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Bidaai Forum Guidelines / Warnings

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The Bidaai Dev. Team requests all members to please re-read the Guidelines.

GuideLines For Members
Sapna Babul Ka... Bidaai Forum

Hello Members.Smile
Here are a few Basic Rules Which Need to be Followed by members of the Bidaai Forum.
For IF Code of Conduct check out IF Codes of Conduct

Introduce Yourself - As more & more members are joining the Bidaai Forum, Please avoid posting "New Topics" for your introduction eg "Hey i'm new" "Hi" "New" etc. Instead please post your introduction in this post.- Bidaai Slambook / Introduce Yourself. Any separate topic opened will be closed or moved to the Bidaai Slambook / Introduce Yourself.

Bidaai Forum Information
- Please check the Bidaii-Archives/Imp.Links - NO COMMENTS.  This contains all important information about the Bidaai Forum.  Important Links, past DOTW, past COTW,  For links and Archives of VM's, Video Clippings, Promos, Songs, FF's, FC etc check out Bidaai Media Center.

New Topics - Before posting a New Topic, please check the first 2-3 pages to see if there is a topic on the similar subject.  If there is one then please continue the discussion in that topic.  Posting  multiple topics on the same subject wastes forum space and also counts as spam.  Any such similar / same subject topics opened will be closed.  Please DO NOT turn the forum into a Fan Club of a particular jodi / character, try to post variety of topics.

Posting Articles
- Before Posting an Article, Please check the first 2-3 Pages to see if there the article has already been posted.  Do try and provide the source link of the article.  Articles from "tellychakkar" are not permitted on IF and such articles will be trashed by the Dev. Team.

While posting articles from TellyBuzz, only give the link to the article. Do Not copy and paste the entire article here

Polls - A Poll opened on any important issue to get the views of members of the forum is fine, but opening polls everyday and about the same thing eg. "Hottest Actor" "Fav. Character" "Who looks better" etc. will not be allowed, as such polls just end up in chatting or fights and hurt the feelings of members of the forum.  Moreover comparisons between actors / shows / serials is not allowed on IF as it again ends up hurting the feelings of members and also leads to fights between members and forums. 

The Dev. Team requests members to open interesting discussion topics, instead of opening comparison polls.  Any such polls opened will be closed or trashed by the Dev. Team.

No CAPS - Posting in all Capital Letters is not permitted.  This represents "shouting" on the internet and can be viewed as offensive.  In order to stress a word or a couple of words that can be written in Capitals or in Bold, but please DO NOT write the whole post in Capitals or Bold or large font size.

No Update Requests - Please be patient for the updates.  Please DO NOT open topics asking for updates, they will be posted as soon as available.

If you are not assigned to do the updates then please do not post updates.  This is not fair as the updater spends time in doing the update and when they come to the forum they find it already done and posted, it puts the updaters work to waste.  The schedule of Updaters can be found here 
  Bidaii-Archives/Imp.Links - NO COMMENTS

No Advertising - Advertising is STRICTLY AGAINST the IF COC.  Advertising other forums thru Video links is considered as spamming.  Such topics will be trashed and a Warning PM will be sent to you right away.  If you choose to ignore the warning, your Warning Level will be raised.

No Personal Attacks / No Bashing - Bashing is NOT allowed here!!!.  That goes for members, actors, characters and Dev. Team members.  Please keep in mind that when you bash a character or an actor it may hurt the feelings of other members of the forum and can cause conflict on the forum.

Some members have the habit of taking pot shots at fellow members including the Dev. Team, especially if they make any post  criticizing something regarding the show or a jodi.   Please DO NOT  take personal digs at members including the Dev. Team nor make fun of them or their posts.  Be prepared to hear criticisms as well, to get more participation discussions are needed and not just praises. If you feel the criticism is wrong, reply to it properly within the limits of IF COC. What some of you are doing is breaking the COC.

Bashing Dev. Team Members is strictly against IF Rules.  Warning Levels will be raised of members found bashing the Dev. Team.
If you have any issues contact the section Dev Team by PM and sort it out. No personal attack direct / indirect, abusive / sarcastic,  within or outside the forum shall be tolerated.  Do remember that Moderators too have feelings just like you and any bashing would hurt their feelings.

Lets all live in Peace and Harmony and enjoy healthy discussions.  If you have any problems you can always contact the Dev. Team. 
pinkykhan    *Kruthi*
Privacy - Posting Email addresses or Private information about the cast or members is not allowed.  The internet is a useful but also a dangerous place.  Giving away your email address or personal information could create problems for you.

Looking For Something - If you are looking for something, like previous updates, DOTWs, Important Topics of the forum, Songs / Dances, Special Episodes, instead of creating topics asking for such things, please check out the Bidaii-Archives/Imp.Links - NO COMMENTS. and Bidaai Media Center-Comments Allowed If you still do not find what you are looking for use the Bidaai-HelpDesk / Suggestions and DO NOT make separate threads to ask for help.  Any such topics made will be closed or moved to the helpdesk by the Dev. Team.

New To The Show - If you have just started watching Bidaai and need a summary check out  *~Bidaai-Kahani Ab Tak!~* - Video Added

Healthy Discussions - Sexual Content either in pictures or words is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED on IF.  Its expected no one will post such content.  Any member found doing so will have to face serious consequences.  Please remember that anything you post should be fit for a 13 year old to read/view.

Picture Gallery - Please Check the Picture Gallery before posting any pictures as they may have been posted before, It wastes forum space posting the same pictures again and again and is also counted as spam.  Also remember that Picture Gallery is a No Comment Section and do refrain from posting comments in there.

No Chatting/Spamming - Please DO NOT chat or spam in the forum.  Do not start chatting in topics as they have been posted for discussions purposes. Please try to stick to the topic when replying. Do not go off topic.  If it is found that a topic is just turning into a chat thread or members are going off topic the Dev. Team will close that topic.

Please discuss the topic or responses in the topic related to the topic. Non topic chatting makes the threads look unimpressive and also the continuity of the discussion gets lost.

If you want to chat then please visit the
Chat Clubs Section.

 Posting comments like "TFS" "Thanks", etc. is considered as spamming.  Kindly use the
button instead. 

Do not type a message or post reply full of emoticons only.  That is considered as spamming and that post will be trashed.  Also refrain from posting just Hello's and Good Byes.

NO COMMENT - Please DO NOT post comments in Topics labeled as "NO COMMENTS".  They will be trashed by the Dev. Team, and you will be sent a Warning PM.

Help - If you have any Question / Query / Suggestion, please use  Bidaai-HelpDesk/Suggestions Thread instead of opening separate topics asking for help.  Members are also requested to check out the Help Desk and see if they can help others.  Any help topics posted separately in the forum that should have been posted in the helpdesk thread will either be closed or moved by the Dev. Team to the helpdesk thread, so check there for the answers to ur queries.
Report Button - If you see anything inappropriate on the forum then please do not take matter in your hands and let the Dev. Team handle it.  Please use the  Report  button on the right hand side of the post.  If you find anything inappropriate in any thread / post please DO NOT retaliate or argue or start a fight.  Make use of the 'REPORT' button and let us know. We are here to solve the issues, please allow us do so.
Comparing Shows - Comparisons btw shows / actors is not allowed on IF.  Each show has its viewers and each actor have their fans.  Many a times such comparisons lead to fights. Its a humble request to all members that Please DO NOT post topics comparing shows/actors/characters with one another as they hurt the feelings of fans who watch that certain Show.

Fan Creations - While making Siggys and Avis do keep in mind the requirements and rules NEW RULES & REGULATIONS.  Your creations can be posted in Bidaai Creations Gallery.  Do not open separate topics for posting your creations.  Post them in the Creations Gallery and you can also post them in their respective FC's.  

All creative work Must Be Clean. Please avoid adding any sexual content into your written fan fictions, as everything on I-F should be fit for a 13 year old to read!  You can check out all the Media related content in the
Bidaai Media Center-Comments Allowed.

Multiple ID's - Using and Keeping multiple ID's is not allowed on IF.  Strict action will taken against such members who are found using multiple ID's.  If you do by any chance have multiple ID's please contact the Dev. Team and have them deactive all other ID's except the one you are interested in using.

These are Very Basic Guidelines which i'm sure most of you should be aware of. Please follow these at all times while posting in Sapna Babul Ka Bidaa Forum

If anybody has any Objections/Questions/Queries. Please PM me or Kruthi.
Thanks for Reading,
IF Dev Team

Request To Memebers - Pls READ & FOLLOW

This is a sincere REQUEST to all the members of the Bidaai Forum

Please do READ and FOLLOW


It has been seen that a lot of similar topics are being opened.  Its a request to all the members to please go thru the topics already posted and if there is a similar topic already open to please join in the discussions there instead of opening a new topic on the same or similar issue.

It does not mean that the topic has to be exactly what you were going to write, but if its similar then you can always add your points in there as well.

To give u an idea here are some examples of similar topics.  Some are very very similar and some borderline.

On Vasu

EGO.....Over Kids Happiness !!!!

vasu's attitude

Vasu, a bag of contradictions! 


Vasu needs a reality check. Ranbir is ur

On Malti

Malti is a no hope case


Relating to R and R phone conversation

A Beautiful Conversation/RR and RV scne

Ragvir's Conversation

These are just a few examples, if anyone goes thru the recent pages i am sure you will find many more.

This is a sincere request to all members.  Please DO NOT open multiple topics on the same or similar content.  This is in no way meant to discourage members from posting topics, but its a request with the view to be fair to all posters and all topics.  Cause if all similar topics come to page 1 then other topics which are equally interesting and important and of varied nature go to page 2 and receive less views and replies and sometimes totally ignored.

Similar topics do not mean it has to be exactly what you are going to write, similar means based on the same content.  If you have another point to make on the subject you can easily do it in that same post.  At this point i feel it is better that the members decide themselves what is similar and what is not as i am sure it will not be liked if the Dev. Team starts to decide that or takes some other strict action and neither will Dev. Team like doing or taking such measures, but if this continues we will have no other option but to take some action to maintain the proper working of the forum.


It has also been noticed by the Dev. Team that off late a lot of discussion has started on the acting abilities of the Bidaai cast (no names mentioned). Some members keep finding faults whereas others are making them out to be heros.  I feel going extreme in either case is not good.

The cast is chosen by the Bidaai Creative Team, and i think they have done a marvelous job.  Each and every actor fits the character they are in, be it senior or junior, old or young, some maybe exceptionally good others good, but i feel no one is bad.  Hats off to the creatives who give each actor ample screen space and each actor / character has a role to play in any given plot.

A mature and unbiased discussion is fine, but taking your likes and dislikes too far creates tension and an unhealthy atmosphere in the forum.  Trying to put down the acting skills of someone all the time is not a good thing.  Also on the other hand praising someone over the limit is also not necessary and may tempt  others to pinpoint their weaknesses thus leading to fights.

So do try and keep all discussions friendly and no bashing will be allowed. If you have a negative point of view try and put it nicely, i am sure the point will be understood by all.   If at any point the Dev. Team feels the discussion is going out of hand or has become repetitive and stagnant they will close the topic, whether members like it or not.


This is the Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai Forum and not a Fan Club of any particular actor, so if anyone is interested in just praising a single actor  or want only a few selected members to reply to a topic just to praise the actor  then please visit the Celebrity Fan Clubs and if there is a fan club for the actor join that or u can make 1 urself and open it just for a few selected members and praise them there as much as you want.  Any topics opened in the Bidaai forum are and will available to all members for discussion, and for all points of view.

Only Appreciation Threads are restricted to members who appreciate the couple.  All other topics are open and available to all members with all points of view.

Please try to keep the discussions friendly and limit them to the serial Sapna Babul Ka Bidaai, DO NOT carry ur likes nor ur dislikes too far as that disrupts the normal friendly atmosphere of forum.  Everyone has a right to maintain their views, likes and dislikes and express their opinions, but lets not just assert our rights and forget about the feelings of other members of the forum, as this just leads to fights and unnecessary tension.  Lets try and keep the forum friendly and a tension free place for everyone to visit.


As mentioned in the guidelines comparative polls will strictly not be allowed in the forum, any such polls opened will be trashed.


I think the Bidaai cast / producers / directors work as a team and as a family and that is why they are successful in giving us such a good serial to watch.  I feel each and every actor in the serial is important and has a role to play and is doing it very well and its all a team effort.

It is understandable that at times the story does not go according to our wishes or the actors do not perform as per our expectations.  Every member has a right to express their views, express them and move forward, instead of holding yourself to that one point, try to enjoy the serial as a whole.

I just hope that all the members here at IF - Bidaai forum can also stay and work together as a team and give IF a good, healthy and happy forum to visit.  Enjoy the forum and Enjoy the show.

This is in addition to the Bidaai Forum Guidelines which u find here  Guidelines For Members - Please Read.  This will be kept a sticky for a week and then added to the Forum Guidelines.

Bidaai Dev. Team.

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WARNING - All members please READ

Dec 3, 2008

It has been brought to the notice of the Dev. Team that members in their excitement after viewing an episode are  posting mini updates as discussion topics and / or in Appreciation Threads as well. Please STOP doing this as this undermines the efforts of the updater who puts in a lot of effort to do the regular update and post it in the forum on time.

Videos are posted as soon as the serial airs, who ever wants to discuss can do so after viewing the video.  Also all efforts are made by the Dev. Team and the updaters that written update is also posted in the forum at its earliest, if u cant watch the video them please wait for the regular updaters to post the updates.

Any sort of update posted either in the forum topics or Appreciation Threads will be trashed by the Dev. Team

The threads in the forum are meant for discussion purposes and not for chatting, so please try and discuss, instead of just posting how much u missed Bidaai, or how eagerly u r waiting for the next days episode and thank yous and good byes.  Try to discuss and add to the subject that is to be discussed in the thread.

If the Dev. Team feels that a discussion thread is turning into a chatting thread it will be closed. 

Some examples.
Example 1
Update posted in the Forum
Woaah What an epi,Aalekh,Ranvir,RagVir n Much Mor

Same thing posted and discussed in RagVir AT

If u check the forum post Woaah What an epi,Aalekh,Ranvir,RagVir n Much Mor you will notice that out of 32 replies most of it is chatting about pics and signatures and wanting to view the episode etc. and hardly a few about discussion on the serial.

Example 2
Post in forum
Amazing epi and rocking Precap

Same thing posted and discussed in RagVir AT

Again very similar to example 1, update posted and hardly any discussion.

So this is again a sincere request to all members. 

DO NOT post mini updates either in forum threads nor in Appreciation Threads, any such updates posted will be trashed by the Dev. Team.  Please DO NOT turn discussion topics and Appreciation Threads into Chatting Threads.  Any topics / threads turning into Chat topics will be closed.

Bidaai Dev. Team
Pinky and Kruthi.

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Warning Posted by Sam regarding FC's in the CFC Section.

Warning - Please Read

Offline Naughty_n_nice

Channel Moderator


General Sections, IF's Creative Head

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Warning level: (0%)
Direct Link  Report Quote Posted: 22 January 2009 at 11:19pm | IP:
To all the members of the Bidaai section,
Wish you all a very happy new year and I hope your month is going good so far Hug
This announcement is to give you a quick reminder on some of the rules due to the feeling that perhaps these lines are being crossed by members ocassionally.
It is great that you have Fan Clubs in the CFC section, and it is indeed fun to have so many members there, however, please keep in mind the following rules:
  • Members should not incite other members against the forum and/or Mods
  • No discussions on the forum should take place in their FC, as FC is for discussion on the jodis and not on forums and Mods.
  • If any member has any query or they dont like some thing the Mods have done it should be taken up on a PM with the Mod not discussed in FC.
  • Forum Bashing and Mod Bashing will not be tolerated and will now directly result in a WL increase.

Please remember these few simple rules, as all we are asking is that any public bashing be avoided.

If these rules are not heeded, steps will be taken to ensure that it is not repeated.
Celebrity Fan Clubs
General Sections Channel Moderator

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Notices Posted In The Bidaai Forum.

Regd Segregating Jodis in Forum'Pls Read

Instigating Posts in the Forum

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