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Originally posted by TINK

Originally posted by mona18

Here I come with my set of Qns! Have fun answering them SamSmile

Indeed i will be having fun, thanx for taking ur time out and getting all this questions, evern though i am being grilled it means alot for you to do that! Cheers!

So here we go......

Typical Qns

Name? Sandeep
How old are you? 21
Where were you born? London
Where's your hometown? London
When's your birthday? 19/12/86 - Wow! 19 Dec? I'm 18 Dec!LOL 
Hows your hair? upto shoulders & dark brown
What kind of clothes do you wear? casual really jeans/hoodys/jumpers/jackets
Glasses/Contacts? I most prized possession along with Edward of course is my FCUK glasses!
Height? 5 foot 6 inches
Eye color? Deep Brown
Hair color? Dark Brown

Now coming to your favsTongue
>Tv show?  FRIENDS
>Movie?  HP Movies & Twilght (yes i love that already lol!)
>Actor?  Ha! Robert Pattinson & Rupert Grint - my two HEROS
>Actress?  Rachel Weisz
>Band?  Nickleback
>Book?  Damn there are loads.....HP at the top followed by Twilight Saga....there are loads! Come to my facebook account you will find loads off books on there! LOL!
>Author? The untouchable amazing JK Rowling!
>Color? Blue
>Number? 1
>Symbol? The Cullen Crest! LOL!Embarrassed
>Season? Winter Baby...i love walking in the Winter Wonderland! its all about the snow!
>Time of day? Evenings - mostly spent with Edward ofcourse in his meadow!
>Day of the week? Friday - Party time!
>Holiday? Summer holidays from Uni which are normally more than 6 weeks! Yeah! Love going to America and Europe!
>Place to shop? Bluewater & The Chimes; shopping centers not to far from where i live! Buying new clothes at the top off the list!
>Food?  Pizza Hut all the wayyyy! i love their salad selections! yum!
>Drink? Water all the way! I am a health freak! though i like Spirit! And anything stonger than that...i usually don't remember after a night out!
>Desert?  Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Custard!
>Scent? Cool Water by Davidoff Obbession by Clavin Klien
>Place to be? In a library reading a book and not thinking about all the rubbish that happens in life! Fantasy books, i can't read real life stories! Like real life they can be upsetting! So driffting away in a book adventure is just me thing!
>Animal?  Mountain Lion! Would you like to see how i hunt! AND with wht weapons *smiles a flashing smile*
>Type of weather? Cool wind on a sunny day! I like the occasional little rain its nice to hear when your trying to sleep!
What's the time right now? Its is10.41 am (GMT London)
>Songs do you love listenting to?

Nickleback, Chris Brown, Acceptance, Daughtry, Coldplay, Snow Patrol, Usher, Jordin Sparks, One Republic, Usher, Amy Whinehouse, Michael Jackson Timbaland, Robert Pattinson :D *SIGH* The best signer ever!; ), Avril Lavigne, Backstreet Boys, Coldplay & ....and many more!

>Worst thing you've ever done?

Skipped school to watch Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkhaban will be doing another one like that when i skip Uni to watch Twilight! lol! Embarrassed - Ahan! Skipped sch eh? Well this shows your an obsessed HP fan!LOL

Okay there is sure something i must have done bad, but i can't REMEBER IT righ now! Ouch LOL

>Most embarrasing thing you've done? 
Had to sing "My Heart Will Go On" from Titanic at the school choir! urgh! that was so disdurbing! Ouch LOL
>Funniest thing you ever heard?
Listening to Robert Pattinson and Rupert Grin give interviews is damn funny because they ate so akward and shy! *BLUSHES*
>Saddest thing you ever heard?
That we could not find a bone marrow for our aunt who later on passed away suffereing from Cancer!
>Most Romantic song you have ever heard?
Okay! I was listening to this just yesterday! And its at the top off my head! though there are many romantic songs i like! I liked this song so much that my FF on the Kasamh Se forum is named after this!

I love you for asking that question! I am dream land now! Listening to it! while i answer! Embarrassed
- That was such a sweet and lovely song! I should thank you for letting me know such a song!Embarrassed

>Most Saddest song you have heard?  I honestaly can't think off it right now! cos i am in such a happy mood right now! LOL! Big smile LOL
Finish these sentences...
I LOVE.... Robert Pattinson
I HATE... Paris Hilton! LOL!
I AM.... a BELIEVER! i believe in faires! because i am tinkerbell! and believe i can go to Never Never Land one day to meet Peter Pan!
I WANT TO... be a writer one day!
I HEAR... voices in my head like Bella does! Edward is calling me! Must go to him! Ahaha! So like me as well!LOL
THIS IS THE SONG THAT NEVER... changed! It was always bootiful and will remain bootiful! Still listening to Far Away by Nickleback!
OH MY GOD, I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT... Edward just proposed to me...he said he needs to settle down now, cos he is 108 years old! And i said YES! duh! Embarrassed LOL -No comments! Am heartbroken you seeOuchLOLLOL
WHAT IN THE HELL... is with the people who  keep comparing HP with Twilight! I WISH they would just stop! Angry  - Ahhh!! Tell me abt it! Super annoying that they keep comparing HP with Twilight!Ouch
... favourite! When i go outside i feel like i am about to fly! LOL (thats cos i am tink duh!) Though the sun is out aswell! Embarrassed 
LIFE IS... to live and let live & to do something that will ensure that you are remembered after you leave! "If you don't get remembered you never exsisted" Big smile  thast wht i believe - You are such an optimistic person! Really really nice knowing a person like u!Smile
LOVE IS... the ultimate happiness
I WISH...that i have 100, 000, 000 free wishes! Is that too much to ask for?! - Not really! Lol!

OKAY! i have to rush for a while! Will come back and answer the REST! still need to do the fisrt set off ones too! LOL

OKAY! I am Back! LOL - Good! I was waiting for the rest of your ans!LOL

Have you ever appreciated a sunset? Yes, indeed i have with me my friends in a hill in the middle of Wales while we were on a 2 week Geography field trip! Yayyy! That was fun!
Have you ever been a guest at a surprise party?  Ahaha! loads off times! and once it was for my uncle and he nearly fainted when we shouted SUPRISED! LMAO!
Have you ever been in a fist fight? Oh dear, i have never done that, voilence will reslove nothing!
Have you ever broken a bone? Damn! don't remind me about that! I have my ankle once and my wrist! Ouch!
-  I feel your pain!Ouch I am accident prone, keep faling and breaking my limbs everytime!LOL
Have you ever cheated on an exam? No comment! lol!
Have you ever cried in public and embarrassed yourself? Yes, thats when i was a kid, so embarrasment does not count, cos i embarressed myself all the time! SIGH!
Have you ever done something silly that you wish you had not done? omsgh! loads off times Mona, lets not go down that road!

Have you ever eaten in a restaurant and realized you have no money with you? AHAHAHA! I love this question! Nope, never happened to me YET! lol!
Have you ever fallen asleep and forgotten where you were? Oh! Yes! all the time! I wake up all dazed and the first thing i say is "where am i" lol! even in my room sometimes! - You remind me of someoneTongue Me!LOL
Have you ever fallen down the stairs? Oh Hell! yeah! *embarrassed* loads off times! more when i was a child! I am like accident prone! right this mintute my ankle is hurting cos i hit my foot in the door and now i am in pain! I wasn't looking at where  i was going! just a BIT dopey at times! - You are so much like me! Dopey! I keep getting hurt on my little toe everytime especially!LOL
Have you ever fallen or stumbled in front of others? YESSSSSSS! THAT WAS WELL BAD! INFRONT OFF THIS GUY I THOUGHT WAS HOT! DAMN! DAMN! LOL!
Have you ever dreamt of a ghost being in your bedroom and then waking up and finding yourself looling around for the ghost? OME! Ur like asking me questions that match me completely! SIGH! yes i have done that! i read books and all the events that happen in the books all get moxed up in my dreams and then i freak out! LOL! though i dont freak out when Edward comes in my dreams! then i dont even open my eyes! SIGH! - SIGH indeed!EmbarrassedLOL
Have you ever seen a ghost? nope!
Have you ever gone to greet a friend or family member then noticed it was someone else? ahaha! YES!
Have you ever played a joke on one of your teachers? Oh yeah! loads!
Have you ever raised your hand to answer a question, then forgot what you were going to say? ahaha! yep! i have done that at uni last week, though we dont raise hands but just speak and then i said something and then had to say "sorry i forgot" lol!
Have you ever received a present that you really hated? ......yes....*evil smile*
Have you ever said yes when you meant no? loads of times, the thing that gets me into loads off trouble!
Have you ever thought of something funny and started laughing out loud in the presence of others? All the time and the funny thing is that it would be outta off a book and i would remember the quote and laugh out loads!! it usually happens with quotes from HP! to be honest! especailly when Ron cracks a funny joke!
Have you ever told a big lie to someone you love? Nope!
Have you ever laughed until tears came from your eyes? Yesssssssss!
Have you ever fallen asleep while talking on the phone? AH! yeah! silly people i dont like talking to bore to like nothing!
Have you ever wondered why some people want to be alone but never seem to be lonely? Yes! thats true i have noticed that! Funny thing that is!
What is the first word that comes to your mind upon seeing these words?

Edward - Lurrveeeeeee
Bella - Dopeynessss
Jacob - Hhhmmmm "its getting hot in here" LMAO!
Emmemt - Protector
Carlise - Kindness
Alice - Craziness
Jasper - Emotions
Esme - Care

Water - waterfight
Love - Edward AKA Rob
Hate - poverty
Nature - bootifullll
Anger - Voldy & Volturi
Cloud - Soft
Computer - Web
Umbrella - Rihannaa...."under my umbrelaa, yeah ....yeah" lol! Rain Baby....
Body - sexyyyyyyyyyyy lol! soweeee! i coundn't help it!
Earth - planets
Shadow - Peter Pan's shadow
Friend - Sukh
Enemy - War
Enchanted - faires (tinkerbell yayyy)
Chocolate - Yummmyyyyy.....
>If you won a shopping spree what would you spend the money on? Shopping everyone for anything in London and New York! Loadsss of clothes
>Whats ur fave accessory? Bracelet
>Name one or more thing that scared you the most? people sneaking up from behind and around corners! thats annoying man!
>When was the last time you cried? yesterday! LOL
>Have you ever cried during a movie? all the time even HP! Embarrassed LOL 
>What is your greatest strength? Courage in dealing with problems
>What is your greatest weakness? I have no patience
>What is your first thought when waking up in the morning? I thank god for showing me another day!
>What is your first thought before you go to bed? I pray to god to look after my family
>What is it that excites you most in life and what is it that makes you mood off? Traveling and meeting new people excites me and meeting relatives who interfer in my life makes me very moody!
>What kind of people do you totally dislike? Liars? Backstabbers? Political members? Lairs & Backstabbers! Oh and also people who like creating problems in other peoples lives when they should just butt out! Angry 
>If you are given a chance to meet any one celebrity..whom would you like to meet and why? OMGSH!!...Robert Pattinson Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed 
>What is your zodiac and do you feel that you are having all the qualities mentioned about your sign? Saggitarius & its shocking the way it knows everything about me i completely match! I am a Tiger as well! and that matches too to my personailty. Embarrassed - Yay! Met another sag!Tongue
>If God says that he would grant you three wishes...what would you ask for?
A idea to write a book Embarrassed 
A guy like Robert Pattinson Embarrassed Wink 
And to look after my loved ones all them time! Big smile 
- I pray to God that not only these 3 wishes of yours to come true, but ALL of your wishesSmile
>If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you love to go? And with whom? Italy with Robert Pattinson, not to meet the Volturi though! lol! Embarrassed 
>What are the 3 things you know about me?

Finally, what's the time again? It is 10:20am GMT London!
Have a great time answering all these qns SamTongue
Thanx alot, I liked answering thoughs!! they were great! Embarrassed Embarrassed 

If you find these too much, pls dont call the VolturisCryLOL
LOL! Anymore and i think i might have to dail their number! Wink Tongue LOL 

Love ya loads!

Sam x


Sam from your answers I see your such an open and optimistc person! Its really nice knowing you!Big smile
Thanks a lot for answering them!


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