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Ek Duje Ke Liye(Nihaal and Prerna)

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           I am PJStar and i wish to start an" ff "on Nihaal and Prerna (from the KZK serial).The story is different and i hope everyone likes it.

        Just like E.M.Forester explained in his essay " Aspects of Novel " that loveEmbarrassed is the most important fact of life interpreted in fiction(others being birth,food,sleep and death),as it is the aspect we know and can relate to the most and in the best possible wayEmbarrassed.
        My story is also about true loveEmbarrassed.It's about two people Nihaal and Prerna.I won't talk about it here.The story would unfold itself within the course of time.Please do read and give me ur comments.Big smile


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Nihaal Shastri

Prerna Oberoi

They both are the two main protagonistsEmbarrassed...I don't have time to add the photos of other characters,which i'll do later...So please don't complain.
There would be three main families in the story.And they would become more clear with the movement of the fiction.I don't want to confuse everyone,so i might just introduce them gradually,but i'm sure you'll be able to relate to them.

NIHAAL's Background and Family
Nihaal is the grandson of a joint family with ten other grandchildren,five younger ones and five elder ones.In his family are his father,mother and a younger sister.He also has a kaka,kaki,2 buas and 2 chachas.They all live in the same house.They all are very closely knit together in each other's happiness and sorrow.Nihaal also has his grand father and grand mother living with them.The house is an old ancestral house far away from the city in the suburbs.The house had many rooms,a large courtyard in the centre.

It was an old Indian archetectural wonder.There was a river behind the house

 and orchards of grapes,oranges,leechi and papaya.
There was a huge garden also in the front with loads of colourful blossoms, and a small pond.

The family was very traditional,and religious.The women in the house ate only after the men ate.But,everyone respected eachother and also believed in the modern living,but only the positive side.



Grand father-Dhairya Pratap Shastri(an old zamindaar who has lost all his power and property)
Grand mother-Parvati Shastri

Kaka-Vishnu Pratap Shastri(a lawyer)
Kaki-Jyoti Laksmi Shastri

a widow

Father-Rura Pratap Shastri(owns a cloth store)
Mother-Gauri Shastri

Chacha1-Aditya Pratap Shastri(Professor)
Chachi1-Nivedita Shastri
Children-Rishi and Tina

Chacha2-Madhav Pratap Shastri(Doctor)
Chachi2-Radhika Shastri
Children-Nupur and Akshay

PRERNA'S Family and Background

A big business family.The family consists of only Prerna,her father,mum,two twin elder sisters and a younger brother.All their relatives stay abroad doing some businesses,and visit during vacations or festivals.The house was a huge mansion.Prerna has no grand parents,and she missed them a lot,she always kept with her a small idol of Lord KrishnaEmbarrassed which her grand mother gave to her.Her parents never had time for her or her siblings.She was very close to her younger brother Puneet  who was only 4 years old.She was the one who looked after him.She even though belongs to a rich family is ver simple and humble.



Father-Rajive Oberoi(a business tycoon0
Mum-Sapna Oberoi,an alcoholic.
Twin Sisters-Priya and Parul(Prerna's elder sisters)

The other members are a butler(Vincent)and other hose keepers and maids.

Family #3

Mr. Dhanraj Mehta- Business rival and friend of Rajive Oberoi)
Rupali Mehta-his wife(Prerna's mum's distant cousin and best friend)
Saksham-Their son,Prerna's friend since childhood.

Deepika-his sister(Prerna's best friend...but totally different from her.

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This Fan-fic is especially dedicated to the most gorgeous and the most amazing pair of
HeartNaman and KritikaHeart

special courtesy by NohaEmbarrassed

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EmbarrassedTHE SIMPLE OPENINGEmbarrassed
The two houses Nirmalyam and Oberoi Mansion might be as different as fire and ice,but destiny had already started disclosing its cards one by one.Let's see what's stored in there for these people.


Nihaal Shastri our protagonist is the most loved among children of the familyEmbarrassed.He has passed his XII with great marksClap,but he wants to pursue ARTS in collegeEmbarrassed,despite being a Science under graduate.To this decision his family,esp. his father had no agreement.He wanted Nihaal to take an Engineering or Medical course.Nihaal's grandparents were supportive and on their instigation he gets the permission to attend the best ARTS and SCIENCE college in the city,"GURUKUL VISHVAVIDHYALAYA" ClapClapHis fees would be paid from hais scholarship.His Chacha Aditya Pratap Shastri was the English Professor in the college.Nihaal also loves sports.Basketball and football are his favourites.

Prerna has two elder sisters Priya and Parul,they both are twins.They belong to the outgoing batch of the college along with Saksham.Prerna too joins the same college,and in the same department.Deepika also joins with her.

Scene1: (Nirmalyam)
The morning Aarti is going on,and the entire family is gathered in front of the small mandir in the courtyard.The wisps of the incense spreads across the entire house, freshening every soul with divine presence.There in the back stood with wet hair and folded hands a young handsome boy with reverence and devotion.This humble boy is our Nihaal.He takes the aarti from his mum,takes her blessings,and then his fathers,and of all the elders.His Grand mother was his best friend,but only after his grand father.He called him BUDDY .
"Nihaal,today is your first day in college,may God bless you,and help you in starting a new phase of your life."
"Buddy,I love give me my  pocket money,and now i won't take the old ten rupees...kuch toh badana hoga"
"Alright,take this ten rupees and fifty paise."
"Buddy!!only fifty paise extra."
"Ab..chal chal,nikal yehan se...if your dadi sees me giving you this,she too would start demanding...aj kal buddi ke demands bahut bad rahe hainLOLLOL."
"Kya Buddy,you are so kanjoos."
"Arre,my child you don't know some time back if you had asked me more than this,then also i'd have given you the same money even when i had the money to buy a palace...par jab maine tab kabhi apna usool nahi badla,toh ab kaise badal sakta hoon.Insan ko kam mein hi khush rahne ki aadat dalni chahiye...pata nahi kal kya ho..."
"You are right Buddy...and i'd always remember this...Smilebut kahin yeh bahana toh nahi tha na mujhe ulloo banane ka...Just kidding Buddy...Now i must go,i can't be late on the very first day of my college...Chalta hoon Buddy..."
"Bye Dadi"he shouts while hurrying down the stairs.

"Nihaal,slowly or you'll fall down..." his mum calls behind him.
He says goodbye to every one and takes everyone's blessingsEmbarrassed.
"Nihaal...when you return we all will be gone...We'll return only after a few days...Do you want something from there..." asked his Kaka Vishnu Pratap Shastri.
"Nahi Kaka,aap sab Bholenath ke darshan kar le,and pray from my side also...bas nothing else...Aur haan mere Buddy and Dadi ka dhyan rakhna"

Some of the family members including Kaka, Kaki and their children,two buas and their children,grand parents were going to Uttaranchal (Rishikesh,Kedarnath,Badrinath...)on a pilgrimage.

He leaves for college.

Scene 2: (Oberoi Mansion)

Prerna is getting ready for college.She sits with her legs folded on the carpet,before an idol of Lord Krishna.Her wet hair is carelessly tied in a pink towel,and water drips from the towel on to her back,wetting her dress.She lightens the diya.She prays to her KrishnaEmbarrassed silently ,the only idol of God present in the whole house,given to Prerna by her father's mother.
"KrishnaEmbarrassed,Today is my first day,bahut dar lag raha he.Dunno what's going to happen.You shall always be with me,won't you."EmbarrassedThe idol twinkles.She gets up and goes down...Priya and Parul are dressed up already and are seated on the table with their father who is busy talking on the phone.
"Goodmorning every one..."
They smile and get busy with their talking...
She asks the butler,
"Mr.Vincent ,Maa kahan hai..."
"Ms.Prerna woh abhi tak uthi nahi hai...kal she came home late after the party..."
"But, i had told her that today is my first day in college,and she had promised me that she'll send me personally..."CryCry
"Oh,Princess,tum bhi kya expect kar rahi ho,You should be accustomed to the life here by now...phir bhi everyday you expect things to change,sachi mein pagal ho.Look at us our parents don't have time for us,and so now we too don't have time for them...other things like party and clubs have taken their place in our lives." lisped Parul.
"Parul,Shut up...Apni behen ko yeh sab sikhate hain...khud toh bigadi ho hi,meri princess ko bhi bigad rahi ho..." scolded Mr.Rajive Oberoi.
"Oh,bye Dad,waise bhi we didn't wanted to stay here...Bye Princess...",they leave.
"Princess,beta...don't feel bad...I'll drop you today...C'mmon quickly finish your breakfast and we'll go."Smile
"Alright,Pappa...but,i'll just go and meet Maa"
"Maa..huh!!no need she has specially given order not to enter her room till 12 o' clock...Princess,you know all this,it's better to live life as it is..."
She cries,she cried in her heart every day,every minute,but now with maturity she had learnt to hide her tears...Cry

She sits in her father's car...but just before the car was to start,a call comes in Rajive's mobile...After the conversation,he looks at Prerna disappointedlyConfused...She understands everything in that one gesture...
"Pappa,You go,I'll come with Deepika,waise bhi woh mujhe pick karne wali thi..."she puts up a fake smileSmile,when in reality her heart was torn to shredsCryCry.
"Prerna,you keep this."He takes out a bundle of notes and gives it to her.
"No,Pappa,I don't want it.I have enough money with me."She then thinks in her mind,"Pappa joh cheez mujhe chahiye,apne ma-pappa ka pyar,woh toh aap ne mujhe aaj tak nahi diya."

Scene 3: Outside Oberoi Mansion

A car comes and halts in front of Prerna.Deepika puts her head out from the rear seat and opens the door for her.She gets in.
"Sorry yaar,late ho gayi.Gadi kharab ho gayi...and then I'd to ask Saksham for a lift."
Saksham was driving the carEmbarrassed.
"Hello Prerna,kya baat hai,feeling nervous..."Smile
"Nervous,I don't know,par ghabrahat zaroor ho rahi hain.Confused"she said.
"Don't worry,after all I'd be your supersenior,and maine sab ko bata diya hai,that u r special...and sab tumhara special khayal rakhein.Big smile"
"Saksham,Thanks a are a true friend."
"Arre,friend bhi kahti ho,and thanks bhi bolti ho...wah bhai wah!!"
"Again,arre yaar,how many times i've told you Dosti mein no thanks and sorry...Samjhi."
She smilesSmile and looks at him.Deepika is busy with her makeupLOL(painting and plastering)...In no time they reach college.The huge welcome banner for the juniors greet them at the gate...After parking the car ,Saksham takes them to their class.NihaalEmbarrassed was seated on the right front seat of the second row.PrernaEmbarrassed and Deepika sits on the front seat of the third row adjacent to Nihaal.Nihaaal smiles at her and she smiles back nervously...
"Hi'I'm NihaalSmile."
"I'm PrernaEmbarrassed."
And Deepika too suddenly jumps from behind and introduces herself,"I'm Deepika."
"Oh!!Hi! Deepika..."
Nihaal looks at Prerna and she smiles.Embarrassed

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YAY! im so glad that u started a ff on Shaksham Nihaal and P2. I miss kzk  nd im glad that u started a ff on kzks new couple nd not on Prem-Mukti even though i love them aswell. This story will remind everyone about kzk cuz its seems like ppl are forgetting them... nyways i really like ur concept its seems like a intresting story continue very soon cant wait!

Ruta<3 Approve

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The classes were going smoothly.Ragging was strictly prohibited,so nothing of that kind took place.Prerna beacame famous in the class as she was the most beautiful girl in the class.Nihaal too was famous in his own way.He was an all rounder,best in studies and sports.His best fan was Deepika.Nihaal had given his name for the Football tryouts.He was to be selected for sure.But,on seeing Nihaal's potential,Saksham became jealous of him,and as he was the captain he didn't select him in the team,but in order to avoid criticism he took him as an extra.Nihaal didn't understand why he was an extra,when he needed to be in the team as a forward,his best position.

Scene 1:
The football ground

Nihaal threw his jersey and changed into his T-shirtAngry.Prerna and Deepika were sitting on the podium on Deepika's insist.Deepika wanted to meet him and forced Prerna also to come with her.Nihaal sat on the bench with his head in his hands, disheartened.
"Nihaal,how was the tryout.You were superb!!What's your position?Big smile"
"Deepika,you...i didn't see you...I am not in the team...I'm just an extra...Confused"
Prerna and Deepika are shockedShocked.Prerna feels sorry for him.
"How can Saksham drop you...I'll talk to him.Angry"speaks Deepika with hatred.
"No need Deepika.Whatever happens ,happens for the best...Aur shayad accha hi hua ki 'am not selected,i'd get time to concentrate more on my studies."
And he walks away,after walking some distance,he stops and looks back at the ground.Prerna looks at him and feels sadCry.She could relate to his pain of wanting something and losing it,which in her case was more painful.

Scene 2: Classroom

Soon Projects were announced.Teams were made.Nihaal was paired with Prerna and Deepika.Nihaal felt a bit awkward to be working with two girls,but he decided to accept the pairing.Something deep within him urged him to accept it...
Nihaal like all the boys in the class was unknowingly attracted to PrernaEmbarrassed,but he never understood it,or rather he never wanted to understand it as he knew there was a huge difference of sky and earth in between them.He didn't wanted to get distracted from the aim of his life.Prerna too unknowingly started falling for himEmbarrassed.But,they both never understood it,and thought it was a mere attraction of them towards the most beautiful girl in the class and the all rounder of the class.It was something quite usual to happen.but,little did Prerna knew that her best friend Deepika has too fallen head over heels for Nihaal.

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Saksham had selected Nihaal as a forward in the team on Deepika and Prerna's insist.The autumn weather was doing wonders with the bottled up feelings of Prerna and NihaalEmbarrassed.The trio of Nihaal,Prerna and Deepika decided to work on the project soon...They had become nice friends by now,and Deepika was on cloud no. 9 after the team was made.She was extremely happy to be with him.But,Nihaal and Prerna were in a dilemma,as they still were unaware of their true feelings...Nihaal tried not to look at her,cuz it then became very difficult for him to concentrate.And Prerna too at every look that Nihaal gave him,felt shy and nervousEmbarrassed.

Scene 1: College Library

That evening Prerna and Deepika were to meet Nihaal in the college library...Deepika reached in time.
"Prerna kahan hai."
"She must be coming."she said looking away from him,actually she had lied to him.She had given the wrong time to Prerna.As she wanted to be with him all alone for some time.
 Prerna was half an hour late.Nihaal got angry and shouted at her for her irresponsibility.Prerna too shouted back and started crying.Deepika consoled her.
She lied to Nihaal that it's cuz of a family problem,she is late.
Prerna looked at her in shock,but she pleaded not to tell him,so she kept mum.
Nihaal was feeling guilty for making her cry.But,soon the air cleared with the taking of notes.They were taking  notes on Romantic poets like Wordsworth,Keats and Shelly from the library books.Nihaal couldn't stop himself from stealing glances of her,and Prerna too knew he was looking at her,but was shy to look at him.Then Prerna tells the other two,there is a very old edition of Wordworth's Poetry and Life in the old referential stack in the last section of the library.She gets up and goes to the old section.Books were stacked till the roof,she looked into the catalogue and found the book was somewhere in the topmost shelf.She pulled the ladder to the particular shelf and started climbing it...
Meanwhile,in the reading section of the library,Nihaal was getting restless as it was quite some time since Prerna left.Deepika was lost in him.
Shocked"she exclaimed suddenly coming back to her senses."What happened Nihaal?"
"Prerna hasn't come yet,i think she's having problem finding the bookConfused.I'll go and see,meanwhile you take down the notes."
"Okay,I'll do that...Ouch"she said halfheartedly.
Nihaal reaches the old ref. section and finds Prerna on the top most bar of the ladder.She was pulling out nooks and the dust was immense...They made her sneeze.And while sneezing,Nihaal shouted,"Prerna sambhal kar."
She suddenly turned and slipped her foot and fell ,Nihaal ran to her rescue,and she landed straight into his arms.Their eyes met and they got lost into a realm of oblivion where only they were present,in each others eyes.They heard someone's footsteps and soon realised what had happened.Prerna looks away and Nihaal suppoerts her to get up.The footsteps were of Deepika...
"Gosh,Prerna what happened?Look at your hair,it's all dusty..."
"Oh!it's from the books...Deepika,i think we must go's dark,and everyone must be worried for us." said Prerna.
"Yeah,it's quite late."echoed Nihaal.
But,Deepika wanted to stay,but she didn't wanted to reveal her desperation and called Saksham,and asked him to come and pick up them.

Scene 2: Outside the college

Saksham reached there in no time.They left the library and reached the gate. After saying the goodbyes they parted.Nihaal smiled Embarrassed at them and on receiving back Prerna's shy smileEmbarrassed,something summer saulted in the pit of his stomach.He looked at them going and all of a sudden called Prerna.Deepika had already got into the car and Saksham stared at Nihaal in anger.Prerna walked to him.
He said,"Prerna,I'm sorry.I shouted at you.Pata nahi why i lose my temper quickly...I'm really very sorry."
"Nihaal,you don't have to be sorry...actually galti toh meri hai na...I'm sorry."
That night again something within their hearts got connected,unknowingly.The cupid was doing his part quite well in that midsummer night.


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Nihaal started to realise that with every meeting he was drifting towards her and so did Prerna.But, their minds refused to accept it even when their hearts had.Nihaal was a very responsible boy,and therefore he never allowed his to be affected by these thoughts,or his other responsibilities towards his family too never suffered.But,Prerna's condition was getting worser.Her moum was more and more into alcohol,her parents got into constant fights,and her little brother and her KrishnaEmbarrassed were her only hopes.

Scene 1: Oberoi Mansion

Prerna is sitting on her table with the pale glow of the study lamp spot lighting a book of poems by Keats.She had puffed up eyes.It seemed like she had spent the whole time studying it.Suddenly,there was a knock at the door,and she opened it.It was her brother,Puneet.

"Di, I was feeling scared...can i sleep with u.Confused"
"Puneet,aa jao andar...kya hua,bura sapna dekha kya...Confused" she asked him with concern and hugged him.
"Yes, di!! I didn't wanted to go to Maa,that's why i came here.I hate her.Cry"
"No,Puneet...aisa nahin kehte,she's our mother..."
She made her brother sleep,and stroked his hair with a motherly affection.She was like a mother to him.She watched his innocent face and felt very sad for him and herself.She thought of her family and how broken they all were.She prays to her Embarrassed,
"Krishna,Will i never be able to live in a happy and loving family?There r so many children who r unlucky,as they don't have their mothers.I have a mother still i am unaware of motherly love...Why is it like that?CryCryCry"

Scene 2: Class room (Gurukul)
The classes are over and Deepika takes Prerna to Nihaal.
"Hey! Nihaal...we wanted to ask u something about the project."
"Yes,what is it Deepika?Tomorrow and day after tomorrow r weekends,and if u want to do the project work,i am okay with that."
"Yup,actually the first internals are on the verge,and we won't get enough time to do the projects.So,I was thinking we should meet tomorrow."
"Alright,then we'll meet at the college library tomorrow."
"No,...I's very hard to study there,the library is always hushing us,and it's better to go to a much more comfortable place which is peaceful too.Prerna what do you say?"
"MeConfused,I think we should stick to the library...and moreover i don't think there's a place other than it where we can study?"
"We can go to any one of ours homes.But,mine and Prerna's houses r in the city,it won't have a serene atmosphere...So,...How about your place Nihaal?Big smile"
"Deepika!!Shocked" exclaimed Prerna.But Deepika was fully prepared with her plan.
"My house,it's in the suburbs,it's very peaceful...but,would you two be comfortable to come there.I mean your parents would give permission..."
"See,Deepika that is what i meant to say..."
But,Deepika interrupted and said,
"Nihaal,don't worry about the permision,so we are finalised on this decision."
Prerna had no choice.She thought there's nothing wrong in going there,then why was she feeling so strange?The meeting was fixed at his place in the evening.

Scene 3: Nirmalyam

At Nihaal's home weekends were like a big deal.All the family got together and the house bustled with children,shouting and playing around.Even though they had planned to meet in the evening,Deepika was so restless that she forced Prerna to come with her to his place in the morning itself.On reaching Nihaal's home,Prerna sees a totally differnt world,which she longed to be in.A happy family...where everyone shared their happiness and sorrow together...Nihaal's mother made the girls feel comfortable.And Prerna was so moved by her motherly affectionCry.
"Aunty,where's Nihaal?"asks Deepika.But,Prerna wants to sit with Gauri and talk to her.
"Namita!" calls Gauri.
Namita comes there with other children.
"Namita,Take them to Nihaal's room."and then she turns to the girls,"You both go with her,Nihaal would be in his room."
Namita takes them upstairs to his room and then leaves.There was no one in the room.Deepika is again restless,and tells Prerna to sit there while she goes and looks around for him...She looks at his room,it's a large but simple room...with books,balls,rackets,some shoes and a large study table.She walks to it and arranges the books piled up on the table.While arranging,she finds something,which surprises her.On the table lay an earing of herEmbarrassed,which she had lost some time ago,in the class.
"Meri earing,Nihaal ke paas,he knew this was mine,then why didn't he returned it to me?Confused"
She hears some footsteps and thinks Deepika is coming back.She keeps the earing back and was about to sit on the bed,and before she could realise she bumps into Nihaal and they both fall on his bedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.Nihaal holds her tightly around her waist and they both get lost in each other's eyes.All the welled up feelings overflow from their hearts.Their hearts were beating fast and Prerna could feel his heart pounding against hers and their breaths too met.Nihaal was lost in her big black eyes and she found heaven in his gaze.There was a calm silence in the air exceot for their beating hearts.
Background song:

Sajde mein yunhi jhukta hoon
Tum pe hi aake rukta hoon
Kya yeh sbko hota hain.

Hum ko kya lena hai sab se
Tum se hi sab baatein ab se
Ban gaye ho tum meri dua



Khuda jaane ki mein fida hoon
Khuda jaane mein mit gaya
Khuda jaane yeh kyun hua hai
Ke ban gaye ho tum mere khuda.
Tu kahe toh teri hi kadam ke mein nishanon pe
Chaloon rukun ishare pe
Tu kahe toh khwabon ka bana ke mein bahana sa
Mila karoon sirhane pe

tumse hi sab batein seekhi
Tum se hi yeh rahein seekhi
Tum pe mar ke mein toh jee gaya

Khuda jaane ke.....

Dil kahe ke aaj toh,chupa lo tum panahon mein
ke darr he tumko kho doonga
Dil kahe sambhal zara khushiko na nazar laga
Ki darr hain main toh roh doonga

Karti hoon sau vaade tumse
Bandhe dil ke dhaage tumse
Yeh tumhe na jaane kya hua

Khuda jaane ke......

Sajde mein yun hi jhukta hoon

Hum ko kya lena hain sabse
Khuda jaane ke mein fida hoon
Khuda jaane mein mit gaya
Khuda jaane yeh kyun hua hain
Ke ban gaye ho tum mere Khuda
Ke ban gaye ho tum mere Khuda...
Listen to the song:

Nihaal realised after a moment which felt like ages the real situation and they both broke their eye contactEmbarrassed(but cupid's arrowHeart had already done it's wonders)Nihaal loosened his grip around her and carefully got up.Prerna cheeks were burning red hotEmbarrassed and she fixed her gaze away from him on the bed.He held out a hand to her and helped her get upEmbarrassed.She shyly got up and and walked to a side.He looked down and said sorryEmbarrassed.Prerna was feeling too shy to reply anything.She didn't understand,but she was smiling in her heart and felt like she had got her dream prince about whom she always thought,and about whom her dadi had told her when she was a child.Nihaal saw her blushingEmbarrassed and he too smiled and rustled his hairEmbarrassed.Love was in the air,it was very contagious,and they would have declared their feelings in no time,if Deepika hadn't barged in.
She came in and looked at Prerna's dishevelled appearanceLOL and asked,"Prerna,what happened to you?Confused"
Prerna adjusted her duppatta,and her hair and said, "Nothing,...I!..I..Confused"
Nihaal soon smelled the situation and knew she would be caught,and interrupted her, "She just slipped from the stair,she was looking for you."
Prerna looked at him in surprise,and he had an assuring smile on his face,and there was a twinkle of love in his eyes...Embarrassed

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*AR*Tere Liye Meri Sansen*NEW* Part-17, Page-90*

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