Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)


Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Ki (Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii)

Goodbye Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki...

natasshafan IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 07 October 2008 at 6:05pm | IP Logged

Hello everyone...Tongue

I'm extremely sorry this section has not been too active lately.Ouch

As we all know, KGGK is saying goodbye to all of us very soon! To me, this is good news as well as bad news. Good because many types of storylines have been shown and I think now it should end on a good note before it gets extremely boring.Big smile And bad because now we won't get to see Saksi, Kiran, Tina, Chetan, Mita, Achint, Tina, Jatin, Priya, Raj, Archana, Bharat, Barsha, Rinku and the rest of the lovely Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki cast every Mon-Thurs.Unhappy

It doesn't seem like it's been running for 8 years because it has been so great! And so has our forum!Embarrassed

I would first like to say Congrats and Thanks to Balaji Telefilms and the whole cast and crew of Kahani... for making such a great serial and making it a huge success! Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki was always a treat to watch and I'm surely going to miss it...Embarrassed

Also, thanks to alllll of you amazing forum members for sharing your thoughts and opinions about the show on this forum! You have all been great...Clap

Now, let's say our final goodbye to Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki from the members of India-Forums.com!Big smile Let's say goodbye to Sakshi Tanwar- Our one and only Parvati and everyone else who's involved with Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki....Big smile

Please write a small message about YOUR journey with KGGK and how your experience in this forum has been.

Thank you to everyone....Smile

This is your KGGK viewbie signing off,

(KGGK Dev Team)

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psawyer IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 5:09am | IP Logged
I still can't believe the show's endingConfusedThis was the one show  that I was sure would be on forever, and the only K show that I wouldn't have minded being on foreverOuch Where else are we going to see such a great ensemble cast working in perfect harmony together? In 8 years the cast of this show have never been involved in any catfights or scandals, or actors' clashing egos creating tension on the sets. As a few people - Ali, Kiran K and Lily Patel - have commented in articles, it truly seemed like this really was on large family, who always got along off screen despite what was going on on-screen.
As someone who has stuck with this show from the beginning, it is extremely sad to watch the show end now, even though it has run its course in many ways. It's like losing a huge chunk of your life - for goodness' sake, I was a ruddy teenager when the show began!LOLLOL It seems like we've grown up and matured with "Parvati Bhabhi and her family". Goodness, I remember the first ep as if it were only yesterday - that first iconic scene that everyone remembers...the rangoli and diya that we always make fun of nowLOL
I guess what I'll miss most about the show is the characters, and the actors who play them. For me, Sakshi is Parvati, and it will be difficult to see her and not think of her as such, or to think of her as any other character, should she take up TV again. It'll be difficult to not see her every day as Parvati/Janki/Swati, and to not hear those great bhashans from her...truly, Parvati always gave the best bhashans and the best slapsLOLLOL No other bahu/saas could ever compare to Parvati in style, elegance, grace and strength. Ever.
And what about Pallavi? No other 'villain' will ever be as human as Pallavi - the two women who played her have together created such an iconic character that the audience have never really been able to hate her, even at times when she might have deserved it. This is one villain who always had a heart, and I'm so glad that, even if the show is ending, she's getting her happy endingEmbarrassed Shweta K and Achint - thank you for giving us our PallaviEmbarrassed
And my Shruti. Despite all the ups and downs over the years, despite my anger at the way the creatives have often mishandled her character, she is and will always remain my favouriteEmbarrassed From the mature child in the early years, to her relationship with Krishna, Om, Parvati and Kamal (I still remember and love his "bacha"EmbarrassedEmbarrassed, and nobody says "mamma" quite like ShrutiLOL), to finding out the truth about her parentage, to Aryan and the Doshis, to Sameer and Gayatri, to Pranay, Tannu and Chotu, to the Janki-Shruti fights, to bringing Om home....I've loved each and every track she was in, even if sometimes I disagreed with her actions. Like Pallavi, Shruti is a flawed human being, with selfishness and greed and love and loyalty all part of the package. I'll miss the chemistry between Tina and Sakshi, from their mother-daughter bonding moments to their fights, and I'll  miss the relationship between Om and Shruti, and Kamal and Shruti and Krishna and Shruti, and even Pallavi and Shruti. Basically, I'll miss ShrutiCryLOL Thanks Tina, for giving me my most favourite character, and for always acting her with honesty.
As for Kamal, he truly has gone through acres of change throughout the course of the show - from the illiterate hangabout he was in the beginning, to a well-informed, intelligent businessman, and not forgetting those moments of Rishi Kapoor comedyLOLLOL Kamal has always been the most steadfast of characters, despite his luck with womenLOLLOLand I'll miss his loyalty and his humour always.
Om - how glad I was when he was brought back. I know that the topic of Om has caused a divide across much of our online community, with some people preferring others to the jodi of OP, and that is fine. What are discussion forums for, if not for differing opinions?Embarrassed But for me, Om will always be Parvati's other half, and despite the negligent way that the creatives have treated him upon his return, I am still glad that he was brought back, because it was the one thing - the only thing - that Parvati ever wanted. I've loved the OP jodi from the very beginning, and to have their love kept alive throughout the years was the most beautiful thing on this or any other show. Not for Parvati the three-thousand marriages and divorces like other characters; not for her the transferring of affections from one husband to the next. Parvati has always loved only one man in her whole life, and even when he was gone, and there seemed no chance of his coming back, and even when there was opportunity for her to "move on" with her life with another man (I don't think a woman necessarily needs a man to "move on" from something, and I'm glad that Parvati didn't think so either), she continued to love the one man who had been her companion forever. Her love for him never wavered, not when they were against each other, and not when he was "dead". Not for a second did she think she could choose another man in his place. That was the beauty of Kahaani, and of a real, loving relationship. How I'll miss OPCryCry
How can I end this character list w/o talking about "Kill me..." Sasha?EmbarrassedLOLLOL From the moment he and his clan made their entry - in black leather and motorbikes, no less - he has enthralled all of us to the extent that, like Pallavi, we could never truly hate Sasha. The coolest villain on TV, he was one who could command the same screen presence as Parvati, stand in the same frame as her and deliver, and Chetan deserves many accolades for his performance. The "Mahabharata" track after the 1st leap was one of my favourites, as was his love story with Monica, and now his return to the AG family. I'll truly miss this hunk of a villain, and his crazy and often suspect chemistry with "Parvati...Aunty"WinkLOLLOL
Chaya - God how we hated herLOLLOLLOL That woman was the bane of so many people's lives, and we can only applaud Rinku Karmarkar for her excellent portayal of this bitter-no-sweet characterClapClapIt can't have been easy to play the character that people didn't love to hate, but simply hated. But Rinku pulled it off, at times we all pulled out the hair on our heads at her antics, and wished we could enter our TV screens and slap her silly. Thank you, Rinku, for playing your role so well that we truly hated your character, but appreciated youEmbarrassed.
Trishna - was there ever a villain as funny or as clown-like as her?LOLLOLLOL Ever since the leap, Trishna has made us laugh like no other - her antics, over the top and crazy, have entertained us for so long. That iconic red lipstick of hers created a fashion trend like no otherLOLLOLLOLMita, thank you for such a wonderful portrayal, and for the Janki-Trishna fights that we all loved so muchEmbarrassedClapClap
As for the rest of the clan - while I may have had my differences with the Buddha Brigade (Score one for Trishna for that epithetLOLLOL), in the beginning they were each of them as strong as the rest. Dadi, Babuji, Vandy Maasi, Maaji, Ajay, Avantika, Gaurav, Shilpa, Neeraj, Mitali, Preeti, Sonali, Parth, Vigyat, Monalika, Sonu, Varun, Krishna, Gunn, Aryan, Sameer, Gayatri, Trishna, Rajeshwari, SD, Mallika Doshi, Suyash Mehra, Shikhar, Mayuri, Ashu, Nikhil, Rishika, Aditi, Adi-Mets, Tiny and Bheem, Chotu/Ishan, Pragati, Trishna, and last but by no means the least NARAYANI DEVI, whom we all love and miss like mad - thank you all for making the show what it was. In your own ways, you contributed a lot to the threads and texture of the show. If I've missed anyone out, apologies - there are a lot of characters!! 
Who can forget the iconic theme tune, the variants of which would often created such thrills down our spines. That moment when Janki returns on the boat in the dead of night, the moment when Om dives into the water to save his Parvati, and every single time we hear that title tune revamped has been such joy. That title track will be missed as well. And if I seem to be using the word "iconic" an awful lot in this post, that's because there is no other word - the show IS iconic; it has created a kind of history that can't be mirrored or repeated ever again.
And finally, the creatives (begrudginglyOuchLOL). I may not have liked a LOT of the things you've done, but it cannot be forgotten that YOU created Kahaani in the first place, and even in its darkest days, you kept Kahaani a notch above the rest, always above the rest. You gathered a brilliant cast, created great stories and relationships and played on the right chemistries, and for that, you get my thanks.
There never will be another show like Kahaani (not least because all the new shows are copies of each other and have pieces of furniture playing human characters); Kahaani was THE show, maybe at the beginning right behind Kyunki but it caught up and surpassed it (IMO) over the years. Kahaani was the K show from which all K shows are now made, it was a pioneer in its path, and it introduced us to such wonderful talents and created a resonant chord in our hearts. Kahaani will always be missedCry and lovingly rememberedEmbarrassed
P.S Maybe when the show ends, and if enough members agree, we could air Kahaani reruns on the site; starting from the very beginning, and enjoy the show together again.
P.P.S Sorry for the extra long speechEmbarrassedLOLLOL but after 8 years, this is the least that Kahaani deserves!

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sunidhifan4evr Goldie

Joined: 23 January 2008
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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 5:34am | IP Logged
I can not believe Kahani is ending it just feels like the other night i was laying down in my moms lap watching kahani or ask my mom to let me go watch tv for half hour during my exams
Ranbirrocks IF-Stunnerz

Stormtrooper of CC
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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 5:43am | IP Logged

OMG, its really endingCry.

I won't say much about the show and the characters that I loved. Coz I will be repeating what Vasu saidEmbarrassed .
I would like to thank Vasu and Juleka for giving us this wonderful forum. You both really manage this forum very well ClapClap
 Special thanks to Krishi who is doing the updates these days Clap. Thanks all the video updaters and picture updaters.
I enjoyed my short stay in this forum. I hope we continue meting on IF in some other forum.
Vasu, Chandrika, Desichick, Yippi, Krishi, Kunmum and so many friends whom I interacted with in ED sticky.....a big hug for you all Hug
On a lighter note, though PAASHA did not happenLOLWink , but SHAGUNN is gonna be a realityBig smile, so I am happy that finally Saasha has become good-boyLOL and will settle down with Gunn Embarrassed

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scorpio8990 Goldie

Joined: 19 July 2007
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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii has been my favourite for 7 long years....
& the reason is not only its all-time interesting story lines & tracks but the most elegant Actress "Saakshi Tanwar"
Not only me,we all fans of KGGK can proudly say that Saakshi has done great justice to the character to the Parvati.
She is one beautiful actress of television & can play any character with great dignity & versatile way!
She looked maginificent when she entered Kahaani with the avatar of Janki Devi....Oh GOD!
She looked ever elegant & stunning!Day Dreaming
So whatever happens,Kahaani would be in my favourite serial list ALL my Life!Thumbs Up

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Manojie Goldie

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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 2:02pm | IP Logged
My turn for a speech, makes me sound a loser but:
I am gutted Kahaani is ending, it is my favourite show, ever made. I will miss it. On the plus side, I have another 3 years with Rajshri to go, so it's not over for me yet. I want to say, Kahaani has been inspirational to me in many ways, it has taught me morals and taught me to be a better person, and it has actually influenced the way I live my life ALOT. I will be sad to see this show end, it ruled my teen years as it was the programme I was addicted to.
I don't want to add more to this because everyone else has added to it. But I hope they let us put re-runs of Kahaani on here.
mangal bhavan amangal haari drabahu sudasarath achar bihaari. I do hope that's the last thing they play on Kahaani as that was the first thing they played.
bratster Groupbie

Joined: 17 July 2007
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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 2:24pm | IP Logged
im going to miss this showCry

its been a really gud serial

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luv_sakshi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 5:30pm | IP Logged
Just another Episode to go before Kahaani bids Goodbye from TV Cry Cry Cry...but i still can't get myself to come to terms with the fact that Kahaani's actually ending this long n Beautiful journey!! Ouch Cry...Can't believe that after tomorrow, i won't be watching Kahaani when i tune into Star Plus at 10:00pm Shocked Ouch Confused Cry ..Aw, the thought of not having Kahaani being aired from next week, the AG Mansion, Sakshi potraying Parvati / Janki, the Background scores, those gr8 storylines Cry Cry Cry...its all so Devastating!! Broken Heart Cry ..Kahaani is Special to me n will Always hold a Very Special Place in my Heart! Hug..How i wish the show would go on until Forever!! Hug...Kahaani's completed 8 long Rocking years? Party...it only feels like yesterday that the show's begun! Embarrassed Embarrassed..But thing I'm Really Happy About is that, Kahaani is ending on a Very High Note!! Clap Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap ..Touchwood! Embarrassed..Its truly an achievement that sets an example for others! Star Star Star...Kahaani Rocks!! Party
How much i'll Miss Sakshi Ouch Hug Cry...How much i'll Miss Parvati / Janki Cry Ouch...How much I'll Miss Narayni Devi, Kamal, Suyash, Om, Chaya, Pallavi, Trishna, Tiny, Bhim, Gunn, Sasha, Adi, Aditi, Pragati, Chotu, Gauri, Mets, Ashu, Shivangi, Dadi, Maaji, Vandy Maasi, the AG Mansion of course Cry Cry Cry...n All the Amazing n Extremely talented Actors who've made Kahaani so Special!!..Hug Disapprove
Still Wish Kahaani did'nt have to end! Ouch Cry It did'nt need too Approve...But now that it unfortunately is, here's a set of "Thank You's" i'd like put in...Hug
THANK YOU EKTA: For Creating Kahaani n all its Amazing Characters right from Parvati / Swati / Janki to Tiny n Bhim Clap Clap Clap Clap....Thank You for convincing Sakshi to essay the Role of Parvati Hug...there simply could'nt have been another better choice!! Thumbs Up I'm glad you got Sakshi to say "Yes" Dancing...n the rest is of coure History! Party...n for your Amazing choice of TV's Best Actors all under one roof! Clap Clap Clap ..You Rock!! Star Star ..Dying to hear you announce your next Big Project with Sakshi in the lead  EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...n hopefully a whole lot of the Kahaani Actors too! Big smile
THANK YOU KAHAANI CREATIVES: For penning those Amazing storylines!! Clap Clap Clap Clap...Kahaani has been a Unique show that found a Very Special place in our Hearts that noting can replace Hug...n you guys are responsible for it Star Star....Hat's off to you Party...Yes, there were a number of occasions where i've been a 'lil cross with certain presentation of characters you'd made Ouch, but that's only 'coz i've Always wanted the Very Best for my Fav Show...Hug
THANK YOU SAKSHI: For Me You are Kahaani 'coz it was You who brought Parvati / Swati / Janki to life n How!! Clap  Clap Clap Clap...this was Your show n You've never ever disappointed!! Hug...I'm so Thankful to the Almighty that Ekta made sure you said "Yes" to potraying Parvati n You did!! Hug Big smile...You're the Best n there could'nt have been a better person to play a character, You yourself come so close to being!! Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap...Its not like Parvati n Sakshi are two different people Embarrassed...they're the same for me Hug...n Parvati / Janki's my Fav character Hug...All Thanks to Ekta n the Creatives for thinking about such a wonderful character n to You Sakshi, for breathing life n soul into this Special character!! Star Hug Party...You'll Always be the Best n i'll Love You beyond any amount of words can describe Hug...n Jaanu Embarrassed...You're so Special to me, that whatever said n done in Your praise will only all fall short!! Hug...You deserve a Standing Ovation!! Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap  Clap Clap Clap Clap
THANK YOU KAHAANI STAR CAST: You'll have done such an Amazing Job thru' 8 years contributing equally as a Team Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap - Both Off-screen n On to make this show so Special!! Hug Hat's off to the Unity n Love all of You have maintained all thru' with not a single Ego clash Clap Hug Star...Everyone of you are Special n You Guys Rock!! Party..Ali - Kamal Teddy, Kiran - Om, Aruna Irani - Narayni Devi, Anoop Soni - Suyash Mehra, Achint - Pallavi, Trishna - Mita, Kiran - Rajeshwari, Tina - Shruthi, Shweta Prasad - 'lil Shruthi, Shweta - our first Pallavi, Chetan - Sasha Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap...Dadi, Maaji, Vandy Maasi, Gunn, Gaurav, Niraj, Ajay, Shilpa, Avantika, Krishna, Mallika, SD, Monalika, Preeti, Mitali, Sonali, Sonu, Varun, Tiny, Bhim, Ronit, Chotu, Tannu, Aditi, Adi, Pragati, Maithili, Babuji, Kundan, Vikhyat, Parth, Bharat, Dadi Bua, Batuk Nath, Sameer.. Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap...Apologies if i've missed out any of the characters Ouch...n all the Amazing Actors who potrayed these roles so Beautifully Hug...Hat's off to all of you!! Thumbs Up You've Rocked Kahaani!! Party
THANK YOU - THE KAHAANI CREW: For all the 'Behind-the Scenes' action, the Amazing AG Mansion n the responsibility to decorate it n make it look beautiful Clap Clap Clap Clap Clap...for braving thru' all the odds n giving us this Gr8 Iconic soap to enjoy!! Hug...would'nt have been possible without you guys!! Party You all Rock!! Thumbs Up
I won't be able to describe in Words, the Extent to which i'm Going to Miss my Queen Sakshi potraying Parvati everyday from Mon thru' Thur Cry Cry Cry...Sakshi's the Best!! Clap Clap Clap Clap...How much i'm going to Miss all the Rocking Characters of Kahaani n the Top-Notch Actors who came together to bring us Kahaani with their gr8 performances!! Hug...Hope to see All of You coming around together in Ekta's next Big Project too Hug...Soon! Smile...Kahaani has a Very Special Place in my heart n Always Will...Hug..its never been a mere Daily Soap fo me..Embarrassed..it been such an important part of my life..Hug Day Dreaming..its going to be Really Hard watching Kahaani Bid Adieu tomorrow! Ouch Hug Cry
Star Star StarThree Cheers to Kahaani Ghar Ghar Kii!!! Day Dreaming Hug Party  Will Miss You Heaps!! Cry Hug Cry

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