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Kismet ya Chamatkar Promo part 3(a)pg 13

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Hello Everyone,
My name is sumita and in Forums i am sosweetsumi. well i am starting my own fan fic (mind u for the very first time in my lazy life i am doing some hard core work.)
As u can see its based on Lashy  Samyukta u can be rest assured i have taken special permission from Shraddha to use the story. Also my fic base is only same otherwise its completly diffrent. as i was totally inspired by lashy wonderful fic to write my own one(her fic only have given me this idea) and from her wonderful support i have found the courage to post this topic.
please if anyone of you have any doubts or didn't like my topic do tell me. i will stop it .
Now for the fic here is the synopsis of the whole fic. please remember its from shera's point of view so naturally everything is revolving around her as the title suggests.
title : Samyukta :shera's version : Kismet ya Chamatkar.
this is story starts from Samyukta part 22 .
The part where veer insulted shera infront of the whole aryanagar.from here shera journey starts .
Here Real name of shera is Sheriya although i do like Ananya but like sheriya more .
here no Maharani Swasthi i.e. dharam's mother . nivriti is mother figure to dharam just like aryavardhan is father to veer.
this is journey of shera where she meets these three royals (Dharam-Veer and sia being the third one) who changed her life forever and in turn she changed them. the special bond she shares with each of them and love it brought in her life.
all girls want three thing in her life
1.) Respect which she got from Dharam. being elder to her he is always there and a mutual understanding they have due to their love for a common person veer.
2.) SIA :compassion of siblings and more so a sister to share her feelings and care for her.
3.) lastly and but not least veer the love of her life . the sole reason for her Existence.
sheiya is devotee of lord krishna so in fic veer character is more so based on lord krishna.

SAMYUKTA by lashy:

Story so far: Well the story goes on like this In aryanagar Dharam Veer and Agni are three rajkumaras where Agni is the evil one. Dharam Veer has a friend Bhalla Who they treated as their brother , only that Bhalla is not a prince he is the son of a lord .... jaivardahan and agni are plotting against aryanagar by planing a war with other kingdoms.DV got to knew about this by shaaskhi and dhruv ( veers sister and her finacee who have no role in my fic.) So they go to Nipud the neigbhouring kingdom to gather proofs where dharam meets rajkumari sia who mistakenly consider him as her suitor which he is not as she was getting engaged to Rajkumar Harash of Chatapur. their love story started there as sia and dharam fall for each after the clearing of misunderstanding and she rejects harsh & also helps DV in the war by sending them crucial information about agni evil intensions and harsh being part of them.

Here Veer also meets his match in form of Shera a blacksmith daughter .when DV was returning to Aryanagar again shera meets them and in just few meeting actually just 2 with dharam and 3 with veer she created a misunderstanding between them.

This happens as dharam wanted to tell the rajsabha the true intensions of Agni and Jaivaradhan while veer doen't want this to happen as they haven't gather enough strong proofs to prove them guilty but still dharam went ahead and veer supports him but rajsabha rejects their pleas as veer have dharam make veer promise to not to do anything in this matter now .

But veer got some cruical lead regarding this issue and he goes ahead but again become unsuccesful as agni was two steps ahead of them but how nopbody knew.
Here shera take this golden chance to create misunderstading between the lovely duo by pretending to be their well wisher to each one i.e. Dharam and veer and in turn supporting them in their point of views.

so dharam becomes angry on veer and they stopped talikng for few days.but due to war situatiosn they both have to go to state boundaries and again with the help of saakshi veer got the awesome lead as wat  agni actual plans is which was to enagage DV and aryavaradhan in war on boundaries and not to let army bigger troops reach there .Also by involving bheemsen and other revolutnitioneries in their mission they can capture the royal family and royal mothers to become their hostage or might kill them.

veer comes to know about all this and then together DV divulge in a plan to save their family and state .here shera truth also came in front of them as both the brothers cleared their miunderstanding.

well in the Samyukta shera true identity also come in front of all readers as she was spy and little but effective pawn of agni and JV to seperate DV  in which she succed to some extent.(why she have chosen this is job is still unknown which will disclosed in my fic later on after many parts so u have to bear the suspence to some time later).

DV succeds in winning the war as Dharam becomes successful in battlefiled while veer hold the forte in Arayanagar palace and save the royal family.but here Bheemsen tricked him and gravely injured him leaving him half dead on the lonely streets on the state ..but one can say if god want to save someone he will somehow do it also eveything that happens , happens by his will and for good will of his disciples.

so again shera comes into picture and saves veer wiltout his knowing and safely bring him to saakshi's place.while on coming on senses veer again encounters shera in marketplace and humilaited her in front if others . here dharam manages the situation and make him promise to not meet her again while all shera say in her explaianation was tha it was a harmless prank and she didn't meant to cause any trouble without telling anything about agni and others. and they both go to their seperate ways.

so here is the jist till now hope u all will like it.

 Samyukta :shera's version : Kismet ya Chamatkar.

 Part 1 On Route encounter

 At the jungle outside aryanagar
 As the scorching sun burn the moisture of green leaves a lonely figure out her way from the heavy jungle outside Aryanagar.

Attentive of every movement, dressed in khaki angahrakha shirt, thick cotton dhoti wrapped to cover the lower body and red chunri as bandana with lower part hanging on neck hiding the archer belt tied on chest and two large sets of knifes on waist  line shera adjusted the heavy sack on her shoulder and settled the heavy metal stick on the ground.

 As she started craving an Arrow mark on the broad tree bark she sensed some movement behind her back. Startled by the unwanted presence she hide and waited for the intruder to appear in front . Quite surprised to hear human voices in this heavy jungle , specially on this path which only few people knew she waited for quite some time.

Shocked beyond any limits she stare wide eyed the three royals of Aryanagar, the famous duo Rajkumar DharamVeer and their loyal friend Lord Balram appearing out from the distance discussing something with themselves.

 "dharam main keh raha hoon maine yahan kissi ki ahaat suni hai." said veer looking here and there for any king of movement apart from flowing breeze and shuffling  of leaves.

"par yahan to koi nahin hai" cool and calm dharam replied to his younger impatient brother.

"chalo yahan se .bahar ka raasta bhi to dhoondha hai" saying to focus their mind on finding their way out rather some peculiar presence.

"kahin koi janwar to nahin." comes the timid and sacred voice of bhalla.

 Comforting his scared friend by his eyes the brave royal says " nahin wo koi insaan hai uske kadmoon ki awaaz to yehio bata rahi thi........"

suddenly distracted by the unfinished arrow mark on the tree bark he signaled his brothers to take a look. Realizing that veer was being correct to analyze the intruder's presence they started searching in all directions for the invisible enemy holding their swords out to face any kind of attacks.

Quite unaware of them the enemy itself is searching for the way to avoid the encounter. Hiding behind the thick bush shera is looking her for an escape to avoid any further unpleasant encounter like previous one in the market.

 "ahhaaaaaaah"  sensing a hand on her shoulder she got shocked and turned back to meet the eyes of young prince who is equally shocked and baffled by her presence in the dangerous place.

 "Tum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" "tum yahan kya kar rahi ho "  veer shouted in high pitched voice attracting attention from his mates also.

quite taken aback by his reaction shera just keep quite not to let any unpleasant memories of their last meeting to provoke her in some undesirable manner to react in front of the young prince.

not getting any reply from her the young royal gets highly annoyed courtesy to his impatient behavior & was about to say something when a sharp noise got his attention . he shifted to his left to avoid the knife thrown by the young fierce girl.                                                                 

Dumbstruck would be a small word to describe the emotion veer is feeling. Totally numb from shock the other royals waited with bated breath to comprehend the situation in front of them. After some moments recovering from shock the volcano exploded in form of veer's reaction. he charged towards the lonely girl clenching his teeth ,hold her tightly by arm , so tightly that his nails are making a mark on the smooth skin and power of furious prince stops the blood circulation of  veins immediately.

" tum pagal ho kya. tumhari himmta kasie hui mujh par vaar karne ki." totally blinded with rage he was ready to kill her right at that moment. Seeing the scene in front of them dharam reached there in nick of time before  something drastic happened.

 Before anyone can say anything further something caught their attention. Thudddddddddddddddd! Something had fallen from the uppermost branch of the tree where veer was earlier standing.

immediately after touching the ground it screamed in a peculiar hissing sound alarming the onlookers with his poisonous howl. Its a big Cobra, black, slimy about 5 to 6 feet long, wounded as blood is flowing from the lower most part and there in the middle of wound was the knife shera has thrown to restrict him to make the handsome prince his easy prey.

 "veer" comes the echo from both the brothers, concerned about the young lad safety they raced towards him with renewed pace. As for veer for the second time in the same moment he is dumbstruck . Firstly it was anger and now utter disbelief and surprise.

as the young prince received  his brothers attention and in turn assuring them of his well being , the young girl has thrown her second knife at the king cobra , striking him right at head and in a clean and easy stroke killed him .

Finishing her task the brave girl then faced the royal party but on seeing the different and contradicting reactions on royals face she had to control her emotions. Resisting her urge to laugh at their comical reactions bewilderment on dharam , shocked on veer and most comical on bhalla's face who has his eyes and mouth widened to its maximum limit in horror she faced veer ,maintaining a straight face and indicating him to release her arm which has gone numb till now.

 Utterly embarrassed with his earlier reaction veer released the slender arm and realizing the stark irony of the situation he has faced with this girl.

"woh.......main...........aaaaaa.......wohhhhh..........." comes the feeble reply from the otherwise confident prince. Seeing his brother dilemma and feeling extreme gratitude towards the devilish girl dharam tried to ease the situation by taking command and thanking her properly.

" woh hum aapka ka shukriya adaa ..................." but even before he can complete his sentence the young girl started marching towards the tree bark .not even listening to dharam comforting tone shera has gone back to her previous pending work of creating arrow mark on tree bark and completed in 2 swift strokes and after that had gone to collect her knifes from snake stilled body lying in dusk and dried leaves.

 Extracting the knife from the cold body and wiping the thick blood with dried leaves shera was ready to depart when a sudden thought cross her mind. on an impulse she fetched a small thick cloth bag from her sack and start collecting the dead body of king cobra, folding and storing it neatly in the bag .

" ummmmm chalo bhojan ka itejam to ho gaya" talking to herself in a high pitched voice clearly making an effort for others to overhear her rambling as to further jeopardize their minds .

after completing the humorous task she gave the royal party a courtesy bow and with a mysterious smile retraced her steps in the other direction to leave them alone.

 Completely offended by the mere girl behavior veer was trying hard to control his temper completely forgetting his earlier feeling of gratitude for saving his life for the same girl.

 "tum yahan is jungle main kya kar rahi ho." not getting any response from the obstinate girl veer almost shouted on her."main tumse baat kar raha hoon jawab dena nahin chahati ya soojh nahin raha hai."

 "sarkar shera to sirf aryanagar ke rajkumaron ki agaya ka palen kar rahi hai aakir aapke bhai ne hi to rajkumar ko shera jaise gair jimmedhar logon se baat karne se mana kiya tha."
out comes a soft but stern reply from timid girl clearly shaken by the loud growl of the angry prince but still maintaining a brave front.

 "veer !!!!!!!!!!!!!" sensing the girl's discomfort dharam intervenes the conversation.

"dekho hum sirf itna janaa chate hai ki tum yahan kya kar rahi ho"

 shera after gaining some confidence and trying to sound obliged yet not revealing her true destination smoothly replied

"hum is waqt aryanagar se takriban 5 kosh door khade hain.aur is lihaj se aapki taraf shera ki jawabdehi kafi kam ho jati hai sarkar."

 "tumhe kasie pata ki hum kis diksha main khade hain aur aryanagar se 5 kosh door hain." asked the silent bhalla in a much concerned tone who was visibly shocked by the presence of this young girl and now by her intelligent & accurate talks about this dangerous route as if its her daily routine.

 "suraj sar par hai aur humhari raah ki ulati disha main ja raha hai to disha to daskin hi hui sarkar aur rahi baat aryanagar se faisle ki to jis raaste se aap log jungle aaye hain woh jungle ka paschim kona hai aur takriben 20 kosh tak aaga jungle main le jayega. aur kam se kam aap log kal dopehar tak yahan se nikal hi jayege." replied the brave girl in an no nonsense tone clearly having good fun in showing her intelligent side.

 "hey bhagwan iska matlab hum jungle se bahar nikalne ki bajay jungle main andar ja rahe the. aur ab raasta bhi kho chuke hain. ufffffffffff."
the docile bhalla almost cried in frustrations.
 after seeing the desired effect of her statement on the softhearted prince and his companions shera added little dramatically "koi aur sawaal sarkar."

 unable to bear this girl superior attitude veer replied "acha!!!!! !keh to aise rahi ho jaise tumhe pata hai yahan se nikalene ka chota rasta" highly annoyed by the feisty girl attitude and tired from the days journey at last all frustrations came out in from of sarcastic tone from young rajkumar.

 "adhiye kosh Dakhin,
 pandrah Paschim,
 theesh hai Uttar,
 Pahuchna namumkin "
( trans: 2 and half Kms. south, 15 west, 30 to north, but still unreachable.)

speaking in Flat tone devoid of any emotion one could hardly miss the twinkle in shera's eye as she completely ignored veer sacarsm and focused her attention on much calmer dharam.

 "kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" shouted veer on top of his voice further more puzzled and as for the others Bhalla was  too preoccupied to got over the shock of following a wrong direction till now and dharma was trying his best to concentrate on all the other options available in this dire situation.

 "Rasta....................................... Batane ko kaha tha bata diya .koi aur agaya sarkar " replied the stubborn girl in her usual teasing tone clearly enjoying her upper hand at the situation .

 as shera again starts moving a much steady voice stopped her in her tracks.
 "suniye kya aap hume yahan se bahar pahucha sakti hain" comes the soft reply from the elder prince leaving the lonely girl speechless for a moment with the amount of respect shown from a royal to common low tribe girl.
Recovering from the pleasant feeling of having addressed in such dignified and respectable manner shera replied in much sensible tone "raasta to shera bata de par....."pausing and seeing others face she continued " soch liyije sarkar aryanagar ke rajkumaron ko jungle ka raasta shayad pasand nahin aaye ."

 "dharam humhe isse ladki se madad leni ki koi jaroorat nahin hai. hum apna rasta khud talaash lenge."  replied the young price in a much haughty tone clearly showing his royal attitude ."aur waise bhi hum kaise maan le ki  jo rassta ye hume batayegi wo sahi hai." finishing his sentence with much sternness veer refused the pleading look given by bhalla.

 Analyzing the whole situation shera realised her presence is quite unbearable to others and thus without any further delay decided to leave .
 " mausmi hawooan aur banjaraon se koi raasta nahin chupta sarkar.aage jaise sarkar ki marzi." said in a very soft tone as the parting comment shera bowed to the royals showing much desired respect from a commoner before leaving.

 after seeing the girl disappearing in other direction veer turn his attention to his brothers who are giving him funny looks. On one side bhalla was clearly angry & frustrated but can't say anything to him while his elder brother is also not happy with behavior as shown in the disappointment on his face.

 after seeing both reactions veer replied in much naughty tone
"kisne kaha ki hume raasta nahin pata   ?.hume us ladki ki madad leni kya jaroorat hai jab hum uske piche jakar bina usse bataye apna raasta dhoond sakte hain"
 clearly shocked by veer suggestion and quite aware of his stubbornness and tactics the disciplined prince try to pacify him "par veer hum usse pooch bhi sakte hain"

 "kyun bhasora nahin veer par" out comes the reply in the usual jovial and dramatic style by the younger lad.
 "khud se bhi jyadda . par iss tarh bina bataye kissi ka picha karna aur uska faiyada lena kya theek hai" replied the sensible older brother justifying his stand.
 "tum aa rahe ho ya nahin" veer asked in no nonsense tone and seeing that his brother had almost agreed to his usual emotional blackmail.
 "acha baba chalo" said the loving brother after his failed attempts to deviate his brother from his innovative ways.

  After some time in some other part of the jungle someday is pouring her frustrations by talking to her.

 "waah kahna ji! aap bhi kaamal hain jinse bachne ke liye shera Aryanagar se jaa rahi hai apne unhe hi shera ke piche bhej diya.": muttering to herself the young girl is quite preoccupied in her own world but yet attuned to forthcoming dangers if any. She continued " wahan woh baap beta jine nahin dete " pausing and thinking about her masters the evil royals for whom unwillingly she had to go against her conscience and get humiliated also . Again continuing her charade
"aur ghar main baba & tasha .unka ka to haal hi mat poocho. shera aap se shikyayat nahin kar rahi hai par kam se kam jungle main to shanti deni chaiye thi . par nahin yahan par bhi tapak sab. arre yeh rajkumar hai ya shani ki saahesathi . kudli markaar kar shera ki kismat main baith gaye hain. "

 then suddenly smiling to herself her tone becomes quite mischievous  "chalo acha hi hai kam se kam hisaab chukane ke muka to mila.shukriya kanha ji aur maaf karna shera ne aapse itni shikayat ki " clearly enjoying the earlier encounter with royals after  seeing it in amusing manner.
 Suddenly startled from some faint voices she becomes alert. Quietly analyzing her situation the young girl starts preparing her defense while continuing her journey with much faster pace now. After reaching one sharp corner suddenly she disappeared from the previous route.
 After some time the three royal figures comes in front on the same route following the girl but unable to find her in any direction . The leading one responded "arre yeh kahan gayi"

After some unsuccessful trails of finding the lonely figure veer starts muttering to himself "bhoot ki ristedar hai kya !!!!!!!!" seeing his brothers quizzical stares he sheepishly answered " kyaa!!!!!!!!! har baar gayab ho jati hai."

 Shaking his head on his brothers senseless view dharam also started smiling on his funnier facial expression. Before he could reply, both of them gets shocked by bhalla loud scream.

 "aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hey bhagwan" comes the painful and scared reply from the sweet prince who is right now lying on ground with a very shocked and surprised shera on his top firmly holding a knife on his neck.
 "rajkumar bina bataye kissi ka picha karna khatarnak aur jaanlewa saabit ho sakta hai." shera said after recovering from jumping spree ,assuring herself that's its just the royals party but not any other dangerous enemies residing in the forest,  she now faced the young royals.

 Bhalla who is till now lying on the ground starts breathing normally after seeing shera's charming & apologetic smile and accepted her hand to stand up .after shaking herself shera eyed the three young princes who are as silent as mice after getting caught red handed again. Finding a eager need to laugh on their expression the brave girl controlled herself in nick of time somehow surprised on herself as to how often these people can rupture her self control , also how contradicting emotions she feels every time she faces them.
 Broking the silence dharam clears his throat and starts a feeble attempt to clarify the situation.mentally cursing himself for listening to his younger brother senseless ideas dharam somehow said

"ji woh ........ ji woh darshal ......... ji woh hum aapke piche ........ hamaraha matlab hai hum aapka picha nahin kar rahe  the... woh hume ........... "
stammering dharam tried his level best to explain the situation yet finding himself how unconvincing his attempts are and in turn getting even more embarrassed.

 Suddenly finding herself loosing all self control and giving in her desire the young girl startled everyone by her sweet melodious laughter. clucthing her stomach she supported herself by the near by tree but again doubled in helpless laughter's after seeing the comical expressions the royal party.

 "agar dauara katam ho gaya ho to kuch kaam ki baat kare" commanded the youngest lad , annoyment clearly shown on his face veer is visibly upset getting outwitted by the commonly girl and now her mockery laughter is infuriating him. controlling herself shera faced the commandiung person, giving him a smirk she responded in an equally teasing tone

" maaf kijiga sarkar par arayanagar ko hum  kafi piche chod aaye hain aur phir ye to jungle hai , yahan par to jaanwaron ka raj chalta hai. jahan tak shera to pata hai jaanwaron ko to shera ki haasi pasand hai. banjaraaon ke biche saathi jo howe hai woh."

 "saathi ka to pata nahin par tumhare ristedar to jaraaor honge. par wo kya hai na yahan tumheraon ristedaaron ke alwa hum jaise insan bhi hain to kripa karke apni hasi ko kabu main rakiye "
veer replied in much louder and haughty tone.
" kyun shera kyun band kare..........." shera too joined in the senseless banter with the haughty prince but gets deviated by the calm voice of dharam.

 "shera aap hamarai baat suniye...........".
finding herself unable to object to his commanding yet smooth voice shera finds herself restricting the bitter response she was going to give to the arrogant prince.

 "par dharam tum isse............." veer again tried to butt in the conversation but this time getting cut down by dharam quite sternly. addressing his younger brother the older prince tried to pour oil on heated matters while maintaining his and his clan dignity

 "veer ab tum bas bhi karo galkti hamari hai...... humne kaha tha na kissi ka picha nahin karte hain "
pausing he then addressed the lovely girl , quite amazed at her attitude regarding his brother
 "aur shera hum aapse maafi chate hain . hamarah irada aapka galat faiyda uthne ka nahin tha . hum sirf yahan se nikalne ka rasta chate hain. hamarah kahin pahoochna bahut jaroori hai. kya aap hamari madad karengi"

"kahan pachunchan hai aapko" shera addressed the elder prince in no nonsense tone.
"tumhe isse matlab" pat comes the reply from the younger lad before the elder prince can even react.

shaking her head at the stubbron voice owner shera completely ignored his queries and again addressed the responsible prince "rajkumar sahi raah pata lagane ke liye mazil ka pata hona jaroori hota. shera sirf itna janana chati ki woh aapki kissi madad karne hogay hai bhi ya nahin."

 Thinking sometime on the other alternative the calm prince had to agree with the fact that he had to disclose at least some details of his destination to this girl. Quite apprehensively he said
" hume kishan gangh pahunchne hai"
 "par jis raaste shera ja rahi hai wo to kishengangh nahin jata"
shera said in a serious tone.
 "kya hum phir se galat raaste par the hey bhagwan!!!!!!!!!!!!" out comes the reply from Bhalla who was silent till now had started muttering to himself "hey bajrangbali kya aapne hume yahin jungle main jaanowaron ka bhojan banae ka vichar kar liya hai. kuch to madad kijiye."

 "dekha dharam maine kaha tha na yeh hamare kissi kaam ki nahin hai"
veer again talked in the much overconfident tone perfectly showing the attitude ' i know everything'. Pausing and looking back to the young girl he again asked "wasie tum ja kahan rahi ho ."

 "rajkumar shera aapko kishengangh to nahin par Hathras kasbe tak pahuchna sakti hai wahan se aapko kishen gangh ke liye sawaaari mil jayegi" Again completely ignoring veer question shera answered the elder prince. quite surprised at her knowledge dharam asked her in a much glad tone hope clearly shown on his face
"wahan tak pahucne main kitna waqt lagega."
 "kal subaha ka suraj aap Hathras main deknege yeh shera ka waada hai aur agar kahana ji ne sath diya to dopahar tak aap log kishengangh pachunch hi jayegene."
shera replied a very confident tone.
 "itna bharosa ..... khud par ya phir is jungle par"
 "koi aur hukum sarkar"
 smiling on the naughty girls tactics of irritating his brother dharam gave one assuring smile to his brother instantly calming his fury of being ignored and replied "nahin bas wahan jitni jaldi pahuchna do utna acha hai."
 "jo agaya" quite dramatically answering dharam shera again started her teasing charade " wasie shera sirf raasta bata sakti hai pahucna ka waqt to rajkumaron par nirbar karta hai pata nahin junglee rassta pasand aaya na aaye." smirking to the younger prince shera smiled to herself after getting the desired effect in the form of angry growl from veer
 " tumhe uski parwah karne ki jaroorat nahin hai.samghji tum ..................."
 before the situation worsens dharma takes command
 " hume ab chalna chaiye"
"shurkh hai ab hum sahi raaste to ja rahe hain"
commented the much relieved bhalla after getting assured that they have finally found the correct way.Giving a sweet smile to bhalla  shera picked up her sack which was hidden behind large bushes and started her journey as the new commander while the royal party becomes the follower. dharam and bhalla started to go after the young girl while the stubborn veer was still thinking to follow or not to follow the same path.Thinking some time and seeing no other option the young lad started to move towards his elder brother who was patiently waiting quite some yards away while deliberately avoiding any eye contact with the fiery girl.

after sometime the traveling party stopped as the girl commander suddenly halted her steps and abruptly moved to nearby tree."ab kya hua" sudden stoppage have raised many questions in everybody's mind.
 Right in front of them shera was busy collecting little berries while veer muttered in a high pitched voice.

"uffffffff  to ab maharani ko bhook lagi hai pata nahin ab aur kitna jelna padega."
muttering to himself veer was completely pissed off .
"agar khajana bhar gaya ho to aage chale."

 Smiling naughtily shera went on the other side of tree for collecting more berries just to annoy haughty prince and deliberately started taking more time to collect the sweet ones.
"dekhoo tumm!!!!!" quite appalled by the girl's mischief veer was again ready for verbal drawl when dharam calm voice soothed him.
"veer!!!!!! dharam said quietly getting as instant reaction form the impatient brother.
"kya dharam tum bhi na...."

Suddenly surprised by the large collection of berries in front of his eyes being offered by the naughty girl with sweet smile dharam was visibly taken aback by her generous offer.
 "rajkumar shera iske ilaawa aap logon ko kuch bhi bheante nahin kar sakti . is jungle main khane ke liya sirh yahi hai aur raasta kafi lamaba hai so aap chaye to inhe swikaar kar sakte hain. "
shera said in soft tone quite pleased by the elder prince earlier dignified treatment towards herself.
Melted by her sweet gesture and sincere effort for their well being dharam smiled gladly to her and tried to say something but before that veer harshly refused by saying
"shukriya par hume tumhari in berron ki jaroorat nahin............ hum theek hain."
frowning by the young prince arrogant tone and dejected by the harsh refusal shera find herself recalling the earlier humiliating experience and return of bitter feeling towards the royal clan.
Seeing the changing expressions on the girl's face by his brother harsh refusal dharam take hold of the matter before the  issue got more blown up.

"shera aap ke prastav ke liye shukriya par hum log theek hain par haan agar aap bhalla ko yeh beera dengi to hume kafi acha lagaaga wasie bhi jis tarah se woh in baareon ko dekh rahen hain unhe ab tak bhook lag chuuki hai aur rajkumar bhalla ko bhook bardshaat nahin .... kyun veer"
 Giggling to herself then shera offered the whole collection to sweet bhalla who was glad to have such understanding company and started eating quickly making others chuckling to themselves.
while the other two was busy enjoying their fruit lunch veer bombarded dharam with his queries.

 "dharam tum hmeash muhje rok kyun dete ho"
facing his brother veer was looking visibly upset by her brother stand regarding the mischievous girl..
"veer gussa har baat ka hal nahin hai"
dharam tried to explain his stand.
 "dharam agar wo theek dang se meri baaton ka jawab de de to main gusssa nahin karoonga par usse to mazza aat hai mujhe tang karne main" pat comes the irritated reply from younger sibling.
 "to tum usse mauka hi mat do aur rahi baat tumhera sawaalon ki to jaroori nahin ki har insan tumhara kehna mane aur tumhe sab kuch bataye." dharam again tried to make him understand the gravity of the situation.
 Visibly hurt by her brother taking side of that stranger girl veer sighed defeatly and asked
"tum uski itni tarafdari kyun kar rahe ho dharam ..." pausing he again continued
"jahan tak muhje yaad hai yeh wahi ladki hai jiski wajah se hamarahe beech main itni badi galat femni hui thi aur tumne hi isse baat karne se muhe mana kiya tha phir aaj itni tarafdari  ......... kyunnnn." unable to control further the hurt prince poured his heart out.

"kya tum sab kuch bhul gaye ho. tum isse kaise maaf kar sakte ho mera bas chalta to main to wahim bazaar main isee acha sabak sikhata par us waqt bhi tumne mujhe rok diya . iski jara si shaatani hume kitni takleef de gayi thi kya tunhe ye bhi yaad nahin dharam tummmm...."
 "bas veer ...."
totally understanding his brothers plight the affectionate brother hold his hand and addressed him tenderly "tab main aur ab main fark hai. hum kuch nahin bhoole aur na hi humne use maaf kiya. par naraaz hone main aur nafrat karne main farq hota hai veer."

gazing at the hurt expression of his brother dharam replied with moist eyes
 "hum jante hai ki uski pichi harktoon ne hume kafi dukh pahuchaya hai par aaj usne tumheri jaan bachayi hai hum ye bhi to nahin bhool sakte aur ab wo hume sahi raaste par le ja  rahi hai jisse hamare maksad main kafi madad hogi to woh itni hakdar to hai ki usse izzat se peah aaya jaye."

after recovering himself he again continued
"yaad hai bua ne hamesha hume ladikyon aur auratoon ki izzat karni sikyaki hai."
 not understanding his elder sibling stand clearly the stubborn prince still don't want to give up and replied
"ladiyon ki izzat karna sikhya hai musibatoon ki nahin ..."
 Smiling at his brother stubbornness and funny comments dharam replied light heartily
"chalo musibat hi sahi par aaj issi musibat ne tumhe muskil se nikaala hai aur tumhari jaan bachne wale ke to hum sau khoon bhi maaf kar sakte hain.tum se jyadda hume koi pyaara nahin veer agar tumhe kuch ho jata to ...." choking at his words as dharam recalled the earlier dangerous situations shuddering at the fact that his dear brother was in danger again.

 "arre kaise ho jata . tum to aise keh rahe ho jaise wo saap nahin sher tha aur agar hote bhi to veer usee bhi hara deta. arre muhje is musbit ke esshaan ki koi jaroot nahin main khud hi usse mita deta yeh to bas bich main aa gayi."
assuring his brother of his safety and veer replied arrogantly

 "acha....." making flat face dharam replied naughtily "kammal hai us waqt to tumhari bhi bolti band ho gayi thi. bikul chup khade the."

"arre wo to main chauk gaya tha isliye ."
replied sheepishly the younger lad averted his eyes from teasing ones of his brother while internally he was glad that his brother was now over his emotional state." waise tumhe ahsaan mana hai to mano main to iski shakal se bhi chidta hoon samhje" veer replied.
 "samaj gaye." dharam at last give up accepting that his stubborn brother can never changed.
"ab hum logon ko chalna chaiye." shera called them while finishing the last of berries with bhalla.

"haan agar bhalla ji aur aap ka bhojan smaapt ho gaya ho to chalegene hi waise bhi kitni deer ho gayi hai."
muttering to himself veer proceeds towards other two.

shaking his head at his brother stubbornness dharam also joined them and together they resumed the journey.Few moments passed without much happening and traveling party reached their next stoppage. now In front of them was a dense forest vastly covered with tall and shady trees. Trees  so big and tall that even sunlight was hardly passing through them wrapping the place in never ending darkness and in turn giving the atmosphere a very eerie and creepy effect. The flowing breeze was filled with stinging smell of rottenness and some peculiar noise of rustling leaves & flying birds.

"hum ruk kyun gaye."
Bhalla asked for the reason for the sudden stoppage. Satisfied and competent after having his lunch the young lad was very much in high spirits right now.
"sshhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!" keeping a finger on her mouth shera indicated others to keep quite and then whispered.

"yeh jungle ka sabse khartnaak ilaaka hai junglee janwaroon se bhara hua. jara si aahat aur hamare swaatgat ke liye puri toli aa jayegi."
this silenced eager royal while the other two become attentive and ready to strike any wild beast coming in their way. Taking out their swords they are ready to move forward when something halted their steps.
The young girl had started her journey but this time she is not grounding her steps on the rough surface instead she dug hard the pointed stick she was earlier carrying in the ground, firmly placing her entire weight on it and then using her right toe she created a small foothold in the dirty ground which was entirely covered with dried leaves and fallen branches and thus making minimum of sound which even her fellow companions can't hear even in such shorter distance.
she completed this tiresome procedure in short spam of time with such ease and comfort that the onlookers where left  spellbound at her skill of balancing body and sheer brilliance of the entire trick to avoid any unnecessary attention, even  the haughty Veer was impressed by her shift body movement and wise thinking.
"akal ka istemaal acha kar leti hai" the haughty prince was busy in his train of thoughts when the presence of a firm hand on his shoulder diverted his attention towards his brother. Mentally chiding himself for getting distracted and moreover admiring the commonly girl he again focused his attention on the present situation. while successfully reaching to a nearby tree few yards away shera turned back and indicated others  in sign language to reach there  with the help of footmarks she had already created. Getting over the surprise of the brilliant display of intelligence and courage the royal party quietly obeyed her commands trusting completely their helper and companion.
One by one both Dharam and Veer started their journey towards the tree with Veer leading Dharam in the middle and Bhalla the last. While Veer reached first to the end Dharam was still in the midway when they hear some slow howls coming in their direction. Suddenly the atmosphere becomes completely tensed as panic reached the entire team. Veer was getting concerned about his brothers while Dharam was looking for Bhalla to catch up with him.
just before Bhalla started to quicken his speed to reach up to Dharam something collided with his right leg and he came down on the ground with a loud crash.
Bhalla !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
while Dharam raced towards the younger lad Veer shouted on an impulse immediately regretting his reaction as the voice echoed to large distance due to the silence.
just as Dharam was about to reach the fallen lad something caught his attention. Just behind the place where Bhalla is lying the bushes are moving in some random order as if someone is deliberately trying to overcome it.
Sensing the danger nearby Dharam looked back and indicated Veer to stay back .quickening his pace  Dharam reached Bhalla in nick of time to realize that younger prince has a great fall due to entanglement of some dry bushes criss-crossed in a complicated manner. Dharam signaled veer to remain there at his place and they will soon reach there as situation is under control. Retrieving his knife he started to cut the entire bunch when again the movement started from behind. Not to take any chances Dharam was ready to search for the disturbing element when the bush itself gave a narrow clearing and two pair of eyes come into view.
curiously looking to the royal clan the two pairs then doubled into four as another two sparkling eyes came into view. While the human party waited with bated breath the eyes then transformed into tow tiny forms.

Releasing their breath the party then sees a very cute and admirable pair of two tiny bears in front of them who were equally surprised to see them. While they were undoubtly weak in front of the human race they were putting up a brave front by growling and staring fiercely.


Quite amused by the pair in front of them Dharam quietly finished his work of cutting the entangled bush and supported his brother to stand properly. without disturbing the growling species the royal pair silently retraced their steps to their fellow companion who were anxiously waiting for their safe return when a large growl sound halted their steps and they turned back.

Shouted the youngest lad to see his beloved brother in danger while the earlier duo was still under the  grave shock of the attack. Within a few seconds they recovered and started to fight the fierce battle of their lives with the wild beast which in this case was large 5-7 foot tall 200 pounds mother bear glaring furiously on the royal duo of injured princes.
dharam started to move backwards towards veer when at sudden the large bear attacked taking them by surprise. both the royal sprang apart and jump in opposite direction to avoid getting hurt. Observing their defensive action bear was more annoyed and charged towards bhalla who was already yelping in pain due to injured ankle. On sensing bhalla in grave dharam charged towards the bear attacking with a large stick lying beside him on ground as his sword was thrown apart quite a distance away in their earlier defensive jump.Striking the bear with the large stick on his back dharam deviated her from attacking bhalla .the bear now  growled in anger on being disturbed and turned his direction. instead of pouncing on bhalla she now starts charging towards dharam.

 bhalla veer ke pass jao main isse sambhalata hoon.
 shouted the brave brother to ensure that his younger clan is safe. While  Bhalla was still shivering with horrific situation becomes more anxious seeing his elder brother bravely fighting with the wild beast.

 A heavy war started between the brave royal and the wild beast while the bear was growling, shouting ready to pounce on her prey dharam was expertly handling her moves by his swift movement and superb fighting skills. the other onlookers were totally numbed with fear as they stood glued to their places as one  wrong move define death. this continue for a long time for everyone  when in reality it hasn't been a few moments but in such dire conditions time stand still or it seems to be for all the human race present at that moment witnessing the toughest battle of survival.

suddenly something unusual happened a thick bush which dharam has earlier teared from bhalla got entangle in his left leg and in turn restricted his movement just when he was supposed to move aside to dotch the bear attack. On the other hand finally finding the golden opportunity bear pounced on her prey and strike with his right paw on dharm's left arm. as sharp nails contacted with the smooth human skin the young lad screamed with pain.
 and straight hit the ground with fierce attack of pain and momentary dizzy spell its causing. but soon recovered himself as bear started her second round of attack too early but here something changed suddenly she can't move forward instead she retraced her steps and turn around for the second time yelping in pain this time.

Slowly as towering form of large bear move aside dharam can see the outline of his younger brother emerging holding his sword high in his arms he has attacked bear from back stopping him further injuring his brother. veer who was earlier standing with the shera have moved to rescue his brother in such spilt second reaction that no one have even noticed his absense till now.
Reaching his brother in one swift move he holds the injured lad tightly in his arms and dragged him a few distance away.
 tumhe yahan ane ki kya jaroorat thi . hum sambhal lete.........
dhrama whispered to veer while the latter continue to drag him away from danger.

ho gayaaaa.......
veer said in such hush tone that silenced dharam further queries .while dharam was busy seeing the bear oncoming action veer inspected the wound on his brother arm . Gravely pained by the ugly sight he starts marching towards bear to finish the devil once for all when something happens to startle everyone.
Something like a strong hissing sound passed through wind and struck hard retrieving a painful scream from struck being. Before veer can completely kill the bear or the dangerous war again started again jungle silence disrupted with loud and painful growl of mother bear as a sharp arrow had struck her on her paw making her limp and restricting her ground movement completely.
Greatly astonished by the series of action and appearance of the sharp arrow from nowhere the royals brothers were looking each others face and then growling injured form of bear. It takes a moments time for royal duo to realize the master archer is there with them only.

Shocked will be a shorter word for the description of the emotion going through their minds rite now. Feeling surprised they lift up their eyes to look for the new intruder when they saw a familiar person but a not so familiar weapon in front of them. supporting their lovable brother by placing his hands on her delicate shoulders shera was moving towards them holding a Bow made of thick wood and metallic string reformed from the earlier normal heavy stick she was holding.

 tum theek to ho na dharam
Bhalla asked in a concerned tone while his eyes was moisting with the terrible pain his brother is going through just to ensure his safety. Sitting with his elder brother the cute royal was looking totally shaken up with the close encounter of death while the others were trying to pacify him.
 hum theek hai Bhalla
dharam replied masking his pain.
 while the veer was trying to stop the flow of blood by tying a neat piece of cloth on his brothers wound.
 isse zakm par bandh dijiye khoon band ho jayega.
shera said as she offered few fresh cut leaves from the near by neem tree. For the first time in the entire encounter veer did agree with her suggestion without delaying tied it neatly on the wound. for a few moments nobody said anything as everyone is busy going through the tirade of emotions for the earlier close encounter. Then quickly accessing situation Dharam takes the command and charged everyone
 hume jald se jald yahan se nikalna chiaye.
Standing firmly his brother's support he winced in pain due to hand movement as they plan to proceed. Seeing his brother struggling with pain veer couldn't hold back his bitter statement
 to yeh hai tumhare chtotta rasta. ratsa kya hia maut ke dwaar khol diye hain  tummmmmm........
he was going to continue his bitter charade when again his brother interrupted him
 just his one call was enough to restrict him saying anything further while shera was offered her support for the wounded Bhalla by passing him a thick stick from adjacent tree as he still can't able to walk properly. As they proceed forward shera said in soft addressing tone :
apnon ko bachne main hamesha khud ko hi zakmi karna padta hai..............then somewhat philosophically added par kya kare zimmedari li hai to puri to karni padegi.phir chahe jaan hi kyun na chali jaye.
 Not able to understand her double meaning words the confused royal then saw the scene which has caught her fascination. right in front of them was the same mother bear who has earlier their biggest enemy still writhing in pain but this time she was also cooing her little one who was totally shattered by his mother's condition and looking her with innocent eyes while the other active one was trying to extract the sharp arrow with small paws and not so sharp nails.
 kissi ke ghar main guskar usi par vaar karne ki insan ki purani bimaari ka phal hamshe bejubaano ko bugtana padta hai aur hum inhe wasiee janwaar kehte hai.
 shera concluded her earlier statement with a sarcastic node as other human now come in terms of her course of action for  not killing the mother bear  but just injuring her enough to restrict her movement as she understand that the latter is just protecting her clan just like them from intruders which in this case are the human forms present there.

 While the injured ones was moved by beyond the words by the fascinating vision the aggressive price who was earlier thundering also mellowed down from his earlier outburst and feel quite ashamed of his emotions for killing the loving mother in front of them while depriving the young's one of her affection and care. Quietly without disturbing the lovely family they move forward towards their destination keeping their pace swift and fast this time but still in a controlled manner as two of their team members are injured. while dharam was coping wonderfully and now running along veer and shera bhalla is still struggling with the stick and taking a little more time than the others.

kya baat hai bhalla tum to abhi se boodhe ho gaye ho veer tried to enlighten the atmosphere by cracking joke of course this time in a hushed tone.
chiding his brother for making a joke of his condition the lovely lad muttered in low tone

haan haan tum to do pagh main pura jungle naap daloge na . yahan main ek pair se doodh raha haoon aur tum do par bhi theek se chal bhi nahin pa rahe ho.

veer bhalla ko mat chedo usse dard ho raha hai.
dharam defended younger one while indicating the naughty prince through his eyes to not to poke fun at their sweet companion.
arre maine kahan kaha ki dard nahin ho raha hia main to bas keh raha tha ki bhalla jwaani se pehle si boodhape ki oor bad gaya hai replied the naughty lad in clear mockery while his eyes danced in merryment no one can miss the mischievous glint in his eyes.
totally irritated by his brothers comments bhalla stop struggling with the stick and instead start marching ahead in a more fast pace not even looking back at the contented smile at his naughty brother's face who has achieved his mission of deviating his mind from the seething pain and horrific encounter.while dharam patted veer on the shoulder there was someone whom they have totally forgotten till now.

Seeing them from little distance shera felt a strange pang of jealously from their affectionate and warm relationship .thinking in her mind she continued her earlier conversation  
kahan to duniya main satta ki bhook main bhai bhai ka dusman hua pada hai .............aur yahan yeh namune hain jo pyaar ke itne bhooke hain ki iske liye jaan bhi challi jaye to haste haste swikkar kar lenge .......... Waaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh kahana ji!!!!!!! apki leela shera ki samajh ke pare hai. pata nahin kab kaun sa chamatkar dikha do.lagta hain is baras aapane janam se pehle hi leelayian dikane ka mann bana liya hai. pehele inhi ke khilaaf gunaah karvate ho phir beizzat bhi karveta ho aurphir jab shera inse door jana lagti hai to inhi ko uske saamne la khada karte ho aur to aur shera ko madad karne par majboor bhi kar dete ho. janate hain na app ab ustav ke dino main to shera  manna bhi nahin kar payegi. ab aur koi chamatkar mat karne lagana .BASS is baras ke liyte bahut ho gaya.

Looking up in the sky she silently paryed to her lord for not to bring any other entertainment in her day forgetting the simplest fact that everthing that happens happened due his wish and as she herself stated that lord has definatly diffrent plans for this season . Plans that are going to change lifes not only hers but also the others she encountered or going to meet in few days time. This festive seaon god will take birth for not only to ward off evil in the world and betterment of  humans but also for changing the life course action of his few beloved childs who he has specially sent to spread the message of love and lost was she in her thoughts that she didn't realise the others were looikng at her strangly.unknown to her they all are trying to interpret her personality specially the haughty prince who was finding her silence compltely unbearble.

 khulli anaankon se sapne dekene ke liye to zindagi padi hai agar aapki agaya ho to hum agaa bade
shaking the lost girl from her thoughts the haugthy prince commeted in clear tone clearly indicating that he is not ready to spare a single minute in the danger zone anymore. Seeing the desired effect he was hoping in the form of slightly embarsseed and irrated frown which the superb actrees cleverly masked behind the straight face he continued
 waise bhi jungle main jaaanwaron ke ilaawa aur koi to sapnon aane se raha to unhe to aap aage aaram se bhi bula sakti . aakir aapke ristedar ho hain daude chale aayegnge. veer finished his statement with proud smirk clearly enjoying the upperhand he gained by his superb timimg and catching the girl in one of her weak moments.
veer ab abas karo .shera aap theek hain dharam asked in his sincere tone quite puzzled with the silent behavoior of otherwise chatty girl.
shera to bikul theek hai sarkar aur raha sawwal shera ke ristedarron ka to pichel ristedaar kuch khaas pasand nahin aye rjakumar ko. kafi bhaari pad gaye the sabko. shera replied in a equal teasing tone clearly indicating that she is no less in this war of words.
while dharam was amused by her answer bhalla was happy to see her usual form back veer was throughtly annoyed by being outwitted.
ab chalo. he end the matter and rush forward.shaking their the others followed.  
After walking quite some time the traveling party reached near a lake.
arre iss jharnaien par to koi pull hi nahin hai hum iske paar kaise jayenge whined bhalla quite adorably making the other royal duo smile at his cute antics.
Koi baat nahin bhalla hum abhi tumhare liya palki magva dete hain mahal se.
veer replied naughtily.
Sachiiiiiiiiiiii nodding his head and looking hopefully towards his brother he then realized something and replied  par mehal ko to hum kafi piche chod aaye palki ko yahan tak lane main kafi waqt lag jayga na. asked the innocent prince not quite understanding his brother mischievous pranks.

At this veer burst out and a clear laughter can be heard from the naughty prince who was clutching his stomach tighly.even dharam chuckled at the innocent query by adorable prince clearly enjoying the banter between his sweet and naughty brothers.
arre tum hass kyun rahe ho bhalla was completely baffled by the behavior his brothers are showing. not able to resist anymore veer started rolling on his place while dharam was trying his level best to control the helpless laughter arising by the funny banter. Quickly recovering dharam explained to the younger lad
bhalla tum bahut bhole ho, veer to mazak kar raha tha koi palki nahin aane wali hai.

kyaaaaaaaaaa yeh sirf mazak tha
bhalla asked in such disappointed tone that even dharam burst out. Completely hurt by his brothers prank bhalla was dejected for not getting the palki as well as dharam reactions also.
dhrama tum bhi veer ka saath de rahe ho
bhalla said in such emotional tone that dharam realised they have crossed the limit and hurt the sweet lad .this immediately stopped their laughter and replaced it with newly formed guilt for dharam and as far as veer is concerned he is ashamed for even doing such pathetic prank. The lovely duo then proceeds towards their sweet brother who has now turned his back and facing other direction.quitely they both reached to the injured prince and place their hands on his shoulders.

hume maaf kar do bhalla hume aisa nahin kehna chiya tha.
dharam started the guilty plea while veer pleaded with his famous charming smile and funny faces which he is making to cheer his brother. At this time bhalla just shrugged his shoulders and said in much comical tone theek hai aaj ke liye maaf kar deta hoon par aage se aisa mat karna .
Understanding bhalla cheerful reply dharma said in not so serious tone jo agaya sarkar.
agar ab sab theek hai to agge bade
now bhalla commented in same serious tone used by dharam imitating him so perfectly that trio laughed at the entire conversation and soon everything was alright.

bhai baat to bhalla ki sahi hai ab hume chalna chiayie kyun shera ab agga kya karna hai.
dhrama turned back asking their guide in the journey.
shera!!!!!!! shera !!!!!!!!arre yeh kahan chali gayi.
dharam asked himself completely shocked by not the finding girl who was just behind them few moments back.

kya hua dharam chilla kyun rahe ho
bhalla asked the concerned lad while veer was still busy pondering over the problem of crossing the lake as he know in this dangerous jungle they can't risk to swim ,danger is there at every step be it the Dangerous beasts of jungle or the poisonous ones in the water.
Not wanted to trouble  bhalla anymore dharam replied in somewhat concerned manner trying his level best to avoid his voice from shaking with the fear of the unexpected happened to the lonely girl in this fearful jungle while desperately praying that all his bad thoughts are just fruit of his wild imagination
shera yahan nahin hai.he reported to the rest of the party in a mild whisper.

arre yahin kahin hogi aur kahan jayegi.
veer replied in not so interested tone still involved in the current problem of crossing the lake he didn't even bothered to hear the entire statement correctly.
kyaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!! This time it was bhalla's turn to be shocked as even he can guess from the concerned tone of his brother that something is not right also in this dangerous place anything can happen to his lovely companion.hearing bhalla shocked reply veer turned his complete attention to his brothers to identify what has really happened.

Just by seeing his brother face he can guess the entire scenario quickly hiding his anxiety of any dreadful happening behind his confident posture he indicated others through eyes what they had to do and started his search in the adjacent direction.follwing his cue other prince also started to move towards the different directions anxious with all the cruel thoughts crossing their minds.
After some unsuccessful search they all reached to their prior place only to find the subject of their search waiting patiently for them only. while bhalla was visibly happy and strolled in much joyful manner towards her dharam was gravely relieved finding her safe and sound. Only veer has a complete unidentified expression on his face. nobody can guess the string of emotions he had felt in those few moments.its a mixture of all the feelings be it anger on her disappearance or his carelessness of not giving enough attention to her safety, frustration on not being able to fulfill his duty to protect her as she being their fellow companion is their responsibility also shock that a mere fear of something cruel happening to her can shake him completely but now seeing her in front of his eyes he is completely appalled by these strange unfamiliar feelings he felt in his every encounter with this not so familiar girl.

On reaching the lonely figure  as dharam started to say something bhalla started off in much concerned manner not bothering to give the elder one any chance to speak
shera aap kahan chali gayi thi hum to daar hi gaye the ..........
even before shera can reply to the lovely lad query he again started his charade .not waiting for the answer he continued.
aapko to pata hai yeh jungle kitna khataknaak hai abhi abhi to ek kharate se nikal kar aaye hain. aapko bata ke jana chiya tha. hume chinta hone lagi thi ................
after sometime not getting any answer he asked concernly not understanding the strange behavior of the chatty girl
 aap kuch bol kyun nahin rahi hain.

bhalla agar aap kissi ko bolne ka mauka kabhi to wo jawab dengi na.dharam patted the younger lad and faced the lonely girl who was equally shocked by the concerned behavior of the lovely prince .
Ji who main......... stammered the otherwise confident and witty girl not being able to form the sentence properly quite Overwhelmed by the attention and concern displayed by the royal clan shera was numbed with emotions and take a long time before replying.
aap theek to hain na shera kya baat hai
this time even dharam was curious by her strange behavior as till now she portrayed herself with such power and confidence that her meek reply was enough to make any known people concerned for the lovely person.
ji woh main yeh phal lene gayi thi. shera replied recovering from the pleasant feeling she encountered from concern display of such lovely princes who she had met just thrice in her life till now yet their care have indebted her to no bounds making her feel like a human all again which she has quite forgotten after such lonely years of struggling life.

Showing the fruits in her hands shera was about to continue her explanation at the sudden disappearance act when veer's thundering voice interrupted her
inhe kya hua dharam yeh to bilkul theek hai.
Thundered veer completely blinded with rage cursing her in his mind all this trouble for such petty issue can't she just tell them that she is hungry and that too after having those berries thinking he continued in the loud tone.hume hi pagal hai jo inki fikaar main mare ja rahe the yeh to yahan apni masti main ghum rahi thi inhe kya parwaah ki baki logon par kya beet rahi hain.
veer uski baat to sunne do
dharam tried to intervene in the matter before veer completly blows it out with anger as he has seen shera is still looking somewat  lost.
nahin dharam ab bas abki baar nahin
veer rejected flatly to see any other explanation offered by his brother he gestured his brother to let him finish with the matter and replied in his usual arrogant tone
maine kahan tha na tumse dharam yeh ladki kissi izaat ke laayak nahin hai isse koi fark nahin padta koi kya socta hai bas apne liye hi jeeti hai yeh. aise swaatrhi logon ki to parawah karna bhi galat hai........ now turning towards shera he addressed her in quite haughty tone
aur tum!!!!!!!!!..yeh mat boolhana tum yahan hamari zimmerdari ho to ek mehrahbaani karo hum par jab tak hamarhe saath ho apni in garzimmedaran harktoon par kaboo rako .pahel hi kum parehsani nahin hai jo tum aur badana shru kar do.samhji.........

Shaking his head the angry prince glared furiously at the shocked girl completely ignoring the hurtful expression he has encountered at the lovely face on being called selfish and irresponsible.

rajkumar shera ki chinta karne ke liye shukriya par shera apna dhyaan khud rakh sakti hai.
shera said in compltely confident tone displaying her inner determination and strength .wounded she maybe by the current accusations of the angry prince she couldn't neglect the concern hidden behind those hurtful words which has taken her by surprise while she can fathom bhalla and dharam caring reactions not in her wild imagination she would have dreamt to have one from veer . only the way of showing it is different but yet it was there bang on. don't know why but this has melted all the bitterness for the arrogant prince have earlier displayed even shera was quite suprised by sudden warmth she was feeling towards them. Confused by the strange emotions she encountered while facing these royals citizens all she can do was to wait for others to say anything as she was being fed up of their scrutiny.
for quite some time no one said anything as silence sprawls in the surrounding bhalla's sheepish reply cutted the tension with the clear soothing effect of the water over the hearted circumstances.

shera hume maaf kae dijye hume saare beer nahin khane chiya the. humne aapka dhayawaad bhi nahin kiya aur aapko khane bhi  nahin diya.
replied the lovely prince in such cute tone that shera couldn't help smiling at the adorable lad who was giving  such guilty expression as in it was his fault for not providing enough lunch to her that has caused the entire a charming smile to the sweet royal shera then replied in a soft tone koi baat nahin rajkumar bhalla shera ko bhook nahin lagi hai .

arre to phir yeh phal kiske liye hain
bhalla said in hopeful tone glad that his sweet companion have guessed his hunger pangs and had gone so out of way to help him have some lunch again, but suddenly he felt more guilty as becoz of this she might fall in danger and veer had scolded her so badly.glaring at veer he managed to have his most angry facial experssion to show his displeasure on younger lad's previous behavior.despite not showing any interest the other two have guessed the thoughts running through the sweet lad's mind. while veer was quite shocked by bhalla angry scowl for that unknown stranger dharam smiled at his brother's cute antics who was looking at fruits with such sudden interest that anyone can guess his hunger pangs.

yeh phal nahin zeher hai sarkar.
shera replied to the hopeful royal quite regretful to dash his hopes. now this statement have caught others fancy also.
kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! yeh zeher hain...............
comes the shocked reply from sweet prince then in a concerned tone he again asked par tum zeher kyun khane wali ho.

Amrit prapti ke liye vishpaan to bholenaath ko bhi karna pada tha phir hum to sadaharan manusay hain sarkar replied the witty girl in usual tone indicating others that the tension earlier formed is gone now.

Ab Chale clearly imitating veer's voice she indicated others to move on as their destination is still far away.while bhalla was still pondering over her earlier statement veer was confused on her normal behavior as neither she replied back to him like previous times nor she looks offened over his tone only dharma was satisfied  and indebted to her for handling the situation so maturely.

  Jungle series part 2 :

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hey...ur FF souns goood...plz conti...
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ur ff sounds realllllyyy interesting... plssss doo continue.....
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hey it's brill yarr cont soon.
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hey wow..its an interesting...pls continue....Smile
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do cont soon sumi
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It's very interesting,plz continue asap.
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it was gr8 sumi plz cont soon ...

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