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"The Haunting of Ms. Kripa".Last pt,Epilogue/pg181

pallavi25 IF-Stunnerz

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<font size="3">THE HAUNTING OF MS. KRIPA


xxsugasweetxx (reya)

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Last part and Epilogue:

To celebrate the month of Halloween (Oct. 31) and Bhoot Chaturdashi (night before Kali Puja), I am starting a mini Fan-Fic, a Romantic Supernatural thriller. LOL LOL

It has all the thrills, chills and spills found in ghost stories, so its not for the faint-hearted. If u have a weak heart, please don't read any further!

This will be a comparatively shorter FF, not long winded like my other ones! LOL


Place/Setting: The Himalayan town of Almora

St. Mary's Convent in Almora, Almora town and its surroundings


S.I. Angad Khanna: Chief Detective of Almora Police.

Ms. Kripa Sharma: Music teacher at St. Mary's Convent

Ms. Kanan Mittal : Army brat and Angad's fiancee

Principal/Mother Superior of St. Mary's Convent School.

Ms. Aliyah - P.T./ Gym teacher, Kripa's friend, shares a small house with her in town.

Ms. Sheetal: Biology teacher

Tina Garewal : Tannu from KYPH, a Senior (12th Grade) student of St. Mary's

Neeraj Sharma: Tina's boyfriend

Nishant Saxena : Almora Town Mayor, bachelor, uncle and guardian of Tina, Bheem, Bali, children of his deceased sister.

Other teachers: Ms. Harshini (History teacher), Ms. Jassi (Math teacher)

Other students: Anu, Ruchi, Sonia, Mira, Natasha, Zeba, Josephine, Anjali, Sara, Nupur and Anna.......all 12th graders and classmates of Tina.

And introducing Mohit Malik (Bharat in BMTD) as Rohit Bajaj, a millionaire Hotel owner, visiting Almora on business.

Other characters will be introduced as the story moves forward.


A steamy, grey autumn mist settled over the sleepy mountain town of Almora. It was early October but already chilly in the evenings.

Nocturnal vapors swirled around the steeple of the Church adjoining St. Mary's Convent Girl's School, the most renowned educational establishment for girls in Almora.

The 3 storey, old brick building of Colonial times was almost deserted. Classes had ended for the day and the hallways didn't echo with the high-pitched babble of young girls anymore.
Only in a large room downstairs, the lights were on and faint sounds of a tinkling piano wafted up the spiral staircase.

Ms. Kripa, the Music teacher was playing the piano, rehearsing her chorus for the Christmas Concert 3 months later.
Her chorus of 8 teenaged girls, in their brown and white uniforms and ponytails, held song notes in their hands and belted out Christmas carols and more secular songs with great aplomb and confidence.

They sang "Away in a Manger" "Noel", "12 Days of Christmas" and then two Hindi Prayer songs "Humko mann ki shakti dena" and "Itni shakti humein dena daata"

Kripa swayed her head with pleasure as she played the piano in accompaniment to their songs. She was pleased with their performance.[/P]

She was a petite and pretty young woman of 23, with shoulder length wavy hair, large dark eyes, and a Cupid's bow mouth. She looked young enough to pass as one of the students so she always tied her unruly hair up in a ponytail.

As the last notes ended, she turned around on her stool and clapped loudly: Well done, Girls! You are progressing very fast. At this rate, we will be fully prepared for the December 1 Concert by next month.

The girls grinned and clapped for themselves: 3 CHEERS FOR US! WE ROCK!

Kripa clapped authoritatively: OK! Pack up time! Get ur things and lets go.

She shepherded her students out of the School building and led them to a school bus waiting to take some of them home.

She spoke to the driver: Jagan Chacha, zara khayal rakhna sab theek se ghar pahunchey.

The driver, Jagannath, nodded: Jee Miss. Aap befikr rahiye. Bachchiyon ki zimmedari mujhpar hai.

Kripa escorted the remaining 3 girls to the Girl's Hostel, a smaller brick building on the compound. After watching them go inside, she finally sighed with relief and turned around to her car.

She shook her head, mumbling to herself: With all that's happened in the last 2 weeks, one can never be too careful.

She got into her car and turned on the ignition. It started up with an ominous rattle that she had been ignoring for the last 3 days.

She mentally rebuked herself: This weekend, I HAVE to take the car to the mechanic for a check-up. This doesn't sound good!

Kripa drove out of the school gates, the gateman John saluted her pleasantly: Good Night, Miss!

She smiled and waved at him, putting the car on low gear toclimb thesteeply ascending mountain roads leading from the school gates to the town.

Kripa shared a flat in town with Aliyah, her best friend and Gym teacher in the same school.

Kripa had graduated from Music school 3 years ago and taken up this teaching position, not far from her hometown of Nainital. She visited her parents during all school vacations. Her little brother Bobby eagerly awaited her visits. He was just 11 years old, 12 years younger than her, and acomplete brat. But she loved him!

Her parents had objected to her move to Almora but she argued: Mama, Papa, Nainital mein shayad mujhey itni achhi naukri naa miley. Aur Almora yahan se zyada door thodey hi hai. I will be fine! Don't worry!

She had wanted to spread her wings, to fly away from her childhood nest. She wanted independence, living alone and she had found it in Almora. Soon after her arrival and joining the teaching staff, she had made friends with Aliyah, who invited her to share her flat in town, about20 kms from the School.

Everything was going fine till 2 weeks ago!

Tina Garewal, the most audacious brat in 12th grade, Kripa's nemesis, a spoiled brat of the first order, suddenly disappeared one day. She had left the school around 4 pm, riding her bike outside the gate after giving the slip to the Gateman. She was a Boarder and not supposed to leave the premises without her Hostel Matron's permission. But she wasn't one to follow rules and regulations. She was prone to sneaking out at all times of the day and night, to meet her boyfriend Neeraj, a college student living in town.

But this time, she never turned up at the Movie theater where Neeraj was waiting for her. She and her bike just disappeared into thin air. Without a trace!

A massive search had been launched by the local Police. After all, she was the niece of the Town Mayor. But no clues turned up. Neeraj was arrested and held for questioning but he had rock-solid alibis. Dozens of people had seen him at the Movie Theatre, waiting for Tina. He was nowhere near the school or its outskirts.

Tina's disappearance so far remained an unsolved mystery!

Security had been tightened at the School and Hostel for all the girls and nobody was allowed to step out of the gates without chaperones. Kripa herself felt rather nervous driving back after dark through the dense forests of evergreen trees between the town and school.

Tonight was no exception. She drove carefully up and down the hilly roads, traversing the bends, peering through the dark at the headlight-illuminated road in front of her. The darkness was dense around her, like a pitch black cloak worn by night.

Suddenly her car sputtered, rattling and shaking violently. Kripa's heartjumped up in nervous fear: Pleeease, OH Please, don't break down here! ..she begged her vehicle.

The car throttled loudly and came to a stop on the roadside. She killed the motor but kept the headlights on. It was too dark without them anyway. Dark stretches of tall trees lined the roadsides.

Suddenly she saw IT!

A faint human figure walking a few yards in front of her car.

Itni raat ko iss ghani jungle mein kaun ho sakta hai?

She was terrified but couldn't rein in her curiousity. She got down from the car and followed the grey shape. As she neared it, she got terribly excited.

It was a girl, a schoolgirl wearing St. Mary's uniform! She recognized the figure!


Uff yeh ladki bhi naa, class mein bhi baat nahin sunti hai, yahan bhi nahin! .....Kripa muttered under her breath and ran after the girl in uniform, walking up the dark, densely forested road.

TINAAA....HOLD UP. WAIT FOR ME!..the grey figure was walking faster than her, somehow she couldn't catch it although she ran very fast. Out of breath, Kripa stopped finally and bent low, trying to kill the cramp on her side. When she stood up again, SHE WAS GONE! THE GIRL WAS GONE!

TINAAAA! .she yelled and looked around. The white figure in the uniform was gone! REALLY GONE!

Kripa turned around and got another shock! The car, her car was right behind her! BUT......But how could this be? She had run several yards after Tina, how could she still be standing in front of the car.

Im going mad! ....she slapped her head, shaking it andwalked back to the car. She opened her glove compartment and searched frantically for her torch. She couldn't find it! Damn! She had left her torch at home when she was looking for her lost shoe under the bed that morning!

She looked up into the headlights at the empty road in front of her. The Forest around her, the dense, dark evergreen forest, that's where Tina must have gone! But how would she look for the truant girl in the dark forest without her flashlight?

NO! She wasn't THAT brave!

The COPS! She would call the COPS! She took out her cell-phone, the batteries were dead!

Kripa hit her head again! Nothing seemed to be going right tonight!

She would go to the Thana herself......and contact the detective handling this case. She had spotted Tina, she must be around here somewhere. Perhaps lost, perhaps scared. But why didn't she stop when I yelled out to her? Perhaps shes rebelling again, like she had in the past?

Ive got to get help!! Ive got to reach the Police somehow!.

Kripa turned the key in the ignition, and to her pleasant surprise, the car started with a shuddering rumble. YESSS! She silently mouthed and pulled out on the road. She drove slowly up the dark road, scanning all around for any more signs of the girl. Her eyes fell on a milestone by the road: 13 kms.....that meant this spot is 13 kms from Almora!

This is GREAT! Now I can pinpoint the exact location to the Police, where I had spotted Tina. Im sure they will be delighted to get this lead.

Her heart thumping in excitement, Kripa drove away from the milestone, towards the town of Almora. The dark, empty road behind her was shrouded in grey mist in no time.



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ttimpy Senior Member

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reserved editedWinkWink hey pallavi this is such a surprise...............was just browsing thru when i saw this FF.............u certainly managed to make me feel spooky..............DeadDead
very frankly i do not like to watch or even read horror/haunting even after so many years i still get scared.......................but this being your creation i am definitely going to read it as i feel that i'll miss out on sumthing all your other FF's which keep me tightly bound to your script...........
will this be a horror only show or will u have AK romance also incorporated............

Edited by ttimpy - 20 October 2008 at 12:34am
sweet honey Goldie
sweet honey
sweet honey

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Posted: 20 October 2008 at 12:45am | IP Logged
hey....interseting concept....horror mixed wiid romance....dis was a greatg part...althought a felt very creaped out lol,.....cont sooon
habli Senior Member

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Posted: 20 October 2008 at 12:50am | IP Logged
wowww this is just awesome.. even though i read AJT regularly i never seem to have enough time to comment.. but this is one is just beautiful.. i love horror and suspense.. greattt partt :)
sea_nyx Goldie

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Posted: 20 October 2008 at 12:52am | IP Logged
wow di, this is really a wonderful surprise,i mean at first i was like confused cause asfar as i knew AJT was far from over and moreover the title seemed a bit different from ur usual style (but it really captures the attentionStar)  and then i read it and i was like whoa!!! amazing!!! it's so delicious, i love the supernatural, especially ones set in small hill stations. and the way u described the town and the convent school (reminded me of my own school daysWink) and the forests and everything was too good, can't wait for the nxt update
insia12 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 20 October 2008 at 4:51am | IP Logged
waooo dii..
thats fantastic...
another ff!!
wao i guess this is a gift for me frm u on halloween!!
wow sounds scary yet its interesting!!
cant wait 4 angadz intro!!!
i wonder where is tina...
shez dead lol already!!!!
cont asap!!
tanasha1993 Goldie

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Posted: 20 October 2008 at 5:18am | IP Logged
awesome fanfic
it gave me the jitters too
cant wait to read more
do cont soon yea?
MS-meghasharma IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 20 October 2008 at 10:01am | IP Logged
great start di
it was indeed scary

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