats are also getting hold of treasures. Armaan says that never before had Nandu gained such importance, how come he suddenly came into the picture? Raj wonders if he has won some lottery. Armaan says that not a lottery, but he thinks they have got hold of a gold mine- Kohinoor. Raj advises him to talk to Jassi.

Armaan follows Nandu & Jassi in his car.

Nandu & Jassi are driving cozily in the car. Nandu asks her isn't she feeling good. He advises her to accustom herself to such luxury. Jassi tells Nandu that tomorrow he should buy himself some good clothes, the costlier, the better. They should suit the GM of Kohinoor. Nandu tells her he will, but isn't she thinking abt buying for herself? Jassi comments that she is fine as she is. Nandu insists. Jassi says aggressively that Armaan is playing with this Jassi, the one with this ugly face, to save his company. So fine, the same Jassi will take revenge too..I won't change.
They park the car outside Jassi's house. Jassi reminds Nandu that he is playing her boyfriend, which means he is NOT to flirt with any girl. Nandu says he wont, at the same time he remembers Pari's date and looks sad.Unhappy They go inside. Armaan has parked his car a short distance away & sees them going in.


Nandu & Jassi enter the kitchen. Billu is quiet & won't greet them. Nandu asks him if a brinjal has got stuck in his throat. Amrit says not the brinjal, but "The Car" is stuck in his throat. Jassi says "Car?" Billu asks her sternly what right she has to buy such an expensive car with someone else's money. Jassi tells him not to worry, they have not cheated anyone, and it is their right to own the car. Billu argues that Armaan Suri gave this right to her, he has always trusted her & believed that she will never misuse this right, and she hasn't even told him. Jassi says that she'll tell him the next day. Billu says that if Armaan comes to know that she has bought the car before she tells him, what will he think? Jassi is quiet. Nandu tries to say something but Billu looks very unconvinced. Jassi gets upset and gets up without eating, calling Nandu. Nandu is very keen to eat & doesn't want to get up.
Bebe is wondering what might be wrong. Just then the phone rings. Jassi begs Bebe that if it is Armaan Suri, she should please tell him that she has not yet come home. Bebe looks very surprised, but agrees and picks up the phone. It is Armaan. He asks for Jassi. Bebe says she has not yet come home. Armaan is shocked as he has seen her go inside. He asks Bebe when she will come back. Bebe says she has no idea. Armaan looks angrier. Angry He requests her to tell Jassi, when she comes that he had called. Bebe keeps the phone, but looks very worried.
Nandu gets out, and says to himself "I'm coming Pari".He goes in the car,Armaan watching him from his car.


Armaan is looking very frustrated. Mallika asks him what's wrong. He says that it is the launching of the collection, the board-meeting coming up which is stressing him. He goes to fix himself a drink. Mallika tells him to leave the drink and come see the shopping she has done for their wedding. She shows him a few things. Armaan looks very lost and mutters a "It's good Mallika." He tells her that she is good at all this, and must do it all by herself. She says that "That I am.." Armaan goes and sits on the sofa. Mallika goes and sits on the leg of the sofa, and she seems very happy. Armaan is lost and keeps remembering the various events when he had seen Jassi and Nandu together at the L'Oreal Fashion show, when she walks away with him etc. He suddenly gets up with shock. Mallika looks worried.(again thinking of "the other woman").

Armaan is sleeping on the sofa. He starts dreaming. He sees Jassi & Nandu sitting all locked up in their car, holding hands. Nandu is kissing Jassi's hands and they are all snuggled up together. Armaan is outside and seeing them. With agitation he comes up to the car. He bangs on the closed windows yelling "Jassi..Jassi...what are u doing? Tell me, do you love me or this Nandu?" Jassi and Nandu are lost from the world and Armaan continues shouting. He is muttering in his sleep "Jassi Jassi". Mallika comes and hears this. She is shocked and drops the packet she's holding.


Pari is arguing with the taxi driver about the money. She obviously doesn't have money to pay him. Jassi arrives in the Mercedez. (Yes, she's driving!). Some hot(??) music plays in the background "Baby..Baby". Confused Veeru comes and Pari asks him if he has some money. (LOL).Veeru obliges her by paying some coins to the taxi driver.
Gang is crowing over Jassi and complimenting on how good she looks in the car. Jassi tells them that Nandu has lent her the car for use. Pari looks on enviously. Jassi parks the car and goes inside.
Armaan and Mallika arrive. They notice the Mercedez parked in their space. Armaan asks the guard whose car it is. He tells it is "Jassi Madam's." Mallika supplements the information that it is Nandu's car and no one in Gulmohur has such a car. Armaan looks mad again and kicks a stone.


Armaan and Raj are in the elevator. Raj asks him if he has taken 'darshan' of "The Car". He asks him if Jassi has told him anything. Armaan tells him how he had followed her and of the lie Bebe told him. Raj is surprised. Armaan says that he is going to talk to her NOW. Raj says sure, but not like this, with this mood. He asks him to calm down. He tells him to take a cool breath in, a cool breath out. Armaan snaps at him that you breathe, I'm going to talk to Jasmeet Walia.


Armaan: Good Morning Jassi.
Jassi: Hello Sir (goes back to work)
Armaan: (trying to act calm) I had called you yesterday, you were not at home.
Jassi: Oh, I was a little late yesterday (gives him a sweet smile).
Armaan's temperature is rising, but he is making his best attempt to maintain his cool.
Armaan: Can I ask u something Jassi?
Jassi: Yes Sir.
Armaan: The car that Nandu has got, has he borrowed it from someone, or rented it?
Jassi :Oh no Sir, it has been bought.
Armaan: By Nandu ?
Jassi: No, by me, Sir.
Armaan is shocked. He explodes..
Armaan: WHAT???!
Jassi: Actually I got it from Kohinoor's money Sir.
Armaan: You mean Gulmohur's money.
Jassi: No Sir, Kohinoor's money, which we have earned.
Armaan (angrily): Without my permission?
Jassi :I remember u telling me that I could take all decisions about Kohinoor Sir..
Armaan (bending close to her): but u could have asked for my advise at least Jassi..
Jassi: Sir, Kohinoor is a big company, and we had to maintain the image of the GM of Kohinoor..So..
Armaan: (angrily dropping some files): You mean to say u got that car for that do take ka Nandu?
Jassi: Not Nandu Sir, for the General Manager of Kohinoor.


Aryaan (yes, after a long time) is asking the guard, whose Mercedez that is. He informs that it is Madam's new car. Aryaan comments that Mallika's got a new car? The guard corrects him that it is Jassi Madam's car. Veeru comes and provides information that it is bought by Jassi's friend Nandu. Aryan is surprised. He says that "Oh! So jassi has got a Maldar (rich) dost and a Shandar (luxurious) car.


Armaan: I'm sorry Jassi..(Calming down)
Jassi: You also think that I am ugly, have no class and don't look good in such a rich car..right Sir? I am not worth that car..
Armaan: No..No Jassi..how can you say that? I didn't mean that..Of course you are worth it..
Jassi: Then why are you angry Sir?
Armaan: (almost ready to strangle her) :It's NOT the car Jassi...I am worried because you are spending more time with Nandu than with me..you took such a big decision for Nandan Verma without even consulting me...
Jassi: If that is the case Sir, then I'll return both the car and your Company..
Armaan is too shocked for words.
Armaan: Jassi..Of course I trust you.. It's just that I feel you are going away from me Jassi..you are seeming distant from me..Why? Tell me Jassi?
Jassi: You have an appt for lunch Sir...
Armaan:: Don't tell me of any appt Jassi...

He is standing close to her when Mallika shouts "Armaan..". Absent-mindedly he growls back "What is it? " He notices her and corrects himself "Coming ..Mallika, I was just discussing something with Jassi".
He leaves.

Mallika starts showing him some pictures of the new apartment which she plans on buying for the 2 of them after their wedding. Armaan disinterestedly goes through them and says all are good. You choose which u like best, and ur choice is the best. She says that it is.


Raj asks Armaan what happened. He tells him everything and also that she said she'll give back the car and company. Raj says that it is not going right, and this was the last thing to expect. Armaan says that Jassi has changed, Raj. He says that he is finding it difficult to handle this new Jassi.

Jassi in her cabin (haan,haan she has heard everything) says to herself "Wait and watch Armaan Sir..After some time you won't be able to handle yourself".


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rouble Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2005 at 11:15am | IP Logged
thanks for the wonderful update daisy!
bas02 Goldie

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Posted: 18 January 2005 at 11:18am | IP Logged
gr8 upd8 as usual!
jprasad IF-Rockerz

Joined: 27 October 2004
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Posted: 18 January 2005 at 11:24am | IP Logged
thanks for the update! I read the update while listening to Yeh
Hum Aage Hain Kahan from Veer Zaara and it made it more

Poor Armaan, Jassi is killing him softly with her love! It is
driving him bonkers!!!! Can't wait to see tonight's episode!
pretty Senior Member

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Posted: 18 January 2005 at 11:35am | IP Logged
Thanx for the lovely update daisy
sukh IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 November 2004
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Posted: 18 January 2005 at 11:47am | IP Logged
thank u so much for a wonderful update...........WinkClapClap
anitha.b IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2005 at 12:18pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the lovely update Daisy.

It is sad that Raj thinks nandu as Rat...what a comparision...he acts too much of a big shot...even Armaan does not think that low...

Today's episode is something worth watching I guess.

Minnie IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 January 2005 at 1:02pm | IP Logged

 Gr8 update and SUPERB episode.Armaan has finally been done in.He has fallen,fair and square.LOL

 Kya din aa gaye hain bichaare Armaan ke.He is being jealous of Nandu,sleeping alone on sofa and dreaming of Jassi and Nandu holding hands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LOL


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