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AR FF ~In pursuit of love~Part-2 page-17 (Page 17)

Taira Senior Member

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Posted: 17 December 2008 at 12:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shweet29

excelllent plz continue sooon
Thanks a lot
Originally posted by simran1285

Wow loved it great update, love Ridz attitude, I am still shocked from the slap but he deserved it!

can't wait for the next part
haha,,,,yeah he did deserve the slap...thanks for the comment
Originally posted by suv.patki

Hehehe ... slap on the very first meeting. Thats a good start. Waiting to read on!!!
thanks Suvarna.
Originally posted by ashluvdmg

oh mann!dis ws jst awsum....splendid wrk...carry on...
do cont soon dear...
n thx a ton 4 de pm
luv u lts
crzy ashu
thanks Ashu.
Originally posted by armaanridz

awesome part taira.....loving it

ridz slapped ammy wow man........i desperately wanna know armaan's reacion

can't wait for next part

thank for pm


 thanks a lot Chandni....haha yeah she did...
Originally posted by missypatel

sexy comeback T' it couple hours bck..cudnt comment ten!
ohh well..awesome goin..cnt wait 2 c his reaction :D

nij =)
thanks Nij....
Originally posted by spln

whoa taira...long due this was...great part n cheers to be back...n good luck with the preps n finals!


thanks Nj....m so glad u liked it.
Originally posted by rani 19

yeeyyy!!! ur back n dat 2 with a gr8 part. love ridz character she bold and fearless, the slap was shocking dat 2 on the first encounter but he deserved it. do continue soon wana no his reaction
lov iram
Thanks so much so glad u liked it.

sea_nyx Goldie

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Posted: 17 December 2008 at 1:28am | IP Logged
Go Ridz!!!! he deserved every bit of that slap and then some Angry...the nerve of the guy. i don't care if it's armaan, somethings cannot be overlooked. Ammy certainly has a long way to go before becoming a good bf.and the first thing he needs to learn is how to respect girls
Taira Senior Member

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Posted: 28 December 2008 at 10:28am | IP Logged


Riddhima looked straight into Armaan's eyes, her eyes burning with rage and her face tightened with fury. Rahul, Armaan's best friend moved forward but Armaan placed his hand onto his shoulder indicating him to stop. Rahul looked back at Armaan and saw him move forward towards Riddhima and than everyone's jaws dropped to their knees when they heard him say, "I am sorry."

Riddhima too was a little surprised as she had expected him to be angry, she had mentally prepared herself for that and was ready to teach Armaan a lesson, once and for all but now she wondered if the guy wasn't as bad as she was thinking.

"Shall we?" Armaan spoke, breaking her thoughts indicating the way towards the classroom. She nodded and moved forward. When they reached the class they all took their seats while Armaan kept following Riddhima who went and sat down next to Muskaan in the front row. Armaan stood next to their seat and Riddhima snapped, "What!?"

Armaan shook his head and grabbing the collar of the kid sitting behind Riddhima, he threw him off his seat and sat down in his place.

"Riddhima there's definitely something wrong." Muskaan whispered leaning towards Riddhima.

"What do you mean?" Riddhima whispered back.

"He apologized to you."

"yeah so? It was his fault you know."
"But he never apologizes. He is definitely planning something."

"Whatever Muskaan….I can't care less."

"Look he can get you in trouble."

"Oh yeah….I know how to handle all the trouble Muskaan. When I am not wrong, I am not scared of anyone so shut up now and when is the professor going to come?" Just than the whole class shushed up as they all saw the professor step inside the class and much to Riddhima's relief the class started immediately.


"Excuse me!!!" Riddhima stopped in her track as she heard someone yell after her. Turning around she saw the same Armaan dude rushing towards her. "look whatever happened…I am sorry about that. Can we be friends?"

Riddhima thought for a moment and than decided if her was playing games than she would handle it and if he isn't than she should too forget everything and give it a friendly start. She took his hand and shaking it spoke, "I am Riddhima Gupta."

"I am sorry…

"Its okay."

"So you from where?"

"Chandigarh, Punjab. I was a student in Punjab university."

"oh good and am a student here."

Riddhima looked at him wondering if he was crazy. "I know you are a student here. Why else would you be here otherwise?"

Riddhima turned around, smiling to herself and than walked away.

"Oye What was that about?" Rahul asked Armaan once Riddhima was gone.


"You apologized to her, not once but twice and than this whole 'can we be friends' thing what's wrong with you dude?"

"She a nice girl and what's wrong with being friends."

"Armaan seriously. Tell me what's cooking in your head?"

"No really dude. She different and I like her. Let's see where this goes and you don't stress your pea size head. Okay?"

Rahul shrugged as Armaan walked towards where Riddhima had left.


"Riddz??" Riddhima stopped and turning around she saw Muskaan running towards her.

"Everyone's talking about you."

"What's new about that huh? Everyone's always talking about me."

"Yeah babe but this time you in a mess. If Armaan is….

"Stop it Muski. I don't want to hear anything about that guy, do you get it? Please. Just tell me when's the next lecture."

"There's no next lecture. We going home."

"Oh awesome. I anyways wanted to go shopping."
Riddhima walked smiling towards the college exit. Muskaan smacked her head knowing that the whole day now will be spent in a mall coz once Riddhima got started with 'shopping' there's no stopping her and especially if she entered a book store.

"Alright am gone."


"Muski look at that?" Riddhima pulled Muskaan's arm dragging her towards another store while Muskaan was hoping her arm wouldn't come off. They walked into the store and Riddhima stood holding a black dress against her.

"Riddz why don't you for a change try some new color."

"Alright. How about red?"

"Yeah looks cool. Go in and try it."

Riddhima took the dress and walked into the changing room. She took off her halter and put on the red dress with her jeans still on when the lights went off.

"What the hell?" She muttered and groped for the knob of the door. Opening the door she stepped out but was surprised when she found the whole store in darkness.

"Muski where are you?" Riddhima walked a little father but didn't hear muskaan's voice.

She must be in another corner, she thought. She got my handbag, it had my cell. I can't even call her now and she'll stay where she is coz she is scared of dark.

Riddhima decided to go back into the changing room and somehow change back into her halter. She turned around but banged into someone and was about to fall when someone held her with his arms around her waist. Riddhima, when falling placed her arm around his neck to save herself from hitting the floor. She tried standing up but her heels slipped and she fell on the floor taking the guy down with her. When he ended up on the floor, lying over her their lips brushed and Riddhima gasped. The guy quickly got up holding her arm. "I am extremely sorry."

"No it was my fault. I slipped and you fell…

She stopped as the lights switched on. She sighed in relief and looked at the guy standing in front of her. They smiled at each other and he was about to say something when Muskaan came running towards Riddhima and started blabbering something that Riddhima didn't hear for she was still looking at that guy. She saw him wave at her and she smiled back as he walked away.

"Are you even listening Ridzie?"

"Oh sorry what?"

"Kuch nhi. Chal ab."

"Yeah okay."


Muskaan stood looking incredulously at Riddhima who looked back at her with a blank look. "What??"

"Don't you have to change?"

"Oh yeah!! I totally forgot. I'll just come back."

Riddhima went inside the changing room and as she was changing back into her halter, the guy's face flashed into her head. Putting on the halter she looked at herself in the mirror and than touching her lips, she had a dreamy expression on her face when she suddenly shook her head vigorously.

Get a grip riddz, she reproached herself in her head. He was just a guy…just a guy and you are Riddhima gupta…focus…focus.

She walked out of the changing room back to her normal self and grabbing her handbag she bought the dress and moved to the next store.

"Oh my god!!! Look at that." Muskaan yelled looking at a poster. Riddhima turned to look at the poster and rolled her eyes when she saw a poster of Brad pitt there. "Grow up Muskaan."

"What!!? Cummon Riddz he hot."

"Please…he is unfaithful and a cheat. He cheated on Jennifer. I don't like such guys."

"Me too." Muskaan and Riddhima turned around and saw Armaan standing there , grinning at them and Riddhima felt Muskaan's grip tighten on her hand.

"What are you doing here?" Riddhima couldn't help but ask.

"I was here to buy some stuff when I saw you girls here and thought of joining you guys."

"That's great Armaan. Cummon lets shop together."

Riddhima glared at Muskaan making a mental note to strangle her later. "Sure. Where are you girls headed?"

"Book store. You wanna come along though I don't think you much interested in books." Riddhima spoke sarcastically.

"Oh no. In fact I love books."

"really??" Riddhima exclaimed smiling and moving forward she asked, "What books do you read?"

"Err…I read all sort of books." He answered hoping she would drop the topic.

"What authors?"

Armaan kicked himself mentally for lying to her. The girls too smart.

"Err…actually…I…Chetan Bhagat…I like his books."

"Hmm…not a bad choice. I liked his five point someone. Nice Armaan. Cummon lets hit the book store and I'll tell you about some other great authors."

Armaan was about to follow Riddhima who was walking towards the bookstore when Muskaan pulled him back. "Do you even know who Chetan Bhagat is?"

"Of course I do. He writer of that book Hello."

"Ohh so that's where it came from. You knew coz of the movie hello right."

Armaan gave her a lopsided grin while Muskaan chuckled. "Its okay. Had you not said it, she would have given you a long lecture on how wrong it is to lie. Cummon lets go but one suggestion when she hands you Gone with the wind, which she definitely would, just take it quietly and move to another corner otherwise she'll tell you exactly how awesome Rhett is so before she starts you better disappear or else we'll have to stay in the bookstore forever."

Armaan nodded and both walked towards the book store where Riddhima was looking through some books and there were already a number of books in her hand. Armaan and Muskaan walked towards her when the books were slipping off her hand, Armaan rushed towards her and held the books for her.

"Armaan good you here. Here take this, its gone with the wind and you know theres this character Rhett in it who is…

"Oh I totally forgot I had to make a call. Excuse me for a moment. I'll be back."

Armaan walked away, Muskaan tried to hide her smile while Riddhima shrugged and got back to the books on the shelf.

Armaan stood in a corner staring at her, observing her intently. He saw her jump excitedly every time she found a book of her liking, her face practically glowed as she talked about the characters oblivious to the fact that Muskaan wasn't even listening. She looked like a little kid who was in his favorite toy store, unknowingly Armaan broke into a smile with his eyes glued to her. She had him intrigued on their very first meet.


"Oh my god!! Look at that." Armaan and Muskaan stopped and saw Riddhima jumping up and down with a wide grin on her face. They looked in the direction she was pointing and saw some guys dressed up as Chip and Dale.

"Cummon lets go meet them." Riddhima walked towards them excitedly.

"Chip and Dale….Riddhima loves them…she is crazy about them."

Armaan laughed throwing his head back. She is a total kid, he was convinced….a kid with a temper.


"Muskaan why are we here?" Riddhima held Muskaan's hand as they walked towards the stand where a basket ball game was supposed to start.

"Our college is participating. it's the final game today. And look there, Armaan. He is the captain."

"Oh so Armaan is the captain of the team huh?"

"Yeah and he a champion basket ball player."


The game started and Muskaan and Riddhima sat down watching the game.

"Yeyyy!!!" Muskaan yelled as Armaan scored a basket. He looked towards them and waved. Muskaan waved back while Riddhima just nodded.

The game was nearing its end and their team was winning when Muskaan nudged Riddhima to pay attention who was fiddling with her cell phone.

The whole crowd erupted with wild applause as their team scored the last basket and the time was up now. Muskaan jumped up cheering too and she dragged Riddhima too to her feet.

"I think its not Armaan who scored the basket."

"Riddhima looked up and saw two guys were lifted up on other guy's shoulder. One of them was Armaan she knew, the other one wasn't visible.

"Chal lets go and congratulate them." Muskaan dragged Riddhima down towards the boys.

Armaan walked towards them and they congratulated him.

"Whose the other guy?" Riddhima asked him.

"Oh!! He the champ for today. Scored the maximum baskets. Come I'll introduce you guys."

All three walked towards him as he got down. Riddhima stood next to Muskaan and her eyes widened when she saw the guy's face as he turned around. His face had a similar expression.

She heard Armaan say, "Riddhima meet Abhimanyu Modi."

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.x.Saira.x. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 December 2008 at 11:11am | IP Logged
loved this part!ClapClapClap
armaan seems v. sweet
cnt w8 for the next part!
pickytg Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2008 at 11:57am | IP Logged
grt update!! ahha!! i can c sum1 fumin!!  
cont soon! :)
sea_nyx Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2008 at 12:26pm | IP Logged
hey taira, loved the update, especially since u brought abhimanyu into the ff....ok i know confessing this is going to bring down a storm of chappals on my head but (deep breath gurl, relax!!!) i have a crush on him!!!!!!!!! so sue me !!! my sis is already ready to kill me for it but i just can't help it.
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Posted: 28 December 2008 at 12:31pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sea_nyx

hey taira, loved the update, especially since u brought abhimanyu into the ff....ok i know confessing this is going to bring down a storm of chappals on my head but (deep breath gurl, relax!!!) i have a crush on him!!!!!!!!! so sue me !!! my sis is already ready to kill me for it but i just can't help it. no...dn't worry..even i like him and u knw Krati..she likes him better than armaan...character nd the guy both...nd i think i we wid u in thisWink

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