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Ek Duje Ke Liye(Nihaal and Prerna) (Page 4)

pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2008 at 6:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by noha450

aww they confessed their love Embarrassedbut hope thier parents gonna accept their relation
You know true love has to face lots of challenges,and the love that successfully emerges out of these challenges is the one which has God's blessings.They both belong to different backgrounds and therefore will have to overcome this barrier.Let's see what happens to their love and their life.Embarrassed

.keep it up hunThumbs Up I'm flatteredEmbarrassed,Thanks a lot Nohu.Embarrassed
and thanks u soo much for the pmsHugboth were fab as usualClap

Again Thank you.


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Kiran_1 Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2008 at 7:35pm | IP Logged
Hi i just caught up with your ff its brilliant
Finally a Nihaal and P2, they are 1 of my favourite couples from KZK 
Hope her parent's good news is not her marriage to Saksham or someone else
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooooooooooooon
pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2008 at 7:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kiran_1

Hi i just caught up with your ff its brilliant Hi Kiran welcome to the beautiful world of Nihaal and Prerna/Naman and Krratika.Big smile
Finally a Nihaal and P2, they are 1 of my favourite couples from KZK Yup!! they are the best.Embarrassed
Hope her parent's good news is not her marriage to Saksham or someone elseYou'll have to wait for that.LOL
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooooooooooooon Ofcourse i'll dear,you don't have to say please for that.Embarrassed

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Nihaal was very upset on what happened.He couldn't sleep the whole night.His love for Prerna blossomed at the very moment he saw her,it was predestined,it was naturalEmbarrassed.But,he never thought of the path he'd have to follow after accepting his love for herConfused.Love also means taking responsibility of the feeling and the decisionEmbarrassed.He trusted his loveEmbarrassed,and had immense faith in God,and his family.He decided to clear up matters.Meanwhile BuddyEmbarrassed had instructed everyone in the family to be patient,and not to ask him questions.Everyone trusted Nihaal,and so decided to forget the matter.

Scene 1:Nirmalyam
Dining Hall

Early morning everything was back to normal,and it seemed like nothing happened the previous nightSmile.The family had already decided not to create an issue of the matter and destroy the family's peace.Nihaal hesitantlyConfused came to the dining hall where all the men folk were having a discussion over the breakfast.His father sees him and calls him,
"Nihaal,beta come and sit here...Your maa has made your favourite Aaloo Parantha with's very tasty.Big smile"
Nihaal smiledEmbarrassed and sat beside his father,and noone asked him anything about the night.After some time the Professor Chachu asked him,
"Nihaal I hope your project work is going smoothly..."
"Yes,Chachu,it's almost done"
"And how are you team partners? Deepika and ..what's the other girl's name?...Wink"
"P-r-e-r-n-a!!Big smile"he spoke with great excitement.
"Oh!!yes Prerna,how can i forget?She's a very nice but always humble...Isn't it Nihaal?Wink"
"YesConfusedChachu",he responded with an indifference in order to hide his excitement shown before.
"Chachu,now i must leave...I have to reach the City Auditorium quickly for the play'srehearsals.ByeSmile"
"Wait,Nihaal...My car broke down yesterday,it's in the workshop.Could you drop me on your bike to the collge?Just give me ten minutes and I'll get ready."
"Chachu,I'm really sorry...I have to hurry.Baba aap please Chachu ko drop kar dena..."
"Bhaiyya ki phat phatiya se toh achi hai mein paidal chala jaoonLOLLOLLOL...Don't worry Nihaal,you go,I'll take a bus."
"Thanks Chachu...Bye"
He then takes everyone's blessings and goes out.On the door he turns and smiles at BuddySmile.Buddy smiles back assuringlyWink.

Scene 2: Outside Oberoi Mansion

Outside the Mansion Nihaal stops his bike and tries her mobile number,but it's switched off.He then tries her home number,and to his horrorShocked her Dad picks it up.
" Hello,Rajive Oberoi here.Who's this?"
On realising it is her Dad,he deforms his voice into a girlish one and saysLOL,
"Hello,Uncle this is Sneha,Prerna's college friend.I had some urgent thing to talk to her.Could you please call her?"
"Oh,ofcourse beta,i'll call her, just hold on for a moment."
He then calls Vincent the butler and asks him to inform Prerna that she has a call.

Scene 3: Prerna's Room

Mr.Vincent knocks at her door and tells her that her friend is on the line.Prerna picks up the receiver in her room and says,
"Oh,Hi Deepika,I'm so sorry.Actually my mobile is broken and..."
"Hello,Prerna,I'm Sneha" in the earlier voiceLOLLOL.
"But,I don't know you."
"I'm Nihaal's ex-girlfriend,and now i've heard you are his new interest."
"How dare you?AngryDon't talk to me so cheaply.Angry",and she slams the phone,and thinks,"Nihaal's girlfriend,pata nahi kaun haiAngry...Mein apne Nihaal ko achi tarah janti hoonEmbarrassed.He doesn't have a girlfriend,he's not a that type of boy.He only loves me...Cry"
After some time the phone rings again and she picks it up angrilyAngry"What's your problem??"
"Prerna,it's me...Sorry I was kidding you...LOL"
"Kidding...I'll kill know how much worried I was.Angry"
"It means you don't trust me."
"Ofcourse i do,that's why i was angry at her and not you..."
"I'm really sorry...Now listen to me...I'm waiting for you outside your house's gate...Come out and meet me.Embarrassedjaldi aao."
"What?ShockedMere ghar ke bahar.Dimag kharab hainkya.Pappa is at home and if he sees you he'll fry you.I can't come there.He's dropping me at the auditorium."
"I don't know,you'll have to come or I won't go."
"Theek hai you stand there and when my father sees you,answer him,samjhe,but forget that I'm coming down."
"Alright,I have no problems.I'll tell him that Mein aapki beti se bahut pyar karta hoon,and she too is crazy for me..."
"Ah..ha..ha...Crazy for you...I'm not crazy for you,you are...LOL"
"Yes,I'm...but your father is not...and imagine if i tell him so...LOL"
"No,you won't tell him anything...I'll come down.Confused"
"That's like my Prerna.Embarrassed"

Scene 4: Hall

She hesitantly walks to her father and tells himConfused,"Pappa,you don't have to drop me today,I'll go with Deepika."
"But, didn't tell me..."
"Pappa,I have to go to the mall for buying somethings for the Play,before i go for the rehearsals...You don't have to wait for me."
Her mother also comes in there and says,"Rajive let her go,she too has to learn to become independent."
"Huh!!Angry independent like you probably.I don't want my daughter to be like you."
And then they both begin to fight and abuse eachother.Prerna stops them and criesCryCry ,"Please aap log jhagda band kariye,you both don't have to fight for me.Pappa please."
"Princess...AngryAngryhuh!!Your mother...I'm going...You take care."
Mrs.Sapna Oberoi her mum,too leaves in tears for her social meetings with Deepika's mum who tells her that Deepika has already started from home.Prerna prays to her KrishnaEmbarrassed to make her house also a happy home where only love and no hatred lives.Priya and Parul comes down to the hall.
"These folks,subah subah shuru ho jaatein hain.I hate them."
"Priya di they are our parents.
"Huh!! Parents...Prerna please don't start your lecture all over again."
And they both leave for the college.Puneet too comes down and hugs her.
"Didi,today's my recitation competition,and I've learnt the poem you taught me thoroughly."
"All the best,my sweetie pie.You'll definitely win.Now pick up your bag,your bus has come,it's sounding the horn."

Scene 3: Outside her house

She comes out with Puneet.Nihaal looks angrily at her and gestures her to come quickly.She pleads to him to wait.She sends her brother by the school bus and comes to him.He angrily looks at her like a sulking child with a  pouted mouth and frowning lookLOLLOL.She smiles at him and pulls his cheekEmbarrassedHe forgets all his anger on looking into her angelic eyesEmbarrassed.She looked gorgeous in the blue Bandhini chudidaar,and silk duppattaEmbarrassed(Blue was Nihaal's favourite colour).The wind blows away her duppatta and it falls over his faceEmbarrassed.She comes to him and removes her duppatta from his face,but he holds her hand and pulls her towards himEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.
"Nihaal,what are you doingEmbarrassed?Yeh hum shayad road par khadein hainConfused...koi dekh lega..Confused"
"Dekhne do,I have no problemsEmbarrassed.This is your punishment for keeping me waiting for so long"
" Tum toh ho hi besharamEmbarrassed...but mujhe problem hain...And zara batana who's this Sneha."and she pulls herself out of his grip.She puts her duppatta over her shoulder and sternly looks at him.
"Prerna, I told you i was just joking.Sneha weha koi nahi hai."
"I don't believe you..."
"Alright then I'm going...Jab vishwas ho jayega toh don't come to me...okayAngry"and he sits on his bike.
"Sorry,naraz kyon hote ho..."and she holds her earsEmbarrassed.
Nihaal smiles and gets downEmbarrassed.He holds her handEmbarrassed and looks into her eyesEmbarrassed,she blushes and looks downEmbarrassed.She lifts her chin with the other hand and looks into her deep mesmerising eyesEmbarrassedEmbarrassed , she really becomes conscious and looks at him and around them to see if someone else was there.He comes too close to herEmbarrassed...
"Prerna,kuch hai on your face."
"My face,kahan pe"
"There, no there..."and he lifts his hand and stokes her hair locks spreaded on her soft faceEmbarrassedShe felt his touch deep within her heart.He tucked her hair behind her ears and stroked he pink cheeks gently.She closed her eyes,and he came more closer and closer.Her heart was beating fast.He came too close to her almost touching her face,he then opened his eyes and looked at her closed eyes and smiled at her innocent and nervous face.He then turned his face to her ear and said slowly,"Prerna...Embarrassed"
She replied with her eyes still closed,"Yes Nihaal...Embarrassed"
"Prerna Deepika humein dekh rahi hai...Embarrassed"
" D-e-e-p-i-k-a!!Shocked"
She pushes him and turns ,but finds none there.
"Nihaal there's no one here."
He starts laughingLOL
She becomes angryAngry.
"Nihaal...I hate you"and she begins to hit him.
"Prerna,mein mazzak kar raha tha...This was the last oneLOLLOLLOL"
She simply pushes him and walks away.He realises his fault and asks sorry,but there were tears in her eyesCry.
"I'm really sorry.I'll never do this again."
"Nihaal,it must be fun for you,but I'm a girl,and you don't understand how i feel about such jokes.I was so scared."

Scene 5:Same place
After a few minutes

"Cry...By the way tumne mujhe yahan bulaya kyun tha...mazzak karne ke liye naAngry...right."
"Aise hi...I wanted to see youBig smile."
"WhatConfused?Just to see me...Dekh liya na...ab jao..Confused."
"Alright right I'll go...but not alone,you too will have to come with me on my Bike."
"Your bike,pagal ho kya,never.You go,I'll come with Deepika."
"Think again you are missing a golden chance."
" if all girls are dying to sit on your bikeOuch."
"You bet!!LOLLOL"
"Alright,Mr.Smart and Dashing,now you go,if someone sees us together then they'll make an issue out of it.Confused"
"Alright,my highness,jaisi aapki marzi.LOLLOL"
"Bye,and ride safely.Embarrassed"
Just when he starts his bike,Deepika comes there in her car.She calls him,"Hey! Nihaal.You and here.Wow,I never thought you'd be here.Big smile"
She gets down and smiles at Prerna,who smiles back nervously.
"Nihaal,your bike is so cool...I just love bike rides..."
Prerna looked at her short and revealing dress and when saw Nihaal smiling at Deepika,she became very jealous.
"Prerna,howz my dress?"
"Nice,very nice.."she puts up a fake smile,and says in her mind,"Nihaal,kaise smile kar raha hei ise dekh kar...AngryJhootha,DhokebaazAngry"
"Nihaal,wow...I always wanted to ride behind a bike...if you don't mind could you drop me at the auditorium."
Prerna looks at her in shockShocked.
"Deepika,then what about Prerna?"
"My driver would drop her,waise bhi use bikes ke peeche baithne main dar lagta hain,specially boys ke saath,kyun Prerna."
"No,Deepika,you won't go with him...we'll go in your car...come",nad she pulls her.
"Prerna,chodo mujhe,arre don't worry,aaj you'll have to go alone .He's willing to drop me. Ask him,Nihaal do you have any problem dropping me."
He looks at PrernaWinkWinkWink,who frowns at him and he smilesSmile,"No,I have no problems."
"Deepika,are you crazy,koi dekhega toh."
"Dekhenge toh kya...kahenge he's my Boyfriend.."
Prerna became restless and Nihaal smiled naughtily.
He interfered,"Prerna,it's her choice,i have no probs."
"Theek hai,when you don't have a problem ,why should I?"and she leaves Deepika's hand,and looks at himCry.She smiles at herSmile,but Nihaal knew she was very angryConfused,and he was just testing her.Deepika got on  the bike and held him tightly.Prerna could no longer bear itCryCryCry and turned towards the car.
Suddenly,Nihaal spoke,
"What happened Nihaal?Confused"asks Deepika.
"Deepika,I forgot to tell you,Principal sir wanted to meet you regarding the college beauty contest.You'll have to go in your car.I have to go for the rehearsals.And Prerna if you don't mind,you can come with me,as you too are going there."
"Oh,Prerna dear,you'll have to go with him,cuz i can't miss this opportunity.Confused"
Prerna turned and was surprised at this new twistShocked.She realised he was all the time,making her jealous.
"No,way.I won't go with him,I'll catch a busConfused."
"Bus,are you mad?What's wrong in going with him?He won't eat you...he's so sweet."she blushedEmbarrassed.
Nihaal looked at Prerna and lifted his eyebrows up and down with a naughty smileWinkWink,Prerna understood his plan very well.But,she was forced to sit with him.They took off...Embarrassed

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Kiran_1 Goldie

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 7:28am | IP Logged
Gr8 update
Nihaal is soooooooooo naughty and Prerna well she is just tooooooooooooo innocent
Deepika is gettin really obsessed with Nihaaaaaaaal now
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooooooooooooooooon
noha450 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 10:45am | IP Logged

hahaha it was sooooo funny LOLas kiran said nihaal is just tooo naughty and prena is soo cute and innocentBlushing(awwEmbarrassed). no doute its my fav updateBig smile i was smiling like a baby the whole time.i simply love their love.its sooo sweeet and young.LOLcant wait to read the next partDay Dreaming.and the images are perfect aswell.Embarrassed

pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 7:43pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Kiran_1

Gr8 update
Nihaal is soooooooooo naughty and Prerna well she is just tooooooooooooo innocent(Yup,Nihaal's very naughty...and he likes troubling her cuz  he loves her so muchEmbarrassed,and i can't even imagine Prerna ever living without him,cuz she's so in love with him,true love.But,fate plays strange games...and their fate has started the game already)
Deepika is gettin really obsessed with Nihaaaaaaaal now(Yeah,she's really getting obsessed with him...but,her obsession can also become true love...Confused...and then would rise the problem of which everyone is so ignorant.Or will she accept her fate and support Prerna as a good friend??Wait to see what happens next!!Embarrassed)
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooooooooooooooooon

pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 01 November 2008 at 7:53pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by noha450

hahaha it was sooooo funny LOLas kiran said nihaal is just tooo naughty(He's naughty just like Krishna Embarrassed. KrishnaEmbarrassed is always with them as he's Prerna's best friend and God) and prena is soo cute and innocentBlushing(awwEmbarrassed)(Her heart is as innocent as the dew on a flower). no doute its my fav updateBig smileThank you sooooo much!!

 i was smiling like a baby the whole time.(Wow,i just imagined u as a baby,looking cute Blushing)

i simply love their love.(Their love is true and heavenly...Just like Krishna's flute mesmerises Radhika,Nihaal's love mesmerises Prerna and vice versaEmbarrassed)

its sooo sweeet and young.LOL(Young love is always God's love)

cant wait to read the next partDay Dreaming.and the images are perfect aswell.Embarrassed

I'll update soon.


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