Saath Saath Banayenge Ek Aashiyaan


Saath Saath Banayenge Ek Aashiyaan
Saath Saath Banayenge Ek Aashiyaan

10/27 Written Update

PiyaBawri IF-Rockerz

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 Some Blah Blah from My end 1st :)

Hi Everyone!! Happy Monday :D  Hope you all had a great weekend!!  Now Friday was my frist update I know it wasn't that great but I hope you all enjoyed it a lil bit :)  Now on to the update for today!!
I'll be doing it in parts so keep refreshing it and it'll be up soon.  Sorry for the slow pace but I have to stop each time someone comes into my office! :D
The sniper shoots, LZ pushes LJ out of the way and gets shot.  Abhay & Uday expose Rekha infront of the whole family and ask Uma to tell the truth and she tells the family that LZ was not the one who was pregnant she was and Vicky was her boyfriend not Leeza's.
Part 1
The family is listening in shock as Uma tells them that LZ took the blame on herself and gave Uma a new life.  Rohan tells Uma he can't believe she gave him such a big dhoka and did such a shameful lowly act and that he is leaving and will never come back now.  Uma is crying and the rest of the family is shocked.  Rohan tells Uma to understand that he is leaving her forever and going.  LJ stops Rohan and says please stop a minute.  She folds her hands infront of him and says if you leave today then no woman in the world will ever trust a guy because it is not Uma's fault.  Ranbir asks then who is to blame? Abhay says Chachi brought Vicky in LZ's life and when that fraud trapped Uma, then instead of going against him, she supported him.  Abhay goes on to say that Uma paid the price for Rekha's plan of kicking LZ out of the house (by the way just a side note here, LZ is still lying on the floor in pain and shot and no one has gone to get a doctor or call an ambulance yet!! Ouch) Ranbir then says Rekha I can't believe you did this with my daughter.  I feel like strangling you right now!  He says how low can you fall?  Not even a monster acts like this with a child of their own house and you call yourself a human.   Rekha says look at yourself Ranbir before pointing fingers at me.  Didn't you hate LZ?  What about all the plans you made to kick LZ out of the house?  Why? You didn't make plans? Tell me?  Now the whole family is looking at Ranbir in shock.  Rekha tells Ranbir to look into Abhay's eyes and say if what she is saying is a lie.  Abhay is shocked and says Papa YOU TOO?? Ranbir says Abhay beta, I will not lie to you.  I never liked LZ because I did not want her to be a part of our family but I never wished any harm on her son, never and Rekha, what did she do?  Ranbir continues to blame Rekha for having LZ attacked and then asks her why she did it and what she got out of it.  LJ says right now we should not be thinking about this (FINALLY!!!)  we should be saving LZ's life, look at how much blood she has lost, we should take her to the hospital, let's go.   Ranbir says I will do this, I misunderstood my daughter in law so I will make up for it and repent for it.  Ranbir says I always thought of her as a foreigner but she turned out to be much better than hindustani daughter in laws.  Ranbir folds his hands and asks LZ to forgive him.  LZ is on the couch at home and the family is waiting for the doctor to come and he gets there finally (why did they not take her to the hospital???) he says they will have to admit her immediately.  The entire family is shocked and then Ranjit says go ahead Abhay take LZ to the hospital nothing should happen to her and we will all meet you there.  Abhay & LZ leave with the doctor.  Ranjit is very angry he says because of Rekha's crooked ways, we all have to see this day today and Rekha is super shocked to hear him talk this way along with everyone else.   Rekha says whatever I did was for the betterment for this house, if I had not planned to kick LZ out of this house,  then Uma's secret would have come out and you guys know right that she would have remained unmarried?  Uday yells at Rekha to be quiet.  He says stop acting with us mom and I'm ashamed to say today that I'm your son.  He tells Ranjit that Jags is the one who poisoned Ranbir's tea because Rekha asked her to.  Again everyone is super shocked and Uday asks him mom what is the betterment of the family in this situation?  He says you did not even think if something had happened to him what would have happened to this family?  Abhay's mom (sorry i forgot her name :) ) asks Rekha you did not even spare my husband? Why did you do this? Uday says she did it to kick LJ out of the house and that too then when she knew I loved LJ more than my life.  Uday says to Rekha and you called Mausi to help you with this work so no one can suspect you.  Ranjit walks over to a scared Jags and asks her why she did this and he wants an answer from her.  Jags says Jiju I will not lie to you, everything I have said and done has been because Rekha has asked me to.  Rekha looks at Jags in shock because she can't believe what Jags just said. 
Part 2
Jags tells the family that Rekha told her that her Daughter in Law is very dangerous and that they need to kick her out of the family no matter how.  She says Rekha also told her that she is not worth Uday from any angle so they have to make LJ fall in Ranbir's eyes and if they do so then LJ will leave the house and go on her own otherwise Rekha & Jags will kick her out.  She goes on to say jiju whatever I have done, I have done because Rekha asked me to and I, Ranjit shouts enough and asks her to leave the house right then.  Jags leaves and turns to look at Rekha.  Rekha says Ranjit how can you just throw my sister and Ranjit shouts at her to shut up.  Ranjit says how dare you try to give poison to my brother and kill him?  Rekha says I did everthing for my brother but nothing happened to Ranbir.  Ranjit slaps her.  Jags is very shocked at the door and Rekha is even more shocked.  Jags runs away and Rekha says you slapped ME? Ranjit says a I should strangle and kill a woman like you be happy I have only slapped you.  I only stayed quiet till today to maintain peace in this house but you took that to be my weakness and took advantage of it but after today you take that misconception out of your mind forever!  He says you have already gone far away from my life but today you will go far away from this house too and never ever show us your face again.  He takes her to the door and Rekha says you are angry right now that's why you don't know what you are saying right now and Ranjit tells her to shut up and get out.  Rekha turns to look at everyone else and Ranjit asks her why she is still standing there and if she wants him to push her and throw her out.  Rekha runs and falls on his feet and says I'm sorry please forgive me, I realize I was wrong and I have behaved very bad with LJ but please give me one chance.  Ranjit tells her if she wants to apologize, she should apologize to LJ not to him.  Rekha falls to LJ's feet and folds her hand and asks her to forgive her for all the things she has done.  LJ picks her up.  Rekha says really you are very nice, I really misunderstood you beta, my son could not have found a better wife than you.  Uday says don't call me your son and stop acting infront of me.  He says I am not related to you and after all this has happened if anyone is going to believe you then he will be the biggest fool.  LJ tells Uday he is saying all this right now because he is angry but a mother is a mother and no son behaves with his mom like this ever.  Uday says a woman has to have a mother's heart to be called a mother and a mother's love too but she doesn't have either of these things.  Uday says today i'm thinking that I wish I was not her son. 
Part 3
Abhay's mom says even a "daayan" leaves one house but you tried to ruin your own house.  The daadi says no one must have ever seen a woman like you before you have maligned the entire womanhood Rekha.    Daadi says LJ I appreciate your feelings and it is your sanskar that you are asking us to forgive Rekha and let her live here for all she did with such a big heart but we do not want to do so.  Daadi says she is a stone which we have stumbled against many times but we do not want to keep falling over and over again.  We do not want that she lives in this house anymore.  LJ says but Daadi?  Daadi says LJ we do don't want to see the house break infront of our eyes.  Your daada and I have worked very hard in building this house.  The cops come in.  Rekha says police? who called them? Uday says I have called them.  Uday says inspector this is the woman who hired a guy to kill my wife and because of whom a daughter in law of this house is in the hospital today.  Uday says arrest her and I will provide you with a statement and proof of her deeds.    Rekha, Daadi & LJ are very shocked at what Uday has done.  Rekha says you called the cops on your mom? Uday says not for my mom but for a criminal.  Uday says you were never a good mother but hopefully as a good citizen you would like to get punished for your crimes.  Rekha says Ranjit you are my husband, you tell these people to go away, please do something, but he looks away.  Rekha tells daadi to not be so heartless as she is also a daughter in law of the family and to please give her one more chance but daadi also looks away.  The cops then take Rekha away and she turns one last time at the door and leaves.
Precap :  Abhay asks the doctor how LZ is doing and he says she has lost a lot of blood and need blood now but the blood they need can't be found anywhere.
My Comments
My apologies for taking so long to post the update but my boss kept walking in and I had to keep stopping :D Hope you guys understand.
Once again, is it necessary to keep Leeza there dying while you discuss all the things Rekha did first? or it is necessary to get Leeza to the doctor's / hospital first? I mean get to your car, take her to the doctor/hospital and then go on about all the things that Rekha has done!
Secondly, why is daadaji, being the eldest of the family, such a weak character?  He was just a mere prop the whole show and did not have a single word to speak today.

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thank you!!!!

i hope lz will be ok but finally the family knows about rekha

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thank you very muchThumbs Up
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thnx a lot
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Aamir's Fan
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Posted: 27 October 2008 at 1:50pm | IP Logged
Hi! PiyaBawri,
Your first update was excellent and so is your second update. I really like how you broke it down into parts. I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you so much for all your hardwork especially with a boss hovering over, Yikes!!!!!!! I just want to let you know that I know the feeling =)
I am so glad that Rekha is arrested. I am hoping LJ will be able to give blood to LZ to save her.
Thank you again so much and have a good day.
smiles_uk IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 27 October 2008 at 2:57pm | IP Logged
nicely written
lajo will save liza
Gingerly IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 October 2008 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
Hey PiyaBawri, Abhay's mom name is Rama.
ziddiladki Senior Member

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Posted: 27 October 2008 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
hey great job....
thanks for the update and and i was thinking the same thing could they not take LZ to the hospital i mean why did Abhay have to begg everyone else to help him? Confused

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