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l ~*Grand Farewell Of DharamVeer*~ l

-Vinisha- IF-Dazzler

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Welcome To Da Grand Farewell Of DharamVeer. Firstly a Heartily Welcome to all DVians. * Hugggs * Hug

I Want Every DVian to Gather Over Here, No Angry Emoticons Ova Here, No Criticism, No Fighting! Embarrassed

DharamVeer, started on a Grand Scale after the Big Success Of 'PrithviRaj Chauhan' which took Indian Television On Nerves with the famous Prithviraj ' Sanyogita Story!

Sagar Arts Seeing the Big Fan following Of Rajat Tokas & Mugdha Chapekar Brought DharamVeer On Ndtv Imagine! Big smile The Promos Came, The Articles Came, DV came Under Highlights! Introducing,

Rajat Tokas as Veer ' Prince Charming Of Girls! Day Dreaming

Though with a Cute face, this Guy was too Naughty and had a nature like 'Lord Krishna'. He was the One who can die for His Brother on his One Action ; a True Mumma's Boy Embarrassed and not at all Obedient LOL Coz he Felt Suffocated On frm those Rules, Regulations & Laws.A big Teaser always teasing his brother !

Vikrant Massey as Dharam ' Took Off Many Young Lady's Hearts ! Wink


Dharam, Veer's brother was a bit Opposite from Him. He was Obedient, followed each Rule and Regulation and requested his brother to do the Same ! Big smile A Guy who always followed his father!

21st January08' - Heartbeats fastened to Watch their Superstar Rajat & a New Sweet Guy with Him, Vik ! Clocks struck 8'o Clock, it was time for Dharam Veer. Though they didn't Showed the two Handsome hunks of Aryanagar in the full episode Ouch but in The end made their Viewers happy, well 'All is well that end is well' goes Correct Over Here!Wink

22nd January08' ' The two Stars Of the Show made a Grand Entry ! Dharam On Horse Star and Veer Catching Him Up after a Run from the rocks and WooHoo Dancing Directly On the Horse ! Embarrassed

A Owesum race followed the Scene, People Shouting ' DharamVeer ! DharamVeer !' Not Only this they Even broke a Big Statue Wink after which they Realised 'Only Horse- Riding Wont Work, and they Have to take the Responsibilities On their Shoulders'Approve

Then Time for Shera's Entry. Party


Mugdha Chapekar as Shera who was a Daughter Of Dakoo's Sardar, Evil Smile So obviously a Big Dakoo! It Gave such a Impact that On Forums a Dakoo Gang was Even Made and Today We Have Dangerous Dakoos Here! ROFL

Days Passed and It was the Time For them to Go on to the Mela unknown by the Fact that Dharam will get Her 'Sapno Ki Rajkumari' Over there.

Rajkumari Siya ' Immature Princess, Tongue Royal Living, Cute in Appearance, Embarrassed But hated Dharam, who fell in love with her at First Sight! Somehow, the Scene Ending With Dharam still Fascinated by her, Siya Shouting at Dharam and Veer Defending His Brother. LOL

Co ' incidentally, DharamVeer getting no Place Other than Siya's tent, LOLLOLLOL

Put Behind Bars By Rajkumari Siya For Stealing Food and Somehow DV ' ' Nau Do Gyaarah' LOL

Veer Got to know Bout Dharam's Likeness for Siya and Den Patofyin' her by Becuming Bhavishya Vakta, a Banjaran Future Teller In Mela.ROFL


Siya, innocently agreeing to all that What Ever Veer Said and Not Even Once thinking Bout Dat !

DV leaving the Mela, then Dharam badly Injured from Shera's Arrow Shocked [ sent to kill Dharam by JaivardhanAngry ] and almost Dead But Some how Veer Saved her. Then time for the Moment for Which Prcians Waiting for.Silly


YuPiie ' Veer & Shera's Meeting and their owesum, cute and funny Nok ' Jhoks! Day DreamingEmbarrassed Veer firstly Saving Shera from the 'Khatarnak Registaan', Clap Shera referring her as Rajkumari Ananya' Shocked and then DharamVeer coming to save Ananya from Dangerous 'Bicchoo Dakoos', though at the end Shera saved them.LOLLOLLOL

All Returning back to their places, Silsila of Veer teasing Dharam for Siya.
Veer going to Awadhi to Break Siya's Engagement
Star with Rajkumar Harsh.

Veer got to know about Dharam's faasi and by not losing hope at the end, Approve

Breaking all the rules, fighting with all the Sainiks,ClapClapClap


proving Rajyasabha and Aryavardhan's decision Wrong, saving his Brother from being hanged and Escaping from Aryanagar's Prison.Approve

Time for the Boys to Learn Something! Yup, time for Gurukul, all those memorable Punishments[memorable punishments?lolz] DV got, all those fights with that KaranDead, Veer arguing with His Guruji, Dharam considering Him wrong but at the end, both with Each other!Big smile

Veer fortunately seeing Rajkumari Ananya one Night; Dharam's turn for teasing Veer; Veer catching Karan Irritating Ananya, and beating Him;Dancing

Finally an Eye lock Session and Dharam Catching them! LOL

Then time for Treasure Hunt and a Romantic VS moment Proving how Good both the actors are at Acting even such Romantic Scenes.


A Thread Saying ' 'A Near Kiss Between VS', all those Naughty, Dreamy, Jealous, Funny Comments! ROFL

The 'Khazaane ki Khoj' followed by Loadz Of VS Scenes Blushing and Emotional DV Hugs! CryEmbarrassed

Then the Biggest Twist in the Story, Veer finding the truth Behind His Birth. ShockedShockedOuch

All of a Sudden Change in Everyone's life and people's changing attitude Towards Veer.ConfusedCry

Veer Accepting the truth and Going towards the Shramik to give them Freedom; Smile Siya treating Him as a Shramik Ouch and not Veer's Friend and Brother; Shera helping VeerBig smile [ and
also finding Out that Rajkumari Ananya is actually Shera, a Dakoo]; Cry

Sakshi's Death; Aryavardhan parayalysed; Jv succeeding in Turning DV against each Other; Angry Veer to know about the truth; Shera saving Veer;Tongue

Helpin' Him to do Sword Fighting again; all This followed By Cute VS Scenes!BlushingDay Dreaming

Then at last Veer Saving Dharam from Zaara Khan's people and The trioParty '

Dharam, Veer, and Shera Escaping Out from there, followed by Loadz Of flashbacks when DV were talking bout their past Happy days and Shera sleeping on Veer's Shoulder! BlushingDay Dreaming



Forget about the Times when You were disappointed, Hug just remember these Moments when Those Scenes when You Cried Seeing them Crying, Cry when You smiled Seeing them Smiled, Big smile when You started Jumping on bed Seeing them Fighting, LOL When You Blushed Seeing Romantic Scenes Between Them.Blushing

Appreciate all the Actors, Writers, Production House, Directors, Editors, Producers,  All Of them! ApproveClap


Rajat's Fabulous Stunts...ClapClapClap'Though a Bit Dangerous Cry, Bt Itz His Work!Smile His Hard Work, acting that May take You On Nerves, All the Times when he didn't cared about His health, Disapprove went To Hospital many a times But Still Gave the best Performance;Star All those amazing Scenes in which he rode Horse, Seeing which Girls felt Like Riding the Same Horse Silly Lolx! ROFL That Sword Fighting Scenes in Aryanagar's Mahal in that Paricular Room; Day Dreaming Hatts Off To Such a Fab Actor! Clap


Vikrant's Acting and his Way Of Smiling Made Many Girls Crazy Bout him Silly, He Definitely worked Hard because It was His First Periodic Drama Approve, so Learnt Many things Like Sword fighting, horse Riding, Etc!Clap


Mugdha's Work! This Girl seriously Rocked. Thumbs UpClap After Acting as a Bubbly Princess in  Prc,Embarrassed this time She had to Act like a True Dangerous Dakoo ShockedBig smile & She did it Smile. She showed her fans that She has the ability to do Every Role.Approve


Harssh's Neagtive Character! [Added this for few Special Members RoflROFL]. After a Positive Role In Prc, a Totally Opposite Role Against Veer.Shocked His Acting Improved Wid Time Clap and Finally He Showed How Evil One Could Be! Evil Smile A True Villain Of the Show!



Hope You People Will Co ' Operate! DVians ko Special Hugs Frm Mah Side'Hug


Vinisha, Proud To Be a dVian!Approve

living for...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
HeartRAJATHeartforeverDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

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nims23 IF-Rockerz

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*Dakoo_Minzy* IF-Sizzlerz

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DharamVeer for the serial which we all waited like anything!Embarrassed Then the Grand Entry of the Two Rajkumar's amidst the cheering of Shrmiks!Tongue And then Veer - Dharam badmaash!!!....LOL

Then all our cute funnyy hilariouss topics out here in Dv forum!!....Big smile Dakoo Gangue,i remmber i gotta givv new life to it.....LOL Shera's entryy!!...wowDay Dreaming Boat race!!....it was all so perfect!...Embarrassed

Then myyy typical *blusshhhh* veer *blushhh* topicss!!!!!!! (me blushinggg noww*)Blushing

Then Veer Shera & Dharam Sia!!.DancingDay Dreaming Will miss DV like anything!!OuchCry...Cozz itss this forum were spammerss like me got to hideout!!.....LOL

I would like to sayyyyy big thankkooo to all loveyy doveyyy memberss for having beared me here!....LOLHug
luvvv ya all!!!......Big smile

Day Dreaming

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-Vinisha- IF-Dazzler

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Awww MinzY....Glad To C Yew Here...Hug

yEa All those Momentz....Cry....DunnO whaT vinisha Iz Goin' to do Widout dV....Disapprove

Since I Hav told EveryOne nt To Criticize so My Mouth'z Seized ! CensoredConfused

WisH i Can Get oL Those Dayz back...Ouch.....Right frm Prc, d Prithvi Sanyo Love...Then Naughty VEER, then VS Romance n Ol those Moments!Star

One Shud Make a BigGG Movie Includin' Ol these Scenes...!

living for...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
HeartRAJATHeartforeverDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

-Vinisha- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 October 2008 at 9:13am | IP Logged
yEa yEa VEER ko dekh ke Tamatar hona toh bhul hi gayi...LOL...WisH he wUd Cum again sOon so Dat i Can do Dat also! Disapprove

living for...EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
HeartRAJATHeartforeverDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming

Twinkle23 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 October 2008 at 9:24am | IP Logged
thanxxxxxxx vini will always remember this moments n hats off to u for reminding us all these moments
muahhhh to u for thisSmile
Smilen yes edit it n add seeing veer me to always go tamatar tamatarEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
i will never forget all those hilarious topics n akansha's topics esp dat bmw of veer ohhhhhh god even now it make me feel laughLOLLOL
LOLn those dakugiri topics for shera me itself turning a cute dakku like sheraBig smileWink
n most af all me will never forget our gang.....wich includes....rashi di,nima di,nandu,neha,rajkumari mirchy aka adi,vinisha,vamakshi,shruja,lemoncola,silver_lining,shruja,anjali n many more
list is unending yaar......EmbarrassedTongue
me made loads of frnds our hereBig smile
n for once me will be unemployed with no pic n video update to give LOL
LOLn only doing my mba studiesBig smile

me will miss everybody out here......Cry

Rash2cool IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 October 2008 at 9:49am | IP Logged
aw vinu...
lovely post..............ClapClapClap
u made me cry Cry remembering those lovely moments Embarrassed Day Dreaming
i'll never forget those lovely posts n fun which we had on forum's..Embarrassed
the RT fan thread WinkLOL where me, sonu mom, nima di , anji, nivu  and sushi use to have enjoy
teasing all Rt bies LOLLOLLOL
and ovely poems by farah.....ClapClap n posts by haya nad wagie...n ishu who use to come n pop in between WinkLOL
then those lovely topics....*ahem ahem..
1)  nivu posted d pics n bhoochal on d forum..Confused
2)  dhoti wala topic Ouch
3)   lashy di's post abt near a K***  *blushhhhh BlushingBlushingBlushing Day Dreaming LOLLOL
4)    KKK track post when veer n shera stucked in cave n den come out n Embarrassed 
n me n all rt mom n sis having tough times sambhalofying all RT bies..... Wacko Wacko LOL
lolz many topics yaar....... LOLLOL
everyones birthday celebrations EmbarrassedLOL
n my various dialoogs....
"samjho toh accha na samjho toh" LOL
"bas aise hi suddenly" WinkLOL
"mooh bad karo varna macchar chala jayega" LOL
not only dat..
all d name n fame i got because of this forum Embarrassed
i got so many names Wacko i do't remeber now ConfusedLOLstill 'll put some Tongue
1) DRR given by u Dakoo Rani Rashi Evil Smile LOL leader od all Dakoo gang over here
2) Hugging queen  Blushing
3) Jerry...from my tom ji who is missing EmbarrassedConfusedCry 
4)  Rashoo......
5)  Rash......
6)  Rashuuuuuuuu...... LOLLOL
lolz d list is endless....
n my cheli's esp my right hand Dakoo Minoo  Evil SmileEvil Smile n u as left hand Evil Smile LOL
n assistant when minoo left sheru Evil SmileLOL 
also all lovely FF's Tongue
1) Sami of Lashy di....Embarrassed
2) Vishwass by shona..Embarrassed
na all other FF's
i enjoyed reading all..still some r remaining so i hope dey continue with FF's Tongue
i haven't commented on all but i do read them n will for sure comment on all..pending work OuchCryLOL
welll i won't write d names but i would appreciate all writers...
seema, twinkle, nisha, sweetygirl , haya, awra, foto, subha, kiran, shifu...
hope i haven't forgotten anyone's Confused if so i m sry Cry
how can i forget those days.... i'llll cherish these days always till i m alive.... Tongue
this is my second family....
n will always b my second family Embarrassed
love u all...................
loads of love Rashi Embarrassed

Edited by Rash2cool - 24 October 2008 at 12:13am
mirchy IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 October 2008 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Gonna edit d post sooon...Btw,..thankz a lottt 4 thiz lvely topic WinnieeHug

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