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Ek Duje Ke Liye(Nihaal and Prerna) (Page 6)

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Scene 1 : Nirmalyam

The girls reach their in no time.Nihaal sees them from the terrace and rushes down to welcome them...but then he stops and says,

"Why should i go??She didn't keep her promise to come early...let her come and say sorry to me first...thoda pareshan hone deta hoon...LOL"

But his resolution evaporated into thin air the moment he saw her smile and he went to them and gazed into her deep black eyesEmbarrassed.She looked gorgeous in the lehenga just like a beautiful princessEmbarrassedand he was dumbstruck by her beauty.Prerna felt embarrassed as there were other guests tooConfusedConfused.When she frowned at him and rotated her eyes nervously,he realised the place he was standing was not heaven but his home...and he had a responsibility to welcome others alsoLOLLOLLOLHe turned to Deepika,

"Deepika you look gorgeous tonightBig smile"

Deepika smiled and looked at Prerna who felt happy to see her smile.

Prerna smiles at him and he takes them both into the house all decked and enlighted with diyasBig smileBig smile.The pooja begins and Gauri welcomes the two girls.For the aarti the entire family and guests gather in the courtyard...the bells ring,the conch is sounded and the whisps of fragrance issued by the incenses fill in the room giving it a divine ambience.Nihaal was adoring her beauty with his eyes as she stood beside him in the pooja.Her eyes were closed like the petals of lotusEmbarrassedand she was praying with her hands folded in devotion.But deep within her heart a tempest was buffeting against the tender walls of her heartCryCryCrythe pain was killing her,but his presence was a consolation.She prays to Goddess Lakshmi,

"O mother...Meri iccha thi ki mein is parivaar ka hissa banoo,but my dreams are this family doesn't belong to me anymore as I'm sacrificing my love for my friend,and i am asking you for nothing except their happiness.Give me strength to do this,to forget my NihaalCryCryCry...Whether I'm here or not aap mere Nihaal ki zindagi khushiyon se bhar dena maa.aur yeh parivaar yoonhi sada khush rahe,saath saath rahein...and may Deepika bring more happiness to their and Nihaal's lifeCryCryCry"

She opens her eyes and looks sadly at Nihaal who too was praying beside her.

"Maa...I've told everyone about our love...and I'm so happy that they all have accepted itEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedNow noone can separate my Prerna from me...she's mine and only mine...I love her very much and I can't live without her...Thankyou maa for giving me the most precious gift in the form of her...Embarrassed"

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The prayers were different but in the heart of hearts they knew they are one...they both wanted to see each other happy...and their eyes said it all,as words may beguile but eyes can never lie...they are the mirrors of heart.Prerna wanted that night to extend till eternity...she just couldn't take her eyes off him...his innocent smile pricked her heart giving her the agony of a million piercing daggersCry
but,the sparkle of love in his eyes for her gave her comfort...

Scene 1 : Nirmalyam


There was a custom in the family for married couple-the husband and wife to perform aarti together and eat from a single sweet/prasadBig smile.

The couples did the aarti one by oneEmbarrassed....

Prerna and Deepika were talking to their friends from college...Nihaal approaches them carrying a carton full of crackers...Deepika looks at him and feels sadCryHe too feels bad for her...Confused

"Deepika,I know I've hurt your feelings...but you are the most beautiful girl in the whole world...and whoever falls in love with you would be the luckiest man.Big smileBig smile"

She smilesSmile and Prerna feels happyBig smile.But,in her heart Deepika thinksCry,

"Nihaal...kitni asani se kah diya tumne...but how can you think that i can forget you?? are my first and last one can ever come in to my life other than you.Cry"

Nihaal smiles at her and gives her some crackers...

"Now take these crackers and go and have some fun...arre yaar tonight is Diwali...and we are not supposed to stand still in the corners ,but to have a blast...c'mmon go go....Big smile"

Deepika calls Prerna,and Nihaal's face drops suddenlyOuch...Prerna understood what he wanted her to do...

"Deepika go with others...I'll just go and meet Nihaal's mum...she was asking for me..."

"Alright...I'll be in the courtyard outside...come back soon..."

"Yeah sure...bye.."

She leaves and Prerna frowns at Nihaal ...and there was an impish twinkle in his eyes,and a naughty smile on his faceBig smileBig smile.They both are left alone...

"What is it you want???Mujhe jaane kyun nahi diya...OuchEmbarrassedI'm going..."

She too begins to go behind Deepika,but he holds her hand and comes near her...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"Nihaal...chodo mera haath...sab dekh rahein hain...Confused"

"Dekhne do...acha hain sabko pata chal jaye that i'm crazy for you...LOL"


"Okay...I'll leave your hand at one cost...",he comes close to her,whispering in her ears...

"Come with me...Embarrassed"


"It's surprise...Wink"

He brings her in front of the idol of Goddess Lakshmi...and gives her the thali of aartiEmbarrassed...and holds it with one of his hands tooEmbarrassed...Prerna looks at him,and there are tears in her eyesCry...They do the aartiEmbarrassed...and she feeds him the prasadEmbarrassed,he takes a bite of it and gives the other half to herEmbarrassed...Prerna felt very happy thinking that she lived her entire life in that one momentEmbarrassed....

And then he takes her up the stairs,still holding on to her shivering hands...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Buddy sees them and he tells Dadi,

"Yaad hai jab hum inki umar ke the...we were already married and changed my life into heaven...after my parents deathCry...Thankyou...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedfor giving me the most precious treasures in the form of my children and now my grand children..."

Dadi blushesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"Aap bhi!!Lucky toh main hoon..that i got a loving and caring husband like you..."

And they hug each other.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"I'm so happy for them...they are just made for eachother...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

Meanwhile Nihaal is taking Prerna to his room...

"Nihaal kahan le jaa rahe ho mujheConfused"

They reach his room

Scene 2 : Nihaal's room

He brings her into his room and closes the doorEmbarrassed...she is surprisedConfused...

"Nihaal what are you doing??Open the door...I need to go back...Confused"

But he wouldn't listen to her...Embarrassed


 he comes close to herEmbarrassed,her heart beats accelerate faster and fasterEmbarrassed.She couldn't resist his affectionate face that settled deep in her heartEmbarrassedand she tries to look away from himEmbarrassed...

He comes too close and takes her in his armsEmbarrassed...but she moves back...and finally comes to a halt when she touches the wall and could move no moreEmbarrassed...He moves closer and closerEmbarrassed...She couldn't even move away from him,her heart didn't allow her to do soEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...She wanted to be lost in those eyes foreverEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...He was still holding her passionatelyEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...he came closer to her face,and she closed her eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Nihaal leaned and almost kissed herEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...when she suddenly pulled herself out of his arms...and pushed him on to the bed.She laughsLOLand runs away from him...He follows her...

"Prerna ruk jao...Big smileBig smileBig smile"

" are very naughty....isi liye tum mujhe yahan pe laye the..."

She throws a pillow at him and laughs...LOL

"Prerna this is not is Diwali and when i asked you something you are refusing me..."

She laughs and stares at himLOLLOL...

"Very smart...door raho tum toh...or I'll call MaaLOLLOLLOL"

"Alright call her...but joh mujhe chahiye woh toh mein lekar hi rahoonga..."

"Kuch nahi milega tumhe...samjhe...please let me go...incase Deepika comes and sees us hereConfusedConfusedConfused...Nihaal open the door..."

And he tries to catch her when she tries to open the door,but she slips away falling on the bed with him...Embarrassed

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Love was in the air...and the two hearts just floated with the music of love...Embarrassed

Scene 1 : Nihaal's room

She stops laughing...and gets nervous when his passionate eyes look at her.She looks away from him,but he keeps on looking at her.She tries to get up,but couldn't and falls on him againEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.She blushes and her cheeks burn like two rose flowers.EmbarrassedHe smiles at her and her heart starts pounding faster.He holds her around her waist with one hand and tucks the hair locks on her face behind her ear...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHis touch makes her quiver,and she closes her eyes,her lips trembling and her heart on the verge of explodingLOLLOLLOLHe leans close to her and kisses her on her closed lotus petal eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed,and then on her blushing pink cheeksEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedShe smiles nervously...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHe looks at her and smilesEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"Prerna..." he calls he.

She opens her eyes and looks at him in surpriseConfused

"Yes, Nihaal!!!"Embarrassed She slides her hand into his hair and ruffles it softly looking at him.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"I've told my family about our love...I wanted to give you a suprise with my entire family...but i just couldn't control myself."

Prerna is shockedShockedCry...She removes her hand from his hair and gets upCry.She ought to have felt happy,cuz she too wanted the same thing,but she had to sacrifice her happiness for Deepika's.

Nihaal too hets up and asks,

"What happened???Why are you so shocked???ConfusedConfused"

Prerna had tears in her eyes,she suddenly wipes them off and says,

"Nothing...I'm not shocked,I'm just very happy..."

He hugs herEmbarrassedand she too hugs him,knowing very well that it might be their last hugCryand that their dreams would shatter soon.Cry

Nihaal holds her in front of him and says,

"Come out with me to the terrace...."


He takes her hands into his and leads her to the terraceEmbarrassed.

The velvety sky was all dotted with bright sparkling,glittering stars and a pale gleaming moon.Below the crackers bursted into fountains of glowing stars and circles making the sky look like some giant carnivale ground.Big smileNihaal was on cloud nine,smiling and shrugging looking at the sky and his eyes spoke it all...he was madly in love with her...Prerna couldn't bear to see him shattered..his smile lost and his face wiped off the happiness he was feeling at that moment.Cry
Prerna couldn't tell him...and she couldn't see him sad eitherCryCryCry

He turns to her,

"Prerna ...I'm so happy are here with me...and soon forever...EmbarrassedI can't live without you.Embarrassed..."

He takes her face into his armsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and says,

"I can't believe the most beautiful girl in the world is mine"

For him she was the only perfect is blind but,his choice was the bestEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

Prerna smilesEmbarrassed and tears flow down her cheeks.Embarrassed

Nihaal kisses her tears and promisesEmbarrassed,

"I promise you...I would never allow tears to come into your eyes...there'll only be happiness in our lives..."

Prerna wishes he was right,that she could always be with him like a cloud floating in wind where ever it takesEmbarrassed.But,she had a role to play ,of a friend and she couldn't be so selfish.She understood his love,and knew he too would understand her...Nihaal suddenly interrupts her thoughts,

"Prerna look at the sky...woh dekho two little stars are twinkling so close to each other...Do you know who they are???"

"No..." she smilesEmbarrassed

"Woh jo choti si ,sharmati hui , smile karti hui star hai na...woh humari beti hai...and woh uske paas jo natkhat sa,chamakta hua sitara hai woh humara beta hai...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

She looks at him and stops her tears in her eyes,her heart screaming and writhing in painCryCryCry.

"Prerna,dekho...they are calling us...probably they wnat to meet us soon..."Embarrassed

Prerna turns and closes her eyes,her heart crying hardCryCryCry.

"Prerna,sharma rahi ho...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedmain toh mazaak kar raha tha...Acha ek kaam karo...tum yahan pe wait karo...main abhi gaya aur abhi aaya."

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It was hard for Prerna to stand by her was suffocating herCry.And unaware of all this Nihaal was very happy dreaming about his future with PrernaEmbarrassed.Deepika was trying to cope with the realitySmile...and Saksham had some plans...Confused

Scene 1 : Terrace


Nihaal leaves her in a trance standing there gaping at him...whom she's goin to lose for ever.CryCryCryShe could bare no more and weeps out her heart and looks at the two starsCry...

"Oh, Nihaal!!CryI can't break your dreams...I can't sacrifice you...I just can't...Deepika I am sorry,but I can't forget him.He shall die without me."

She finally realises that sacrificing her love would spoil three lives,and she couldn't bare to see Nihaal unhappy,let alone heart brokenCryCry.

She stands there gaping at the night sky...happy at the decision she has made.Nihaal comes from behind and closes her eyesEmbarrassed.

"Nihaal ,what are you doing?SmileConfused"

"Calm down...when i ask you to open your eyes,open them?Alright!!Embarrassed"


"Sssshhh!!Just do as I say...Smile"

"Okay baba!!Embarrassed"

"Alright,now open your eyes...Embarrassed"

She opens her eyes and sees a beautiful shining chain and a sparkling locket attached to it .Big smileConfusedConfused

"Prerna ...this is for you.."Big smileBig smile

"Nihaal...this looks very expensive...I can't take this..."

"Prerna...this isn't much expensive...I was saving money for this from my pocket money."

He picks it up and goes behind her.She turns and looks at him with loveEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

He slides her hair locks from the back of her neck and puts them over her shoulderEmbarrassed.He then ties the chain to her neck.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

He then whispers into her ears,

"Prerna I love youEmbarrassed...and this chain will always make you realise that I'm always with you..."

Prerna turns and hugs him with tears...Nihaal smiles and hugs her too...

"Pagli...why are you crying???Tonight is not for's the night we must celebrate our love..."

Scene 2 : The river


They go to the river flowing behind the house and enjoy the pale glowing moonlight glimmering in the river waterEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...They both stand close to each other holding their handsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

"I promise you the presence of the billions of stars,the moon,the night,the river and everything here...that I'll love you till my death and even after my death...Embarrassed"

Prerna closes his mouth with her fingersCryCry...and tears roll down her cheeks...

"Nihaal...I cannot live without you...CryDon't ever leave me..."

They stood there for minutes wrapped in each others arms...with the cool breeze humming tunes of love...Embarrassed

Scene 3 : Terrace

They both are sitting on a small couch on the terraceEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

"Nihaal...Deepika must be searching for I must go...ConfusedConfused"

"Not now...don't go please...ConfusedConfused"

"Nihaal...I was with you for so I must 8:30...and I promised Pappa...I'll be home before 9..."


She smiles at his grumpy faceLOL...and holds his face in her arms,

"Gussa hoEmbarrassed...I time I'll stay for long...and waise bhi tomorrow we are meeting in the college...chalo smile...mere Nihaal ki tarah...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

He turns and looks at her passionatelyEmbarrassed...she takes her hands off his face,and looks down...shyly...He holds her hand and kisses itEmbarrassed...and comes close to her and kisses her on her blushing pink cheekEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...She shyly throws the bolster on him and gets up smilingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...He holds her hand and comes close to herEmbarrassed...

"Nihaal...please jaane do...koi aa jayegaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

But,he just won't leave her...

Suddenly someone comes there and they both are startled...

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Prerna realised that the decision she took was utterly wrong,she realised she could not live even for one moment without thinking about him,let alone leave him forever.Deepika was her best friend,and she knew it was very hard for her to accept the truth that Nihaal loves someone else,but she also knew that if that someone was her,she would feel happy for her and would move on in her life...

...The night was splendidStarStarStar,and the breeze lisped love odes in their earsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...taking them to the mysterious world of love...They stood their lost in their dreamsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...when suddenlyShocked...

Scene 1 : Terrace


They both were starled and looked at the doorway.It was Nihaal's mother,Gauri Shastri.


She came close to Prerna,who was trembling with fear and looked at herConfusedConfused.Prerna was scared and she released his handConfused...She looked downConfusedConfusedOuch...

",this is why you always came here...You know what you've done..."

"Aunty...I'm really sorry...I...I..."and she starts cryingCry

Nihaal holds her hand and she looks at him ,nervous and confused.Nihaal assures her with his look that everythibg is fine.

"Prerna..." calls Gauri

"Beta...don't feel scared...Nihaal told me everything...I know you both love eachother...and 'am really happy to know my son's choice..."

She then blesses them both and leavesBig smileBig smile.

Nihaal smiles at her and she hugs himEmbarrassed

After some time...they hear Deepika's voice calling her.

"Nihaal,I must leave now...or she'll see us together.ConfusedConfusedConfused"

"So,what??Waise bhi now you are going to be mine forever...she has to know it some day,then why not now."

"Nihaal,please try to understand...I don't want to shock herConfusedConfusedConfused,i'll explain everything to her later...Bye...I must leave...See you tomorrow in college.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

He holds her hand and pulls her towards himEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...takes both her hands around her waist and holds her close to himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...his eyes full of passionEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...and her eyes full of love.Embarrassed

"Nihaal!!...let me go..."Embarrassed

"First,you'll have to give me something..."

their was a naughtiness in his eyes.LOLLOLEmbarrassed


"You know what?"Embarrassed

" way ...not now...I'm going..."

But,before she could go...Nihaal suddenly cries out loudly pointing to the sky...

"Oh!! look at that..."

She looks up...and he kisses her softly on her lips.She stands there mesmerised for a few moments and then shyly runs away from him...Embarrassed

Little did she know that a terrible fate was waiting to be unleashed upon their love.

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Scene 1 : Nirmalyam

Corridor in the first floor

Prerna barges into Deepika while turning to the steps.

"Prerna,Gosh!!!ConfusedConfusedConfusedwatch your steps."

"I'm sorry Deepu...I didn't see you."

"Where were you??You know I was looking for you all around.Confused"

"Sorry...I was at the terrace...watching the burstung crackers and the sparkling bright stars...SmileSmileSmile"

She gets lost into her thoughts about the time she had spent with Nihaal...Embarrassed

"Prerna...girl...what's wrong with you??Are you alright??"

She touches her forehead to see if she was having fever or somethingLOLLOLLOL

"Deepika...I'm fine..."

"Are u sure???...Theek we must leave...Saksham has come to pick us.Smile"


"Yes,my parents and Saksham were at your place and your dad asked him to pick us from Nihaal's house.Smile"

Scene 2 : Hall

Prerna goes down the stairs with Deepika and sees Saksham standing at the foot of the stairs.He smiles at herEmbarrassed,and she smiles backSmile.

"Hi...Prerna...You look beautiful as everEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed."

Nihaal too comes down with Namrata,Tina and other kids.He greets Saksham.

"Happy Diwali Saksham..."

and offers him some sweets.

He replies coldly and refuses the which Deepika looks at him scornfully and picks one sweet and thrusts into his hand.LOLHe eats it unwillingly.

Nihaal stands close to Prerna and holds her handEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed without anyone noticing that...but Saksham sees it...and fumes with anger...he looks at Prerna who was blushing nervouslyEmbarrassed as Nihaal was now fiddling with her hair plaitsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed,then the laces of her choliEmbarrassed...she tried to remove his handEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...but he then held her hand,interlocking her fingers within hisEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Nihaal wasn't looking at her,he looked at the guests with a naughty smile playing on his lipsLOL.

Saksham could tolerate no more...

"Prerna...we must leave now...Angry"

and he holds her other hand and pulls herAngry,on which Nihaal leaves her hand and looks at Saksham angrilyAngry

"Saksham...leave my hand...Confused"

Saksham realises the situation and leaves her hand...

"I'm sorry Prerna...We must leave now..."

Prerna and Deepika bids goodnight to everyone,especially to Gauri...and leaves...On reaching the car Prerna looks up at the terrace...and sees Nihaal  standing there waving at her...his eyes spoke words to her heart,that he will miss her all the time she's away...and that he loved her madly.Prerna looks at him and gives a longing look and gets into the car...She was happy though as she took the decision not to sacrifice her love,which was almost impossible for herEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

Scene 3 : The car

There was silence for some time ,but then Saksham asks the girls...

"So,how was the function??SmileBig smile"

" was so exciting...but Prerna missed it all...she was at the terrace watching the stars...silly girl...SmileSmile"

"Really...Prerna were you watching the stars...or were you with someone there..."

"SakshamConfusedConfusedConfusedwhat do you mean??Angry"

"I was look  as if i caught you red handed doing something...Smile"

"No...I was just shocked...and i don't like these kind of jokes.Angry"

"I'm sorry...Confused"

Deepika too scolds himAngry...

"Prerna,you know him...he's half crack...don't take it to heart...LOL"

"Oh...I haven't...Smile"

They reach home...and it's raining heavily outside the car.

Scene 4 : Oberoi Mansion

"Where are the security guards???ConfusedConfusedConfusedI'll go and get an both wait in the car...Smile"

"No need of that Saksham...we'll come with you..."

And the three of them get out of the car into the rain...and run towards the mansion.Prerna is all drenched along with the other two.They go inside and finds Mr. and Mrs.Mehta in the hall with Prerna's parents and sisters.

Mrs.Mehta comes to her and hugs which she smiles and feels awkwardConfused...

"Oh Prerna I'm so happy...My son is so lucky...Big smile"

Prerna looks at her in surprise...ConfusedConfusedConfused and then looks at Saksham who smiles at her.Deepika too is surprised and asks,

"Mum...what do you mean by that??"

"Oh...Deepika...she is soon going to be your sister-in-law...We'd come here to talk about their rishta."

Prerna is devastated and shockedShocked


"Yes,beta...Saksham told us that he has loved you since childhood and we are sure you too share the same feelings for him..." ,said Mrs.Mehta.

"Aunty...what are you saying???"

But before she could say anything more,her father comes in and says,

"Prerna...I didn't tell you,but with the share markets meltdown,and with the global crisis...our comany is facing a big problem of bankruptcy...and Mr. Mehta has extended his support to us and we have decided to merge our companies...which would be highly profitable...Big smileBig smileBig smile"

Prerna listens to all this silently,tears frozen in her eyes,her breathing stopped...

"Prerna...with this partnership...we both also wanted our children to unite together...strenthening our ties...and i know you will accept this proposal..."

She is speechless...

"Prerna...take Deepika to your both change and come...we'll talk later."

"No,Rajive now we'll leave...we have some other,we'll decide about their marriage on another day." says Mr. Dhanraj Mehta.

Prerna was numb and lifelessConfusedunable to feel anything at that point of time...Saksham and Deepika both looked very happy,and bid goodnight to herBig smileBig smileBig smile...

Saksham comes close to her and says,

"I'll call you later...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

Deepika hugs her and saysBig smile,

"Prerna I'm so'll come to my my!!"

Prerna was too numb to explain anything to anyone...The Mehtas leave...and she goes to her room...Her father looked very happy and her mother too was laughing heartly...She goes into her room and locks herself up...She falls on to the bed and starts crying loudly...Cry

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Scene 1 : Prerna's room

One after other things were getting out of control...and Prerna thought enough was enough...She looked at her KrishnaEmbarrassed...and conveyed to him her thoughts...She can't tolerate this anymoreCryCry...

Scene 2 : Morning

Oberoi Mansion

The Hall

Prerna came out of her room to the living room...where her father was talking to his personal assistant on phone...about the new merger and things...when she slowly interrupted himConfused...

"Pappa...I need to talk to's urgent...Confused"

"Prerna...Goodmorning beta...what happened??Big smile"

"Goodmorning Pappa...I wanted to talk to you about...your decision to get me married to Saksham...Confused"

"What happened?Are you not happy with my decision??"

" never understood never had time to be with your really know their hearts...but,Pappa...I don't want to hurt your feelings...but if i don't tell you this...i'll die of grief...CryCryCry"

"Prerna...just speak out...what is the matter?ConfusedConfused"

"Pappa,I can't marry Saksham.I never loved him more than a friend...I love someone else...except whom there can be no one else in my life...I have placed him in my heart for ever and now at no cost can i remove him from there...CryCryCry"

He shoutsAngry,

"P-R-E-R-N-A!!!!AngryAngryAngryHow dare you talk to me like this???Have you forgotten all your manners and shame??"

"Pappa...This is the truth...and 'am proud of my love...and not ashamed of it...I have never done anything which would make you feel ashamed...Pappa I love him...and he's the best person for me...I just wnat you to meet him,and decide for your self..."Cry

Rajive knew it would be of no avail to argue with herConfusedConfused...He decided to accept her requestConfusedConfusedConfused...

"Alright...You are my daughter...and your happiness is above everything to me...Who is this guy,for whom my daughter has argued with her father??ConfusedConfused"

"Pappa...his name is Nihaal...he's in my college...he's very good at studies and sports,and everything...His family too is very nice...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

"Hmmm...Nihaal..Confused.Alright...Prerna...beta...your happiness is what matters...but I need to meet this boy before i make any decision...after all this is about your future...Smile"

"Pappa...i don't believe thisCryBig smileBig smile...I'll ask him to meet you today don't know how much relieved 'am feeling right now...I love you Pappa...Big smile"

She excitedly goes to her roomBig smileBig smileBig smile...dresses up for collegeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...ans her father drops her at collegeSmile,where they both wait for Nihaal...
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Scene 1: Gurukul Vishwavidyala

Rajive and Prerna are waiting for Nihaal ,to give him the good news.

"Princess,it's been quite a while now.Why is he not coming?"

Prerna too looks confusedly at him and rubs her hands in anxiety.

"Pappa,he must be reaching here any moment...Maybe he's stuck in the traffic."


But Mr.Rajive Oberoi wasn't convinced...and nodded as he didn't wanted to make his daughter sad.

Finally,she saw him coming on his bike.He saw her and drove to her.He saw her father and looked a bit tensedConfusedConfused.He wished himSmileSmile.

"Goodmorning Uncle...Howcome you are here today?Anything special?"

He smiled and replied,

"Yes,very special...infact the most important thing in my life...I'm here for my daughter.Smile"

Nihaal gulpedConfused and looked at Prerna for some clue...but she simply smiled at himEmbarrassed.

"So,Nihaal...Do you love my daughter?"

Nihaal looked at him with a joltOuch...

"I asked you,Do you love Prerna?"

Prerna gave him an assuring look and he understood the entire situation.He replied,

"I love her,I love her very much...I can't express how much.But i love her with all my heart and soul."

Rajive smiledSmileSmile at him and patted on his shoulder...

"I hope you've told your parents about this."

"Yes,Uncle...and they are happy to know about it."

" when are you bringing your parents to our home?"


"Arre love her...and she loves you...toh baat aage bhi toh badhani nahi...LOLLOLLOL"

"Uncle...I'll tell them about your decision...I'm so happy that you understood us...SmileSmile"

"Isme thankful hone wali koi baat nahi hai...My daughter's happiness means everything to me...and i hope you will always keep her happy.Smile"

" long as i live...and even after that.Embarrassed"

He looks at her and there were tears of happiness in her eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

Prerna shyly runs awayEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...

The entire conversation was like a dream for himBig smile

Scene 2 : Class room

The entire class submit their projects...

Deepika sat with Nihaal,and Prerna sat in the front bench before them.All the time Nihaal was looking at her in a dreamy state.Prerna too was looking at him from the corner of her eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.They both were longing for each otherEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

The class ended and the recess started.

Deepika turned to Nihaal and asked,

"Nihaal,what do you think we'll get for our project?Confused"

"I think we must get nice grades...Big smile"

"All thanks to you and Prerna...or i'd have flunked.LOL"

"Deepu...bas chalo we'll go to the canteen...Smile"

" sorry sweetie...i can't .I have to go for the beauty competition practice.Confused"


"Yes...Sorry will catch you guys later..."

The entire class is empty except for the two of them.Prerna takes out her lunch box...Nihaal comes and sits beside her.Prerna feels nervous and shyly closes her eyes.He comes close to her cheek and whispers into her earsEmbarrassed,

"I'm so lucky to have you...and today is the most happiest moment of my life.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

She pushes him and ask him grimlyLOLLOLLOL,

"Why were you so late??Pappa was waiting for you since half an hour..."

"I was late...but it's all because of you...Ouch"

"Me what did i do?Confused"

"You don't allow me to get up from my sleep."


"Yes, come in my dreams...and "

"Nihaal...I'm going...Angry"

"Arre...naraz ho gayi kya...I'm sorry...Dekho i'm holding my ears..."

Prerna rushes to him and removes his hand from his ears.

He smiles at her and holds her handEmbarrassed...

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