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Ek Duje Ke Liye(Nihaal and Prerna) (Page 2)

noha450 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 October 2008 at 2:17pm | IP Logged

aaaaaaa im screaming from my roof!!!!!!(cant close my mouth yet) IM SOOO EXCITEDBig smile !!!!!!!!!!thank u soo much yaarEmbarrassed!!!! its fantastic ClapI simply love the concept...its diff and outstanding Big smilethe atmosphere is indescribable ! cant wait to read more!!!! thanks for keeping np2 alive in our heart.Star.....keep it up and tight hugHugU ROCK yaar

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pj2012 Goldie

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Originally posted by noha450

aaaaaaa im screaming from my roof!!!!!!(cant close my mouth yet) IM SOOO EXCITEDBig smile !!!!!!!!!!thank u soo much yaarEmbarrassed!!!! its fantastic ClapI simply love the concept...its diff and outstanding Big smilethe atmosphere is indescribable ! cant wait to read more!!!! thanks for keeping np2 alive in our heart.Star.....keep it up and tight hugHugU ROCK yaar

Thanks a lot yaar!!!
Yipee u liked itBig smile,i thought it was really mundane.But,now PJ is all charged up again.After college if i get time,i'll update the fifth chapter.Thanks a lot again sweetie pie for the support.Big smile

pj2012 Goldie

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They sit together in his room and work on the project.Prerna avoided eye contact with NihaalEmbarrassed,but Deepika was all the time longing for his lookEmbarrassed.After some time Nihaal introduces the girls to his entire family and they were,esp; Prerna was delighted to meet them as she never got the care and love of a true familyCry.Then Nihaal took them to their fruit orchards and finally to the river,where the wind was blowing gently,mesmerising their hearts.While looking into the river,Prerna trips over her duppatta and begins to fall,when Nihaal holds herEmbarrassed and she nervously gets upEmbarrassed,feeling awkwardEmbarrassed.After some time the girls leave.Gauri(Nihaal's mum) insisted them for having lunch,but Prerna said her parents would be waiting for her,when in reality they never bothered for her.Nihaal feels elated on thinking about what happened.He knew now he's lost the battle within him to avoid Prerna,he can no longer avoid thinking about her.Embarrassed

Scene 1: Oberoi Mansion

Deepika drops Prerna and goes to her house.The house is deserted ,except for Puneet(her bro) who was playing some game on his play station.She comes and hugs him.He too jumps with elation.
"Yeh! Di is back...Big smileDi,I was so lonely,Priya and Parul di have gone out with their friends,and Mum and Dad are also not home.I was so bored.Confused"
"Sorry,mera chotta bhaiyya,Di had some work.Accha,now tell me khaana khaaya ya nahi..."
"Nahi, di.How could i eat without you?"
"Acha mera bhaiya mera wait kar raha thaEmbarrassed.Okay,chalo phir jaldi se go and wash your hands,then we'll have food together...Mr.Vincent,khana laga deejiye."
They both have the food together.She feeds him,but all the time she was lost in the thoughts about early morningEmbarrassed.
"Di kahan khoyi hoConfused."
"Haan...Shocked" she looked startled."woh've finished ur lunch,now you go to your room and do your homework,i'll come there after some time."
"Di,Home work,it's boring.Aap kar do na."
"Puneet,no bahana...chalo chalo go ,hurry up!!"
She takes the plates to the kitchen sink,and washes them.She always washed her plates by herself.And then she went into her room.

Scene 2: Prerna's room

She sat beside her KrishnaEmbarrassed, on the carpet.She told him ,"KrishnaEmbarrassed,tum yehan pe khade yoon hi muskaate raho, and yeh mere saath kya kar diya...He is always coming in my thoughts.Kya yahi pyar hain?'Am i in love?, no..this can't be true...KrishnaEmbarrassed,tum kuch kehte kyun nahi..."
The more she refutes her love,the more she is attracted to him.She remembers how Nihaal gazed into her eyes,and how he held her,and she felt shy.Then she accepted,"Yes,I'm in love...par kya he too loves me...Yes,nahi toh meri kaan ki baali uske paas kya karti.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed"
The KrishnaEmbarrassed twinkled again.Embarrassed

Scene 3: Nirmalyam
Nihaal's room.

Here Nihaal too couldn't get her off his mind.He says to himself,she is not the one,but in the heart of hearts he knew he was madly in love with her
"No,this relationship is not possible.It is better to forget her now than getting hurt later.We both belong to two different worlds and it's impossible for us to make the odd ends meet....Confused"
"Par mein apne is dil ka kya karoon,jo ki uske alava aur kuch sochta hi nahi..." and he looks at her earingEmbarrassed.
He keeps it aside and tries to concentrate on his studies,but nothing could make her image evaporate from his mindConfused.Her silky hair fallen on her face,her twinkling eyes,her magical smileEmbarrassed...and every thing about her rushed into his mind.He got up and went down for the lunch.

Scene 4: The Dining hall

His sister Namita and his younger cousins Tina and Nupur started giggling on seeing him.Nihaal at the end of the stairs barged into his father.
"Nihaal,what happened?Kahan khoye hue ho...?" asked his father Rudra Pratap Shastri.
"Baba,woh mein...Confused"
On which Namita started singing..
"Pehla nasha..pehla khumar...naya pyar hain,naya intezar...kar loon mein kya apna haal,eh dile bekarar,mere dile bekaraar..tu hi bata..."
Nihaal frowned at her,and walked to her and pulled her choti on which she cried,"Sorry!!"
After settling on the table,Nihaal's Baba asked him about his college and friends.Adi Chachu(Aditya Pratap Shastri) who was also his Professor at college told his father that he was the best.His father felt proud of his son,and his mother smiled at him.
When Nihaal's mother,Gauri,came with the rice bowl to serve him more,he stopped her and said, "Ma bas bhuk nahi hai."
On this Namita,Tina and Nupur looked at each other and again giggled.Gauri scolded them and asked them what's wrong with them.Tina replied,
"Kaki,Bhaiyya ki bhuk pyaas sab marr chuki hain,afterall..unhe...LOL"
Nihaal interrupted and shouted,"Maa,if they don't stop this I'm going to my room." On this everyone consoled him with a curious smile.Namita was about to say something when Nihaal pulled her choti from behind and frowned at herAngry.She pulled her hair back and grimaced at himDead.And she whispers in his ear,"Don't worry,bhai i'll open ur pole one day or the other.LOLLOL"

Scenes 5,6,7and 8 are to be visualised going on simultaneously.
Cupid's game of love has begun
Scene 5: Nihaal's room(Night)

In his room he tries to concentrate on his novel,but everytime her face would disrupt his mindEmbarrassed.He tries to listen music,but it's also of no use.He gets so frustratedAngry that he throws his book and the remote of the music system.
"What's wrong with me?Why can't i get her off my mind?"
He took his shower and got into his PJ's and decided to sleep.But,there too he failed.No sleep chariot came,only her eyes,her face,her lips

Scene 6: Prerna's room(Night)

Prerna's brother had gone to sleep and she too comes back to her room.She was all alone again in the house.She took her bath and decides to read something for the project,but the project made her think more about him.She bit her finger and layed on the bed covering her face with her palmsEmbarrassed.Then she gets up in surprise, "Oh,my God,yeh mujhe kya ho raha hai,aisa toh pehle kabhi bhi nahi laga tha.Why 'am i feeling shy just by thinking about him?"She went to her table and picks up a book,and pulls out a pen from it which belonged to Nihaal,which she too hadn't returned.She looks at it and holds it against her cheeks gently and closes her eyesEmbarrassed and lies on her bed,and she dozes into a dreamy sleepEmbarrassed.

Scene7: Mehta house
Deepika in her room

Deepika is also thinking about Nihaal.She has also fallen in love with him.
She sings and dances with his photo in her hand which she got from the college magazine.
"Nihaal,i am dying to tell you how much i love you?EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed"

Scene 8: Saksham driving his car

"Prerna,I've told Dad about my feelings for you.And he has promised me he'll talk to Rajive uncle.And soon you'll be mine.
Prerna had always been his childhood loveEmbarrassed.

Again NihaalHeart,Prerna
Heart,DeepikaHeart,and SakshamHeart are shown dreaming about their love.
Background song:
from the movi
e Refugee
Aisa lagata hain,yeh dil mera khone ko hai

Prerna is sleeping,dreaming about NihaalEmbarrassed.In her dream he comes and kisses her on her foreheadEmbarrassed while she is asleep.

For ever and ever

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..kashish.. IF-Rockerz

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hey just caught ur a gr8t fan of Prena and Nihaal cant wait to see wat happens next..can u pls PM me when u post the next parts!
pj2012 Goldie

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Posted: 29 October 2008 at 5:25am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chillingal16

hey just caught ur a gr8t fan of Prena and Nihaal cant wait to see wat happens next..can u pls PM me when u post the next parts!

Yipee !! another NP2Embarrassed fan,Welcome aboard to one of the most happening fan club of NP2Embarrassed which is spreaded across many forums like ff,Kasauti and Bollywood ka ticket....You'd love to meet all the crazy gang of NP2Embarrassed.So,don't forget to visit these forums and explore the world of NP2Embarrassed.And ofcourse i'd PM u,like right now,after updating the sixth chapter.
pj2012 Goldie

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Few days pass and Nihaal and Prerna come closeEmbarrassed,but they haven't expressed their feelings for eachother,and neither have Deepika or Saksham.In the coleege a play on the theme of love and hatred was going to be staged on the Annual Union Day Celebration of the college.The auditions were to take place for the hero and villain and other characters,heroinne was selected,who was Prerna.Prerna wanted Nihaal to be her heroEmbarrassed,though she never told him so directly,but she indirectly hinted to him that he should come early to college for the auditions.And he understood her concernEmbarrassed.

Scene 1: Nirmalyam
Nihaal's room

Next day morning,Nihaal  is fast asleep,he was sleepimg late till the morning due to staying up whole night as he was thinking about Gauri and also worked on the project.Gauri (his mum) comes and calls him,
"Nihaal get up beta,it's eight in the morning."
He sits upright as if hit by a thunderboltOuch.
"Eight, was the audition day for the play and the audition for the hero was also at Eight o' clock.I missed it...Prerna,i'm sorry."he was muttering while pulling out clothes from his closet and then sprinted to the bathroon,took a quick bath and started dressing up.
"She must be waiting for me...Hey!Bholenath,please help me...Confused"
Somehow he got ready in a few minutes,took his books and stuffed it in his bag and camed down and left in a hurry.
His parents and others were in a shock to have seen him like this.The old punctual Nihaal was never late,never forgot to take the aarti,or his elders blessing.But, today something was different in him.He was late which was nothing less than the sun rising in the west.
"Aaj kya ho gaya is ladke ko?aarti bhi nahi li,humse ashirwaad bhi nahi liya...." said Gauri looking surprised.
Namita,Nupur and Tina were ready for school...They saw what happened and Namita interrupted Gauri,
"Ma,Bhiyya ko pyar ho gaya hai."
Gauri got angry and said to her,"Nammu,choti bacchi ho toh bacchon jaisi batein kiya time i hear anything like this from your mouth,I'll bash you...understood,now go to your school.Go,you both also...Angry"
And they three go,making facesDead.

Even though she has scolded the girls she knew they could be right.And she had to know it at any cost.

Scene 2: Gurukul Vishwavidhyalaya

Nihaal reached college on his bike,which had stopped half way and he'd to drag it the other half way to college.Cursing and yelling he reached college.He parked his Bike and hoped against all hopes that the auditions had not begun.But,luck was not in his favour.

Scene 3: The Auditorium

The auditions had already begun and the hero's audition was over...Saksham was selected as the hero,and Prerna was already selected as the heroinne.Nihaal rushed into the auditorium and saw her with Saksham.She was not even looking at him...And before he could reach her,she left the stage.Nihaal got a role,and ironically it was of the villainConfused.Deepika got selected as his lady love,and she was super excited.The rehearsels began.The scene being rehearsed was that where Saksham and Prerna were to tell eachother that they love one another.They were to hold eachother's hands and when they did so, Nihaal felt a monster roaring inside him.Then comes his part where he was to slap Prerna and kidnap her.But, on the stage Nihaal forgets his part and gets lost in her eyesEmbarrassed and Prerna looks away from him in angerConfused.He knew it was his fault.
During one scene the wires of the mics get entangled in Prerna's foot and is about to fall,when Nihaal and Saksham both rush to her aid(both chivalric knights rushing to help the maiden in distressLOL).But,lucky Nihaal was her man.He holds he on time and she falls over him.She looks at him shyly this time forgetting all her anger,and everything around him becomes static.Only she was there before him,her eyes,her face with her long black hair hovering over his faceEmbarrassedEmbarrassed...Prerna too gets lost in his eyesEmbarrassed and forgets her anger.But,then Saksham doesn't like this and helps her get up.She gets up and goes away...The practice gets over...But,he can't find her anywhere.Suddenly Deepika comes from behind and asks Nihaal,"Nihaal why were you late?We both were waiting for you."
"Woh,mujhe..." he stuttered.He was still thinking of Prerna.Deepika when she didn't get an answer from him said,"Acha hua you didn't get the heor's's very boring to play the usual good guy,now we both can be a good know i think Saksham and Prerna make a very good pair,don't they."Nihaal again felt the roaring monster leaping in him.
"Deepika,i'll see you later,i have to go." and he walks away.

..kashish.. IF-Rockerz

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hey thanks for the PM...will b waiting for the nxt one
noha450 IF-Rockerz

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yeee 2 updates in a rowParty
both of them are equally fantastic and outstandingClap
love the fact that nihaal is jealous and it was funny cuz he was chosen for the vilain
keep it up and cant wait to read moreDay Dreaming
ps: yaar if u can could u pm me aswelllEmbarrassed

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