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BV 01st & 02nd Oct Written Update

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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 3:45am | IP Logged
Extremely sorry for the late updatesEmbarrassed

01st October Update: Anandi and Jagya pays a visit to Anandi's maaykaSmile

maasa tells bhairav to let everything happen as it is. Why dont you participate in you brother's happiness. As both of your mother, i treat both of you as equal. You hav a good married life. Unless your brother too get a good marital life i wont be able to rest peacefully. This marriage is more for the good of this house than for my happiness.

sugna comes with a tray of food and tries to snatch the picture of the bride but maasa catches her on the act and sends her away. Maasa tells sugna that she can see the new thauji during the moodikai. A tired maasa tells sumitra to put food on the table so that she can rest after the meal. bhairav tells sumitra that i wonder whether the happiness of baisa is greater over the dreams and happiness of the girl.

jagya and anandi are complaining about how late sugna is with the picture. An empty handed sugna comes and informs that she didnt get it.  Sugna wasnt even able to look at the picture. Before she could peak maasa has taken away the picture. Anandi tries to go to maasa to give her the picture but jagya stops her saying that maasa wont give it. Sugna tells AJ that we can do a lot of masti during the marriage.

maasa is complaining about the amount of work still to be done for the wedding and wondering whether all will get done in time. baisa tells her not to worry as all wil get done. sumitra comes and informs that people have come with dresses.

maasa tells the man to show her bridal outfits first. sumitra decides a good choice and maasa goes with her daughter in laws choice.  anandi and sugna comes downstairs eating mango(isnt it?). They gets excited over the dresses and hence comes near to check out. Anandi drops her slice over a dress. Everyone gets tensed up wondering when maasa will yell at anandi. To everyone's surprise maasa laughs off the matter and says that because of basanth's marriage she is blind to all the faults. maasa tells sugna and anandi also to pick their choice. maasa goes over to bhairav and discusses the arrangements for the wedding. They talk about the types of food and flower arrangements. anandi picks a huge pile of saari's for her and tells maasa.

          Everyone laugh over her bundle. maasa says even the bride wont require this much. Maasa tells anandi to ask jagya if she wants this much amount of dresses. jagya comes and says he doesnt hav the money for all this. A sad anandi says that since none of us has money then we would look dull in the wedding. An amused baisa tells anandi to pick anything she likes and then it will be hers. sumitra sends all the children upstairs on maasa's request. sumitra then motions for bhairav who tells maasa that he wants to go and invite anandi's parents. maasa agrees. Bhairav again wanted sumitra to go with him. Maasa looks very amused but agrees to this also. (because of her son's marriage she is very lenient about everythingBig smile)

sugna comes to know from her mother that bhairav and sumitra are going to meet anandi's parents. A very macho jagya puts of some fancy spectacle and asks anandi how he looks. Anandi replies that he looks like a gundaaLOLLOL

Jagya gets angry and says that if you watch the television you could hav known that all the hero's wear these things. sugna comes and informs anandi about sumitra and bhairav. Anandi exclaims that she also wants to go and runs away. jagya fears that anandi might not come back after going her maayka. sugna tells him to follow anandi.

Sumitra and Bhairav seeks maasa's blessing before going out. Maasa gives bhairav some money to buy sweets for Anandi's parents. Maasa also tells bhairav to tell Anandi's parents to give shagun in a proper manner. Just as they both were about to leave anandi comes downstairs and tells them that she too wants to go with them.  Maasa asks what would you do in your maayka. Anandi gets very sober and says that she wont go as she will get to meet her parents during the wedding. Saying this a dejected anandi goes away. Maasa gets quite emotional and gives permission for anandi as well. Jagya is also expected to go with them. Sugna tells jagya to fetch his beendni.

Anandi, jagya and Jaggu's parents are in a horse coach and going on the roads of anandi's town. Anandi calls to everyone in each house. Her saheli poolie also comes running towards the couch. Anandi introduces everyone to her friend. Jagya tells anandi to speak about him. Anandi says there is nothing worthwhile to talk about him.  They arrive at Anandi's house. Anandi runs in and calls to her mother. Her mother comes and starts scolding at anandi thinking that her daughter has run away again. Bhairav tells her not to scold at their bahu. Anandi's father too comes out to greet the guests. Bhairav invites them for the wedding. Anandi tells sumitra that her mother makes the best chaat. While bhairav and her father is talking Anandi comes and takes jagya away to show him where she used to play.

Anandi takes jagya to a place and says that here lives a witch who has long nails and big teeth. Jagya says he is not afraid of any such witches. Anandi and her friend hides from Jagya. A little unsettled Jagya calls for them. Finally Anandi comes from behind and frightens jagya who gets angry at them.  Anandi tries to apologise but jagya wont listen to him. Poolie also joins in and tells jagya that according to anandi he is the best cricket player. A proud jagya says that no one can beat him. Anandi tells him lets go and show the chore's of this town how good you are at cricket. A happy threesome gets up to go and the episode ends in their midstrideSmile

preview: Anandi, jagya and sugna are playing on the road on who can cover most distance by walking on one foot. Anandi legs behind and a car comes from behind. Anandi yells loudly "jagya".  The car comes and stops near anandi. The car door opens and out comes ABHISHEK BACHCHANEmbarrassed

02nd October Update: Abhishek meets Jagya/Anandi and SugnaEmbarrassed

jagya plays cricket with the boys of anandi's town. At first they caution him to be careful as they hav good bowlers. After seeing jagya's betting they become very impressed with himBig smile. A delighted anandi and her friend made faces at the boysLOL.

bhairav asks permission to go back. anandi tells poolie that she and her beend are trying to get poolie a new husband. poolie says according to her mother once you get widowed then you cannot get married again. anandi replies that if her thauji can get married again why cant you. Anandi gifts her friend bangles.

Anandi wanted to stay back a little longer to talk  with her friend but bhairav says we should go now. Anandi's mother asks them to let stay with them until the wedding. Anandi realises the awkwardness of the moment and tells her mother that maasa has given her a lot of responsibilities of the wedding as she is now the bahu of the house. If she is not there then the marriage will get stalled. Anandi starts crying when its time to leave. She makes her mother promise several times that they would come to the wedding.

Jagya comes with a cricket bet and boasts on how he played against the opponents. Jaggu comes and falls on the bed so hard that he spoiled the painting anandi was making. An angry anandi yelled at jagya. Upon seeing the painting jagya gets angry as according to anandi's painting the girl(anandi) is studying while the boy(jagya) is in the kitchen cookingLOLLOL. jagya tells anandi that in reality it is the opposite of what she has drawn. Anandi says that she will draw according to what she thinks (good girlClapClap) When sugna comes there both jaggu/anandi were in a heated argument. 

Sugna tells AJ that according to prathap Abhishek Bachchan came to his town to promote his new film Drona. Though he didnt meet AB Jr. he(prathap) heard that AB is coming to this town. Abhishek is coming to the temple to offer his blessing. AJ and sugna wanted to go and meet AB but the problem was how to convince maasa to let them go. Sugna comes up with an idea. The trio runs to maasa.

Maasa was yelling at a servant that none of them is doing their work. Sugna tells maasa that they all wants to go to the keethan at the temple. Maasa refuses and tells that when their father returns they can go. Now that it is dark she wont allow them to go alone. Sugna says that they will learn new bhajans to sing in thauji's wedding. Jagya also goes to maasa and says that he will even write the bhajans and bring. Finally maaasa gives permission. Seeing a very happy anandi maasa asks her why she is so happy. When she found out that anandi too is going maasa tells her that she couldnt go as anandi has to help sumitra in the kitchen. Anandi becomes sad. Sumitra takes pity on her and requests maasa to let anandi go. Jagya also tells maasa that anandi may get to learn some "dharam karam". Sumitra gives an unbelievable look at them. Maasa gets very happy at jagya's wisdom and tells the trio to go.

AJ and sugna are walking on the road. Anandi tells jaggu to not walk in the middle of the street as a car may come. Jaggu says that this is his town road and he would walk as he wishes.  The trio starts a competition of who can walk more with only one foot.  Anandi bechari was lagging behind. A car comes by and anandi yells "jagya" in fear. The car stops just behind anandi and Abhishek Bachchan gets out of the car.

AB asks anandi wat she is doing in the middle of the road. Anandi calls jagya to come. AB tells the kids that children should play at home or in the park. Not like this in the middle of the road. An accident could happen. Anandi says that she was telling the same thing to jagya but he doesnt listen. AB asks jaggu why he isnt listening to such an intelligent girl like anandi. Jagya asks whether  he is AB. Anandi too asks him. AB says in true rajasthani style "saachi"EmbarrassedBig smile. Anandi asks AB whether he makes cinema. AB replies that he doesnt make cinema but works in films. Anandi tells AB that they were on the way to the temple to meet him. Sugna says that AB is so much nicer than what she has heard of.  Jagya talks about Drona and how AB would be fighting with all the bad guys. AB says that those who are doing wrong should be punished. Anandi asks what Drona does. AB says that if i tell the full story now then there wont be any fun when you go to the theatre and watch it. AJ and sugna gets sad. Jaggu tells AB that if their maasa forbids then they cant go to watch Drona. AB tells them to tell maasa that not only abhishek told to watch it but to also take maasa to see it. Then maasa will readily agree. Before AB leaves jagya asks him for an autograph. Anandi tells sugna that jagya only told his name not theirs. AB tells anandi that she can introduce herself.  Anandi tells her name. Sugna wanted the autograph in her hand. AB asks them whether they study in the same class. Anandi says only jagya study, that also in the seventh standard. AB asks anandi why she doesnt study. Anandi says its because she got married. AB gets shocked hearing this.

Abhishek asks them their age. Anandi says she is twelve, sugna fifiteen and jaggu thirteen.  When AB gets lost in thought the children decided to leave. They tell AB to come and visit their town again and AB nods his head (The trio leaves).

The episode ended with a social messege from AbhishekSmile
Though our country has developed so well it is regretful that practices like child marriage still exists among us. It is more shameful rather than alarmed. Lets all come forward and banish this practice from our societyThumbs Up

preview: Baisa's marriage is going on. The people from whom the bride's father has taken money comes and stops the marriage and informs that unless the money gets paid the marriage wont take placeSmile

Once again sorry for the delay and forgive any mistakesSmile
Do leave your commentsEmbarrassed

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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 4:17am | IP Logged
Thanks for the update... now dadisa will pay the money to those villageres also.... lottery for gehna's father
sweetShama786 Groupbie

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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 6:04am | IP Logged
I love this serial. thankyou
daddysgirl786 Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 6:44am | IP Logged

yeah i'm pretty sure dadisa will pay off the others too

AB looked so cute :)
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hey thanks a lot for the update.. Love the way you arrange ur updates with imp Pics..Abhi looking cool there..Smile
poo_supi Goldie

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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 9:21am | IP Logged
I really like the how Anandi told suguna and jagya that Abhishek is staring at them. It was really hilarious....

Same also goes for  Anandi about her painting too good.....

Did you see phooli, my... she was teaching Anandi facts like how to make her husband happy when he is angry, she knew she could not wear bangles. I really felt sorry for her. I hope she get married again.

Fabulous picture and written updatesClapI just love it..

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