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Mere Apne2(AR) - Epi32-50- Index Pg1 (Page 8)

Wild.Aimee Goldie

Joined: 31 August 2008
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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 4:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by pearlavari

a very nice update plzzzzz pm me wen u update next
Hi Avari Smile
Thanks for the reply friend. I will surely PM you.
Originally posted by hipreet

great part
that neha was such a s* dare she seduce armaan...ahhhh
wow ar meet again but now in the orphanage................this will be fun
cont soon
Hi Harpreet Smile
Oh! dont bother about her, she was just a passing proposal. Yep they are at Orphanage. Thanks for the comment friend.
Originally posted by sanjana25

i just read all ur episodes dey r 2 gud n from now wil comment regularly lol

Hi Sanjana Smile (Is that your name?)
Welcome to my FF. Thanks for you comment friend. Aww i would love to see you here.
Originally posted by shweet29

sorry thora late hogayah na sorry very nice part yaar i am looking 4rward 4r their match n plzzzzzzzz some ar scenes n it was a long n neha scene was hilarious he dropped her in mud but afterwards helped her even he is a quit gentleman plz show some cute scene n fight b/w them but overall excellent me next time n thx 4r this time


Hi Mariam Smile 
Oh... its absolutely fine dear. No problem at all. Armaan si surely a gentleman, but he doesnt like counterfeit-ness. Well the next episode is gonna be full of AR with Kids. Wink
Originally posted by Debadrita Saha

it was 2 gud
n continue soon
i will be not able 2 read ur ff 4 a week dere4 after coming back 4rm my holiday i will be reading ur ff
(i will b missing ur story)Cry
Hi Debarita Smile 
Oh... its ok dear. atleast you informed me. Enjoy your Holiday. No problem at all. Thanks for the reply.

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aravi Goldie

Joined: 04 April 2008
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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 4:11am | IP Logged
heyyy amiee i just happened to read d next chp yaar!!!!!!! wowieee armaan is toooo much bechari miss american OUCH armaan made her fall in a pool of mud but god d gurl was pathetic she wanted armaan a bad time i see!!!!!!
                           but AR talks are so chessy n a little kiddish naa ridzy is sooo easily upset wid armaan i feel d credit goes to minnie had she not planted dat thot in "baby's mind" so AR wud b on chummy terms but no destiny had some other plans as u wud put it right!!!!! still cant wait 4 d cricket match now i noe ridzy will b leading d "other team"!!!!! waitingggggggggggg..........
luv ya
Wild.Aimee Goldie

Joined: 31 August 2008
Posts: 2036

Posted: 01 November 2008 at 4:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by swansea

amazing part sweetie
i reallly loved it
toooo goooood
plzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooon
tooo beautiful
it was sooo amazing
loved the AR scenes
can't wait for the next part aimee
plzzzzzz continue di
Hi Swanzzy Smile
Thanks for the lovely comment dear. I will update soon.
Originally posted by sadique137

hey aimee
it was a nice part though AR scene was small
i loved it OMG neha trying to seduce Armaan
Atul and Armaan rocks
now AR going to play cricket cant wait to c that
continue soon
Hi Shamla Smile
Hmmm, Neha to gayi, so worry about her. Atul-Armaan are bestest buddies. I know AR scene was very small, so for that i am gonna be compensating in the next part. I promise to try n live upto your expectations. Thanks for the comment dear.
Originally posted by cute_unknown_fr

first of all congo for new thread di.............
this part was also too gud n funny also...........
kids r soo sweet............
thanx for pm
love u
Hi Yogi Smile
Thanks friend. Kids are always sweet. I am glad you liked it.
Originally posted by arluver15

This part was soooooooo gud i was lauging when neha fal in the mud i was so happy that armaan rijected her i knew that he will reject but i dont know i had a lil fear
finaly armann had agreed on getting married
now ar they blind that they cant see ridhima in here she is jus perfect fit for him
oh well sooner or later they have to find her
thnxs for the PM
Hi Nruti Smile
Big smile Good that you laughed. As they say - 'laughter is the best medicine.' Neha deserved to be rejected. Dont worry about her now. Yes Armaan has finally agreed to start thinking on that line, but even i am not sure, whether he is really ready to get married or not Confused
His family is trying, but you know the closest are the ones we never give much attention to. So thats what they are doing, human nature, cant help it.Big smile Thanks for the comment.
Originally posted by sana20n

Hey aimee,
First of all i would like to Congratulate you for your second thread.... You're doing an amazing job!! Keep it up... and secondly I would like to aplogise for not commenting regulary, its just i havent been feeling well lately and university is taking it toll!! Hope you understand...
Wow, Armaan is actually talking to her in in civilised manner.... i'm sooo happy that the Marvels were the winner... without a doubt, i was 100% sure that they were going to win!! aaawwww.... *mar jaavan*, Riddhima bought food for him too, armaan you never leave an opportunity to tease her... but love you all the more!!
cheeee cheee cheee... this Neha girl, urrgghhhh, haii haii... such a dirty girl... but i dont blame her, when theres a handsome guy like armaan in front of you, how can someone resistLOL... but Neha there are different ways of approaching him... you went down the dirty path.... LOL.... *smooch* armaan, thats the way, ot literally but you did push her in the mud... loved it...
aimee you amaze me... loved your FF, im in love with armaan like anything LOLLLLLL....
hmmmm, so armaans trying to find another team leader... armaan, riddhimas right in front... pick her pick her... be nice to her and she'll agree... and dude... hurry up and realise riddhimas the one for you... how long are you gonna hide and run away... cant stand to see you seeing other cheap girls, who have no values for elders and all...
aimee... i hope this makes up for me not commenting regularly... please put some sense in Armaan's family... Rioddhima's the one for him.... the perfect jodi...
take care...
continue soon (although you just continued, and i can understand how busy you must be...Smile)
luv sana
Hi Sana Smile
I missed you dear. I hope you are feeling well now. And dont worry about the late comments, i understand your circumstances.
Armaan is defintely trying be civilzed with her.Big smile He enjoys hitting on her again and again.LOL
Armaan's family is doing what people do when they are desperate for something. People wander around and try to pick random things without even realizing that the best one is already very close. But dont worry, something will happen soon.
Wild.Aimee Goldie

Joined: 31 August 2008
Posts: 2036

Posted: 01 November 2008 at 4:52am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sarazahid

that was awsommmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm plezzzzzzzzzzz do continue ooon
Hi Sara Smile
Thanks friend for the reply.
Originally posted by aishah02

hi aimee,
congratzz on the new thread !! and awesome part as usual i cant wait till A -R start falling for each other !
Hi Aishah Smile
Thank you for your comment friend. They will keep getting closer now on.
Originally posted by saridena

hi aimee
thks for the pm dear
cong for the 2nd thread
awesome part yaar
neha was funny
armi dumped her in the muddy place it was fun
ridz says to armi that donot follow her lol
ridz becames bold in front of armi
its fun yaar
cricket match
is ridz going to be other team captain??
update sooooooooooooooooooon
luv soumya
Hi Soumya Smile
Armaan ko to ye karna hi tha. Yep, Our Baby Ridzy becomes Jhansi ki Rani with him. Superman effect i guess LOL. Wait and watch who will be the other captain. Thanks for the reply.
Originally posted by saira_1

congo on the new thread aimeeClap!
amazing partClap!
loved how armaan hadled nehaWinkLOL
hope you update soonEmbarrassed
Hi Saira Smile
Thanks friend. Armaan is very smartBig smile. i will update soon.
Originally posted by aarora

hey sweety..amazing part..poor neha..girl dint knw r HERO is smarter dn her..n den AR scene in anji's office ws 2 gud..riddhima showing him he s nt d boss GREAT PART..update soon..
n thanx fr PM hun..
luv cr..SmileSmile
Hi Akanksha Smile
Poor Neha? say it Poor Armaan, he has to handle all this again and again because of his crazy family. Yes Riddhima did wanted him to know that he cant boss her all the time. Thanks for the reply friend.
Wild.Aimee Goldie

Joined: 31 August 2008
Posts: 2036

Posted: 01 November 2008 at 5:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by simran1285

Ok I couldn't stop laughing about Neha what a hypocrite thank god Armi saw right through her and well seems like everyone disagreed with that alliance *phew*


Day by Day or I should say part by part I am loving the chemistry between the Joshi's and Armaan, it's so sweet of them to have accepted him and treat him as their own I feel so bad for Armi, him and his Dadi are the only Mallik's but that won't last long, once Ridz becomes Mrs. Mallik we will have lots of little Mallik's he he


Finally they met at the Orphanage and loved Ridz attitude, I love seeing them bicker


OMG you used the name Reena for one of the girls at the Orphanage., REENA is my nickname J now don't ask how I got Reena from Simran it's all my brother's doing


You said the next part will have more AR, well missy it better I am itching to see them falling in love and thanks again for the PM

Hi Simran Smile
LOL i guess you were scared by Neha for a while thinking that she might be a trouble maker, werent you? but see our Armaan is so smart.Embarrassed Joshis and Maliks are one family, the only difference is they are not blood related and had different last names.Smile 
Yes there will be one more added to Maliks very soon. Big smile 
Riddhima gives a lt of attitude when with Armaan. She is bound to do that, after all, its Armaan who keeps provoking her, intentionally or unintentionallyWink.
Aww, so even your Nick Name is Reena. So sweet. Pull you cheeks on my behalf Kaka.LOL
Originally posted by sea_nyx

first of all congrts on the new thread i loved the update, but hated neha that witch, she deserves to be dropped. but that was a really funny scene. awww armaan is so cute with the kids i bet now AR will play against each other right. somehow that part in the orphanage reminded me of HAHK where salman first meets madhuri 
Hi Friend Smile
Thanks for the support dear. Phh, leave Neha now, she is gone. Read the next part to find who will lay against who? Wink Aww, you remembered HAHK, that was a sweet Movie, i dint realize that AR meeting at Anjali's office resembles it. In fact even after reading you comment i kept thinking for atleast 2 hours how was that... Then suddenly it clicked me when i heard the song which followed that scene in HAHK... 'Wah-Wah Ram ji...' Tubelight i am LOL.
Originally posted by SunainaTM007

hey aimeeSmile
a very big congo for the new thread.Party.Party.Party.Party.Party.Party.Party
this part was awesome as ever.Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up..Thumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up..
i thought that neha would do something like that..Angry...agrhhhh how can anyone be so bad...AngryAngry...
n the chemistry that atul n armaan share is just gr8.LOL...never seen siblings like this except me n my bro.....even though we are sis n bro we share the same chemistry that these two share.Embarrassed...
omg god wish come true..Day DreamingDay Dreaming..actually after the 31st part i was wondering as to when will armaan know that riddhima also comes to his orphanage..Day DreamingDay Dreaming..n see now in this part it has come true..Big smileBig smile.thanks a lot!!!!!!EmbarrassedBig smileBig smile
i loved the way armaan interacted with the kids..Wink...especially Chaya..Embarrassed..
again they are to meet in a cabin n riddhima had to behave in the same way..Embarrassed..i love their little nok-jhoks..LOLLOLLOL..they r just soo cute..Big smileBig smile..
hmmm so he is noticing how comfortable she is with kids..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed..
wonder how he will react when he comes to know that his Miss.ES-PA is none other than his nephew Vaibhav GF?????ROFLShockedROFL
on the whole....i loved the was awesome......Clap
hoping the next epi will hav more on AR..Embarrassed..
thanks for the pm...
n once again congo for the new thread!!!!!!!!Party
Hi Sunaina Smile
He ram ji... Ye jo baraat apne saath laati ho na aap, i just love it.LOL So sweet to know that you share the similar chemistry with your brother. Thats nice. My brother is also no less, but he prefering bossing me all the time. Big smile
LOL oh so it was your drea to see AR at Orphanage, looks like i invaded your dreams.LOL 
Its just the beginning, read the next part to find what chemistry AR share with the kids a t the Orphanage.
And at the moment even i am not sure when will Armaan get to know that HIS ES-PA is HIS BUDDY's GF.Confused Big smile Thanks for the lovely comments dear.
Originally posted by dmglovernimisha

babes ur amazing!...
not much of AR but u framed it quite well!
keep it up!
thanks 4 the Pm
upd8 soon!
hugs & luv
Hi Nimisha Smile
Thanks for the compliment friend. Next part will have a lot of AR. Wink 
Originally posted by prernawaghray

hey aimee
hilarious yaar finally neha out of pic
i enjoyed it a lot
Hi Prerna Smile
Alright so liked it, i am happy. Thanks for your reply dear.
Wild.Aimee Goldie

Joined: 31 August 2008
Posts: 2036

Posted: 01 November 2008 at 5:30am | IP Logged
Originally posted by princess4120

WOW!! first of all.. a new thread!! thats awesome.. CONGRATS your ff is definitely extremely popular!! LOVE IT!!
this part was hillarious.. neha's character was just too funnny.. i loved the fact that the 2 brothers could see right thru her.. hehe.. it was fun to see armaan put neha in her place.. LOL!! i hope they tell everything to anjali, arti and dadi.. hehe..
i missed vibhi and yash in this part.. :)
the orphange part was AWESOME!! haha.. loved ridz attitude.. she says 'I' am incharge here!! haha.. i love the fact that she is not all shy and scared and intimidated around her BOSS!! i love to see them bicker.. its pretty sweet.. and then also how he notices little things about her.. like where the kids tell him didi talked to that one naughty kid.. and didi did this and that.. and her comfort with the kids.. he admires that... hehe..
i know i know.. second team hogi apni DIDI ki.. lol.. that should be interesting to read.. hope you update soon! i cant wait to read more..
thanks so much for the update!!
Hi Princess Smile
Awww, my FF has survived only coz of friends like you dear. Atul-Armaan both are smart lads, and Armaan was so much dieing to do so. Riddhima has really grown attitude, she showed it that she is the boss there. For more AR dont forget to read next Episode. Armaan has started bending towards her. May be next part will give you another clue. Lets see who will be the other captain.
Originally posted by Jodubai

Hi Aimee,
Congrajulations on your 2nd thread you truely deserved it......well done!!! Happy Diwali to you as well!!!! hope you had a blast!!!
I didn't respond to your pervious part, sorry about that, but that isn't my mistake, I couldn't log onto IF for couple of days, I could only read, but could not thats why the delay
I found Ridz so damn cute in the last part, the way she would hold her pencil, make notes, calculations, everything, its like one moment she is all this big mature girl & the next a little girl again, when she went to get food for herself & Arman, but then also, didn't back answer him infront of strangers, which is a good, then the celebrations she had back in the office
& now to that note, that you added in the end of your last part, that people not responding to your FF, I think they could be just busy with Diwali celebrations, but will eventually come & respond, one thing is sure, wheather I get your pm or no, I am still going to come here & respond
Coming to the new part of yours, I couldn't help laughing so much, this Neha is so desperate to marry him, good Arman dropped her in the mud, she deserved fake can someone be, but this happens when you are away from your country for so long, but certainly its very wrong, you do have a comedy element of your's, ,earlier I saw the comedy between AR only , but this time, with Neha, it was so refreshing to read....
So, he finds out that she is the didi at the ashram, whom the kids adore & respect & learn from her too....such a warm person, awwwhhhh when will Arman say this!!! so its very obivious that the 2nd team would be of Ridz & am sure, most kids will dump Arman for Ridz espcially the boys.....heheheheh
take care & update soon
Hi Friend Smile
Oh dont worry, i know there must be some reason that you couldnt comment. I completely understand it that its sometimes not possible for one to reply immediately. So dont worry about it. I am sooo happy that you liked the previous 2 episodes.
Neha was definitely smitten by him. Well i love comedy myself, so thats why its a part of my FFBig smile. and i also promised a lot of Pranks and fun when i started this story, so ti will stay till end.
Yes now he knows she do visit Ashraya.Smile
Originally posted by Iqbal Neha1

awesome part aimee
i really liked the way u showed armaans thoughts regarding neha and the way he tricked her was really good. nehas charchacter showed how she didnt really like all the tradional things and was only glad armaan isnt going 2 marry her.
the scenes between armaan and the kids were amazing the way u showed the attachment between the kids and armaan was really good.
the way ridz was interacting with the kids and make them do things in order was amazing it showed how much she cared.
Hi Friend Smile
Thanks you for appreciating Armaan's thought, i was really apprehensive about the Clothing stuff, i hops it hasnt hurt anyone's feelings.
Wat for the next Episode, i am sure you will like it as well, since it has a lot of AR in it.
Originally posted by redi50

i already said congo
but once again CONGO!!!!!!!Party
sry for not commenting for the last part
but just read both of the part
n i seriosuly loved them
the kids are possibly gonna chose ridz as the team captain
n armaan is falling for her but at a low speed
plz continue soon
luv heli
Hi Heli Smile
Hey Thats ok. I understand it dear. You dont need to apologise, just be there, i always looks for my friends' presence. Thats the only thing which matters to me. Late or soon doesnt matter much. Kids will chosee someone, lets see who?Wink 
Originally posted by gidha

I only have one word "fantastic"
Please update soooon xx
Hi Friend Smile
Welcome to my FF. Thanks for the comment. Hope you will keep commenting in future as well.
Wild.Aimee Goldie

Joined: 31 August 2008
Posts: 2036

Posted: 01 November 2008 at 8:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by neha2005

loving the ff! can you PM me when you update next! thanks!

Hi Friend Smile
Welcome to my FF. Thanks for the reply. No problem, i will PM you for sure. I wish to see your comments in future as well.
Originally posted by cutie13

gr8 part
the neha part was so funny lol
i think ridz will be the captain of other team
cont soon
Hi Cutie Smile
Thanks for the reply dear. I am glad that you liked it. Read the next Episode to find who will be the second captain.
Originally posted by Robin_M

hahah very good part aimee! omg the way armaan described his views on "traditional" was so amazing! he is sooo right! everything he said about it was perfect in my opinion, i feel the same way! and god i loved the way he made neha fall! ewww she was sooo yuck! what a cheap girl! so glad he gave her what she deserved! good job armaan!

and i just love their interaction with children, its very heartwarming! whether its with yash and vibhi or the ashram kids, they are splendid! sooooo sweet! its another thing they have in common! i really enjoyed this epi! maybe ridz will play on the other team for cricket! well im looking forward to the next one so continue soon!

and congrats again on thread 2!

Hi Robin Smile
Aww, that is so sweet of you to appreciate Armaan's opinion. As i mentioned in the reply to another friend of ours here, i wasnt very sure about the whole thing, especially about the cloths n all, but i am glad that you liked it.
Yes you are right, kids are something another common things between two of them. They both love kids and kids too love them back. Read the episode to find more about the Cricket. Thanks for your encouraging response.
Originally posted by kvn1983

Originally posted by Wild.Aimee

Originally posted by kvn1983

waohThumbs Up its really a niceStar no its superbSmileTongue wht a funLOL and wht he done mind blowingTongueBig smileWink bachari nehaLOL she deserves more a lotSmileWink and niceSmile and in charitable trust she is superbTongueSmile waohWink and i wish second team caption is ridhimaWink den armaan can see how much kids like herHeart like they like himWink plz continue it soonSmile and thanks for the pmWink

"Kisi ko paas aane me waqt lagta hai,
kisi ko apna banane me wqat lagta hai,
jab manga humne apka pyar khuda se,
usne kaha anmol cheez pane me waqt lagta hai...."
Hi Nidha Smile
Thanks a lot dear. Neha needed to be taught a lesson, and Armaan did the honors. I need to say something. I love Pink and White when it come to colors of the flowers. Though i like all type of flowers, but Roses and Tulips are my favorite ones. I love Pink roses and in case of Tulips i liked them in Pink, Yellow and Purple. But after seeing the pic you have posted here, i have completely fallen in love with White Tulips. They are awesome dear. Thanks a lot sweety.Hug

Nidha-Nidha-Nidha. Smile
You are such a sweetheart, i just told you that i love Tulips and you got them in my favorite colors plus you also had Pink roses with themEmbarrassed. How Sweet. Love you sooooooo much dear. Hug
Originally posted by aravi

heyyy amiee i just happened to read d next chp yaar!!!!!!! wowieee armaan is toooo much bechari miss american OUCH armaan made her fall in a pool of mud but god d gurl was pathetic she wanted armaan a bad time i see!!!!!!
but AR talks are so chessy n a little kiddish naa ridzy is sooo easily upset wid armaan i feel d credit goes to minnie had she not planted dat thot in "baby's mind" so AR wud b on chummy terms but no destiny had some other plans as u wud put it right!!!!! still cant wait 4 d cricket match now i noe ridzy will b leading d "other team"!!!!! waitingggggggggggg..........
luv ya
Hi Aravi Smile
LOL So you liked what Armaan did with Neha. Good.
Yep AR do talk cheesy and kiddish. What else we can expect HIM to do with our BABY. Yes i agree, Minnie had put the fuel to the fire. Read the next Episode to find out about the Game.
cool_pisces IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 August 2008
Posts: 3677

Posted: 01 November 2008 at 9:41am | IP Logged
Hey Aimee
Congo on the second thread, u totally deserve it, hope u open another thread too
Gr8 part as usual, I loved Armaan's thoughts when he sat with Riddhima, it showed tht he is still young at heart even after facing so many hurdles in life. But hardly any AR yaar, give us some scenes with them plsssssssss
Love Mini

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