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"The Haunting of Ms. Kripa".Last pt,Epilogue/pg181 (Page 6)

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THE HAUNTING.........Chapter 2

It was late in the evening. Almora P.S. was almost deserted except for the night-duty Hawaldars and half a dozen petty criminals in overnight lockup.

Angad Khanna, Special Investigator, Crime Branch of Almora Police, looked up from studying the case file he had been assigned just 2 days ago when he returned from vacation in his hometown Shimla. He smothered a yawn and stretched, extending his long arms backwards, stretching the shirt buttons across his muscular chest.

The room heater had made the small office too warm. Angad unbuttoned his shirt halfway down his chest.

RAGHU! .....he hollered in a deep baritone, summoning the hawaldar on duty.

Raghu came running:  Yes, Sir Jee?

Ek cup coffee milega? ...Angad quirked an eyebrow.

Jee, Sir! Abhi laya!......Raghu scurried to fulfil his Boss's request.

Angad got up and paced the small Office room like a caged tiger. Barely leashed vitality and virile energy rippled in every movement of his tall, sinewy frame.

He was disturbed, worried! A schoolgirl missing! For 2 weeks now!  Not a single trace left behind, no clues so far! To top that she was the town Mayor's niece, a truant teenager! 

Was it a case of a rebellious, runaway teen? Or something more sinister? A kidnapping? No, then the Mayor would have received a ransom call by now. Did she elope with someone? No, she already had a boyfriend in town, one who had been waiting for her that day. A more ghastly possibility grazed his mind, one he didn't want to think about, that she had been abducted by a killer/rapist!  He shook his head. In that case, the girl's bicycle would have been left behind..... IF she had been abducted from the road by a criminal.

His ruminations were interrupted by a high-pitched, sweet female voice from outside:   Main Inspector Khurana se abhi milna chahti hoon! Yeh urgent baat hai! Aap please Inspector Khurana ko bula deejiye.

He heard the hawaldar's voice arguing with the woman: Madam, mainey kaha na, Khurana Sir ghar jaa chukey hain. Aap kal subah aayiye.

NAHIN! Main kal subah tak wait nahin kar sakti! Mujhey ABHI Khurana se baat karni hai! Aap mujhey unka phone number deejiye!....the shrill, feminine voice insisted.

Khurana! Angad stiffened, Khurana had been handling the Missing girl case so far. He stepped out of the office, thundering in his deep voice: RAGHU! Kaun hai? Kya chahiye?

He stopped short, staring incredulously at the young woman standing defiantly before the front desk. She was small and slender, but perfectly packaged with generous curves. Dressed in a tight-fitting, grey turtleneck sweater and long, black skirt, her feet encased in leather boots, she looked totally incongruous in the Police station. Her hair was pulled up into a high ponytail, accentuating her cheekbones and sharp pointed chin. A pixie face, but very pretty!

Angad shook his head, mentally blocking his male appreciation of the female intruder.

Kya chahiye aapko? ....he made his voice deeper and more authoritative.

The girl stared at him with equal awe. Lips slightly parted, dark eyes widened in surprise.

Kripa was momentarily disconcerted by the tall, brawny, ruggedly handsome man towering over her. He had sharp features, aquiline nose and the most piercing brown eyes she had ever seen! His shirt buttons were open down to his midriff, revealing smooth and well-honed pectorals.

She swallowed nervously and repeated her demand: Ex.....Excuse me, Main Inspector Khurana se baat karna chahti hoon.

What is this about? ..Angad raised his eyebrows, looking quite intimidating.

I.....I ....Kripa stammered for a moment, agitated by the tall stranger.  Main wo.... Missing student ke baarey mein kuchh batana chahti hoon. Its URGENT!

Angad frowned, then smiled encouragingly: Aap mujhey bataa sakti hain! I am in charge of that case now.

Kripa was astonished at his claim. She stared with disbelief at his denim jeans, white flannel shirt open at the neck, unshaved stubble on his chin. If he was a cop, why wasn't he in police uniform ?

Angad saw her doubtful look and laughed, a deep rumble like thunder: Chehrey per mat jaiye. Im a plainclothes Policeman ! Aapney suna hoga? Detectives don't have to wear uniforms. I am Detective Angad Khanna, Special Investigator, Crime Branch. And you are....?

Kripa licked her dry lips: I am..Kripa Sharma. I teach Music at St. Mary's.

Angad stared at her wet lips, then forced his eyes upwards : And you have information about the Missing girl?

Yes, Inspector! Kripa spoke with confidence: I saw Tina just now on my way here!

WHAT!! Angad felt his hackles rise with excitement: You SAW HER?

Yes! I saw HER! .....Kripa repeated with great conviction.

Where? Where did u see her? .....Angad almost leaped towards her.

She backed a step: Jungle mein.....raastey per!

You saw her on the ROAD? In the Forest?

Haan....wo merey gaadi ke saamney thi, paidal chal rahi thi.

Kripa gave a short and precise account of what had happened after her car suddenly stalled in the middle of the road. Angad listened with rapt attention.

He frowned with sudden doubt: You called her name and she didn't stop?

Nahin! Usney mudkar bhi nahin dekha. I ran after her, but got out of breath. When I looked up, she was gone!

Hmmm! Angad thoughtfully  looked her up and down. Did she imagine the whole thing? She didn't look the cuckoo type. Or even the hysterical female type? She was too young to be senile!

He expressed his doubts : Kya aapney theek dekha? Kahin aapkey aankhon ko dhoka toh nahin hua? Wo Tina hi thi?

Im Positive, Inspector! She suddenly turned impatient: Please, aap baaton mein time barbaad mat kariye. LETS GO! We HAVE to go and look for her. She might be lost, hurt, or frightened! Its so dark and scary over there. Please chaliye ABHI!.

Angad couldn't ignore the urgency in her voice: Theek hai, chaliye. Do u remember where u saw her? Kitni door hai sheher se?

Yes, I noticed the milestone in that spot. Its 13 kms from town. School ke nazdeek hai.

Okay, lets go! .Angad strode to his cabin, put on his leather jacket and yelled: RAGHU! Main baahar jaa raha hoon! Tum yahan sab sambhaal lena.

Chaliye! .he led her to his Police Jeep standing before the Thana.

Kripa was relieved that the Rambo Inspector had agreed so quickly to go to that spot where she had seen Tina. He sure was a tough guy, hard to convince. She glanced surreptitiously at his dark profile as he drove out of town towards the long stretch of evergreen forests on the way to the school.

He was aware of her eyes on him and turned suddenly: Was she your student?

Kripa was startled and looked away: Haan! Tina merey music class mein thi.

How was she? Was she a good student? I read in the case file she was a difficult kid?

Yes, .Kripa sighed. She wasn't a bad girl, but confused, troublesome. You know, teenage angst, rebellion. We have all gone through stages like that!

How did she behave in your class? Angad glanced curiously at her silhouette, noting the sharp little nose and long eyelashes.

She squirmed slightly at his perusal: She was a problem student. Poorey class ko disturb karti thi. Music theory class mein paper planes udaati thi, doosri ladkiyon ko chitthiyan phenkti thi. Music practice mein jaan bujhkar besura gaati thi. Jabkee wo achhi gaa sakti hai......but she just didn't care!

I see! Angad considered her account carefully: Iska matlab you didn't get along with her?

Kripa half-smiled : Koi bhi teacher nahin. It is very hard to manage her in class. Mujhey aksar usey class se baahar bhejna padta tha. Doosrey teachers se bhi usey detention milti thi.

Toh phir usey school ne rusticate kyun nahin kiya? ...Angad frowned, perplexed.

Kyunki uski Uncle Mayor hain. Nishant Jee School ko badi rakm donation detey hain. School ke functions mein Chief Guest bantey hain. Isliye Tina ki har galti maaf kar dee jaati hai.

Achha, toh yeh baat hai! Angad smirked slightly: The spoiled, rich brat! Aapney jab usey road per dekha, wo kya pehni huyi thi?

Wahi....hamarey school ka uniform. Brown skirt, white blouse and blazer. Kripa said matter-of-factly?.Isiliye toh mainey turant usey pehchan liya.

Lekin aapney uska chehra saamney se toh nahin dekha? Then how can u be so sure it was Tina and not some other girl? ..Angad challenged her with a smirk.

Because I know her! I know all my students from their backs ! Unkey baalon ke cut, kapdey, unki chaal, sab kuchh mujhey yaad rehta hai. I spend so much time with them u see? ......she mocked him back.

Aur Inspector Khanna, uss waqt, itney raat ko, uss jungle mein aur kaun hoga? Sirf Tina hi toh missing hai? Baaki sab ladkiyan apney gharon mein ya Hostel mein apney kamrey mein hain. Our security has been tightened like anything after Tina's disappearance!

GOOD! Im glad to hear that! Aapkey Mother Superior ko pehley hi yeh kadam uthana chahiye tha, phir Tina bhi gayab nahin hoti.

Kripa shrugged and kept quiet. She didn't want to criticize Mother Superior although she didn't agree with many of her decisions and judgements. For example, giving Tina so much leeway so far. If only they had been more vigilant before........she sighed and looked out at the dark trees rushing by.

They stopped at the 13 mile mark. Kripa craned her head, peering in the headlights: Aur thoda aagey chaliye.

The Jeep inched forward. Angad gritted his teeth with tension.

STOP! Stop right here! .....Kripa had good memory. She had noted the particular formation of trees at that exact spot: HAAN! Yahi hai wo jageh jahan mainey Tina ko paidal chaltey huey dekha.

She jumped out excitedly as soon as Angad stopped the jeep.

She ran helter-skelter, trying to peer into the darkness ahead of the Jeep headlights. Angad observed her with amused irritation mixed with investigative interest.

He hoped this wasn't a wild goose chase, that little Ms. Sharma had really seen Tina here earlier tonight.

TINAA?..TINAAA?......Kripa yelled at the top of her voice, venturing towards the dark woods, emboldened by Angad's presence behind her.

Suddenly she stopped! It was pitch dark! The headlights of Angad's Jeep had gone out. She froze in terror!

Helppp! ...she whispered and closed her eyes.

DAMN! ****! She heard Angad swear behind her as he hunted for his flashlight. GAADI KE BATTERIES KO BHI ABHI DOWN HONA THA? Yeh ho kya raha hai?

Kripa turned around fearfully. A thin sliver of moon lighted the Jeep and Angad with a faint silvery glow. She wasn't afraid anymore..... at least the Inspector was there with her. She slowly walked back towards him. He finally straightened up, triumphantly grinning, with a huge torch in his hand.

He turned it on, it was a bright, dazzling pinpoint of light.

He smiled at her frightened face: Darr gayi? Don't worry, Im here! Lets go look for her!

He led the way as they stepped off the road, into the dark woods lining the road on one side, a steep slope on the other.

They called out Tina's name loudly, slowly walking towards the pitch black gloom ahead.

Kripa moved closer to Angad as the darkness closed around them like a thick, murky cloak.

TINAA......TINAAA.....they called out in unison , then paused. Silence greeted them, punctuated by the rustle of leaves. His heavy boots crunched the dry leaves on the ground, her heels squished those same leaves with a whispery sound.

Kripa was almost clinging to Angad now, loathe to move away from his reassuring size and strength. As if he would protect her from all the terrors lurking in the dark.

Angad felt her softness pressing against his arm and smiled in the dark. Her fingers were gripping his biceps as she stuck to his side.

He drawled: Darr lagey toh yeh leejiye torch. You hold it!

Kripa loosened her tight grip on his arm and moved away: Im sorry! Its okay, you hold the torch. I will trip if I hold it.

Waisey... you can hold on to me, if it makes you feel better" His deep chuckle mocked her with a wicked undertone.

Feeling insulted, Kripa moved back a few paces, rejecting his proximity.

She followed in his footsteps, focusing on the torch-light, scanning the surroundings. Pine, Fir, and birch trees loomed above their heads, towering high in the dark sky. Their foliage prevented any moonlight from seeping down to the forest floor. An occasional snow owl hooted somewhere in the woods. The entire place was silent, eerie and frightening.

Suddenly... some soft and silky fingers brushed her ear and neck with a cool touch. She screamed.....loudly!

Angad whipped around and leaped to her side: KYA HUA? KRIPA.....MS. SHARMA? WHAT HAPPENED?

Her eyes were closed tight, heart pounding, she was shivering violently : Merey peechhey....kuchh .......kuchh hai.

Angad shone his torch and pulled out a piece of cloth from behind her, stuck in a low tree branch.

Ms. Sharma! Open your eyes! Its just a piece of cloth. Wait! A piece of cloth in the woods? This is strange!

He held up the cloth and studied it. Kripa opened her eyes cautiously and looked up.

She gasped! It was HER SCARF! TINA'S SCARF!

A multicolored silk scarf that was her favorite accessory, allowed even by the strict Nuns.

YEH USKI HAI. TINA KI HAI! ......she cried out in excitement.

Angad;s heart stopped for a moment, then lurched ahead: Iska matlab Tina yahan jungle mein aayi thi? Lekin kyun? Kahan hai wo ab?

He paled, realizing the possibility that Tina may have been abducted from this spot. That's why she had left a piece of her scarf here.

But Kripa had seen her earlier tonight!   Perhaps shes hiding somewhere and deliberately left her scarf there to confuse and frighten them? Perhaps she was playing games with them? From all accounts, she was a mischievous imp! Anything could be possible!

Kripa whispered: Isska matlab Tina yahan Jungle mein hai? Yahin kahin hai?.......she looked around and shivered, terrified by the thought that the girl was alone in the forest, in the dark!

Angad's jaws tightened. He whipped out his mobile and called a number: Hello! Canine Division? Main S.I. Angad Khanna bol raha hoon! Mujhey aapkey canine unit ki sakht zaroorat hai. ......Kal subah, jitni jaldi ho sakey! Yes! ASAP! Subah 8 bajey bhej deejiye! Location note kar leejiye!

Kripa looked frightened: Canine unit? Aap kutton se search karvayengey?

Angad nodded grimly: Yes! Dogs have a better chance of finding her in this forest. Hum kab tak yahan andhon ki tarah bhataktey rahengey? The dogs will find her.....zinda ya....

Kripa blanched at the unsaid word. All the blood drained from her face. NO! That cannot be true! She had seen Tina with her own eyes, earlier this evening! How can it be?

Ohh God! Please don't let anything happen to that girl! She prayed silently.

Angad turned around and commanded: Lets go back to town. We will return early morning tomorrow!.

Lekin hum kaisey Tina ko yahan chhodkar jaa saktey hain? she protested.

His lips thinned with displeasure: Poori raat Jungle mein toh nahin reh saktey? We have to leave sometime! Or do u want us to spend the whole night here?

Something in his tone made the blood rush back to her face. This Detective was really obnoxious! How could he think of leaving this place with poor Tina still lost somewhere in the forests of the night?

Haan! She insisted stubbornly: Main yahan rehna chahti hoon.

Angad sighed in exasperation: Alright! Jaisi aapki marzi! We will camp out in the Jeep for the rest of the night.

They returned to the jeep and sat there waiting .in the dark, listening to the faint chirping of crickets, hooting of owls, and whispering of leaves in the night breeze. Kripa leaned on her backrest, closing her eyes.

Angad leaned back in his seat too. He glanced sideways, admiring her long, graceful neck, the arch of her body in restful stance. She was intensely conscious of his eyes on her, her breathing shallow and erratic as a result.

In the close confines of the car, she was equally aware of his hefty physique, his incredible maleness, the spicy scent of his cologne, the heavy sound of his breathing.

Suddenly her mobile rang, shattering the silence of the deserted road and surrounding woods.

Kripa jumped out of her skin in shock!. She took her mobile out of her purse with trembling hands.

Hello?  .her voice quavered in fright.

KRIPA? .it was Aliyah, her flat-mate. WHERE THE HECK ARE YOU?


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ShelDev Senior Member

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Posted: 23 October 2008 at 11:57am | IP Logged
Hey Pallavi;Smile
OMG...finally you updated....I was eagerly waiting for it....thank you..
Great update as usual...
Haila Angad's entry was so good....back to the passionate, hot sexy Angad ..unbuttoned shirt halfway
AK spending the night in the jeep all
Tina's disappearance is freaky trace of that they have her scarf..let's see if that leads them to something...
You have a great way of describing the characters, places, situations Pallavi...I feel like I am actually watching it live infront of me...very nicely written...ClapClap
I love it..

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anitamalik IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 23 October 2008 at 1:05pm | IP Logged
Pallu Di!
That was an awesome part! Your vivid descriptions of the dark, isolated forest had my heart skip a beat as I imagined it all in my head--the leaves scrunching under AK's feet as they walked, the owls hooting and all...It was very well penned down!!! I've told you before Di that you are a very imaginative and talented writer...Everything was in perfect ambiance...
I'm seriously loving the way you are taking this story...
Hmm...Ek hi mulaqat mein AK can't resist looking at each can't wait for the sparks to fly between them!
Awww..Kripa held on to Angad in the forest..LOL...So cuteee! I loved the line he gave after that " Agaar app chahte hain, then you can hold on to me"---I know I would hold on to
WOW, that part where Kripa felt a cold hand touch her gave me like goosebumps...If I was in place of Kripa, I would have fainted..Kripa sure is strong and brave...
Hmm..I wonder what happened to Tina...How did she dissapear and this really all Kripa's imagination? Too many questions you have to answer Di as the story unfolds..
Beautiful Di!  Continue soon! I will be looking forward to your Multistarrer FF when you finish AJT.--Who are the other couple making their appearance in the FF--give us a hint na please? LOL..I will make time to read all your AK fics too!
I hope you continue whenever time permits! Please pray for me as I submitted two of my Uni apps...I hope I get into Baylor U...I need best wishes from everyone! Smile
sweet honey Goldie
sweet honey
sweet honey

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Posted: 23 October 2008 at 1:38pm | IP Logged
hey....fabbb part....loved angads as always...hmmm both a-k cnt resist admirin eachoder.....omggg the forest part was reli kreepi...surrounded by trees n darknesss ....awwww poor kripa skared walkin ryt nex tu angad.....n angad being cheeky telling her hi dont mynd if she clung to him.....hmmmm tinaz scarf...wnda were da leads to....cont sooon plz
insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 23 October 2008 at 1:49pm | IP Logged
meri dii...
kyaa anth part tha...i wonder wat happened 2 tina...i hope shez nt dead...ur thriller story is gr8!!
uff i loved d entire descriptions!!!
esp these:

Angad leaned back in his seat too. He glanced sideways, admiring her long, graceful neck, the arch of her body in restful stance. She was intensely conscious of his eyes on her, her breathing shallow and erratic as a result.

In the close confines of the car, she was equally aware of his hefty physique, his incredible maleness, the spicy scent of his cologne, the heavy sound of his breathing


Kripa was almost clinging to Angad now, loathe to move away from his reassuring size and strength. As if he would protect her from all the terrors lurking in the dark.

Angad felt her softness pressing against his arm and smiled in the dark. Her fingers were gripping his biceps as she stuck to his side.

He drawled: Darr lagey toh yeh leejiye torch. You hold it!

awsome job di...
plz cont soon!!!wanna c em falling in my asusual only wish!!

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saridena Goldie

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Posted: 23 October 2008 at 3:00pm | IP Logged
hi pallavi di
superb part di
angad and kripa serching for tina
angad at first glance only he is attracted to kripa
update soooooooooooooon
luv soumya
stars_shine* IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 23 October 2008 at 4:09pm | IP Logged
loved the part
it was awesom
thnx for the PM
continue soon
sea_nyx Goldie

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Posted: 23 October 2008 at 4:20pm | IP Logged
omg di, it's 4 am here in hyd and i swear this is the last time i'm going to stay up and read this ff, it's way way to scary, in that totally delicious way of course. i loved it, especially how u described them making their way through those creepy woods in the night. i bet the girl is dead right and for some reason her ghost has chosen kripa as the medium, like halle berry in gothika, like i said, i'm guessing but can't wait for the next bit. and btw angad is like too, too hot.

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