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Ek Duje Ke Liye(Nihaal and Prerna) (Page 7)

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They couldn't have asked for anything more happy than being given the permission to become oneBig smileBig smileBig smile.They were already one from their hearts,but to get the blessings of their parents meant something greater than all happiness.Prerna and Nihaal were on cloud no.9Big smileBig smileBig smile.But,their troubles were not over yetConfusedConfusedConfused.

Scene 1: Gurukul
Class room

The classes get over.

Nihaal comes to Prerna and snatches her bag from her hand and walks away.Prerna knew why.He wanted her to come with him on his bikeWink.He didn't even waited to listen to her decisionLOLLOL.

Prerna opens her mouth to call behind him,but stops midway and nods her head.

Scene 2 : Parking lot

She smilesEmbarrassed and walks towards the students parking lot.She goes near him and saysEmbarrassed,

"Nihaal...where are you going?Confused"

"Don't ask questions.Bahut zyada bolti ho.If you believe in me,and trust me,sit behind me,and don't ask me anything until we reach the place.Confused"

"Okay baba...why are you becoming angry?LOLLOL"

She gets on to the back seat and grabs the bar behind the seat to sit firmlyEmbarrassed.

Nihaal looks at her and saysSmile,

"Not like this.LOL"

"Like what?Confused"

He then holds her hand and places it firmly around his waistEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Prerna shyly smiles at him.

"Nihaal...we are still in college.People will see us.ConfusedConfused"

"So, what i don't think riding a bike with the girl i love is something sinful,and something that i should feel ashamed of...and neither should you feel that way."


Prerna puts both her hands around him and holds him tightlyEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Nihaal smiles and starts the bikeEmbarrassed.They both leave the college and speed towards a place far away from the cityBig smile.

Scene 3 : A country side

He stops his bike near a covering of trees and gets down the bike.

"Nihaal,what is this place?It looks like a forest.Ouch"

He doesn't answer her question and simply stares into her perplexed yet beautiful eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

He walks to her and holds her handEmbarrassedEmbarrassedwith a spark in his loving eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

"Come with me.Embarrassed"

"But,where are you taking me?Confused"

"To our paradiseEmbarrassed."


He parts the ivy growing densly between two huge teak trees and lead her carefully through the new way inbetween them.She slips half way through.But Nihaal grabs her firmlyEmbarrassed.They both get lost into each others eyes.Embarrassed

"Prerna if you keep on looking into my eyes like'll make me crazy.And i think you too want to see the place i wish to show you."

"'s all my fault now...Angry"

She gets up and start walking ahead of him,her face puffed up with angerAngry.

He smiles SmileSmileand walks hurriedly towards herEmbarrassed.

Background song: movie -Hum Tum pe Marte Hain

Jaa rahe ho tum kahan jaoge

laut kar wapas yahan aaoge

Khatre bade hain rahon mein

Aa jao meri bahon mein

Finally they emerge out of the forest covering and enter into a place which seemed like a totally new worldSmile,a beautiful paradiseSmile.A splendid stream gushed elegantly in between the spectacular landscape of grass beds and varied coloured flowersSmileSmileSmile.Birds twittered happily in the warm winter airBig smileBig smileBig smile.The sight brought tears of happiness to her eyesCry.

"Prerna...i wanted to bring you here the day you became mine.I couldn't wait that longEmbarrassed.We are almost made one this day...and there couldn't be better day to bring you here where each and every breeze,flower,bird...and the silence of the atmosphere,the sound of water...and everything here bears silent spectatorship to the feelings of my heart and the love i have for you in the depth of it.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

Prerna turns to him and hugs him tightly,with tears gushing down her eyesCryCry.

"Nihaal...I love you."

He too hugs her and they both stand there in each others arms as if it meant everything to themEmbarrassed.

After some time it starts raining,and they both rush to a dry place.They both take refuge beneath a huge banayan tree...with it's prop roots forming a perfect shelter from rainSmile.Prerna was all wet and was shivering with coldConfused.Her duppatta was all drenched in rainEmbarrassed...which added to her shiveringConfused.She clutched on to him fearing the lightening and thunderConfusedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed,grabbing his jacket tightlyEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Something leapt inside his heartConfusedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed,when her trembling heart beat against his ownEmbarrassed.He held her around her waistEmbarrassed and after some time she too realised that she was loosing her will to go away from himEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.She wanted to stand there wrapped around his comforting arms foreverEmbarrassed.She looked into her eyesEmbarrassed...her hair was all wet and water droplets slided down her soft ,pink cheeks like pearl drops on a rose petalEmbarrassed.Nihaal was mesmerised by her pristine beautyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed,which was doing wonders to his heartEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.The rain stopped,but they both were still wandering in a world of loveEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Nihaal pulled her close to himEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.She was no longer shivering...but a strange sense of protection enveloped her when she was close to himEmbarrassed.He slided his hand around her wet waist Embarrassedand stroked her cheeks with the other handEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.She blushed and closed her eyesEmbarrassed.She too wrapped her hands around his wet hair and allowed him to come near herEmbarrassed.Their breaths metEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...and they had reached the epitome of their desireEmbarrassed.Soon Nihaal looked at her lotus like closed eyelids and realised that their love was far above the desires of physical loveEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...She trusted him completely...and he understood that it was his duty to be loyal to her trustConfusedConfusedConfused.And in true love there's no need to be carried away by desires,but there is a great need to keep each others trust intact and firmSmile.He loosened his grip and moved away from herConfusedConfusedEmbarrassed.She was still lost in his arms,with her eyes closedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Soon she came out of that state,when she realised what she was going to doConfused.She composed herself and walked away from  himConfusedConfused.

"I'm sorry Prerna.I just got carried awayConfused."

"Me too...Confused"

She felt proud of him,her love after that incidentSmile.They both held eachother's handEmbarrassed and walked away from the the place to his bike.She was still shivering.He removed his jacket and covered her wet body with it.Embarrassed


"I'll drop you at your home.ConfusedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"


Scene 4 : Oberoi Mansion

He drove her to her home and at the gate,she gets down and silently walks to the gate.He stands there looking at her go inside.He turns and starts his bike,when she comes to him suddenly and pecks softly on his cheeks with her lipsEmbarrassed.

"Ride safely...and call me when you reach home.Embarrassed"

"Yeah,i'll call you.Smile"

And he drives away.

Scene 5Road

It starts raining again...and Nihaal is lost in her thoughts.

Suddenly a car speeds towards him from the wrong side and hits him.His flies away from his bike and his head hits the tarred road,and blood starts flowing out from the gash created by the sharp edge on his templeOuchOuch.

Scene 6 : Oberoi Mansion

Prerna at the same moment slips from the stairs while thinking about him.She bangs her head at the sharp edge of the step and shouts out his name as if she knew he too was in dangerCry.


Her temple too bleeds.

Scene 7: Road

He felt a numb feeling down his waist as if something was brokenOuch.The car that had hit him halted all of a sudden.A man gets out and some other men come there on bikes and get down with sticks and sharp weaponsConfusedCryCry.

They hit him ,kick him,cut himCryCry and leave him there in the middle of the road to bleed and dieCryCryCry.He was almost dead and was taking scanty breaths through his ruptured lungs.Blood leaked profusely from his body and the road looked like a blood bath.It was now almost impossible for him to surviveShocked

It seemed like the sky shrieked and cried at the sad plight of their tragic love.Cry

Will Nihaal survive this cruel attack?CryCryCry

What will happen to Prerna?Can she tolerate the tragic loss of her love?CryCry

Who attacked Nihaal? Is it Saksham or someone else?AngryAngry

To know more wait till the next chapter.Confused

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Fate had played a cruel role in their livesCry.And it seemed they were destined to be away from eachotherCryCry.And the story will now take a fast forward leap of one yearStar.

After one year

A new place in the mountains

Scene 1 : University of Kumaon
Campus hostel

A girl of 19 or 20 years old bespectacled girl comes out of a room,wearing a simple white salwar and a blue kurta...with a white and blue bandhini duppatta.She looked very lonely and sadCry...She had a few papers in her hands and she was getting down the stairs of the hostel building,when suddenly another girl called her from behind.


She turned back and waited for her to come down.

"Prerna,why didn't you wait for me?"

"Oh! I just thought,i'd go to the library and search for some course books."

"Oh my God! Duh! can't you just take your mind off studies and these boring stuffs for a while and chill."

She didn't reply to her question.She smiled and said as if she heard nothingConfused,

"Rani,Are you coming to the library..."

"Oh! would never change.Alright i'd come with you.Lemme see what is so fascinating in the library."

The two girls walked to the library.

One year has passed and Prerna is a changed person.She has changed her college.But,deep inside she is hurt,shattered.What happened that day,when the fate of Prerna and Nihaal were having a scary play.No one knows.

Scene 2 : Library

"So,Prerna...tell me when are you going to give us the good news of your marriage.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

The question struck her heart with a painful blow and she got up from the chairOuchCry.

"Rani...please i don't like any sort of converstaion on my private life."

"Prerna...are you okay.I was just curious to know cuz you are already engaged...and ConfusedConfused"

"Enough...i am leaving...Cry"

She picked up the papers and her bag and left the library in a rush.Rani was shocked but she was totally unaware of the wound caused by her question.Prerna rushed in to the girls washroom and withdrew herself to a corner.She sat down on her knees and tears broke down the boundaries of her will to hide her pastCry.

pj2012 Goldie

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It was difficult to say what happened in the past one yearConfusedConfused.But,it looked by the plight of Prerna that whatever happened was terribleConfusedConfusedConfused.She seemed no perfect than a living ghostCryCryCry.But,Nihaal can't be dead...if it was so Prerna wouldn't have been aliveCry.But,who is she engaged to?Could it be Saksham or Nihaal?Only time will tellConfusedConfused?

Prerna remembers that horrible day,when her life was struck with the worst tragedy,when she lost her love forever.


Prerna took a shower and was wiping her hair with the towelEmbarrassed.She went to the balcony,and stretched out her hands thinking about himEmbarrassed.She was so lost in his thoughts that she felt him standing behind her ,his breath almost touching her bare back,making her quiverEmbarrassed.All of a sudden she heard his scream,and her knees,wounded while falling from the stairs earlier,began to hurt badly.CryCryCry

She looked at her KrishnaEmbarrassed,

" my Nihaal alright?CryMujhe kuch theek nahi lag raha...It has been now half an hour since he dropped me home,ab tak toh use apne ghar pahunch jana chahiye...then why hasn't he called me?I'll only call him and ask...jab tak mein usse baat nahi kar leti...i won't feel alright.Confused"

She tried his number many times...the ring was going,but no one answered the callsConfused.She grew anxious and frightened with each passing momentConfused.Outside it was raining heavily,as if something ominous has happened .Her parents were not at home and she didn't know what to doConfused.She tried his home's number,but there also noone ws answering her callsConfused.She decided to go and find him by herself.She called Mr.Vincent and drove out of the mansion in a hurryConfusedConfused.

"Mr.Vincent...this way...we'll go to his house first...Confused"

But..before they could reach his house...she saw a dreadful sight which numbed all her sensesOuchOuchOuch.She almost got out of car into the rain looking petrifiedOuchOuch and walked slowly with her breath stuck in her throat like a choking lumpOuchOuch.She moved closer and closer to the sight of accident,where people had gathered around a smashed bike drowned in bloody poolCryCryCry.She pushed herself through the crowd and reached inside the gathering.

Nihaal wasn't there...but she was very sure that the bike was his.She asked the crowd,
"Where's the owner of the bike?Does anyone know anything about him?"

One man came forward and repliedConfused,

"Kya woh apke husband the...he was in a severe state...unka bachna mushkil hai....bahut khoon bah chuka tha...ConfusedConfused"

"Where is he??Cry"

She started crying and shrieking franticallyCry.

"His parents were informed through the phone and they all are at the nearby best hospital-Sanjeevani.He was hit by a car...and it appeared as if it wasn't an accident ,but a deliberate attack...cuz his head and body had open wounds caused probably by constant stabbing or hitting."

She was not listening to what the man was chattering,but was simply walking back to the carCry.

"Miss Prerna ,are you okay?"

She didn't reply to Mr. Vincent,as she was lost in harrowing thoughts about NihaalCry.

"Sanjeevani...mujhe wahan le chalo...abhi...please hurry up...Mere Nihaal ko kuch nahi ho saktaCry."

Within a few moments they reached the hospital.She rushed to the emergency ward,from where she came to know that he was in the operation theatre(OP)Confused.She rushed to the lift and reached the OP.His entire family was present there.His mother was crying unconsolablyCry,his father looked totally shatteredOuch,and the rest of the family too looked grim and graveOuchOuchOuch.


On seeing Prerna Nihaal's mother rushed to her with anger and pain fuming within her.She shouted,

"You,how dare you come here?Aren't you satisfied that my child is at the brim of death?Or do you you want to kill him yourself?"Angry

Prerna was all the more ahattered and shocked at his mother's behaviour...

She mumbled in shock,
"Maa...I don't know what you are talking??Maa...mein toh...apne Nihaal ko dekhne aayee thi...Maa..CryCry"she criesCryCryCry and speaks incoherently still in a state of shock,"Maa...woh...i saw his bikeCry...blood is he?? is he??Confused"Then she suddenly looked up at her and others...and rushed to the door of the OP...but the ward boys and nurses caught hold of herCryCryCry.

"Nihaal...mera Nihaal kaisa is he??Koi toh batao...CryCryCryCry"and then she bursted into a painful cry...falling on the floor.

RudraPratap Shastri walked to her and picked her up from the floor...made her stand face to face...He looked into her eyes and she saw hatred and anger in his eyes tooAngry.

"Why have you come here?Hasn't your father told you anything??My son is fighting a battle between life and death...and i want him to win...and for that i want all the omens out of his way.You and your family will pay for what they have done to my son...but now we all are praying for his i don't want to say anything more...just leave right now...Go away from here." he stressed the last few words in rage.AngryAngryAngry

"Baba...aap bhi...maine aisa kya kiya hai...aap sab kitana khush the humare pyar ko lekar...and my fathere too agreed to our love...then why are you so angry at me...please Baba...mujhse bardasht nahi hota...CryCry"

"Huh!!!AngryAngryIf you are ignorant...i pity you are unaware of the heinous act your fathere has done...and i really don't want to explain anything...Go to your home and ask your loving fathere...and for God's sake...forget my son...Just think that Nihaal never ever came into your life...if my son survives,i'll forget everything...but don't ever think that i'll forgive your father ,your family or you...This is not the first time he's ruined my family...but this time he's gone far too ahead...and i won't forgive him ever...AngryNow Go!!! away...just go!!AngryAngryAngry"

Nihaal's mum Gauri was almost in a fainted state...and one of his bua Bhoomika came to Prerna and took her out...she simply held her hand towards the OP staring blankly at the door...Mr. Vincent drove her home in a shocked and shattered state.When she got in her father was talking something to Mr.Dhanraj Mehta and Saksham.

" dare that boy thought i'd give my daughter to him who belongs to the family i hate the him who's fathere is my arch enemy...AngryAngryAngry"

" everything is okayConfused...and thank god she told you everything before they both had gone any far...ConfusedConfused"

"Dad...but...what was the need of attacking him...i really hope he's alright...I don't think what you've done is right.ConfusedConfused"

Mr.Rajive Oberoi turned to Saksham in rage and spoke,

"You better wish he's deadAngry...cuz i want to see him..that Rudra in pain...he should also feel the pain of losing someone dear to you..."

At this point Prerna comes in ,all shocked and furiousConfusedAngry...

" tried to kill my lied to meCryAngry...I trusted you and told you my feelings...and you destroy my love,my life...I hate youAngryCry...i hate youAngryCry...Why did you do this to your own daughter...CryCry"

Her father was more annoyed with her daughter's protest and shouted her mother's name,


She comes in a hurry and sees Prerna...

"Sapna,take her inside,or i'll lose my patience,and forget that she's my daughter."

"Rajive,calm down."

"Pappa,you can't stop me from loving him...even death cannot separate us.I know he's gonna be fine...cuz i'm still taking breathCry...and when he comes here and asks me to come along with him...i'll go with him...not because i hate you for what you've done to us,but because i love him...CryCryCry"


He slaps her and she falls downAngry.Sapna picks her up and takes her into her roomConfusedConfusedConfused.She tries to console her,but she's beyond all consolationOuchOuchOuch.She simply lies there on her bed and cry and cry and cry.Cry

"Mamma...please leave me alone for some time.CryCry"

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Two days passed and she didn't come out of her room even for once.She didn't take a morsel of food or one drop of water,she was praying and praying all the time...

Rajive was adamant on his stand and was angry at her for going against him.His little princss was now a matter of shame and disgust for him.Sapna,Parul and Priya couldn't change her mind.Puneet was sent to a boarding school much against his wish.

In Prerna's room...

She is lying on the floor with her hair untied and dishevelled...her eyes plain and emotionlessOuchOuch...

The wind blows the curtains of he room and she sees him,her Nihaal standing in front of her...She gets up in a frenzy and runs to him but before she could reach him ,he disappears leaving her all the more shattered.She sees his jacket on her table,grabs it close to her heart and the dried up eyes pour out her pain in her tears.

She walks to her Krishna and keeps the jacket at his divine feet.

"You tell me now...what should i do???I just want to see him once and i promise that for his life i can do anything...please save him..."

She lights the diya and prays to the lord.

"I can take you to him...but are you ready to do anything i ask for that?"

"Pappa...anything...please take me to him..."

She forgets everything at this one hope and accepts her father's deal...

At the hospital

Nihaal has been shifted to the ward,but he's still under special he is not completely out of the trauma.He sees his fmily and smiles at them at which his mum breaks down into tears...He calls her,
"Ma...come near me maa...i am perfectly alright...don't cry...i can't tolerate tears in your eyes...Baba you please tell her not to cry..."

Meanwhile police had reached there to take his statement,but doc told them to wait for atleast one day and they left.

After some time when he doesn't find Prerna anywhere he asks restlessly,
"Baba,where is Prerna?"

His father fumbles and decides to lie cuz of his puny health.

"Prerna,she was here all this time...might have gone home,poor girl,looked real tired."

"Oh...i must call her...baba can you please give me a mobile,i want to talk to her."

"Beta...calm down,she'll be here anyway...please take some rest..."

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Prernacomes to the hospital with her father...and she madly rushes to his ward...Her father calls her from behind...

"Prerna,don't forget your promise."

She stops for a momentCry,but then her emotions surge up and she happily runs to see her NihaalBig smile.Everyone from his family is shocked to see her...Ouch

"You...why have you come here again?? You please leave him alone...Prerna i don't know if you too are a culprit in the attempt to kill my son...which i hope you are not...but please i don't want to see you again in my son's life.Please leave us alone...Angry"

Prerna begs for just one glance of him...Finally Rudra Pratap Shastri agrees ,but tells her to break all ties with him.

Prerna walks in and sees Deepika sitting near him.On seeing her Deepika frowns and walks out.She hardly notices her,cuz her heart was fully overtaken by her love for Nihaal.Her eyes just saw hi,her ears only heard his breath.She slowly walked towards him,he fast fast asleepEmbarrassed.His injuries were all still fresh...and his head was bandaged...she placed her hand into his...and sat near him.The moment she touched him,his eyes opened and he saw her...Embarrassed

"Prerna...Embarrassed" he breathed.

"Niha...Nihaal..." she burst into a cry...She hugged him and he too held her in his arms.CryCry

But before they could speak any further,his parents came in...

" should leave now.It's time for his rest.And Deepika told us that you have to meet her brother in a few minutes...So,I guess you should leave now."

"Prerna..please don't go...Saksham,why do you want to meet him?You call him and tell him to be here..."

"Nihaal...what r u saying? Saksham and Prerna are going to get engaged and don't worry they'll come and meet you soon." spoke Deepika in between.


He was silenced by these piercing words,and Prerna remembered her promise...she silently got up and walked out...Nihaal couldn't stop his tears...Deepika tried to console him,but he asked everyone to leave him alone for a moment.

Prerna walked into the car,and told her father...

"Papa,you have wonCry...but promise'll never ever hurt him again or you won't see ur daughter aliveOuchCryCry."

She felt like everything inside her was dead.She was a living corpse.Her body was alive,but her heart,her soul was dead and gone.CryCry

A few days passed and Nihaal comes to college after he gets better.He sees Prerna,and anger fumes in himAngryAngryAngry...but she forgets everything on seeing him well and recovered.She manages to overcome her feelings and stays at her place trying to ignore him.

"Oh Hi Prerna...looking for someone...perhaps it's me...oh no no it can't be's someone who is very rich and popular...Ouch" he spoke sarcastically.

"Nihaal please ...CryCry" she pleaded.

"Well why are you stopping me now?Are you feeling hurt?Definitely not,perhaps embarrassed...aren't you.Well, You 'll soon feel a lot more than that,for betraying me,for playing with my feelings..."AngryAngryAngry

Saksham comes there and interups him.Confused

"Nihaal how dare you?Leave her alone..."Angry

"Oh here comes Romeo to protect his Juliet...or must i say Iago with his evil intentions..."he then turns to Prerna..."But you are no loyal are a cheat...and you'll have to pay for all the pain you've caused to me."AngryAngryAngry

Prerna gets up and is about to walk away,when Nihaal grabs her hand and pulls her towards him...Saksham interferes and they both get into a tussel and Nihaal's wound opens and starts bleeding.Prerna is scaredCry and runs to his aid.She tore out a piece of her duppatta and tries to tie it around the wound,but Nihaal shoves her away Angryand walks away from her.Prerna is left heartbroken and shatteredCryCryCry.She cries helplessly...Saksham tries to console her.

..kashish.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2009 at 3:48am | IP Logged

OMG>..she has to leave him! nooooooooooo!! and then nihaal being all mean to her! its not her fault

thanksfor the PM

cant wait for the next part! continue soon pls! and do PM me if possible!

priyankahenna21 Groupbie

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Posted: 07 May 2009 at 9:02am | IP Logged

Thiss was soo good!!

Ahhh i hope nihaal realises that she wouldnt just get married to saksham for no reason..
This was too good!! Cant wait for the next update...
SaJanLuv14 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 May 2009 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
Prena doesn't deserve this!
I really wish their fate would be like this!
please do something yaar!
We need the happiness back ;P

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