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KKK season 2 discussion thread-update daily (Page 8)

anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
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Posted: 07 October 2008 at 10:17pm | IP Logged
KKK Season 2 Day10

Kanavu 389

First Scene

MTM Guys Prabhu asking thappillaya adhu idhu. MIKE vadivelu joke mathiri Enna thappillalaya enna enna enna nu solli kadikkaran.
Matter enna na Vicky -Sri Family Secret Pathi thaan.. they talk on tat and MIKE talks( Avare sandaye mooti vidivaar poleTongue) He slaps both prabhu and uday
( adangave maattanga paLOLLOLLOL) they leave Mike and Vicky alone. (haha again i get answers to  my questions on their dad's partiality. one son in MTM one in MTH..Wink)
Vicky tells them illa dad might have asked him too but he might have refused etc.. ( Creatives thank you for clearing the doubtSmileSmileSmile)
Mike asks Vicky seriously if he is sad with all these problems?..(appa mike is sounding like a soft person. so kovapadarthu , sound vidarthu mattum illa he can talk softly also..ippo than he looks niceEmbarrassed)He tells Vicky if he wants a compromise they could stop fighting as nothing is more imp to him other than vicky..( now he sounds like a true friend..EmbarrassedSmile)
scene shifts to Gabriel sir sees PT sir and gets shocked.. ( paavam he never expected PT sir thereLOLLOLLOL) they talk and PT does his Nakkals .. he comes to know that
Gabriel is the principal of that school  (aiyo PT sir mutta kan reaction paakanume..hahaLOLLOLLOL)
G.Sir informs him about the Interview and Test for Physical Trainers so if he competes and wins then he can stay if not he has not leave..PT samma nakkal. must watch. enna dairyam

Second Scene

MTH gals with Kishen in that Accupunture place  ( He is always with KhadamTongueTongue ).. he wants a medai for his Khada Kacheri..(avalodhan enne nu sollarthu.. thangamudiyadhu idhele kacheri verayaTongue)...MTM gals come there. avanga sothappal english ( aaa verri aaguthuAngry)
Adada Ashwathi is back...She tells them paakka decent ana erangiran thanga maateengalam ( adhu paathale theriyide...MTH ponnuga decenta nadikkale, ivange modern dress potta muncipalityROFL
ROFLROFLROFL)MTM asks about Kishen..samma Katta dra ... the gals starts fighting..
Kishen sings OM NAMO NARAYANAYA NAMA ( song from DasavatharamSmile)
The MTM peters run from there. he again sings it telling Bhagavane but see MTH ponnuga Escape

Third Scene

MTH Guys shown Puli snoring..Sri slaps him.. Sri feeling tht no one is enquiring about his sorrow
( paavam SriCryCry) they all talk about Priya.. She has to change the school and come ( Kanavu Thean
ROFLROFLROFL)..Puli nalla kalaikarain..Operation Sri -Priya 2008...Again they show MTH gals coming with Kishan..they call him..he tells them it was not right on their part to leave the gals when the Red Indians teased them..( Priya  Pathos MusicCryCryCry )..
MTM guys Prabhu kavitai sollavaraan but MIKE tells it.. ( Pachchayoda thaadi kavita mathiri ille? Karuppu Taj Mahal Kavitai..appo avanum kumudhathilendhu suttu than ragavikkaga ezhuthinaanaTongue) then prabhu sings Singing the rain...they run to hit him. they face priya and Mike stares at herAngry.. FREEZE

Kanavugal Thodarum

kadhambari IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 August 2006
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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 12:55am | IP Logged
Thanx anj for the lovely updates.Agni nakshathiram story is too much naa..........ennavo pogudhu.......nothing new.
sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2007
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Posted: 08 October 2008 at 5:18am | IP Logged
u r right ambi nothing new

thanks anj
anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
Posts: 2683

Posted: 09 October 2008 at 6:35pm | IP Logged

Kanavu 390

First Scene

Scene starts from the recap scene of Mike staring at Priya..OMG Mike Sirichu Hi Priya nu Sollaranga he asks why is she here.. ( he looks nice when he is in a good smiling moodWinkEmbarrassed..aanalum i dont trust him.. I think he is trying to separate Sri and PriyaOuch..) She smiles and replies him tht she is on her way to the Chemistry lab.. then he asks her to approach him if she faces any problem from anyone in that school...( nalla irukku trackSmile.. i can see changes in her also in the way she smiles)..he turns to his gang all staring at him..He tells them not to imagine anything( athane paathain.. so i think my guess was right) yes its right only.. he is wanting to separate priya and sri.he wants to see Sri sad.Priya is irritated with MIKE's anger and attitude so if MIKE talks to her and be her friend then she wont change the school.. ( I knew it... MIKE character ku ivalo soft a irundha aagathuSmileTongue).Vicky dull ..Priya Red a Blue a? till tht Vicky no charge..dull a irupaaram ( Sri track a?)..a sweeper comes they call him back. paatha namma Pachai appa.( aiyo why is he hereCryCry.) MIKE gets angry...Others introduce him as Pachai dad..Mike feels bad and tells sorry..romba paniva pesaraar ( Mike is really cute when he is politeEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. but evalo neram than andha panivu irukkumoConfused)..they talk for sometime...

Second Scene

MTH classroom. Puli will Shawl Monkey cap etc ..English sir varaar le ( aiyo Andha Kamal Sir a? but he is acting like Jeeva sir trying to be jovial..ippidiyum oru character thevathaan or else blade jaasthi aakumSmileTongue).MTH ponnuga silent ( athisayam..Namba Mudiyavillai Illai Illai......LOL.)
Sir enters. as usual Adavu Kattararu... He also studied in MTH.. Avarkum English pudikkadham ..Pasanga very happy.. he asks Puli to talk Coimbatore Language..( Sir is free jovial aana Jeeva sir copy mathiri theriyudhu thats why i feel uneasy with himCryCryCry)He explains about the portions.. He talks about Seminars ( aha enga college S Sir mathiri irukke... but seminars will really help everyone.i like his approachSmile)

Third Scene

Sri Puli Scene thaan.. sri is like pachai. no one will miss green boy.Naana kovamairukain Naana kovamairukain etc ellam 2 thadave sollaranga..( paavam sriCry).. they go and wait near the office room..Vicky and Prabhu also reach there..they sit opposite to each other.. Puli sings Annanenna Thambi yennaSmileTongue...
MTM vicky takes his Mobile and talks like hi priya to irritate Sri ( priya b4 the serial ends i hope u realise who is trueCryCry.) Sri gets angry.... Over scene from both sides...both brothers fight telling Priya's School matter.. Again puli gets slap... Puli runs away from there...FREEZE

Kanavugal Thodarum

I am really sad to see this immitating tracksCryCryCry.. Sri Pacha mathiri paithyama sutharthu,Puli Pandy Mathiri Adi Vangarthu, MIKE Vineeth mathiri Sirichu PRIYA ve Melt aga vakkarthu ( that Dairy milk Scene by Vineeth to make Bala Jealous)Vicky Sri mathiri Priya kaga feel pannarthu(appidi thaan theriyudhu)...
Kamal Sir Jeeva Sir Mathiri Jovial la Nadikkarthu...avanga avanga Identity missing. all replica mathiri theriyidhu...

sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2007
Posts: 5536

Posted: 09 October 2008 at 8:35pm | IP Logged
yes anj copy catsTongue

thanks for the update
GGG3 Goldie

Joined: 08 February 2008
Posts: 1558

Posted: 11 October 2008 at 7:31am | IP Logged
Thanks for the lovely updates dear. Paavam creatives. They seem to be running low on new ideas and story lines. Just like they had selected new actors they should have selected script-writers too.
anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
Posts: 2683

Posted: 13 October 2008 at 1:55pm | IP Logged

Kanavu 391

Scene 1

MTH pasanga discussion on the last date of transferring the school, changing course etc.. Puli talks about calling Priya and asking her a word on her decision and to force her to change the school..Priya comes and greets them Hi aana no response ( enna rosham vandhudicha?Smile) she tried to turn around to go by then the guys in chorus say Hi Priya
( Adhuthane Paathen enga maarittangalo nuLOL)..Puli tries to talk to priya.. samma mokka pa..( Paasamalar Sivaji Madhiri pesa poyi samma kadi aayidichuConfusedOuchOuch)..Priya asks him to tell what he wants to tell.. haha Madan sonnathu Unmathaan ( Idhuku nee tooku maatikittu sethurkalamLOLLOL)
Sri talks about the last date to Priya and Madhan asks her to join MTH and also tells her to decide soon.. Madhan talks softly aana Namma Sri Ayya romba gandle Kenjavendam nu Kovama sollaranga..( ippidi insecurity le kovam adhikaram romba jaasthi aachu na, thats all Priya madhiri free birds will feel uneasy.. varanum nu irundha kooda she will re think..Erkanave Vicky is over soft with herEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. Avalo thaan.)

Scene 2

MTM class room... Only Priya and Vicky present there. they again talk on her decision. She talks and confesses her mind that she is in MTM only due to Vicky, Prabhuvukku pudikkala, there comes Prabhu telling yaaru sonna, yaaro thappa enna pathi sollirkanga..again Kavitai (Aiyo ithu onnu than i cant bear paLOL)Appram she talks about Uday Jhonny and there they come ( ellarerum ovvoru corner le nikka vatchu time aana odane they enter..nalla irukku)
MIKE is not shown( i am sure he will come as he is having a plan to give Sri a good Reveat)..Priya tells she is afraid of MIKE.. They tell he is also scared of her after her dance ... Micheal ku enna pudikkadhu nu sonna udane he enters telling Yaar sonnathu( as usual rocky BGM odaSmile) ( aiyo jolly ya kooda pesuvaramWink)
So Micheal also comes appram enna all tell her to stay and asks her to think and they escape from that scene.
She waits to meet our Princy.she asks him permission to change the school. HE as usual questions her and tells her she should have thought of all that before joining.He advices her not to change just for her friends...but still she is insisting him.HE asks him to collect the form and tells her to think again. he warns her to give her decision by evening or else she has to stay in MTM itself..She tells she will give it and they both leave from there

Scene 3

MTH Heroes waiting for the school..Sri ye thavara ellarum cool la thaan irukkanga..(Pacha boy vandu loose payale loose payale nu double a solluvange ivaru muttal muttal nu doubles inge)...Priya comes and they all anxiously wait to here from her.. She tells sorry to Sri and he gets angry..Aana Avaloda decision fulla sollale but she says summa to the other boys.. ( verriya irukkan ippo comedy panna kashtam maOuch)she tries to irritate him a lot..avarum vishyam theriyama slaps herOuch..( samma adi.. avalodhan ini Priya MTH le serdha mathiri thaan.. she asked permission, she was ready to change the school, i feel sorry for her todayCryCryCry..)she cries and leaves.
Other guys corner him ( ennathan frienda irundhalum oru ponna kai neetti adikka koodathu is wht they saySmile) (puli sammaya pesaranSmile)thiruppiyum sound vidranga namma Sri...all beat him and ask him to fall on her feet and say sorry and take him to her..they try to convince her but she is very hurt..She tries to talk something ( enna nu enaku puriyaleConfused) but her mainpoint was Odanju ponathe thiruppi otta vaikka mudiyadhu
She wants freedom which is not possible if she is with sri and she just tears the form and throws it on their face.. ( oruthan pannina thappukku ellareyum thats all tooki pottachuShockedShocked)Sri Pathos Reaction..FREEZE

Kanavugal Thodarum
Mayavi Newbie

Joined: 31 December 2005
Posts: 42

Posted: 13 October 2008 at 5:09pm | IP Logged
thanks for the updates!
this priya is so annoying...well, in my view, she's always annoying
i don't want the director to turn sri into a pachai...sri used to be such a cool guy Cry

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