Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka


Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka
Maayka - Saath Zindagi Bhar Ka

Maayka Story & Charachter Introduction

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Hi Guyss

Lately I have seen that new members are joining Maayka section and some old are coming back, but they are confused by all the new charachters, new faces and the story,.. So here you will Find the story so far  and an introducing to all the charachters... Hope this help..
* Any questions feel free to pm me * Wink

Love Nadz

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.::story so far::.

Maayka - the house that has its arms, heart and door always open for a woman. This is the story of three daughters and their family - their home (Maayka). Unfortunately, one day a bomb explosion takes place at Malhotra's house caused by a terrorist who was staying with the Malhotra family. The whole Malhotra family dies, including Raji (eldest daughter), the mother, the father, Prince (younger brother), and the grandmother. This create problems for the two surviving daughters, Mahi and Soni, who handle harsh lives at their in-laws' house. They cannot go back to their parent's house because now their 'Maayka' is dead. The question remains:::What happens to a girl when her Maayka is destroyed? Now who should she share her problems, that she used to share with her mother and father, with?

After that devastating incident, Mahi goes back with Shabd. Life for her was a standstill, but eventually she tries to come out of that nightmare. Shabd also tries to console Mahi and to make her feel better, he takes her to their honeymoon. On her honeymoon with Shabd, he finds out that Mahi is not modern and he then leaves and is mad since he feels Mahi lied to him. Soni moved in with the Khurana's. She then fell in love with Jeet, but Durga was trying for that not to happen. Jeet and Soni said I love you to each other, and Jeet said that when he comes back from his buissness trip he will tell everyone that he loves her and he leaves. Back at the other house, Suhaani is tricking Mahi into thinking that Suhaani and Shabd slept together. With that Mahi is very mad but Shabd's anger is less as he feels guilty for what he thought he did. Soon after, Shabd's Tai ji and Tau ji come as the other adults in the house. Back at the Khurana's house, Durga plans to get Soni married to another man knowing that Jeet will be heart-broken and hate her. Durga plans to get Soni married to a very old man and uses his son to make it look like she is getting married to him in front of everyone else. On the wedding day everyone finds out at the last minute and to save Soni from embarrassment, Veer says that he will marry Soni and with that they get married. Back at Mahi's house Mahi soon finds out that Kamya (Shabd's sister)is not crazy but she is scared badly by someone. While Mahi and Shabd fight a lot Mahi soon finds out that Kamya used to want to marry someone against her father's will, so one night her mother tried to help her elope and her father finds out. Her father then burns her mom alive in front of Kamya's eyes and threatens her badly and Kamya got burned from the fire. Ever since then she has been extremely scared and is made to act like she is crazy. After Mahi finds out, Shabd's father tries to burn Mahi in their farm house but at the right time, Shabd comes to save her and his father is arrested. After this Mahi leaves the house thinking Shabd has been unfaithful and he is devastated and goes into a state that is very bad. He doesn't talk or do anything, he just sits and stares waiting for Mahi. After Jeet comes back he is mad at Soni thinking that she betrayed him and he still loves her. He is very mean to her, but Veer doesn't know anything about this.

Durga arranges Jeet's marriage with Cherry. As Cherry was coming closer to him, Jeet was very uncomfortable about it. Cherry was wondering what's going on with Jeet. After Jeet and Cherry's wedding, Veer comes back from his business and didn't know that Jeet married Cherry. Veer recognizes Cherry and realizes that she was his first love in college. Cherry and Veer have conversations about their good old days in college. Durga tells the couples, Veer-Soni and Jeet-Cherry to go on a honeymoon. On the honeymoon, Cherry asks Soni if she knew who Jeet's first love was. Soni was stammering and said that she doesn't know. Soni and Veer have fun together while Cherry tries to have fun with Jeet. Cherry tells Jeet how much love Soni and Veer have for each other. Jeet is shocked that Soni loves Veer more than him. After the honeymoon, they all come back. Cherry saw that Jeet and Soni were talking in a room and realized that there was something fishy. As Jeet keeps stepping away from her, Cherry realized that Jeet's first love was Soni! Cherry takes out all her anger on Soni by giving her a lecture that Jeet betrayed her because of Soni. Jeet tells Cherry that he loves Soni and not Cherry. Cherry is heartbroken. Jeet asks Soni to come along with him, Soni slaps him and says that its stupid of her to ditch Veer and come back to him. Cherry just believes that Soni is acting innocent so she doesn't get yelled at by Cherry. Cherry's nature changes and becomes evil.

Shabd has to be admitted into the hospital because of his condition. Later while in the hospital, Mahi comes back and sees him there. She goes to see him and Tai-ji sees her and begs her to stay with him until Shabd's condition gets better and she agrees and Shabd is happy.

Everyone finds out that Soni is pregnant. But Cherry conspires doubt into everyone's mind by saying that she could be pregnant with Jeet's child. Cherry gets fake DNA reports done that states that Jeet is the father. Soni finds out about this. Cherry then sends goons behind her to get her killed. Instead, Veer finds out that this was Cherry's plot and tries to save Soni, who then gets shot himself. Veer Khurana dies due to a plot created by Cherry in order to kill Soni. Cherry tried to touch Veer Khurana's corpse but Soni yells no because Cherry was responsible for Veer's death. After lot of drama in the Khurana family comes to know the truth of Cherry and they apologize to Soni and bring her back to their house.

Mohini fixes Angad and Kamya's marriage and everybody's very happy with the decision except Mahi as she thinks that there is something wrong.....when Angad tries to come closer to her and then she finds out Angad loves her and not Kamya and she is shocked!!! On the night of Kamya and Angad's wedding, Angad tries to have sex with Mahi but Shabd stopped him. Angad's true colours were revealed in front of the entire family and was beaten and thrown out by Shabd.

Cherry goes to jail after her truth is revealed and it is also revealed that Cherry's mysterious accomplice was Jeet's sister's husband, Parmeet. After they both go to jail, the Khuranas try to convince Soni to remarry Jeet while another woman, who has traditional values, finds out that Soni is a widow and tries to get her to live the dull and simple life of a widow. In Mahi's house--Shabd meets his old college friends and they all go to a party. Shabd comes back drunk and realizes that he did something illegal with his friends when he was drunk. Shabd does not remember what he did and keeps getting blurred images. Mahi is worried. Shabd tries to figure out what he did that night-he thinks he ran over someone with his car while drunk-driving. His friend's told him what happened the night he was drunk. Told him that the knocked over a girl and buried her. Someone is behind Shabd and has got evidence about Shabd being involved with the murder. Also Soni is getting married to Jeet.Shabd is still worried weather his muffler is in the pot, or did someone took it on purposly finally, soni agreed that she would marry jeet, they have a simple marriage, soni and jeet are now married.

Shabd has been taken to jail under suspicion of killing a girl called Pummy. His friends were also taken to jail but have now been released. Mahi finds out that Shabds friends have ran away to Mumbai and she goes there to find them. While she is there she sees angad and is shocked. She runs away and Angad is chasing after her. A woman saves Mahi and hides her from Angad. Shes asks Mahi why she is in Mumbai and mahi tells her the story and shows her picture of Shabds friends. The woman says that she has seen the guys.The Woman Says that she will help mahi to get shabds friends arrested. The night when Shabds friends were going to leave, Mahi's helper mixed sleeping tablets into their drinks. They eventually went to sleep and had to go back to their room. The next morning Mahi goes to check on them..and they arent there. She runs to the Hotel Reception and Asks where they guys from that room gone. The receptionist tells her that they were drunk..and as soon as they had been stable they got their flight back to London. Mahi is devastated. While mahi is walking through the park and wondering how to get shabd put of jail..she sees Angad! Angad tries to explain to her that he can help her get shabd out of jail but Mahi doesnt want to listen and runs away. When Mahi Gets back home, she goes and meets Shabd in jail. She asks him to try and remember what happened in the night where they knocked Pummy down. He tell her the story and Mahi realises that this was the exact same story Angad told her. She runs back home and tells her Family about Angad. Her Family tells her that she should phone Angad as he is the only one left to help. She calls the hotel and Angad isnt there. She tries and tries again but the reception says Mr Angad hasn't entered the Hotel. Mahi panics and stays up all night. The next day later Mahi has to go to court with her family to find out if Shabd will be released. Then in the courtroom Angad arrives and says I got evidence that Shabd is telling the truth. Angad had made a video when shabds friends knocked her over. When the judge saw the video he says that Shabd will be released. In Khurana house--While Soni is Married Jeet has a few unexpected incidents, finger getting cut, nearly knocked over, and Durga gets worried. She realises that Soni hasnt got a good horoscope and the pandit tells her that Soni will have to do a number of prayers so that she wont harm the family. When soni does her prayers she becomes seriously unwell and jeet gets worried. Jeet orders his mum to stop but durga wants soni to do it. Durga now hates soni again, like before.

Mahi went out in the garden and saw a boy standing by the gate. She suspected, but went inside. The next day, the doorbell rang. When she went to see who it was, it was the same boy. He said that his name is Rahul and walked inside, rudely. When Mahi asked him who he was and why he is coming here, he revealed that Shabd is his father. Mahi is confused. He left. In the night she went to close the window and saw the same boy, Rahul, outside. He was feeling cold so she went and brought him inside for the night. When the saw a child getting beat in the police station, they were to scared to get help from them to find out who his parents are and decided to take care of him till Shabd returns. Shabd returns and is completely shocked to be called Papa by Rahul.

Durga continues to see Jeet get hurt and blames Soni to be a curse. The person really behind all this is Cherry, but nobody knows. One day Soni goes to the mander to finish a fast she was doing for Jeet's long life. When she walked down the steps, she slipped on oil that Cherry spilled on the ground on purpose. Soni falls and and is rushed to the hospital were it is announced that she has had a miscarriage. Durga gets even more angry, calling her a curse and blaming her for the death of her son and the baby. While Soni goes into a depression that makes Jeet very sad.Jeet gets drink and gets hit by a car, this angers Durga even more and she refuses to let Soni see Jeet.

Shabd and Mahi decide to take Rahul to his house, there Shabd finds out that the mother of Rahul is his old girlfriend, Sapna. Sapna tells him that Rahul is his son and he is shocked and gets mad that she did not tell him. When Mahi and Shabd are leaving, she faints. At the hospital Mahi reads a medical file that says Sapna has brain tumor so she demands that Sapna goes home with them, so she agrees. On their way home Mahi calls Soni and Soni tells her that Durga and Bhua(crazy lady who hates Soni and who is also the sister of Mr.Khurana)are making her go to the outhouse. There they burn her, but Shabd and Mahi get there in time to save her. At the hospital Mahi blames Durga for burning her sister, and calls the police. But when the police ask Soni, she gets sad and tells the police that no one burned her. Durga feels saved until Cherry tells her she recorded everything and threatens her. In the hospital Soni keeps yelling Jeet's name and Jeet wakes up. Everyone is happy but Soni suddenly stops breathing. Then Jeet starts to go mad and cries out Soni's name loud. Suddenly, she starts back to breathe. Evreyone gets happy and they took good care of Soni. Bhuaji is the only one not happy with Soni starting to breathe again. When Jeet goes to talk to Mahi, she walked away. Jeet is surprised and kinda figured out that Mahi is angry with him because it is his mother, Durga that caused Soni all this trouble. Mahi and Shabd is trying to get justice for Soni.

Mahi, Rahul, Shabd and Sapna are at a swimming pool, suddenly Rahul starts drowning, and Shabd has to save him he is successuful, but starts to drown himself but Mahi saves him. Jeet and Soni are out on a date and Cherry is also at the same place to cause both of them grief. Soni goes to a stall to get some "butta" to eat, when she is about to touch the butta the shopkeeper says don't touch it because he sees her burnt hands, and the other people near the stall start saying things about her. Soni goes away and falls down. Cherry throws some money at her but Soni doesn't know it's Cherry. In actual fact it was Cherry who planned the whole stall thing out. Soni gets up but some goon's start troubling her and she runs away and the goon's go somewhere else. When Jeet comes back for Soni she isn't there and he is a bit worried as to where she is.

On the other hand Angad is back and he is asking Kamya to forgive him but she keeps pushing him away, suddenly she pushes him really hard and he hits a speeding truck, Kamya takes him to the hospital, there she finds out that Angad has lost eyesight. Kamya takes Angad to her house to stay so that she could help him. Everyone is shocked that Kamya brought him home after what he did to Mahi. He then says to them that he will leave from here. He puts his glasses on and takes his stick out to help him walk when Shabd tells him to stop and tells him to stay here. After this Mahi runs upstairs angry about Angad staying here but Kamya convinces her. Everyone in the Sareen house sit to have dinner where Angad starts to talk to Sapna and about college days. Mahi feels uncomfortable as she feels Angad is staring at her again. But Angad was trying to find his glass of water. More problems between Shabd and Mahi are arising. Mahi wants to know the truth but Shabd says just trust me. Mahi was going to say something but Angad comes with Kamya into the livingroom. Kamya tells Angad to sit down and that she'll be right back. Then Shabd gets a call from someone and turns away while mahi is standing there looking scared and upset. Angad asks Mahi if she could make him a cup of tea. Se says she will tell Gauri to make tea. When Mahi is about to walk away Angad grabs her hand and Mahi looks in shock. She tells him to let go and Angad says that he is very sorry he was looking for his stick. Shabd gets of the phone, Angad goes to look for Kamya And mahi runs upstairs upset.

At this point Soni is living in Mahi's house because of Durga Humilating her in the Lohri party. She goes to the mandir and meets the pundit that has told her he lied about her hoursescope. She now goes to Cherry's house and find the truth and gets the tape and runs. Cherry sent some goons after her to kill her. When Mahi and Jeet find out. They go to the place were Veer died. Jeet came and tried to save Soni but she gets shot in the back and falls of the cliff. The cops came find where Soni has fallen. The cops found nothing. Mahi and her family are blaming Khurana family for what happened to her sister. Jeet tried to find Cherry he saw Cherry giving money to the goons and herd everything she did. Jeet pressed Cherry's throat an the goons hit him on his head. He was bleeding badly. He was taken to the hospital. It turns out that he lost his memory.

Two months have passed by. Mahi and her mom are still sad because of Soni's death.Now Cherry was in Jeet's room and when Jeet comes in and ask her why the candles were on she say its a special day, there anniversary. And now Sapna was in her room unpacking her stuff and she finds a video she had taped for Shabd and she puts it on and turns it off. But then Angad comes in Sapna's room and accidently put on the TV and hear what she had spoken. But then Shabd and Mahi were coming upstairs while Mahi was sitting on the stair. Shabd came in and find the TV on and Angad was tring to find the remote while Mahi was walking to Shabd. Then finally Angad finds the remote and turns it off right before Mahi came in. Now it is Mahi's bithday and Sapna is feeling dizzy because of her braintumer and Angad goes to get coke for her but accidently gets beer and Sapna drinks it and she gets drunk and she was about to tell everybody how she loves Shabd but falls unconsious. Then when she woke up Angad went to her room and told how to leave the house because of everything and when Mahi talks and tell him that he is in her room and Mahi gets to know everything and she goes down stairs to cut her cake. The surpise gift Shabd give to Mahi is there wedding picture.

Sapna and Angad are working together and trying to ruin Shabd and Mahi's mariage life. Angad already killed Guari. Soni is actually alive but has lost her memory and the people who found her claim that she is her daughter and treat her like a servant.When Sapna finds ou that Angad killed Guari she backs out of the plan and says to him we should tell everyone the truth but Angad kills her.shabd is somehow mad at mahi. mahi finds clues about sapnas murder and thinks that angad killed her. meanwhile soni and durga try to get jeets memory back by recaping the part when the goons were after soni to kill her. hoever the goons that soni and durga hired had dissapeared and the ones at the cliff were hired by cherry. jeets get his memeory back there and saves soni. jeet then comes up with a plan to put cherry in jail. On the day of holi cherry's trues colors are revealed when Jeet dresses up like the man who she hired to kill Soni and records her confessing to hiring people to kill her, so she is sen to jail. With Cherry gone, The Kurana family happily bring Soni back home as their daughter-in-law. But while this is happening, Mahi is still unsure of Sapna's death ebing suicide and can't get Shabd to listen to her, while Angad continues to try and get close to Mahi.

Mahi slowy realizes the truth about Angad and phone's Shabd to try and tell him that he killed Sapna and that he is not really blind, but she does not know that he loves her. Shabd doesn't believe her and says that you made Sapna feel as if she was bad and that is why she commited suicide. He swithhes off his phone and then Angad comes and says that I have a suprise for you. She finds out everything about him as he has decorated the house. She goes to phone everyone but it doesn't work because Angad has cut all of the wires. She goes to the mobile phone but he chucks it onto the floor. He runs after her and she hides. He can't find her and then he says that I will count till 3 and if you don't come then I will kill Rahul, the little kid.After coming out of her hiding place, there is alot of continued struggles between them and Angad, but in the end Shabd comes.They also start fighting and Angad attacks Shabd with a knife but misses, but in the end the police come and arrest Angad.

After this incident is done, Mahi finds out that Soni is alive and they all are very happy and another happy news comes the way. Mahi is pregnant. Soni is really happy that Mahi is pregnant, but this reminds her of how much she wants to be pregnant. And she is a little sad because she is dying to become a mother. jeet was arguing with soni and soni fainted and when the doctor came and told them that soni is pregnant.Jeet and Soni played a trick on mahi and shabd and they said that something bad happened and they both came running when they found out they were upset for a while however they got over it due to the happiness that Soni is pregent. anyway, later in the drama, we see that shabds tauji, doesnt like Mohini(mahi and soni mom) to stay at her house because she is like a burden to the family, so she ran away from home telling no one and leaves a letter saying no one find me anymore. shes currently liing in patyala with some nice fellow punjabi boy(CUTE). and also when the children herad she ran waya, mahi and soni are really depressed. and so jeet and shabd decides to do something for them, and so they went to some swimming pool at night and started to play games. and shabd was chasing mahi for some reason and mahi trips and fall on her tummy and. They come back home and they shock everyone except Mahi is fine and they found out she's having twins!Mahi and Soin are both really happy that there becoming parents, but they are sad that they cant share their happiness to her mom. and then soni later comes to mahi's house tells her that why did mummji leave from your house specifically, and mahi arguees and says how come you didnt keep mummyji st your house since your the oldest! and so on, and shabs aunt hears everything. soni says sorry to her but she goes and then mahi gets really mad and tells soni that NO stranger in this house can hurt my family and soni cries and tell mahi that you called me a stanger?! and goes. Mahi pushes Soni by mistake and SOni has a miscarrige. Mahi r very sad, SOni tells Jeet to get married again in the pressure of Bua jee, . Mahi Gives born to twins.

Mahi then decide to give one of her twin to Soni.. Shabd gets angry.. Bua jee tries to tell shad that they did wrong and that their daughter is a lakshmi.. Jeets business starts going well while shabd losses everything.. he blames mahi for giving their luck away... Mahi and shabd loose their house. Durga again get evil when Mahi wants her daughter back and try too add negative energy in Soni's head against mahi.. Jeets gets angry when he hears shahi wants their daughter back and tells them they can get money.. Durga blames mahi for taking their daughter and amhi goes to jail. Mahi decide she wants her kid and kidnpappes ipshita. Shahi and their family runs from the police and khurana house with their twins.. At the end the mahi is driving the car and soni comes infront her , mahi decide to kill her but stops. then their mother comes and tells them they are sisters etc. everyone get emotional and mahi gives ipshita back and they all live happy..

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Sudher pandey as Brij (age 63)

Father of Mahi, Soni, Raji and Prince. DEAD

Nandita Puri as Mohini (age 58)

Mother of Mahi, Soni, Raji and Prince. Was assumed to be dead but now confirmed alive.

Zarina Wahab As Mohini Malhotra 
confirmed to be Soni and Mahi's mother. Protagonist.

Urmila Kanitkar as Raji (age 25)

Mahi and Soni's sister. Wife of Veer. DEAD. Was killed in a bombing.


Arti Singh as Soni / Shilpa Shinde as Soni/Kanchi Kaul as Soni

Was in love with Jeet ended up marrying Veer, was pregnant with Veer's child but child got killed by Cherry. Now Married to Jeet loves jeet again. She is told to be dead by getting shot by cherry. She is alive but acts as she is bela and not soni. She and her mother-in-law plans to teach cherry a lesson.

Prince ()
(dead) - Son of Brij and Mohini.

Neha bamb as Mrs. Mahi Shabd Sareen (age 21)

Married to Shabd. Sister to Soni & Raji & prince. The Youngest sister. Thinks Shabd is having an affair with Sapna. She is dutiful and isn't afraid to stand up for Soni

Vivan Bhatena as Shabd ()

Son of Sareen Saahib; Mahi's husband. Loves Mahi protagonist. Married Mahi thinking she was modern, then found out she was not, after a while he accepted her. Is deeply in love with Mahi Has a son named Rahul, afraid to tell Mahi about Rahul cause he thinks she'll hate him.


Rahul (5)

Claiming to be Shabd's son. And he is Shabd and Sapna's son. Currently staying with mahi and shabd because of sapna's brain tumor. Lost his mother/lost his voice speech.

Shreya Bisht as Sapna
Shabd's old girlfriend, Rahul's Mother, has Brain Tumor. And is still in love with Shabd. Trying to break up Shabd and Mahi. Antagonist. Dead

Vineet Raina as Veer (age 25)

Was married to Raji and got married to Soni after Raji's death. DEAD.


Vikrant rai as Jeet / Romit raj as Jeet (age 24)

Brother of Veer, loved Soni. Was married to Cherry to make soni jealous but then got her in jail.Now married to soni. Soni's widower lost his memory thanks to cherry. durga and soni plan to get jeets memory and he recovers and has a plan to get cherry to show her true colors. and he gets cherry in jail.

Jhanvi Chadda as Simran
Simran will enter Jeets life and will create a rift beetween Jeeni..
Kunal Karan Kapoor as Sukhi
A punjabi guy who is helping Mohini.
Amrapali Dubey as Tina
A girl who comes from abroad. trying to get love from his grandparents who hates her father cuz he left them,.

Neelima Kapoor as Durga / Aruna irani as durga / Shoma Anand as Durga (age 57)

Mother of Veer, Jeet and Jyoti, who is currently mad at soni for having bad luck and for losing her baby. Helps Soni to get Cherry in Jail.


Pankaj Beery as Mr. Khuraana / Naresh Suri as Mr. Khurana (Khuraana Saahib)

Durga's husband, father of Veena, Veer, Jyoti and Jeet; older brother of Lovely. Helps Soni but he hates Cherry.


Karuna verma as Jyoti (age 27)

Married to Parmeet, suspected him of having an affair.

Juhi singh as Veena ()
(dead) - Eldest child of Durga and Khuraana Saahib; mother of Simran.

Gurpreet Singh as Parmeet (age 28)

Married to Jyoti gave a confession to Veer's murder and is currently in jail.

Damini Anand as Cherry (age 23)

Was married to Jeet. Tried to kill Soni but ended up killing Veer. Went to jail but has returned up to make jeet and soni's life miserable. also trying to make durga think that all this bad luck to jeet and soni when it is really her because she is mad at soni for taking jeet away and marrying her when she was in jail for killing veer. no one knows how she had got out of jail hates soni a lot. she hired goons to kill her but soni survied the fall. Jeet and Soni get cherry true colors revealed and cherry goes to jail.

Jasveer kaur as Suhani ()
Shabd's ex girlfriend who tries to win Shabd back by pretending to be pregnant with Shabd's baby. Antagonist.

Micckie Dudaaney as Aditya Dhanraj

Mahi's boss.

Upasna singh as Lovely (age 31)

Mr. Khurana's sister

Nisha Sareen as Kamya (age 20)

Shabd's sister, was going to marry Angad.

Indraneil Sengupta as Angad (age 21)

Shabd's college friend. Was going to marry Kamya, in love with Mahi. Currently in the hospital as he lost his eyesight. He also a clever but he betrayed Sareen family but he has eyesight. He killed Gauri by squeezing her neck. He buried in the suitcase and out the house. He also killed Sapna with kicking and crashed her legs, and she falls and dead.

Raju kher as Harry (age 53)

In love with Lovely, He is Cherry's uncle

Sushil Parashar as Taaya Jee()

Sareen Saab's older brother; uncle of Kamya and Shabd; husband of Billo Taee Jee.

jyati Bhatia as Billo (age 64)

Shabd's tau-ji


Old Widow sister of Mr.Khurana, hates SOni

Pawan Chopra as Yashwant (age 60)

Shabd and Kamya's dad


Shabd's college friend. He came to India from the USA for a vacation. During this vacation he and Shabd's 2 other friends got into an accident and killed a girl called Pammi, while returning home from the 'Green Club' They buried Pammi in the forest. He is presently hiding in Mumbai, where Mahi is searching for them.


Shabd's college friend. Currently hiding in Mumbai after killing a girl called Pammi.


One of Shabd's college friend who came from the United States. This one is the smartest of the three. He is currently with Akhil and Sandy in Mumbai, hiding from the police after killing Pammi, unwillingly. Mahi is currently searhing for them in Mumbai.

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wow thanks for the info. btw how did you get their ages, like lovely is 31
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Thanks for sharing
Great job..Really good
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Superb Nadia ...absolutely excellent Clap Clap   
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great work
i am now starting to watch this serial after reading this
thanks a lot!!!!

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