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Ek Duje Ke Liye(Nihaal and Prerna) (Page 3)

pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 29 October 2008 at 7:03pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chillingal16

hey thanks for the PM...will b waiting for the nxt one

You are most welcomeEmbarrassed,i'll soon update the next chapter.Happy Reading.Big smile

pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 29 October 2008 at 7:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by noha450

yeee 2 updates in a rowParty Yup!!! I managed to steal some extra timeLOLLOLLOL
both of them are equally fantastic and outstandingClap Thanks a lottt
love the fact that nihaal is jealous and it was funny cuz he was chosen for the vilain Yeah,his punishment for coming late.LOLLOL
keep it up and cant wait to read moreDay Dreaming So sweet of you.Embarrassed
ps: yaar if u can could u pm me aswelllEmbarrassed

Sure,I'll do that.
pj2012 Goldie

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Nihaal still was being haunted by the thoughts of Prerna and Saksham holding their hands and saying they love eachotherAngry.The monster in him wanted to bash up Saksham the very momentAngry,but his sane self controlled his violent selfLOLLOL.He was searching for Prerna everywhere,and wondered what if Prerna loved Saksham and not him.He thought he should have told her about his feelings before,is he late!,has he lost her for ever,and then he's satisfy himself by thinking that No,she too loves me,i,ve seen it in her eyes.After a lot of searching in the library,music hall,classroom,and not even sparing the girls loo(he was so desperateLOLLOL),he finally finds her in the glass garden behind the gymnasium.

Scene 1: Gurukul
The Glass GardenEmbarrassed

She was sitting on one of the flower shaped benches and was definitely cryingCryCry.Nihaal felt guilt stricken.It was his fault.He came and sat beside her ,and said slowly to her,
On hearing his sound she wipes her tearsCryCry and gets up to leave,but he holds her hand gentlyEmbarrassed.
"Prerna,ruko...listen to me,i'm sorry i was late,but i want to tell u something...."
She forces her hand out of his grip and starts walking,but he comes and stands in front of her and looked really sorryConfused.But,Prerna was in a very cross mood,as she was to play the lover of Saksham all thanks to NihaalConfused...
She leaves,and Nihaal stomps his feet and hits the bench with his fist.AngryAngry

Scene 2: Oberoi Mansion
Night time

Prerna is watching T.V. with her brother and sisters,and also surprisingly tonight her mother was also present,and she wasn't drunk.Prerna was happy for this,but then when she thought of Nihaal,she again became gloomy.Suddenly when she was thinking about all this her mum called her,
"Prerna,beta come here sit with me...Embarrassed"
Prerna was overwhelmed with joy,she ran to her and hugged her.After having a happy time together everyone went to their rooms.Puneet went to his room to sleep,as Sapna(Prerna's mum)told him she shall sleep with him,so that he doesn't feel scared and would feel comfy.Prerna was very happy to see her mum so changed.Puneet too was very happy.
"Goodnight di,aaj mein Mamma ke saat sounga...Yippee!!Big smile"
He kisses her little brother on his soft pink cheeks and says,"Good night!!,Goodnight Maa"

Scene 3:Prerna's room

She comes to her room and sits on the bed,thinking about what happened in the hall and also what happened in the glass garden...She went to KrishnaEmbarrassed and started complaining to him about Nihaal,
"Ek toh late aata hai,aur phir kehta hain,baat karni hain,mein kyun sunoo uski baat...Jab usne meri baat nahi suni and came late...aur kaise Deepika ke saath chipak raha tha,during their scenes...nahi baat karoongi...shayad i was wrong,i anticipated that he loved me,even before he said anything to me...KrishnaEmbarrassed you also don't talk to me..."and she gets up,and sees the teddy bear that Nihaal has given her during Friendship day.She looks at it and says,
"Tum kya dekh rahe ho,dekha nahi kaise tumhare friend ne mera dil dukhaya hain,I hate you...I hate you..."and she throws the teddy away,but on realising what she had done,she runs to it , picks it up,and hugs it.
"Bahut bure ho tum,but i can't even punish you,cuz it hurts me."
At that moment she hears the windchimes clinging in the balcony.She turns and to her surprise finds Nihaal standing there.She was so surprised that she could not utter a single word,but in another moment he was gone.She pushed her head and smiled to herself,"Ab toh sapno se baahar aakar bhi pareshaan karne lage ho..."she was speaking loudly,"Mein hi paagal thi jo,i couldn't control my heart and lost it to you for ever,even before he said to me..."Before she could finish,she was interrupted by a voice which said,
"I LOVE YOU!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"
It was Nihaal,but this time she wasn't surprised to see him.
"Oh!! ho!! it's you again...tumhari problem kya hai...why don't you leave me alone...JHOOTHA!!Confused"
But this time the Nihaal's image didn't fade away,it was concrete and tangible.Nihaal again said with a heavenly kind of emotion in his eyes,
"Prerna I love you..."He kept gazing at herEmbarrassed,but she still didn't believe her eyes and kept muttering to herself things like jhootha and tumse baat nahi karoongi kal when i come to college...,but suddenly he came clese to her and held her in his arms,and said,"Sssshhhh...listen to me...."Prerna was silenced and she lifted her hand slowly and touched his face,he was real and she was horrified to find that he was real and not her dreamShockedShocked...
"OMGShockedConfused..what are you doing here??..My parents are at home....Why did you come here???OMGShockedShockedShocked"
She sat on her bed and started panting nervously as she was very scared.
"Prerna,meri baat suno...I wanted to tell you something...and don't worry no one saw me,i came through the balcony..."
"BalconyShocked!!" she exclaimed.
"Prerna,i couldn't resist myself..I had to tell you...that...Confused"
"What?Confused..I don't want to listen to anything...please go..if someone sees you here...then both of us will be in great trouble."
"Prerna...sshh...Embarrassed"She stops and looks at him and he holds her face with both his hands and looks into her eyesEmbarrassed,
"Prerna,yeh jo tumhari aankhen hain ,yeh mujhe sonne nahi deti hainEmbarrassed,aur yeh jo tumhare baal hainEmbarrassed," he strokes her untied hair lying on her faceEmbarrassed with his fingers and she tremblesEmbarrassed and closes her eyesEmbarrassed,"Yeh mere chehre par akar mujhe tumhara ehsaas karati hain..Prerna I LOVE YOUEmbarrassed"

Prerna is speechless,her heart races fast,and she forgets for that moment that she is in her room,she feels like she is in some other world,away from everyone,where only they both are present...These were the words she was longing to hear all the time,and she felt like flying on the wings of love among stars and flowers and what notStar.
"Prerna,i love you...i tried to stop myself,my feelings,but i cannot...i really love you...and i realised this when you didn't talk to me the whole day,it felt like years,I can't live without you,and when you don't talk to me i feel soterrible,as if something is lost within me..."He then looked at her for an answer,but...
But,she was quiet,and didn't say anything,Nihaal realised he was wrong,but her eyes told him that he was right.He removed his hands from her face and her silence was killing him,like a dagger piercing his very heart and soulCry.He turnes and left her standing there like a lifeless statue.But, what he didn't knew was that she was stunned by his look,and whatever he said to her,she was lost .Her eyes only saw him,and her ears only heard those words,making her heart leap up and down.Finally,when he was about to go,she found her speech and called him,
"NihaalEmbarrassed!!" and ran towards him and hugged him from his back cryingCry,
"I love you too...I love you so much!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

Scene 4: Same place
After some time...

"Nihaal you shouldn't have come hereEmbarrassed...dekho kitni chot lagi hain tumhe..."and she soothed his wounds by blowing on them and applied some ointment on them.He lifted her chin and kissed her on her foreheadEmbarrassed.
"Tumse mila toh mere sare dard mit gaye...Embarrassed"
And they both look into eachother's eyesEmbarrassed...
"Prerna,now i must leave...bahut raat ho chuki hain...Embarrassed"
Prerna smiled and noddedEmbarrassed,but she didn't wanted him to goLOL.
They both walked to the balcony,holding eachothers handsEmbarrassed,he then climbed over the railings,and Prerna was not leaving his hands,cuz she wanted him to get down safelyEmbarrassed.
"Nihaal be careful!!Embarrassedsambhal kar..."
"Prerna,you now go in,i'll go from here.."
Then she halfheartedly turns,but suddenly he stops her and asks her to come near him,she nervously goes near him.
"Apni aankhein band karo..."
"Annkhein band karoon...Embarrassed...alright.."she was confused.
She closes her eyes,Nihaal leans close to her over the railings.She could feel his presence,his warm breath,she quivered,he was about to kiss her,but then kisses her on her cheek insteadEmbarrassed.She opens her eyes and he was gone by thenEmbarrassed.

"Goodnight,goodnight!! Parting is such sweet sorrow,that i shall say goodnight till it be morrow."
                       ~Romeo to Juliet @ her balconyEmbarrassed.

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me first..will come back and read!
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She was overwhelmed with happiness,but she also knew her limits and responsibilities ,and so she had to tell her parents soon about this relationship.She considered this love as a blessing from God and she respected Nihaal's  love for herEmbarrassed.By, accepting his love,she has chosen her life partner for this life and all other lives to come.Love happens only once and she was in love,true love and true love always blossoms,as God is always present in it.EmbarrassedTrue love is not between two bodies,but between two souls.Nihaal fell in love with her not because she was beautiful,even if she was ugly he'd have done the same thing,and she fell for him not cuz he was the best in everything,but cuz he was the one(her eternal soulmate decided by God)just like for one KrishnaEmbarrassed there's only one RadhaEmbarrassed,and for one ShivaEmbarrassed there's only one ParvatiEmbarrassed.And you never fall in love,you only rise in love.And there love too was heavenly.Embarrassed

Scene 1: Oberoi Mansion
Prerna's room

She was smiling to herself thinking about him.She starts humming a song.She turns and her parents were standing there.She was petrifiedConfusedfearing that her parents might have seen Nihaal.Confused
"Maa!! Pappa!!"Confused
They both look perplexed and frown at her in doubtConfused.
"Prerna,what are you doing here at this time in the night?You should have slept by now."
"Ma,...Pappa...I was ...Confused"
But,before she could tell them about what happened exactly,her father came near her and hugged her.
"Princess,we need to give you a good news...Big smile"
Suddenly her mother interrupts him,and says,
"Rajive,not now...we'll talk abot it to her some other time...when every thing is decided."
Prerna didn't understand what her parents were talking about.Her mind was pre-occupied with fear of having been caught.She was relieved that her parents hadn't seen Nihaal.
She sighed and asked,"Pappa,is there any problem?"
"No,Princess nothing!!It's already very late...Now you must go to sleep.Goodnight Princess."
"Goodnight Pappa."
"Goodnight Beta"her mother kisses her on her forehead.
"Goodnight Ma"
Her parents go away,but she feels a bit uneasy.She decides to tell them about Nihaal as soon as possible.

Scene 2:Nirmalyam

All the family members ,his kaka-kaki,grand parents,buas,their children,all have returned...
After meeting Prerna he reaches home.He tries to sneak into the hall through the kitchen window.He tip-toed through the kitchen and reaches the hallLOLLOL.But,unfortunately when he reaches the hall,the lights in the hall and the courtyard are switched on,and unexpectedly the entire family was waiting for him in the hall.He looks around and finds everyone's curious eyes fixed upon himConfusedConfused.He had never done any such thing which made him seem so guity and helpless.He didn't know what to say to everyone,cuz he didn't wanted to tell them about their love in such a circumstance when he was being scrutinised for wrong doing.For him his love was the most pure and divine thing that happened to him,and he didn't wanted to insult it.
He was nervous and suddenly his father Rudra Pratap Shastri asked,
"Nihaal where were you?You didn't tell anyone in the house that you were going to be late.You know how much worried everyone was,especially your mum...aaj kal kitne bike accidents ho rahein hain,and tumne ek phone bhi karna zaroori nahi samjha."
He felt ashamed of not telling his mum.She looked very worried and still had tears in her eyesCryCryCry.She ran to him and hugged him crying,
"Beta,i was so worried...please aisa kabhi mat leke raat ko jaate ho toh bata diya karo ki you will be late..warna bahut ghabra jatein hain ghar mein sab.Tum mere dil ke tukde ho,aur agar tumhe kuch ho jata toh...Cry"
Nihaal asked sorry to everyone,and he was speechless,but he had to tell them something.He couldn't tell a lie,but he also wanted some time for this relationship before he could tell everyone.So,he said,
"Baba,i had a very urgent work,it means a lot to me,and i couldn't avoid it.I know i should have called you,but us waqt kuch yaad hi nahi raha."
In this way he didn't lie and also gave them an answer.His father trusted him, and therefore believed him.but,he had doubts regarding what his important work was ,and when he started to ask him about that,BUDDY(his grand father) interrupted and took control of the entire situation by sending everyone to their rooms.He tells Gauri to serve him the dinner.
"Nihaal,we'll talk in the morning."
Nihaal felt guilty,but he had to take a decision.He is a very responsible boy and he would never allow his parents to feel ashamed of him.He decided to tell them everything when the right time comes.

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thanks for the PM....ohh i dont like this at all...P2 and Nihaal cant be seperated!...hope they tell their parents soon..and u make deepika and saksham leave!!
noha450 IF-Rockerz

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aww they confessed their love Embarrassedbut hope thier parents gonna accept their relation .keep it up hunThumbs Up and thanks u soo much for the pmsHugboth were fab as usualClap
pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2008 at 6:50pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by chillingal16

thanks for the PM.... You are most welcomeBig smile
ohh i dont like this at all...P2 and Nihaal cant be seperated!...hope they tell their parents soon..and u make deepika and saksham leave!!

You know life is like that ,you never know what happens,but if your love is true,whatever be the circumstances it'll always bloom,and bloom till eternity,cuz TRUE LOVE BLOSSOMSEmbarrassed.So,lets wait and see whether their love is true or just a mistake they made.
                                                                                                    They both are very responsible,and they won't sacrifice their families for their love,their love will find a way!!


P.S:Happy ReadingBig smile

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