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Bedtime FF: Sin Part 2 PG1 13/01

Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 30 September 2008 at 7:51am | IP Logged

Ok since like i told her about this concept she been hounding my sick carcuss ?from the office to my home!! LOL ? anyway Jia just for u the intro?. And u know my work load at the moment?OuchCry


Happy Eid to those celebrating? 


Hope you guys Enjoy this short bedtime FF on the Dark side??  


Forgive me!! for I have sinned?.For the past few days I have thought about nothing but my brothers wife?Riddhima! ?We knew each other from college and I had a crush on her there but thought nothing much of it?it was an infatuation on my part initial sharing the same class.. But I was scared to tell her? She belong to a very rich family her father was a wealthy hotelier and I was brought up by my Bi? We where well over off my father was a business merchant ?buying and sell was our business?But when he past away he split everything down the middle between Sumit and myself? I get my share when a graduated and listening to my friends we knew I could not marry Riddhim until I was at her level in wealth and society status?.and because I wanted to prove to myself and to my family I could do this I have been living in London and making Malik European Export and Imports grow?.dream of my dream of coming back home and marrying the college girl I fell in love with?.


I left for London and informed Sumit was getting married ?.never in my dreams did I think it would be Riddhima?  As I landed for the wedding ?I was stunned seeing her at the mandip, dressed in red?. Seeing her the house is killing me as I dream of just holding her and ravaging her red luscious lips with mine?Seeing him near her I feeling like my insides are on fire?but know I have discovered his secret as I know he is seeing his ex and leave in bride abandon and alone? Now I see a ray of hope??


Please comment or click the thank you button   Love KatEmbarrassed

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Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 11 October 2005
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Posted: 30 September 2008 at 7:52am | IP Logged

~~Part One~~


"Armaan?" he looked up and saw Bi as she walked in and hugged him. The smell of her lavender scent, brought back nothing but memories of his childhood?'It was good to be home' he thought looking at her grey head woman smiling warmly at him?been away for such a long time he missed this.


"Finally you have arrived?." Armaan smiled looking over at her as he stood in the hall of there family home in Mumbai?.the house did look like the one he left?It was full of colour and decorated in flowers and drapes as ?Bi lead him into the house.


"Your brother is getting ready?.and I know you have just come off the plane and tired?but we got to get the Bharaat ready to go to the girls place?" Armaan smiled looking at Bi she never changed that same worried look on her face as she talked non stop and told him how she like missed him and cant do this without him?


"I'm still upset you not arrived for the mendhi and engagement ?" he closed his eyes briefly and smiled as they stopped.


"RAMU!?..get food to Armaan's room and where the pooja samaan?" Armaan looked over at her frowning as he placed his hand on her shoulder?as she turned to look at him.


He looked over at her in tears?as she touched his face?as he looked at her shaking his head.


"I am so happy you here?2 years and ?" he hugged her as she hugged him back.


"Armaan Bhai!!" He looked up to see Rahul standing with the rest of the bharaat..


"Rahul?man you've changed!" Armaan smiled as he greeted him with a strong hand shake..and smiled warmly.

"How is it goin?" Armaan asked looking at him as they enter the house.


"Cool ?I hear nothing but good news about the export business in London?You like doing well?" Rahul said looking at him as he smiled.


"Yeah surprisingly?. How things here?" Rahul looked over at him and sighed


"Sumit caught up in some bad business and this wedding is just to compromise ?" Hearing the brass band play Armaan looked over at him not hearing Rahul as he was drowned out?by the brass band and smiled looking over at Sumit dressed up on the white horse.


"Armaan Bhai?" feeling himself getting pulled into the crowd he looked over at everyone dancing on the road and danced with them?




"Armaan?" he looked over at Ritu as he enter the wedding hall and smiled


"Ritu??Wow you look amazing!" he smiled looking over at her as she smiled warmly.


"Where the C man?" Armaan asked looking over at her as she blushed


"He's here!?but what you doing here?" she asked looking over at him


"Now I could not stay away from such an event couldn't I?" Ritu looked at him as he smiled and looked slightly worried.


"ARMAAN BHAI!" he turned and looked over at Rahul and smiled.


"Ritu I see you in a while ?.i think Bi wants me at the Mandap with Sumit as it time for the Jai mala?" Ritu looked over at him and smiled weakly


"Armaan Beta stand next to your brother here?Hold the Jai Mala and past it to him?" Bi instructed as she handed him the heavy white flowered garland..


"Bi? Where you going?" he asked looking at her with a little grin.


"Armaan Beta keep Sumit there and I just see where Ramu? ?" Armaan smiled and looked over at Sumit elbowin him in the ribs.


"Salle?.now you see me here on the stage!" Armaan chuckled as Sumit moved the side of the golden stands of the Sehra to see him.


"Sorry?I landed a few hours ago?Bi said not to disturbed you!!" Armaan whispered looking over at the stairs case in the hall as a red gold studded Chuni was ontop of the bride covering her from everyone preying eyes?Everyone turn to see the four girls escorting the Bride ?.by holding the Chuni from the corners and hiding her.


"She coming Bro?.Last chance Now to RUN!" Armaan teased looking at Sumit letting go of the Sehra.


"Let her come?You missed my bachelor party Yaar?There was this girl?.man she was making me hot?" Armaan shock his head and looked over at his brother.  He was known for his reputation in the city and he was surprised when he called and told him he was getting married.


"Fun is over bhai?she like 10 feet away?. Btw?she not a stunner as she hiding herself?" Armaan felt another poke at his ribs.


"She beautiful and tomorrow I tell you about it in detail!" Sumit chuckled as Armaan shock his head.


No one would have guess they where brother as they where nothing alike? Sumit lived his life carefree and Armaan was caution with everything?Sumit was the one in the page 3 pages ?and Armaan was in the business papers ?Sumit loved many while Armaan only loved one?As he looked over at the Chunni standing between his brother and his wife to be he gasped in horror as the Chunni was lowered?. 'Riddhima' ?as Sumit turned to take hold of the Jai Mala from Armaan hands he ?looked over at Riddhima stunned to see dressed in a red and gold lengha ?.with the bridal bindi's on her forehead and her heavy Kajoled filled eyes lowered as her hands rose up holding the Jai Mala towards his brothers neck?. This has to be a bad dream? He looked over at her with a heavy heart as they both turned?to look at the camera the flashing lights brought him back into life?


"RITU!" he took hold of her hand and led her away


"Riddhima?" he whispered looking over at her in disbelief..


"I thought you knew?.Armaan!" She looked over at him tensely


"No! Tell me how?" he asked taking hold of her shoulders.


"Her father struck a deal with Sumit and Riddhima was part?"


"But?" Armaan listened to Ritu and looked over at the Mandap


This cant be happening he thought looking at his brother and the women he loved sit down at the Mandap?to be married


"Armaan are you listening to me?" Ritu asked.


"Why did you not tell me? Chriag tell me?" he asked looking at her?as she lowered her eyes.


"We told you Armaan ?to confess your love?Riddhima met Sumit and she like taken by him and? " NO he though closing his eyes?.


He looked at the edge of the mandap as they walked around the fire taking there vows and he looked so hurt??




"Armaan is that really you?" Armaan stepped forward onto the stage as everyone had congratulated them and he wanted to be the last to go on the stage.


"You know Armaan?" Sumit asked surprise at Riddhima reaction as she smiled broadly.


"Yeah he's my partner ?throughout College?" Riddhima smiled warmly?Armaan looked at her she was perfection?and still the same bubbly Riddhima he let behind ..those same bright green eyes and the warm glow on her cheeks.


"Riddhima?.you still remember!" Armaan smiled back walking closer to her.


"Sure I do! You where like one of my closet friends?you used to give me all your notes and all?otherwise Sumit I don't think I would have past if it were not for?


"My Brother!" Riddhima looked stunned as Sumit placed his arm around Armaan and smiled.


"Omg Armaan is your brother?" Riddhima giggled as Armaan just looked at her.


"Ahem? Bro since I was related to Riddhima first?I am maintain that friendship Rishta and nothing else?" Armaan said looking over at him brother.


"I don't mind?Kid! I can never say no to you?.Riddhima I am sorry but my brother comes first ?even before you honey!" Sumit looked over at her as she nodded.


"Well I need all the help I can get with you?.So what else are friends for!" Armaan looked over at her as she took hold of his arm and pulled her towards him as Sumit chuckled with Riddhima giggle?




"Bhai I don't get it ?.what happen to Nikita?" Armaan looked over at his brother as he took hold of the whisky from Armaans hand?.As they stood at the bar


"Don't talk to me about that B*****!" Armaan looked over at him knocking back the whiskey in one go


"I gave her my heart and she just?.I still love her!" Armaan looked at him brother


"This wedding?" Armaan asked looking at him


"Somethings are just left alone Armaan?Now my wife is waiting for me in the bedroom ?."


"Sure brother?. Here one for the road!" Armaan poured another drink holding the bottle angrily?


"Make is a strong one kid!" Sumit said looking at him an smiling.


Armaan walked to his bedroom and closed his eyes?.She married a man who would never love her and would just use her?.what was he goin to do! He walked over towards the wardrobe and took out his suitcase?


*knock knock*




~~Part Two~~~


Armaan gentle placed Sumit's head on the pillow and looked over at Riddhima as she stood nervously at the end of the bed looking at them both.


"He just collapsed and I…" he could hear the stress in her voice as he got up and put his lips together displaying a sympathise smile…. And looked at her.


"Bhai tends to drink too much…" he mumbled stepping away from the bed.


"Armaan…" he turned to look at her as she stood with the moonlight catching the gold embroidery of her red wedding lengha…she looked amazing he just want to take her in his arms looking away he composed himself as he head her bangles and looked to see her coming towards him.


"I think I made a big mistake…" he looked at her confused and looked at Sumit.


"Mistake?" he asked looking at her.


"Yeah …. This lengha …that beautician told me not to pin it so much and I'm having issues getting this undone…" he looked at her as she placed her hand on her shoulder….Closing his eyes briefly seeing her so close to him he opened his eyes looking at the door which seemed like miles away.


"I'll get the maid…" he said firmly as he stepped away but stopped feeling her hand on his wrist.


"No Armaan…. don't please… its meant to be my suhaag raat and everyone will now about Sumit being drunk and…. I rather avoid it… can you just help me get the chunni unpinned…" she asked looking at him. ….He nodded his head and looked at her with her back towards him… placing his hand through his hair he listen to her pointing out the pins as he stepped forward…  Smelling her fragrance as she talked about the old college days… Feeling like everything in the world was just moving so slowly as he placed his hand on her waist from behind ….feeling her soft velet like skin as he touched the fabric to find the pin.  She remained still and talked about there old days with the gang…as he placed his hand gentle on her shoulder …placing his thumb inside her blouse feeling his fingers brushing her collarbone as he listen to her talk not taking what she said in at all….finding the pin he gentle opened it and stepped forward…. Seeing the goosebumps on her neck as his breath touched her skin he noticed she stop speaking as searched for the pin which held the chunni …he gentle push down his thumb onto the front of her shoulder feeling her heart beat beating as fast as his as he pulled the fabric to the shoulder of her arm exposing her naked shoulder….noticing she had not worn a bra ….he closed his eyes as he found the large pin…Stepping forward feeling her hair brushing against his face he took a deep breath and release the final pin as he stepped back to see the chunni drop gentle off her body… Seeing her finger quickly take hold of the chunni he stepped back…..Riddhima turned to thank him but there was no one there and smiled.


Closing his eyes he could still feeling his finger touching her skin and her soft hair brushing against his face. Why was god playing such a sick joke on him? the women he loved was married to his brother of all people… Now he had to leave and get out as he was feeling as thou someone what crushing his chest and the pain was no subsiding at all. Why was this happening to him? No tomorrow morning he just leave and not ever come back…. He'll keep himself busy in London and that it…Dame she was there in front of his eyes when ever he closed them… Opening his eyes he knew this was goin to be the longest night of his entire life…..




Coming down the stairs he saw how everyone was down stairs preparing for the small gathering of the community to see the brides face and wish her the best for her married life…. he over slept and it was about mid day …. Placing his suitcase down he looked over at Bi as she was organising everything.


"Armaan?" she looked over at the suitcase confused as she looked at him


"Bi…I have to get back…" he said looking at her as she looked at him


"No beta …not yet! I need your help….with this evening and I want to discuss something really important with you…" he looked over at her as she spoken to him firmly.


"Bi?" he looked at her coming forward.


"Armaan please …." He saw something in her eyes and nodded.


"Ramu… take Armaan's Suitcase upstairs….. and Armaan go to the jewellery's and pick up …the gold Set I have ordered to gift Riddhima….as she cooking this evening and its traditional to gift her something….also pick something up to give her too…" he looked over at her confused as she walked away..


"Oh ….before you go! …Get something to eat… Kanta and Riddhima are in the Kitchen so get something…" Armaan nodded and headed for the kitchen






"Bibiji…. How was your night?" Armaan stopped in his tracks and he looked over at the young maid asking Riddhima ….


"Kanta… get me the vegetables and all…." Riddhima blushed and Kanta saw her face and giggled.


"Hai hai bibiji… you tired Sumit baba as he not up yet!" Kanta giggled as Riddhima looked over at her shaking his head.


"Hes got a headache and will be down later….Now get started on the aloo will you…" Feeling his chest burning he loudly enter the kitchen.


"Kanta get ….me something to eat!" he said angry looking at her as she nodded her head.


"Kanta its ok….I get Armaan something…you start on the aloo…" Armaan started angrily at Kanta the cheek of this girl asking Riddhima all these personal questions and all.


"Good Afternoon Armaan…." he turned to look at her dressed in a yellow sari looking over at him.


"I see we up bright and early…" she teased setting the tray before him at the dinning table in the kitchen…


"Jet lag… got of the plane and into the wedding activities ….hence I over slept.." he lied looking down at the tray…  How could he sleep? he was think about her and all…now he was goin to stop another day because of Bi…


"Bibiji… the aloo are done ….shall I see if Bi need anything as it time for her medicines and all…" Riddhima looked over at her nodding as she saw the young girl skip out of the room…


Riddhima poured the food in the taal and watch Armaan pick up the roti.


"Thank you Armaan…. you left and…"


"I thought if someone saw me then they ask questions and left…" he said quietly as she looked at him.


"I'm worried about Sumit he slept all night and not moved this morning…when you're finished could you go and see to him…." she asked nervously.


"If I go ….the questions and all…" he looked at her feeling uncomfortable and nodded.


"Sure I see to him…."


"Thanks Armaan…you like a god sent really, I'm so happy to have a friend like you here…" he looked over at her as she placed her hand on his shoulder and smile at him.


There was a time when he would have done anything to get such a reaction from her… even now see her turn to go back to her work he wanted to just hold her from behind and distract her totally…. Whispering sweet nothing in her ear and her say… 'stop it…I'm working' but alas he was not goin to get this at all… How he wanted to hold her in his arms forever.




"Bi….I work and have money….put it away save it for yourself!" he said looking at her handing him the money in her bedroom.


"Shh…. I have this stuff sitting in the safe…if I cant spent it on you and Sumit who am I goin to give it too…" she said looking at him as he refused to take the money.


"Fine….I give it to Riddhima's children then…" she said looking at him as he went pale.


"Beta you ok?" she asked as she smiled


"Yeah ….Bi what the important thing you wanted to ask me?…" he asked looking at her as she patted the bed.


"Look Armaan… I know there someone you like and Sumit told me he wanted to marry Riddhima and all…. So now tell me! Who's this girl?" she asked looking at him as she lowered his head.


"It's to late Bi she got married…." Bi pulled him close to her and placed her head on his shoulder.


"Listen Beta it was not meant to be….and all! So this is why you been so depressed threw the wedding and all… wanting to get away so fast…" he looked over at her and nodded his head.


"Ok ….not to worry…" he looked over at Bi getting up from the bed.


"RIDHIMA BETA!" he looked over at her confused to see Riddhima enter the room.


"Ji Bi!" she said smiling to see them.


"You my dear have an very important job to do….You're job is to find Armaan a wife!" Armaan looked over at Bi surprised as Riddhima hugged Bi smiling.


"Sure Bi…. No problems…" Riddhima smiled looking at him.


"Good beta…. It just the girl he wanted to marry ….got married to some other duffer… as my beta heart broken ….and you my child will find him someone as better as her…" Bi said placing a hand on Armaan hair motherly.


"Sure Bi" Armaan sighed it looked like he was not leaving India so soon.




"I have to see you…. please!" Armaan pushed open Sumit bedroom door to find him at the window holding the mobile to his ear with his back turned


"Nikita….i love you…. this was all a big mistake….don't cry honey!" Surprised Armaan walked in and shut the door behind him as Sumit turn to see him….and sighed in relief…


"Ok I see you there in 2 hours…" he said ending the call.


"Bhai?" Armaan looked over at him as he smiled.


"Just look and learn little brother…. Riddhima will play the dutiful wife while I see my lover…" Sumit winked at him as Armaan looked at him in disgust


"But if you where goin to play like this then why marry her?…" Armaan asked looking at him as he went to the wardrobe…


"Simple…. Nikita was my HR manager and I feel in love with her…. but I never knew I loved her until she left me…. and my companies not being doing so well…. So I meant Riddhima  at a party and I started thinking….Marry her as she the only child get her fathers money….  Nikita back in town and I have to get her back by any means necessary…"


"But what about Riddhima??" Armaan asked as he felt like hitting his brother how could he do this for money.


"What about her? she have money and my married name….i'll just …." Sumit winked as Armaan clenched his fist.


"If you need money you should have come to me and…." Armaan said angry looking at her.


"What little brother….Oh she your friend and all…. I keep her happy she learn…Now tell me the blue or grey shirt…" Armaan closed his eyes and composed himself.


"What you doing is wrong and …"Armaan looked at him placing his arms into the blue shirt.


"Come on Yaar don't ruin my fun yaar…. Ok and if I'm late cover for me…" Armaan looked at him leaving the room as she just stood there feeling sick…. 
Love KatEmbarrassed

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Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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Story details #2

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Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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Story details #3

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Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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one for money
meow23 IF-Rockerz

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kat u bak wid 1 more ff..
hheehhe.. luvd dis 1.....
jia.. IF-Rockerz

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OMGGGGGGG Haila...u posted this????? Omg let me calm down....*Take a deeeeep breath* OMG......Love u ......ok i need to calm down!!!Silly


Ok now that was some intro lady!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG its like so freakingly outstanding....the way Armaan narrating his state....cant keep his eyes off from his lady love....

And wanting to be equal to her and prove himself....only to find her married....Ok u just got me a little more crazier on this then i already was.......LOL LOL How do u do this lady??? The intro is fabulous yaar....ok i am eager to see his ray of hope......thanks a million....Hug

Kept it short....u know the reason why...*Deep breath*LOL


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Catwoman IF-Sizzlerz

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booking my space
Cheers everyone....
book ur seats

Story details #Emergency

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