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Manzil (AR FF) Discontinued!

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Yippee I found my old FF and now I am going to turn this baby in to an AR FFLOL Ok I am like a huge KaSh fan but KaSu fans are welcome to choose whoever
I started this FF in the Kuch Is Tara section but discontinued it when I lost interest and the show ended however I loved the concept I had in mind so I am re-posting it with editsEmbarrassed Please enjoy and leave comments
Guys looks like I am on a role today 2 FF's in one dayLOL
P.S.- since I have a few parts of this FF already completed I will post the first 2 parts today and the Role of Big D is played by our beloved Nani from DMG in this story however she is Armi's Dadi
Disclaimer- I promise to follow all the Rules of IF in the following FF
 Part 1

Riddhima stood staring out her window watching the waves rise and fall; how ironic she wondered the waves had reflected so much of her life, its ups and its downs reminded her of the turbulences she had faced. She watched silently as the minutes on her large clock above the mantelpiece ticked away. She had never been the silent sort, she was once a chirpy and full of life Riddhima who had received everything she laid her pretty eyes on. Having lost her mother during childbirth Riddhima had become the apple of the eye for her father, Shashank Gupta. He doted on his only child and found in her the happiness he had lost with his wife Smriti. Shashank was a successful entrepreneur therefore fulfilling his daughters wish was always a snap of a finger. Shashank was everything for Riddhima, he was the man who had given her the world on a silver platter then how could she not do the one thing he had so wanted her to do. How could she refuse a man who had given her everything and had asked for nothing in return.


Vivek Srivastav was a charming man, and it was his charm that had won over Shashank's heart. The fact that Vivek was a mere employee in his office never bothered Shashank for he found the boy to be intelligent and very sincere. Riddhima and Vivek's alliance had immediately taken born in Shashank's mind. If Smriti and Shashank had ever had a son he would have turned out to be just like Vivek; Shashank was sure of it. Perhaps that is why he didn't hesitate and had instantly brought up his marriage proposal to Vivek. Vivek at first had been flabbergasted; being an orphan he had worked hard to support himself and make it on his own in the world, and never had he dreamed that a man like Shashank could bring about such a proposal. He had expressed his concern over housing and Riddhima?s well being to Shashank but Shashank had shooed those worried away. If it didn't hurt Vivek's self-respect Riddhima and Vivek would live in the Gupta house after marriage. The thought of Riddhima going away to her "sasural" one day had always depressed Shashank, Vivek & Riddhima living in the Gupta house would be perfect as his precious daughter will always be in front of his eyes and soon Vivek could take over handling the business.


Vivek had instantly started courting Riddhima, he was a very humble man and not to bad to look at, but Riddhima didn't love him. So what she thought, it was not always necessary to fall in love before marriage sometimes it could happened after marriage as well. She thought of her parents, they too had an arrange marriage and even after 25 years Smriti still ruled Shashank's heart.


The wedding preparations were in full flow, Shashank had wanted it to be a grand affair, for it was the wedding of his only child, he wanted everything to be perfect and it had been. Riddhima had looked gorgeous and Vivek had looked just as handsome, everyone seemed so happy so content then what went wrong?


Riddhima sighed and came back to the present, here she was alone, lonely and DIVORCED! She cringed at the sound of that and swallowed a sob. Her marriage had not even lasted a day! It had not even lasted 12 hours! It had all been over before it had even started and here she was 27 and divorced for 2 years!


Vivek had not been the sweet, innocent man they all had thought him to be, in fact he was completely the opposite. The moment that Shashank had brought up Riddhima and his marriage to him Vivek had immediately seen this as a key to Shashank Gupta's safe, all he had to do was get Shashank to sign his business over to him which he knew was not an easy task, but after agreeing to the marriage Shashank had been thrilled and had signed whatever was presented to him without uttering a word!


Vivek had broken all the promises he had made to Riddhima as soon as they were made, she felt her world spin when her husband told her he married her for her father's wealth on their wedding night He had announced not just to her but to her father as well, who had ended up suffering a major heart attack which unfortunately he had not survived.


The divorce proceedings had been a blur, it was only a few days after Shashank's wake, it seemed as if Vivek had it all planned, he wanted to be rid of her ASAP. She remembered the brief meeting she had with him after the divorce was finalized she was outraged and demanded and answer and all he said was "everything is fair in love and war" that is when she saw her, a beautiful girl had just walked to his side and put her hand into his and they walked away. That is all is remembered seeing that day the two of them walking away with her dreams and her fathers heard earned money and she could do nothing but watch.


Armaan Mallik was a ruthless man. He did not believe in love or the institution of marriage but here he was standing as the best man at his friend Atul's wedding. He hated such displays of emotions and feelings, he did not believe in these silly rituals and ceremonies he thought them to be too vile and a waste of time. No matter how much his mother tried she could not convince Armaan to settle down, here he was nearing 30 and still single. It?s not that he hadn?t had his share of women, oh no Armaan Mallik had bedded many women but that was the furthest he chose to go. He was a man who believed in one night stands, being emotionally involved with a women was a hassle the more involved you?d get the more they would stick.


Padma knew the reason behind her sons? behavior and his trivial thoughts, it was Armaan?s father. RajeevMallik had everything a booming business, a loving wife and a handsome son but still he was unsatisfied. He was secretly having an affair with his secretary and it hadn?t taken Padma long to uncover it. The argument had been huge and it had ended with Rajeev walking out; unfortunately Rajeev not only left the house but this world as well he was involved in a terrible accident 30 minutes after leaving home and had died on the spot. Armaan was 15 at the time and every detail of the argument had replayed in his mind every night, his mother had gently told him that Dad was in a better place, but Armaan had hoped, he had PRAYED that his father was in hell rotting there for hurting his mother.


Armaan had refused to let Padma live the life of a widow, why should his mother give up color for the sake of a man who had walked out on her. His Dadi; whom he fondly called Big D and his mother had tried to make him see reason but he would hear no word of it. The people talked and gossiped as they often did but Armaan paid no ear. His fathers death had put Padma in charge of the business being inexperienced caused a lot of damage to AM Incorporated. The company was suffering heavy losses, many of their hotels had run out of business and the company also lacked competent employees. It was Armaan who had changed all that; at the age of 23 he had stepped in and taken control of AM Inc. Within the next 5 years the company had emerged a winner, Armaan had brought AM Inc. to new heights and his success had no bounds.


It was the shrill of the phone that woke Riddhima from her thoughts, she hadn?t realized how much time had flown by and she was still there standing by her window.


Riddhima- Hello

Sapna- arey kahan hai tu, kabse tera cell try kar rahi hoon

Riddhima- oh sorry yaar?

Sapna (cuts her off) oh fo rehne de na, acha sunn I called to tell you that your meeting with the MD of AM, Inc. has been set for tomorrow morning, you will have exactly thirty minutes to present and impress him babes, so best of luck!




Vivek might have deceived Shashank into signing away his business to him, but he hadn't taken the house. The once warm and laughter filled house was suddenly cold and solemn. Riddhima slowly walked around the house seeing her father everywhere she turned, she could hear his laughter, she could picture him sitting on his large leather chair reading his paper and smoking his favorite cigar but as the tears welled the image blurred and soon disappeared. Much to her dismay she had to let go of all the naukers; she couldn't possibly afford to pay them. She hadn't a clue what to do next having no extended family was also no help, and even the friends had turned their backs on her, she had nothing and no one while striding up the stairs she suddenly broke out in to sobs, she couldn't make it to her bed, she couldn't even make to her room and so she sat, sat on the stairs and wept uncontrollably.


The warm shower had been a relief but it didn't ease the pain in her heart. A week had passed since her divorce, she hadn't once stepped out of the house, most of the time she had cried; it was hard when no one was around to pacify or hold you but she had to step out and buy things for the house after all she had to go on?for her fathers sake!


Perhaps it was because of her empty stomach, perhaps it was fatigue or perhaps it was just a misconception of her eyes but she knew she felt people looking at her different, and those whispers they were driving her insane, but she strode on. The friendly shopkeepers were now giving bitter looks, the passerby's looked displeased?what was wrong? Was their something on her face? Why was everyone acting so cold? And that is when she heard it, it had come from the Mouth of Mrs. Mathur her own neighbor, a women she had known since she was a child, a women who had welcomed her into her home many times!


Mrs.Mathur- kaisi besharam hai, patti ne shaadi ki raat hi chod diya, na jaane isse kya bimaari hogi, dekho toh is kamzart ko budhe baap ko bhi kha gayi!


And that is when it all started, she heard more taunting this time from people she didn't even know they were all pointing at her, staring at her, calling her names! that was enough, that was more than enough for Riddhima, she couldn't fathom it, any of it?she had to get away?she had to RUN away!


Two Years had passed since she sold her house it had been heart wrenching leaving the house you grew up in, but it had to be done, she couldn't move forward had she stayed she knew the everyday stares and taunts would have driven her mad, so she had picked up whatever she could and left?that day would always be etched in her mind, she watched as her house grew small in the distance and then is disappeared as her car turned at the curb. She had decided to leave all the bad memories behind and take with her only the good.


Gupta Interiors Inc. was started with the money she had received from the house. Interior decorating had always been a passion and what better then to make a living from that passion? At first it had only been Riddhima but then Sapna had come along begging for a job. Sapna was a middle class girl who wanted in some way to help her mother in running the house, but landing a good job that too in the field of interior decorating was not an easy task in Mumbai. Riddhima had immediately felt for Sapna and had hired her but once an employee had soon turned in to a friend; Riddhima's only friend. Sapna did not taunt or think vile of Riddhima instead she had cried with her and alleviated her pain. They had worked hard to make the business a success, landing small jobs paid the bills but it didn't not give them the recognition they needed. It was Riddhima's dedication and contemporary thought process that had helped them land an interview with the MD of AM, Inc. The company was opening a new 500 bedroom hotel and Riddhima had wanted badly to get a chance to decorate the hotel, the money she'd get would be huge of course but this would also help her get the acknowledgment GI, Inc. needed.


Armaan woke to the sound of the alarm he had set on his cell phone. Shutting the alarm off he lazily turned and came face to face with Shonali. God she was one gorgeous piece of work, thought Armaan, He had already planned this night the moment he laid eyes on her and she being, carefree and willing had happily agreed to a night of ecstasy.


Shonali- (sleepily) Morning

Armaan- You have exactly 10 minutes to clean up and go (smiling)

Shonali- what? (Confused)


Armaan gets up and starts to tie his robe "you heard me you have 10 minutes to clean up and leave I am going to go take a shower, and oh please clean up your clutter?I hate a mess that is not made by me"


Shonali- how can you be so shameless, we have just spent the night together and?

Armaan- (cuts her off) we had only agreed to a night and that night is now over, so please pick up your things and get out!


Shonali groaned in anger and quickly pick up her things to leave but before slamming the door she gave him one stern look and yelles "YOU ARE DESPICABLE" Armaan only gave her his award winning Grin and headed for the shower.


Armaan had a meeting with Seeta, no Radha oh whatever her name is at 9 but before that he had to go meet his mother and grandmother at the Mallik Mansion. He often stayed in one of his hotel suites whenever he had a date, everyone knew not to disturb him when he was busy with his "guest" His mother and grandmother knew of his antics and didn't approve a bit but there was no stopping Armaan. His mom and Big D were the only women he loved in the world, all the others he despised and used merely for pleasure, but no matter how much he loved his two ladies it didn't mean he always had to listen to them.


Padma was praying when her son walked in, she had not seen him for 2 days but knew the important "work" he had to do. As per ritual she took the "aarti ki thaali" to him and put a "tikka" on his head, secretly praying that may he change his ways and find a good girl soon to settle down with. It was the same thing she had asked from god everyday and Armaan knew that but chose to ignore it. He didn't want to settle down and there was no such thing as a "good girl" They were all the same greedy and selfish. Marriages led to only one thing and that was divorce!, sooner or later people would get tired of each other and move on to someone else?his father did. Padma saw the hint of anger flash into her sons eyes, she knew what he was thinking and she couldn't do anything to change that.


Padma sighed and continued- Big D apne kamre main hain, kal se tumhe bahut yaad kar rahi hai, jao pehle un se mil aao main breakfast lagati hoon


As soon as Armaan started to walk upstairs his mother called out to him, he walked back to her and was about to question when Padma held his face in her hands and kissed his forehead. He could see the tears and feel their pain.


Armaan- come on Mom (engulfing her into a hug)

Padma- (sobbing) yeh bhi koi baat hui Armaan tu do din se ghar nahi aaya, patah hai hum kitne taras jaate hai tujhe dekhne ke liye

Armaan- I know I am sorry mom, woh mera kaam?

Padma- haan haan mujhe sab maloom hai tere kaam ke baare mein


Armaan only grinned, of course his mother knew but still talking about your escapades with your mom was not the best thing to do


Big D- Armaan tu aagaya puttar


Big D was already making her way down stairs, though they had a elevator in the house, Big D had refused to use it, if told she would retort back and say "main koi budhi thodi na hoon"

Armaan instantly ran to his grandmother and touched her feet


Big D- jeeta reh puttar, chal do din ke baad hi sahi, lekin tu aaya toh

Armaan hugging her now "sorry sorry sorry Big D, who mein thoda busy ho gaya tha"

Big D- haan puttar main sab samjhti hoon, chal naashta karle


Big D and Padma forced three aalo parantha's down Armaan's throat, they fed him lovingly with their own hands, Armaan had no option but to eat. They chatted at little with the two women still bringing up his marriage here and there. An hour passed and Armaan had only 20 minutes to make it to his meeting with Seeta no Radha or whatever her name was.




*Note*- Armaan in this FF has a small ponytail but don't worry it'll be chopped off soon!!



It was 8:30 when Riddhima walked in to the offices of AM, Inc. Located in the heart of Mumbai RN, Inc. was situated in the tallest building; which also happened to be owned by the great Armaan Mallik. The interior of the building was exquisite, everything was so detailed the color schemes were brilliant each floor had a different design and layout, all breathtakingly beautifully. It suddenly made Riddhima conscious of her own designs, the fear of her hard work being rejected had started forming in her stomach. No, she wouldn't be afraid, she had to show confidence even if she was shaking from the inside she would have to stand tall and still.


With some sense of reassurance she had asked the receptionist for the conference room where the presentation would be held. She had nearly floated all the way to the conference room, the shakes were back and so was the fear. With trembling fingers she had set up her equipment fearing that if she trembled even a bit more she might drop everything.


8:45 she still had time, maybe she should get some fresh air, yes fresh air that should help her recompose her self. She had almost ran out of the office and into the elevator, had she stayed another minute in the room she might of thrown up, but the minute she stepped outside the building she felt her color rise back up to her cheeks. She inhaled deeply and slowly exhaled, coffee where was this smell of coffee coming from? Looking to her right Riddhima spotted the small coffee shop, she still had time maybe some coffee would warm her up a bit, without giving it another thought she stepped into the small shop, but there was this incredibly tall man standing in front of her blocking her view of the selection. Riddhima looked at the man in front of her he was wearing an expensive tailored suit which fit so well on his broad shoulders, and god he was wearing Unforgivable; her favorite smell it was already giving her a high, but what caught her attention the most was his hair?he had a PONYTAIL!!


She had to really try hard to control her laughter, my god this man had a ponytail, but unfortunately Riddhima hadn't tried hard enough to control herself a small shriek had escaped her mouth causing the man to instantly turn around. She sucked in her breath and that is all she could do. God this man was gorgeous!!!!! He had the most incredible face she had ever seen, her eyes involuntarily scanned his face from his jawline to his eyes, his deep gray eyes that were intensely staring back into hers. He had the cutest dimples but on him they looked so masculine and enhanced his rawness and the seductive smile that he was giving her was making her head spin?as if his smell WASN?T enough!


Man- (still with a sly smirk on his face) HI

Ridz- (stuttering) H-h-ello


She saw the man?s gaze wander from top to bottom and then it came back to lock with her eyes


Man- so are you free tonight

Ridz- (stumped) w-what

Man- I said are you free tonight, maybe we could go have some dinner and then get to know each other in my hotel suite, just you and me with no clothes (he whispered the last bit for her ears only)

Ridz- excuse me!

Man- oh come one babe

Ridz- shut up! What the hell do you think of your self, main koi aisi waisi ladki nahi hoon?god your such a disgusting man!


Riddhima was furious, the nerve of that man to openly ask her to spend a night with him! Granted he was gorgeous and had stirred something in her but that did not mean she was going to sleep with him! She had been so outraged that she had not even bothered to look back and had walked out of the coffee shop. She stood outside AM, Inc. trying to calm herself down, but she was shaking again and this time it was not because of fear.


She walked in to the conference room and tried to get the coffee shop encounter out of her head, she had a presentation to present and a contract to get she had no time to think about a gorgeous man or his absurd request. She had become so engrossed in trying to get her stuff loaded that she didn?t realize that everyone had walked in and were already waiting for her to present.


Presenting was exactly what she did and that too with confidence and grace, she was quite surprised at her self at how well she was doing, the coffee shop incident had made her nervousness disappear. Her designs had been well liked by every one, though it was dark she could still see the look of awe and the smiles on almost every ones faces. Pride was already welling up in her chest; she knew she had this contract for sure.


Armaan had been sitting in the back watching silently, yes the designs the colors had all been brilliant and  the women presenting them was SEXY as hell. His thoughts had gone back to the little coffee shop incident; it was not his fault it was hers! He had been innocently standing in line for some coffee when he heard a small shriek and when he turned around he had come face to face with the most angelic face he?d ever seen, her skin seemed so soft and white and she had the most gorgeous deep green eyes, the shape of them had reminded him of almonds, nice and long! And her mouth ah! she had quite the full lips on her pretty face?they had looked so juicy and tempting he was surprised he hadn?t just kissed her right there and then. The overall package had not looked too bad either, his eyes had skimmed and pictured everything to be perfect, he was sure her eyes had felt the same about him. Oh, he saw the way she was awestruck and floored by his looks, he was not surprised, he knew he looked good!


He had been surprised to see her in his conference room but he didn?t want her to run off again hence he had taken the back seat and tried to keep himself hidden. God she had looked beautiful, even through the dark he could make out those almond eyes of hers, and that gorgeous mouth oh the way it moved was turning him on to no extent. She was smart, very smart, beauty with a brain was a deadly combination?   this women had a fire in her and Armaan Mallik loved to play with fires!


Her 30 minutes were up but she knew she had nailed it. As soon as the lights went on she heard the claps she heard the adulation but her body had turned numb?she had once again found herself staring in a pair of deep gray eyes. There he was, that gorgeous man seated in the back, staring at her with that sexy grin on his face, she couldn?t hear anything she couldn?t see anything, she was entrapped in his eyes! He was getting up, she felt her self stiffen?he was walking towards her but she couldn?t break the gaze.


A- Congratulations Ms. Riddhima Gupta, the contract is yours! By the way I am ArmaanMallik (he takes out his hand)

Riddhima hesitantly puts her hand into his?she felt a sudden surge of passion? a shock in her gut she had never felt before. She was feeling weak in the knees?all because of a handshake??


A- (realizing she won?t say anything but is simply staring away) Your presentation was excellent. I was quite impressed, you have truly earned this contract on your merits and exceptional designs.

He slowly leans in knocking the breath right out of her and whispers huskily in her ear ?and oh my previous offer still stands!?


Part 4


Riddhima didn't know how she got home, she doesn't remember packing up, she doesn't remember leaving the building she didn't even remember the ride home all she had remembered was the words Armaan had oh so seductively whispered in her ear. He wanted to sleep with her! The Armaan Mallik; the gorgeous man who was the owner of billions; the man who had currently become her biggest client! She sprang up from the bed at that thought she had completely forgotten that she had received the contract, that she; Riddhima Gupta would be designing the Mallik's 500 bedroom hotel. She suddenly felt cold, freezing cold. She would have to see Armaan everyday now, how would she face him? What should she say?


She had to decline this contract, that's right she couldn't possible go through with it, it was bad that the man wanted to sleep with her but it was worse that she was actually attracted to him. She couldn't possibly commit such a dastardly act. Riddhima tried to reason with her mind but wait why should she? Why should she loose such an important contract just because the owner had the HOTS for her? What was her fault in it? No, she needed the money she needed this recognition, she will go through with it and that was final. It was her cell that broke Riddhima's trail of thoughts.


Riddhima- hello

Sapna-OMGGG you did it!!!!! I am so happy we got the contract!!!! Idiot mujhe phone kyu nahi kiya? By the way  madam aap hain kahan?

Riddhima- haan, woh actually main ghar pe hoon

Sapna- ghar pe? Are you feeling ok?

Riddhima- yea, I am fine bas thoda thak gayi hoon

Sapna- I can imagine yaar, the preparation for this presentation had really drained you out, chal I won't bother you for long, Mr. Mallik's secretary had called, she wanted you to come in and sign the contract, tu kab ja sakti hai?


OMG due to Armaan, She had completely forgotten to sign the contract!!


Riddhima- till what time is the office open

Sapna- she said they are open till 5 but she will be around till 6

Riddhima- theek hai, main aaj sham ko contract sign kar aaongi


It was 1pm, Riddhima had plenty of time, she could quickly take a nap and then go to AM, Inc. to sign the contract, she remembered laying down and going in to deep sleep, she dreamt of her father laughing, she was back at her house running around as always with Shashank running behind her. Riddhima was 6 at the time, she was wearing her favorite white frock, Shashank was trying to get her to eat but she had wanted to play so she ran and he ran after her


Shashank- Riddhima ruko beta, khana kha lo

Riddhima- (giggling) you have to catch me first Papa

Shashank- acha badmash kahin ki?ruk


Riddhima ran for the garden with Shashank laughing and running behind, suddenly she heard Shashank yell she turned back and saw Shashank holding his chest, he was falling and his face was paling she had to catch him otherwise he would fall and get she ran?.


PAPA! Riddhima woke up panting, tears were already streaming down her face, she pulled her hair back and tried to regulate her breathing, after a few minutes she looked over at her clock it was 4:30 pm!! She jerked up from the bed and ran to the bathroom to shower.


She had overslept! Oh god how did she oversleep? Riddhima repeatedly pushed the elevator button for the AM, Inc. office it was 5:45 in another 15 minutes the secretary would leave, at least the good thing was she wouldn't have to stick around long, she could be in and out. She felt a rush of relief when she entered the office building and was greeted by Armaan's Secretary.


Priya- hello Ms.Gupta I am Priya (she said chirpily sticking out her hand)

Riddhima- Please call me Riddhima

Priya- ok Riddhima, come on back Armaan sir just went to the restroom he should be right back


Riddhima froze in her spot, Armaan was here? What was he doing here at this hour?


Riddhima- couldn't I sign the contract with you

Priya- oh no, Mr. Mallik would want you to sign in front of him, it's for security purposes, Mr. Mallik prefers it if the client and him sign the contract in front of each other. Well this is his office why don't you take a seat he should be right in.

Riddhima- Thanks

Priya- Can I get you something to drink while you wait?

Riddhima- no I am fine, thanks

Priya- ok


With that Priya was out the door, leaving a nervous Riddhima behind, she looked around the office it was HUGE! The office stood on the 12th floor overlooking Juhu Beach at a distance, The walls were a light sand color and consisted of some exquisite paintings, she saw no pictures on the walls and felt curious to walk over to his desk which held a medium sized picture frame. The desk itself was a very rich mahogany color, it was smooth and very NEAT! She looked at his chair with his coat neatly hanging over it, she could smell the unforgivable whose aroma was already flowing in the air, she felt tempted to touch it, she wanted to feel the thing that had touched him. She remembered how well the coat had covered his broad shoulders when they were in line at the coffee shop. Without another thought she gently picked up the coat and brought it close to her, she inhaled deeply closing her eyes to take in the scent of him. She smilingly opened her eyes to find another gray pair staring at her.


Armaan stood in the middle of the room staring at her. His sleeves rolled up to his elbows, rolex in place. He had the top 3 buttons of the shirt open giving a perfect view of a smooth hard chest that lay beneath, his hands firmly tucked in his pockets, a few strands of his hair laying loosely on his face.


Armaan- lagta hai aapko mera coat bahut pasand hai (pauses) or is it the scent?!


Riddhima was flabbergasted; she quickly put the coat on the chair and hung her head. Suddenly her hands looked fascinating as she played with them furiously.


Armaan- if you like the smell so much then why sniff the coat?when you can sniff me!


Riddhima's head shoots up


Armaan- Don?t Worry, I don't bite, main bhi bilkul uss coat ki tarah hoon, I'll just quietly lay there and you can do whatever you want!



Part 5



He hadn't stopped thinking about her since she hastily left that morning, the women had so quickly creeped into his mind that he hadn't been able to do a single thing that day! Her not signing the contract had been perfect, he had informed Priya. to call immediately and ask her to come in today he had even made Priya stay later than usual just so she could have no reason not to stop by, but by 5:45 he had given up hope of seeing her today. He was just returning from the restroom when he saw someone in his office heading towards his desk, a smile immediately crept up when he realized it was none other than her! He sucked in his breath as he saw her God Damn it why did she have to look so freaking tempting! Her white dress hugged her figure so snugly that he could point out every damn curve but it was when she picked up his jacket and held it close to her that he had lost control, HE HAD TO HAVE HER NOW! He would have barged in and ripped the dress right off of her if he hadn't stopped himself. Control Armaan Control you will have your way with her soon! nice and easy does it tiger!


He watched as she fidgeted with her fingers obviously embarrassed, he wanted those hands on him and he wanted his on her touching her smooth skin, tracing every curve, he wanted to send her in to a frenzy where she would beg him for more and would gladly oblige. His thoughts were disturbed when she suddenly met his gaze and started to say something, but his feet had already started advancing.


"Woh I am sorry..woh main contract sign.." She stopped speaking when she saw him heading towards her OMG what was he doing? Why is he coming close to her?


"I am jealous" he stopped giving her his dimpled smile as she stood looking confused "of my coat" he continued "you see it's so lucky it got to touch you, and here I am dying to get my hands on you"




"Armaan, please call me Armaan" he interrupted


"A-rmaan uh I am here to sign the contract"


"Which one?" Check!




"you're very forgetful Ms.Gupta you see I made not one but TWO offers to you today.. remember!" Check Mate!


Riddhima bit her lower lip, oh god why is bringing up the same thing over and over again, focus Ridzie focus and stop staring at his chest, her eyes shot up to meet his


"I uh um here to sign the contract for the hotel"


He Immediately straightened himself and walked towards his desk purposely walking right past her to take in her scent, and pulled out the papers from his drawer. He explained her the legalities and the consequences if she backed out and left the hotel incomplete, he briefly went over her designs again and complimented her talent. After discussing her fees Riddhima signed the contract.


Armaan- Congratulations Ms.Gupta! And welcome abroad, looks like I have you for the next 6 months!


Her eyes widened at his statement but forced herself to ignore it and just pay attention to her job, she needed to think about her company and Sapna. She lowered her eyes slightly and stared at his extended hand remembering the sensation she felt in the morning from his touch she shuddered. It seemed as if luck was on her side that day and just as she was about to raise her hand her phone shrieked.


She took it out of her purse, looked at him one more time and folding her hands said "NAMASTE" and ran out!


Armaan watched bewildered as she made a run for it, he slowly sat on his chair and burst out laughing! OMG she said Namaste! He suddenly stopped laughing and frowned he hadn't laughed like that in ages, and it felt so weird. God that women drove him mad and chuckled again thinking of her Namaste. Don?t worry Ms. Riddhima Gupta I will wait for you and I promise you it will not be me who will come to you but rather you! Yes you will come to me Ms. Gupta and accept my offer of a rendezvous of sex! He smirked and slowly leaned back on his chair closing his eyes and picturing how and what he'll do. Six months Ms. Gupta, Six Months!


Riddhima cursed herself as she entered her apartment and took off her shoes, Namaste! Omg Ridzy what were you thinking the man probably thinks you are an idiot!! Of all the things in the world this is how you embarrass yourself in front of your biggest client ever! First he catches you sniffing around and feeling up his coat and then Namaste, that had to be the icing on the cake! But it wasn't her fault, he made her feel so jumpy, and that chest! God that smooth chest and his bulging muscles, he looked so yummy standing in front of her with his hands in his pockets, and how could she forget his dimpled smile how could a smile so innocent belong to such a devil of a man?


She sat on her bed trying to calm her nerves but couldn't help and think about his offer to sleep with him. It was tempting she had to admit, it would feel nice to be touched and explored she had never been touched before, never had a man on top of her sending her over the edge. She knew of the act of course had read about it, watched it in movies but had never had any experience. She was a 27 years divorced virgin who had not just had never made love but had never been kissed either.


Laying down on her bed she closed her eyes and imagined being naked with him, she imagined touching and kissing his smooth chest while he did the same to her. She jerked and sat up again what was she thinking? Just this morning she was determined to keep this relationship professional and now here she was having such vile thoughts! She got up immediately and ran to the bathroom. It was time she took a cold shower!



Part 6


She stood staring at the sign of AM, Inc. she had been standing outside the bulding for the past 10 minutes trying to decide whether to go in or not. The thought of meeting Armaan Malik alone again was really unnerving. More than him she distrusted herself, just the sight of him made her want to pounce on him. Hormones, had to be hormones she reasoned. Taking a deep breath she walked in looking fearless as ever only to be greeted by a cheerful Priya.


Priya- Good Morning Ms. Gupta, Mr.Malik is waiting for you, please go right ahead (she said all this while literally shoving Riddhima through the door of Armaan's office)


And there he was; the Lion sitting in his den looking delicious as ever wearing a dark blue shirt and black trousers, his coat resting on his chair like the day before. He watched her come in and stand in front of him, to be polite he stood up to welcome her.


Ridz- Good Morning Mr.Malik (sticking her hand out)

Armi- Namaste Ms. Gupta (folding his hands) Please have a seat.


She cringed oh god! He was mocking her Why why why did she have to say that yesterday, kicking her self mentally she also folded her hands and mumbled a Namaste.


Armi- so, you look very fresh this morning, seems like you slept very peacefully (observing her ardently)


Ridz- Uh, shall we get started (nervous)


Armi- Sure would you like to start from the top or bottom? (nonchalantly)


Ridz- What?


Armi- I meant the hotel Ms. Gupta, would you like to start from the top or the bottom?


Ridz- Oh I am sorry (embarrassed) Uhm I was thinking we can start from the bottom, since the first several floors will have the normal double bed rooms and then we can work up to the suites and the presidential suites.


After a few more minutes of discussing minor details they both headed out for the hotel site. Armaan's shiny 7 series silver BMW was awaiting at the entrance. He kindly held the door for her as she got in and immediately followed suit causing her to jump and bump her head from the top.


Armi- Are you ok?


Ridz- Um fine, fine thank you


Could this day get any more worse and to top it all off it had just started! She sat as far away from him as possible and looked out the window the entire time, ah! How interesting the cows looked running in between traffic, wow even the cows had somewhere to go! She peeked to her side and sighed of relief watching him yack away on his cell phone, she prayed the call would last the entire ride, she was in no mood of a conversation with him as his conversations were always headed in one direction. She thought back to her little chat with Sapna last evening she had told Sapna everything about her plight. Much to her surprise or rather disappointment Sapna had told her to go for it, in fact Sapna had been ecstatic. "Come on Ridz how long will you live life so boringly, don't you think it's about time you had some fun and enjoyed a little? I mean look at your self you are 27 have never been kissed, had a husband who screwed you over the day of your wedding and left you divorced. It's not wrong to let yourself loose a little Ridz, life is so short do you really want to die a virgin?, Besides Armaan Malik is so hot, imagine loosing your virginity to a man like him if only I didn?t have Amit I would have taken him myself!" she had said laughingly.


They reached the hotel while Ridz was still lost in her thoughts, therefore not noticing Armaan holding the door open for her.


Armi- Ms. Gupta I don't mind doing it in the car but it can be a little uncomfortable you know


She jolted out of her thoughts hearing his words, he was bending over inside the car his face only inches away from hers. He chuckled and moved aside allowing her to come out. She nervously stepped out of the car being careful not to fall since her legs felt like water and looked up to see Malik Resorts. The hotel was magnificent, it was 10 stories tall with 100 rooms on each floor, however each floor had a see through walkway splitting the hotel in half and making it seem as if there were 2 buildings joint together by the walkways. She assumed each side had 50 rooms each.


The day had passed by faster than she had anticipated, she realized under the flashy clothes and flirtatious attitude of Armaan Mailk lived a hardcore professional. She could tell the hotel meant a lot to him and he had really entrusted her to do her absolute best. She felt herself relaxing around him maybe he wasn't so bad after all. They rode back to the office discussing more about the hotel, the designs, the color schemes and the fabrics. To her astonishment he kept the conversation strictly professional even the hungry man look from his eyes was gone. She had to admit she was a little disappointed.


The office was completely empty by the time they came back, even Priya had gone home for the day. They sat across each other still discussing the hotel, Armaan had been highly impressed by Riddhima and watched her intently when she spoke especially her lips. Riddhima knew he was staring at her but she dismissed it as his paying attention to the details, however she stopped when she saw him get up and walk towards her chair. He bent down to come to her level and there she could see the hungry man look in his eyes again. She opened her mouth to protest to say something!! But it was too late within a second Armaan smacked his mouth full on to hers.


The shock kicked in first causing her eyes to nearly pop out of her head, then came a realization, she had never kissed before!!! She didn't know what to do and felt him probing her lips urgently wanting her to open up, giving up she felt his teeth graze at her lower lip, she gasped and then tasted his tongue inside her. As if on queue she closed her eyes and to her surprise felt her self slowly responding to the kiss. The kiss was hard and passionate he was crushing her soft lips, his mouth ravaged hers like a child did candy. She doesn't how long they had been kissing but suddenly she was feeling giddy and wanting air, it was right that instant that he pulled back just as hardly as he had kissed her.


She gasped for air as soon he let go, her eyes were blurry and her legs felt like water, thank god she was still sitting down! She looked at him still bending down holding on to her chair. He was also breathing heavily.


Armi- I have been wanting to do that since I first laid eyes on you! (He whispered huskily in her ears)


Part 7


She watched wide eyed as he walked back to his chair unaffected by the current proceedings. He sat down and gave her his dimpled smile "Thank you, my driver will drop you home since it is getting late and from tomorrow you can be on your own at the hotel, of course I will drop by to see the progression from time to time but I will let you do your work in peace?most of the time" He flashed his dimples again and watched her gather her belongings.


She felt her self get up and walk out the door in a dazed state. As he said a car and driver were waiting for her at the entrance, still in a trance she got in almost mechanically. The ride home suddenly felt so short even though it had started raining now and the traffic was at a standstill for nearly 15 minutes. Walking into her apartment she took of her shoes and walked to the bathroom, turning on the light she looked at her reflection in the mirror, her lips were still slightly swollen, her face flushed and her hair damp with rain water, as if in realization she ran out of her bathroom yelling in delight. OMG he had kissed her! And just like that! And my what a kiss that had been, he was an awesome kisser, wait was he? But how would she know she had never been kissed before. Running again she opened her patio door and twirled around in the rain like a school girl. Every time the drops fell on her lips she thought of him kissing her. She blushed at her remembrance and hurried inside to call Sapna.


He came home to see his mother and dadi sitting in living room looking at a basket full of pictures, without even asking he knew what they were doing. This little game of picture watching had been going on for a few months now, and it was all for him. The pictures were of girls or shall he say prospective wives for him, he mother and grandmother had been on his case again for a while now begging him to settle down, but he stood firm. He watched as the two loves of his life giggled, approved and disapproved various pictures, he couldn't help but smile.


Dadi- (looking up) Armaan tu aa gaya puttar? She got up wobblingly holding her knee while Armaan rushed take a hold of her.


Armaan- Daadi please be careful your knees


Daadi- Oye chad mainu, main khudh chal sakti hoon and there is nothing wrong with my knees, the doctor is an idiot whose been paid well.


Armaan watched his dadi waddle over to the kitchen and now it was his mothers turn, he smirked and went towards her, but frowned when he saw the sad expression on her face.


Armi- Oh no ma not again, please


Padma- what? Have I said anything?


Armi- you don't need to say anything ma your expression says it all.


Padma- Armaan I've been wondering, I mean are you?are you by any chance


Armi- (shocked out of his wits) WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????? Ma how could you think that I mean? 


Padma- arey I know (calming him down) but I wanted to confirm na, I mean you know Mrs. Saxena's son used to always be with girls but that was all an act, he turned out to be gay and she was so hurt, she had been dreaming of his wedding and a bahu, unke bete ne toh uske saare armaano pe paani pher diya so beta that is why I was asking.


Armi- (calmly) Look Ma I am not gay at all I am 100% seedha-saadha like a Jalebi (he grinned as Padma hit his head) seriously Ma I am not gay but you know very well I don't want to marry and why, so please can we  not have this talk for the umpteenth time.


Padma sighed and patting his head got up. This boy would never change, it seemed that just like Mrs. Saxena her dream of her son's wedding and a bahu would never be fulfilled. She walked towards the kitchen to see her MIL preparing a plate of food for him.


MIL- what did he say?


Padma- (with a solemn look) the same thing Ma, he doesn't want to marry. I sometimes wonder if there even is a girl made for him, I don't want my son to live alone all his life, I mean how long will we be around.


MIL- don't worry Padma, mera dil kehta hai, there is girl out there for our Armaan and I am sure we will find her soon.


She had to pull the phone away from her ear so she wouldn't go deaf, Sapna had been yelling for the past 5 minutes ever since Ridz had told her that The Armaan Malik had kissed her. "Sapna please would you relax, what will Amit think if he saw you like this?" she giggled hearing her friends scream away.


Sapna- "OMG Ridz I just can't believe it the man kissed you! And it was good na, see I told you, you need to let yourself loose girl"


Ridz- yea yea acha listen I need to go take a bath so I will see you tomorrow, be ready by 9 am sharp and we'll head over to the hotel, ok? 


She finally hung up after a half-an-hour chat with Sapna, god she was a crazy girl, she walked into her bathroom stripping off her clothes and then stepped into her bubble bath which had been waiting for her to dive in.


Armaan was having a hard time concentrating on his work, he was typing up a report for one of his vendors but was having a hard time focusing on the screen, his thoughts kept on going back to Riddhima and her lips. The women was delicious just like he thought she would be, and those luscious lips had been far more better then what he expected. He chuckled remembering her shocked expression and then confusion about what to do. It seemed to him that she didn't know how to kiss, hmmm odd he thought. She was gorgeous he was sure she had been with several men before, but then why did she act the way she did. He dismissed his thoughts and tried to put his attention to the half finished report on his laptop. ARGH! He yelled in frustration this was not working out to his liking, he had to have her, the women had seeped in too deep and now he just had to have her. She was frustrating him now, and it only had been 2 days, he shuddered thinking about the 6 months, if the women didn't come to him he was going to have to break his pact and take her like he originally planned. Relax Armaan relax you're just frustrated and in need of her, once you have her all this will leave your system and all will be good. He smiled thinking of ravaging her body like he had done her lips and got back to work.


Riddhima had been in the tub for over 45 minutes now, thinking and thinking hard about Armaan Malik. The man was a dish and every time he was around her he aroused these crazy feelings inside her. She looked at her naked body inside the water the bubbles had nearly dissolved by now and she could see herself clearly. She closed her eyes and imagined him laying on top of her in this very tub kissing her and making love to her hungrily while she would moan in delight. She jerked her eyes open and quickly rinsed herself. Stepping out of the shower she grabbed her towel, tying it around her she walked out of the bathroom a determined women, "THERE WAS NO WAY IN HELL SHE WOULD DIE A VIRGIN!!"

Part 8


After looking at the number of rooms and space with Sapna, they had come to a conclusion that they needed more help. Granted they had notified their vendors and the work was ready to get started, but they still needed another person with the proper knowledge of interior decorating to overlook the work with them. They had put an ad out immediately and were thrilled when someone showed up the very next day.


Muskaan Chadda had the weirdest fashion sense they both had ever seen, not to mention the curliest and the most unruly hair. The girl however had a spark and a very warm aura. Riddhima and Sapna both loved her simplicity, she also had 2 years of prior experience and held a degree in interior design from one of the best schools in Mumbai; Raffles Design International. Now, if only they could get the girl to shut up perhaps they could tell her she was hired.


"O ji I am MuskaanChadda from Amritsar. I have completed my MA first division from KhalsaCollege, actually I live in MohiniPark which is right across from KhalsaCollege. Mummy Ji and PappaJi had wanted me to settle down after my MA they had even found a munda for me, but I wanted to study further and pursue a career, so you know what I did ji main te pajh gayi (I ran away). I have gotten my degree in Interior Design from Raffles, oh please see my degree ji it is takka-tak. I have worked for Ajay lodha & Associates for 2 years. I have knowledge of every thing Architecture design, Interior design, landscape design, furniture design, color co-ordination, just everything" Muskaan finished her long speech and smiled showing her 32's.


Sapna and Riddhima looked at each other wondering if she was done or had more to say, but noticing her mum-ness they concluded she was done talking; well at least for the time being.


"Well Congratulations Ms.Chadda you are hired" Riddhima spoke getting up from her chair and heading towards Muskaan to congratulate her.


"Haye Waheguru tera lakh lakh shukar hai, oh thank you ji" Muskaan threw her arms around Riddhima and squeezed the monkey out of her. Sapna was not spared either.


Muskaan gelled in well with them, she still had her wild moments but that only added to the entertainment factor. Riddhima smiled as she saw Muskaan go nuts when she found out that they were working for The Armaan Malik. Armaan would come by several times during the week to check on the progress of the rooms as well as Riddhima. She had grown accustomed to his flirting and didn't shy away from flirting back. She was just waiting for the perfect moment. 


"Ridz, Armaan is heading this way" Sapna whispered while trying to focus on the color schemes laid out in front of her.


Riddhima looked up to see him heading towards them, wearing a dark gray suit that matched his eyes, he looked nothing but delicious to her. Sapna tried to gesture not to stare but how could she not?


"Hello Ladies" He flashed his dimples politely at the three of them. "Ms.Gupta I was wondering if you could accompany with to the 15th floor I had something in mind that I wanted to point out to you"


"Uh Sure" They walked away leaving a smiling Sapna and a confused Muskaan behind


"I swear Sapna, I smell something fishy, I mean have you seen the way he looks at her" Muskaan quipped.


"hmmm, I know" Sapna smiled slyly


"you know? OMG Sapna what else do you know, tell me tell me"


"Well Mr. Malik has the hots for our Ridz and has even proposed to sleep with her"


Muskaan's mouth hung open


"Close you mouth before a fly goes in" Sapna chuckled at Muskaan's expression


"Are you serious? OMG does Ridz know???"


"Yes I am serious and Yes Ridz knows"


"What, and what did she say??"


"Nothing yaar I am trying to get her to say yes"


Muskaan's mouth hung up times 2


"What are you insane? You want her to accept and and?"  Muskaan blinked disbelievingly


"Yes Muskaan I want her to accept, you know about Ridz past na, she's been through so much and lives such a dull and drab life. I have tried to patch her up with so many good eligible men but she refuses to see any of them. I want her to enjoy, have some fun, put some color in that gray life of hers. And if the hot shot, richest business in India wants to have a fling with her, then why not, who knows maybe the untamable Armaan Malik might just get tamed."

"Buy yaar Sapna what if our Ridz ends up getting hurt"


"I have thought about that too, and that's ok after all how long will she live in her cocoon? Just because her ex-husband deceived doesn't mean she should stop loving and having fun."


"Hmm your right Sapna, I just hope that part you said about Armaan Malik being tamed comes true, I mean OMG how cool would that be, just imagine yaar?"


Sapna laughed at Muskaan's endless bantering but deep down even she wished the same.


"So what did you want to show me" They were on the 15th floor now, in one of the rooms which still needed to be worked on.


"You're really disturbing my life Ms.Gupta" he whispered coming close to her


On impulse she started backing away, but he only came closer. She gasped when her back hit that wall. "I am sorry Mr.Malik, but I?" she stopped talking when she felt his finger caress her lower lip. He then traced that finger down to her neck and licked her skin. She wanted to close her eyes but for some reason just couldn't force herself to do so.


Kissing her chin he blew at her lips and smiled watching them part, he leaned in to kiss them when his cell went off. "Mother?" he cursed under his breath and took the call "Fine I am coming" Looking at her one last time he smirked "Looks like this will have to wait, have a good day Ms. Gupta" and with that he was gone, leaving her still pinned to the wall.


Walking in to her apartment she threw herself on the sofa. God she was exhausted. Shedding her clothes she sank in to the tub. The warm water relaxed her muscles but not her mind. Her thoughts wandered back and forth to Armaan Malik. For once in her life she cursed and grabbing her towel walked towards the phone. It was finally time to fulfill her sexual appetite.


"Hello, Mr.Malik?are you free tonight?... I said are you free tonight?? Good. I actually called to say that I accept your second proposal. You know where I live so I guess I shall expect you in about 30 minutes." CLICK


He was sitting at his office going over some files. Concentrating had become an extremely hard task to accomplish these days. It was all her fault, she seemed to be everywhere, she had even invaded his dreams. No women had ever done that. He must really want her bad.  She had hired a new girl, she was cute but it seemed as if the girl was always competing in a talk-a-thon. More than the progress he had paid more attention to her. He liked the way she moved and god she had some sexy legs. Groaning he loosened his tie and leaned back, he was just about to close his eyes when his cell rang. It was Riddhima, Great he chuckled as if invading his thoughts wasn't enough.


"Hello?yes Ms. Gupta?What? Yes, yes I am"


Part 9A



Armaan stared at the phone in front of him, had he dreamt it? Of course he had! How could a girl and that too one like Riddhima call him and make such a declaration. Just to confirm that it was in a dream he picked up his cell and went in to view the received calls. Riddhima had called at 6:05 he looked at the current time it was 6:15. He had sat wide eyes for 10 minutes. Picking up with coat and briefcase he dashed out of the office. Riddhima had indeed called!!! It was not a dream!!!


Damn this Mumbai traffic, he cursed repeatedly. It was 6:30 and he was still no where near Riddhima's place. The frustration was building and it was not in his head. He looked at his mobile and the blinking "Mom" it displayed, he took a deep breath and swung the phone open


"Armaan beta are you still at the office?"


"No mom I am going to meet a client of mine"


"When will you be returning home?"


He shut his eyes, god of all the things why did his mother have to call and ask so innocently of his whereabouts, as always he wouldn't lie to her but he hated hearing her disappointment afterwards.


"Mom, I won't be coming home tonight, but I will be back first thing tomorrow morning, give my love to Daadi and you take care, ok love you" He shut the phone in a hurry, god he had spoken that so fast that he could have given the rajdhani express a good competition. He cursed for the umpteenth time that day and silently asked his mom for forgiveness.


Before she could utter another word Padma heard the click and the line went dead. She sighed disappointedly and walked over to where her mother-in-law sat awaiting for Armaan with dinner all heated and ready to serve. For a few weeks now Armaan had been having dinner at home with them, it felt nice having her son home so they could hear him laugh, watch him eat, pamper him endless and get love in return. All good things must come to an end they say and that was exactly what had happened. Armaan would not change, at least not so soon. She let her gaze wander at the huge mansion her husband had left behind, the house had evolved with time but it was as always empty and sad.


"What did he say Padma?"


"He's not coming home ma, he said he?"


"I know had a meeting with a client, that's ok beta it was stupid of an old women like me to have such high hopes, it seems that I will die without seeing my Armaan get married" The old women wiped the quick tears and got up to leave


"Don't say that Ma, you will see him get married"


"You really think there is a girl out there that he will actually marry"


"Yes ma I know there is a girl made for our Armaan"


"Then beta please pray that we find her soon, I am not getting any younger and I want to see my Armaan's head adorned with a sehra before I close my eyes forever"


Padma cleared the table and walked towards her room deep in thought. Was ma right? What if it was in Armaan's destiny to be alone forever, just like her? No, that couldn't be possible but the way Armaan was going he was making it possible. God, she prayed you have made someone for my Armaan right?


Riddhima lathered the lotion from head to toe, even stretching her hands to reach her back. Her body had always been soft but tonight she wanted to be extra soft. Didn't men prefer their women to be soft when they made love? She had read of the act of course and hence knew what to expect and how to prepare her self. She sniffed her hands and smiled in approval making a mental note to thank Sapna for coaxing her into buying the expensive lotion.


She quickly changed into her satin nightgown and walked towards the living room 6:45 what was taking him so long??




Armaan breathed heavily trying hard to quickly catch his breath, he had ran from the parking lot to her apartment and the unexpected exercise had left him breathless. He waited until he felt composed and rang the bell.


Riddhima felt her heart flutter at the sound of the bell. He was here, he was actually here. She was nervous no, no she was excited! Taking a deep breath she walked towards the door and unlocked the numerous latches she had added for her safety. There in front of her stood the site that knocked the breath out of her. His hairs were slightly disheveled, he was not wearing his jacket which gave her a perfect view of his smooth chest, and his sleeves were folded up to his elbows exposing his strong arms and to her surprise a tattoo. Had that always been there? But it was not his physic that was currently draining the blood out of her head, it was his eyes. They looked ready to bite, ready to gulp ready to swallow her whole. They looked hungry.  


She let him follow her in, her eyes still captured with his. Her heart pounded like a drum with in her, could he hear it? Her throat felt dry as if it hadn't tasted water in years, her lips trembled and her body felt cold, had the temperature dropped?


"Are you hungry?"




In a flash she felt herself being pulled from the waist and crash with his chest, she didn't know when and how it happened but in the next instant she felt his tongue glide inside of her. There was no shock this time, she met him head on as their tongues battled, as their lips fought for control, as their teeth nipped and gently bit.


Armaan moaned in delight as she unbuttoned his shirt and let her fingers wander over his chest. On impulse he deepened the kiss and savored the taste of her; she tasted like honey warm and sweet. And god was this woman soft. He let his hands and arms wander lavishly over her body and in to time had he taken her nightgown off.


Riddhima shook slightly in fright as she felt the satin slide of her body, suddenly she wanted to break the kiss and cover herself but Armaan made that seem impossible. Her eyes flew open as she felt herself being lifted in his strong arms. Her body snuggled against his bare chest. He started to walk though she knew not where, still not breaking the kiss.




PART 10-  PAGE 42 
PART 11-  PAGE 48
PART 12-  PAGE 61
PART 13-  PAGE 76







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