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Ek Duje Ke Liye(Nihaal and Prerna) (Page 5)

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The roller coaster ride of their love has started...There may be ups and so may be downs...And true love faces all the circumstances as one.Nihaal and Prerna are also one,and life is a big challenge teaching us a lot of things.They too shall learn to deal with the challenges with their growing maturity.Right now our story goes like this.

Scene 1: On Road
On the Bike

Prerna was silent,and Nihaal wondered why?Confused
"Kya hua,itni chup kyun hoConfused?"
"Nothing!!tumhe mere chup rahne se kya...tumhari ride miss ho gayi na meri wajah se.Angry"
Nihaal understood the reason for her sulkiness.He smiledSmile and said,
"Prerna,Deepika was looking so hot in that pink dress.I just love pink...LOL"
"Pink...Confusedpink kabse tumhara favourite colour ban gaya...tumhara toh favourite colour blue hai na..."she says looking at her blue dressConfused
"Han tha,but now i like pink especially after i saw herDay DreamingLOLLOL."
"Oh!! roko abhi...Nihaal,I said bike roko,I want to get down right now."
"Arre what happened i was just praising your friend...LOLAfter all she is so beautiful."
"Yes,Nihaal she is very beautiful...but why are you so excited?I saw you staring at her...Angry"
"So,...are you jealous...Didn't I asked you before her whether you are coming with me or not,and what did you say??You said no...and she grabbed the opportunity...WinkLOLLOL"
"Ahaa...haaa..ROFLbol toh aise rahe ho...jaise you are some Tom Cruise...Just stop the bike,I want to get down right now.Angry"
At that moment,Nihaal puts the break and Prerna falls on him,and hugs him tightly around his waistEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.
Prerna blushes and tries to remove her hands from his waist,while adjusting herself on the backseatBlushing.Nihaal suddenly holds her hand and places it around him.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedand Prerna smiles shylyEmbarrassedLove was in the air and they both were bubbling with love at that moment.

"Prerna,I love you.And 'am crazy about youBig smileEmbarrassed."
Her cheeks become red hot and she smilesEmbarrassed.
"Nihaal,when are you going to talk to your parents?"
"Soon,most probably today,cuz I cannot wait anymore."
"I'll also talk to my parents today.I wanted to tell them the very night you came to meet me,but they were very happy and were talking about some surprise.So,I thought it better to tell them some other day."
"Nihaal,mujhe darr lagta hai...kahin humare parents ne na kar diya toConfused"
"Darr...why?Don't you trust our love?"
"I do trust on it,more than myself.And My Krishna has given me you as the most precious tresure of my life."
He looks at her and says,
"Then tum sab kuch un pe chod do,you know i made a deal with God the day i saw you...that if God has made someone for me,it's you and only you and no one else.And I trust my God a know he assured me you are going to be mine,you are already mineEmbarrassed."
She smilesEmbarrassed and tears of happiness roll down her cheeks.And she thinks in her heart,"Kitna masoom hai bilkul mere KrishnaEmbarrassed jaisaEmbarrassed,kabhi kabhi bachon ki tarah zidd karta hai aur mujhe pareshan karta hai,and kabhi unki tarah rone lagta hai,kabhi mujhe hasata hai aur kabhi rulata hai...aur kabhi kabhi mujhse itna pyar karta hain ki darr lagne lagta hain,kahin main tumhe kho na doon.Hey!KrishnaEmbarrassedmere pyar ki raksha karna."

"Prerna...kahan khoi hui ho...Smilewe've reached the auditorium.Chalo or we'll be late."

Scene 2: The Auditorium

Saksham sees them and comes to themSmile.
"Hi,Guys.Prerna,itni late kyun hui.And where's Deepika?"
"She had to meet the Nihaal dropped me."
"Nihaal!!Ouch"he exclaimed.
At that moment their sir calls them for the rehearsals and Saksham couldn't ask much.The scene to be rehearsed was that of a fight scene between Nihaal and Saksham.In one of the stunts Saksham was to protect himself and Prerna from Nihaal(villain)with a dagger,but Saksham was so overpowered by the thoughtsAngry of Nihaal dropping Prerna on his bike that he accidently slashes Nihaal's arm and blood spurts out.Prerna is shocked and cries out loudly running towards himCry,
"OMG, Saksham what have you done?CryCryCryNihaal are you okay..."She almost goes to remove her duppatta for tying it on his wound when Nihaal stops her and says,
"Prerna I'm alright.It's not his fault I wasn't careful."He says so even when he knows it wasn't his fault.He knew she was all overpowered by emotions at that moment and that everyone was watching he tries to get up and move away from her.He says,
"Saksham,Prerna ko sambhal lo...shayad khoon dekh kar darr gayi hai."
Prerna is still shocked and is holding his hand,but soon she realises the situation and leaves his handCry.Saksham takes her with him.Nihaal goes to the Green Room and dresses his wound.
Prerna asks Saksham to bring her a juice as she is feeling dizzyConfused.She takes the opportunity to meet Nihaal.She rushes to the green room and hugs him with all forceCryCryCrycrying aloud.
"Prerna...Don't cry...I am perfectly alright."
But she hugs himEmbarrassedCry even more tightlyEmbarrassedCry.
"O-U-C-H!!LOLLOLyou are hurting me now."
"Oh!! I'm so sorry.Confused"She gets away from him and looks at his wound.
"Yeh kya kiya hai tumne...theek se dressing bhi nahi kiya hai...aise toh infection ho jayega...Confused"
She took the bandages and tied it systematically around his arm...and tears come rushing out of her eyesCryCry.
"Prerna tum phir ro rahi ho...Confused"He lifted her chin...Embarrassed 
"Nihaal tumhe kuch hota hai toh dard mujhe hota hai...tumhe dhyan rakhna chahiye tha..."
"Yes Doctor!!LOLLOLLOL"
She hits himAngryEmbarrassed and says,"Mazzak mat karo,I'm serious."
"Acha baba...Sorry...Prerna this is nothing,Mamuli si chot hai..."
"Yeh chot....hai...You'll have to take TETANUS ka injection for this.Confused"
"What? way!!Confusedyou just forget it!!"
She starts to laughLOLLOLLOL
"Ladke hokar injection se darte ho...silly"
"Ladka hoon toh kya hua.I hate injections.Dead"
She again starts to laugh and Nihaal looks at her admiring her innocent beauty. After some time she realises that he is looking at her and she stops laughing and adjust her duppatta shylyBlushing.She gets up from the floor and turns to leaveEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.
Suddenly Nihaal pulls her duppatta and she stopsEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
"Prerna,ruk jao...mein tumhe yoon hi dekhte rahna chahta hoon...zindagi bhar...please stay for meEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"
She smiles shylyEmbarrassed
"Nihaal,Saksham must be searching for me..."
At that very moment they hear his voice...
"OMG,he is coming here...Nihaal jaane do na please..."
She pulls her duppatta,but Nihaal comes close to her and takes her hands in his and looks into her big black eyesEmbarrassed.
"Kitni bholi ho tum...I'm so lucky that I found you...aur ab jab tum mujhe mil gayi ho...tumse bichad kar ek pal bhi mein door nahi rah sakta..."
Prerna too looks into his romantic eyes and forgets everything about Saksham...
"Nihaal,mein bhi tumhare bina rahi rah sakti.I've told my KrishnaEmbarrassedand he's promised me that we'll be together for ever...koi bhi hamein juda nahi kar payega..."
He again brings on his naughty smile and saysWink,
"Koi bhi nahi...Embarrassed"
"Koi bhi nahi..."
"Yeh fasle...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"
"Yeh bhi nahi"and she comes closeEmbarrassed.
"Yeh sansein...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"
"Yeh bhi nahi...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"She undrestands his wish and shyly looks downEmbarrassed.He comes very close to herEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.They both are drenched completely in each others love and are lost in their eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.He was still holding her hands,he slowly moves his hands up her arms,shoulder and then takes her face in both his handsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.They were too close,her hair flies over Nihaal's face.He turns his face to one side.She smiles shylyEmbarrassed and comes even more closer to himEmbarrassed,almost touching his faceEmbarrassed.She slowly whispered in his earsEmbarrassed,
She suddenly shrieks in his ear,"Saksham!!!LOL"Nihaal let go off her and turns around to look at the door.She laughsLOLLOL and runs away from there.There was no Saksham at the door,she was lying...Nihaal stomps his feetAngry and knocks his head smiling to himselfEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.
"Dekh loonga tumhe,kabhi toh aogi mer iska badla le loonga..."He again smiles Embarrassedand ruffles his hair.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedAnd just when he turns,Prerna comes in and kisses him on his cheekEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.she slowly whispers into his ears,"I Love You!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"and runs out before he could reply anything.

EmbarrassedThe love was blooming to it's fullest and the whole of the universe was conspiring to bring them togetherEmbarrassed
...but something happened that was gonna change the entire consequences for ever.

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Awwwwwwwwww so cute
Brilliant update
Saksham is soooooooo annoying dude just leave them alone
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooooooooooon
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Originally posted by Kiran_1

Awwwwwwwwww so cute
Brilliant update ThanksEmbarrassed
Saksham is soooooooo annoying dude just leave them alone Yup cuz he's  jealousLOLLOL.
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooooooooooon

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Saksham sees them togetherOuch...and he could not tolerate it,as he too is in love with Prerna,she is his childhood loveEmbarrassedbut,for Prerna he is only a good friend.

Scene 1: Green Room
In the Auditorium

Saksham comes in and looks at Nihaal who is still lost in her thoughts.EmbarrassedHe stirs him up from his thoughts and asks him,
"Nihaal...ab kaisa hai hath...Confused"
"Oh! Saksham...I didn't notice hand is okay...Smilethere's a bit of pain,but there's nothing to worry about...Smile"
"I'm very sorry NihaalConfused...I should have been more careful..."
"Arre's not your fault .You are my friend and you don't have to say sorry or anything...This pain is very ordinary...chala jayega."
But ,Saksham thinks in his mind," Ordinary,Nihaal but the pain you've given me is very deep and untolerable....tumne meri Prerna ko mujhse cheen liya hai...Ouch"
"Saksham!!What are you thinking?SmileChalo rehearsal karte hain...."
"Yes..I'm coming...Confused"

Scene 2: On the stage

A scene where Saksham and Prerna are separating is being rehearsed.
Saksham says,

"You never understood my love...and now you are leaving me for a guy you recently met.Angry"
Prerna replies,
"No,you are wrong,I might have met him recently,but I know that i have known him since ages...when he's near me i feel like I'm in heaven,when he smiles,a thousand flowers blosson in my heart...Embarrassedand when he touches me...aisa lagta hai...jaise mein sirf usi ke liye bani hoon,aur hamesha usi ke paas rahoon...Embarrassed"she suddenly looks at Nihaaland he smiles at herEmbarrassed."You will always be my good friend...but,pyaar toh sirf ek hi baar hota hai...and I'm in love with him...I really love him mein uski ho chuki hoon.Embarrassed"
Saksham says,
"Theek hai...ConfusedI'm happy cuz you are...but I shall wait for you...agar is janam mein nahin toh agle janam mein toh mein tumhe kisi aur ki nahi hone doonga..."
He leaves and the curtain falls over Prernastaring in his direction.Confused

Scene 3 : The Auditorium

Saksham comes to her and says,"Prerna I want to talk to you..."
"What Saksham?ConfusedConfused...please not nowConfused...have you seen Nihaal anywhere??Confused.."She stopped and again cleared her question to hide her anxiety.Smile
"Nihaal!! he is with Deepika...tum meri baat toh suno..."
But,she still is not listening to what he is saying and asks,"Deepika,when did she come?Confused"and she hurries away from there leaving Saksham all sad and frustrated.AngryOuch

Scene 4: The garden

In the garden they both were talking...
"Nihaal,how should i tell you this...I'm really nervous..."
"Deepika...the flambouyant girl in our class is nervous...i don't believe just tell me frankly..Smile"
"Some study problem..."
"No..Nihaal nothing like that!1"
"Then what is it?Just tell me...Smile"
"I wanted to tell you that....I...I...ConfusedI think I'm in love with you...Embarrassed"
He stood up all shockedOuchand exclaimed,"WHAT??Confused""What are you talking aboutConfused?"
"Yes Nihaal,I really love you."
"Deepika look...I don't know what to say? You are a very good girl...but I've never seen you in that way....I can understand your feelings,but i can't hurt you by telling you the lie...I've always liked you as a friend..but not anything more...and i really want to remain so..Confused"
"But why Nihaal??Why can't you love meCry?"
"Cuz..I love.."
At that moment Prerna comes there and hides behind the bush...and gestures to him not to tell her anything.
He stops halfway and says,
"I love someone...Confused"
"That i can't tell you..."
"Oh!! Nihaal!!" and she starts cryingCryCryCry
"Deepika I'm sorry...mujhe naf kar do...please understand my feelings.."
"Nihaal tumhi kaho...mein apne dil se kaise kahoon ki woh timhare bare mein sochna band kar forget you..How Nihaal how??CryCryCry"and she goes away.
Prerna comes out and sits next to him.
"Prerna..suna na tumne what she said...How can she misunderstand my friendship as love?Oh!! God...I'm so disturbed...she must be so much pain...Prerna you go and console her..."
" is blind...she misunderstood your friendship as love...but,she'll soon understand the reality that it was a mere infactuation and would accept it...she's very strong...CryI can't see her like thisCryCryCry"
She criesCry and Nihaal hugs herEmbarrassed...Saksham sees this and again feels hurtAngryCryCry.

Scene 5:The Garden

After some time

Nihaal asks Prerna,

"Prerna did you tell your parents?"

She was sitting next to him with her head on his shoulders and holding each others handsEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"No,I haven't...They are never at home when I need them...ConfusedDid you tell your family about us?Smile"

"No!!"he sighedConfused.She lifted her head and looked at himEmbarrassed,he too looked at herEmbarrassed

"Nihaal we must tell our parents soon...I know our love will over all tests.My KrishnaEmbarrassed is always with us...par darr lagta hain.Cry"

"Main hoon na,chahe kuch bhi ho jaye,I'll never leave you...I'll always be there for you.EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

That day they both decide to tell their parents about their loveEmbarrassed.

"Accha Prerna,just imagine once we are married ,how would it beEmbarrassed?"

"Hmmmm....EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedtum roz office jaoge...and mein tumhara ghar mein intezar karoongi...Embarrassed"

"And if i come late..."

"LateConfused...maroongiLOLLOLyou'll have to come early and roz mere liye tum red roses laoge...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"


"Aur...haan...we'll go for long walks in the evening..."


"Aur...han...hum ghanton tak ek doosre ki aankhon mein dekhte rahenge...aur tum mujhe apni bahon bein bhar kar...chilla kar sabse kahoge ki....Embarrassed"

"ki...Embarrassednothing..."and she runs away from there shylyEmbarrassed...

But Nihaal calls her from behind and screams,

"Prerna mein chilla har sabse yeh kahoonga ki...I love Prerna...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

Prerna runs to him and shuts his mouth with her handConfusedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.He holds her hand and they look into each others eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.He takes her hand and kisses itEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.She blushesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed and he leaves her hand and saysEmbarrassed,"Jao tum...warna mein tumhe jaane nahi doonga...cuz tumse bichad kar ek pal bhi mein rah nahi sakta...go..."And he turns,she smiles and leavesEmbarrassed...

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Hi, Kiran
                   Now onwards I shall post the updates in the Kasauti forum also...So, you can also visit the KZK forum...the title of the ff is the same...

Happy Reading
PJBig smile

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And it was precisely the condition of NihaalEmbarrassed.The love potion by cupid had cast its spell,and her charm was doing magic on himEmbarrassed.She was on his mind all the time.His eyes reflected his heart,beating fast at every thought of hers.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Till now everything was perfectly in favour of their love,but how long would the universe conspire in their favourEmbarrassed, no one knowsConfused.But,one thing was sure,that whatever may come,their love will face all odds with dignityEmbarrassed.Their love has become eternal and would never be lost into oblivion.In all troubles their love will find a way!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Deepika on the other hand was still not able to come out of her agony.CryCryWhatever she did,she just couldn't get him off her mind.CryCryThe old chirpy, flambouyant , full of life Deepika has now become a silent, grave and melancholic DeepikaOuchOuch.Prerna was very concerned for herConfusedConfused.She tried to console her a lotConfused,but nothing could make her come back to her old happy state.She was completely disheartenedCry and shatteredCry by the rejection of her love by NihaalCryCry.

HappinessSmile and painCry are the two sides of love.For some love comes as an enchanting spell of blossomsEmbarrassed,spreading joy and colourEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.And for some it brings simply nothing but painCry.Deepika too was pining away in Nihaal's love, and Prerna could no longer tolerate her best friend's conditionCryCry.

Scene 1 : Gurukul


Deepika is lost in her thoughts and Prerna is looking at her with concernConfusedShe decides to break the silence and divert Deepika's mind.
She tries to smile and asksSmile,
"Deepu,how is your preparations for the beauty contest goingSmile?"

"Contest...ConfusedI've withdrawn my name from the contest.Confused"

"What?Shocked""But it was your dream...and you are telling me you withdrew your nameConfusedConfused...why are you tormenting yourself like this?CryCry"

"Prerna,tell me what else should i do??...CryCryCry"she begins to cry.

"What should i do?? I simply can't forget himCryCry I simply can't live without him...this agony would kill me...I can't tolerate this anymore...CryCryCry"and she hugs herCry.

Prerna feels like a bullet had just pierced her heartCryCry.

"Deepika please control can't destroy your life like this...Why don't you forget the past and start afreshConfusedConfused."

"I can't...I've tried to...but i simply can't stop thinking about him.To forget him I'll have to die.Cry"

Prerna hugs her and consoles herCry.

"He loves someone else...and not me...but,why did I always found love in his eyes for me??CryCry"

Prerna thinks,
"Deepu,you misunderstood his love,he always considered you as his friend ,but you mistook his affection.The afeection you saw in his eyes all these time was for me...and you thought he too loves you...Oh!! Krishna...what is this happening to us??CryCryCry"

"Prerna,do you know who this girl is,whom Nihaal loves so much?Cry"

"Deepu...what's wrong with you??Why are you thinking about all these things??Just forget him.CryCryCry"

But she wasn't listening...she kept on muttering like crazy peopleCryCry,

"She's so lucky...Cry"

Prerna was scared that she might do something to herself if she continues to be in this stateCryCry....She just couldn't tolerate to see her in such a condition,she stood up and ran out of the reading room with tearsCryCryCry.

Scene 2 : Gurukul
Glass Garden

Her best friend was in utter pain and she considered herself responsible for her agonyCryCryCry

"KrishnaEmbarrassed,what should i do?There's nothing I could do to relieve her of her grief.I feel so helpless and guityCryCry.Tell me what should I do?"CryCry

She closes her eyes to ask her heart the same question.Suddenly Nihaal's image emerges in her mind with DeepikaShocked...she shudders at this thought and opens her eyes in shockShockedCryShe stares at the hedges for a long time still pondering over the imagesConfusedCry. And after a tough battle with her heart she comes to a decisionCryCry

But, what was it?
Was it the right decision made by her for her friend's sake?
What would be the consequences of it?
 No one knowsConfusedConfusedConfused
...But,she was in a dilemma whether to accept  her decision or could she choose between friendship and love,one being her life and the other the very soul of her life.It was impossible for her to  choose,after all it was her life and not a shop where you pick and chooseConfused.But,she had to choose sooner or later,and the sooner the better she thought.ConfusedCryCry

"Why did I come between her love?Why didn't I realise that my best friend,my Deepu too loved Nihaal??I would have never come in between them,if i knew...but why KrishnaEmbarrassed??Why didn't you give me atleast a hintCryCry??It could have saved so many heartbreaksCryCryCry.If I hadn't come in between them,Nihaal would have been hersCryCry..." but the very thought of losing him tore her heart to piecesCryCry...and she sighedCryCry,
"CryNo,I can't forget him...butCryCryI have to...she was always there for me in all my happiness and troubles.She never left me alone.She was always there for me when I needed her,and now it's my turn...but how can I pluck out the very soul from my heart and survive...CryCryCryI can't..." and tears came rolling down her cheeks.Cry

Scene 3 : Gurukul

Meanwhile Nihaal is searching for her allover in the college, and couldn't find herConfusedConfusedanywhere...He finally thinks of looking for her in the glass garden,their favourite meeting place.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Scene 4 : Glass Garden

Back in the Glass Garden...

"KrishnaEmbarrassed...I asked you to help me and you showed me the images of Nihaal and Deepika together...if you want it so,I too have decided...OuchOuchYes,I can't be so selfish...and i can't crumble like thisCryI have to be strong and fulfil my decision sincerelyCryCry.My decision can save my best friend's life..Cry"

But again her heart questioned herCry...

"What about your life??CryCryAnd have you ever thought about Nihaal?Could heever live without you,or think about someoneelse other than you...CryCry"

She shakes away her thoughtsCry and says,

"Yes,he'd be happy even without me...He was happy before meeting me...and if I never came in his life...He'd have accepted Deepika...and Deepika loves him a lot and she'll always love him,even when I'm not with him...Cry"

But again she was finding it very difficult to make her heart accept her decisionCryCry.But, she has decided to sacrifice her love for her friendshipCryCryShe closes her eyes and ters gush out emptying her soul...CryCryCry

At that moment Nihaal comes in to the garden and sees her sitting all alone.The garden was a serene place and hardly anyone came there...He walk towards her and sits next to her facing her back.She was crying silentlyCryCryCryNihaal extended his hand and caught hold of one tear drop falling down her cheek,and looks at it sadly...Confused

Prerna turns around in surprise...Shocked wiping her tears...

"Nihaal when did you come??I didn't notice you."

She puts up a fake smileSmile when her heartwas crying unbearably.She take hold of his hand with the tear drop and wipes it with her duppatta...Smile

"Nihaal...woh meri aankhon mein kuch chala gaya tha..Smile."

He looks at her and holds her face in his hands and saysConfused,

"Prerna...look into my eyes and say that you weren't crying.Confused"

She looks into his eyes full of affection for her and feels a dagger being stabbed into her heart and being ripped open...CryCryCryHis eyes were weakening her decision.There was so much of love in her eyes that she couldn't kie to him so she turned away from him and stared at the far end of the garden where there were two butterflies fluttering in the pleasant sunlight filtered by the glass roof with windows in them...Nihaal understood there was something wrong with her,and that she didn't wanted to tell him..ConfusedConfusedHe understood she was sad because of Deepika...

She is still staring at the two butterflies that now sat on a flower drinking its nector...She smiles Embarrassed in her heart for a moment forgetting her pain...

But, all of a sudden one butterfly flies away leaving the other one all alone...CryAll the pain rushes back into her heart and the very thought of losing Nihaal like the lonely butterfly brings tears back into her eyes,which she could no longer haide from him...CryShe turns and hugs him tightly crying if she'd lose him the very moment she loosens her hold over him...He too hugs her feeling perplexedConfusedConfused

She cries,

"Nihaal I love you...I love you so much..CryCryCryplease don't hate me...CryCryCry"
Nihaal is surprised to hear  the last three words...

He holds her away from him and asks her,

"Hate you??ConfusedConfusedConfused...To hate you I'll have to die...and even after my death I'll continue to love you...How can I ever hate you??ConfusedConfused"

Prerna closes his mouth with her handCryCryCryand looks into his eyes,
"Nihaal phir kabhi aisa mat kehna...I can't tolerate it..."

He removes her hand Embarrassedand says,

"To tum bhi kabhi aisa mat sochna ki I'll hate you...Confused"

But Prerna knows that if he won't hate her,he can never love Deepika.But why was it so difficult for was impossible for her,but still she had to ...CryCry

He smiles at herEmbarrassed  and she finds heaven in those looks ...
her resolution shakes again...

She thinks,

"Just one more day,Yes I'll have to give our love one more day...and in this one day i shall live my entire entire love for ever in this one dayCry.."

He looks at her,takes and asks her holding her in his armsEmbarrassed,
"Prerna kay baat hain...kya soch rahi ho..."


"Prerna,today is Diwali and there's a function at my home.You'll have to come to my home for it..."
"No,Nihaal I can't come...that too in the evening.Pappa won't send me alone."
"You won't be alone...I've invited the whole class..."
"No,Nihaal I don't think I could comeConfused"
He gets up angrily Angry

"Alright,don't come,waise bhi why would you come,tumhe toh mujhse bilkul bhi pyar nahi hain."

She too gets up and turns him towards her.

"Nihaal,tumne abhi toh yeh kah diya that i don't love you...but phir kabhi mat kehna..CryCryCry"
"Kahoonga...if you won't come...Ouch"
"Theek hai...I'll come at one'll have to call Deepika also..Smile"
He smilesEmbarrassed and tells her
"She is also coming"
"I know she is very sad...but when i requested her to come,she promised me that she'd come with you."
He then becomes sadConfused and says,
"Prerna maine uska dil dukhaya hain,but I had to tell her the truth.I love you and then how can i be hers?Anyways I hope she realises that her true love is not me but someone else who'd make her life beautiful...Big smile"

Prerna again turns and wipes her tears cuz she knew the truth that Deepika could never forget himCryCryand neither could she.CryCryCryNihaal came near her and kissed her on her foreheadEmbarrassed and said,
"I'll wait for you...Embarrassed"

He leaves and on reaching the door he shouts,
"Prerna blue dress!!Big smileand come soon...there's a surprise for you...Big smile"
She smiles at himEmbarrassed,but when he is gone,she falls on the grass all shatteredCry


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The test for Prerna's love has begunCry.But,Nihaal is still unaware of her intentions,dreaming about his loveEmbarrassed.Prerna decides to spent the time left with Nihaal with all her she is going to lose him soon.Deepika on the other hand is still depressed and dreams of the old days spent with NihaalCry.Saksham too is thinking about Nihaal and Prerna, and he couldn't tolerate his love being snatched away by someone...Cry

Scene 1 : Nirmalyam


The festival of lightsStar DiwaliStar was a grand affair in their house.The entire house was bustling with people of all age groupsStar.The women were cleaning the diyasStar and were putting the wick and oil in themStar.The men folk were too busy with the arrangements.The children were having a great time running around the house,bursting crackers and gobbling sweetsLOLLOLLOL.Nihaal was busy decking the house with flower garlands while thinking all the time about Prerna.Her shy smiling face emerged in every single thought of him like a blushing roseEmbarrassedThe love in his heart was quite evident on his faceEmbarrassedand he was unable to contain his feelings anymore.Buddy sees the sparkle of love on his countenanceBig smile and smiles at him.nihaal blushes and tries to compose himself.But,Buddy understood everything.Embarrassed

Nihaal asks buddy curiouslyConfused,

"What happened Buddy?Aise kyon dekh raho ho..."

"Nihaal,you are hiding something from me...Embarrassed"

"No Buddy....nothing!!Confused"

Buddy smilesEmbarrassed and says,

" are in love...Embarrassed"

He turns away smilingEmbarrassedand says,
"Buddy...what are you saying?"

"Nihaal...pyar ko tum jitna chupana chahoge,woh utna hi nazar aayegaEmbarrassed...and I can clearly see in your eyes...that you are in love..."

"Buddy...Confused" he retorts,but before he could say anything his mum calls him from the kitchen frying some gujiyas for the guests...

"Nihaal,it's getting dark...Pooja ka samay ho chuka hai...the articles for the pooja is kept in your lekar aana jaldi..."

"Yes,maa...I'll bring them...Smile"

Buddy goes away smiling at himSmile

Nihaal tucks the hanging end of the garland behind the nail and thinks about Prerna...he tries to get down...his leg slips and he falls,but just when he was falling Prerna comes there and he falls on her holding her.He couldn't believe his eyes...but he just couldn't resist those big black and gets lost in themEmbarrassed

Suddenly someone comes from behind and pulls his shoulderConfusedConfused

"Nihaal...what are you doing on the floor...ConfusedConfused??"

He looks up and then down at Prerna,but she is no longer was just an imaginationEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedhe smiles to himself...and gets up...

"Chachu...woh actually i fell from the chair...EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

"Did you get hurt,beta...?Confused"

"No chachu I'm alright...I'll go and get the samagri for the aarti..."

On the stairs Nupur and Tina were giggling at himLOL...

He frowns at them and goes upOuch...

Scene 2 : His room

He picks up the articles kept in a basket ,and is about to leave the room...when he sees the earing of Prerna on his bedEmbarrassed.He stops and keeps the basket down.He picks up the earing and looks at it lifting it up to his faceEmbarrassed.He smiles at it and saysEmbarrassed,

"Prerna,today I'll tell everyone that I love you.Today is diwali and i want this day to be remembered as the day our love triumphs over everyones heartsEmbarrassed...and I know my family would be overwhelmed with joy to know that you are my love...Embarrassed
I'm dying to see you...please come soon...aur intezaar nahi hota...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed."

He then kisses the earingEmbarrassedand thinks about her...

Scene 3 : Oberoi Mansion

Prerna's room

The wind blows and the curtains in her room fly in a strange frenzy.She is standing in the balcony holding his photo to her heartEmbarrassed.Her eyes are closedEmbarrassed,and she could feel him beside her when the breeze touched herEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.When Nihaal kisses her earing in his room,she suddenly turns,as she feels his touch on her face...but he isn't there...and she looks at his photo smiling at himEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
But soon she realises their love's fate and tears rush into her eyesCry

"Nihaal...tum hamesha mere saath rahoge,even after i lose you to are here in my heart..." she places her hand on her heart and feels him thereCry

"Tonight,I'll give you all my ki namumkin hai...kyun ki my love is infinite,it's eternal...phir bhi I'll try to live my dream of spending my entire with you in this one night...and then chahe kuch bhi ho jaaye...I'd not come in between you and Deepika.Cry"

Scene 4Deepika's room

She is getting ready.She too has a photo of Nihaal on her table.She wears a maroon lehenga with a maroon sparkling odhini studded with shining white flowers and starsEmbarrassed.

She looks gorgeous Big smile but her eyes reflect the melancholy of her heartCryCryCry

Scene 5 : Hall
Mehta House

She gets down to the hall where her parents and Saksham were discussing about something.They suddenly stop it on seeing herConfused...

Her dad asks her,

"Deepika,where are you going at this time?We all have to go for a party at the clubConfused"

"Dad,I had told mum that I'd be going to Nihaal's house with Prerna for the diwali function...Please dad..I'm sorry...I don't want to come to the club."

Saksham frowns at herOuch at the mention of Nihaal's name.

"Oh!! that's alright...but don't be late...just call me when you are to leave from there and I'll send someone." says her dad.

"Okay dad...bye...bye mum...bye SakshamSmile"

Saksham stares at her as she goes outOuch...and looks very grave.OuchOuch

Scene 6 : Prerna's room

Oberoi Mansion

Prerna picks up her blue lehenga and wears it

(same colour and design)
...she remembers about Nihaal always complementing her when she wears a blue dressEmbarrassed.She slowly drapes the odhini around her waist and shoulder and looks into the mirrorEmbarrassed...She sees him behind her,she turns and he's standing thereEmbarrassed.Her eyes fill with tears and she hugs himEmbarrassed.Her odhini falls downEmbarrassed...Nihaal picks it up and drapes it around her waistEmbarrassed,holding her close to him...and covers her head with  the rear end of the odhiniEmbarrassedlooking into her eyes...She is still dreamingly looking at him with tears and a smileEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.

He kisses her on her cheeksEmbarrassed,but he doesn't utter a single word.He then losens his grip around her waist and withdraws himself from her and moves back slowly gazing into her eyesEmbarrassed...She tries to stop him coming out of her dreamConfusedCryCry...but he slowly dissolves into thin air...just like her dream...She stands there holding out her hand sighing like a inanimate being with tears rolling down her cheeksCry.

Deepika reaches her house and they both leave after taking her parents permission.

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Embarrassed"The course of true love did never run smooth"Cry
There is happiness and there are tears...but true love will always find a way.


"Par mein kaise apne sanson mein se usko mita dun...kaise apne dil se kahoon ki dhadakna band kar de...if he was made for her...then why did i fell in love with him the very moment i saw him...why is my heart so desperate to see him all the time he is far away my my eyes????Cry
Prerna...control your not forgetting him,you'll destroy three lives...and i cannot do that...just this night...and i'll foget him...i'll stab my heart and let the blood wash away his image,his presence from my soul...Cryjust this one night..."

Scene 1 : Deepika's car

In the car both the girls are thinking about Nihaal and they both knowingly and unknowingly shared the same pain...which was burning their hearts.CryPrerna's mobile rings and it's Nihaal.She nervously looks at Deepika before enabling the call,but she is indifferantly staring out the front glass driving the car.Prerna quickly picks up the mob. and whispers slowly,

"Hello,who is this??" ConfusedConfusedShe deliberately tries to ignore the fact that it was Nihaal's number,which she had recognised even before looking at the mob.

"Acha...toh koi paas mein hai...tabhi toh u r not recognising my number...LOLHai na !!! "

"Kaho kya baat hai...ConfusedConfusedConfusedor i'll cut the callConfused"

"Arre...why are you so indifferent???I just called you to know ,what was taking you so long to come...kabse wait kar raha hoon...tumhe meri bilkul parva nahi hai...vaada karke nibhana bhi nahi aataConfusedConfusedConfused"

She smiles at his childish complainingEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

"Acha baba sorry...maf kar do...bas abhi aa jaoongi..EmbarrassedI'm on the way...Deepika is with me."

"Prerna,how is she ??toh hain naa...kabhi bhi purani baaton ko lekar sad hai..."OuchOuchOuch

"Nihaal...she's better..."

She said so but her heart knew how better she was...Cry

"Acha..ab jaldi se aa jao...aur intezaar nahi hota...there's a surprise for you."

After the call she broods over the fate of their love,which is soon going to die...or will it??ConfusedConfusedConfused

She sighs and looks out of the window...Deepika turns to her and asks her,

"Prerna who was it?"

Prerna is shockedShockedand looks at her in sudden surprise.

"Nihaal...tha naa..."

She couldn't lie to her...

" was Nihaal"

"I know he's very worried for me...CryCryCryand he's feeling guilty...but mein apne dil ka kya karoonCryCryCry"

Prerna looks at her in bewilderment and nods...ConfusedConfusedConfused

"Deepu...I'll bring the old friend of mine back soon...and i'll sacrifice my love for you...CryCryCry"

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