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Michi FF: Encounter- Rendezvous Part B Pg 34

book.worm IF-Sizzlerz

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Hey ppl... this is a just a one part fanfic... I had this idea for Michi meeting, but couldn't conjure up a story line which could follow this meeting. So I am just writing their meeting. Hope you all like this... there is no continuation to it.



"Papa!!!" a boy screamed happily as he ran towards a man, who was engrossed in a serious conversation with his manager. Hearing the boy scream, he turned back to look at him and all the irritation and anger which was evident on his face a second before, gave way to a big smile. He kneeled down and opened his arms wide "Sumonto." Sumonto ran to his arms and hugged him tight, while he kissed Sumonto on his cheeks.
"We will go?"
He gives Sumonto a regretful look "Sorry dude, have a meeting to attend."
Sumonto angrily "Uff!!! How many more meetings are there?"
"Just one more, I promise."
"Come fast dude... I am bored."
He smiles at Sumonto, he was 5 years old, and it still amazed him how the boy was his mirror image. Not only in looks also in actions, and character-wise too. "Why don't you play with Ram Uncle till I am done with the meeting?"
Sumonto in a low conspiratory tone "He is old and won't even run fast."
Man starts laughing "Serves you right! How many times did I ask to you to find a mama for you? If she was here, she would have played with you, while I attended all these boring meetings. But you are always busy playing, and forgetting me and your duty of finding a mama for you."
"Stop it dude, I told you that I am looking for mama ri8? I will find her soon."
"You have been saying that for........... I don't know how long."
"This time, I will paka find. It is a promise. Sumonto Shergil-Mishra's promise."
Man sighs "I hope you will keep your word this time. Oh there comes Ram Uncle, now go play with him, while I attend the boring, let me tell you, (he says in a low voice) outrageously boring meeting."
Sumonto laughs seeing the sad and bored look on the man's face "Bye Papa."
"Bye Sumonto." He kisses Sumonto on his cheeks just as Sumonto gave him a kiss on his cheek.
"Come fast... okay dude?"
"Okay." Sumonto ran off, with Ram trying to catch up with him.
"Mr. Mishra, everyone's ready."
Milind turns and looks at the man next to him, and nodded at him and looked at Sumonto running off. Sumonto was his life now. His life revolved around Sumonto. Having taken the responsibility of a father at the young age of 23, he had started his life also early. Having spent his life managing his company and Sumonto, he has started feeling an emptiness in him, which unfortunately even Sumonto couldn't fill. And that's when he realized what that emptiness was, love. Sumonto loved him a lot, and he loved Sumonto a lot. But still a companion and her love was missing in his life. He now felt that he needed to complete his family and give Sumonto a mother along with a wife for himself, and he has given the job of finding that person to Sumonto, as he wanted Sumonto to accept whoever comes into his life with open arms. With one last look at Sumonto, he walked towards the board room.

Prachi watches Alaap as he pays the bill for their early dinner.  Once he pays the bill, he looked at Prachi "Let's go?"
"Yeah." Prachi says as she gets up taking her purse in her hand, Alaap also gets up, as he puts his wallet in his jeans pocket and picking up his cell. They walk towards the furthest corner of the car park and gets in the car.
"Don't put on the music, I am going to sleep." Prachi firmly told him.
"If I don't listen to music, I will go to sleep." Alaap argued.
"I don't care, I want to sleep."
"I knew it! I knew it! After my use is over, you would treat me like shit again." Alaap said pissed.
Prachi snorts "Stop being a drama queen and start driving."
"Next time, you want to go to Mumbai for your friend's wedding, come begging me okay?"
"I never beg... and next time I go for my friend's wedding, even without calling you, I know you would come."
"Why would I come?" Alaap frowned.
"Suyesha." Prachi said with a sly grin.
"You never miss anything... do you?" Alaap asked surprised.
"No especially if it is something concerning my brother and I can use it for my advantage!" Prachi laughs.
"Fine!" Alaap says, as he starts the car and Prachi goes to sleep.

"PRAAAAAAAAAAAACHI!!!" Alaap screamed. Prachi woke up with a start.
"WHA?? WHAT? What happened?" Prachi asked tensed.
Alaap starts laughing "We will reach home in 5 minutes. Get up!"
Prachi starts hitting Alaap "Alaap, you dog! You scared the hell out of me!"
Alaap starts screaming at Prachi to stop or they will have an accident, though he was laughing through out.
Suddenly, Prachi stops and stares at Alaap "Did you just call me Papa?"
"NO! You called me Papa!"
"What??? I didn't.." Suddenly they hear it again, this time more loudly and in a scared tone "Papa?"
Prachi immediately looks at the back seat and then she hears a wailing sound. She immediately moves aside the luggage and packets from there and sees a small boy sitting on the ground, wailing for his papa.
"Alaap, there is a boy."
"What???" Alaap immediately stops the car. Prachi and he get out of the car and open the back door and Prachi slowly takes the boy out.
"Who is this?" Alaap asks Prachi, shocked out of his wits. When did his car started producing kids?
"How will I know?" Prachi replied irritated, then slowly looked at the boy and realized that he had stopped wailing and was curiously watching her.
"Hi... what's your name, baby?" she asked sweetly while wiping of his tears.
"Sumonto Shergill-Mishra. What is your name?"
"I am Prachi and that is my brother Alaap. What are you doing in our car?"
"I was playing hide and seek and I got inside the car to hide from Ram Uncle." Suddenly, he started crying "I want to see Papa."
Prachi looks at Alaap for help, as she tried to calm down the boy.
"Let's go home and see what we can do." Alaap finally said. Prachi nodded and got in the car and sat down with Sumonto on her lap, all the while promising him that they would call his father as soon as they got home.

Inder and PL were listening to Alaap as he explained how they found the boy in the car while Prachi sat with Sumonto and tried talking to him to find out about his father.
"Who's your Papa?"
Sumonto confused "My Papa is my Papa."
Prachi smiles "Yeah baby, but then what does everyone else call him?"
"Hmmm... Sir"
Prachi takes a deep breath and decides to use another approach "What about mummy? What does she call him?"
Prachi shocked out of her wits "Your Mummy calls your Papa bhaiyya?"
Sumonto nods, then clarifies "Used to."
Prachi confused "Used to?"
Sumonto nods again.
"What does she call him now?"
Sumonto sadly "She doesn't call him anything now. She is with God now. She and Dad went to see God, because Papa cried and said that he wants to stay with me, they didn't take me with them."
Then Prachi understood. Sumonto's parents passed away, and his mother's brother was raising Sumonto, and Sumonto calls him Papa. Suddenly, she felt a lot of respect and something else which she had never felt for anyone, for Sumonto's Papa.
"Did you find out Sumonto's Papa's name, Prachi?" Alaap called out to his sister.
Prachi says disappointedly "No." At the same time, Sumonto replies "Milind Mishra."
Prachi shocked "What?"
Sumonto frowns "That's my Papa's name."
"Why didn't you tell me when I asked you?"
Sumonto gives her a look, which clearly stated that he thought she was an idiot "You asked, what everyone calls my Papa. Then what Mummy calls my Papa"
Then Prachi also felt like an idiot. Prachi looks at Alaap to see him give her an idiotic look as he started dialing a number.

Sumonto was a friendly child and soon he had made friends with the Shah-s, in fact even with their dog. Prachi watched as he played with their dog, happily laughing. She turned to look at Alaap trying to call Milind Mishra.
"Any luck?" Prachi asked her brother.
"No, switched off."
Sumonto said that his Papa had taught Sumonto his cell number and house address by heart, in case of some unforeseen emergency like these happens, so Sumonto could contact him or get home. But then his Papa has forgotten to switch on his cell, and nobody was picking up the phone at their house.
"Prachi, give Sumonto a bath, while I cook him dinner. Since you two had dinner from out, I didn't make anything as we also ate from out." PL told her.
"Okay, mama."
Prachi calls out to Sumonto and asks him to get inside, and later she gives him a bath while Sumonto watches her curiously.

A while later, Prachi comes with Sumonto wrapped in a towel.
"Alaap, get a shirt of yours for Sumonto to wear, his dress is dirty."
Alaap nods and picks up Sumonto in his hand "Come buddy, lets see if I can find something for you."
"You know what? We should call that hotel and see. Sumonto got in our car from there right, so maybe his Papa would be looking for him there." Prachi said excitedly.
Alaap amazed "Yeah! Why didn't I think of that? You find out the hotel number and call them and see if Milind Mishra is there."
"He will be there." Sumonto confirmed.
"You sure?" Alaap asked.
"Yes. That is my Papa's hotel."
"Oh!" Alaap turns and looks at Prachi "Prachi..."
"Yeah, I will call them; meanwhile you show Sumonto your playstation."
"You have playstation?" Sumonto asked excited.
"Yes! What is your fav game?"
"GTA!" he replied excitedly.
"Even mine! That's the manly game! Unlike CSI!!!" Alaap says with a side long glance at Prachi.
"I am a girl! And I like intelligent games! Not some stupid game of throwing people out of their car for no reason and drive off in their car"
"That is the best game!" Sumonto said.
"No use buddy, she like crime investigation and Mickey mouse and all."
Aaap laughs "Come let's find you some clothes and play... Prachi you try calling his Papa."
Prachi nods and walks towards her father's study to find out the hotel number.

Prachi finally gets the number from her father, as her father knew the hotel number he being in hotel business and in fact he had heard of Milind Mishra, though never met him be4. Prachi calls the hotel, and on the first ring itself it was picked up. After the customary greeting, Prachi asked a little hesitantly "Does this hotel belong to one Mr. Milind Mishra?"
"Yes ma'm."
"Can I talk to him?"
"I am sorry ma'm, he is not taking any calls now. I can pass on a message for you."
"No, I need to talk to him. It's urgent. It's about Sumonto."
"Oh okay... one second ma'm. Please be on the line." the woman said in a hurry.
"O-kay." She didn't call, to just hang up!!!!
In ten seconds, she heard a manly voice over the phone "This is Milind Mishra here. Where is my son?"
For a second Prachi was mesmerized by the manly voice.
"You there??? What do you want?? WHERE IS MY SON?"
"Yeah... yeah I am here... and your son is perfectly fine. Actually, my brother and I had come to your hotel for lunch... and I must tell you, awesome food."
"Madam, my son?" He asked in a little irritation.
"Oh yeah..yeah." Prachi starts blushing for blabbering; his sound was affecting her senses. "Well, we are from Pune and when we were like 5 minutes away from our house, we heard a boy crying, and that's when we realized he was in the car. He said he was playing hide and seek and had got inside our car to hide, and I think he slept off."
Suddenly, she hears him sigh "He is fine ri8?"
"Yeah, he is perfectly alrite. And for the past half an hour we have been trying to contact you, but your cell was switched off."
"Somebody stole my cell two days back."
"Oh okay... we would have brought him back, but then it was really late... tomorrow morning we will bring him back."
"No, its okay.. I will come there now."
"We are in Pune."
"That's okay... can you give me your address?"
"Yeah sure." And she proceeds to give him her address.
"You are Inder Shah's daughter?"
"Yeah.. Do you know my father?"
"No... Have heard of him... he is also in hotel business right?"
"Hmmm okay....Can I speak to Sumonto?"
"Yeah sure.... hold on."

Milind tried telling himself for the tenth time that his son was fine since he got this call, as he waited for his son to come on the phone. Then he heard laughter, Sumonto laughing. He wanted to cry in relief, but holding on to his self-control, he waited for Sumonto to take the phone, as he heard the woman tell Sumonto that his Papa was on the phone. Then he heard Sumonto's voice.
"Sumonto!!!! Dude.. You alrite??" Milind asked, trying to control the tears in his eyes.
"Yeah dude! I am fine! I am playing GTA with Alaap Uncle."
"Alaap Uncle??"
"Yeah... he is my new friend"
"Inder Shah's son? And that girl's brother, who I was talking to now?"
"Prachi Aunty?" Sumonto asked confused.
"That's her name?"
"Yeah! Are you coming here, dude? It's great fun here."
"I will come there sooon... after I send away the police, I called here to look for you."
"POLICE??? Do they have guns?? Did they shoot someone?? Did they show you their gun? Did you hold it??" Sumonto asked excitedly.
Milind sighs, Sumonto will never understand what he went through, when Ram had informed him that Sumonto was missing, and Sumonto is too small to understand what he had put him through, when Sumonto got home he would sit him down and tell him about being more careful henceforth. He was lucky, that Inder Shah's kids found him, Milind had in fact heard about them in his business circle, Alaap Shah is the most promising business man, and Milind had also heard that Alaap and his sister had both taken after their father's intelligence and mother's kind heart. He hated to think what would have happened if Sumonto had hid inside some criminal's car or some other cruel person's car. Milind shudder thinking about it. Then he tries to smile as he answered Sumonto's question "Yeah! I even shot two people."
"WOW!!! Really dude??? Don't give back their guns... we will shoot my maths teacher with it."
Suddenly, Milind heard Prachi laughing. Her laughter was music to his ears. He had this uncontrollable urge to ask Sumonto how his Prachi Aunty was, but then he didn't, as he knew they were listening to this conversation, at least Sumonto's side of conversation.
"We will see about that dude... Anyways I will come soon."
"Okay dude... bye!"


Sumonto was sitting on Prachi's lap as she fed him and they both were watching cartoon at the same time. Sumonto was wearing Alaap's old T-shirt, and it was so long for him that he didn't have to wear shorts.

"You are very pretty." Sumonto suddenly told Prachi.

Prachi was shocked with the unexpected compliment, but then she smiles "Thank you."

"You know what?"

"What, baby?"

"Even my Papa will think you are pretty."

Prachi suddenly remembers the manly voice she heard over the phone and blushes, then trying to act nonchalant "How do you know?"

"I know... but he won't tell you, he will tell me though."

Suddenly, Prachi asked suspiciously "How many girls has your Papa said is pretty?"

"Hmmmmmm two."

Prachi couldn't believe the jealousy she was feeling, that too for a man she has never met. "Really?"

"Yes! Mummy and Nani."

Prachi starts smiling feeling stupid "How sweet."

"Then there is one more girl."

Dammit! The jealousy was back "WHO?"

"Katrina Kaif!"

"Katrina.. Katrina Kaif??" Prachi starts laughing.

"What??? She is pretty!" Sumonto argued.

Prachi in a teasing tone "Not only Papa, even you think Katrina Kaif is pretty... huh?"

Sumonto blushes "When I grow up, I will marry her."

Prachi acting hurt "I was hoping when you grow up, you would marry me."

"Awww... don't worry my Papa will marry you. I will tell him."

Prachi shocked though couldn't help blushing "I don't want to marry your Papa... I want to marry you."

Sumonto helplessly "But I am marrying Katrina ri8? If I don't marry her, then Papa will marry her... even Papa likes her. So I will marry Katrina and you marry my Papa Okay?"

Prachi then tried to change the conversation, by trying to put the food in his mouth, but he refuses "If you eat it, I will tell Alaap uncle to give you the cheat codes for GTA."

"What cheat codes?" Sumonto asks suspiciously, while Prachi was happy that she was able to distract him from the marriage proposal.

"He knows the cheat codes for jumping, with that he can jump really high.. you know like on top of the buildings and all, then he has a cheat code to increase the money and the best.."

Sumonto was listening to her astonished "What is it?"

"He knows a cheat code to get helicopter."

"No way!"

"I have seen him use it!"


"Yes, if you finish it, then I will ask him to give it to you."

"Okay!" he says as he opens his mouth wide open.


Alaap opens the door to find a man in his late twenties standing at the door.

"Hi.. I am Milind Mishra."

"Oh hi... come on in... I am Alaap Shah"

He puts his hand and Milind takes his hand and they shake hands.

"You reached so fast (then Alaap checks his watch) wow really fast."

Milind just shrugs "Sumonto?"

"He is having dinner... come; I will take you to him."

Alaap starts walking and Milind follows him "I am really sorry, you had to go through so much trouble because of us."

"Hey.. It's no problem. Sumonto is a sweet boy and we had a great time with him."

Milind could hear Sumonto laughing out loudly, he started smiling. Alaap took him to their TV room.  And he sees Sumonto sitting with a woman who he suspected to be Prachi in a beanbag. She was feeding him, while he talked animatedly and they would laugh in between. Suddenly, the tension he had been going through for the past few hours started leaving him and he started relaxing as he stood there watching Sumonto with Prachi. It was one of his dreams, seeing Sumonto with his wife. Suddenly, the faceless person in his dream had a face.

Sumonto better like Prachi as his mama!

Prachi was the first to notice Milind at the door. The moment she saw him, she stopped laughing and gave an embarrassed smile. He was a lot more sexier than his voice. Sumonto noticing the change in Prachi, looks at the direction where she was looking and sees Milind.

"PAPA!!!" he jumped up immediately and ran towards Milind. Milind immediately scooped him up in his arms and hugged him tight.

Alaap seeing the reunion decides to give them some privacy and signals Prachi to come outside and leaves from there. Prachi slowly starts walking out, when she notices that Milind was blocking the door and he had his eyes closed as he hugged his son tightly, so she tried to walk out of the room without disturbing them by turning and leaving the room walking side ways. Facing Milind's profile. As she reached near Milind, Milind and Sumonto broke out of their hug, and Milind moved a little back to look at Sumonto's face, when he felt someone's lips on his cheek, scandalized he immediately turns to his side to see who had just kissed him.

Prachi horrified "I was just leaving and you turned... I was not trying to kiss you."

"You kissed Papa?" Sumonto asked shocked. "She likes kissing people, she kissed me also' So many times." he informed Milind.

Milind noticing Prachi's embarrassment decides to tease her, (and after finding Sumonto he was feeling too excited), so he looks at Sumonto "Really??? So do you think she really tried to kiss me, dude?"

"I think so!" Sumonto agreed.

"I was not! I was just leaving."

Milind smiles at her "If you say so." God, she was so pretty.

"I really was not!" Prachi argues.

"Yes ma'm." Milind grins. As she got worked up, she got even prettier.

Prachi decides to leave from there. Suddenly, Milind says "Milind Mishra."

Prachi looks at him, and he puts his hand forward, she slowly shakes his hand "Prachi Shah."

"Thank you so much, for looking after Sumonto."

"You don't have to thank me. Sumonto and I had so much fun."

"This is mama, Papa." Sumonto suddenly declared.

Prachi and Milind looks at Sumonto, and Sumonto was proudly pointing his hand at her direction, Prachi slowly turns back to see if her mother had come up, but she doesn't find her mother anywhere there. She slowly turns back to look at Milind and Sumonto. Milind and Sumonto were looking at each other, even though they were not talking, Prachi realized some silent conversation was going on between them. Suddenly, Milind gave Sumonto a big smile. "Thanx dude." And he kisses Sumonto on his cheeks. Prachi tries to leave from there, when she realized that Milind was still holding her hand. She slowly tries to extricate her hand from his hold, suddenly Milind looks at her and he holds her hand even tighter. She looks at him shocked, and sees Milind and Sumonto watching her with identical smile on their face. Then she remembers Sumonto's proposal. She suddenly feels her cheeks turning pink, Milind noticing this wink at her, and Prachi blushes.

They were married six months later.

Page 14 - Meeting

Page 26 - Rendezvous Part A

Page 34 - Rendezvous Part B

I know it was a very stupid and silly FF, but couldn't help posting it! so please comment.


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.Angel IF-Stunnerz

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mind blowing work kukuClapme love it but pls do not forget about the other FF as well.
Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2008 at 9:53am | IP Logged
Back later to comment
.Angel IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 October 2008 at 9:57am | IP Logged
ROFLOMG kuku they took Milind Mishra son homeShockedoh hell no Alaap Milind is so gonna hit u hadROFLu know kuku I actually thought they were gonna have an accident with the poor boy but thank god it wasn't an accidnetBig smile
fahimataq IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2008 at 10:05am | IP Logged
That was Fantabalous! LOL I love your sense of humour and katrina kaif yahan paer bhi agayi! LOL I thought it was only in revelation! LOL AWWW SUmonto baby ishhh shooo cute!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Ok I imagined Milsi in a the Half Omi Half Milsi look aka with a stubble looking much fitterEmbarrassedEmbarrassed Kind of like he is kymth was damn cute kuku esp the marriage proposal part...sumonto smart kid...ClapLOL
Shabz. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 28 October 2008 at 10:06am | IP Logged
Kuku, i absolutely loved ur one part FF, sumonto is a darling Smile
.Angel IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 28 October 2008 at 10:15am | IP Logged
What does she call him?"
Prachi shocked out of her wits "Your Mummy calls your Papa bhaiyya?"ROFL OMG kuku this is geting too muchROFLROFLI'm already in love with this FF and I want another part now plsCryEmbarrassed
soul76 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 October 2008 at 10:16am | IP Logged
Oh this was the cutest most sweetest ff ever KUku I just loved it honestly you've fuelled new energy in me to write another short fan fic... I loved it the most lovely part Don't give the gun we'll kill mt maths teacher with it... hahaha....

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