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KKK season 2 discussion thread-update daily (Page 7)

anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
Posts: 2683

Posted: 02 October 2008 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
KKK Season 2 Day 8

Kanavu 387

First Scene

Scene starts with the accupunture scene and the gals come to see why they are hitting Kishen..They try to talk to the gals but avanga pidikudukkara madhiri ille...( Romba demand kamikkarangaDead).Kishen tells something to the gals .. enna nu ketta puli zip podalayam..Sri summa illama overa pesadhinge nu sollaranga. avalothaan adha amma thannoda music start pannaranga (
Censoredivalungalku vera velaye illaya?Angry) why blood same blood alavukku thittuvangiyachu..(our boys are still silent.very decent guys.SmileSmileSmile)Ippo than we get to knw their names... Spring(Malini) Pathos(Hema)Closeupvaay(Nithya)( the one with glass paavam innum peru decide pannale poleLOLLOL)
Anga MTM prabhu priyavukku kavitha ezhuthurango ..The gang hits him..(haha KKK le gundu pasanga adi vangikkitte irukkanga paROFL
The MTM gang plans to go and attack the MTH gang.(kalaikkanamaam)
(aaarggggggggghhhhhh again rocky musicAngry)

Second Scene

Kishen and the gals meet the MTM guys and Micheal tries to use his normal tacticts (kovam thaanAngryAngryAngry)..Kishen tells the gang he joines MTH for priya and there they show the Sukumari Flashback where priya invites Kishen Kurbani for her Bday..Then they ask the gals to talk adhukku the gals tell they dont give counter for all such lutcha jokes.. Mike verri agaran ( ippa irukku di unakkuLOL)
Nithya starts her music ( no partiality she loves swearing everyoneAngryAngry) the guys run away from there
then the MTH gals are shown near the ground and the Red Indian come there.. Vicky starts his music..        ( appa now the gals will learn a lesson. namma pasanga decent.. ivanunga matric school decent boys enna pechuDeadDeadDead)mike tells naanga paatha personality aana innorupakkam muncipality
( thank god avangalkke theriyudhu avanga yaaru nuLOLLOLLOL...) ponnunga silent ( ennama kannugala...peche kaanom.. heroes kitta mattum thaan ungal altapa? Nalla venum.vaangi kattunge
Namma heroes entry (aana thale dra perle irukara Sri kaapatha venam nu sollaranga..avarukku pazhivanga neram vandhachu aana idhuve our bridge use pannalam le?) puli is feeling bad ( ivar hero.. namakku kettathu nadandhalum innortharkku kashttam na feel pannaravange thaan unmayana hero)
aana sri is not letting him do it...avar thermaya paarattuvaraam (aamam priya madhanoda aadave kudathu nu blade panni 20 episode ezhuthu adichu ippo theramaye parattaraama?
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL)in one way indha warning nallathu thaan ( ShockedShockedShockedpasange reaction enna nu avangalum theriyanum..hello amma nithya inime yaatchu adangippo)School le irkkamattangalaam ( vitta sollikitte iruke enna pariya aal madhiri.. enga gaby sir munnadi sollunga paakalam)Mike ku sound vida thaan theriyum(over sound..oru naal adangum ..evalo naal nu paakalam)

Third scene

MTH gals..someone with volleyball( yaaradhu??? Aaha vandhutangayya vandhutangayya...Namma PT Peelisivam VandhutangayyaLOL)...aiyo avar comedy thaangemudiyala... Sania Mirza ku chinna vayassila skirt vangukuduthateh avar thaanaam.. haha avar mela irukkara mariyadhele innum sania adhe skirt use pannaranga..( aiyo PT sir mudiyale hahaha
ROFLROFL) Karn.Malleswari,avaroda school. avangalukku weight vanga vasidhi ille .. so PT sir thannaye weight lifting ku tyagam pannangalam..
2012 Olympics le 500 gold medal vanga vaipaaram ... gals summa illame avalo pottiye ille nu sollaranga.. adhuku sir . saravana selvaratnathile solliyavadhu vangalam nu sollararu ( appidi podunga.. ippo sonnigale idhu matteruLOLLOL
ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL)Namma heroes entry..avange sir a certificate matter le kalaikkaranga
they move from there with sir
Our boys in Study Room..puli romba restless. paattu paadarthu rocky ye disturb pannarthu nu ore galatta
MTM ponnuga also there. i mean only two shown (one is monisa, next gal's name not known) she is playing with her cell.. ( she is a manmadhan kinda gal..pasangale suthavittu appram bye sollarthu ava style it seems..Angry.) ( indha varsham ponnunga maanatha vanganum nu kanganam katti alayaranga creatives. character wise OMG all playgals,ille na thitttuvanga paDeadDeadThumbs Down)
indha varsham as i guessed , she is planning to play with MTH guy..( who is tht unlucky fellow? i hope its not rocky? oh no Madhan than Track le .. paavam adhutha sri avange thaan appo.. Kadavule..) Oh no i cant see this.. ( madhan's reaction and the BGM makes me was a good BGM)
(cha ippo yaaru andha song kettanga? adi aathadi ila manasonnu rakka katti)
paavam Madhan (innocent smile.. doesnt knw he is falling into a track)...thats all(one person gone)


sankadevi30 IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 January 2007
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Posted: 03 October 2008 at 7:08am | IP Logged
thanks anj

i don't like this madhan track, y they want to portray gals like thisAngry

only gud thing is PT is back

GGG3 Goldie

Joined: 08 February 2008
Posts: 1558

Posted: 04 October 2008 at 9:53am | IP Logged

Anj, you should have gone for KKK audition. You would have been selected for sure. See how craftly you are kalaaichifying the serial. Very good. So hilarious. And yes, i aree with you. These creatives are with the mission to damage the image of girls. I don't like that swearing girl a bit. I studied in an aided shool only. None of the students is like her. Creatives get on my nerves with their insincere portrayal of characters. Old KKK is gold.

Yes nallu, PT's come back is a relief.

Mayavi Newbie

Joined: 31 December 2005
Posts: 42

Posted: 04 October 2008 at 6:05pm | IP Logged
Yeah, I don't like how they're portraying school girls. Since when did girls openly flirt with boys like Madhan? That girl was so annoying...I don't know what's gotten into this director. And that swearing girl...actually, the entire blue girl so annoying.

I haven't been schooled in India before, but I doubt that the KKK school life is similar to real school life...they're treating KKK as if its a college setting! Angry
GGG3 Goldie

Joined: 08 February 2008
Posts: 1558

Posted: 06 October 2008 at 5:07am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mayavi

Yeah, I don't like how they're portraying school girls. Since when did girls openly flirt with boys like Madhan? That girl was so annoying...I don't know what's gotten into this director. And that swearing girl...actually, the entire blue girl so annoying.

I haven't been schooled in India before, but I doubt that the KKK school life is similar to real school life...they're treating KKK as if its a college setting! Angry
Mayavi, don't be misled by KKK's portrayal of school life. Your doubt is right. These people are exaggerating and dramatising things. That flirting girl and swearing girl are too much. School students may think of swearing and flirting as cool and try to emulate them which is dangerous.
anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
Posts: 2683

Posted: 06 October 2008 at 7:51am | IP Logged
OMG! Yes Mayavi I agree with Ghoney in this. this is not the exact school life.. Gabriel sir madhiri u have strict sirsCryCryCry, Every school is to have atleast one sir like Gaby sir and one like Jeeva sir..

but gals are not like this.
In season one u can find a small model of the jovial student life taking things easy, spending time with friends etc.. Even teasing guys like Minto,Karthi all are a part of school life..

but in this season the swearing part, Flirting part all are just addind drama. As u said they could have started the same KKK as a college life story as in college such things happen..
I too have studied in both Matri and Aided schools.. I have not met anyone like this.. we also were not like this swearing or trapping guys etc... No one will have all that thoughts at the age of 16 or 17..

I had a fear in mind when i saw the episode...KKK creatives have created a wrong feel in everyone's mind about this School life..They are misleading many..Angry
and here it has happened.. 

Many from all over the world are watching this serial.. i knw many of them watching this serial.. even as small child of 11 in UK loves singing this KKK title track and loves watching it ....Aana its hurting to see the track they show now.. i really wish to react but one voice alone wont create any difference.. I need everyone's support in this.

Please KKK creatives. School is our second home where we get to study all the virtues and goodmanners,discipline etc..We are shaped well to be good gals and boys not Porrikkis..
please dont spoil the image of School Life like this...

Kavith-2305 Goldie

Joined: 20 October 2005
Posts: 2410

Posted: 06 October 2008 at 9:08am | IP Logged
I dont want  Mathan be a prey for that flirting girl...But  have to agree these kinds of girls do exist in schools...
But that swearing girl is irritating me so much....I am expecting if they will replace that girl after few episodes...My god her language is nonsense ..voice is horrible and top of it half of the time camera is focussing her mouth ...
anjkhoney IF-Dazzler

Joined: 27 July 2008
Posts: 2683

Posted: 06 October 2008 at 1:44pm | IP Logged
KKK Season 2 Day 9

Kanavu 388

First Scene

MTM classroom. Prabhu as usual Kavitai Sollaran. MIKE is warning him not to use others Kavithai and remodify it claiming his etc..
Gals ask Priya why is she always gloomy and they discuss on Gabriel sir,Avar than Class teacheram le ( Nalla Venum, Sir thaan Princy and Chemistry Teacher...Unga thimirru ellam thaana adagumLOL)
The gals' reaction change when they hear about Gabriel Sir.. Appidiye pesi pesi at last Gabriel Sir enters...(nalla vanngi kattaporaangaTongue.. avalo thimiru avangalkuAngryAngry)
Monisha is warning the guys..MTM guys irukkara thimuru they  did not listen to her.Attu PACM Pasangalam.. ( manave nalla vanganum da neengaAngry)
MIKE talks about Gabriel Sir and his strictness .Priya Mind voice Saniyane Tooki Baniyan le Podardhu idhu thana.(sir nalla adi sirSmileTongue)
Monisha wants to call him Gaby SIr for short... Flirt gal vandu wants to see him smile....MIKE tells him to take the class (hello un permissionoda thaan class edukkanamaDead)
Nalla Reaction inga Gabriel Sir ku....I loved his speech on Discipline and Obedience..
 he gave them nicely..(Parapaksham Paakama Adikkarar PaLOL)
Naalu vishyam sollu Naalu vaati great Cane Treat thaan ( Sir nalla kudungaSmileSmileSmile. avange thimiru adanganum na adhu thaan vazhiAngryAngryAngry)

Second Scene

Mike with his gang discussing on why Prabhu and Vicky Begged Priya not to chaneg the school..( Avaroda prestige Issue aam leLOLLOLLOL).He is not willing to accept her and he says he doesnt need her support to win the dance competition ...Gals come there and they also support Vicky telling Priya is a great dancer adhu idhu ....Then Vicky tells MIKE that if he tells a small sorry she will change her mind..( aamam solluvaru wait pannungaLOLLOLWink).. He slaps Prabhu again( hello yaar mela kovamo avanga mela kaatta vendiyathu thaane...enna manassile periya dada nu nenuppuAngry.. rocky kooda first romba aadinaan ippo adangittaan le.. there will be a day for u alsoAngry..)
Then scene shifts to the railway crossing path where our heroes saw Priya coming with Vicky.Vicky is waiting there for his dad to come..Namma Sri also comes in his cycle singing songs.Vicky summa illa he is telling something which Sri notices ( Dil irundha moonjikku nera vaaya thorandhu sollanumAngryAngry)..Sri comes back they have a talk.. Vicky tells him he knws Sri's Kudumba Background etc ( eppidi mudiyum? something fishyOuchConfused) then they have a fight .. A car comes on the way.. seeing them fight the car stops and an uncle comes out.. they both stop fighting ....First he slaps vicky telling roudy madhiri sanda podakudathu nu ethana vaatti sollirkein( oh ho appa payyan eppovume sanda podaravan thana...gr8 sonBig smile).he responds telling Sorry Dad(oh so he is Vicky's dad) and Vicky goes to the car .. His dad stares at Sri and slaps him too telling Kovatha en mela kaattu not fighting like this and Sri responds telling Illa Pa( Achacho both are his sons only?Shocked.. then why this differentiationConfused... Oruthan MTM le Oruthan MTH le? oru vela Agni Nakshathra TrackoConfused?)He asks Sri to get into the car aana he tells he has cycle ( there is a pain in his eyesCryCryCry)..His dad told not to trouble his mom telling on the fight and tells him he would come home and talk tht the next day ( appo as i thought Agninakshathram Track thaanOuch)..

Third Scene

MTH Guys all give a reaction of shock looking at Sri.. Puli starts the conversation telling the Agni Nakshathram track ( enna puli rendu perum ore mathiri osikkaranLOLLOLWink)Priya Amala va Nirosha Va.... Appram avangal kulla pechu..Ellarum Priya ennoda aalu nu sollaranga.. ( Paavam pa SriCryCry...)(Engada story school groundoda pogumo nu paathein... Kadha ippo thaan arambikkuthu poleSmile)
Priya ve school maari varanum nu pesikkaranga
Puli Sri Kadayile Thara aaru nu ketathukku Puliye oda oda adikkaranga Sri (scene romba shorta irundha mathiri irukku)


So i think this time its Sri - Vicky Track.. Season 1 le Raghavi and Pachcha veetta suthi story vandhadu.
very rarely they showed Bala's house......Lets see how the track goes..
Nalla Vela Andha MTH blade Ponnungale innaku Kannilaye Kaattale.. DONT MISS TODAY's EPISODE..
MTM pasanga really needed it. over thimuru.. underestimating others...

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