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AR FF - UNWANTED note on pg 17

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Hey guys, I have been inspired to write my own FF on the cutest jodi ever ? AR.. I would like to say that its my first time so if there are any mistakes please forgive? your comments would really encourage me!!!

I haven?t thought of a name for this FF, I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me!!!





?SHASHANK, where have you been all this time?? Anurag screamed from the top of his voice. ?Papa, I- I was?? Shashank not knowing what to say and how to explain to his father why he had come late from college thrice in a row.

? I- I what? you always seem to have the same excuse? now will you tell me where the hell you had been all this time?? Anurag losing his patience could not control himself. ?I-I had to sort a few things out with my teachers, seriously, I can show you?? he finally managed to tell his father where he was without stammering.


*THUD* *SLAP* ?ENOUGH? SHASHANK? ENOUGH? DON?T YOU DARE UTTER A SINGLE WORD? YOU?VE HAD IT? I?m fed up of hearing the same old thing day in day out? what difference does it make, your still a failure? and always will be?? *THUD* *SLAP*? Anurag walked off, leaving a bleeding Shashank on the floor? His father?s words still echoed in his ears.. ?what difference does it make, your still a failure, and always will be? always will be? always will be???




?AAHH? Shashank screamed from the top of his voice? ?What happened??? Padma came running down from upstairs. ?Shashank, kya hua? phirse wohi burra sapna dekha kya??? Shaking him to say something? ?SHASHANK, kuch toh bolo?? ?HUH? haan? Riddhima aah gayi hai vaapis??? Shashank asked Padma, trying to change the topic, he hated talking about his past. He didn?t want any of his family members to know how helpless he was in the past. Shashank always managed to prove that he had the upper hand in everything, and that there was nothing wrong with him. ?Urm, bas aati hogi..? Padma said, not knowing what to say to him, she just hoped that Riddhima would just come now without having to hear Shashank?s lecture.


?Kya matlab, aati hogi, abhi tak nahi aayi? tumhare isi laad ne usse barbad kar diya hai?? Shashank slowly losing his temper. Padma stayed quiet as she really had no idea how she could defend her daughter? although, she herself was quite upset with Riddhima for being back yet..


?Chup kyon ho, bolo bhi?? Shashank hate the fact Padma would stay quiet and not say something.. ?Lo, tumhari laadi beti aah gayi? kaisi ho Riddhima, enjoyed yourself? I?m sure you really enjoy troubling us don?t u?? Shashank said with a hint of sarcasm.


?I?m sorry papa, lekin who itni traffic thi? isliye aane mein dair hogi?? Riddhima explained while she could feel a lump in her throat. This wasn?t the first time she had seen her father so angry with her but she always feared him.


?Ek phone hi kar deti? arre mein toh bhool hi gaya tumhare phone ki battery dead hogaye hogi? haina?? Shashank said with the urge to slap her..


?Who papa, maine koshish ki thi lekin ghar phone busy aah raha tha? phir main baad mein bhool gayi karna.. I- I- I?m sorry papa?? Riddhima said trying to control her tears?


?I- I- I?m sorry papa? Shashank mimicked Riddhima? ?Who do you think you are? Batameez? duur ho jao meri nazaron se? tum ek din hum sab ko barbad kardo gi?? Riddhima listened quietly trying to hold the tears. ?bloody unlucky girl? Shashank murmured under his breath? but was loud enough for both Padma and Riddhima to hear.


In a instant, Riddhima ran to her room, she no longer could bear the hatred her father had for her. A while later, Padma entered her room, trying her level best to stop her daughter from crying. But knew, it was not possible, she herself could not bear her husbands hatred, and had tears in her eyes.


?Mama, papa mere se itna nafrat kyon karte hain? I thought, papa had changed? but he?s still the same.. main jaanti hoon maine abhi abhi jhoot bola tha, lekin main kya kheti ke main Anjali di aur Atul jiju ko milne gayi thi, university ke baad.. yeh suun kar papa na jaane kya karte? kyon hain itni nafrat unko humse.. kyon? Anjali di itni khush thi aaj, who toh khushi se pagal hogayi thi? jiju toh keh rahe the ke raat wahan guzaron, lekin maine mana kar diya? kabhi kabhi toh mera dil karta hai ke main bhaag jaon?? Riddhima said while crying.


?Riddhima, aise nahi kehte, tum chali jao gayi toh mera kya hoga? phir kabhi aise maat kehna? promise aise koi kaam nahi karogi..? ?I?m sorry, I can never do that? I?m sorry, I love you mama..? Both hugged each other.


?Acha ab rona band karo, aur so jao, kal university bhi toh jana haina?? Padma kissed her goodnite?


?Good night mama, I love you? urm, mama mujhe subha 6 baje jaane hai, please wake me up?? Soon Padma saw Riddhima fast asleep.


Padma left her room, and made her way to hers, hoping Shashank would have already gone to sleep. She could not bear another lecture from him, on how she raised her two beautiful daughters. It was a shame that Shashank could not see the values in Anjali and Riddhima as compared to all his friends children. Anjali and Riddhima had a 5 years difference, but that never seem to come in their ways. They both loved each other and respected each other dearly.


Padma missed her elder daughter immensely, but deep in down she was happy that Anjali was well set and had a family of her own. She was away from Shashank?s continuous cursing and bad behaviour towards her.. in the recent events, Padma was more concerned about Riddhima, and how all these family saga?s were affecting Riddhima?s studies.


Opening the door to her room, she took a deep sigh of relief to see Shashank snoring away. 



Part 1


?BYE MAMA, MUJHE DAIR HO RAHI, I?LL PHONE YOU ON MY WAY BACK? LOVE YOU? Riddhima said as she ran out of the house.


?Par Riddhima, nashta toh karlo? Chali gayi aur kuch khaya bhi nahi? kya karo is lardki ka?? Padma said shaking her head. Padma smiled while remembering how Riddhima would never touch her breakfast, while Anjali would take forever to finish her breakfast.





?Anjali jaldi karo kitna dair lagao gi? Dekh Riddhima tera intezaar kar rahi hai? A little annoyed at Anjali who was still eating her toast for the past 10 minutes.


?Kya mama, at least I eat my breakfast, unlike Riddhima jo school kaake canteen se khaati hai? Anjali laughed while telling her mother, rying to annoy Riddhima.


?no, I don?t Anjali Di, chalte chalte khaa lo na? Riddhima said trying to change the topic before her mother realized.


?Riddhima, yeh main kya suun rahi hoon?? Padma questioned. Unfortunately, it wasn?t Riddhima?s day at all. Firstly, getting late for school and secondly, being caught for eating at school!


?oh mama, please abhi nahi, tell Anjali di to hurry up or else I?m going myself? Riddhima immediately said a little frustrated.


?acha acha is mein rone ki kya baat hai, mein toh bas mazaak kar rahi thi. I love teasing you.? Anjali immediately felt hugged feeling a little bad.


?OK MAMA HUM CHALTEIN HAIN. SEE YOU LATER. LOVE YOU!? Both shouted while running.


?Flashback ends?



Feeling the tears rolling down her cheeks, she thought of calling Anjali but before she could she heard the phone ring.


?Hello? ?Hi mama! How arr you, I?ve missed you so much, I hope I haven?t disturbed you? papa toh nahi hai ghar par?? Anjali said in a single breath, she was so excited to hear her mothers voice, although they spoke everyday.


?Calm down, beta, saans toh le lo! Main bilkul theek hoon, I too have been missing you, no you haven?t disturbed me, even if you have what difference does it make, I have all the time the in the world for my daughters? tere pa-pa?? Padma stopped, as she remembered the continuous fights she has had with him in the past year. ??woh toh kaam par hain? bhool gayi kya?? Padma immediately said, hoping Anjali hadn?t realized her voice slightly trailed off. ?Aur tu bol kaisi hai, aur Atul kaisa hai?? Padma continued, trying to change the topic.


?I?m fine and so is Atul but there?s no need to change the topic mama, aapki aur papa ki phirse argument howi hogi. You can?t hide this from me, it hurts more if you hide it. I would rather prefer if you talk to me about it. Riddhima university chali gayi hai? Anjali trying to stops her tears, and hoped her voice didn?t give it away.


?haan abhi abhi nikli hai, when are you coming, miss you very much. Aisa kart u aur Atul shaam ka khana yahan kar? Padma silently prayed she would say yes.


?urm? there was a pause for a few seconds when Anjali continued. ?urm theek hai, hum shaam ko phir milte hain, papa gussa toh nahi honge?? Anjali?s voice quivered.


?Tu meri beti hai, shaadi hogi iska yeh matlab to nahi keh tu milne nahi aa sakti?? Padma could not take the sense of fear.


?OK mama, I?ll see you then, Love you.? Putting the phone down, as she cried her eyes out.


She was excited and yet scared to see her father after 2 years. Although, Padma and Riddhima would meet secretly, but neither felt comfortable hiding this from Shashank.


Anjali never knew why her father had built so much hatred for her. She had never done anything against his wish. Although, Anjali was against marrying too eary in her life but Atul was her fathers choice, then why was there a sudden change of behaviour towards him as well? Was it because his family weren?t as well off as them? But did that matter, as long as she was happy, wasn?t that enough?




?oh God, look who?s coming? Priya said with a face. ?PRIYA, why do you hate Riddhima so much? Why do you seem to forget since she?s come she has helped you out immensely.? Muskaan asked, feeling annoyed at Priya?s comment.


?Muskaan, I seriously don?t know?? Priya faced Muskaan feeling bad saying that about her friend. ?Hi girls, how are you? What happened?? Riddhima asked with concern.


?Nothing, just tired!? Muskaan retorted glaring at Priya. ?Nahi, Riddhima kuch bhi toh nahi huwa, come lets go to our lecture, before he kicks us out.? Priya replied looking at her watch.


As the 3 girls made their way to their lecture, they stopped to see 2 guys fighting, kicking and punching at each other. Riddhima could make out who those 2 guys were,and felt her heart in her throat.


Before she could make a u-turm and make her to her lecture the longer way, Priya and Muskaan had ditched her, running for their lives. Leaving Riddhima all alone in the corridor. Silently praying that the 2 guys hadn?t seen her she started pacing.


?RIDDHIMA SWEETY, where are you going?? shouted one of the guys. ?OYE, Rahul leave her, DEKHO DARR GAYI!? Vivek said while laughing.


Rahul and Vivel managed to catch up with her. Since Riddhima?s transfer, Rahul and Vivek never gave her a days peace. She would beg of them to let her live in peace. It had been going on for almost 3 months.


She never felt in peace, albeit at home or university. She remembered how she got her placement in this university and how her father was not really keen of it. Nagging for almost a month, Riddhima managed to convince Shashank that she was happy with her decision. But was she really?


A few moments laters, she realized Rahul and Vivek had stopped annoying her, but couldn?t seem to figure out, why all of a sudden?


*Thud* *Bump*


?OOPS, I?m so sorry, I really didn?t mean to bump into you like that, I was just lost in my own thoughts.? Riddhima said apologetically. ?No need to apologise, I wasn?t looking myself? The guy said.


?I hope your not hurt too badly, please let me help you? The guy said looking at Riddhima rubbing her arm. With all this, Rahul and Vivek left, almost scared for their lives.


?I?m fine seriously.? Riddhima replied instantly. ?Who were those guys, are you new here, haven?t seen you round?? the guy said curiously. ?Urm, those guys running? urgh, they?ve been troubling me since I got my transfer, 3 months ago? I?m here to study Law, it?s my second year.? Riddhima said in low voice.


?REALLY! WOW, I?m also studying Law, but in my final year? do you want me to sort them out for you? If you do need any sort of help? please do let me know!? you could clearly sense the excitement and generosity in the guys voice.


?So what?s your name?? he asked curiously.


?Riddhima? Riddhima Gupta, and yours?? she said with a smile. Throughout the conversation this was the first time she looked up.  


?Armaan? Armaan Mallik!? flashing his dimples.


Part 2


As Armaan looked up at Riddhima, he was mesmerised by her beauty. Although, he had seen many prettier girls before, he couldn?t figure out what was so charming about her. Was it those innocent crystal blue eyes that told a completely different story? He wasn?t sure. She was wearing a sky blue anarkali which complimented those big eyes. He couldn?t stop to notice her milky soft skin, her jet-black glossy straight hair which fell just below her shoulders. His heart skipped a beat as his own minty green eyes gazed her pink lips. Armaan wasn?t sure what was happening to him, but knew for sure that this girl standing in front of him made him feel something completely different. ?Whoa boy, what?s wrong with you?? he thought to himself, hoping he wouldn?t make a fool of himself.


He couldn?t understand what had happened to him, Armaan was known to have girls hovering around him 24/7, and he never let it affect him in such a big deal and personally hated them around. Although, most girls would state he?s a charmer and a greater entertainer. Everyone thought he was a playboy, as he would harmlessly flirt with pretty girls; go out on a date with them. But the truth was he had complete respect for each and every girl. He couldn?t possibly imagine ruining any girls self respect.


AS Riddhima straightened herself out, she sensed a gaze which made her feel a little uncomfortable. ?Is there something wrong?? Riddhima asked a little uncomfortable now. ?Oh, I?m sorry I didn?t mean to stare at you like that!? Armaan proclaimed, realising later what he said. ?Urm, please don?t get me wrong but take my number, as I said earlier if you need any help just give me a bell, I?m a phone call away? Armaan said smiling.


Riddhima wasn?t sure whether it was a good idea taking his number, but thought there shouldn?t be any harm as she may not see him again anyway. ?Thanks, I better leave now; I?m already late for my lecture. It was nice to meet you!? Riddhima said, and felt awkward saying the last statement. ?The pleasure is mine, so I guess I?ll take your leave!? Armaan feeling ecstatic.


?Bye? Armaan waved. ?Bye?




?Hi mama, how are you? Have you had lunch? Mama I wanted to tell you something, please don?t be mad at me once I?ve told you.? Riddhima said hesitantly on the phone. ?Riddhu, I?m fine, as a matter of fact I should be asking you whether you have had lunch? Padma said excited her daughter called her. ?Kya baat hai, Riddhu, is there any problem?? Padma now worried. ?Nahi mama, koi problem to nahi hai....? Riddhima began telling her mother how her morning at university went and how she bumped into Armaan and took his number. Riddhima had always told each and everything to her, she felt incomplete and felt as if she was hiding things from her. ?Haha... Riddhu, tu bhi Na... Number laine main koi problem nahi hai, as long as you know your not doing anything wrong. Aur tu hi toh keh rahi hai, he gave his number regarding any help in studies... I don?t see any problem...? Padma assured she hadn?t done anything wrong.


?Ok mama... I just wanted to tell you, as I didn?t want any third person telling you... Ok bye mama? Riddhima said in a low voice. ?Acha suun, I have some good news, Anjali and Atul are coming for dinner? Padma said with excitement. ?REALLY, WOW... you?ve made my day, love you? Riddhima?s eyes lit up, she felt on top of the world. After 2 years her sister would be entering their house. Those 2 years had a been a bumpy ride for all of them.




Later that evening, Riddhima entered the house, although she tired after a very long day at university, she completely forgot as soon as she saw her sister and jiju standing in front of her eyes.


?DI, JIJU... it?s so nice to see you!? Riddhima hugged Anjali so tight and never wanting to let go. ?Riddhu, let go, I'm also happy to see you!? Anjali said choking. ?OH sorry!? Riddhima feeling a little bad. ?WHOA, Riddhu, I thought you were going to kill me today, heheh!? Anjali said, while trying to get her breath back. ?Hi jiju, how are you, long time no see? Riddhima facing Atul lightly punched him on his arm. ?I?m fine but wouldn?t have been if something happened to Anjali? Atul teasing said looking at Riddhima. ?Hey, I didn?t mean to!? Riddhima protested. ?So where?s my hug?? Atul questioned Riddhima making a puppy face.


?WHAT?S GOING ON HERE?? Shashank said as everyone turned to see him back from work. Their heart stopped beating, not knowing what will happen next.


Part 3


?MAINE KAHA? WHAT?S GOING ON OVER HERE??? Shashank said with a hint of anger. ?Hi? papa? aap kaise hain??? Anjali managed to say trying to give a hug. ?Duur ho jao meri nazaron se? meri baat tumhe yaad nahi?? Shashank turned to Anjali, his eyes beamed with anger. ?I HAVE NO RELATION WITH YOU OF ANY SORT? tumhe ek baat mein samajh nahi ati!? Shashank losing his patience, walked away, leaving Anjali in tears, and Atul in utter dismay.




?Anjali? Anjali?? Padma called out. ?ANJALI?? Padma shook her vigorously. ? Huh...? Anjali managed to utter, still in shock. ?Kya baat hai? wahan kya kar rahi ho? idhar aao na, mera paas bait?? Padma advanced towards Anjali, her face clearly stating how happy she was to see her daughter. ?Mama?? Anjali said confused. ?Kya?? Padma even more confused, turned to notice tears in her eyes. ?Mujhe lagta hai, we should leave.? Anjali said looking down. ?Beta, tumhe kya hogaya hai, abhi abhi toh ponche ho?? Padma said, trying to figure out why Anjali was saying this.


?Sweety, what?s wrong??? Atul said sitting next to her. Both Padma and Atul were extremely confused as why Anjali?s behaviour changed, and insisted upon going back home. ?Bolo sweety, why do you want to go home, we?ve just got here?? Atul continued, still very much confused.


?Atul, you were right here when papa came, are you deaf or something? didn?t you hear what he said?? Anjali glared at him angrily. ?ANJALI? that?s extremely rude? how dare you talk to him like that? maine tumhe yeh toh nahi sikhaya?? Padma shouted and upset with Anjali?s outburst on Atul.


?Tumhare papa, abhi tak kaam se nahi aye? what are you talking about? it?s only 6 in the evening? you know he comes home at 7?? Padma stated looking at her watch. Anjali looked up at her mother, still a little confused. ?Toh phir Riddhima kahan hai? she was here as well?? Anjali replied, scratching her head . ?Sweety, tum sach main pagal ho gayi ho, na toh papa yahan hain aur na Riddhima?? Atul said with a smile, realizing she was lost in thoughts. Both Padma and Atul began laughing at Anjali.


Riddhima entered the house, to see everyone laughing. ?HI!? Riddhima shouted all excited. ?What are you all laughing at?? Riddhima advanced towards Anjali and Atul, wanting to join in. Atul explained to Riddhima the recent events, and soon after joined them. ?Haan hanslo, maine koi joke nahi mara?? Anjali said a little annoyed, although she herself found it to be quite funny. ?Riddhu, you should have seen her face?? Atul laughing continued to explain.


?Acha ab bas bhi karo, bohut hogaya?? Padma said giving Anjali a side hug. ?So Riddhima, how was university?? Anjali asked. ?Di, it was ok? I?m finding this year a little hard, I can?t seem to adjust?? Riddhima replied in a low voice. ?Why, can?t you adjust, is someone troubling you at university?? Anjali questioned with concern. Riddhima paused for a bit, recalling the day?s events and how Rahul and Vivek would never leave a single day with peace. She at times questioned herself, why on her first at university she stood up for Priya. Should she have stopped Vivek from troubling Priya, but if she hadn?t, God knows what would have happened to Priya. Why did it have to be her, why couldn?t anyone else witness that awful day? If she had walked away, would she have been able to live with this guilt, obviously not.


?Riddhima!? Anjali shook her. ?Huh!? Riddhima said, realizing she was lost in her thoughts. ?You haven?t answered my question? Is someone troubling you?? Anjali questioned again. ?Na-hi? nahi? Riddhima stammered, not knowing what to say? she knew if she mentioned this in front of Atul, he would have flipped.


?Acha, mama was telling me about you bumping into some guy in university?!? Anjali nudged her teasingly. ?What?s he like?? Anjali whispered, winking at her. Meanwhile, Padma decided to check up on the food. Leaving her daughters to catch up on their so- called gossip! ?Kaun?? Riddhima asked confused. She had some much going on in her mind that she completely forgot about Armaan. ?Riddhu, don?t act all innocent with me? mama told me everything, that was really kind of him? so are you going to ask for help with ?your studies? then?? Anjali asked with a smile. ?Oh, him? I don?t know? maybe, just before exams?? Riddhima said feeling a little uncomfortable, as it all came back to her. ?Did you ask his name??? Anjali curiously asked Riddhima. Although, she knew, she loved teasing her. ?DI? what are you talking about? I don?t even know the guy, and you?re asking me all these questions as if I?m going out with him?? Riddhima said raising her voice, completely annoyed by now. ?Hey hey? calm down, I?m only joking.? Anjali replied.


?Anyways, I?m going to freshen up!? Riddhima said as she got up. As she made her way to the stairs, she heard the front door open. Shashank was back from work earlier than usual.


Riddhima ran towards the door, giving him a hug, while Shashank hugged back. Riddhima was surprised by the sudden gesture, she couldn?t remember the last time he hugged her with so much affection. ?Hi papa, how was your day?? Riddhima mumbled, trying to hide her tears of happiness. ?It was fine, and you? how was university?? Shashank asked, after so many months father and daughter managed to have a civilized conversation. ?It was ok, a bit tiring? but I forgot all about it as soon as I got home!? Riddhima said smiling. ?? How come?? Shashank asked, parting from the hug. ??BECAUSE ANJALI DI AND ATUL JIJU, ARE HERE!? Riddhima immediately replied, flashing a big smile. Shashank froze, his face that flashed a smile soon disappeared. He couldn?t understand why, his expression suddenly changed, it was completely blank.


?Anjali? Atul have come?? He murmured. Although, from inside he was jumping with joy, he clearly did not want anyone to see, how happy he was. He was going to see his daughter after 2 years. ?2 years?? He thought. He began remembering the day; he had an argument with her. How upset he had been on her for hiding so much from him.


A proposal had come its way for Anjali, although, she was not to happy with her fathers decision, she could not go against him. Shashank convinced that they were a really nice family. Anjali wasn?t ready for such a commitment, she wanted to enjoy her life, have fun, explore the world and mostly importantly wanted to finish her degree. After months of convincing Anjali finally agreed.


Anjali met Atul and his family a few times before she made her final decision; she was smitten by his child-like behaviour. Shashank was extremely happy with Anjali?s decision. Within 6 months, they were married; everything seemed to change soon after, Anjali could not finish her studies it was too much to handle. Atul was finding it difficult to manage his father?s business, losing many contracts and making loss, day after day. Atul and Anjali were compelled to sell the house they were living in and live in a small one bedroom apartment.


They had both decided to hide this from Shashank, however, this did not last very long. Shashank had finished work early one day and decided to pay a visit to his daughter, to his dismay found out the house belonged to someone else. As he drove back home, he noticed Atul and Anjali in a car, and decided to follow them to their apartment.


*KNOCK KNOCK*? ?Arrey yeh kaun ho sakta hai??? Anjali asked Atul, who was completely confused himself.


*KNOCK KNOCK* *BANG BANG* ?I?m coming? I?m coming, hold on? Anjali shouted.


As she opened the door to the apartment, she felt her heart sink to the floor and feeling numb. ?Papa?? Anjali whispered. ?Aap yahan?? Anjali uttered, as she felt a lump in her throat.


?Haan, main?? Shashank said. ?Aye na, papa? come inside please? Anjali said as she could feel her heart racing, fear clearly shown on her face.


?Toh kaisa chal raha hai?? Shashank glared at Anjali, hurt that she had not mentioned anything to him about how she had been living.


?Kaun hai Anjali?? Atul asked as as he walked into the living room. He stopped to see his father-in-law in front of eyes, expressing hurt and anger.


?He-ll-o papa? how? are? you?? Atul stammered.


?Would you please kindly explain to me, what exactly is going on?? Shashank asked trying to compose himself until they told him what was going on.


?Who? actually? papa? Anjali started saying, but was finding it difficult, she didn?t know how and where to start from.


Just then Atul managed to explain everything. Shashank patiently listened to what Atul had to say, while every now and then would look at Anjali.  AS Atul finished explaining everything to Shashank. Shashank gave both a piece of his own mind. ?Why didn?t you tell you tell me? I could have done something for you? aur tum Anjali?? Shashank began to say staring at her. ??why didn?t you come home, until Atul sorted everything out. ?Chalo go and pack your bags, I won?t let you stay in this apartment anymore.? Shashank demanded. Anjali froze as she heard what her father said. Did he expect her to go with him and leave Atul all alone? ?What are you looking at? maine kaha na, go pack your bags?!? Shashank shouted. ?Nahi? nahi papa!? Anjali refused. ?KYON? I can not let you live in this apartment a single moment.? Shashank shouted, completely losing his temper now, almost out of his control. He couldn?t believe his daughter was refusing him.


?I cannot leave Atul here all alone, afterall he?s my husband, I cannot leave him in such a state and become selfish, we are in this together? I?m sorry papa? I?m sorry.? Anjali replied.


?So is this your final decision?? Shashank shot back. ?Yes, papa?? Anjali said confidently. ?Toh phir, theek hai? aaj se tum dono mere liye mar chuke ho?? Shashank said, glaring at them, his eyes full of anger as if ready to kill. He soon stormed out of the house, leaving Atul dumb folded and Anjali crying hysterically. ?Did he really think I would go with him?? Anjali thought.




?Papa... Papa? PAPA? Riddhima shouted. ?Huh? Shashank replied. ?Kya soch rahe ho?? Riddhima questioned confusedly. ?K-Kuch nahi?!? Shashank stammered. ?Chalo na papa, di aur jiju intezaar kar rahe hain?? Riddhima said pulling him from his arm. ?Haan, haan? chalo? Shashank murmured, not knowing what to say and what to do.


?DI? JIJU? dekho kaun aya hai?!? Riddhima shouted excitedly. As they entered the living room. Shashank?s heart skipped a few beats, as he saw his daughter turn around to see him. He was full of mixed emotions; he really did not know what to feel.


?Hi papa?!? Anjali managed to utter, giving him a hug. She was so happy and was expecting a hug back. ?Hi Anjali? Shashank coldly replied, and quickly advanced towards Atul. ?Hi Atul.? Shashank said. ?Hi papa? how are you?? Atul replied, not knowing what else to say. ?I?m fine?? Shashank replied in a low voice and walked up the stairs.


Part 4


As Shashank entered his bedroom, he re-called his behaviour towards Anjali moments back. ?I shouldn?t have behaved in such a way? Shashank thought, feeling a little guilty and stupid. ?I guess I should have just behaved normal as if nothing happened, no I can?t do that, that?s silly, you?ll make a right fool of yourself.? Shashank fought back with his thoughts. He thought taking a cold shower would do the trick.


Feeling a little better, he stopped to see Padma standing in front of me with her hands on her hips, glaring at him. ?What was that downstairs?? She asked. ?What?? Shashank said, trying to keep cool. ?Aise milte hain apne bachchon se?? Padma questioned again. ?Milla toh tha!? Shashank said turning the television on. ??aur kaise milna chaiye tha?? Shashank asked annoyed. ?They?ve come after such a long time? 2 years it?s been? 2 years Shashank!? Padma retorted. ?I need time, it?s not so easy, I still remember it clearly.? Shashank yelled. ?YOU NEED TIME? did you say, you need time? aur kitna waqt chaiye tumhe? wasn?t 2 years enough for you?? Padma shot back. ?You?re so stone-hearted Shashank? kabhi toh mujhe lagta hai maine tumse shaadi karke ek bari ghalti kar daali?? Padma continued. ?THERE YOU GO AGAIN, just as I suspected always doubting me, always take your daughters side? tumse tumse nahi mujhse howi hai? itna pashta rahi ho, toh chor do na mujhse?? Shashank yelled at the top of his voice. Padma could not believe what she just heard.


Tears rolled down her eyes. ?Haan chor dongi tumhe? ab khush? Padma said, walking out of the room. Shashank shook his head and continued watching television.




?Chalo khana shuru karo? Padma said, quickly wiping her tears. ?Par papa? mama? Anjali asked looking at her. ?Maine kaha na shuru karo!? Padma shouted. ?forget him, his way of thinking does not make sense he?s abnormal? Padma thought.


Anjali, Riddhima, and Atul were confused and shocked at Padma?s outburst but neither dared to question her.






Armaan was walking down the beach, early one morning. Enjoying the fresh air, small waves touching his feet. He was lost in his thoughts, until he heard a girl laughing and running around. She was wearing a white salwaar-kameez. Her hair was flying in the air, touching her face once in a while. As he turned to see who it was, the girls duppatta hit his face, he could smell the sweet fragrance, which were driving him crazy. As the duppatta fell off his face, he noticed the girls big crystal blue eyes. He had seen them before, but couldn?t figure out where. Just then he heard the girl speak. ?Armaan?? He had heard this sweet voice, it was tickling his ears. He moved forward, inches away from her face, wanting to see her face which was covered with the duppatta, as the wind blew. ?Armaan?? He heard her say again. ?ARMAAN? he jerked. ?Huh? Armaan uttered.


?AAAAAHHHHH? Both screamed. ?WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING, planning to give me a heart attack?? Armaan said, holding his chest with one hand. ?I should be asking you that question, idiot? let go of my hand.? The guy replied. ?tumhare zindagi mein koi lardki nahi hai, iska yeh matlab toh nahi, you hold onto my hand? aur, aur?? the guy continued but stopped, making faces.


?Aur kya?? Armaan questioned jerking away. ?Your sick dude, you were hugging me in your sleep? He said making faces, as he told him.


?Whatever bhai? I don?t believe that?? Armaan said, looking away feeling embarrassed. ?Now get up your getting late for university, mum?s already tried 5 times?? Arnav said. ?OK, OK bhai? calm down? Armaan replied getting up. ?Don?t come near me, main waisa nahi hoon? Arnav said teasingly, stepping back. ?Hahaha? Armaan laughed sarcastically.


?Waise, kiske sapnay dekh raha tha?? Arnav questioned teasingly. ?Huh? sapnay aur main? please bhai?? Armaan replied embarrassed as if caught.



Part 5


Just as Arnav was leaving Armaan?s room, he hears knocking on the door.


*KNOCK KNOCK* *BANG* ?Armaan jaldi se kholo!? Shubhankar yelled. ?Armaan? Armaan!? He yelled again with a hint of fear. ?The door?s open, dad!? Arnav answered back. ?OH!? Shubhankar said entering the room huffing and puffing. ?What?s wrong dad? why are you out of breath?? Arnav questioned. ?HUH!? Shubhankar uttered, lost in his thoughts, trying to get his breath back. ?Did mum say or do something?? Arnav asked teasingly raising his brows with a big cheesy smile.


?NO?N-O, no?? Shubhankar stammered avoiding eye contact. ?Come on dad, I?m your son? you can tell me!? Arnav continued, trying to hold his laughter. ?OK, OK now stop laughing at me? and help me? Shubhankar proclaimed. ?Par howa kya, yeh toh batayein? Arnav asked anxiously. ?Woh, woh? meri secretary ka phone aya tha, toh teri maa mujh par chilane lagi?? Shubhankar began narrating what had happened in the morning. ?? your mother flipped, bolne lagi, ab ghar par bhi phone karne lagi? I felt like her son.? Shubhankar said lowering his head. ?Yeh Armaan kahan hain? tum dono kuch socho na? please.? Shubhankar begged!


?HAHAHA? dad your funny itni se si baat hai?? Arnav said, laughing hysterically. ?Haan haan, hanslo main toh joker hoon na!? Shubhankar retorted, irritated at his elder son laughing at him, and scared at the same time thinking what Keerti might have planned.


?Sorry dad, ab aap kaam hi kuch aisa karte hain ke, haans ne par majboor kar dehte hain? Arnav replied feeling a little bad. ?Don?t worry, me and Armaan will think of something!? Arnav reassured.


?Hey dad, what?s going on... what will me and bhai do?? Armaan asked slightly confused, as he stepped out of the bathroom. Arnav began telling Armaan what had happened, looking at Shubhankar every now and then smiling. Just as Arnav finished, Armaan could not resist but to smile showing his full set of teeth.


?Haan, tu bhi hanslo.? Shubhankar said, completely annoyed at both his sons. ?Awe, dad you?re so cute, why are you scared of mum?? Armaan asked while giving him a hug, even though all three of them were equally scared of her!


?Arrey yeh time sawal puchne ka nahi hai, sochne ka hai? socho, kuch toh socho.? Shubhankar said feeling a little restless. ?Don?t worry dad, why don?t you make your way down, we?ll follow you straight after!? Armaan replied.


?Why don?t you make your way down??? Shubhankar mimicked Armaan. ?Are you stupid or what? why would I be here in your room if I wasn?t scared.? Shubhankar shot back.


?Whoa dad? take it easy, chalo phir lets go down? after you.? Arnav said. ?After you ke bachey, tu chal.? Shubhankar retorted.



?Arrey, tum log uth gay?? Keerti said, looking at her sons making their way to the breakfast room. ?Hey mom, good morning?? Both said, giving her a hug. ?Kya baat hai, aaj kuch zyada pyaar aah raha hai!? Keerti taken a back at their sudden gesture. ?By the way have you seen your dad??? Keerti asked looking around.


She hadn?t realized Shubhankar had been hiding behind them all that time! Arnav and Armaan both looked at each other and smirked trying to control their laughter. ?Kya?? Keerti questioned, looking at them both. ?Urm, k-kuch nahi, mum?? Arnav stammered, trying to keep a straight face.


?Chalo, sit down and have your breakfast? you both are getting late? Arnav you have a meeting with a client?. Aur tum Armaan aaj university nahi jaana kya?? Keerti asked.


?Haan mum?!? Both replied at the same time, standing very close together. ?What?s wrong, why are you both standing so close?? Keerti asked curiously.


?Bas aise hi mum? bhai se miley kaafi din hogaye hain na? is liye.? Armaan immediately replied, giving Arnav a side hug. ?Oye, tu pagal hai kya, roz toh miltein hain?? Arnav whispered looking at Armaan. ?Shh, chup bhai, mum hasn?t realized, don?t compel to?? Armaan whispered back. ?Woh? kya hai na bhai subha subha nikal jaatein kaam par, toh?? Armaan continued looking at Keerti.


?Acha acha, ab chalo bhi?? Keerti cut in, pulling both of them from their arm. Just as she pulled Arnav? *SMASH*, Keerti?s favourite vase, broke in a million pieces. She immediately turns around to see Shubhankar trying to pick the pieces.


?TUM!? Keerti yelled. Arnav and Armaan look at each other thinking here come trouble. Both immediately hold onto Shubhankar, who was busy clearing the mess, didn?t realize Keerti was coming his way.


?Dad? Dad?? Arnav whispers, trying to get his attention. ?DAD!? Arnav yells in his ear. ?KYA!? Shubhankar shouts and jumps. ?Mum.? Armaan whispers to him with a worried look. Shubhankar looks up to see Keerti storming towards the three men, losing her temper.


?Oh God please save me!? Shubhankar silently prays. ?Me too?? Arnav whispered. ?Me three!? Armaan added.



Part 6


?Tum dono? are useless.? Shubhankar whispered to Arnav and Armaan. ?Sochtein hain? hang on dad.? Arnav whispered back. Just then Armaan began smiling. ?Why are you smiling? excited to get into trouble?? Shubhankar asked annoyed. ?IDEA!? Armaan said, smirking. ?HUH? Both Shubhankar and Arnav uttered staring at each other.


?MUM? Armaan shouted running to her. ?KYA hai?? Keerti shouted back. ?Yeh toh aaj kaam se gaya.? Arnav mumbled, shaking his head. ?Give me a hug? Armaan asked pretending to cry. ?Abhi toh di thi? ek aur?? Keerti said, looked at him all confused at his sudden change of behaviour. ?I feel so lonely today mum!? Armaan began, not knowing what to say and how to divert her attention. ?Lonely why?? Keerti concerned. ?Uh, urm? Armaan gulped not knowing what to say now, tightened his hug.


?Uh, mum what he?s trying to say is that he?s feeling LEFT out because you love ME more.? Arnav butted in sticking his tongue out, while Armaan gave him a dirty look. ?Huh, tum dono kya keh rahe ho? mujhe kuch samajh nahi aah raha?? Keerti said, looking up at both her sons.


?Uh, nothing actually mum, mujhe aapse ek zaroori baat karni thi? woh meeting ke bare?.? Arnav quickly replied. ?Haan bolo?? Keerti said as she turned to Arnav. ?I was going through Mr. Mehta?s file in the morning, and we really do have a fair chance of winning the case?? Arnav said confidently. ??Well if we go through the details of the case and evidence provided it?s clearly a case of fraud.? Arnav continued. ?Ok, so if I show you the first piece of evidence, it states that Mr. Mehta had visited India on the 5th May 2007 for two weeks? but if we look at the photo-copies of his passport he had not traveled to India in that year.? Arnav explained. ?Furthermore, someone has fraudulently signed the transfer deed using his signature and has dated it 8th June 2007.? Arnav explained, showing his mother the copies. ?I?m impressed, beta good job!? Keerti proudly spoke.


Meanwhile, Shubhankar sneaked his way towards Keerti. ?WOW, bhai an interesting case when will be the first hearing?? Armaan curiously asked. ?On Friday? why?? Arnav replied. ?Friday? my day off, can I please come with you?? Armaan begged. ?Yeh sure!? Arnav smiled.


Arnav was one of the best barristers in India, at such a young age he had already won 3 awards in the same year. He had always been inspired by his parents, and wanted to be just like them. ?I?m sure; you?ll leave the defendants speechless, all the best son!? Shubhankar said proudly.  ?Dekha Keerti, I told you our son will do us proud?!? He continued facing her. ?I know, afterall he?s my son, so it?s obvious he?ll be a genius!? Keerti replied with a smile.


?Chalo? breakfast?s getting cold.? Keerti said walking into the breakfast. ?WOW, I love you boys, your mums forgotten that she?s angry at me? and did you see she smiled? she smiled at me.? Shubhankar said jumping with joy in front of his sons.

?Calm down dad? let?s go in before she remembers everything.? Arnav said shaking his head, at his dad?s behaviour.



?Hi Armaan!? A girl approached him as he entered the university building. ?Uh, Hi!? Armaan uttered, while trying to avoid this overdressed girl. He was not in the mood to face anyone, he was already getting late.


?ARMAAN, MY BABY WHY ARE SO LATE, I?ve been waiting for you all morning?? Another girl said running towards him. Before he knew it, he was surrounded by girls, hovering around him and showering him with sloppy kisses. His attempts to run away from them kept failing and was completely annoyed by now.


Almost 10 minutes had past by and he was still standing in the place, fed up and tired. ?Armaan where are you going baby?? the girl asked him, making a face.


?Urm, I?m getting late? Armaan managed to reply, avoiding eye contact. ?But you have the morning off right??She questioned him, narrowing her brows in confusion. Feeling embarrassed about lying he gave her a sheepish smile. ?Uh, urm? I seriously have to go? it was nice meeting you ladies?? Armaan replied, thinking ?what a lie, nice meeting them my foot.?


But?but? The girls uttered, heart broken. Meanwhile, Armaan began walking backwards, had managed to escape. All of a sudden he hears the girls screaming. ?ARMAAN WATCH WHERE YOU?RE GOING??


*BUMP* *THUD* It was too late the damage was done.


?OUCH!? Armaan heard someone complain. Not realizing he had fallen on top of a girl, whose eyes were closed. ?I?m so sorry? Armaan replied. He looked up to see whether the group of girls were still there, but to his surprise, had left disheartened. ?Please let me help you, I?m ever so sorry? I was actually trying to?? ?It?s ok..!? Riddhima replied cutting him half way, straightening herself up.


Riddhima was wearing pencil black jeans with a lime green kurti. She began feeling uncomfortable as she sensed his green eyes gaze at her. ?Urm, is there something wrong??? Riddhima asked.


?Ar-maan? Armaaan, that?s your name right?? Riddhima continued. Armaan was lost in his thoughts and didn?t want to stop gazing at those blue eyes. ?I?m sure they look familiar? stop it Armaan, before you get slapped?? He thought. ?Huh? yeh that?s my name?? He replied. ?Oh God, not another after me?? Armaan thought, once again lost in his thoughts. ?Urm, you dropped your file.? Armaan said, picking it up from the floor. Just as he was about to leave, he stopped to turn around.


?Riddh? Riddhima? Armaan mumbled, as he remembered. ?Riddhima, right?? Armaan asked, she nodded in a yes, smiling. ?I?m so sorry, I didn?t recognize you, its just that I had a hard time trying to get away from that crazy crowd.? Armaan explained, feeling bad. ?It?s ok, yeh, I saw you with them, you poor thing?? Riddhima replied, laughing hysterically. ?It?s not funny? Armaan pouted.

?So how?s it going, going to your lecture or the morning off?? Armaan questioned. ?Urm, yeh I actually have my lecture in the evening.? Riddhima replied. ?Oh, so what are you doing here now? if I was you, I would just sit at home and relax? and just spend time with my dad?? Armaan said, but notice a slight change of body language. ?I?m sorry, did I say something wrong?? Armaan asked, not sure what had happened.


Riddhima really didn?t know what to say, how she wished she could spend time with her father, but was always pushed away, always feeling unwanted by him. She could feel tears fill her eyes, but quickly wiped them away, hoping he had not seen them. ?What do I say to him, I hardly know him??? Riddhima thought. ?Is everything ok?? Armaan asked again. ?Y-eh, yeh? Riddhima stammered.


?OK, since you?ve got the morning and majority of the afternoon off, would you like to have lunch with me?? Armaan asked grinning. ?Please don?t refuse.? Armaan begged. ?Urm, I don?t think that?s possible, I actually have an assignment to hand in on Friday? so I need to work on that?? Riddhima replied, looking down. ?Oh, come on Riddhima? you regard me as a friend right, so lunch with me? and to make you feel better, I could help you finish your assignment by the end of the day.? Armaan tried convincing.


?Urm, ok then? if you insist.? Riddhima smiled. ?Great let me just make a phone call?? Armaan said flashing his dimples, taking his phone out his pocket. ?Hey, nikki? listen I won?t be coming to the lecture in the afternoon, please sign me in? I?ll explain later? Thank you, love you? Bye? Armaan said hanging up.


?You have a lecture, why didn?t you tell me? I?m sorry but I can?t come? Riddhima said disappointed, crossing her arms. ?Seriously, it?s fine? it?s my choice for not going, as a matter of fact? I hardly go to this one.? Armaan replied making a face, remembering how boring this particular lecture is.


?But? But? Riddhima began. ?No, buts? come let?s go?? Armaan said, pulling her arm.


Part 7




?Sir, Mr. Mehta?s waiting outside for you? should I tell him to go in?? The secretary hesitantly asked. ?Of course, Sunaina? Arnav replied abruptedly. ?OK sir?? She replied putting the phone.


?Mr. Mehta, you may go inside, Mr. Mallik?s waiting for you? Sunaina smiled. ?Thank you??




?Come in?? Arnav replied, engrossed reading the file. ?Good morning Mr. Mallik!? Mr. Mehta said still waiting at the door. ?Ah, Mr. Mehta please come inside?? Arnav said looking up.


?Mr. Mehta there?s nothing to worry about, I?m sure you received my letter yesterday explaining everything, right?? Arnav asked. ?I was just reading your file, the decision would be in your favour? so I shall see you on Friday at 10?? Arnav continued, not giving Mr. Mehta a chance to speak.


?Yes, I did receive your letter yesterday, but there?s something I need to tell you, Mr. Mallik? I?ve been receiving death threats by the opposite party.? Mr. Mehta said looking down with fear written on his forehead.




?So, where would you like to eat?? Armaan asked, looking at her as she sat in his black Aston Martin. Riddhima looked up at him, as she heard what he had asked her. ?He?s asking ME where I want to eat? Oh my God, what are you going to say, damn it why can?t he just decide for himself?? Riddhima thought. ?Riddhima? Riddhima!? Armaan said waving his hand. ?Huh? Riddhima stuttered. ?Are you ok? where are you lost? I asked where do you want to eat?? Armaan asked, confused as to why she keeps behaving this way. ?Yeh, I?m fine? why don?t you decide where to eat.? Riddhima replied, looking out of the window, feeling awkward.


?I would love to take you to my desired place, but this is your day? so you decide? what do you like eating?? Armaan said concentrating on his driving, smiling. ?My day?? Riddhima questioned, narrowing her brows in confusion. ?How is it my day?? Riddhima continued.


?Stop asking stupid questions, and answer my question? where shall we go? I?m starving!? Armaan replied. ?Riddhima, what have you got yourself into? nobody has ever asked questions like these? what if he doesn?t like the place I say?? Riddhima lost in thoughts once again. ?Actually, where would I like to eat? that?s a million dollar question? I?ve never really paid attention to what I like? Riddhima think of something before he gets annoyed?? Riddhima fought back with her thoughts.


?How about that new Chinese place which has opened, I?ve heard the food really good!? Riddhima said. ?WOW, it?s about time you answered my question, I was beginning to think we would end up having dinner instead? so you like Chinese, great choice.? Armaan chuckled, looking at her. He soon noticed she felt a little uncomfortable, the slight change in her body language, left Armaan curious.


?So tell me a bit about yourself, if you don?t mind?? Armaan asked. ?You know about your family, what made you decide to study Law? and what you want to do after you graduate?? Armaan continued.


?Well, if you don?t mind do you want me to start? since your battling with your thoughts, I?m sure we?ll be here forever? to tell you the truth I don?t mind, but I?m sure you will.? Armaan chuckled. Riddhima, looked up at him, shocked, ?Did he really just say that, oh my God, it is that obvious? damn Riddhima, stop it, your making a fool of yourself?? Riddhima thought.


?Yeh sure, why don?t you go ahead?? Riddhima said faintly smiling. ?Well, to start of with? I love my family; whether it?s my dad, mum or my brother?? Armaan said, remembering the incident which had happened early that morning, smiling as he narrated to Riddhima what his dad had got upto. Riddhima couldn?t help herself but to laugh. Armaan paused for a bit, and stopped to smile, as her admired her beauty, ?She looks so beautiful laughing? Armaan thought. ?That is so funny, I feel so sorry for your dad, I wish I could have fun with my papa like??Riddhima said, laughing hysterically covering her mouth, but soon stopped as she realised what she had just said.


?Oh, look we?re nearly there!? Riddhima proclaimed, changing the topic.

Hoping he hadn?t heard last statement, she began fidgeting with her bag, taking her phone out, she began texting Anjali. ?Hey Di, how are you? Haven?t heard from you in a while hope all is fine? How?s jiju? Luv Riddhima?.


?Riddhima?? Armaan called out. ?Riddhima?? Armaan called again. ?Can I ask you a question?? Armaan asked. ?Huh, yeh sure!? Riddhima replied, while putting her phone back in her bag. ?What did you mean, when you said I wish I could have fun with my papa??? Armaan asked in a more serious tone.


Before Riddhima could answer his question, she felt her phone vibrate.

?Hey sweety, I?m hapi to hear from you, I miss so much? you haven?t even come to see us? btw, I have good news for you, your soon to-be-massi? jus spoke to mama? don?t ask bout your jiju, he?s dancing around the room all morning.. lol? luv u? ur one and only sister Anjali.. x?


They had finally reached the restaurant, coming out of the car, Riddhima could help but to smile. She had never been so happy in life, not aware of her surroundings ran into Armaans arms hugging him as there was no tomorrow. Armaan was taken a back, at her sudden gesture, couldn?t understand what had happened to her all of a sudden. He had never been so confused in life. ?I?m so happy? today? Riddhima mumbled, still hugging him.


Armaan couldn?t resist but to hug back, her sweet fragrance was driving him crazy. ?Is this girl crazy or what, first she doesn?t answer my question, and now she?s in my arms? Armaan I?m sure your dreaming all this?? Armaan thought.


?Riddhima?? Armaan whispered. Riddhima looked up to see Armaan staring at him in confusion, she soon realised that she had been in his arms all that time. She abruptly moved back, totally annoyed with herself. ?Oh my God did I actually do that? sh** sh** sh**? your such a fool? what is he going to think of you now.? Riddhima thought straightening her hair out.


?Oh, I?m so sorry? I didn?t mean to? it?s just that my sister just text me stating she?s pregnant? so I guess I got carried away.? Riddhima explained, feeling guilty and a complete jerk.


?It?s? It?s fine, seriously? Congratulations!? Armaan replied. ?Shall we go in?? Armaan asked, as he noticed she was fidgeting with her bag.


?Sure.? Riddhima said still looking down, wondering how she was going to face him. ?I must say I?ve never felt so secure? I just wanted the time to stop.? Riddhima thought.



Part 8


?Oh WOW, this place is amazing, I must say you have great taste?? Armaan said looking around like a 5 year old boy. ?Good afternoon sir, how may I help you?? The waiter politely asked at the entrance. ?Hi, yeh table for two please?? Armaan replied. ?Sure, smoking or non-smoking sir?? The waiter questioned again. ?Smoking? Armaan replied looking at Riddhima, who was still lost in her thoughts, waiting for your reaction. ?Bulls eye? Armaan thought. Riddhima finally looked up at him with her jaws dropped to the ground. ?I?m joking, non-smoking please? Armaan chuckled. ?Non-smoking it is, follow me sir? The waiter smiled. ?Muuh band karo makhi chali jayegi.? Armaan grinned looking at Riddhima. ?Uh, Yeh? Riddhima realized.




?Shall we order or do you want to wait for a while?? Armaan asked, looking at a dazed Riddhima, staring into space. ?HELLO madam-ji kahan khoyi howi hain aap?? Armaan asked waving his hands in the air.


?There he goes again, asking me questions, why doesn?t he understand I?m not used to being given so much attention, that too by someone I hardly know?? Riddhima thought. ?But then again? I might as well enjoy it now? God knows when this day will come again?? Riddhima fought back with her thoughts again.


?Uh, since you?re so hungry, we might as well order considering it will take its time.? Riddhima replied smiling. ?Oh my God, you finally spoke!? Armaan said surprised. ?We?ve been here almost an hour? you?ve finally managed to speak up.? Armaan continued, looking at his watch, smiling.


?Listen? on a more serious note, if you?re still feeling awkward about what happened outside, please don?t be?? Armaan said looking at her. ??Coz, seriously I feel as if I?m talking to myself here?? Armaan chuckled flashing his dimples. ?Smile and cheer up girl, life is to enjoy and have fun despite all problems in life?? Armaan continued.


Riddhima was attentively listening to Armaan, she wasn?t much of a talkative person but enjoyed listening to people chat away about XYZ. ?I seriously don?t know what you?re going through, but if you ever need to talk? you know I?m here for you? as a friend.? Armaan said, placing his hand on hers. Looking down at his hand on hers she felt her eyes fill up.


?I know this is our second meeting and that too in a very awkward way, but today I felt as if I?ve known you for so long.? Armaan continued but then stopped to see her cry. ?Riddhima, are you crying?? Armaan questioned as she turned the other way.


?I?m so sorry, I shouldn?t be crying in front of you like this? but today after so long; I feel as if I?ve actually found a true friend? I?ve never really had friends in my life, and those that I always considered to be mine, left me feeling unwanted. Riddhima explained crying in between. ?Remember the first day I bumped into you?? Riddhima asked looking at him nod yes. ?You had asked me who those two guys were, well I don?t know them personally but when I first transferred into this university, I saw one of them molesting my now so-called friends and fought back? from that day now I?ve never had a days peace.? Riddhima said, wiping her tears.


She turned to face Armaan, whose expressions had suddenly changed. ?? and today, you again asked me a question about my papa?? Riddhima paused. ?Go ahead, Riddhima? I?m listening.? Armaan said in a low voice.


?Well I?ve never had a father-daughter relationship?? Riddhima continued crying, explaining to him what problems her family have been facing due to Shashanks behaviour.


As she she finished telling him, she began crying even more. ?It?s ok Riddhima, everything that happens in life, happens for a reason? And I believe God loves to test those who He loves dearly.? Armaan tried consoling her, not having the slightest clue on what say further and whether me made any sense.


Riddhima looked up at him with her red-teary eyes, faintly smiling. ?Why don?t you go to the washroom to freshen up? hmmm?? Armaan asked looking at her nod as she left.




?Armaan you seriously need to be careful on what you say next time? she had bottled it all up ever since we were in the car?? Armaan said to himself, feeling bad.




?Riddhima, what did you just do outside?? She thought. ?Are you crazy, have you lost it?? She fought back, looking into the mirror, as she splashed water on her face. ?But I feel so light-hearted now?? Riddhima said to herself, walking out of the washroom.




Armaan looked up to see Riddhima making her way to the table. ?Feeling better? anyways, your just in time the foods here!? Armaan said smiling.


?I?m sorry about what just happened, I?? Riddhima said looking down. ?Riddhimaa, whatever just happened is history? I promise I won?t ask you any questions about your life? I should be saying sorry, it?s because of me you cried.? Armaan cutting her in, felt guilty. ?But Armaan? it?s not your fault!? Riddhima pleaded. ?Girl, you worry too much and think too? now dig in before the food gets cold.? Armaan said flashing his dimples.


?Can I say something, please?? Riddhima asked, playing with her food. ?Yeh sure? go ahead!? Armaan replied with a mouthful. ?Thank- you, I really appreciate your concern, I?m glad we are friends? I hope it lasts.? Riddhima said smiling looking at him eat! ??And when you flash those dimples of yours, how can someone resist not smiling?? Riddhima continued, smiling at him. ?Why thank-you? now about your comment of being friends, I?m glad too? I feel I can be myself with you.? Armaan said wiping his face with a napkin.


Riddhima looked at him confused, as she took her second bite of chicken Manchurian and egg fried rice. ?Now don?t look at me all confused, what I mean to say is at times my friends just hang around with me, coz they feel they might have a chance with those crazy girls at university.? Armaan chuckled.


Finally, Riddhima felt more comfortable with Armaan, as soon enjoyed each others company.




Thank-you for a wonderful afternoon!? Riddhima said sitting in the car. ?The pleasure is mine, by the way I don?t have your number.? Armaan asked. ?I have a confession to make? neither do I have yours? Riddhima replied, feeling ever so guilty. ?But? but I?m sure I gave you mine?? Armaan said, while reversing the car.


?Actually the day you gave me your number, I had it in my bag, then later that evening my sister and jiju came to visit and began teasing me? Riddhima said hesistantly. ??and so you chucked it in the rubbish bin.? Armaan began laughing. ?How do you know?? Riddhima unknowingly asked.


?It?s obvious? you can be a dope at times!? Armaan said looking at her smiling. ?Take my numbers and just missed call me?? Armaan continued. ?Oh before I forget? give me your assignment? ?Armaan asked, while driving. ?Why?? Riddhima asked narrowing her brows. ?You seriously, have a memory lapse, I did mention this morning I?ll help you? I?ll make notes on the main issues? it will be easier for you? Armaan replied. Riddhima hesistantly smiled, ?Did he just call you a dope? I must admit this guy is clever? unlike you.. you idiot.? Riddhima thought.


?No seriously, it?s fine? I?m almost done with it, if you want you can read it, I just have a bit more to do though? that?s why I came early in the morning wanted to complete it? but my plan flopped?? Riddhima said, looking out of the window. ?Oh ok? then that?s even better, I?ll read it then?? Armaan said as he stopped at the traffic.




Armaan?s phone began ringing, he switched his Bluetooth and speaker on and began talking. ?Hey dad? what?s up? I hope your not in any problem?? Armaan chuckled. ?NO? beta, nothing like that? it?s Arnav?? Shubhankar said in serious tone. Armaan immediately stopped the car, at a side road. ?Tum kahan ho??? Shubhankar asked as his voice quivered. ?Urm, dad I?m out with a friend? what happened to bhai?? Armaan gulped, feeling his heart in his throat. ?Armaan bas jaldi aa jao? aur apne dost ko bhi le ana?? Shubhankar said as his voice broke. ?Par dad, tell me what happened to him??? Armaan asked, silently praying inside it wasn?t what he was thinking but a stupid prank that they were playing. ?He got shot.? Shubhankar finally said, before he broke into tears on the phone. Armaan froze, and leaving Riddhima shocked at what she just heard. A lone tear dropped down on Armaan?s cheek. His father?s last words echoed in his ears ?He got shot, he got shot, he got shot?.



Part 8? voila guys? hope you like it? although this part was a little serious but I tried making it a little funny as well? please do comment? hope I haven?t put you to sleep?.

  hope you all wonderful people like I would like to say a big thank u to all of you who have been commenting? hope u like this part too? keep commenting even if it is criticism luv sana


Edited by sana20n - 24 October 2008 at 5:34am

The following 7 member(s) liked the above post:


-Cherry- IF-Addictz

Joined: 17 December 2007
Posts: 66287

Posted: 05 October 2008 at 8:52am | IP Logged
amazing sweetie
i really loved itHeart
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooon
toooooooooo goooood
it was mindblowingClap
i'm loving the whole concept
do continue sooon
and PM me tooo
sana20n IF-Rockerz

Joined: 09 January 2008
Posts: 6485

Posted: 05 October 2008 at 9:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by swansea

amazing sweetie
i really loved itHeart
plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz continue sooon
toooooooooo goooood
it was mindblowingClap
i'm loving the whole concept
do continue sooon
and PM me tooo
awww thank u sweety.... im glad sum1 liked it... its my first attempt... lets see wht else happens in their lives... wil it b gud or bad????
i wil seriously try my best 2 update regularly, if uni allows me 2!!!
luv sana
Bissu Senior Member

Joined: 05 May 2008
Posts: 223

Posted: 05 October 2008 at 9:46am | IP Logged
wow what a great intro.
im guessing shashank is taking out his inferiorness from his dad in the past on his daughters.
wonder how armaan comes into all this.!
continue soon.
and if possible can you pm me?

mishti4maan IF-Dazzler

Joined: 22 September 2007
Posts: 2533

Posted: 05 October 2008 at 10:00am | IP Logged
sounds amazing!!!!!!!!!!!plzzz continue soon.....
rani 19 Senior Member

Joined: 22 May 2008
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Posted: 05 October 2008 at 11:12am | IP Logged

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perfectpiscean IF-Rockerz

Joined: 22 July 2007
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Posted: 05 October 2008 at 12:11pm | IP Logged
The intro sounds fab!
Do upd8 soon...The plot sounds interesting =]
cool_pisces IF-Dazzler

Joined: 17 August 2008
Posts: 3677

Posted: 05 October 2008 at 12:22pm | IP Logged
Hi Sana
Wow, ur ff sounds cool
Looking forward to it

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